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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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program. >> at the same time here in d.c., president trump's former attorneyichael cohen will testify before congress. de is allegedly planning to tell congress the pre ordered him to commit a crime. this morning we are covering both events for you. >> we want to begin with a check on your commute and forecast. our melissa mollet is standing by with 4 your first traffic, but let's staea with storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. winter hanging on, chuck. indeed. the ground hog who promised an early spring, he better not show hi face around here next week. mainly dry weather to finish off february aswell. but rain drops could be changing to wet snow flakes in time for friday morning. and the weekend may have a little bitf sunshine but not a whole lot, specially your sundao afte and evening. so, your wednesday morning temperatures in the upper 20s t0 around degrees for most. so you'll definitely need your winter coat this morning. for kids a the bus stops, sun is up 44 minutes from temperatures i 20s now but
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really below freezing so bundle up. afternoon highs today will be t mostlyo upper 40s. youndeed your coat hat this morning. probably won't need the i think on the whole, you'll like the day. daily grade today b plus. there will be a whole lot of below average weather coming our way next week. >> all right, thank you, chuck. taking aook at the road silver spring still have this crash investigation under way northbound georgiavee at bel pre road still have this closure here right osed to be opening sometime very soon. laurel northbound bw parkway before 32 left lane is blocked by a crash. initially jt said there was a disabled vehicle, it is indeed a crash. we're seeing those delay headed northbound. in the district, southbound 295 east capital street have an accident asthere. we zoom out a little bit, 66 is okay, 95 all rights well. not great but okay. lorton northbound before telegraph road a cyclist struck.
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we're getting some morein rmation about that crash in silver spring that melissa just mentioned. >> georgiavenue is still shut down at bel pre road because of a fiery crash there.e several peoere seriously hurt. news 4 drew wilder is at the scene now with more. drew, good morning. >> reporr: aaron, good morning. think this intersection will open up in just the next few minutes. i'll step out of the way. you can see crews are just getting the last out of the road here, pickingp thecones. all the vehicles have been taken trailers, buted right now georgia avenue northbound in bel pr iroad in boersections here at the georgia avenue intersection are still closed but i'm guessing it's going to be ten minutes tops b bore this is allack open. take a look at this video from last night and you can see t mess we had overnight. the fiery wreck at the intersection of georgiavee and bel pre road just before
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11:00. four victims in the crash. two were taken to the hospital in serious conditon. others were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threateninginjuries. we are still waiting on an update from montgomery county officials on those twotvictims. hen you take a look at those vehicles involved in crash, it's a miracle that they made it out of that alive. so hoping for the but as soon as we get an update on those two serious injuries, we'll pass that along a it looks like crews are breaking this scene right now in bel pre road is opening up right now. so traffic should be moving on northbound georgia avenue here within the nex couple of minutes pretty well. that is the latest here in montgomery unty, we'll sendt back into the studio. >> drew, thanks. this morning a baby is back home wit her parents after a terrifying ordeal. >> carjackers left her on a street corner in d.c. and took off. yesterday afternoon the 1-year-old's mother left her c the while she ran inside a gas station onth martin king jr. highway right on the
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d.c./maryland border. seconds later two people jumped into the car and took off with the child inside. they left her in her car seat on a street corn w. twen working at a nearby funeral home saw the car take off and heard the child crying. >> flew down the steps. i probably missed five or six steps. >> she did. >> her eyes were closed. we were like, what's going on. and then when g s in the funeral home she was like, okay. she was warming up. >> our cameras were there when one of the women carried the child to aan waiting ambul to be reunited with her mother. the carjacking suspects are still on the loose this morning. we're learning new details about the bodyn found bethesda monday night. montgomery county police released photosms of the i the victim was wearing in hopes someone can help identify him. he person had on this necklace and arosary. they say the victim is a hispanic man in his 20s and 30s and seral tattoos also
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pictured the. hi body was found wrapped in a bag monday night. today may wind up being one for the history books. president ump'sormer attorney and self described fixer michael cohen will testify publicly before congress. he's expected to pull no pu nhes. nbc newow has a copy of his in it, cohen calls president trump a racist, a con man and a cheat. it goe s on to that the president ordered a quote, crinal scheme to violate campaign finance law ain regards toush money payment made to an adult porn star. he will show evidenc form of a signed check from president trump. he alleges the $35,000 payment was part of the reimbursement h received for paying stormy daniels. cohen's testimony will begin at 10:00 a.m. nbc news will carry it live in special report and will broadcast it in its entirety. and true to d,. fo bars across the city are opening early so you can watch it.
