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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we want t begin tonight with that weather alert. >> storm team 4 watching a system that's going to bring snow just in time for theco morning ute. >> doug kammerer in the storm center with the latest timing on this. when? it moves in overnight tonight. once again a perfect the storm, making its way overnight into early tomorrow morning and not a ton of moisture with this system, bute we'r continuing to track it for you. look right now. you can see where the rain is currently, put this into motion here, this is future weather. here 1:00 ,a. area wide snow. rain to the south. 5:00, 5:00 a.m. everyone seeing snow. mayb mix towards fredericksburg, st. mary's but snow just about for everybody. we have a winte weather advisory in effect from 10:00 p.m. tonight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow mornin not expecting a ton of snow but the timing is it snow likely tomorrow morning
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that will have big impacts on your friday morning rush. yes, there could be school delays with more on that. amelia is t going join me in about 15 minutes. downloadhe nbc 4 washington app to get alerts and schoolng clo on your phone. the next time you see bryce harper hit one of these at nats park it's going to be against the nationals in a philadelphia phillies uniform. doesn't sound right, does it? but it is happening for some big, big bucks. sherree burrusss joins from the live desk with more on harper's new deal and it's a long one. >> it is. like it or not, national fans are going to have to believe this is happening. bryce harper signing withdi vision rival philadelphia agreeing to 13 year, $330 million deal. the phillies official twitter account posting, quote, it's a sunny day in clear water. harper drafted by the nationals first overall in 2010, a
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six-time all-star in d.c. the nats reportedly offered him a $300 million deal at the beginning of the free agency period. instead he's headed up 95 to join the phillies. and phillies and bryce harr are the top two trending topics in the united states on twitter right now. ming up at 5:30 shomari stone will have more fanreaction. from the live desk, sherree burruss news4 sports. tonight virginia's fir lady facing questions after touring students throu the governor's mansion and handing them pieces of cottto. "the washipost" first reported how the show and tell allegedly played out and our northern virginia bureau reporter did culver finds some lawmakers are pushing back against the report and the first lady's defense. >> reporter: inside the executive mansion tonight a history lesson facing scrutiny. it comes after first lady pam northam led students whoas serv
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enate pages on a tour last week. according to a cetter, leigh walker says mrs. northam upset her eighth grade daughter the young girl detailing the episode in a separate letter saying the first lady asked her totoold c and imagine being an enslaved person. >> i think the first lady had wonderfultions but the timing was not very good at all. >> reporter: the incident comes mless than ath after a racist pho emerged from governor ralph northam's medical school yebook page. in a statement mrs. northam telling news4 quote i haveed provhe same educational tour to executive mansion visitors over the last few months and used a variety of artifacts and agricultural crops with the intention of illustrating a painful period of virginiay. hist i regret i have upset anyone.
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tonight some democratic lawmakers taking to her defense. >> it fee like ifeou t people on tours and don't mention slavery that's being insensitive but if you do mention it, that's being inseoritive. >> rr: pastor michelle thomas feels someone else should have been called on. >> take the steps to make sure this doesn't happen again, the way you do that is through education, partnership, and to reflect towards equity. >> reporter: aise that she believes can bring racial understanding to a fractured commonwealth. david culver, news4. and we reve more bing news right now.n a lawmaker i maryland is expectedo be formally reprimanded today by her own colleagues. the house ofeg des is holding a censure vote against dentgate mary ann li now lisanti has apologized for using the n word to refer to a
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mostly black district in prince george's county. the delegate who represents that district talked to our tracee wilkins today. he says things got heated when he confronted her. >> i addressed the situation right there. a lot of oanger, a little bi screaming and shouting. and then kind of had to walk out the roo to go cool off because it was so inappropriate. it was something that shouldn't i don't care what state you're in. >> delegate walker saidan l later apologized to wmakers on both sides of the aurora, illin ailes are calling for her resignation. now a look at what censure can mean, it was last used in 2012 against senator you lis sis curry, when he failed tse discundreds of thousands
