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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 28, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EST

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korea. lue announcement was made just hours ago after h and a ceremony was abruptly canceled. good morning, everyone. i'm eunyang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. the president prepares to return to d.c. without the deal he sought. add to his plate, the testimony from michael cohen, where he alleged that president trump committed crimes while in office. >> we you this morning. for we begin with a check of your commute and your forecast. >> melissa mollet, has the look at the roadthis morning. let's start with chuck bell. he's talking about snow. >> absolutely right. we've been watching this all week long. and the snow chances for tomorrow morning hadn't looked all that good. thee chances h increased dramatically. we've increased our likelihood for snow to 80%. not guaranteed for everybody, though. four things to know. general accumulations of 1 to 4
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inches. it's coming during the commute to cause delays and cancellations tomorrow. in the 30s, to around 40 tomorrow. outdoor recess and plenty of sunshine through the afternoon hours. thede daily g for today, b-plus, with temperatu 40s. the increased chance for snow tomorrow morning. i'll share the forecast coming up. >> a l of kids ready to hear that. outer loop, right now, chopper 4 over that. we had a vdisabledicle in the middle of the hoodway. it is now on the right geoulder. daas been done. you can see the delays, stretching back from 95 all the way to colesville there. a bishowdown. hyattsville, near 50. that one has bn hanging around. upper moralboro, eastbound woodyard road. pennsylvania avenue, have an accident there.
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southbound 95, the left lane blocked. a patching crew ison-scene. breaking news this morning, president kump is headed b to d.c. after walking away from the second summit with korea's kim jong-un. >>t he summit came to an abr end overnight, after negotiations to denuclearize rt korea failed. the press secretary released eris statement, the two le discussed various ways to advance denuclearization and economic-driven concepts. no agreement was reached at this time. but their respective teams look forward to meeting in the future. preso ent trump and mike pompe had a press conference an hour ago, saying that sanctions were really the sticking point to the summit. >> basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety tod we couldn't do that. they were willinenuke a large portion of the areas we
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wanted. we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that.o we'll continuerk. and we had to walk away from ar thatcular suggestion.on >> the pressrence lasted about 40 minutes. about 24 hours ago, the two leaders shook hands in front of the world. looking ahead, when asked about another summit, president trump says he is not committing to a third summit with kim jong-un. secretary oftate mike pompeo, is hopeful that the two leaders will meet again soon. a racist, a liar, a conman d a cheat. during his congressional testimony yesterday, michael f cohen called hmer boss, president trump, all those things and more. he alleged that the president knew about roger stone's suspected collusion with julian assange. and he says he believes that president trump knew about the trump tower meeting russians during the 2016 hmpaign. even more damninsays president trump committed crimes
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after he was elected to office. >> make sure i understand. donald trump wrote you a check ngt of his personal account, while he was sers president of the united states of america, to reimburse you for hush money payments to clifford. that what you are telling the american people today? >> yes, mr. chairman. >> it was a wild day of teimony, to be sure. but it's not over yet. cohen will testify again today, this time behind closed scotarlane looks at yesterday's hearing ane what may htoday. >> reporter: good morning. michael hen appears before the house intelligence committee and this time, no cameras allowed. it will happen behind closed doors.fe very dnt yesterday, when er n e were so many cameras, swarming as mr. copeared before the house oversight committee. and mr. cohen was asked about payments made to "the enquirer."
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on behalf of the president, said mr. cohen. gerry connolly and jamie raskin defended michael cohen against republican criticisms he bs a known liar and was possibly seekingk deal. we spoke with the congressmen in the does any of feel a little like a spectacle? >> i think the republicans are trying to make it look that wayt >>nk there's probably a lot of people in america who are startled to get in inside glimpse on how the trump operation is operating. r orter: we will likely see mr. cohen approa the office buildings today. cameras will be staked out outside. this might be the last time we see him before he reports to federal prison, mid-spring. on capitol hilla scott macf, news 4. and during his news conference in vietna mr. trump addressed the cohen testimony. he called cohen a liar.
