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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 28, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EST

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i would love to go to another we had some options and we decided totdo any of the options. sometimes you have to thisust one of those times. breaking news, wking away without a deal. president trump abruptlynds talks with north korean leader kim jung-un. we are live with how the negotiations fell apart. >> and the president reacts to the blistering accusations of his fmer lawyer. >> having it during this important summit is incredible. he lied a lot. >> i know what mr. trump is. he is a racist, hes a con man and he is a cheat. >> majorel rions as he
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prepares for another day in the hot seat. "early today"no starts righ >> good thursday morning, i'mph lip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. the second summit between pres ent trump and kim jung- has wrapped up. meetings were abruptly cut short with the white houseea rng no deals were reached. the president spoh w reporters hours earlier than expected. let's go now to hanoi wheill neely is covering this all fo us. od morning. good morning, guys. no deal and exit. this was ath surprise. summit is over. there was no agreement. president trump saying som himes yoe to walk away. this was one of those times. hetaid he didn't w to say it was his decision to walk but you always have to be prepared to walk i he sai rather do it right than do it it is clear that during his news
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nference, there were really three sticking points. one was the very definition of denuclearization. for president trump, it means simply north korea has to but for north korea, it means the u.s. removes its nuclear, umbrel submarines and bombers from the peninla. the second thing was on the lifting of sanctions. president trump w saying that they wanted sanctions lifted entirely. we couldn't do that. he third area was on the specifics. the specific nuclear plant. he said the north koreans were willing to denuk large areas but not the ones they wanted. he mentioned in particular in response to a question, the biggestcomplex, it is where thed
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uraniun a plutonium was reprocessed. he said he was willing to do that buty tnted too much in return. he talked about a second uranium wantement plant the u.s. to destroy and they were unwilling to do that. the summit isver. he ended by saying, i trust kim jung-un. we like each other and i take him at his word when he said, there will be no testing. the nuclear summit isyo over. back t guys. >> to be continued storied. thank you. in the mist of the summit in vietnam, fallout back home on capitol hill. the president's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen delivering scathing accusations. he's not don y. he will testify before the house intelligence committee today for
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his third and final appearance of the week. is hearing is behind closed doors unlike yesterday. >> i am ashamed i chose to take part in concealing mr. trump's elicit acts ratherhan listening to my own conscience. i amshamed because i know what mr. trump is. he is a racist. he is a con man. and he is a cheat. >> cohen is the only indicted trump aid to tk about the crimes in public. >> he is still working with federal prosecutors in new york. >> you've been in contact with the southern district of new york, is that true? >> i am in constant contact with the southern district york regarding ongoing investigations. >> when was the last discussion with president trump or someone
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on his behalf? >>t was a while ago. >> what did he or his agent communicate to you >> unfortunately, this topic is something being investigated right now by the southern district of north and i've been asked them not to discuss it. >> is there any otherdo wrog or illegal act that you are aware of regardingp donald tr that we haven't yet discussed today? >> yes. and again, those are part of the investigation currently being looked at by the southern district of nework. >> wikileak denied that assange spoke to stone by phone. he also dropped a bombshell testifying mr. knew in advance that the group was going to release the e-mails. r. a lot of people have asked whether trump knew about the release of the hacked documents
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the democratic national committee e-mail ahead of time. the answer is yes. mr. trump put mr. stone on the speaker on mr. stone told mr. trump he had just gotten off t phone with julian assange and he told mr. stone within a couple of days, there would be a massive dump of e-mails that would damage hillary clinton's campaign. mr. trump responded by stating to the effect, wouldn't that be great. >> now januaryf this year, 2019,im "the new york" asked mr. trump if he evepoke to roger stone about these e-mails. he answered, quote, no, i didn't. i never did. wa that statement true. >> no. >> it is not accurate. >> that is just the tip of the iceberg. more on his testimony, we'll go
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to washington. m goodning. in vietnam, the president cohen's reacted to testimony. >> he did. i want to tell you about mr. cohen providing what he called evidence in the involvement in schemush money giving investigators a check he was given to reimburse him for that payment to the porn star stormy daniels. the presidentays he did not direct about an affair he did not have. the check signed by the president as well as the coo. here is some of the questions cohen faced fromemocrats at the hearing. >> let me make sure understand. donald trump wrote you a check out of his personal account while he was serving president of the united states of america to reimburse you for sh money payments to miss clifford? is that what you are telling the
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erican people today? >> yes, mr. chairman. >> mr. hen, youid, quote, i used my own personal funds to secure a payment of $130,000 to miss clifford. a ther the trump party was part of the action or reimbursed me. was the statement false. >> the statement was n false. i purposely left out mr. trump from that statement. to was discuss discussed do. >> did the president call you to coordinate on public messaging about the payment to miss clifford in or around february 2018? >> yes. >> mr. trump cled this a fake hearing and said it was terrible to hold it duringhe north korean summit. he had this to say. >> he didn't lie about one thing, he said no collusion. i said i wonder why he didn't
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lie about that too. he lied about so many different i was impressed he didn't say, well, i tnkhere was collusion. >> the republicans spent most of the time calling cohen a liar. saying what they are doing is just what he did for ten years, protecting donald trump. >> thank you. cohen's stunning reversal is one of the mostma dc turns against a sitting president since the days ofga wat. looking at the signature tans of his testimony. >> reporter: aramatic public reversal. >> i am no longer your fixer, mr. trump. a personal take down of a sitting president. >> mr. trump said in the campaign, i canhoot somebody on fifth avenue and get away with it. i want ty be v clear.
