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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i've talked on this phone through the happiest times of my life, but i never dreamed in a thousand years and through the saddest tis of my life. that it would save my life. boom! i fell 22 feet, completely shattered my pelvis, in the middle of the woods. i called my wife, she thought i was jokin'. i said, "man, i'm not... i'm not." i was so lucky that day... saved life. (vo) there for you when it matters most. unlimited on the best network c w comes with apple mu us. and $300 off our best phones. only on verizon. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. and march is roaring in, fos,ith a mess of wintery weather. hello, everybody. i'm jim adlai. >> and i'm doreen fwegentzler.
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storm team 4 is tracking snow for the morning commute. prince william county the day off tomorrow. >> a handful of other school districts are all on a two-hour delay. the full list of closures and of delays isourse, on our nbc washington app. g> let's go now to chief meteorologist dammerer in the storm center. >> so, doug, the timing is going to be critical for tt morning commute. >> yeah, it's all about that timing, guys. it's coming through over the next couple of hours. now snowing out there just yet, bu the snowaking its way in around 1:00, 1:30. rain to the south. watch what happens heree as move into 5:00 a.m. snow area wide. the exception down near fredericksburg. farther north, sleet mixing in. that means lower snowfall totals. b back to the west, this is aor snow and west of washington, d.c. that's where we're going to have the biggestwf sl totals from this event. a winter weather advisory for the whole area in purple.
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saint mary's county, stafford county, fredericksburg, not under tdvisory because of the fact you'll see a little mixing in your area. the impacts for the morning rush, i'm going to break those down for you. numerous school delays, as you just saw, could be more tomorrow morning. guys, i'm just looking atnd the storm now. that one is changing, too. hmm. see you back here in a minute. >> oh, boy. all right. doug, thank you. wake up with "news 4 today" tomorrow morning, ahead of your morning commute, and then keep your phone handy. all the updated weather alerts are in our nbc washington app. doreen? breaking tonight, a brawl and a student detained. the fight between the high schooler and a police officer recorded in a school cafeteria. news 4's jackie bensen is outside dominion high school in sterling, virginia. jackie, what are police telling you about what we see on the video? >> reporter: well, doreen, wed
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are t that this video shows some but nothall of what ened here this afternoon. itet was somhing no parent, teher or student wants to see, a violenten struggle bet student and a school resource officer. it happened in the cafeteria at luhtime atominion high school in sterling. officials say the resource officer, a sheriff'spu de, intervened after a student refused to come to the school office then pushed the administrator who made the request. >> the deputy at that int, our school resource officer, had seen this and walked over to try to calm down the situation. and as he did and, you ow, obviously to take this individual into custody because of the assault on the school oministrator, the subject then started strikin deputy. >> reporter: sheriff chapman says the video does not show both t school administrator and resource officers repeated efforts toalm the student down
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prior to the incident becoming physical. he says the matter will be further investigated. >> it will involves intervi with the school administrative paff, with our deputy, with the juvenile in thisticular case to make sure that we get all sides of the story and get through the iident a make sure that we're doing everything we c properly and the school's doing everything properly. >> reporter: we're told the scol resource officer was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. the student refused medical treatment here at the scene here at the school. he is facing a number of charges, including assault on a police officer and causing a disturbance at a school. live in sterling, jackie bensen, news 4. >> jackie, thank u. more breaking news. police say a teenager walked himself to the hospital tonight after he was shot. he ended up at united medical center off southervee nearly a mile away from the scene near the intersection of 13th a savannah streets southeast. police are trying to find
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whoever shot him. t presidemp is back in washington tonight after that failed nuclear summit with north korea. the high-stakes meeting ended with no agreement. now mr. trump faces major domestic controversies involving his former personal attorney and his n family. news 4's blayne alexander has our report. >> reporter: tonight, president trump home early and empty-handed. abruptly leaving his vietnam summit with north korea's kim jong-un. >> the wanted to denuke certain areas and i wanted evething. and the sanctions are there, and i didn't wanto give u the sanctions unless we had a real program. >> reporter: that decision to wa away drawing rare bipartisan praise for the president. >> it's good that the president did not give him anything. >> reporter: but he is also returning to plenty of criticism thanks to his former attorney and fixer michael cohen after a very public day of testimony yesterday. today, cohen speaking behind closed doors. >> wl be back on march ofth
