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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  February 22, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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hard to find, right now, if you look around. most of it is melted away. >> it was near 60 degrees. >> it feltgreat. >> 4:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'mun yang. things may be warming up but don't pack that pieric basket. inin spots, rain is already coming down. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a check on the commute. we'll start with chuck bell and a look at the radar. >> yes,indeed. raindrops this morning. itha is not really allcold outside this morning after touching 60 degrees yesterday afternoon. today,e're startin off with temperatures mostly in the 40s. starting to get a sense from the radar trend here, the southern half of offer viur vwing area w have more chances of rain. at the pennsylvania border, rain chances a lot lower. most of t rain in the southern area of the viewing area. waldo waldorf, warrington and culpepper. meanwhile, counties in
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frederic maryland, it's dry. where it's dry, a little chillier. and your planner for today, keep the umbrella handy. it won't rain everywhere all day, just pack it along as a precautionary tale of don't wt to get caught without it. more rain chances for the first half of the weekend. y ra time out the satur raindrops. looking at the roads. centreville, southbound 28 at westfields boulevard. off of the phone with police. the right lane is the only thing tting by that crash. southbound, two vehicles involved and someinjuries. 're going to keep you updated on that one. all of the green showing it's raining across our area. beltway, nice and clear right now. cheverly, southbound, left lane blocked there. developing this morning, a woman is deadfter a violent crash in prince george's county. look at the scene. you can see the entire front end of thatar was destroyed.
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around :15, a car on marlboro pike and old crane highway slammed into another car. the driver was rushed to the hospital. no word on what caused that crash. now, a black hisry month lesson gone terribly wrong. parents and the naacp are outraged. >> teachers instructed their students to pretend to be slaves during a gym class. third, fourth and fifth graders gathered in the gym in ashburn. they wlae told to a game, where some acted as runaway slaves and others were slave owners. black and white students were chosen to be slaves. they ran through an obstacle course that was meant to represent the underground railroad for black history month. >> it's t awful, be honest with you. it's really insulting. it makes me feel unsafe because i have kids in loudon c nty publicschools. >> the school's principal sent a
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letter home saying, in part, in this instance, the content will be retaught to students. however, this incident has revealed a need for us to further explore how we ensure will not be repeated. lawyers for an accused officer who made a terrorist attack says the case is being blownpr out oortion. christopher hasson faces gun charges. he madeosts online describing himself as a white nationalist and saying heanted to kill almost every last person on eart prosecutors say hasson made a list of targets that included presidential candidates, prominent democrats andews hosts. authorities found a stockpile oe ons and ammo. >> the number of weapons that
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were recovered from mr. hasson's place, appear to r threat to the safety of our community. >> hasson is being kept in jailc prors have two weeks to file more serious charges or the judge says she would consider him.sin this morning, "empire" star jussie smollett is out on bond and facing a o firesto criticism, after being charged with staging a hate crime attack against himself. smollett was surrounded by photographers, reporters and security yesterday. police say the actor paid two men to stage an attack against hi s theyd that smollett sent himself ang threateni letter. smollett was upset about his salary and wanted publicity. now, the chief fears it cause harm to legitimate victims who need help. smollettaid little in court. he maintains he was the victim of a racist attack. he i due backn court in three weeks. we won't hear much fromto
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roger anymore. a federal judge banned him from speaking about his case. m thee came after stone posted a picture on instagram showing that judge with a target next to her face. stone apologized for what he lled his own stupidity. the judge told him, quote, this is not baseball. you don't if stone breaks the gag order, the judge will put him in jail. he pleaded not guilty to multicharges, handed down by robert mueller's team. mueller could soon submit his final report in the 2016 election any day. here's what will happen. thateport will plain who he prosecuted and why. once attorney general william barr receives the h reporis required to send a summary to congress but not necessarily the full report. if the report contains allegations of potentially impeachable offenses, legal scholars argue that the justice department would have to pass the full details to congress. as for what barr will release to the public, it's not clear.