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right now on the nbc washington app, there is a list of where to go. search d.c. bars. the u.s. house gave the president atiing rebuke over his national emergency deck lar srace. lawmak passed a resolution which would block the president erom shifting billions of dollars from othederal agencies to cover the cost of building a wall at the u.s./mexico border. democrats say the president is abusing his powers byng declari an emergency. 13 republicans broke ranks and voted with democrats. therepublican-controlled senate is expected to tak up this bill in the coming days if it makes it to the president's desk, t president is expected to veto it. now we turn to the president'um nucleart with north korean leader kim jong-un in vietnam. it is the second time the two are holding a high stakes meeting. they are expected to sit down for a one-on-one meeting in the next 15, 20 minutes here in hanoi. resident trump met with vietnam's primeminister. he spoke about how well the ugs economy is doingh and how m trade the two countries have done since his last visit theree
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while, experts warn that kim cannot be trusted when it comes to ending his nuclear weapons >> lets's recognize that kim givi up those nuclear weapons immediately ishe about same chance as the mexicans paying nr the wall. >> theth korean leader promised to work on denuclearization at their first summit. however, the president's own intelligence officials warn that kim has not giv up his nuclear ambitions. now, stay with news 4. we will bri you live coverage as the president and the north korean leader meet coming up here in just a few minutes. former vice president joe biden may be inching closer to making a bid for the 2020 presidential el biden says his family has given their blessing fnt presil run. >> just had a family meeting with all the grand kids, there's a consensus that i should -- they wantey- most important people in my life, want me to run. >> bid says he wants to make
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sure he can fund a campaign on his own terms without the support of a super pac. >>he ward for the so-called beltway bandit has doubled to $10,000 overnight. the thief has robbed 20 banks across virginia, maryland and the district in the last year. take lk at these newly released surveillance pictures. theay fbi he's always passed a note demanding cash. he wears a disguise and h leaves the bank on foot. in some cases he has pulled out yhandgun. call police if recognize him. police also need your help in tracking down the driver who hit and killed a man yesterday morning. this was the scene along leesburg pike near the ramp near the beltway. police say aol 72-yea gentleman was killed when he was walking home from work. he had just finished the as rnight shift at a nearby station. we spoke with another worker at the gas station about his former colleague. >> he's verynice. you know, he's very gentleman.
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he'ser gentleman. my heart is broken. >>ay police they have little information about the make and model of the car involved i th accident. they're asking anyone who may have seen anything to call police. it is 6:09 right now. it's a question anybody who has ever picked up a prescription from a pharmacy has asked, w are prescription drugs so expensive? well, this week congression lawmakers asked that questiong directly to pharma executives. seven ceos were grilled for more than three hayrs yeste and all acknowledged their companies could play a larger role in lowering prices but they added the system is compl p andced some of the blame on insurance companies. lawmakers disagreed. >> i think you and others in the industry are stone walling on the key issue, which is actually locering list p and reducing those list prices are the easiest way for american
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consumers to pay less at the pharmacy counter. >> so, just how bad is the problem? well, according to the consulting firm rx savings solutions, in just the first two months of 2019, the prices on more than 650 products have increased an average of 6%. some of them went up as much as 9.5%. 6:10 now. spring is indeed on the way and it's time t recommit to those fitness routines. and that could be a challengeal espe for busy moms. we found some moms, though, that say working out is no problem. >> news 4 molette green is live in arlington learning to sweat like a mother. tell us about it, molette. >> oh, yeah. that stands for sl, that's the name of this class. i'm going to put my weights down so i can talk. okay. how are y'all feeling? are you sweating like a mother? this is the stroller strong moms who put all of this together. they have a whole bunch of classes. lindsey the the co-owner and one of the instructors. at are we doingnow?
