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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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in maryland, frederick and prince george's county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia, prince william county and fauquier schools are closed. arlington, fairfax, loudon, falls church, manassas are on a two-ho delay. >> morgan county schools in west virginia also on a two-hour halay. remember, all of information can be found running on the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app.>> news 4 has team coverage of today's weather. let's begin with a check of the forecast and the com melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the roads. we'll begin with meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning. happy friday, everybody. i wish i had better news in the weather forecast. it will be cold and wet and stay that way all day long. mostly a lix mix of rain and sn this morning.ti accumus have been minor. enough to whiten the ground in many spots. but nothing to impact you too badly. near 40 this afternoon. and there'snc a c for cold
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rain and wet snowflakes late tonight a early tomorrow. there's the winter weather advisory. it includes all of the north and west. not included. fredericksburg and southern maryland. total accumulations in and around d.c. an inch or less. on a map like this, 1 to 3 spots. that will be the outlie. >> john: r. temperature, 32 at dulles. 32 in clinton, maryland. 0 in gaithersburg. just cold enough to keep it ay very u start to the day today. afternoon temperatures will get to 30s to around 40 degrees. we're not done with snow chances over the weikend, ther. for now, anytime we have bad weather, serious problems can occur. >> absolutely. we have multiple crashes here right now. the most serious is this one. outer loop right tnow, is s down at route 1.
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they hav moved the camera to the right and you're looking at root one. this is the traffic being diverted here. as you look at the map, 1 1/2-mile backup. and all of that white shows where we have something falling from the sky. the rest of the beltw looks okay. as we zoom in and look at this problem, traffic bei off on to route 1. you can rejoin the outer loophe beyondrash scene. you have to get off of the beltway and back on there on route southbound 270 after buckey's wn pike. northbound 95, the express lains after the occoquan river bridge. it's 5:02. and the wintry mix hitting the same time when february ended. >> the rain and sleet mix sputtered for hours overnight. it's looking like steady snowfall in virginia now. our coverage begins in leesburg
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with jtin finch. how is it going out there? >> reporter: we are just off of route 15, and we're seeing snow thing happening right now. less of the mix we saw earlier. looking at the'r streets, seeing a white coating on some streets out here. the main strts are more traveled. and you can see, here by loudon county high school. that road in front of us, that is pretty white. we saw earlier, a bit more rain. we wge see maybe a half-hour, an hour ago. now, we're looking at snow and eing it stick to the grass and the ground and also, too, now the roads. and again, if you're driving from home, keep this in mind, as you are pulling out this the conditions outside your door might be rougher than your main highways and main roads. we're live here in leesburg. i'm justin finch, news 4. working 4 you with a look
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across our area. we continue our team coveragen frederick county, maryland, with aimee cho. ood morning. >> reporter: hey,guys. good morning. we're traveling along some side jeroads in erson, maryland. the main roads have been looking pretty good. but the side roads a a different story. i want to give you a look atnd e ions outside right now. it is slushy and slippery out there. you can see some snow on the ground. the temperature is 29 degrees outside. below the freezing mark, visibility is pretty too many cars on the roads, as you can see. earlier, the cars were slowi. do that is a good thing. the plows do treat the main roads and sometimes sometimes it takes hours for them to get to the side roads. did you know, youy can actua track where the plows are in real-time. there's a website put out by the maryland state highway administration. i have tweeted a link to that. you can find that there. if you are headed out this even though it's not snowing too much at the moment, it is very