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but he was iressed that cohen said he had seen no collusion with russia. >> i was impressed he saidi didn't see this or -- he didn't say that. he saino collusion. i was a little impressed by that. he could have gone all-out. he only went 95%, instead of 100%. >> the president said he thought the timing of the testimony was unfortunate, being that he was in vietnam. check out the "today" show for the latest from vietnam and on michael cohen's testimony. ai safe trains or fast ? that's the question when it comes to changing metro's operating hours.os >> the vote toble reset the old schedule is being discussed today. justin finch is in arlington with more. what kind of deals are being considered here? >> reporter: there's one big one that metro could decide to make a move on. we'll see how that goes. right now, we know that metro
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has really stood behind ongoing repairs. that has come with shortened hours. and d.c. has made it no they are ready for metro to turn to longer and later hours,es cially on the weekends here. hat compromise looks like a 5:30 a.m. open time, and a midnight closing time, five days a week. a 2:00 a.m. close time on friday and saturday. that's a bit of a difference of the current schedule. a 5:30 a.m. opening, with a 1:00 m. close. it seems to balance the ongoing repairs, along with the longer hours. metro says, look at this. you have to understand that you can't just go and change the schedule so easily. d.c., maryland and virginia each have differe needs when it comes to metro and different service needs, as well. metro for today, having to weigh
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thoseon op as well as that potential compromise and someing else we don't know about. we are covering this vote today. we'll bring you the results and perhaps updated schedule as soon as it comes down. live inlaedon. there's concerns that th newest railcars could be hacked by the chinese companies making the trains. lawmakers speculate technological bugs could be placed in cars as they are manufactured. cyber experts warn there's many other ways to hack a railcar. metro says it wants congress to enact tougher laws and enforcement on cars made overseas. an argument led to a deadlyn shootingr an elementary school in northwest d.c. an argument broke out. one man left the group to get a gun. when he returned, he shot and killed a man dlacribed in his
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teens or early 20s. an arrest has not been made. this morning a massage therapist has been accused of touching women inappropriately. montgomery county police say there could be other victims. he worked at hand and stone massage and facial s. he touched a woman reappropriately last december. customers say theyelieved he's been arrested. >> i'm glad he was caught. i hope his brought to justice. >> police say johnson also worked as a private massage therapists out of people's homes. six firefighters are recovering after battling a fire t baltimore. the fire started yesterday morning in the basement and quickly spread. the firefighters are all pected to be okay. maryland students are planning a walkout to push for stricter gun control laws. last year, thousands of local students walked out of class to protest the deadly high school shooting in parkland, florida. our news partners say that the student-led group is encouraging students to leave class early on
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march 14th. chey will meet at the white house and will mar to the capitol after a moment of silence, for each of the 17 parkland victims. jared ramos will appear in court. th is accused of killing five employees insidecapital gazette" newspaper. police say he opened fire at the newspaper building in annapolis last summer. they say he held a grudge after they published an article about a harassment conviction. ramos faces several counts of murder. he has pleaded not guilty. chris gordon will be at the hearing today. you can follow him on twitter for the latest. this morning, maryland's governor joins a growing list of leaders calling for delegate lasanti to resign. na she used a racial slur to refer to a predoly african-american district in prince george's county. larry hogan tweeted, a public official should do the right thing and step down. lisani apologized for comments this week.
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"the washington post" was the first to report that in january, she referred to a candidate as having campaigned in an "n" word district. prince george's county executive angela alsobrook said her words require more than an apology. >> we think she should resign. anybody would agree that a person who goes to work and exspouses the views she did, should be fired. >> listani said she was ashamed of using the hurtful word. coming up, a look at amazon's plan for the new building. when you might see construction start. our chance for snow coming our way, 24 hours from now, has. increa a likelihood for a couple of inches of snow around the d.c. metro area a complete check of the forecast is available for free on our nbc washington app. and i'm putting it on my soci
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you're watching news 4 today. >> after months of searching the world, gerber has found its new spokes baby. meet 1-year-old kairi yang. she made her debut on the "today" show. she was chosen because of her it wide-eyed curiand look of wonder. she beat out 544,000 other babies for the title. that's a lot of people. >> look at that face. she's so rich. >> she is the first rber baby of hmong descent.