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>> we are doing an interval training exercise,ixing high intensity, a weighted movement and then some body weight movement on the ground. >> so i'm trying to get fit for spri >> yes ma'am. >> a lot of the moms in the class are already fit. they're going to keep going while we talk. >> yeah. >> they just had a baby. some are expeing, just like you 22 weeks pregnant. >> yes ma'am. >> you're saying moms on the go can get fit. >> absolutely. >> this is doable. >> absolutely. >> we offer 12 classes a week. we encourage -- >> how did it get started? a class intimidates you. what's your advice? >> just show. that's our advice. just show up. we love to see you. one thing we pride ourselves on so much is the building of community. not only are we a fitness group, buf we're a group friends. we go out for mom's night outs. we race together. we have family classes where dads come for free and they sweat with us on the weekends or holidays. >> a couple weeks ago when i
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came to visit you and you wore me out, all the moms who have babies in the strollers, the babies were watching us, so this is great. we're going to continue the class. the class sends at 6:30 i we'ren the middle of all this. i'm going to sweat. i'll send it back into youguys. >> all right. those women look very strong. the factt t they have babies and the instructor is 22 weeks pregnant, all impressive. >> good for them. >> thanks, molette. we know college is very expensive, and no one likes paying for those student loans. >> cleges apparently heard the complaint. still ahead trkts new alternative that somee schools offering to help finance your degree. chuck? >> good morning, everybody. on a wedneg,ay mornime to start thinking about the weekend. i wish i had better news for t forecast. saturday and sunday both have a pretty high chance for mainly the half of saturday and the second half of sunday. and after sunday, it gets cold around
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you live coverage of president trump's meeting with north korea's kim jong-un as they begin their second summit. you can hear behind me sirens. the president's motorcade has just pasd our location. this is their second summit. t is wednesday evening here in hanoi. the two leaders about to come face to face for the first time since their initial meeting last june in singapore. thist sum comes at an extraordinary and precarious moment for the president as his former personal lawyer michael cohen testifies publicly before congress just a few hours from now. something the president is likely to be keeping an eye on during the s mithere. nbc news chief white house correspondent hallie jackson joins me here in hanoi. we're expecting these two come together at the metro pole hotel about ten minutes from where we e. walk us through what's going to happen, hallie. >> the two will greet each other at like we saw last summer the singapore summit. we believe they'll shake hands. they'll go and have a private meeting just the two of them, one on one, ocourse, with interpreters in the room.
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that is scheduled to last for about 20 minutes. that is significant in that who knows, right, what these two leaders will say to each other, wh they will commit t each other, if anything, in that room. after that there will be a small inner. take a looknow. >> this is the presidential limousine and motorcade now arriving. they hav quickly shrouded it. they have been erecting this tented makeshift garage to the entrance to the hotel. >> security has been sense here. the north korean delegation in particular as well as the u.s. delegation has a major priority for security for kim jong-un. as you see the restf the motorcade lining up. after this one-on-one meeting, lester, they'll have a small dinner, very small. it will just b on the u.s. side. president trump, his acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and mike korean , kim june unand two n his top aides who have been part of theselear negotiations in the past. and so they will have thisus dion prethe summit which is not until tomorrow of course.
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so this is --ou can cal it a bit of an appetizer to the main course. these p are the topncipals hashing out the framework for d discussionn the road. wu look at the dynamic in the room. l be intimate. the president talked about his relationship with kim jong-un, this friendship they have developed between letters that have passed between the two men over ter last s months and even prior to that. so potentially this is a moment and opportunity for the president to sort of work that relationship. by the way, for kim to do the same, it's a real concerns among experts in the field that kim could flatter his way to some concession by the u.s. >> well, what you walked through in terms of i schedule the schedule. this is president trump. sometimes he will do surprises. >> sure. ember last time he offered kim jong-un a tour of his limousine. >> that's right. >> that took place. >> we don't expect an announcement tonight after this meeting.on >> we simpl't know. there's a small group of reporters of course traveling
6:18 am
with the pr'sident. thatow we're getting the video that we'reg. gettin even though there's no expectation that the president will, for example, deliver remarks, lester, you've seen this before, we've seen this before, he may certainly turn to the cameras and make anddress and kimay do the same. the president has prompted kim to speak and he has through his interpreter. >> we should note that it was essentially a secret here until maybe 24 hours ago as the exact location of whe this meeting would take place. now, those of us who were staying in that area, it was quite obvious what was happening there as you saw teams of secret service and north korean security agents communications teams and equipment, it was pretty obvioo it was goinge happening at this hotel. >> my colleagues and i happened to be staying at a different hotel where kim jong-un and the north korean delegation areay g as well. the security is intense, not just at the hotels, of course, but throuout the city a hanoi was picked, as you know, for a very specific reason, the present has talked repeatedly about using vietnam as an
6:19 am