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some of mueller's findings may be based on classified material or secret grand jury testimony that cannot be released by law. today, house democrats are expected to begin the process to trynd overturn president trump's national emergency declaration. they will file a resolution to terminate the president's ertfft to reallocate money along the border. it will start to a process that will lead to a vote nex month. the resolution is expected to pass and the senate will take it up. when the vote happens, some republicans will have to choose betweenngering theeople they represent and angeringes the ent. if the resolution makes it to the president's desk, he is certain to veto it. we continue following the crisis in the commonwealth. the republican leaders in the virginia general assembly say they have a plan to investiga the two sexual assault allegations against lieutenant
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goerti jfairfax. but they say democrats refuse to sign off. democrats say tt's not true. the flare-up comes with one day left in the general assembly. mosted women who accus fairfax of sexually assaulting them years ago, they say are willing to tesfy blicly. their attorneys want the general assembly to act. now, republicans are proposing a ten-member bipartisan court of justice subcommittee to investigate. >> i've been very clear in the last four, five days. i think it's essential that we have a formalized process, a bipartisan process, by which we real look at what happened. obviously, with lieutenant governorfairfax, given an opportunity to the two tell their story. >> the lieutenant go rrnor's offieased a statement following those comments, reading, it would bear extraord and unprecedented to initiate a general assembly
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inquiry about matters that areo better leftaw enforcement. the lieutenant governor remains confident that the truth will prevail and he will be exonerated. happening at the vatican, catholic leadersbere meeting to n day two of a historic summit on the ongoing sex abuse scdal. >> yesterday's theme was responsibility. today is about accountability. david culver with. >> h.ry: more at the live de >> pope francis made it clear. wants this to be about accountability. it doesn't want it to be necessarily about condemnation of bad acts. heea wantsres taken so this never happens again. nearly 200atlic church leaders are gathered again this morning. they're here for day two ofs landmark summit on sex abuse and cover-up. i want you to hear from archbishop after bombay. he spoke moments ago, saying this is a global crisis. take a listen. >> nobody may say this problem of abuse in the church does not
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concern me because things are different in my p of the world. i dare say there are cases all over the world. but even if they're true, we're jointly responsible. >> at theni beg of the summit thursday, the pope handed out what he called reflection points or goals for the summit. it included things like establishing protocols for handling accusations against bishops. having candidates for priesthood undergoing psychological examinations. establishing a group with autonomy from t church that's accessible to possible victims crime.ant to report a other abuse survivors and protesters have been at the vatican. tho don't appear be optimistic about how effective this summit will be. they say the math to change ie hurch begins and ends with pope francis. he could get rid of abusive a ests with the stroke of pen.
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they essentially want zero tolerance. that's not been mentioned by the vatican. we continue to monitor it this morning. you'lloon haveo be 21 to buy tobacco products in virginia. governor ralph northam has signed legislation banning people under 21 from buying nicotine products. it exempts active duty militar personnel. we're learning more on when that will take effect. the midtermns electere over months ago. if you live in north carolina's ninth district, the race is about to begin all over again. after a four-day hearing, the north carolina board of elections voted lat to hold a new election. republican candidate mark harris ended up with the most vote but there were allegations that operatives on hisll pay committed ballot fraud. harris denied knowledge of any wrongdoing. but his own son testified against him this week. it ihe not clear the new election will take place. it's almost a rite of
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passage for any driver here in the d.c. region being stuck in traffic on 270 and the beltway. >> right now, work is under way to ease that congestion again. the idea being floated isddo a toll lanes. we went up in chopper 4 to check out the 270 and 95 exchan. larry hogan proposes adding express lanes within the rode's existing footprints. idam tuss found drivers are pretty split on th. >> yeah, i don't like it. al reporter: not at >> not even a little bit. i don't care if it's 25 cents. i don't lik it. >> you want that luxury. but it can get >> thect is still in the early exploratory phases. there's no timeline for when construction would begin or how it would be paid for. ifou're in the market for a new job, today is your day.d
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nbc 4 lemundo 44 are working 4 you in the community with a job fair in the district. everything begins this morning. we're partnering with national career fairs and the university of the district of colombia. rada and d.c. police, a couple of many employers that will be there today. bins at 6:00 a.m. and runs until noon. this is at the udc student center on connecticut avenue and no ghwest. moletten will be there live at 6:00 a.m. >> early bird gets the worm? >> put on a goo b tie and ready to roll. this afternoon, a young maryland man makes his turn to llen th "ellen." >> he was on the show a few weeks ago and ellen was so impressed, she sent him to the all-star games. he exchanged gifts with dwyane wade. >> i feel like, i want to give you my rsey. thank you. oh, yeah. that's awesome. >> this is what we are swapping? >> yeah.