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of dollars he received in consulting fees. in 2017 there was a bill toe cens mike miller, taney authored the scott decision. our prince george's county tracee wilkins is in annapolis for us for that vote. north korea appears to be disputing the account by president trump on why the second summit with kim jong-un ended abruptly and without a deal. . trump said north korea demanded full removal of sanctions in exchangeor shutting down its main nuclear complex. but the country's foreign minister said theyed a for partial sanction relief, adding they prepared to offer ing writ stop to nuclear andba istic missile testing. mike pompeo says talks will resume. a day after w detailingt
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he believes to be potentially criminal conduct by hisme for boss, president trump's long-time fixer is back on capitol hill this time behind the d closedrs of the house intel committees and members can ask whatever they want. we know that involves some of the potential wrong doing he hinted at yesterday. the president's controversial pick to replaceug brett kava will advance to a senate vote. members from both parties expressed resignations about her previousritings but the judiciary committee approved her nomination on a party line vote. oue has never tried a case in state or federal. it's a problematic trend that has spilled over from last year in the district. in the last two months of the year. the new year homicides are up more than 70%. today the mayor and police met
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with faith leaders w to seet can be done about the violence. cory smith joins us live in southwest d.c. with a look at ohat they had to stay. >> reporter: makemistake, the numbers are staggering, 29 murders in th nation's capital just this year. today the mayor and faith leaders acknowledge it's going to take a united effort to curtail the violence plaguing the nation's capitol. >> we heard loud and the faith community that they're here, they're ready to telp. >> repor mayor muriel bowser called for a joint effort between local churches and local government to break the cycle of violence plaguing the city. >> we attack any level of violence on our city with a spectrum o activities. i think the churches are along that spectrum because they're in the community, they'rerusted leaders in the community and
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they work hand in hand with families. eporter: 24 hours ago, a young father to be was gunned down in northwest. >> you need a network of people who will talk. >> reporter: bishop allison abrams said she can see the fear in the eyes of her congregation. she believes stopping the violence means changing the mindset of those i it. >> if you get rid of the no snitch rule we can be better community, stop the crimes, acts of violence and the hurt and pain it'sg. ca >> reporter: pastor michaele bled agrees but added it's clear the conversations must start much earlier. >> to stop this violence at the front end of the o cycle violence, reaching in other words children elementary age, medical schoolers before they get captured by gangs or the culture at largehat's violent. >> reporter: now the conversation that began this afternoo will continue tonight when the mayor's interfaith
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preparedness group holds its first meeting. their first order ofusess is to try to secure federal funds to protect churches and synagogues here in the district. the man at the center of one of our areas most horrificays faced a judge today. jarr ramos is accused of killing five people at the capital gazette newspaper. chris gordon reports the defense lawyers had new ruests from the judge. >> reporter: security tight. 38-year-old jarrod mos brought to court in handcuffs and shackles, wearing his jail jump suit. his defense team asking the judge to order prosecutors to hand over more information about the attack at the capital gazette last year. it's called a bill of particulars. they say they need the informatioo decide whether ramos should enter a plea that he's not criminally responsible. afterwards i ask a criminal
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defense lawyer, s who' former prosecutor with no cion to this case, what it means when a defe pleads not criminally responsible. >> the standard is as a result of some mental disease or defect,ou are unab to appreciate your criminality, do you know it's wrongful conduct, or you're not able to conform your conduct to the requirements of the law. >> reporter: ramos is facing 23 egiminal charges in all, including firste murder in the deaths of five capital gazette employees. prosecutors say they've given lawyers for ramos the information the law requires. but the defense team said they specifics to determine if the shooting was premeditated. they said it could revea his state of mind. if he moved from office to office shooting, for exampl and they wanted to know at what point in the attack ramos called 911 from inside the building. the defendant will be brought back here to court on march 11th