example for what north korea could be or could become. you hear the noise of the motorcade being broken apart behind us and the >>crowd. don't know if this is the kim jong-un motorcade. but they've been closing streeid very r around this area. this is a city that -- okay. let's go to bill neely on the t ground outsi hotel. bill? >> yeah. so there's a motorcade arriving ju behind me now. as you can see, just great citement from the vietnamese people. as you said the security here is very, very tightde . there are snipers on rooftops around here to provide security for both leaders. lester, what's interesting is not just what will happen in the next two hours. theyre due to have that historic handshake in about ten nutes time, but what happened
6:20 am
just before because as president trump wasng getti ready for this handshake he was tweeting he said kim and i will try very hard to work something out on denuclearization and also talked about having the coopetion of china, russia, japan s andth korea. kim nk we just seen jong-un's motorcade go past. i couldn't see. normally there are 12 body guards running alongside that black mercedes-benz limousine, ways running, never smiling, to provide security for kim jongn. butertainly we believe president trump is inside that hotel now. as we know, they will have a rs 20-minute conion followed by the white house calling it a social dinner. t then presidemp will go back to his hotel around 9:00 eastern time where sureltche will s on the television and listen to michael cohen. it is certainly a possibility
6:21 am
and it wl certain be a distraction before tomorrow's summit. lester? >> ye there is that, yes. the president will certainly be paying attention to that. but the business at hand we're told we're less than a minute away that we will see the two leaders come out here in front of this shot you're looking at right now and greet each other. that will be the fir time we have seen them together and the first time they have been together on this .to they were taking individual meetings today. president trump was mting with the vietnam leadership here. he was t signing --re was some trade deals that were signed with u.s. companies. other business at hand. this is the presidt's second ip to vietnam. he was here for an eennomic conf in 2017. >> he spent a little bit in hanoi but not a when you look at what the president will do here, he is still facing a lot of domestic ama back home with michael cohen's testimony on capitol hillxpected this morning. the president has already
6:22 am
tweeted about it, it is my guess the president will bring iup on his own. the president is 100% dialled in on this iummit. that is belied that the president is tweeting about cohen. one of the most remarkable things and we saw in singapore as well is north korea is such a reclusive regime. we don't often get a window into how they operate, but when they come out, for example, to singore or here to hanoi in vietnam and you see the security and this diffent side of kim e jong-un of th moment when she was spotted smoking on the train ride on the way through china here t f vietnam, example. these are moments we just don't often get to see. >> the motorcades, the limousine is going into a shrouded off area wre the two leaders are exiting separately and will cne together front of a preset up area with flags and that wilbe the symbolic handshake. he president reaching over and
6:23 am
shaking kim jong-un's hand. he has made and stressedo often when a friendship these two men have created. you just think back not too long ago some of the language and the insults rocketman. >> fire and fury,yeah. >> it was a very dramatic turn around after the last meeting. after the last meeting, by the way, the president raising eyebrows that thehr nucleart from north korea was over. i have spoken to scientists who have looked at satellite photos. they would tend todisagree. in fact, they would point to evidence that kim jong-un has actually expanded his capability in terms of ballistic missiles and nuclear hat is kind of the starting point at which these talks are
6:24 am
beginning. >>ur chief foreign affairs correspondent is andrea mitchell in our washington bureau. what will experts on the outside be watching here? >> they're going to be watching very closely as you and hallie have been discussing there's no idence at allf denuclearization so far. none of the promises from singapore have beeneazed and the president has made claims to thees contraryte denials from his own secretary of state just this past weekend. the president had said the nuclear threat is he has also said most recentlyh to governors just this past weekd that he's happy as long as there's no testing, but no testing is not the real test because even without testing it could be very well bieved that they have already achieved theil go they don't need to test further. as you just said, the intelligce officials testified to congress that he will not -- kim jong-un will not give up his nuclear ambitions. as we see this motorcade arrival
6:25 am
just moments ago, these dramatic pictures from hanoi, all eyes will be on whether or not the personal diplomacy and his belief in his ability to make a deal will trump the advice of the intelligence advisers he often criticized in public most recently when they testif jd kimg-un would not ready to concede on their program he said they need to go back to school. aot of nervousness among his intelligence advisers he willll ignorehe evidence that you and hallie and others have been siting. it goes in the face of all of these claims that the president has been making. >> we talk about the pressure of president trump to get something done, something concrete in this round of negotiations. what kind of pressure do you think kim jong-un is over to come to the table and present a
6:26 am
concrete idea? >> i think he's under pressure to keep the process going. i think then north kor end game is to try to get the united states to basically recognize a north kore a de facto nuclear weapons state. when president trump says we havelenty of time and starts lowering the bar in terms of how definitions of denuclearization that are similar, this is part of t strategyo get the united states eventually to eamply accept that they're a nuclearns state with the promise of a freeze on production and freeze on so that's kim's strategy. so i think the pressure for him is to ensure that he can get the president not to call tse a failure, which is very unlikely the president willer given hing else that's happened and the need for foreign policy success. and so i actuall don't think there's a whole lot of pressure on kim. much more pressure on the president to deliver all the things that he's boasted in the run-up to the meeting.