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and we did see a car that had run off the road earlier. >> aimee, thank you. f>> our coverage of this morning's blast winter will continue throughout the day on news 4 today and on the nbc washington app. you can check that out for the latest details on school closures and delays. new details in the search for an uber driver who has been onth ng for more than a now. investigators released this missing persons flyer. musba shifa, was last seen around 3:00 a.m. when he picked up a passenger in the district. his family thinks the car can be evidence.e of his brother is asking anyone who may have seen it to call police. >> we ow there is a significant chance that the car might be just standing somhere in d.c. or in surrounding areas. so, i just, you know, would like everyone to look for the car, tc
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out for the car. and report it to the police, if they happen to see it. >> shifa was driving a black honda hrv with d.c. plates, fk6885. the family is offering a reward for information on this case. you may see snowflakes outside of your window, but a storm of a different sort has settled over the white house. "the new york times" i reporting that despite objections frolltop-level inence officials, president trump ordered that his son-in-law, jared kushner, be given top security clearance. the president has the legal authority to grant clearance. but "the times" points out, in most cases, a determination is made bas for security officials that complete a background check. nbc news reached out to the white use for comment and se the presetary said they do not comment on security clearances. after three days of testimony on capitol hill,
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michael cohen announced he will return again next week. on wednesday, during public testimony, cohen alleged that president trump committe while in office and in running for president. cameras caught cohen leaving yesterday's session. >> there's not much i can say, other than it was productive. i'm committed to telling the truth. ll be back on march 6th finish up. there's more to discuss. >> stick around next week for more coverage of the cohen testimony. president trump is getting bipartisan support for his decision to walk away from w negotiatioh north korea. >> the summit with north korea ended abruptly yesterday. the president returned to d.c. late yesterday. talks broke down over sanctions. kim wanted the u.s. to do away with all of the sanctions leveled against north but president trump said kim wasn't willing to give up much >> he wanted to denuke certain areas. and i wanted everything. and the sanctions are there. i didn't want to give up the
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sanctions unless we had a real program. >> president trump has signaled he would be interested in meetin nothing has been scheduled. it's 5:08. in a rare move in the maryland censured , delegates one of their own for making a racist slur. c sheled pts of prince george's county an "ct word distri. she's been stripped of two sh lead assignments. lisanti has apologized. and despite calls for her resignation, he has no plans to step down. the man accused of killing five employees at "the capital gazette" newspaper in annapolis may change his plea. the defense may have jarrod plead not criminally responsible because of his mental state at the time. the judge has asked for more nformation from t prosecutio the defense is trying to determine how prosecutors will
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present their case. anotheh hearing is set for ma 11th. ea> there has been a big effort in recent to make things safer on the roads for everyone. but a new report suggests issues remain when it comes to de rians. the governor's highway safety association is projecting more than 6,200 pedestrian deaths for that's the highest in nearly 0 years. district, maryland and virginia, all saw an increase in pedestrian deaths in the first six months of 2018. researchers say one possible factor for the increase, more people driving bigger vehicles that better protect passengers but can cause more harm to pedestrians. this morning, a breakthrough, literally, in the construction of the purple line in maryland. excavators broke through the final rocks of the plymouth street tunnel inilr spring. the noisiest part of that
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construction is over. it will run from bethesda to new carrollton. it is scheduled to open in three years. american and delta airlines face fines by making passengers wait several hours on tarmacs. the department of transportation has fined american airlines $1 million and delta $750,000. both airlines had instances where passengers were stuck on tarmacs more than three hours. federal rules bar airlines from allowing planes to sit on the tarmac for long periods witht allowing people the chance to get off. american and delta will not havy toheir entire fines. they were credited for providing passengers compensation for the delay. after a long and intense a ocess, bryce harper has decided to play fow team. >> the nats superstar is taking his talents to one of d.c.'s rivals, the philadelphia phillies.s repoy harper has a megadeal with the phillies.
