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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EST

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. . in good mo triple threat. snow a ice in the northeast making a mess of the morning commute with more on the way tonight, and a larger more dangerous winter storm set to sweep acrossnt the c this weekend. al has the latest forecast. bla game overnight. the president arrives back in washington to a firestorm. democrats and republicans ripping him for falling for kim jong-un's claims he knew nothing about what happened to a younga ican captive. >> the blood ofbi otto wa is on the hands of kim jong-un. the boss's ordersment
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overnight the word is president trump ordered t secret security clearance for his son-in-law jared kushner. the proof the white house chief of staffer put in writing as the president denies her intervened. we're live with the latest. elon musk's spacex preparing for at historic t flight, a mission that could mark the rebirth of america' space program. battle over neverland. he hbo documentary on michael jackso this morningil the fm's director joins us in studio 1a. to the rescue. a young boy dangling from a chairift when a group of teens springs to action. >> wow, they're hero. >> we'll hear fro those quick-thinking heroes today friday, march 1st, 2019.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and rhoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefellerla. >> we're got willie in for hoda. >> i brought and i brought -- >> we'll start with the weather. one-twounch of winter weather in the northeast and now a larger storm taking aim at tens of millions coast to coast ts weekend. let's get right to al with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> thank you forgetting your first weather from us. the northeast will have a one, two, three punch. march is coming in like a lio this from our sister station wvit, it's snowing to beat the band. as we look at the live radar, already dropping snow in new york. next system comes in tonight
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into tomorrow, a coastal one, making its way u the coast. it's not that potent. by saturday morning it's bringing rain and snow to new york. then in new england and it's up and out. here is the one we're really worried about. we are looking right now at basically thi storm system comes in from california, brings heavy rain, possibly flooding and heavy mountain snows. by sunday it redevelops down around the gulf bringing snow from colorado through kansas, missouri, indiana, illinois, into the northeast. by sunday evening this system as it pushes in, depending on the track of this storm, it's going to cause some major problems. the at this right now, weekend impacts, we're looking at significant snow from the rockies across into the central plains. however, as we get into the trtheast, here is where gets on the tricky side. the american model brings the heavy snow from washington, d.c. down on into the appalachians. if it moves a little further south, the snow goes a little
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further south. northeast new england not so much. the european model on the other hand brings in heavy snow from the appalachians of pennsylvania, new york, new england. we're talking four to nin inches of snow. and if this system moves further south, t heavy snow moves further south into the i-95 corridor. beyond all that, we also have to worr about heavy and significant flooding from the south from saturday to ssiday from mippi all the way into the southeast, anywhere om one to three to four inches of rain. rainful up to o to 1 poing 5 inches per hour. this is going to be a significant storm and a fast mover coast to coast. >> a lot of that map covered in weather. now to the political turmoie surroundingdent trump over his nuclear summit with kim jong-un, mhael cohen's testimony on capitol hill and an eye openingbo report his son-in-law, jared kushner.
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kellcobiella is here in new york with us. >> very difficult morning for the president todayacing critics on all sides this morning. the north koreans and politicians here at home after that failed summit. >> this morning after that dramatic summit breakdown in hanoi, the u.s. and north korea lockedn a dispute over what happened and who is to blame. before leavingre vietnamdent trump said he walked away from the talksecause the north koreans demanded dropping all >> they were willing to denuke a large portion of the areas that nt , but we couldn't give up all the sanctions for that. >> reporter: as the president was headed back to the u.s., north korea's foreign minister held a rare news conference in isting mr. trump got wrong, saying north carolina demanded only some sanctions beg lifted in exc closing the main nuclear site. with no agreement in place and no plans f t futurks over the north's nuclear ambitions,
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president trump dealing wh the fallout and fierce backlash for his comments on otto warmbier, the college student from ohio imprisoned i north korea who died after seven months in labor camp. the president says he takes kim tng-un's word t he wasn't responsible for his treatment. >> some really bad things happened. he tells me he didn't know about it >> reporter: an abrupt shift in tone at last year's state of the union with warm beer's g parts looking on. >> you're powerful wito a menace that threatens our world. >> reporter: republicans placing blame squarery on kim. >> the blood of auto warm beer is on the hands of kim jong-u >> the ambassador saying americans know the cruelty