6:27 am
>> what's theayg you have to give something to get something and that's what this is about and the concerns are what is the u.s. willing to igive. >> i is among the constructs what officials have described to us, there are some options. the sanctions we talked about, the possibili that the u.s. could help negotiate a formal end to the careen war, for example. some of those incentives. >> something both sides want, south korea and north korea want. >> tho kinds of things would be acceptable to the broader nuclear community, the question is as you mentioned there have been surprises before, is suspension of military dperzsr afhe singapore summit, for example. so i do think there are reals questibout what could be x factor be this time around. we just don't know yet. >> this is a president that he was a television producer. he knows how to create drama. will there be a temptation to compete for the headline essentially here and do something that will create a bigger stirring>> here's a sense inside the white house this should be the biggest story in the country
6:28 am
right now given the president that the president is meeting, trying to make history with kim jong-un.we the presidented earlier this morning that michael cohen was one of many lawyers who represented me and cohen was just disbarred, for example, for lying. he did bad things unrelated to trump too. you can see the tweet here. he's lying in order to reduce his prison time. this is the s wategy youl see today from the white house to work to discredit cohen, too quesis credibility and even if the president wants what we're about to see to be thegg t headline coming out of going , it is simply n to be. that is why he's tweeting about it. >> kristen welker is on capitolh hill, the half of today's split screen moment. kristen, set the screen for us there. >> it is a stunning split screen, lester. there's no doubt about it. we have the testimony that w michael cohl be delivering here on capitol hill in just a rs now.of h and it is set to be explosive. cohenased on this testimony
6:29 am
obtained by nbc news from coressional aides wil call the president a racist and a con man, lester. >> all right, kristen. here is the picture we've been waiting for. president trump, kim jong-un a shaking han the start of their second summit. >> i think it will be very successful. good relationship. i think it will be very successful. no. thank you all very much. thank you. >> you've been watching an nbc news special report.
6:30 am
live picture hanoi, president trump and the north korean leader kim jong-un standing before their untry's respective flags in what was ef posed to be a very b photo opportunity to shake hand. >> it looked like a couple of reporters asked questions and the president i think i could hear him say wrehave a good tionship when asked about whether he changed plans to ask for denuclearization the president answered no. now after this quickee ng, they are supposed to have a one on one private meeting for about 20 minutes and it's not clear what they'll discuss in tha meeting and then they're supposed to have a very small dinner with some top principals to talk about their framework for nuclear negotiations coming up. >> then that's b supposed it. this is not supposed to be a long occasion. we will see photos, images video from each of these gatherings of these two men and thesp tive teams. look for the latest on those moments as they happen on"today show" at the top of the hour. 6:30 our time right now. >> o top of tha big meeting overseas, it's a big day in
6:31 am
washington. nbc's lester ht and kristen welker eluded to what is going on here. in just a few hours, we'll hear directly from the president's former lawyer and m fixerhael cohen for the first time. we learned new details about what cohen will say a will fill you in in just a few minutes. first, good morng, everybody, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's a busy wednesday here at 6:31. we're working for you to get you all the information you need as you head out the door. >> that starts with a check on your commute and yourforecast. melissa mollet has your first 4 traffic but let's start things off with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. skies have been mainly clear overnight. that's allowed temperatures to fall into the 20s for most of the area. 25 now in poolsville, maryland. 27 in frederick,ry nd. 27 in manassas, virginia. 32 now at national airport. another freeze in thbo s. your forecast for today, plenty of sunshine early. we'll be innd out of cloud and sunshine for the remainder of
6:32 am
the day. unlike yesterday where a lot of spots made it above 50, they stay in the mid to upper 40s most of the areas but not much of a chance for that will c after we get past sun down tomorrow as a chance of rain drops and wet snow early friday. all that with the ten day forecast coming up. me l sarks good morning. >> good morning, chuck. looking at the roads here northbound georgvenue at bel pre road we had that shut down for a crash investigation overnight. everything has renow reopened. northbound lanes are reopen there in silver ring. crash reported. you can see some of those delays there at the top of they. laurel northbound bw parkway before 32 left lane blocked by an accident. northbound, southbound also eing slow-downs. rest of the beltway is looking okay here. taking a look at gaithersburg, do have a brand new crash this one sort of new tw peri. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:32. turning back to the story we eluded to a few moments ago.