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13 years for $330 million. wrap your head around that. for seven years, d.c. has watched a teenager developebnto one of bl's best. now, instead of cheering for harper, fans will have to get used to seeing him with a different am. >> i knew there was a chance he was going to go. i thought it would boaon the west, where we wouldn't have to worry about him for a while. he's going down the road the philadelphia. not really happy about that. >> exactly. like a kick in the butt. not the outcome nats fans wanted. he made the all-star team six times, won mvp and rookie of the year award. harper and the phillies will be in d.c. to take on the nates in april. all props to him for what he did with the nats now, he's gone to the phillies. the relationship is over. >> $330 million, i'll get a new relationship. i'll kick you in the butt several times. we're getting new information about school delays
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in west virginia, hampshire and grant county schools will open two hours late. we're going to wrap up our reports on dna test kateits. >> what do you think happens to all of the dna collected? and we're taking you to the skies above a small california town, now under water after flooding. and the other side of the bryce harper equation, he will be 39 years old in 13 years. they will be pay ag him that money when he's practically my age. we're going to win at the end of this deal. our friday morning is ugd , cold t. more about the weekend coming up. as we head to break, a live look at the situation on the outer loop right now. molette green is headed to the scene of a crash near u.s. 1 in prince george's county that's causing major backups, as you
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first 4 traffic alert. this is in college park. major delays on the outer loop. a two-hour backup. molette green is driving for us this morning. outer loop shut down at route 1. this camera to the right,sh ing you route 1. everybody getting off at dikea and back on. we have oser problnd we'll talk about those, coming up 1 we want to continue our coverage on the beltway crash r nearte 1. >> molette green heading to the scene. she's sitting in the backup. what can you tell us? >> it's arey slow drive. i mean, we're basically crawling here at they. belt look at the traffic that we're in. all lanes n moving. we are struggling to get to the exit, route 1, 95. it is not an option as a result of the rtractor-traicrash.
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we're working to get information on the exact details surroundi c thsh itself. but for now, we are crawling. let ks just tell you, fre so frustrated in this traffic, they're opting to take the shoulder to try to get off on exit25, which, of course, is making the drive even tho e for tho those of us in the legal lanes. i don't know if you can see on ot camera, but folks are abiding by the law here on the roadways because it is such a frustrating drive at this hour here on the beltway. that's the very latest. we'll stay on top of it and keep following this. we have a number o school closings. in virginia, warren county public schools. >> in west virginia, hampshire, grant, jefferson and berkeley county schools. id rts in northern california are trying to clean
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up after major flooding this week. >> look at the video here. homes and businesses have been d ruinn some roads in wine country were covered in muddy water. sonoma county officials say ne homes and busies were flooded by water up to eight feet deep. roads will be accessible some time today. before we move to chuck, we want t you know, that culpepper county schools are on a two-hour delay. these changes are continuing to come in. stay with us. t'll update yououghout the morning. i would imagine that the conditions are changing. >> i think they wanted to cancel. that was the plan. and they thought, it's not that bad out. it's just snow y enough where yu can have slippery spots. most treated surfaces will be primarily wet. culpepper county, one of the
5:18 am
transition counties, no doubt about that. always can see the complete list there of closings across the bottom of you screen and can use your nbc washington app. we have the forecast in there, as well, as an interactive radar nfeature, to track the rnd the snow as it comes intoouyr continues onward until 10:00 in the morning. this will not be a big snow producer. most of the areas west and south, an inch or so less. it has whitened the ground here. 1 to 2 inches up near the pennsylvania border. 34 in washington. cold enough to snow. st not really cold enough to get it to pile up too much. northeast winds will be in the 10 to 15-mile-per-hour range. it will be cold ady clou and wet. temperatures below freezing in the northern parts of the shenandoah valley this morning. those have the best chances to see accumulation. but the moisture is on the south side of the viewing area. later today, temperatures willo get up0 degrees. the roads really should not be
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anything more than just wet, later on inhe day. you can also -- if you see something, tweet something to me. you cn find me instagram and facebook. here you can see the light snow, pushing through d.c. metro area for now. culpepper county had rain a while ago. could see sle pellets in culpepper now. i widen theie v out and you can see not a lot of moisture behind it. in thes a surge later o day today. this chance of a mix in and out of here by 9: or 10:00 in the morning. just a light rain coming back in for the eveningur that could mix in with a little wet snow first thing torrow morning, near the maryland/pennsylvania line. tomorrow afternoon, i can't promise you much in the way of sunshine. right back to thick overcasts, first thing sunday sunday evening into monday morning, is another wtimeframe have to watch carefully. much colder air on monday. if the moisture is still in
5:20 am
place, when the cold arrives, we may have to increase our snow chances on mondaymorning. we'll let you know about that through the weekend. there's your five-day outlook. 40 today. tomorrow, 53. that will be the warmest da for the next 10 to 14 days. 53, that's the warm spell. >> that's the high. all right. taking a look at their 4 traffic alert. college park. we're shut down on the beltway. major delays on the o because of this closure here in college park. look at what i'mou talking outer loop, shut down at route 1. this camera has turned. you're seeing route 1, everybody off of the btway and back on to the outer loop near the ikear another problem on the beltway, springfield, outer loop at 95. left lane i blocked by a crash there. i circled this up in college paee there. you the purple, that means we have a full closure.k freder southbound 270, after buckey's town pike. there's express lanes after the
5:21 am
occoquan river bridge there.