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to learn wheer or not the judge will order the prosecutors to turn overti more infor to the defense. the trial will be held here in june. if ramos is convictedf first degree murder heceould be sentd to life in prison without the possibility of parole. new privacy o concernr home dna kits. >> doreen gentzler on how the information gathered could be used in had waysou didn't intend. o the showf support for
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we've got that storm team 4 weather alert thisevening. we'll see some snow folks during the morning rush. tomorr frederick county schools already announcing a two-hour delay. doug's forecast coming up in just three minutes. a new privacyoncerns over the home dna test kits. >> the tests offer insight into
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your health and heritage. but some worry the information could end up in the wrong hands. >> news4's doreen gentzler is here with the warning. doreen. >> it's really simple. for about 100 bucks have your dna tested to uncover clues about your fily tree. millions of people all over the world have done itar forus reasons. but federal regulators and consumer advocates are worning the resultst could c you more in the long run. >> family intrigue led larry to buy his wife a test kit for the holidays. the $99 dna test uses a saliva sample to unlock your lineage. >> a simple test can reveal your ethnic mix. >> reporter: this test was supposed to be fun. but their curiosity twistedic t
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sun when they read the fine print. by taking the tt they were giving ancestry a, quote, per setable royalty free worldwide transferable lic to use their dna. >> that phrase, aoyalty for a worldwide transferable. itheounds like left it open to do anything they want with it. ter: larry worried the results could put his dna into the hands of an insurance company. >> you can g into really weird science fiction scenarios. >> reporter: underederal law companies are not allowed to use your genetic information against you for things like health inrance and a job. but that protection does not apply to things like life insurance or long-term care insurance and the laws are constantly ging. privacy is a big concern because manyet g testing companies sell their information to drug
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companies and others for research. and what would happen if the data bases were hacked? all the big companies have safeguards in place,ore than 92 million accounts from the genealogy and dna testing service my heritage were found on a private server last summer, even though dna data wasn't breached in that episode, it showed the potential risk. hank greelly is a professor at stanrd university whorites books about bio technology and the law. his advise is simple. >> if it bhers you, offends you, if you're worried about what might be in there, you shouldt sign t contract. >> pretty simple, right? both and 23 and me say they will destroy your dna results if you ask them. if you belie them, there's an online setting on their sites to do just that. in the future some experts think these dna companies could give
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customers the choice, the ouivacy you want if pay a higher price. these dna tests soundn simple the commercials but there's really a lot more to it. a lot more behind the scenes going on. >> a lot to think about before you give your sample. ourbefore you give up privacy like that. that's right. >> good information, doreen, thanks so much, all week. doug is joining us now we are in weather alert mode talking snow in the area. the big question for everyone around here is how much, and what time? >> timing ishe easy part, early tomorrow morning through the morning rush. how much, that's always the hard part, especially with the smaller storms. smaller storms harder to predict than the larger storms because even a little movement with the larger storm you know what's happening. smaller storm a little bit of a move left to right, you have different issues. weather weather advisory in effect from 10:00 tonight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow
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morning, areas in purple. nothing on the radar now, but all you got to do i widen out. here's the rain moving intoia wt virginight now. this is all rain. as the sun goes down tonight, temperatures cool, this rain changes to snow. 8:00 we have rain and b snowk to the west. watch how it moves into colder weathernd it is all snow by 1:30 in the morning. even down around fredericksbuw, may be sor you as well at the onset, may mix withee heavier snow in the northern regions. watch what happens by 8:00 starts to get o of here. point, maybe this flurries falling around the area. look at noon. this is another change fro yesterday. we were thinking most of the day tomorrow would be dry in the afteveoon. now we some snow showers to the north, rain showers to the late in the afternoon, 6:00