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placed on warmbooer. in an interview in 2018, his father insisting he carries his son's 'mlegacy. >> the voice of otto because he can't be here. hat was taken away from him by kim and his regime. >> the north koreans have always denied torturing otto warmbier. those who worked with him in the past said it's impossible that kim didn't know what was happening with such a high profile american prisoner. >> it looks like lawmakersid on both of the aisle are at least giving the president credit for at least not taking a bad deal. >> democrats and republicans are saying it's better than walk away than sign a bad deal. the thing is, there is no future summit plthned. e's nothing in the calendar. so the question is what happens next. the north korean foreign minister indicatede may be done, we may be walking away. this morning a different message r north korean state media indicating that kim would be li
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potentially w to sit down with trump again. so we'll see. >>ly k cobiella. a new report claims the presidentverruled the objections of his own top security officials and to get top security clearance for his son-in-law jared kushner. nbc's pete williams on that story this morning. petern good g. >> savannah good morning. as head of the executive branch, the president has the ultimate authority toecide who gets a security clearance and who doesn't. but it's exceedingly rare to overrule the intelligence establishment and order one granted t someone who has been deemed unqualified. >> he's very good at politics. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports president trump ordered hisou then whitese chief of staff jim kelly to give top secret security clearance to jared kushner. the paper says both kelly and don mcgahn the white house
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counsel at the time wrote reports raising concern. the reportonadicts what mr. trump told the times in ijanua. on't think i have the authority to do. i wouldn't do it. i was never involved with security. >> reporter: late thursday the white house told nbc news, quote, we don't comment on security clearances. in january nbc news repted that white house security officials initially rejected kushner's application after a background check raised concerns about a potential for safeguarding his family's business, foreign contigts, fo travel and meetings he had during the campaign. kushner attended the infamous trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer who claimed t have political dirt on hillary clinton. congressman adam schiff who chairs the house intelligence committee said this in a tweet, it's called clearance by nepotism and a serious abuse that e angers oursecurity. >> a couple of things, pete. top of all, the fact that security officials apparently were concerned about extending
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this security clearance to jar kushner. what's the impact of all of it? of course, the president does have the authority to grant that to.arance if he wants >> kushner will probably keep the clearance. the impact will be probably largely political. the house oversight committee, th same one that heard this week's public testimony from michael cohen, it's already degun an investi and will undoubtedly call witnesses. that might not lead very far because any of these potential witnesses worked in the white house and will probabllaim executive privilege. >> pete williams in washington, thank you. >> the president also is facing newfallout overhree days of potentially damming testimony on capitol hill from his former laer andixer michael cohen. nbc's white house correspond kristen welker has that part of the sry for us. >> now back at the white house, president trump is facing new criticism from abroad and at home as his political and legal problems mount. >> afteret rning home from washington overnight, president
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trump again ting aim at his former mixer michael cohen in a new interview. >> he's convicted. he's a lawyer. he's defrauded at a high level. he had a lot of problems. >> reporter: and seizing on the fact that cohen said he had no direct evidence of collusion. >> he said no collusion. he lied about so many things and he cou have said -- he might as well lie about that one, too. he said no collusion. >> reporter: during three days of his testimony,ohen unleashed blistering attacks on his former boss. >> he is a racist. he is a con man, and he is a cheat. >> reporter: cohen isn't done talking. he's now scheduled to testify for yet another day behind closed doors. >> i'm committed to telling the truth and i will be back on march 6th f toinish up. there's more to discuss. >> reporter: republicans blasting cohen's credibility. >> i thi yesterday wasll about michael cohen sort ofre
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laying thecate for the democrats and their crazy >> reporter: democrats making it clear the investigations won't stop with cohen. >> h lai out roadmap ofy criminality the president that needs to be followed. >> reporter: the house oversight committee will likelyalk with the trump organization cfo allen weselberg, a chief witness to the president's financial dealings. two republicansho sparred preetdly with cone en yesterday asking the justice department to investate him for perjury, calling liss testimony a spectacular and brazen attempt to willingly testify falsely and fictitiously to nerous attacks. cohen's attorney calling that claim a sad misuse of thein cr justice system. while some democrats are ngling talks of impeachment. >> if you're asking me today could the president be removed fromit office, i more likely today than tuesday, the answer s yes.