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call or go online anytime to set up an appointment with our team of cancer experts. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. >> the list of school closings and delays are growing this morning. page county schools are closed. and rappahannock county schools
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are on a two-hour delay. millions of americans use dna testing kits to learn about eir ancestry and health. >> but do you wonder what the companies involved with this do with the data that's collected? doreen gentzler takes a closer look. >> reporter: it's the sipacon valley c with the largest database for genetic research. >> meet your genes. >> reporter: over the past 12 years, ann wojcicki, co-founderd and ceo of 2me, has turned her dream into a billion dollar empire. now, she is offering custome a chance to give their dna a second life through medical research. researching for cures to age-old diseases. >> how is it i can crowd source all of tformation? and i can. i can partner with academic researchers. i can partner th biotech companies and pharma companies that say, i want a solution and information.
5:25 am
>> reporter: more than 4 million customers have opted in. and the results have helped break scientific ground, on everything from migraines to cancer. t one most significant finds, the first-ever genetic li nks to depression, thanks to a partnership with drug company pfizer. and she's not done yet. now, turning her attention to a topic that hits close to home. >> coming up tonight, see how ann's ex-husband is inspiring her next initiative. >> it has the potential to impact tens of people with a debilitating disease. doreen gentzler has that tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. chaos in a school cafeteria caught on camera. coming up at 4:30, the story behind this fight between a student and a school re officer. plus, it's finally friday. plan to sleep in this weekend? a new udy warns against playing catch-up with your shuteye.
5:26 am
good morning, everybody. four things know about the next four days. honestly, the next 10 or 14 days. the two operative words will either be cold or wet. mainly wet h on your friday morning. but cold, too. more about this with your ten-day forecast in the next half hour. plus, we're showing you the impact of that major traffic alert. alert. e outer loop of the beltway is [phone ringing]
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weaer alert. >> right to the weather alert this morning. it's our friday. and the month of march starting off with snow, sleet and freezing rain. that'schight. it's mst, everyone. it may be the first of meteorological spring. >> looking at the outer loop. all of the lanes are shut downl in c park. not a way to start your morning. we're goihr to get yough it this morning. >> we'll get you back to the weather and traffic alerts this
5:30 am
mo the federal government is open today. employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. here's some school in maryland, fck, prince george's county schools on a two-hour delay. ince william, fauquier and page county schools are closed. arlington, fairfax, loudon, fouls church and mane sas schools a two-hour delay. >> alexandria, manassas park city, shenandoah,rlgton and culpepper county schools. in, west virgin jefferson, berkelel be, grant and hampshire on a three of hour those delays and closings are running on the botto of your screen. we'll let you know if any changes are coming for the schoolct dist >> rude to start off march like this, don't you think? >> find somebody to slap around. chuck bell is here with a look at what we can expect fro the weather today.