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>> let's do it. >> okay. >> i think that's ellen's underwear. i think she makes sure everyone gets a pair of those. meeting the starsere just the beginning. later, dylan tak center court for a performance. you can watch "ellen" here on rows 4. and stickd for news 4 at 4:00. he's so cute. and i think he has a bright future. >> oh, yeah. >> charismatic. >> working 4 you, helping you clear the clutter out of your life. >> the komari method has worked for thousands of people. can it fix this? >> that's tall task. >> that's jim hanley's desk. we're takihe you in newsroom while jim gets to work. four things to know about th next couple days. dealing with rain this morning. steadier rain tomorrow afternoon. and sunday, we're dogging about winds near 40 miles per hour and winds near 40 miles per hour and temperatures could still be near
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you're watching news 4 today. >> 4:16 right now. if you had t pay tax on sugary drinks like soda, would you still buy them. >> consumption of sugary drinks dropped after a city imposed a sugary drinks tax. residents reported drinking 50% wer sugary drinks in 2017 than they did before t law was passed. people reported drinkingore water. berkeley is the first u.s. city to pass a soda tax. we knos traffic in t area is horrendous. but a driver inew york let their frustrations reach a
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pretty dangerous level. this is in brooklyn. e driver here is hopping the curb to get aroundlow traffic. that small -- the small children getting off ofoo the sbus are right in his path there. police have since found the car from thi this is just part of what seems to be a largest trend of drivers not obeying the s signs on school busses. eight children were killed getting off of the bus in the 2017-'18 school year. and 84,000instances of drivers passing buses in oneday. >> when you see a large, yellow school bus, even if the arm isn't out, don't you just automatically slow down? >> yes. bere that, youon't drive on the sidewalk. tme on. >> watchin video of the near-misses, people going too fast. stop for that arm, please. thiswsweek's srm came and went. but the cold weather isn't everybody's favorite part. >> pat collins and the snow
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stick chaenge made the weather more bearable this time around. this morning, we have a winner. judge. i usually do. there were htedeliberations with susan hogan and tracee wilkins. it wasugh. pat challenged you to re-create your favorite movie screen in the snow. it came to a three-way tie between "e.t.," "bird box" and "mission impossible." the peacock family's "bird box" eaene won. it was almost to be with a name like peacock, right? >> that's a good look. >> those babies probably didn't know what mom was doing. let's check on the rain. ll right. we're going to have several days with pretty high rain chances, t though it is going to rain every minute of the next three days. this morning, and for the rest of your friday, the higher rain chances will be on the southern half of our viewi area. tomorrow, everyone has a chance, mainly later in the day.