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>> reporter: leade it's too soon. >> impeachment is a disive issue in our country. let's see what the fact is, what the law is and what the behavior is of the president. >> michaeles cohenfied over three days this week. some of that testimony opened new questions. i understand he'll be back on capitol hill next week. >> reporter: that's right, willie. here is the bottom line. it's becoming increasingly clear that top democrats are interested in talking to members of the president's inner circle in the wake of co-edge's testimony. he will be bac on the hill next week. one top democrat on h these intelligence committee say they expee corroborating documents. law officials are also eyeing allen weisselberg, in charge of handling finces for the trump family business, cohen named him as orchestrating the hush manny payments. signs are the democratic investigations could last well
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into the 2020 campaign. >> krien lker, thank you. excitement in the air literally at the kennedy space center in florida. elon musk's spacex is set to launch a test vehicle, planning to put american astronauts in later this year. tom costello is at the launch pad. this is a big deal. >> reporter: it's a very big deal. they're hoping american tronauts will lift off from american soil on a ets.-built roater this year. it would be, of course, the first time since the shuople d flying. it would be with nasa's supervision on a commercial crew vehicle. this is why it's important, on the top of the rocket is a crew vehicle called dragon. they need to make sure that vehicle isef safee astronauts fly. this morning countdown to the rebirth of america's space program. on launch pad 39a. >> three, two, one, liftof >> reporter: the same pad that
7:15 am
sent apollo and shuttle tronauts into space, the spacex dragon crew vehicle should lift off early saturday morning. this mission unmanned. if all goes well, astronauts could soon be headed to the space station. na nasa astronauts have been hitching rides since the shuttle stopped flying eight years ago. >> we'd like to have a crew in station by the e of 2019. >> reporter: but for that to happen, nasa has to be confident the crew vehicle on top of the rocket is safe. spacex is loading a pulseless passenger, a sort of crash test duy named ripley, monitorng the stress and g forces from orbit to splash down. leon musk tweeting this photo of
7:16 am
ripley. a much more high-tec version of a star man dummy that road in a teslasuring last yea launch when i talked to musk. >> elon, in our lifetimes, where will spacex take us or where wills humo in space? >> i'm very hopeful that we'll have a city on mars i our lifetimes. >> the mission is to carry nasa astronauts to the space station. spacex isn't alone. has a contract with nasa and developed its own crew vehicle it will test next monthc nasaef astronaut says it's all about trust. >> we can't do it bys. oursel we have decided to place our trust in spacex, place our trust in boeing. together we're going to be ablec to get to space. >> all right, tom. i guess the big question is how do you go from this, this test, to actually getting hans in space? >> reporter: they will test this ehicle, it will go all the way
7:17 am
to the spacestation, come back and splash down. they'll do a full an nat sis looking at all the data to see if they think it's ready for a manned mission. if it is, that manned test could come sometime over the summer. by the way, boeing is going through the exact same process. they could also lif off some time this summer with astronauts. if y want to watch it live, you can get up with us really rly, 2:45 a.m. east coast time -- i don't think there will be many of you watching with me. we'll be watching here. >> tomorw morning? is that a saturday morning you'reti sugg. >> tomorrow morning, streaming live. >> weekday you could have had us. i reporter: i thinks going to be a long 40 hours. >> it's cool. thank you. al is back wit the rest of the forecast. i must say a smart corduroyhi blazer t morning. >> it's corduroy weather right now. you don't get to wear this that
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often. the rtrt of the co we're looking at heavy snow coming across the planos aser clipper comes there. we're seeing more snow moving out of the northeast, r heavyn along the mid atlantic coast. out west, rain will be moving in at night which iss, danger especially given the fact that we might see flooding in southern and centr california. be on the lookout. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ybod cloudy skies, andfter an overnight filled with rain and
7:19 am
cold, wet snow out there, most of that hasow come to an end. we still have lingering raindrops across parts of southernd. maryl temperatures are still at or below freezing, especially in the northwestern part of our viewing area. 30 in hagerstown, 30 in front royal, 34 in washington with most of this early morning chance for rain and snow coming to an end, wat out, they'll be more rain coming in for your friday evening plans and early >> cold air coming back, we'll have details coming back. >> you don't have to look so happy about it. thank you, al. coming up, a new look at the troubling michael jackson documentary ahead of its debut this weekend. the pop star'samily is fighting to stop it. the film'sirector is right here and will respond in a live interview just ahea r youtuling out a big change to protect its young users, but will it be enough? our conversation with the compy's first, this is "today" on nbc. ms "today" on nbc.
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7:26 is your time now on this friday, march 1st, 2019. good morning everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. snow, sleet and freezing rain caused delays and a few closures. th info at the bottom of yenr sc and in the nbc washington app. we have breaking news on the roadid this is of a deadly crash on the beltway in college park. it's causing a lot of backups. melissa mollet has the latest in your first 4 traffic. melissa. >> good morning. we're sti shut down this morning. take a live look, outer loop closed at route 1.s this the point where we're closed. everybody getting off on to route 1 near ikea and then back
7:27 am
on the outer loop. it's a four-mile backup. rest of the beltway looks good. earlier problems have cleared out of the way. westbound 50 and lanham, a car took out a pole, so crews on that scene trying to fix that. eastbound 66 after 29 centreville, left side blocked by an accident the. melissa, thank you. knew tonight, we're taking a look at the future of dna research. >> doreen gentzler will explain how one ceo's new health initiative has the potential to impact tens of thousands of people. we'llk take a break now and ch your forecast next.