5:31 am
melissat molle will have that traffic in a >>moment. ell us what we can expect today. >> march is the most ansitional month ofall, here in washington. w l start out feeling a lot more like winter than spring. maybe by later in the month, we'll have cherry blossoms to look at. the first ten days of march will all be way colder than averag winter weather advisory, continues until 10:00 in the morning for thes highlig counties here. it includes prince george's county, the district, arlington, fairfax, prince william and loudon counties and everybody tnorth and west ofse locations. snowfall totals have not been and are not going to be all that impressive. enough the around iseady white here in washington. but most of the moisture is pullingout. temperatures are hovering just at or above the freezin mark, along the i-95 corridor. mostly above freezing. but the moisture is aab just t gone, as well. there's your planner then for today. rainnd snow, very light,
5:32 am
coming to an end, between now and about 7:00 or 8:n the morning. remaining cloudy through the morning hours. later on in the day, another chance for rain coming in. and it will be all-rain with temperatures all the way up to 36 to 40 degrees by later in the afternoon. another chance for some winter weather over theweekend. we'll detail the timing on hat coming up. for now, first 4 traffic is having a busy friday morning. >> very busy friday morning. this first 4 traffic alert again. we'rele talking about c park right now. outer loop is shut down at route 1. about a 2 1/2-mile backup on the outer loop. once you get to route 1, you can orn around the ikea and get loop.n to the outer it's a quick diversion. t will still take you a lot of time. mollette green was sitting through the traffic and got through it. how are things looking now? >> let me tell you, all of the traffic was pushed off of thet beltway a exit 25, baltimore avenue, route 1. and we got right off and i able to get right back on to the
5:33 am
outer loop of the beltway. what we're trying to do is turn back around to be on the other side and see this crash that is actually on the beltway, where all of the lanes are shut down. and to investigate this tractor trailer crash. as soon as we get there, we will show you the pictures we get from our vantage point. that's the latest.r all-clrom where we are right now on the beltway near new hampshire avenue. back to you. >> thanks, lette. othe things happening on the beltway. springfield, outer lp 495. left lane is blocked by a crash there. frederick after buckey town pike. left shoulder. looking at lorton. northbound 95. theexpress lanes, not the main lanes after the occoquan river bridge have a crash there. >> thank you. our team coverage continues in fairfax county now. >> justin finch is w,live, with a look at the conditions. justin, good morning.
5:34 am
>> good morning. we're in the shan tichantilly a. if you loo outside, you can see more of a rain event going on right here. the ground below, the road pretty wet and slic on route 7 east, coming from loudon into fairfax, saw quite a bit of a wintry mix happening the roadways are a bit slicker and more covered with a accu accumulation out there. route 58 lookingthifferent from area. here, less snow and more itions can change from one place to another, very quickly. lic slick roads in one spot. we see more things on the road, we'll bring them back to you. >> we're going t keep bringing
5:35 am
you live team coverage throughout the morning. we'll give you the latest forecasts, conditions andos es on your phone. schools in the city of winchester, west virginia, will ben a two-hour delay today. developing this morning, a violent altercation between a student d a police officer. but what happened inside a loudon county high school cafeteria this week, news 4 obtained video of the fight inside dominion high school yesterday. it showed the student and the school resource officer punching each other. the loudon county sheriff's office said before the camera was rolling, the administrator asked the student to go to the office. the student refused and pushed the officer. and this is how the fight went. >> as he did, and to take this individual into custody, because of the assault on the school
5:36 am
administrator, the subject then started striking our deputy. >> the deputy was taken to the hospital. the student was arrested and faces felony charges of ruction of justice and assault. now, for a check on some of your other top stori this morning. the search continues for d.c. uber driver, missing more than a month. he was last seen picking up a passenger on january 18th in the district. he was driving a black honda crv. the family has offered a reward for information on his disappearance. president trump back in washington this morning. he is getting positive support for not making a nuclear agreement with kim jong-un. the second summit ended abruptly over sanctions. the president is facing questions about his son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner. the president ordered kushner be givetop-level security clearance. is comes as the president's former lawyer, michael cohen, will return to capitol hill next week to y.