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andsunday's rain chance, primarily first thing in the morning. a big plume of moisture in the deep south and ohio valley. raining across most of us, fredericksburg and southern maryland. the extent of the rain is in the city of washington here. lower rain chaes toda from montgomery county, to frederick, rstown.d, ha higher rain chances the farther south you live or travel today. highestill be fredericksburg and southern maryland. future weather, keeps the best chance for rain, really on the southern half of our area for the rest of the morning hours here. there you go, into the early parts of the afternoon. staying dry. a lot of clouds but erain-f for our maryland suburbs. a higher chance down into parts of northn virginia. that trend continues well into the afternoon and evening. most everyone shoul get a cloudy but dry friday evening and friday night. temperature-wise, in the low to mid-40sn the area now. cloudy skies will keep us in the
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40s all day long. fo morrow, here's the rain once again. 5:00 in the morning. moving right backn towards lunchtime. steadiest of the rain will be from about w3:00 tomor afternoon, up to about 8:7:00 o on sunday morning. sunday afternoon, a gusty southwest wind, which could be up near 40 miles per hour, will bring super warm air in here. 40s today andtomorrow. still a chance to get close to 70 on sunday. and then, back toore february-like weather for monday and esday. all right, melissa mollet. a good friday morning. how are you? >> doing well. thank you, chuck. centreville, southbound 28 at westfields boulevard. serious crash. we're sending a crew that way. soundsike ahead-on collision involving two vehicles. 66 and 95, no major problems. all of the green showing the rain across the area. outbound new york avenue, pothole there. ner loop and outer loop looking okay.
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this was one of our news 4 r' co-wor desk looked like. >> that is until we called in an expert. and the tips she had for our newsroom canor w for your office, too. he's clean and concise on air. but behind the scenes, jim hanley's desk is a mess. we asked local konmari consultant, kay, to give jim a few tips. >> this is me. >> reporter: first up,in tac his mountain of ties. >> i oy move them when they block the remote and i can't change the channel. >> reporter: and it turns out, there's more than just the ones on top of his desk. >> there's one more tie. >> reporter: with thekonmari method, you sort by category,er rahan location. >> this gives you an idea of the volume of the clothes. that may be aittle easier for you to decide which one sparks joy and which one doesn't. >> joy. and joy.
4:25 am
>> reporter: jim had d toecide what spark joy. what to keep and what to toss. >> no joy. >> no jo >> reporter: of course, not everything at the office sparks jim had to find a spot for the items he needs to get his job done. >> you know, l have beenking for forks for a couple of ars. i'm asking everybody, do you have a fork? and i have a whole box of them. who knewee >> k all-of the eyes of the same category in one home. >> okay >> so, you don't -- you know, you don't keep some of the books in the drawer and me on the desk. find a home for it. >> reporter: finding a new home r his old things is the final process.the >> you feel lighter. >> i do feel lighter. >> also, there's aoy that you're sending to make somebody else happy. >> yeah. >> that's unrecognizable. look at the before and half. >> this stresses me. >> why? >> if you ever leave a tie at
4:26 am
home, jim hanley has a tie you can use. h >> i'm sure has extras. he is donating six suit jackets and 11 ties th no longer spark joy. one of the key moments of the konmari method, is to pass it on to others. >> i'll take the ties. he has nice ties. jim proses while his desk may look like this, his home is much tidier. riw you know, t? >> it's not a correlation of how much you work. i'm justsa ng. >> if you're inspired to clear the clutter from your life, head to the n washington app.e we havore information on the konmari process. theew details about the future landing of amazon and where the headquaers will be setting up shop. fr happy ay. made it through another school-shortened week. you're going to class today.
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>> news 4 today starts now. >> just about 4:30. we take ae look outside. we made it to friday. hooray. and for the first time this week, we are not getting ready for snow or ice, onhe horizon, just as the weekend starts. you know how they do us. on friday, all of a sudden, the rain comes in. >> seems like. >> good morning, everyone. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get your fridayth started wi a look at your commute. first, though, to the forecast. mr. bell? >> yes. i'm worried. you guys have a high chance for rain coming in on your weekend. >> 's justsnow. >> i didn't realize that was the threshold. 44 in washington, with a light south wind. not too much of a windchill. you can see here, quite a bit of across parts of central and southern virgini


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