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this morning, we have new details about amazon's arrival the company took a huge step forwar design and predevelopment are now under way.of the cebg smith properties made the announcement in his letter to shareholders. construction could begin within the next year. jbg smith says it is finalizing entitlements and zoning for the properties amazon will move into. all weak long we have given you important tips to get f for spring. >> it will all be for nothingwi out one critical component. >> without the proper amount of rest, all of thearly mornings in the gym, and the sweets, will be in vain. let's recap the four things you need know to get fit. get your plan in place. nail down which routine will work best for you. after that, refine your kn nutrition plan. the finaliece is to get enough sleep. the health code rules say that
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adults need six to eight hours of sleep per night. this is why it'srtn important o get fit. sleep gives your body some time to recover from the wear and the tear. it helps you preserve and build up your muscles and help y process all of the nutrients you're taking in. if you don't want to hear it from hear it from the experts. >> if you don't sleep when you try to get itfit, the equivalent of eating junk food and trying to get fit. sleep is so critical for your overall functioning. if you talk about fitness, you talk about the body. >> we want you to share your progre h. some of ye done this on social media. send me your pictures, using
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#getfit4spring. it's not about losinggh w it's becoming more healthy and making better choices. >> that lack of sleep is an issue for p ple on this schedule. it's taking away from the efforts you're making, s troublesome. >> you have to have the balance. >> it hurts my >> you know what? i'm in this dress and i couldn't fit in it several weeks >>ago. nd now, she has expectations for us. i have been disappointing women for 38 years. why change now? >> molette, thanks. h about chuck bell, our marathon >> true. now that i have a crazy cast on my left leg, not so much running for me just yet. have snow in the forecast for tomorrow morning. right now, skies are partly cloudy. temperatures are mostly in the 30s and 40s. you'll notice a noticeable north
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breeze today. 10 to 15 miles per thhour. that n wind is going to keep temperatures below average today and help set the stage for snow tomorrow. mid-30s in the shenandoah valley. closer to 40, aroun the city. planner for today, afternoon temperatures, intohe mid-40s. and plenty of sunshine for today. clouds thicken up tonight. the storm is comingwot us in parts. the deeper moisture is to the south. on the northern periphery, there is cold air for mixed sleet and snow across ohio valley now. we will be right on the line for the change from rain to snow tomorrow. weathefuture snow moves into the shenandoah valley. and during the co ute, there's the rain/snow line there. somewherewe b upper marlboro and laurel, that will be the changeover line. and enough to accumulate to a couple of inches. our nbc washington app has the
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complete forecast, at chuck bell on twitter. computer model number one says, two inches tohree up t the north. there's a lot of different opinions in the computer models the one t that is in good ngw. agreement, less than an inch, southern maryland and probably three inches or more, from northern montgomery county, leesburg, north to the pennsylvania line. taking that into acunt, most of the d.c. metro area, a mix between 1 and 3 inches. 3 inches or mor north and west, and inch or less down to the south. we'll put this on our social media pages. doug will be back here this afternoon and to and we'll be here tomorrow for a storm team 4 weather alert day. unsettled weather through the weekend and a big chill next week. nexts coming up in t half hour. staking a look in
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bladensburg. northbound kenilworth after. chopper 4 showing you the delays. we'll lha you know if changes and things update here in the next couple of minutes. hyattsville, southbound b.w. parkway, right side blocked by a disabled vehicle. top of the beltway, outer loop is slowed. that problem is on the right side. but the delays are hanging around on the outer loop. upper marlboro, that accident is hanging around. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. stafford southbound 95, a northbound, two right lanes blocked. this week, news 4 has been looking at home dna te can help you find lost family members and get a better picture of your health. but can it put your privacy at risk? and tune in for "ellen"
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today. it airs at 3:00. and stick around f00 news 4 at we'll be right back.
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you. all of you. how you live,
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what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects at's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. oinity, the futureawesome. you're watching news 4 today. >> well, the least surprising news you will read today, researchers say people living in hawaii are the happiest out of any state in the u.s.