7:28 am
cloudy, cold and wet this morning. light rain in southern maryland, occasional snowflake or two flying through the area, across parts of the shenandoah valley. temperatures above freezing around the city, just below
7:29 am
freezing through most of the shenandoah valley. watch out for slipperiness around i-81 and northern maryland. more rain tonight early tomorrow and cold next >week. nother update in 25 minutes. >> back to the "today" show after the short break. ha. any any ♪ did you know trading in your car a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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we're back at 7:30. it is a friday morning and a snowy one for a lot of the northeast. thoo's a live at ocean city, new jersey. not a beach day there. al saysth there's a big storm and it's ready to race across the entire country, a coast-to-coast. we'l > first, a check of today's headlines. new developments in the wake of this week's summit between presidt trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. on thursday president trump said he walked away without an agreement because kim demanded the u.s. lift all of its sanctions. overnight north rea's foreign minister held a news conference to dispute that claim. he insisted kim asked only for partial s ictions relief exchange for shutting down the
7:31 am
north's main nuclear colex. n to florida where police are searching for a suspect in a dramatic hit-and-runrash all caught on camera. look at the kia minivan at thep f your screen, it takes a left into on coming fitr the van clips the car sending it air porn. it flipped at least three times. the 19-year-old driver of the audi was clinically injured. noek else was hurt. the driver of the van fled the scene. eb> big news from the bl diamond. all-star slugger bryce harper agreed to a record 13-year, $330 million deal with the philadelphia phillies, the largest deal in baseball history. harper spent his first seven seasons with the washington nationals, six-time all-star and national league mvp in 2015. he was widely considered the top prize of this year's free agent class. now to the continuing fight overg "leavverland," a controversial new documentary
7:32 am
eset to released this weekend. michael jackson's estate has sued to stop it, his family claiming this is a one-sided attack. in a moment we'll talk to director dan reed. first natalie males with aew look at this much-talked-about film. >> -- in love with michael. he saide loved me. >> reporter: "leaving neveand" tells t story of two boys whose love for jackson brought them to his side, resulting in they say a pattern of sexual abuse. wade robson and james safechuck sa jackson rehearsed with them how to avoid being caught and t groomem for abuse. >> best thing about hawaii? beingithyou. >> reporter: safechuck's mother says the entire family fell under jackson's spell. >> he could be anywhere with anybody in the world and michael cknted to be with our family.
7:33 am
>> reporter: n's family say they never believed the accusations against their brother, en though his sleepovers with young boys might have looked suspicious to outsiders. >> i think -- he said, mom, i would never hurt a kid. he's telling the truth. michael is not lik that. >> reporter: for two decades robson and safechuck said the same rothing, bson testifying under oath at jackson's criminal trial that theinger never touched him inappropriately. jackson was found not guilty. in his early 30s, robson's story changed. >> never forgot one moment of what michael did to me but i wal psychologi and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse. >> reporter: robson and safechuck say becoming fathers prompted them to speak out. both made their allegatckns after jan's death, both sued jackson's estate and media companies. those suits were dismissed and
7:34 am
the suits against the medias companre being appealed. >> hello wade. today is your birthday. >> reporter: the ordeal they describe in looks to add a disturbing new chapter to a legacy alreadyed shroudn controversy. >> secrets will eat you up. s you feel alone. >> reporter: for "today," natalie bcmorales, news los angeles. >> we're joined by dan reed the producer and director ofng "leaeverland." good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of people talking about this film before it even debuts on television. it's interesting it's having such an efenct. in some we've heard these stories for years about michael jackson. what was i about your telling that you think is so compelling? >> i think it's because we have direct testimony from the little boys, the young men now, whoal ac suffered the abuse. i think that's the first time it's happened. wade was briefly on the "today" show in 2013. apart from that, none of theme have c forward on television.