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to finish up. there is more todi scuss. >> reporter: republicans slamming cohen's hearing aspo a tical ploy. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee signaling he will eegr into a scratched trump tower russia project calling felix sater to testify, a russian-born executive who worked for the trump organization. >> we're going to try to do as much as we can in open session. so a we can some we can't. >> reporter: it all comes as "the new york times" reports that president trump granted his chief of staff last year to grant a top secret security clearance to jared kushne the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, despite concerns from intelligence asked about that report tonight, the white house declining to comment on security clearances. >> and tonight a source tells nbc news that the house mi intelligence cee will call allen weissleberg, the chief financia organization, to testify. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. new details in the search for a missing ride share driver. he hasn't been seen since last
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month. d.c. police released this missing p fsoner. tonight the man's brother came to the district from syracuse new york,o find out how detectives are doing with the leonris is in our newsroom hsearch. with that story. leon, this >> well, doreen, you can just imagine what this familyous going t, living with this combination of emotions. they're desperate and hopeful. desperate because this man has been missing for five weeks but they're still hopeful because of people here in ourav area who been willing to step in and help themut. musba shifa is a driver for uber and lyft. last seen january 19th around 3:00 in the morning when he picked up an uber passenger in the district. his phoneas been turned off and the car is missing shifa's family says they believe the car could be a key piece of evidence in the case andhey're asking you to keep your eyes open out there for a black honda
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hr-v with d.c. plates that may have been parked in the same place for awhile. >> we know there is a significant cnce that the car might be just standing somewhere in d.c. or in surrounding areas. soju , you know, would like to appeal everyone to looth for car, to watch out for the ar report it to the police if they happen to see it. >> youeean just the concern in his face. shifa's brother, as you said, doreen, is so concerned that he came down from syracuse tod to help police in d.c. the family now offering an awari to anyormation that leads to a solution in this case. jim, back to you. leon, thank you. a maryland delegate is keeping her job tonight after a making racist remark but her y' peers, the not letting her off the hook. delegate marianne lasanti was
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censured today for calling parts of prince george's county, quote, an "n" word district. an area that i predominately african-american. despite calls for her resignation, she says she's sorry but not stepping down. a church divided. united methodist pastors across the tdmv areing to figure out how to move forward. delegates in st. louis voted to tighten the church's ban on same-sex marriage and gay clergy. it means united methodistpa ors can't perform same-sex unions and lgbtqeopleannot be ordained. to some the vote affirms biblical teachings. to others the decision contradicts the church's mission to welcome everyone. >> this vote doesn't change what's true, which is that god loves us all, that we are all lgbtqia people, straight people from every part of the world are beloved children of god.
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the majority of u.s. church leaders a supportedowing same-sex unions and lgbtq pastors, but they werete outvod by delegates from more traditional parts of the world. former texas congressman beto o'rourke hasade a decision about his political future, but supporgors, they're g to have to wait to learn what that is. o'rourke says he will mak an announcement soon. the democrat set the political world on fire last fall,ou'll remember, when he raised record amounts of money, attracted a huna nat following and nearly won a senate seat in the red state of texas. he's one of the few big-name contenders who hasn't jumped into the race yet. o'rourkes seen as a moderate who connects with voters but lacks experience. bryce harper makes a big decision of his own. >> bo did he. the nats' superstar is gone taking his talentso the rival phillies for some serious coin, but for the last seven years, we've watched the teenager develop into one of the game's
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best players ever. but now philly fans will enjoy all those home runs. we have tea coverage on the historic contract that is tearing harper away from washington. >> news 4's sherree burress starts us off from the live desk. sherree, this is quite a loss for nats fans. >> yeah, it really is, doreen. yce harper was a tic tour in the outfield and at the plate for the nationals. now the fans instead of cheering for harmer wetl have to used to seeing the superstar with a different club. it took only 117 days but bryce harper has found his home. harper's mega t deal with phillies is for 13 yrs and $330 million, according to reports. bryce and his phillies will be inashington to take on the nats on april 2nd. and fans in philly overjoyed. the cheapest ticket we found for phillies' opening day, $97, twice as much before harper igned, but the fans here in
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d.c., well, nbc 4 shomari stone got their reaction to the harper news. >> harper, right field! >> you know, i don't feel good about it. >> reporter: benjamin costly is upset. wash national star bryce harper is leaving. >> i knew there was probably a good chance he was goi to g i thought it was going to be the west coast where we weren't going to have to worry about him for awhile. he's going down the road to philadelphia. oo happy about that. >> reporter: at willie's near nats park. >> i don't feel good about him leaving. >> reporter: fans have cheered for harper for sev years. >> bryce harper, high in the air. deep center. see you later. >> reporter: some tell me the 26-year-old breathe are theed i excitemeo the nats. >> the nats fans are going to be upset. they're going to be saddened. >> why are you going to miss him? >> because he's a star. >> reporter: he made the all-star team six times, won mvp in 2015 and the rookie of the year award in 2012.