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this is the seventh time that hawaii has topped the ess and health index. wyoming, nebraska, nevada and utah round out the top five. west virginia came in as the least happiest state. virgin was ranked 27th. maryland was 32nd. the last couple years, home dna test kits have become really >> they offeght into your heritage. but the information can land in the wrong hands. s c's doreen gentzler tell about new privacy concerns. >> reporter: for $100, you can have your dna tested to unlock the mystery of your family tree. but federal regulators and consumer advocates warn that the results may impact your life insurance coverage someday. family intrigue led larry to buy his wife a dna test kit for the holidays. >> she's been interested in
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genealogy. >> reporter: the $99 dna tes uses a saliva sample to unlock your lineage. this test was supposed to be fun. but the riosity twisted to suspicion when they read the fine by takintest, they were giving ancestry, a quote, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable license to use their dna. that phrase, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, it sounded like they left itpen to do anything they want with it. >> reporter: under federal law, genetic companies cannot use that information agast you for health insurance or a job. but that does not apply to life insurance or long-term care insurance. and the laws are constantly changing. still ahead, a closer look at other potential threats including hackers and pharmaceutical companies who are buying your dna information for
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their research. that's coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00. right now, coming up, a new list of restaurants for the oscars of eating. >> which restauranade the cut? and popeye here eating his s and having a good time. he would make a great addition to your family. find out how to adopt him from humane rescue alliance. do walking weather. 30s and 40s later in the day. your dog better be a snow lover for tomorrow's walk. more racial insensitivity in richmond. weeks after the governor stanl, rginia's first lady is nowre under fi
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sometimes you have to walk. >> breaking overnight, summit cut short. president trump is returning toy washington eafter walking away from a meeting with north trea's leader without a deal. we've been followi latest out of that meeting with north korea and working 4 you to breakdown what happened. good morning, everybody. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. >> we'll get right back to the breaking news in just a moment. first, we're helping you start your ta rsday. melissmollet is keeping an eye on the roads. ca and we'll start with chuck bell with a fore. a reminder, winter is not over. >> not just yet. the final day of february, also the final day of meteorological winter. spring fm a weatherman's perspective starts tomorrow, march 1st. most people think of march as a spring month. we'll get a first day of marchw an increased chance of snow. enjoy your final day of february. 37 in false church. 38 in fredericksburg. hit the road forecast. your mmute, dry pavement in and dry pavement out.
6:31 am
sunshine, temperatures in the mid-40s. tomorrow, likelihood of snow. probably a couple of inches, from the d.c. area northward tomorrow mornin t i'll give y timing and the amounts later. >> lot of kids waiting to fs sh the ice cu we taught aaron earlier. inbound 50. chopper 4 is showing you average volume. typicay is looking k ining upp upper marlboro, near pennsylvania avenue, that crash is hanging arou. a n one here. eastbound 66 near the beltway, a ed vehicle blocking one lane. 95 virginia, northbound, going about 45 miles per hour, after wood bridge. melissa, thank you. breaking news this morning, president trump is on air force one, headed back to d.c., after walking away from the second summit with kim jong-un.
6:32 am
>> the summit came to an abrupt kd after negotiations to denuclearize norea failed. the white house tells nbc news, that no agreement was reached and thective teams look forward to meeting in the future. the president spoke at a press conference, ying an agreement plan was ready but he was not. >> there was a potential, we could have signed something -- i could have 100% signed something today. we had papers ready to be signed. but it just wasn't appropriate. i want to do it right. i would raer do it right than do it >> president tnd secretary of state mikpompeo, says sanctions were the sticking point to this summit. >> peter,d gmorning. >> aaron and eun, this was a stunning end to this nuclear summit. you said it right. the president acknowledging that sometimes you simply have to lk away. and that's what he did. but just to take you through o some what happened, it was an abrupt conclusion. onheublic schedule, the
6:33 am
white house had announced a joint agreement signing ceremony, a planned lunch between the two leaders. both of those were quickly erased as president trump left the historic hotel here in downtown hanoi. he spoke to reporters, explaininghe breaks in the talks. the key sticking point and the president saying, north korea wanted the sanctions moved in their entirety but wasn't enough to give up enough in return. the president heads home to waington, d.c. there was one other moment that raised some eyebrows. the president siding with kim jong-un, saying he didn't believe that kim jong-un knew about the beatings, the brutal condition, that otto rmbier, the citizen that died in the u.s. the president s knew nothing about it.