5:37 am
ahead, susan mcginnis will have the latest on that. > in a unanimous vote, mary ann lisanti was censured for making a racist slur. she called parts of prince george's county an "n" word district. e represents the county northeast of baltimore. despite calls to resign, she says she is not stepping down. it is the decisit's rocked baseball fans across the district. bryce harper has decided to play for a new team. >> the nat superstar will be taking his talents to th p philadelphiallies. the six-time all-star agreed to a 13-year deal for $330 million. and that explains why he's going. it is the largest total value contractn major league history. as for the phillies, they found about harper's decision while playing a game against the orioles. >> we had some fans behind us who were sharing kind of
5:38 am
moment-by-moment tweets with us. ald we were getting, liter, like four fans right behind si where we were tting, telling us termsnd, you know, who was tweeting what. who is making the reports? we have to make sure this person is credible. >> oh, harper's career started in d.c. remember? he was drafted first overall in 2010. four national league east titl r. hit 184 hos. last summer, harmer was crowned the home run derby champion right here in d.c. we'll have a lot of fond memories. thank you for what you did for the nats. but now, bye. >> he made some great baseball re. >> he d. but he's going to some of our rivals. >> now, this makes room for the next superstar. >> he has a lot of promise. >> talready, proven be a great. player harper and the phillies will be in d.c. to take on the nats in april. coming up, a push for longer hours for metro rejected.
5:39 am
details behind the decision to keep service the same for now. plus, as you wake up, we're in weather alert mode. we just learned a another delay, frederick why are all these business owners so excited?
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you're watching news 4 toda >> 5:41 now. we think we can skip sleep during the week and catch up on the weekends. >> i do that all the time. >> doesn'tork like that. a new study may make us reconsider all that. >> a new study at the university of colorado bolder. catching sleep on the weekends puts people at risk of gaining weight. it's called social jet lag. the lack of sleep messes with ouo hormones which causes us feel hungry. the lack of zs also disrupts th body's abilitygulate sugar, which can lead to diabetes, heart diseas stroke. ou hage has a lot to do withow we can recover from a lack of
5:42 am
sleep. >> sleep loss cannot be gained. the younr you are, more likely to recover sooner.s in your d 50s, it will take more time to recover. >> so, how much sleep do we need? let's run there it again. the american academy of sleep htdicine recommends seven or hours more per nor adults. millennialt of friends that are able to do that. >> the operative word is millennial. it's called social jet lag. we want to stay up on the weekends to have a life. am i suppose to go to bed early on friday and saturday, too, ahchuck? sometimes on a big-time friday night, i stay awake all the way to 8:30 p.m. >> party animal. t life on edge. most of the snow is coming to an end here.e a chanc for cold rain drops later. a look at future weather and
5:43 am
ten-day coming up. oer loop shut down at route 1. how to getround this
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:45 as you wake up on this weloher alert day. at these live pictures. snow, sleet, freezing rain, it's all coming down clark county, virginia, schools, just reporting a two-hour aldel. of the other delays and closures are running at the bottom of your screen. they're in the nbc washington app. and chuck will have a full forecast for you in a couple of minute we're tracking a serious traffic alert. the outer loop of the beltway is
5:46 am