7:35 am
>> as you know, the jackson estate and family has been very critical, flielg a $100 million uit against o, saying it's shamelessly exploiting an innocent man no longer here to defend himself. ho do you respond? >> first of all, the film is nou michael jackson. it's about wade and james. secondly, jackson is dead, but we include the rebuttals he mad when he was alive. we've included that in the film and given him a significant presence and his lawyers. i think this,s far as jackson's right of reply goes, we have met that fully. >> when you first c these stories, here you have two young men who for a long time did deny that it happened. so how did you approach that as afilmmaker? did you come with skepticism?d ou come predisposed to believe their new story? y
7:36 am
how did deal with that fact? >> i've been making documentaries for 30 years, so i don't take everyone at face value. you have to remain skeptical while listening very carefully to what people had to sachlt once i interviewed wade and james which i did at length, i tried to find anything in the record in the investigations of 1993 androm 2003 to 2005, anything to contradict their story and i couldn't find anything. >> one of the other things is this is about criticism for james and wade. have either of them been paid to in the documentary? >> no. nterest cial enter whatsoever. >> others say they hope it helps th appeal where they sued the jackson t estate. >> about money, about jackson's estate's money. it's about protecting an asset that would be at risk if people believed tclaim. >> let's talk about the film and what's in it. what do they say about how this is possible?
7:37 am
where are the families? how does this happen? >> thes film about two families coming to terms with what they discovered two decades later about the truth of the boys' relationship with michael jackson. the mothers a key figures in my four-hour film, they describe how they saw jackson as a son. they felt great love for him,ed accen their home, cooked for him, cleaned his clothes. theys adopted him one of the family. it's chilling because jackson ingratiatedimself into these very ordinary families so he could sexually abuse theirch dren. >> we know how difficult it is for any victim of sexual abuse or alleged victim of sexual abuse to talk about it, share it with the world. what was the moment for james and wade where they said, yes, i've testified on behalf of miael jackson, defended him publicly, i can't live with this anymore? >> i think a big moment for wade, and wade kind of led the
7:38 am
y, was having his own son. so when his son came into the worl and he saw this child and o have azed what it is child in your care, and then he began to imagine michael doing the things to his little boy that he had done to him, to 7-year-old de and he became -- these images were revoltg anddisgusting. when he thought about his own experience with michael, he felt nothgment that's the j traic thing here. a deep attachment forms between the abuse and the victim and the sexual relationship even at such a young age becomes normaliz normal, becomes love. you think i'micspecial. them sees it as a good thing, doesn't see it as abuse. >> that brings me to a part of the film. people should warned it's incredibly graphic. there's no eupmisms used whatsoever. why did you think it was important to be so detaile about what exactly took place
7:39 am
behind closed doors. ichael many years jackson hid in plain sight. he portrayed himself as someone who never had aod child and therefore was living out his childhood in the public eye. he'd be seen everywhere holding nds with a littl boy. he said his interest in little boys was entirely incent. he admitted he slept, spent nights with them but nothing happened. so for many years the public bought into this and everyone bought into this. he was able to spend so muc time in the company of little children without people thinking there was anything strange about this. >> hide eitheram wade or told anybody in their lives, whether a parent, a friend, someone else about the abuse they say they suffered, or have they lived with this up until theyat down with you? >> wade lived with it up until he disclosed to his psychotherapist. that story is in tfilm. of course, he came out on the "today" show in may 2013. james had confided in his mother
7:40 am
in 2009, butoas terrified she might tell someone, he made her swear to keep that secret between the two of them. the secrets of the true nture of telationship with jackson was kept for nearly two decades. that's very typical of survivors of child sexual abuse. fascinating piece of work. airs sunday and monday on hbo. >> sunday and monday. >> thank you very much for being here. coming up, ouron crsation with youtube'so ce on the sweping changes the company is making to protect young hildren onmine. the health scare facing actor luke perry, everything we know as h recovers i the hospital. the well wishes are, of course, pouring in. ahead this morning, the jonasrothers are back. the new music they dropped overnight. the fashion desner who reportedly introduced prince harry and meghan markle and was at her baby shower a few weeks ago. now where will she be? in our studio.
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7:44. snow covered city this morning. a snow-covered city this morning, a little dusting right on top of our studio. who is going to shovel it? carson, willie, al? >> i did shovel this morning. in nod york city if someb slips on your sidewalk, you're responsible. so there you go. we've got more cold air coming in, too. 20 to 30 degrees below normal in the plains today. billings only 16. bismarck 16. 14 degrees colder than usual. minneapolis will see only 22 degrees. then on saturday look at this, green bay,wi onsin, you're going to be 27. st. louis, eight degrees c ler thusual. denver looking at 30, that's 20 mgrees colder than average. as weove into next week, that cold air spreads east. by tuesday it's 16 in cleveland, 22 cincinnati. 36 in d.c.e
7:46 am
boston will 29. in the 20s here in new york city. whatever makes its way up the day t sunday night into m is going to be hanging around for a little while. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'mgi storm team 4 meteoro chuck bell. cloudy skies for everybody. most of the lightain and snow is pushed out. there are still lingering raindrops here in southern ry nd, and there can still be a few snow flurries in shenandoah valley. there could be slipperiness on the roads there. in and around the city temperatures just above freezing. so the pavement is wet but not ushy and frozenup. temperatures near 50 tomorrow. driest part of the weekend is saturday afternoon. >> that's your latest weather. >> alnk tha very much. coming up,e new mov by youtube to keep yr children safe, turning off comments on millions of videos. t'll hear fromhe company's ceo. first, these messages. the worst...