6:33 am
today's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen will testify blicly before a congressional committee and is expected to be explosive. >> nbc news just obtained h opening statement. cohen plans to say the president is a racist, a con man and a cheat. we'll have more on his statement at 6:45. overnight the president tweeted this message saying in part michael cohen wasust disbarred by the state supreme court for lying and fraud. he did bad tngs unrelated to trump. he is lying in order to reduce his prison time. >> cohen's testimony begins at 10:00 thismorning. you can watch another nbc news special report on that right here on nbc 4. it is now 6:33, other top stories we're following today. the future of the peace cross in prince georges county will in the hands of the u.s. supreme court. the 40 foot monument has been there for nearly 100 years. it honors soldiers who lost thei lives in world war i. justices have allowed for more than an hour for arguments on this issue this rning. coming up, we'll hear from both sides about the debatessu
6:34 am
ounding the cross. delegates of the united methist church have voted to maintain bans on same sex marriage a ord nation of the lgbtq clergy. some were inears saying the church they love rejected them. the church has 12.6illion members worldwide. chaos is caught ona camer inside an afterhours party on eighth street. in the video you can see the suspect make his way through the crowd firing at least five shots at the victim after the argument. the woman grabs the gun and puts it in her backpack. through it all, three faces are visible and police are hoping someone will recnize these faces right here to locate the isuspects. >>s 6:34 now. it is a social media scheme that could haunt some t kids f rest of their lives. involving naked photos of underage girls found on several
6:35 am
snapchat accounts. >> the investigation started in robinson county. e other could there schools involved in this? >> reporter: aaron, that's right. robinson high, one of at least five county schools that could be wrapped up in this social erdia scandal and this all began after a male student here at robinson came forward to police. he told investigators that he was in a group chat on the a snapchat and in that app he was able to see several photos of nudeunderage female students. he was also able to name the account holder from where those photos ancame. that account holder had a message in which he said that he wanted students from lake braddick, woodson, wes springfield and south county photos from those students there as well. police were able to track down that account holder plus others who had access to that account, atoo, as well as otherounts that were related to it. those accounts, too, also askino photos of underage girls. parents here at robinson say
6:36 am
it's time that students take this stuff seriously, that ia misusing s media can have life time consequences. >> infuriates me. i would be all over that in a second. i would be trying to hunt down the kid that were doing it and talking to the >> anything you put out there will be out there forever. it will never go away. so you never want to share anything like that. >> reporter: fairfax county police say there's still an active investigation under way and point out to in a indication like this students could face child pornography distribution cases. >> thank you, justin. that motion will carry 5-4 with ms. rose, mr. morris, ms. hornburger opposed. >> in a contentious 5-4 vote the loudoun county school board voted in favor of protecting lgbtq students from discrimination based onat sexua orien and gender identity. deponents say it allows trans gender ss to use bathroom
6:37 am
and locker rooms that align with their gender identity but nothing references student's use ofathrooms or locker rooms. the school superintendent in loudoun county says the district is in the pcess of makin changes to address racism, cultural iensitivity and inequality. some students pretended to be run away slaves and slave owners. this happened at madison's trust elementary and caused backlash. last night thenaacp fired back. the superintendent sayseachers and staff will be required to take mandatory sensitivity training. 6:37 right now. a spoiler alert for you if you're a fan of world of dance. a local team is moving on to the next round of competition. >> it's a good spoiler alert. >> yeah. you may have caught a glimpse on last night's show. only part of the audition was featured and with it some input from judge jennifer >> choreography at times let you down. but there was some really interestin pictures. there was some really
6:38 am
interesting tricks. you guys were re ly, really clean. congratulations, guys. we will see you in the duel. >> that announcement means thel team w on at least one more episode in the coming weeks. news 4 wasith the watch party with the team last night as they relived that special moment. the key is t listen to what j. lo says and bring that into your next performance, right? >> a lot of kids had never danced before when they joined the school's team. >> good luck. 6:38 now. we're helping you get fit for spring. molette green is working out and has been working out all week. ra reporter: just wed up thisantastic 45-minute slam class, sweat like a mother, guys. all we used were weights and a yoga mat and kicked up a yoga mat. we'llell y tou
6:39 am
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6:41 am
you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. it's 6:41. o amtrak train was stuck in the snow inregon for 36 hours beforet was finally towed. >> there were about 200 passengers on that train. on sunday, the trainit some trees that had fallen on to the tracks near the small town ofoa ridge. the snow in the area made it nearly impossible for the maintenance crews to reach the train until yesterday. the train did have heat but the uncertforced people to ration food and water. some of the parents on board used napkins as makeshift diapers for babies. dark. there is more snow on the way. we are stranded for another nighin >> the t is moving really slowly and we keep having to make stops. >> not knowing how long we were going to be on there was probably the most frust. ting pa >> now here is a look at the train finally arriving in eugene, oregon. amtrak apologized for the delato they promiseake it up to
6:42 am
the stranded passengers with refunds and otherticompen. >> the best thing about the whole thing is how everyonesp ded to the situation. 36 hours, people from amtrak and passgers stuck. >> lean your seats back and try to stay calm. good morning, i'm courtney rean at cnbc headquarters. oprah's wallet is a bit lighter today. winfrey's stake in the company formerly known as weight watchers now known as ww lost $50 million, at least on paper says it had a, quote, soft start to the year. not signing up as many new members as it thought. the stock tumbling more than 30% in premarket trading. oprah who is a spokesperson and on ww board owns about 8% of the company. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm courtney reagan. 6:42, time for the lk dog-g forecast of the day. cute little spark 7-year-old german shepherd mix, friendly as .an