6:34 am
eeying i take him at his word. >> we'll s you on the "today" show. thanks. we back here in washington, expect another explosive day of tomorrow from michael cohen. there will not be any cameras allowed. it is a closed-door hearing for lawmakers only. yesterday, cohen spe seven hours answering questions from the oversight committee. the man who said he would take a bullet for president trump, called him a racist, a conman and accused him of committing a criminal a as president. >> trump directed me to use my personal funds from a home equity line of credit, to avoid any money being traced back to him, tt could negatively impact his campaign. at cohen showed a check to back up his claims thhe president personally reimbursed him for on hush to adult film star stormy daniels.
6:35 am
if true, that would be a campaign finance violation. republicans did not defend the president but hammer cohen's credibility. they called his testimony unreliable because he has lied to congress. now, to a developing story out of virginia's capital. it is governor ralph northam's wife that is accused of being insensitive. "the washington post" reports that last week pam northam handed cotton to two african-american students. sheo told them imagine being slaves and having to pick cotton. a state employee complained that her eighth grade dauter was upset about it. pam northam released a statement, saying she used artifacts and agriculture crops to illustrate virginia's painful past. she says she anyone.s she upset you'll recall, her husband, governor northam, is under fire, when he admitted he used blackface and a racist picture was discovered in his school yearbook. northam refuses to resign over that incodent. ng up, we'll have more on the calls for a maryland
6:36 am
delegate to erresign ahe used a racial slur towards black people. it's 6:36. shee here's some of the other top stories we're following for you today. the sreme court justices are expected to issue their ruling on the future of the bladensburg peace cross in june. protesters gathered outside of the court cross was dedicated in 1925 to prince ntgeorge's cou men who died in w ld war i. some argue it is a religious symbol on government land and maintained with tax dollars. an update on thiscrash. tw cars were stopped at a red light, whenmm a honda crv s into them. a woman pulled from the burning car has life-threatening injuries tths morning. woman in the crv is also in critical condition. the fbi i investigating a shooting in rivera beach,
6:37 am
florida. the shooter, who is a double double-amputee, shot two people. one person was grazed by a bullet. the other, a doctor, was shot in the neck. right no the best restaurants in the district are getting the recognition they se e. >> 20 chefs restaurants and bars are orsemifinalists the james beard awards. this year, the line hotel is a standout. it scored no, ma'am nalmination restaurants. in the running for new restaurant is elle. jaleo is up for outstanding restaurant. our areaepresented very well in so many categories. tail of goats one of my favorite restaurants. john siebert being recognized. >> hat aname. >> it's a great restaurant.
6:38 am
so manpl wonderful es. >> this is the nomination. >> semifinalists and the finalists and the awards. right no coming up, more time for metro. a crucial vote tay thatf ould decidete-night train rides will return. and a new twist in the drama of a d.c. eagle's nest. justice, spotted weeks after disappearing. he's back. what the experts a saying re
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talking about some of my favorite books growing up. answered some questions about the news and about weather there. had a really great time with the kids there. some of them wereamiliar with e books.
6:41 am
we read together and asked grea. questi the african-american read-in was to elevate black authors and the black experience. ices to ny great c read, right? >> yeah. so many books. we picked some. a new came up. >> so comfortable, right at home in front of the classroom there. it's fun. i love doing that. the seemingly never-ending eagle dramad. in southwes continues today. >> justice decided to come back home after abandoning his mate, liberty, and their nest fne ly three weeks. where have youen he is back. he returned to thempty nest sterday afternoon. she appears to have flown the coop,on abag justice and the two eggs he e fathered. gs became unviable. she probably had nothing left stay for. >> she had a new man, too, eun.
6:42 am
call it what it is. >> liberty may have had a few suitors. she took off with another bird dahled m2. whonows what is behind all of this. i wanted there to be a happy ending >> not for justice. maybe she will come back and realize. now, your cnbc morning business report. >> frank holland at cnbc headquarters. fedex plans to test a robot at can navigate sidewalks, curbs and steps to get items to your door. fedex is teaming up with auto zone, lowe's, pizza hut, walgreens, walmart, to expand deliveries. fedex will test this robot in select markets this summer. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. she left alexander bird for m2, who is probably an eagle rapper. temperatures will be cold to support snow around here.