7:47 am
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7:52 am
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7:56 is you time now on this friday, march 1st, 2019. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. it's a storm team 4eather alert day. the delays are on your screen d in the nbc washington app. let's check with melissa mollet r first 4 traffic. >> fatal crash investigation cled the outer loop before route 1. now two lanes open. here is the situation. two left lanes are getting by that investigation, aboutle fou of backups through the area. as we spin out here, you can see the slowdown inbound bw parkway inside the beltway slow as wello ead 66 after 29 in centreville, a delay there. and southbound 270 looks nice and clear. >> thank you,ss me we'll take a break now. your forecast is up next. stay with us. migraine with botox®.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good morning everybody. it's going to be a cloudyold and wet friday. most of the early morning participation coming to an end. er temperatures are generally above freezing south of the city. still below fezing in the shenandoah valley. plan on a cold day today. more rain coming in for your friday evening plans. >> why shop march ing) for the whole family! whoo-hoo! woman: and unexpected finds you never knew you were looking for. so every trip feels like an instant victory. that's the fun of marshalls. (gasp)
8:00 am
with brands that wow and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always surprising. (horn honking) . it's 8:00 on today. in like a lion. a massive cross country storm is headed straight for the east coast bringing heavy snow and rain toens of millions in its path. just how bad will it get? al has the latest forecast. under observation. actor luke perry recovering in a california hospital this morning after reportedly suffering a stroke. just ahead, the latest on his conditn and the well wishes pouring in from fellow co-stars anfr iends. and no comments. youtube announcing a big change to protect younger viewers amid growing scandals over security. so is it enough and will it work? youtube's ceo speaks out about
8:01 am
the big challenges they're facing today friday, march 1st, 2018. ♪ >> from sunny south florida. >> to snowy new york city. >> new jersey. >> it's her birthday. >> the national ms society here "today." >> our morning routine, watching the "today" show. >> julia turns 50 -- today! >> good morning everybody. so nice to have you along with us. a ltle bit of a snowy cold scene on the plaza. nice and cozy at home. if you want to send a mytodayplaza video. sweeping the nation. >> craig and hoda have the morning off. v eo b shout-outs. if you want to see yourself, record your message and share it with mytodayplaza on twitter and
8:02 am
instagram. >> extra credit for super cute babies. right to the news at 8:00, march is coming out of the gate strong. a triple threat of storms that could disrupt plans coast to coast. al has it all mappedut for us. >> you can see snow blowing at our ice skating rink at rock center. the snow continuesoko come down. g live at the radar, it's pers northeast. it will just miss boston. the heaviest stuff mov out. we look at how much snowfall we're looking at. the system will push to the north. we've got another system making its way along the coast tonight into tomorrow. that's going to bring somehe ier snow from new york on up into new england. in fact, we're talking aboutro anywhere four to eight inches of snow just north of new york city, connecticut, rhode island, on into new england. we'll watch that very slowly. here comes the next system. this one could cause flooding rains for parts ofcalifornia, heavy snow through the rockies
8:03 am
and then it continues to move east. it's a rocket sled on rails from kansas into st. louis and then into the south, into chicago, t indiana, into northeast. as we get into sunday, soaking rains down to the north. here is w ire gets dicy. the system starts to make its way up the coastnd bring more snow there. depending on the track, the amount of snow will vary. we do -- all the models a we'll see heavy snow from the rockies into the centrallas and mid mississippi river valley. as we move to the east, the american model keeps the snow further to the south. washingt m, d.c., roanoke be involved. the european model brings heavy snow from central all the way into new england and just north of new york city. if this system moves a little further south, that will draw in the colder air and that will mean more snow along the i-95 corridor. both models agree, heavy rai to the south. heavy rain bands an inch to 1.5
8:04 am
inches per hour. flish flooding. is a big impact storm literally from coast to coast. >> a rocket sled on rails kind of day says al roker. president trump is facing pushback over comments about h his summit withadorth korean kim jong-un. kelly kocobiella h a closer look. >> the north koreans are disputing the president's accounts of why the hanoi talks broke down. president trump said he walked because the north koreans demanded dropping all sanctions. north korea's foreign minister claiming north korea demanded only some sanctions be lifted i exchange closing its main nuclear site. president trump also dealing with fierce backlash for hisen co on otto warmbier, the college student from ohio who wasmprisoned in north korea and died after 17 months in a labor camp. the president telling reporters
8:05 am