shut down after a serious crash. it is causing backups for miles. melissa mollet will have all of the latest on this. me president trump has returned to washington y-emnded from a nuclear summit with north korean dealer kim jong-un. >> now, he is dealing with legal and could affect his company and administration. susan mcginnis breaks it down for us. >> reporter: good morning. president trump spending much of the week in vietnam, facing koe nortan leader, coming back and facing a coup of controversies, including one with his son-in-law. there's a "new york times" report that is talking about his son-in-law, jared kushner, saying the prethdent ordered he be given top security clearance, over the recommendations of his top people. i background check denie kushner a security clearance on fears of foreign influence over kushner. the president overruling his own security officials and the white house counsel, giving him
5:47 am
security clearance. the president claiming he has nothing to do with getting security clearance. the white house says it doesn't commentn security clearances. and the president dealing with the wallout from michael week of appearances. he painted the president as a lying ract and conman, who directed him to lie about russian businesses and extramarital affairs. and the president appearing on fox, calling him a liar and saying he's not a very good attorney either. >> susan mcginnis, for us this morning. thanks. there was suspense leading into the metro board meeting. but the vote says that the trains will keep their schedule. the board voted 7-1, to keep a hat allows more time for maintenance and repairs. d.c. leaders have been calling for metro to restore the old schedule that was in place in 2016, before the safe track plan
5:48 am
was started. the plan has made the metro system safer and more efficient. but metro leaders say more work still needs to be done. >> it's a tough issue. we all want to be in the same place. we want mo service. and we want to get there as quick as we can. but we want to make sure that it's safe when we do it. >> the metro schedule for the next year will have service closing then, closing at 1:00 a.m. on friday and satury and closing at 11:00 p.m. on sundays. working for you on the latest winter blast. the timing can cause trouble. weaver seen it already. >> aimee cho is live in frederick county, maryland, for us now. aimee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the first day of spring may be in a few weeks but it certainly does not feel like it in frederick, maryland. i want to give you a look athe ground. we've already got a few inches of snow built up. what thet to show you snow is feeling like. it's pretty soft and fluffy. unfortunately, not gre for making snowballs. that's because we've been
5:49 am
gettina freezing rain, sleet, slush, wintry mix throughout the morning. and i want to give you a look at the road conditions over here. they've been slippery and . slus over there in the distance is valley elementary. frederick county public schools opening late. that will give the road crews time to clear the roads ande hep kiddos to get to school safely. be careful and driveslowly. we've heard of three crashes in the frederick area this morning. >> aimeecho. thank you. we should add to the list, s allegany countools are on a two-hour delay this morning. >> the list keeps owing. >> i guess people are waking up and rlizing the reality of the situation. >> the ground is white. a two-hoea delay is a good for the districts dealing with that this morning. since we're notxpting snow beyond 9:00 thg,in the mornhe delays are the best way to go about it. t
5:50 am
it's colder in northern maryland and the shenandoah valley. 34 in washington now. northeast winds averaging 10 to 15 miles per hour. water is not affected by windchill. that's only human skin how you feel a 26-degree windchill does not mean that the water will freeze he road the only matter that numbers the is 34, above freezing. here's your we-up weather. that mix of rain and snow, gradually coming to an end here over the next couple of hours. you can see on radar, t last little burst of snow, is headed out over the bay and on theor eastern back behind it, not a lot left. there will be occasiol drizzle drops and wet snowflakes out there. the bulk of our accumulating participation is coming to an end. this nex couple i hours, all of the chances for rain and snow out of here, before 8:00, 8:30 in the morning.
