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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 28, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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breakdown what happened. good morning,everybody. >> we'll get right back to the breaking newsn just a moment. first, we're helping you start your thursday. melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads. >> and we'll start with chuck bell with a forecast. >> today is the last day of meet logical winter. meteorological spring starts tomorrow on march 1st. and snow chances are increasing for thest day of meteorological spring. right now, temperatures in the 30s in the suburbs to around 40 downtown. we had cloud cover overnight. we'll be left with sunshin for today. you have all day to get done what you need to get dwie out interference from mother nature. however, for tomorrow, an increasing chance, 80% chance for snow on your friday morning comm probably going to be several inches of snow, as well, especially from the washington area, points north and west. school delays and cancellations look more likely for friday,
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especially washington northbound. snow map, still tweaking it. as long as you like snow. >> i like a lot of snow. and i want to g sledding. 95 at newington. everythings lookingod, rolling along nicely. this is just cleared. we had a problem in laurel, southbound w. parkway, crash blocking the right side. that's gone. not gone 270 here. montgomery village avenue. not seeing too much of an impact. seeing delays northbound a shore ti ag and outbound, south capitol street. it's breaking news right now. trump is on air force one and headed back to washington, after walking away from the second summitith rth korean leader kim jong-un. >> the summit came to an abpt end after negotiations to denuclearize north korea thfail.
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white house tells nbc news, that no agreement was reached and the respective teams look forward to meeting in the future. president trump is not committed to a third summit with kim. the president spoke at a press conference, saying an agreement plan was ready but he was not. >> there w potential, we could have signed something -- i thing have 100% signed so today. we had papers ready to be signed. but it just wasn't appropriate. i want to do it right. i would rather do it right than do it fast. >> president trump and secretary of state mike pompeo, sayser sanctions the sticking point to this summit. kim wanted the sanctions dropped. he was gunwilling toe up everything the u.s. wanted. susan mcginnis will have more on this in 15 >nutes. >> back in washington, we expect another explosive day of testimony from michael cohen. there will not be any cameras allowed. it is a closed-door hearing for
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akers only. yesterday, cohen spent seven hours answering questions from the oversight committee. the man who said he would take a bullet for president trump, called him a racist, a coan and accused him of committing a criminal act as president. >> directed me to u my personal funds from a home equity line of credit, to avoid any money being traced back to him, that could negatively impact his campaign. ho>> cohen sd a check to back up his claimsdehat the presi personally reimbursed himor hush money to adult film star stormy if true, that would be a campaign finance violation. republicans did not defend the president butre ham cohen's credibility. they call his testimony unreliable because he has lied to congress. no d to aeloping story out ofl. virginia's capi it is governor ralph northam's wife that is o accused being insensitive. there's a reporthat ped cotton
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african-american students. a state employee complained that her eighth grade daughter was upse about it. pam northam released a statement, saying she used artifacts and agriculture crops to illustrate virginia's painful past. you'll recall, her husband, governor northam, is underfire, when he admitted he used blackface and a racist picture was discovered in his school yearbook. developing this morning,he t fbi is investigating a shooting inside the v.a. medical center inivra beach, florida, only a few miles from palm beach. the shooter, who is a double-amputee, shot two people. a doctor was shot in the neck when ting to subdue the
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shooter. here's a look at our oer top stories. the man accused of shooting five employees "the capital gazette" newspaper will go to court. ramos faces several counts of murder and has pleaded not guilty. a man was killed in a shooting near a d.c. elementary school. a fight escalated into a shooting on northwest street yesterday afternoon. calls are growing for marry ann lisanti to resign. she used a racial slur. and she apologized, saying she hawas asd for using the insensitive and hurtful word. larry hogan and angela brooks say she should step down. montgomery county police have arrested a massage therapist for inappropriately
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touching a woman. this happened last december. joshua johnson faces sexual assault charges. there could be additional victims bause johnson worked as a private massage therapist. tnd fight between safety and convenience may come to a head in a metro board meeting today. a long debate over whether to extend the metro hours or track maintenance comes to a vote this morning.s adam t has been following the story for months now and has a preview of tetoday's >> reporter: all eyes on metro as the big debate takes center stagen a vote thisll thursday. the maintenance hours stay or will they go, in favor of longer service coming back? the district has maintained it wants the 3:00 a.m. service on the weekend to com back. it says it only agreed to the longer maintenance program for a couple of years. now, we wait to see if that will change. and the transit agency will have to go back to longerhours. metro maintains it likes the
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maintenance schedule and wouldi like to the system. but the district said over and over again, it does not plan to budge. a major vote coming up this thursday. we'l see how it ends. back to you. the best restaurants in the district are getting the t recognitioy deserve. >> this is exciting. 20 chefs restaurants and bars are semifinalists for this year's prestigious james beard this career, adam's morgan's lines step out, best new staurant for spoken english. also, in the running for new restaurant category is elle in mt. pleasant. that's a great ace. jose andres' jaleo, is up for best restaurant. and there's so many nominees for best mid-atlantic chef.