he takes kim jong-un's that the dictator isn't responsible for warmbier's treatment. republicans breaking ranks with the president placing blame clearly on kim. some of the president's critics says it's yet another example that the presidein is s with dictators over his own advisers and intelligence. the northav koreans always denied torturing otto warmbier. ois morning comment from otto's family. >> how difficult for the family sto be put through t again. kelly, thank you very much. a new report says the president overruled intelligence officials and his own white house counsel last year and ordered top securityce clearan for jared kushner, his son-in-law and also senior adviser at the white house. according to "the new york times" it was then chief of staff john kelly who got that order to grant t clearance anyway. the times says kelly was so upset he wrote an internal memo about the incident. that report contradicts president trump who told the
8:06 am
times in juary he played no role in kushner's clearance. nbc news reported last month white house security expertsra ed red flags about potential foreign influence over kushner. delta and american airlines have been hitith hefty fines for keeping passengers waiting inside planes onarmacs for too long. maybe you've been one of those passengersment under feder rules travelers on domestic flights can't be on the tarmac for more than threen hours wit a chance to deplane. the limit is four hours for international flights. american was fined $1 million for violating the rules 13 since 2015. delta fined $7,000 for 11 violations over the past two years. >> incredible story. brilliant maneuver by a group of teenagers saved yng boy stuck dangling from a ski lift. nbc's kristen dahlgren with the incredible rescu all caught on camera. >> reporter: high anxiety gripping skiers on a mntain in vancouver, canada. an 8-year-old boy dangling fro a chair lift more than 20 feet
8:07 am
above the ground. >> that's crazy. >> that is insane. >> reporter: a man scene desperately holding on to the boy unableo pul him back up. other skiers watching the whole thing unfold. so the boy's cries for help were answered by a group of quick thinking teenagers. >> they pointed to the lift, and i saw the kid dangling. i was like, holy smokes. >> at one point it was just one arm he wa langi by. >> the five friends racing to grab nearby fencing, making it into a safety net. >> inside i didn't know what was going to ppen. kind of knew we could do this. >> reporter: then the ultimate trust fall. >> wow, they're heroes. the teenagers clapping and cheering once the boyon was safy he ground. >> it was all over so quickly, three brilliant ideas all put together and we saved the kidwa that y. >> grass mountain ski resort saying their quick thinking and
8:08 am
immediate actions are commendable. adding the boy who f.l wasn't hu it's not clear what caused the boy to slip off the lift in the first place. the incident is now under investigation. the resortnsays it po give the teens complimentary season passes for theiris he as for the group of friends, they're just glad they could help. >> it's interestingo be called a hero. i don't think it's really settled in that we've saved a child's life. it's pretty >>incredible. eporter: for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> i love those little dudes. >> using the netting, stroke of genius. >> how about the kid hanging on with super human strength. >> i think it was hard to let go because of, how terrifying. >> hoda is off. that doesn't mean we're not going to do a morning boost. a young soccer fanen inand. a chance to walk on the field with his favorite team was the ultimate dream. here is how a boy named harry reacted when his parents got hiv
8:09 am
aed mascot's role as a birthday present. >> oh, my god dad! oh, my god! oh, my god! >> oh, harry. he gets to wear the football w unifork on the field side by side with his favorite player before the game. the experience of a lifetime. gratefuly and so coming in for the hug. >> i wish my kids would react th way when i give him christmas presents. what else you got? >> maybe your present needs to be better. >>xcellent point. coming up, you tube's crackdown on dangerous comments aimed at ildren. what the company's ceo had to say to us aboutge major ch the latest overnight on the health scare that has 90210 star luke perry in the hospital this morning. first these messages. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner?
8:10 am
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8:13 am
>> morgan radford joins us with more on t problem and what's being done to fight it. good morning. >> good morning. we've all been there, done that. we've been familiar with going down the youtube rabbit hole. youtart on one video and end completely different. unfortunately there's a darkness in the comments section that youtube is trying to combat in an effort to protect children from online predators. this morning youtube cracking down on its comments section after critics claim pedophiles arehe using t platform to prey on ds. the google-owned companyrs announcing tday it's disabling comments on videos featuring kids where predators might be lurking and getting rid of any channels that might be h trying tm children. the company also revealing it will be able toy identwo times as many predatory comments with its updated comments class fire tool. measures that youtube says a critical for keeping young people safe. the significant changes after several companies
8:14 am
announced they were pulling their adts from the site, concerned those ads were running alongside predatoryen ts. >> i'm making this video wit onne intention and that so to bring awareness to this. >> reporgr: the company fac mounting pressure after youtuber revealed last month that pedophiles were using the comments section on videos featuring children as part of a soft core pedophiliatring. >> w this is child exploitation. >> reporter:aylater an explosive investigation by "wired" magazine showed how predators were using the comments section to sexualize children aub doing innocent things le playing twister, doing gymnastics or swimming in pools. those sideos whichetimes had hundreds of thousands of views included ring disturbing and inappropriate comments. youtubeceo susan wojcicki sitting down with willie.