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headed to dinner, now you need the umbrella, and by 11:00, it's nasty. it's just nasty friday out there for sure. how much snow, that's the other question. 1 to 3 inches again. parts of fairfax county, maybe over to bethesda, northern fauquier county. a coating a to inch to the south. but do y need to do the homework? that's the important question. amelia has that >> that's always the question, especially friday. thinking back to my school days, that's when the tests and quizes were. i'm sure you're crossin your fingers for no school tomorrow. as we hop to max two, there's the four day forecast, doug will have that coming up. here's the snowfall map. t we'rking about the district an inch. north of washington a little bit more. especial if you're north of washington we're thinking the way to go is a on the homework
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meter, delay. wouldn't plan on sleeping but i think you're headed to school so you want to get thewo ho done. some districts may not make the call until the morning hours so you need to check news4 today. kids you want to turn the pjs inside out tonight. here's your school day forecast fo we think a delay is going to be the way to go. at the bus stop at 35ee de still have maybe some wet snow and rain out there, even with aa but by recess it's probably indoors, a cold rain, 37 degrees. and pick up, it is damp and rainy, 40 degrees as your friday winds down, just a dreary day out there. tomorrow morning the roads are slushy, especially north of the district, by tomorrow afternoon andevening, everybody is dealing with wet roads as we track the rain. doug, to , this forecast, perfect grilled cheese, tomato soup.ay again on su it's a cold day, we have rain, maybe wet
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snow in the forecast. an next week it's cold out there. >> do you like grillch se, amelia? >> a little bit. >> i have put on weight since she started tha forecast. >> we have a lot of grilled cheese, tomato soup day, talking friday, and sunday again with rain and snow likely. but all next week this could all be grilled cheese, tomato p soup time. temperatures in the 30s, overnight in the. teens and 2 and another possible storm next friday and saturday. moving into march it's going to feel much more like january than march. we'd like spring but winter's holding on. noiserom the construction of the purple line kept some people upt night. ahead at 5:00, tou break t that will result in more z's. a local bartender shaking thin
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it is after 5:00, so why not raise a glass. >> that's right.'r not even going to the bar, the bar is coming to us. we're not talking about just any glass. we're talnng about award winning cocktail. amy chose introduces us to the bartender who mixed up p a
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master piece. >> we have a house made apple syrup -- >> reporter: it'so safe say bartender richard torres has been in good spiri lately, enjoying the sweetest taste of all, the taste of victory. >> i'm down to do any competition, any time. ecently ter: torres competed in the a craft competition. hisapple-tini took home the award. >> the more serious you take it, th more youlearn, the more passionate you become about what you're doing. 's >> reporter: poured a lot of practice into his work. he designed dozens of cocktails for the menu at silver and he's al looking to shake things up with new ideas. >> studying flavors and spirits. you have to remember to write everything down as you're testing it, otherwise you're just having fun at some point. >> reporter: that's not the only thing torres have to worry about. >> people askhen you're done
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shaking, when your hands are too cold. >> reporter: he's veproven, under pressure, this award winning bar tender can keep h cool. aimee cho. >> it's not a shot, erika, slow down. the smoky after just hits perfect. >> it's a little bi apple without it being too dese i have to say, my husband and i have had the privilege of sitting atd' rich bar, and he's taken good care of us, so it was wonderful to see his face in there. this is really -- this is good stuff. >> the cinnamon sugar, thatma s it too. it's perfect for winter on a cold day. i love it. >> it's not very summary. you can hav r thisht now. >> we can finish it during the commercie but we have much m ahead. coming uptorm team 4 keeping an eye on the snow
5:28 pm
coming our way. >> i think we should get to the . ttom of that before giving an official decisi ahead at 5:00 following developments in the story our tracee wilkins first broke. the effort to censure a maryland lawmaker for aacist remark. plus he is out and reaction to the move by bryce harper to to the move by bryce harper to sign with the rival phillies is
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earlier today, doug it's sunny outside temperatures in the upper 40s how can we get snow? 47 right now d.c., 41 hagerstown. as the sun goes down, temperatures fall quickly here. and the rain out to the westch ging over to snow once it getsn here around 1:00 a.m. a perfect snario for the storm to move in overnight. by 5:00 in the morning everyone still seeing snow. this is when we see acouple lating snowfall we'll have more on this. what it means for your drive tomorrow morning a what it means for school who do we think is going to be cancelled or delay tomorrow. amiaoins me in 13 minutes and 23 seconds. >> thanks,doug. we go back to the breaking news of bryce harper ditching the only protein he known to play for a division rival.