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>> let's see the pitch. oh, fastball right down the pi. >> he's going to come back to d.c. something like 247 times to ay the nationals, and i will show up as often as i can to root against him. >> reporter: now, we also talked to some phillies fs at the bar, and they tell me that, you know, this is -- they're excited about all o this, but at the same time they don't feel that harper is worth all that money, $330 million, as sherree told you, over 13 years. live here at nats park, shomari news 4. >> can't wait to see how we welcome him back april 2nd. >> that's right. >> it's going to be interesting. >> thank you, shomari. i don't see any snow falling out there yet, but our weather alert continues. >> boy, does it. the snow is on the way, huh, doug? >> tracking the snow. the updated snowfall totals map. we'll see you bacere in a minute. plus, major airlines slapped with major fines for keepingou
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waiting. >> we do apologize for the situation. >> nobody likes to be on the tarmac for an extensive period of time. monday to friday it's go go go, no time to stop and n to sleep, but if you're planning ching up on sleep this weekend, think again. ns 4ew
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airlines fined and passengers fed up. >> tonight, the feds are taking action over a situation still
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frustrating people left on planes stuck on the tarmac for far too long.'s >> n miguel almaguer has details on the airlines' punishment. >> reporter: after lengthy tarmac delays at u.s. airports, tonight the u.s. department of transportation has fined american airlines $1 million and delta $750,0 for violating federal rules. >> it says aiines, you are responsible and accountable to your passengers for their experience. >> reporter: the hefty fines come after investigators cited more than 20 flights over several years where passengers were forcedn to wait planes for hours. >> nobody likes to be on the tarmacorn extensive period of time. >> reporter: though delays on tarmacs can be common. >> we do apologize for the situatr:n. >> reporhe department of transportation rules say airlines cannot keepes dc passengers waiting on the tarmac for more than three hours thout giving the an opportunity to deplane. fine meant to send a
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message. >> american and delta say they've apologized to theom cus and also compensated them. it's one reason why both airlines are paying a frac fon of theires. new tonight, most of us have been there thinking we cankip some sleep during the week and then catch up on the weekend, but you may want to put that idea to rest. a new study shows those extra hours of szzz on saturday and sunday may feel good but they don't repair the damage done during the week. if you don't sleep enough, you tend to eat too much. late-night ice cream and chips are so demming because the lac of sleep messed with your hunger hormones. it also disrupts the body's ability to regulate sugar, leading to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. age plays a big role. >> sleep loss can't be sleep gained. the younger you mare, youe likely toer recov much zbooner, but as you grow older in your 40s a 50s, will take a lot
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longer to recover. >> expertson saystent sleep times waking up and going to sleep at the same time, thaess the policy. not trying to catch up on the weekend. some people are going ao get little extra sleep tomorrow morning. >> that's right. >> yeah, i'm hoping m that's in montgomery county. >> not yet though, huh? >> not yet. a lot of delays out there across the area. even prince william county with that closure. once again, the big deal snow coming in overnight tonight. actually moving in right now. winter weather advisory in effect for just about the entire region. the own exception far south, fredericksburg, leonardstown, going through 10:00 a.m. here is the snow. already seeing snow across parts of our area. reporting some gnow. reports out of northern montgomery county into parts of howard county. this is hitting the ground around i-70, damascus, a little bit of light snow there. the rest of the area seeing now, too.