5:51 am
later neon, or two in the mountains. dry for the late afternoon and morning furs. yoday evening plans will once again have to have the umbrella. here comes more steady rain coming in late tonight. and after about 00 or 10:00, northern maryland and the shenandoah valley from winchesters to martinsburg, this could be a rain/snow mix late tonight to tomorrow morning. the winter weather advisory goes until 10:00 a.m. they have to issue another one later inern maryland the day. the accumulations have been fairly light.da high 30s to near 40 degrees. as this pulls out, watch the xt wave of moistur come in. there's the opportunity late tonight into early tomorrow, for early maryland. up into pennsylvania, that's a higher chance for mostly snow there. dry, mostly saturday afternoon end first thing sunday morning, before another wf quite a bit of moisture comes in for sunday night into monday. up in pennsylvania, that could be a lot of snow, north of thes
5:52 am
dixon line. temperatures with the lone exception of tomorrow, all colder than average, and just a little bit, either. highs in the low to mid-30s. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. that's way below average. melissa mollet with a tough go on the roads this >>morning. t was a fatal crash on the outer loop of the beltway. still shut down at route 1. this was an suv versus a tractor-trailer. right no everybody is getting pushed off on to route 1 and back on to the outer loo of the beltway. molette green will be on-scene for us in a anminute. youee the delays and the purple meaning that section is shut down for the crash investigation. another crash, outer loop of the beltway, before central avenue. and left side blocked by an and inner loop at annapolis road. right lane blocked by a crash. careful. if it looks like 's just wet,
5:53 am
it may be quite slick. as far as your travelgoimes 66 inbound, fairfax county, parkway to the beltway, looking okay. 95 north, quantic to the beltway, same situation there in the main lanes. 270 southboundo problems. top of the beltway is good from 95 to 270 because this crash that we're talking about, the fatal one, is above 95, of course. aaron? >> thank you. tonight, a mystery that haunted our area will appear on "dateline." pamela builter will was a ecmmute computer analyst for the environmental pron agency. she owned her own home in d.c. and started dating someone new. but just before valentine's day in 2009, she seemedis to van in thin here. here's a clip from our special. >> when 3:00 p.m. came that saturday, pam was a calls to her pent
5:54 am
unanswered. the next day, sunday, now, thelma tried again. and yet again on monday. >> i said, pam still is not answering her phone. something ain't right. she wouldn't disappoint me like that. >> now, it would take nearly a decade to figure out what happened to pamela butler. the investigation would also uncover a link to another woman's disappearance decades earlier. the story is coming upatn an new all-ine." arlington county public schools now closed. luke perry is in the hospital after suffering a major stroke. the "90210" star was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning from his home. perry is 52. strokes are unusual at his age but not uncommon. the cdc says one-third of all stroke patients are under 65.ha >> stroke caen to anybody, anywhere, anytime. you don't have to have a family history or risk factors. 02>> earlier this week, a "
5:55 am
reboot was announced. perry had not signed on to the project. in 2015, he was treated for precancerous growths. he has been a vocal advocate for screenings for cancer. caps fans, get ready to rock the red. tonight's game became more important. would tie d.c. for first place in the division with the new york islanders. here's the thchallenge. ey have to beat the islanders on the road. but the caps are laser-focused heading into the remainder of the season, too. to make this gam more interesting, the caps face o against their old head coach, bay trotz. you see him there. find out who will com out on top in this tight division race at 7:00. >> this will be an exciting game. morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. you might wanto get inll of your screen time right now, tonight kicks off the tenth annual national day of unplugging. this is billed as a 24-hour tech detox, which courages users to
5:56 am
unplug from their devices and connect with themselves and their loved ones instead. while it seem impossible to bunplug, it can done. more than 60,000 people across the worldin participatehe initiative last year. in the d.c. area, that might get ugh as people try to avo that bryce harmer news. >> frank, thank you. we just received another school closure. lsfauquier county schill be closed today. still ahead on news 4 today, have you ever used one of the dna testing companies? maybe you wanted more information about your health or history. >> what happens to your dna after it's been sent to the company? we're looking into that. plus, passengers fed up. airlines now facing fines. we have details on the major fines leveled against some of the biggest airnes for delays. as we head to break, a live look outside for you. our converage of this morning's winter weather blast continues in a moment.
5:57 am
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> here we go again. snow has already started falling for some of us in the d.c. region. there's some sleet mixed in with thate and test bout of winter weather may not be our last.
6:00 am
did i tell you it's marchst today? >> it is. how about that? spfrng. it's alsay. we're in weather alert mode at 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. there's a number of school closures and delays. the federal governmentees open. emplhave the option for unscheduled leave or telework. in maryland, frederick and prince george's, washington, an rundle, and allegany county schools are otw a hour delay. >> in virginia, prince william, fauquier, warren, page and arlington county schools are all osed. alirfax, loudon, falls church, rappahannock apage county are delayed. >> in west virginia, morgan, hampshire, grant and


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