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komi. i read through the whole list. >> i haven't been togl s restaurant you just named. >> we need to go out. we need to go out. >> if you're wpaying, il go. >> you have not been? he was the rising star chef. very excited for our areeing represented in the restaurant world. >> i need to stop being cheap, i guess. >> mm-hmm. >> okay. >> i try to benice. > coming up, a story that will get you hungry for dinner. details on the meatballma so ive, you have to order it a day in advance. a creepyal v challenge that's targeting children that's targeting children the . for 50 years, cracker barrel
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you' watching news 4 today. >> you kind of have yourself for this imagery. >> we're working for you this
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morning. diggg into form of cyber bullying, getting reneond interestne. it's called the momo challenge, starring thi scary-looking character, named momo. you have to follow a series of directions or momo will come for according r family, to this craziness. >> momo has roots in mother bird. some tasks are goofy. others are dangerous. there's meunconf reports that a child in argentina took her ow o life because this momo challenge. >> with one thing that is not reversible. you want to have it how they're talking about people out in the world convincing you to do bad inings. convcing you to do things you n't want to do. >> so, facebook and youtube are now encouraging people to report videos that could cause a user to hur themselves or someone else. >> you think it's a prank until
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you reize, thi prank is asking kids to hurt each other, o hurt their parents and hurt themselves, which can be downright scary. >> hopefully thee digital s of this can stop this from getting to kids to begin with. speaking about kids, how about the school day forecast for today? a little cloudiness around this morning. we'll have more sunshine for an outdoor recess day today. you need your coat and hat for the morning chill. the daily grade for your thursday, b-plus. teachers, start thinking ofwo teachers, start thinking ofwo extra home assignments the
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we have breaking news right now. president tr p is on air for one and headed back to d.c. the u.s. summit with north korea's leader, kim jong-un, came to an abrupt end overnight. e> susan mcginnis, joins us live now. resident said the issue of sanctions was ultimately what caused negotiations to fail as the pnt elaborated on that? >> reporter: he did elaborate.d he s that chairman kim was willing to shut down the sins. and exchange, he wanted a lifting of 100%f sanctions. he looked at mike pompeo and said, we were not willingo do that. the president saying, sometimes you have to walk. this was one of those times. there's confusion in the media center, where the journalists were reporting. they saw trump's motorcade leave. and they knew that the deal was off. the president did continue to have kindords about chairman
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kim, the dictator of north korea. but for noo new summit is sc duled. >> allright. susan mcginnis for us this morning. thank you. protests outside of the supreme court yesterday as justices debated the future of the peace cross. th cross was dedicated in 1925 to dozens of men who died in world war i. it was a symbol of government and and maintained with taxed dollars. >> i pray that thewi supreme cot rule and take the cross down. let it stay. >> a cross war memorial is a symbol to place at a religious venue, not on public property. >> the justices are expected to issue their ruling some time in june. prop in t graduation
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rate of prince george's county. a state audit show a 4% drop in those that gradued in 2018. one school board member tells news they nee to focus on students as early as in prrgarten. >> that's what the data tells us. it doesn't mean to graduate y' students if t not reading on grade level or doing math on grade level. it's important interventions. and the real focus on educating students much earlier. >> the school system is struggling withattendance. a state investigation of county records found a number of students were graduating when they should not have been. we have an update to the breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. two people are in critical condition following thi fiery crash on georgia avenue in silver spring. montgomery county police say two cars were at a red lightmehen an
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suv slinto them. a woman pulled from the burning car has life-threatening injuries this morning. the woman in the crv is also in critical condition. a heads-up for any of you going to the gym this morning. someone is targeting gymgoers in loudon county. this man has broken into cars at two golds gyms inshburn and sterling. once in the car, the manit stea crcards. he's been using the stolen credit cards to use gift card the department says this has happened three times since january. the preakness stakes will be un at pimlico race course in baltimoreil 2020. the race owner wants to move i to laurel. but it can only be movedpi from ico if frthere is a disaster or emergency. pimlico would needo be tor down and rebuilt to continue
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hosting the preakness. that's a project that could cost nearly $400 million. pimlico track owners said a prect that big would not be worth it. the seemingly never-ending eagl drama in southeast d.c. continues. >> justice, remembere? just he decided to come back home after adbandabandoning his mate. he returned to an empty nest. he's probably wondering what happened to his family. and liberty wasn't going to wait. sh appears to have flown the coop, abandoningustice and the nest. there were two eggs, because nobody that wastink b them, she left. >> she took off with aaron bird. she took off with one of the birds. >> there's no tevidence. >>re's surveillance video. we saw it. they said justice may have been injured at to rehab himself. >> she didn't know what was going on. he didn't leave a note or anything. >> how do we understand them so much but they don't understand each other?
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>> i know, gh they need counseling. this black history month, schools and libraries are marking the 29th year of the africanamerican-read-in. >> i had a chance to spendime with students yesterday. we read aandful of blood alcohols about black history. my favorite boo growing up. answered some questions about the news and the weather. they pay attention. it was started to make literacy a significant part of black history month and to elevate black authors and the black experience. some of the kids knew some of the books we chose. and they kept up and asked questions. sk they are rapt with your excellent readinls. >> what were some of your favorite books growing up? >> i liked encyclopedia brown.