5:32 pm
bryce.b the mayor and city council throwing shade on the move. what do fans think about it? >> shomari stone is live with reaction to the record-breaking contct with the phillies. >> reporter: we talked to some nats fans some of whom drove here to get a bryce harper jersey before it's boxed awayve fo at nats park. some say they're sad, disappointed, others they good riddance, they don't want to see him leave but this is all part of sports. they watched him hit home run after home run here at fats park for more than five years. some tell mehe 26-year-old breathed excitement into the washington nationals. he madehe all-star team six tis won most valuable player award in 2015, rookie of the year in 2012, the fans tell me
5:33 pm
they celebrated these achievements, happy their guy is winning and now their guy is leaving and some fans are disappointment. >> he was my favorite player. still love him. i just sadly can't really -- n't root for him to succeed anymore. >> reporter: can i do what? now some fans tell me therd t part is -- some fans say the hardest part is seeing him leaving here the nats and then going to philly. pu but they say they'll have h coe sometimes and watch him play and say he was once o player. live at nats park, shomari stone. you canr h the smack talk from phill fans. we're going to switch gears now, maryland house of delegates is voting to reprimand their own. >> they're voting to censure delegate mary ann lisa overra
5:34 pm
st comments she made about prince george's county. she used the n word to refer to a predominantly african-american section. tracee wilkins in live annapolis where the vote is set to take place. >> reporter: in less tn 15 minutes we're expecting the house to vote on censure forel thatate involved in this controversy. we're hoping to also hear from her. the expectation is that she is going to be there when this vote happens. as it stands she hasn' been i her office at all today. all of this comes as we speak ge with the princge's county delegate who was there when she referred to his district using the word. >> that put any in an awkward situation to say wait do you realize what you sa >> reporter: jaywalker says the racial slur he heardrom a fellow colleague -- >> what she said has been said. and it was inappropriate to say
5:35 pm
the>>least. eporter: walker says he and a few other colleagues were having cigars when delegate mary ann lisanti, a democratic from harford county used the n word while describing walker's predominantly african-american district. >> the question is had she been drinking that night, i would say she probablytead. >> repor since then there have been multiple calls forer to resign. haserday she said she still support from people in her district. >> my constituents are helping to guide me through this veryff ult time. >> reporter: does she need to resign? >> don't know howhe can serve in a functional manner in terms of everybody around here and how they dealt with it. i'm a member of the legislative black caucus in the state of maryla, they took a vote to recommend she resign, i vote
5:36 pm
th -- support that decision. i voted for that. >> reporter: they're telling me that the speaker of the house has been talking to lisanti aboutn stepping d since yesterday and she's refusing to do so, that's why they're taking this vote for censure.'s important to note she's saying she has the support from people in her district. this move would strip her of any opportunity to be on committee. she's alrey been stripped of leadership opportunities, and it would make her a moot point here in the chamber. tracee wilkins, live. back to you in the studio. we'll follow this for you a0 nd 11:00 as well. >> there's been an effort in recent years to make things safer r on thd for everywhere. but a new report says issues remain. the highway safety addmin strags is projecting 620 deaths last
5:37 pm
year. the district, maryland maryland an virginia all saw an increase in deaths since 2016. researchers say one factorse fo the ri, people driving bigger vehicles that can protect passengers but can cause harm to a pedestrian. ay some s they'll fight, s othe they'll leave. a division caused that would have allowed same sex clergy is defeated. the effort to bri ang
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as we look to the end of the work week and the weekend, we're tracking not one but two storms to impact the area.e tomorrowve snow changing to rain and then more rain potentially some snow in the forecast on sunday. coming up in about five mines i'm going to break down county by county what i think you cani expect school delays and closures tomorrow. plus the bread meter is t, where is it going to land? i'll talk about that coming up bowith doug in five minutes. bf th>e purerple linake in maryland. excavators broke through the final rocks here at the plymouth street tunne in silver spring. f e good news for neighbors, the
5:41 pm
noisiest parte construction is over. the purple line isencheduled to n about three years. like sands through the hour glass, eagle eyes are watching althe eagle nest at the d.c. police academy, props to the producer who wrote that line. the soappera involvingustice and liberty takes a twist. yesterday justice returned home after flying the coop for weeks. but liberty was no longer there. experts think she left because she was stressed. he's there, we think it's justice in the nest. the next question is wil liberty return? i think this is his i'm baby i'm soy, come backhome, and i don't know that she's having it. we'll have to see. >> he's done herong, now he wants her back. he's hearing us now. >> all right. coming up. a show of support from former
5:42 pm
cast mates today afterctor luke perry suffers a major stroke. doreen gentzler joins us with a look at the warning signs. aeloping story,s lawmakerlanning a vote on whether to csure aolleague for a racist honey you know some things you can't take back... ...unless you got it from aldi. their twice as nice guarantee means if you're not happy for any reason, they'll give you a refu. the aldi twice as nice guarantee. aldi. shop differentli.
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honey you know some things ...unless you got it from aldi. their twice as nice guarantee means if you're not happy for any reason, they'll give you a refund and replace it. the aldi twice as nice guarantee. aldi. shop differentli. a live look at the maryland state house insid there whe lawmakers are now gathering to vote on whether to censure ate deleho allegedly used a racial slur to describe anan african-amer district in prince george's county. mary ann lisanti has apologized for using the n word. she is now under mounting pressure toresign. actor luke perry is under observation this evening in a california hospital right now tmz reporting the tv star suffered a massive stroke paramedics got called to his l.a. hom yesterda perry shot
5:45 pm
to stardom you'll remember in the '9 appearing in be"rly hills 90210". your kids may recognize him as ar archie's dad on thecw's river dale. >> every 40 seconds someones suff stroke in this country. >> doreen gentzler is working for your healthn that part of the store. >> a stroke happens when something blocks blood supply to the brain or a blood vessel bursts. a stroke can happen at any time or any e, luke perry is only 52. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity and diabetes are the leading causes of stroke, family history also plays a role.