6:43 am
happy to become a member of your family. dry weather for walking those p miles with thooch today. ten-day outlookig includes a drop in temperatures coming up. plus, some delays on the beltway also an update to an earlier very serious crash in silver spring. full details coming . and we continue to follow breaking news out of vietnam. a meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim judge t ong-un is under wayi now. now. t e presiden
6:44 am
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o> welcome back. we're stayi top of breaking news in vietnam. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un are behind closed doors right now for a one-on-one meeting. >> the expectation is that the two will tal for about 20 minutes before going to a more social dinner, if you will. just a few minutes ago, they shook hands in hanoi and spoke before reporters. chairman kim, it's an honor to be a together in reall country, vietnam, where they really rolled out the havehey're very honored to us. and it's great to be with you. we had a very successful first summit. i felt it was very successful. and some people would like to see it go quicker, satisfied, you're satisfied, we want to be happy with what you're doing but i thought the first summit was a great succes
6:47 am
>> this is the second nuclear summit in eight months. they're talking about denuclearizing north korea. be sure to watch the kwch today show" for the latest out of vietnam. later this morning, michael cohen will testify bore congress. overnight, nbc news obtained his opening ohatements. >> is planning to say, quote, i'm ashamed of my weakness and misplaced loyalty of the things i m did for trump in an effort to protect and promote him. cohen also pns to say that he lied to congress aut when the president stopped negotiating the moscow tower project in russia. he isxpected to say the president did notirectly tell him to lie to congress. he says that's not how trump >>an see the michael cohen ouoperates. congressional report here on nbc news. tay theuture of the peace cross in prince georges county will be officially in the nds of the u.s. supreme court. os that 40 foot monument has been there for a 100 years.
6:48 am
it honors soldiers who lost their lives in wld war but the american humanist association says the cross folates separation church and state because it's on public land and maintained with tax dollars. supporters say it is ame rial, not a religious symbol. >> and reminds us on a daily basis as weou pass t here that people sacrifice their lives for the freedoms that wet take adv of everyday. >> there's a sectarian religioub prominently on government land beingaid for by taxpayers. >> justices have alled for more than an hour of arguments on this issue this morning. thismorning, a baby girl is back home with her parents after a terrifying ordeal. >> h carjackers left on a street corner in d.c. and took off. yesterday afternoon the child's mother left her in the car while she ran into a gasstation. this happened on martin luther king jr. highway right on the d.c./maryland border. second later, two people jumped
6:49 am
into the car and took off wit-o the 1-yearld inside. the carjackers left her on a street corner half mile away in her c seat. two women working at a nearby funeral home saw the car take off and heard the girl crying. >> jumped over efrl. >> yeah. >> flew down the steps. i probably missed five or sixst s. >> she did. >> her eyes were closed. we were like, what's going on. then when she got in the funeral home, she was like, okay. she was warming up. >> ouram ceras were there when one of the woman carried the little girl to a nearby ambulance to be reunitmo with theer. back now to the breaking news out of silver spring, georgia avenues back open at bel pre road after being shut down for hour. this is why. look at this video. the burnt out car was blocking the road after a crash last night just before 11. >> news 4 drew wilder is at the scene of therash with the latest. drew? >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. at video is absolutely incredible. as you mentioned, though, the
6:50 am
intersecon is backopen. there's still a fair amount of debris off to the sides. you can still hear the crunch of some of that debris as cars drive through this intersection. let's bring youack to that video from just before 11:00 last night. it's actually ficm a tra camera here in montgomery county. we can see one of the cars involved in this reck fully engulfed. we know there were four victims, four peopleaken to the hospital. montgomery county spokesperson says one person was taken trauma 1, another trauma 2. two others were taken to the hospital ande treated for l threatening injuries. while we're still waiting on an upda o this morning those four victims, we can tell you that the inteection here at georgia avenue and bel pre road is reopened, so that's good news for people driving getting on their way to work this morning. melissa? >> drew, that's right. shut down for a long time overnight so a lot of people relieved it's reopen. northbound open at georgia at
6:51 am
bel pre road. laurel northbound bw parkway just before 32 left lane still blocked by a crash. southbound not so bad onbw pa way. inner outer loop of the beltway clear. do have a crash that's pretty close to the tw peri. vienna westbouoll road is blocked. right side blocked disabled hicle. travel times for virginia 66 not ad fairfax county parkway to the beltway 37 miles per hour. 95 northbound 56 miles per hour. doesn't get much better to that quantico to the beltway. top of the beltway outer loop 95 to 270 25 miles per hour. off to a bright and pretty start here in the washington
6:52 am
area on yourrn wednesday g. little bit of sunlight already starting to get through and reach the downtow buildings. so far here for the month of february it has been a mild february for us. we have more than 3 1/2 degrees above e. only eight days colder than average for the month. other parts of the not faired so well. great falls, montana, 27 degrees below average. they have had eight days wherei theyt get above zero. los angeles, california, has not hit 70 degrees yet in the month of february. that's never happened in weather records there more than 140 februarys all of them had at least one 70. meanwhile, london, england, 70 degrees, first time any here in the ever hit 70 degrees in the winter months. back here this morning, below freezing. so it's a cold start. grab your coat you'll need it. afternoon planner for today. enough sunshine to get mperatures near 50. upper 4s.