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at very nice. >> what was the r question they wanted to know? >> i don't want to put you on the spot, chuck. >> okay. >> i offended you, though. >> look here, kids. m on your side. to prove it, i have an increasing chance, kids, that you won't have to go to school tomorrow. we'll put a bow on february today. and march promises to start off more like winter than february was. there's no chance for rain or snow today. tomorrow morning, chances have moved up to % for snow tomorrow and a couple of inches likely. 30s to around 40 here this morning. your planner for today, a reasonable amount of sunshineer teures, because of a stiff north breeze today, will stay in the mid topper 40s. but notice, moisture down to our south and right here on the northern periphery, a little sleet and snow mixture coming
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through the ohio valley. clear and dry for today. but starting around midnight tonight, right into the heart of the friday morning commute, likely to be wet snow from washington northbound. so, kids in northern maryland and northern shenandoah valley, montgomery county, loudon county, in all likelihood, you will be canceled tomorrow. prince george's county, fredericksburg area, can't guarantee you will get out of school tomorrow. download our nbc washington app and start finding and following me on social media. i' going to tweet out any snmy map. here's what itppears from couple different computer models. 1 to 3 inches on our local model here. the a mricanel says more. i'm going in that direction. a coating to maybe an inch. fredericksburg, southern maryland. 1 to 3 inches, pretty likely for most of the metro area. and northern loudon county, untgomery county, to the pennsylvania line, 3 to 5 inches
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of snow. that will be morno thanh for a cancellation. chilly, unsettled over the d. week maybe another little chance for snow monday morning. but the big chance for next week, ooh, bang. that's g to be cold. >> it will be chilly. more blankets here in t weather and traffic center. wo> northbound 270. now, the ro is in the northbound lanes. this is a strange thing to see so early in the morning, having taillights here. right side ised blo by that work zone. as you see the delay here, you see in the southbound ilanes, th nice and open. no problem southbound. it's only that delay as you're headed northbound towards frederick. outbound south capitol street, work zone blocking all lanes there. traffic pushed on to firth sterling to outbound suitland parkway. 66, fairfax to the beltway, 59 miles per hour gets you there in nine minutes. >> tu.nk 4:54. another delivery service is
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turning to robots for help. >> they're taking over. >> as soon as this summer, your fedexay deliveries be coming from one of these. the box canavigate sidewalks and climb steps to getmall deliveries to your doorstep. fedex is waiting for approval in certai a handful of states, including virginia, have psed a law to regulate delivery robots. robots are used to deliv food on the georgetown university campus. there's a new favorite online retailer. costco just beat out amazon in the latest customer satisfaction inx. this was the year -- the first year the superstar has been scored in the internet retail category. costco offers about 10,000 items on its website. amazon had held the number one ranking in the category since 2010. i love to hate cast costco.
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walmart faces backlash for eliminating greeters and putting people out of work. they told greeters their positions would bemi eted on april 26th. disabled and elderly people have been put in that role as a way to connect with the community. the company says it is working to place greeters in other jobs at the company. it's 4:55. it's csidered one o the best films of the year. we're talking about the box office hit "green book," that won best picture at the oscars this year. >> there's one actor in that film thatoas tied our area. this is jim clock. he's an actor in hollywood. also, a part-time stafford county deputy sheriff. he played a police officer in the movie. he was playing a difficult character that helped open the audience's eyes to the prejudice time xisted during that
4:56 am
history. the green book was a thing that sort of helped guide ica african-americans through parts of the country where they would be accepted to do so, historical from that perspective. >> and congratulations to himei for part of this movie. >> awesome. >> how much can you and yourat friends in one sitting? >> i can eat a lot. don't be fooled. >> d.c. restaurant offering a seven-pound meatball, stuffed with cheese and spaghitti. >> creation is larger than most people's heads. have you seen- never mind. the giant spaghet and meatball is at the meatball shop. you can't just order a giantat ll. you have to order it 24 hours in advance. >> seven >> not cheap. here we go. seven pounds and it will set you back $150. you have to go with a group to afford theth meatball. 's no big deal, next week, the shop will have its bucket of balls challenge. if you can finish 25
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in ten minutes or less, you will get a $50 gift card. and you'll be enterednd the g prize for a caters party at the meatball shop. >> i'm fighting to keep the 13-year-old boy inside me quiet. at this point. p let'y some music and get to the next hour of the show. >> it's 4:57. a maryland lawmaker facing criticism. and this week, news 4 is working for yo i lookingo dna testing kits. they can help people a lot. but can they put yr privacy at but can they put yr privacy at ou for 50 years, cracker barrel
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news 4 today, begins with breaking news. >> summit stumble. president trump and kim jong-un fail to denuclearize north korea. the announcement was made just hours ago after a lunch and a ceremony was abr >> the president prepares to return to d.c. without the deal he sought. add to his plate, the testimony from michael cohen, where he alleged that president trump committed crimes while in office. >> we are covering it all for you this morning. we begin with a check of your commute and your forecast.l >> melissat, has the look at the roads this morning. let's start with chuck bell.


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