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back towards thewest, you can tell this not a big system. it's only a couple hundred miles wide. it's not going to take long to here.n through by this time tomorrow morning it's done and we're on to storm number two in the same day. that's what's kind of interesting with this scenario here playing out tomorrow. here's tonight. again, not much going on. but here comes the snow ar-wide by around 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. so we will see that snow coming through the d.c. met area. fredericksburg, not much there. fredericksburg, you see that sleet mixing in there. again, 5:00a.m., just about everybody seeing some snow. this when i expect toee some accumulating snow happening, especially on grassy surfaces, maybe on som of the secondary roads. however, we think most of the main roads will be okay. 8:00 a.m., i don't expect any more accumulation after the sun comes up tomorrow. what to expect for tomorroor snow the early part of the rush. delays likely on those roads, isolatedce cations. e've already seen a couple of thos
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most main roads just wet, 270, the beltway, 95, 66, should be just wet but some of the secondary roads could be a problem out there early tomorrow. so how much snow? coating to an inch. d.c., waldorf, the warrenton area in the cit itself, maybe 0.7 at the airport tomorrow. 1 to inches, though, winchester, up towards frederick, pleesburgts of montgomery county, maybe up to 3 inches. the closer you are to pennsylvania, the better chance you have to see some of thatnd higher totals. this not a huge storm. again, most of this should be one by the time the sun comes up. here is the interesting part. 8:00 a.m., still some snow showers. no more accumulatio but watch this, 6:00 tomorrow night. we're all headings to you're going to be watching us tomorrow at 6:00 and then headed dinner. more snow possible around hagerstown and frederick. this could accumulate in those areas. look at the heavy rain tomorrow
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night into earlyurday morning. by saturday morning, it's out of here and things change again. s 53 onurday with some cloud cover. 80% chance of p.m. rain,42 latest computer model i've seen now has a lot more snow on sunday. so this could be more of a rain-snow event. i was thinking snow maybe around hagerstown, but it may be closer to the d.c. metro area. that's something we'll track for you. lookhat happens behind this. we stay on the cold side. temperatures looking to around freezingn wednesday. arctic cold coming in.hi if you it's interesting for us, last night at this time boston was thinking masne an inch o out of this little storm system. now it could be a foot on saturday. y blow. >> i think it changed a little here, it changed a lot more for them. >> boston needs to catch up with us anyway. that's right. we're beating them, doreen. >> thanks, doug. , coming bryce harper, the phillies. hear how his new manager found hear how his new manager found e t about th
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this is the xfinity sports desk. h ween't heard from the newest philly, but that's going to happy saturday, right? >> yes, we are expecting to hear
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from bryce harper this weekend, which i know everyone is robably just on pins and needles waiting. >> eh. >> well, maybe not everybody. the nationals are going to need production from someone else now that bryce harper is officially not coming back. after spending the first seven years of hareer in d.c., harper heading up 95, joining the philadelphia phillies. and we all remember baby-faced bryce back when he was introduced with the nationals in 2010. now, the six-time all-star is a philly, reportedly agreeing to a 13-year, $330 million deal. the largest total valued contract in mlbistory. yce will make over $44,000 per plate appearance this de excitement all over philadelphia with tickets to phillies opening day doubling in price after the news. as for the team, they found out while playing a game against the orioles. >> we had some fans behind us who were sharing kind of
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moment-by-moment tweets with us and we were gettingitally like four fans right behind where we were sitting telling u termsd, you know, who was tweeting what. we're like, well, who is making the reports. we've got to make sure this person is credible. we were a great ball club coming into spring training without bryce harper. we'rr going to be even bet with bryce harper. >> returning april 2nd.> he redskins have a list of positions they need to degrees for the upcoming season. one of the most important, the quarterback. they can select a rookie with the 15th overall pick or maybe pick up a veteran free agent. at this year's nfl combine, vice president of the player personnel doug williams says washington won't be rushing to grab just any quarterback. >> if the q is arterback there that we like at 15, you kn o, nineut of ten we'll go that route, i butf it's not somebody we like, if we got to go out and a veteran to work
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with him, that's probably what we'll to. all boils down to who is en it's time for us to pick. >> all right. meanwhile, the capitals will have a playoff-like game tomorrow night. caps visit the islanders, who are twooi pnts ahead of washington. barry trotz's newlub with an interesting home schedule. splitting their games betweenen barclayter and nassau. last played there in a playoff loss against the capitals. tom wilson remembering that game fondly. >>be i rememr we shut it down. i think thathe w last -- the last game that they pyed there, right? game six. soough time for that fan base over there, but it's cool that they're going back there. pi remember they wesionate. that's for sure. you know, you definitely -- we definitely felt the hate when we were there playing that playoff series. it will be cool to get back
11:28 pm
there. obviously a lot of history in that rink. i'm sure the fans will besahe . >> caps and islanders both coming off wins heading into tomorrow's game so it is tight. >> it seems like the caps are playing barry trotz's islanders a lot, doesn't it? >> >> it didn't go so well for the caps last time. they need
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