6:43 am
maybe you'll get out, of scho kids. >> sometimes i have something good to say and other times i should stay quiet. outer loop of the beltway.
6:44 am
6:45 am
it's now 6:45. we're staying on topre ofing news right now. no deal was reached during this latest u.s.eand north k summit. the summit came to an abrupt end overnight, after negotiations to denuclearize nor korea failed. president trump and u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo, said north korea wanted all of
6:46 am
the sanctions against them ivopped without ging everything that the u.s. wanted. now, to that explosive testimony from the president's former fixer here in washington. >> in a marathon, seven-hour hearing, micel cohen accused to president of directing financial fraud schemes, encouraging him to lie to congress and bng a conman. >> he said that president t tmp knew abo hacked e-mails before they were dumped by wiki aks. >> mstone told mr. trump he had gotten off of the phone with julian assange. and he told mr. stone that within a couple of days there would be ave mas dump of e-mails that would damage hillary clinton's campaign. republicans called his testimony unreliable because he's admit ld tong to congress. scott macfarlane looks at what happened at the hearing and what may happen today.
6:47 am
>> reporte good morning. michael cohen appears before the house intelligence committee and this time, no cameras it will happend closed doors. very different than yesterday, when there were so many cameras, swarming as mr. cohen appeared before the house oversight chit committee and five democrats. one ofhem asked whether cohen about payments made to "the enquirer" on behalf of the president, said mr. cohen. gerry connolly and jamie raskin defended michael cohen against republican criticisms he was a known poar and was ibly seeking a book deal. we spoke with the congressmen in the hallway. does any of this fl a little like a spectacle? >> i think the republica are trying to make it look that way. >> i think there's probably a lot of people in america who are startled to get in inside glimpse on how the trump operation is operating. >> reporter: we will likely see mr. cohen approach the office
6:48 am
buildings today. cameras will be staked out outside. e this might be the last t see him before he reports to federal ison, mid-spring. on capitol hill, scott macfarlane, news 4. perhaps lost in the action on capitol hill, the house passed a bill requiring background checks on all commercial gun sales. that includes gun shows and the internet. the bill faces an uphill battle in the senate. later today, thewiouse democrats propose a second bill they hope will attract bipartisan support. that would extend the review period of background checks from three days to ten. now, to our other headlines. an argument led to a deadly shooting. enthe argum broke out near harriet tubman elementary school. on left to get a gun. police say when he returned, he killed someoneib des as in
6:49 am
his late teens or early 20s..c police have arrested a man accused of shooting a teacher in the face. police say tyree irving killed a man in broad daylight last month. this happened just blocks away otom the metro station. police say irving d.c. fourth grade math teacher last week. he was struck by a stray bullet and was wounded in the hands and face. irving wasrrested on tuesday. this morning, a massage therapist is accused of touching a woman inappropriately. joshua johnson now faces sexual assault charges. montgomery county police say there could be other victims. he worked a a massage therapist. calls are growing for marry ann lisanti ed resign. she racial slur.
6:50 am
she apologized for her words earlier this week. "the washington post" f reported that in january, she referred to a candidate who knocked on doors in the county, as havingn campaigned i a "n" word district. angela alsobrooks says herords require more than an apology. >> we think she should resign. anyone would agree. >> she apologized in a statement saying s was ashamed for using the incensensitivend hurtful word. happening in d.c., the years' long metro rail maintenance plan that has shornedperating hours could come to an end today. >> justin finch joins us live with more. justin, good morning.
6:51 am
>> reporter: good morning. by day's end, we should know what the metro board decides here. it should include some major ngcisions, inclu metro's ongoing preventive maintenan a, as well aush for longer and later hours. but in the midst of all that, too, we could also see a possible compromise here. "the washington post" reporting that the board has been pitched a deal. one that would see a 5:30 a.m. opening time and midnight close, five days a week, with a 2:00 a.m. close on friday and saturday. compare that with a 5:00 a.m. start, 11:30close. and a 1:00 a.m. close on friday and saturday. metro having to balance a few things. the ongoing maintenance as well as d.c.'s push to see longer, later hours on the weekends. it has an pimpact foreople who work in the district, as well a those who want to enjoy the restaurants and other attractions here. as the clock ticks, that will be on the table and so much more.