5:46 pm
as for the symptoms here's what to look out for, sudden numbns or weakness in the face, arm or leg, especially the body.ide of confusi confusion, trouble speaking and trouble seeing, trouble walking, problems with balance or dizziness. also a sudden and severe headache with no known cause. stroke is theifth leading cause of death in this country, it kills about 140,000 americans every year. but knowing the signs and symptoms is important to improve your chance of survival. the worse thing you can do if you havems any of those symp is to lie down and hope it goes away. timeri iscally important after a stroke. drugs that can successftrly t a stroke have to be administered quickly or they won't pwork. sople can make a full recovery from a stroke, others have life-long disabilities. it'll likely be several days before there's a prognosis for lu perry.
5:47 pm
>> we are hoping for the best for him. >> you mtioned t first thing people want to do is lie down. t hope it goes away. that'she wrong thing to do. get to the emergency room. >> doreen, thank you so much. let's look at our weather. we are in weather alert mode because of the snow we are talking about. >> we're double-teaming it with doug and amelia this is an early morning thing that's happening eaght? >> that's why we're tracking it and it's going to have a little bit more of an impact. tomorrow afternoon wouldn't be an issue because everything would melt butecause it's overnight it ill cause problems tomorr morning. >> snow is going to be falling when schools need to make the call and also for part of the morning commute going to be w dealinh snow in spots. >> that's why we have a winter weather advisory in effect for just about everybody in the purple. the only exception down around fredericksburg, leonardtown. theow radar right dry, here's
5:48 pm
what's coming. it's just back to the west, moving in towards west virginia. snotice all rain right now. but the sun is going down, temperatures continue to fall, by the time it moves our way, it will be snow. moving in as rain, changing to snow quickly. all snow by around 1:30 area wide for the most part thibe wil ight but moderate snow developing in the overnight hours. you're going it looks like a good snow event. by 8:00 it's all gone. at least starting to get out of here. this is all going to light snow early tomorrow morning. the sun angle negates anything much in the way of accumulation. tomorrow afternoon is not dryin out. we're staying on the wet side. heading out tomorrow night take the umbrella. how much are we expecting about ,an in this is 66 and route 50 north of that, maybe an inch to three the farther north you go.
5:49 pm
fredericksburg, leonardtown not thinking much for you at all. with more, let's head to amelia. >> let's bring out the bread meter to give you an idea how you need to prepare. landing onf the pantry is empty,ou have to have eakfast tomorrow morning, you don't have anything in your house, head out. this is a worries event. by tomorrow afternoon you can get out, just dealing with wet roads at this point. that being said this event is about timing with that snow falling during the morning hours when kids are headed to school. i think we could see some cancellations, that includes parts of the panhandle in west virginia. frederick coty in maryland ready under a two hour delay, that's a great call i think. washington c county,ol county, potentially a cancellation there. the delays potential in the metro area back through fauquier county, loudon county could be
5:50 pm
under a delay. montgomery county trackicky ca. you have a half day, so you have to go to school on time orca el the entire day, you have to make that call. it's on the line with the snow falling in the morning hours. maine roads in metro area are just wet with temperatures right around or mainly abo freezing. north of the metro area maybe slick spots on the main roads. more concerned about secghdary and nrhood roads, especially if they have not been treated. more rain on sunday and it' ld as we head into the first full week of march. >> going from oneasty day tomorrow, to an okay day saturday. tomorrow s first then rain in the afternoon and evening hours. if you're going out tr din make sure you take a jacket and umbrella, 53 on saturday. 42 on sunday,nc c of rain that could mix with snow to the north and west. and it gets coldmonday,
5:51 pm
tuesday,wincednesday, thursday. overnight lows in the teens for most of you in the beltway. a lot to tal tabout over next week to probably ten days guys. >> we'll be back with you at 6:00, doug. thank you. more than 90 years ago detroit became one of the first cities in the country to get an ambulance. this 1927 packard was a one of a kind that historians thought had been lost from the scrap yard. but the ambu once has noty been saved but it's been restored by a retired doctor. in 1974 the doctor found a sted out ambulance at a car show. everyone got around to restoring it until a few years ago. with the help ofer team at stng hot road. doc didn't want to tell us how much he spent on the vehicle because he says his wife w