6:53 am
dry most of the day tomorrow. little chance for a few drops coming in asuer et. so, future weather then, carries dry weather through theorast for today, tonight and most of tomorrow. by early friday, there will be a little chance of a rain/snow mix around here. it doesn't lk like it's going to be enough to really accumulate much in fact way of iow. may be anh or so on the grassy areas, but low impact event for fridrr. about that, kidsed. you'll have to go to school in all likelihood. maybe an isolated delay or two. r the weekend, we'll start off with rain for saturday morning, dryigut saturday n into early sunday. by sunday afternoon, another high chance for rain rolling in here and by mony morning, that could be cold enough to have the rain switch back over to snow. that's the leading edge of a way colder pattern that'sere for the first week of march. enjoy near 50 today and tomorrow because we won be anywhere near that warm all next week. eafternoon highs in mid to upper 30s.
6:54 am
0 at's something 15 to degrees colder than average. so a month where march is coming in like a lion. >> all right, chuck, thank you.t is 6:54 right now. if you're at risk of developing a life threatening disease or condition, would you want to know? >> h dna test kits can put some of that important medical information rightt your fingertips. but as news 4 reports, the tests may not be a good fit for everyone. >> it's criticall important t understand what those home dna tests are and what they're not. >> reporter: it's a combination of cutting edge science, curiosity and convenience. do it yourself genetic test kits offer an easy affordable way to study your dna from the comfort of your own home, but consider this -- >> they are not genetic that are designed to answer a medical question about a condition that a person may have or that other members of their
6:55 am
family may have. this doctor o is of the leading researchers in the world when it comes to inherited disorders and admits he hasn't had his own dna h tested. >>e not had mine tested because i practice what i preach. ou don't go into a doctor and have any blood test done just for curiosity. it andit when you need if you need it, then it's worth it. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5 and 6, wll show you what disease and conditions the tests can actually screen customers for. it's 6:55 right now. here is aouook at things to know. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un are meeting e on one right now. the two will meet for about 20 minus before going to dinner. this is part of the nuclear summit in hanoi, vietnam.e watch latest on this on "today show". michael cohen will testify publicly before congress.
6:56 am
ning ews obtain eed his o statement. cohen plans to apologize to congress about lieg. special will have a report at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> former vice president j biden may be inching closer to making a bid in the 2020 presidential election. biden says his family has given their blessing to run. be sure to download the nbc washington app for the latest. tg> mery county police release photos of jewelry and tattoos on a body found in bethesda monday night. the victim is a hispanic male in s.s 20s or 30 police want you to see these photos. we put them in the nbc washington app. next couple days dry weather for today and tomorrow. highs near 50. pretty good chanceor rain, maybe some wet snow early friday. then saturday morning shors an then sunday eveningai showers which could end as snow
6:57 am
ay morning. investigation northbound georgia avenue at bel pre road, southbound clear as well. big delays bw parkway before 32 left lan b block a crash seeing real pain headed northbound. >> thank you, melissa. that f is the news today. we appreciate you waking up wits >> the "today show" is next. we'll see you f live updates. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a greatodednesday, >> make it a greatodednesday, ever
6:58 am
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good morning, breaking news. turning on trump, the man at the right hand of donald trump f more than a the man at the right hand of onald trump for more man a decade today set to unload on his former boss, a public breakt for all see in live testimony on capitol hill. just ahead, cohen's planned remarks obtai by nbc news just this morning, calling the president a racist, a con man and a cheat. >> i'm goingheo let american people decide exactly who is telling the truth. >> the proof cohen believes he's bringing to congress today. president-to- the nd kim jong-un beginning their high stakeslear summit. can the president get more tha


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