6:52 am
we're told, too, having a feds here. 'll see what happens. we'll have the results for you, as well. back inside to you. >> justin finch, live in arlington. thank you. let's check back in with chuck bell to see what'sg com in the weather. >> we have something you want to know about, mr. gilchrist and all of the kids out there. we have a snow chance going up, up, um, for your friday. nothing to worry about on your thursday. already.ming up and it's a beautiful day outside. temperatures are not that cold by february standards. there's a north wind that will that will go at or below the y. freezing mark. that's why snow ihe in forecast. temperatures this morning, 30s to around 40 degrees. wake-up weather. nothing to worry about for your
6:53 am
th at all. high today, 46 degrees. with that substantial north wind. for tomorrow, we're likely to start off mostly snow. here's the system, well down to our south. sunshine for the daylight hour. snow moves in after midnight and continues into theshorning notice how close we are to the transition from mostly snow to the northann mar to mostly rain for southern maryland. this is a big part of the searen that snow is 80% likely. i can't guarantee how much you will european model says under an inch. two to three for northern maryland. meanwhile, the american models a little more optimistic for snow under an inch, southern maryland. but up to 5 in northern
6:54 am
maryland. a coating to an inch. most of the d.c. metro area, 1 inch to 3 inch range. northern montgomery county, to louder county, 3 inches to as euch as 5. doug will be hater tonight. we'll be with you this time tomorrow morning. unsettled and most of the weekend and turning sharply cold their week. temperatures about 20 degrees colder than average. >> the snow dances are starting early tonight. chopper 4 top of the beltway. inner loop, outer op, okay. we're still seeing that hang on a little bit. rest of the beltway, no major red flags at this point. eastbound 66 at thebeltway. disabled vehicle. uple romarl at pennsylvania avenue. that crash is hanging around. as for your travel times, 66 inbound, going 31 miles per o hour, becau the problem we
6:55 am
just mentioned towards the 95 north, quantico, going 49 miles per hour. 270, going 32 miles per hour. and the top of the 6beltway, miles per hour on the outer loop. listen to wtop when y hop in your car today. >> thank you, melissa. it's considered one of the best films of the ngar, win the academy award. we're talking about "green book." >> did you know there's one actor in that film that has ties to this area.ji this iklock. he's an actor in hollywood. also, a part-time stafford county deputy sheriff. he played a police officer in the movie. the stafford county police -- the sheriff's office,te congratu him on facebook for playing a difficult character that helped open the audience's eyes to the prejudice at existed at that time during history. >> what a cool thing to be a part of. four things to know. virginia's first lady is accused
6:56 am
of being racially insensitive. "the washington post" reports that last week pam northam handed cotton to two african-american sdents. she told them to imagine being slaves and having to pick batten. more on this story. the man accused of killing five people at"the capital gazette" newspaper will be in open court. chris gordon will be at the hearing. follow him on twitter for the latest. michael cohen will be testifying before the house intelligence committee in a closed-door hearing for lawmakers only. the "today" showav will the revelations from yesterday's seven-hour public hearing. president trump on his way to d.c., after negotiations to denuclearize north korea failed. north korea wanted all t of sanctions without them dropped without giving the u.s. everything it wanted. more on this o"today." a chance for snow on your ng
6:57 am
friday mor commute. it's not the amounts. it's the timing. expect delays and cancellations tomorrow. on average, 1 to 3 inches around the metroea go to our nbc washington app nor for the latest. it's all about the cold for the first week of march. >> really cold. >> real coldnk >> tyou, chuck. that's the news for today. >> the "today" show is next. >> the "today" show is next. enjoy your day.
6:58 am
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good morning. brea ki good morning. breaking news. no deal. president trump's high-stakes nuclear talks with kim jong-un suddenly break down overnight. the president canceling a lunch with the north korean leader, cutting the trip short and heading home empty-handed. >> we had to walk and we'll see what happens. >> the demands that caused the summit to fall apart and what it could mean for the u.s. and the world. we're live in vietnam. overnight the presidentng responor the first time to michael cohen's stunning testimony to congress. hisr former lawye and fixer publicly accusin the president of a pattern of lies and criminal behavior before and during his time in the white house.


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