5:52 pm
watching the story. smart man. neither sno nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night could do him in.t bu after 32 years, g roniroup says his body needs abr k. today is the last run for the alexandria letterrr car, he's retiring. his final days brought a lot of hugs and cards. he often did more to hp the customers on his route than just delivering the mail. how often is it santa shows up? he's been spotted in a few outfits likethat. >> it takes a toll on the body because i've walked aundor 32 years. walked up andown big steps. i have a lot o steps. it takes a toll on the body but i'd do it again. i i'd do it another ten years if i thought i could. >> he said he wasever bothered by the dogs. he said his secret w dog
5:53 pm
treats in his pocket. his retirement plans includet working p time at a pet shop. that's how much he loves them. >> if he wore a fit bit, can you imagine the number of steps after 32 years. march madness is almost upon us and the gw women's basketball team is hoping to make a run. for one star it's not onlyut a how she performance on the court. her motivation comes from an important person rooting for her up in the orstands. >> rr: she stars in her own youtube series. >> what do you call a big that doeskarate? >> reporter: and embraces being the face of thecolonials. but she credits her drive from her younger brother, jason. developmentally delayed, nonverbal and her biggest fan. >> gets a lot of excitement out
5:54 pm
of it. he like it is band, the crowd partitipa icipation the noise. >> not everyone is going to know because he looks fine, which is something i like to empower people because he's fine doesn't mean you don't have to treat him that he's not like regular. he completely understands. you just got to work with him a little bit. >> reporter: a sym strength that keeps her perspective. >> imagine if tt were me i wouldn't be the person i am,e wouldn't b playing basketball, receive from others to be my own person. 's the main thing i take awayrom my brother. and he manages to understand and smile all the time. reporter: motivation for now andsi aon for the future. >> the dream i have i one day make a foundation that helps people like my brother of all ages to go somewhere they can play sports and they get the
5:55 pm
attention and interact with people that treat them like they're completely normal. that's the biggest picture for me when they do something like that for
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a recent vote banning es same-sex marrin pastors at the methodist church shook it to
5:58 pm
its core. megan fitzgerald explainsow local faith leaders plan to move forward. >> our slogan is ope hearts, open minds, open doors. >> it's been a longtanding moto and for some congregations you don't have to look far to see where they stand. like here at foundry in northwest d.c. banns representing the gay community drape the sanctuary. after tuesday's vote with more than 800 delegatesm fthin the religion from around the world, things have changed. >> game together in st. louis to vote on issues to the inclusion of lgbtqi people. >> she was there when delegates voo tighten the ban on same-sex marriage and o dan
5:59 pm
ordaining clergy. >> it's heart >> reporter: dr. david mccal ster wilson is the president of westerly seminary. he was watchin the vote closely. >> it does not mean that they are not welcome as members of the church or to be involved in the various ministries of the ur . >> reporter: but some for the ban say they want to remind the faithful tha gays and lesbians were never allowed to be ordained and get married in the church in the first place. . mccallister wilson said he fears the vote will further divide the church since ipnisters who break the rules can be sd of their ministri. ministri but pastors like jinger said that's a risk she's willing t take. >> reporter: we'll find a way forward. it doesn't mean we won't have es challe but we're not going to live in fear. >> reporter: in the district, megan fitzgerald, news4. breaking news tonight, a
6:00 pm
bryce harper blockbusteon >> washin biggest sports star leaving down for a record deal. we have team coverage for we want toin with the weather alert. >> right now at 6:00, a chance for more snow. >> and the timg couldn't b worse. >> we've got a new look at updated snowfall totals. >> why this one has been a tricky one tok. trac delegate disciplined. a lawmaker censured after she used a racist slur to describe prince george's county. we're live with reaction from a lawmaker who was there when she said it. >> do you realize what you said. testing your dna. >> aple test can reveal your etic mix. >> how your curiosity could cost you big time in the long run. >>t sound like they've left it open to do anything they want sth it. wert with the weather alert for snow. a tricky decision for


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