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he's not joking. he's telling the truth. you don't know him. i do. >> reporter: histori says it is unprecedented for someone once so loyal to sit in that chair. >> it is rare to find a confident and goes before congress to say he's a racist, a cheat and a con man. >> reporter: reminders of another hearing. f in 1963,mer white house council testified for days before the senate watergate committee. >> i began by telling the re president, the is a cancer growing on the presidency. >> reporter: he was a insid revealed the personal involvement in a cover up. >> that testimony was the most richard nixon went from being a president with a problem to a president who might be driven
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out of office. we don't know if michael cohen's testimony will have the same effect. >> you are about to go to prison for lying. >> our colleagues a not upset, they are upset because you stopped lying to congress for the president. >> reporter: for his part, cohen says he's looking for redemption. an intense day of monster flooding in california. the impactrompted the governor to issue a state of emergen for nearly two dozen counties. check out this roof at a school in minnesota. that lead ton evacuation. a nearb town created major destruction a this barn. they said they lost 20 cows and in new orleans, opening an
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historic flood controlpill way hoping to ease the pressuree on city. >> let's take a look at who will get say break and who will not. today is a quier day we have many rivers in flood stag i. minneapoli still adding to their epic snowiestar feb they've ever had. there is an incredible amount if snthe mountains of california. it is amazing. as w go through out this weekend, another storm is coming in. not until saturday. this one will create more problems. ally in the mountains. here is a closer t look at day ahead. we've had a couple inches of snow overnight through central porgsz of new england. boston with two inches of snow this morning. there may be som travel delays.
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a pair of animal control officers in arizona got surprise when they got a call about a puppyn stuck a roof. they posted this video of the rescue mission. the dog seemed very eited to e officers. no word how the pup got on the roof. ease being treated at a localma tr hospital. >> let's check in with bill on the weekend. the storm itself will be slowly sliding across the country. going into saturday, it will speed up. we'll get the rains in areas of oklahoma. snow throughout the ohio valley. a lot of areas dealing with about 2 inches of snow.
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good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. no presidenp leaves vietnam with what he came for. >> what president trump and kim jong-un had to say about tir talks. snow lovers and snow haters alike. we m
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news 4 today, begins with breaking news. >> summit stumble. president trump and kim jon tun fa denuclearize north korea. thennouncement was made an
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hour ago, after a a lunch and ceremony was abruptly canceled. >> the president prepares to return to d.c. without the deal he sought. add to his plate, the testimony from michael cohen, where he alleged that president trump commitd crimes while in office. we begin wit a check of your commute and your >>forecas. melissa mollet, has the commute news. let's start with chuck bell. chuck? >> yes? >> the snow commentary is a litter different than yey. >> yes. that's why we update the forecast every day. i can't tell- you i'll give you guys a forecast for every day of the month of march tomorrow and we'll see how that pans out. yikes. sunshine today. but yes, indeed. we've been tracking that little chance for snow on friday morning, which had been lookingn relatively t and thinner. now, it looks a little more likely that we will be dealing with snow and


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