8:15 am
>> when we make changes to our policies, we usually consult with experts, whether they're experts in child safety, experts in law enforcement, emergency oom people, first responders, understanding where is the best place to draw the line. ♪ >> rorter: for over decade youtube has provided viewers with an up-close look at the world around them. ♪ >> reporter: even serving as a career p launching for some of stars.rld's biggest now it's facing one of its toughest clal lengs, protecting children from a danger hiding in plain sight. dvertisers who have reportedly pulled big bucks from youtube include disney, nestle andpic game they don't want their branding and messaging alongsidene rious predators. a lot of critics say when you click on one of these videos, youtube's algorithm will suggest
8:16 am
other videos. >> that's the allegation against youtube, its algorithm dra these cthings. >> i promote some of these videos with these disturbing comments. >> they've changed it so conspiracy videos are not pushed to the top when you search something. they know this is the exi existential threat. policing all of it is very difficult. think ear grappling with that right now. you can catch my entir video with the youtube ceo on sunday. >> al, let us get a check of the weather. big morning for you. >> that's right. here is an interesting -- a bonus, if you will. with all the heavy rain we've been seeing in california, there s been a super bloom of gorgeous poppies in the hills in ke elsinore. look at the poppies. poppies.
8:17 am
anyway, what's interesting, not only is this a bonus and really beneficial, bringing people there, but the drought in california is almost wiped out. since january 1st, 21 inches in eureka, california. san francisco, 13 inches. los angeles almost 4.5 inches above normal. eureka almost nine inches. 80% of california was in draut on december 1st. by today, literally 2% of drought in northern california. they're going to see heavy rain over the weekend and that will cause a problem with flooding. we're watching a double barrel low that wills cause probln new england. the storm comes in from california and rockets across the countr that what's going on across the counted. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning everybody. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy skies.
8:18 am
pox very light snowsho of my county. temp are about freezing of washington. but there are still areas at or below freezing here towards the northern part of the area. be careful today, take it easy. cloudy skies. rain likely to come back this afternoon and evening. it could end with a little wet snow early tomorrow. >> al, thank you very much. now to the well wishes pouring in this morning for lukehe perr >> 90210 and riverdale star was hospitalized after apparently suffering a stroke. he's just 52 years old. >> beverly hil 90210, turning young actors into '90s idols, perhaps no one more than luke rry. >> the guy is your friend. i don't view to show him some respect. >> the show made aim a star gave him fans for life. many shocked to hear what happened wednesday when a 911 all sent paramedics rushing to perry's hoke.
8:19 am
>> rescue 78, rstroke. orter: a spokesman wouldn't con firl he suvd a stroke, saying he's under observation at a hospital. the majority o stroke victims are 65 or older. this medical issue, though, not the first perry has had to face. in 2017 he revealed doctors durinprecancerous tumors a colonostomy. >> any time you can get people to come together for a good cause in the right way and help other people, it's a great thing. >> friends and former co-sta rs ngco miperry. ian ziering writ wg, noords can express what my heart feels hearing today's shocking news. shannen doherty adding my friend, holding you t ht and giving you my strength. you got this. >> you stopping by the site later? >> reporter: perry current stars in "riverdale." on the day he was taking toho t ital news broke of a beverly
8:20 am
hills 90210 reboot. he had yet to sign on but told al he was open to the idea when he stopped by in 2017. >> i would very much interested in doing it. i would like to get back with them and work with my guys. >> now the crew who grew up together on television rallies behind one of their own and the potentiaurn to an iconic role. >> a lot of people rting for him. >> i think we all sd the same thing. he's 52 years old and had a stroke. wishing you well. hope he recovers quickly. let's turn to carson, "popstart." >> the jonas brothers announced they're coming back. therwas speculationhey'd be releasing new music. the news was confirmed with a little help from james corden. >> hey, how are you? >> sorry. one second. hello. >> do you mind if we pic
8:21 am
somebody up. >> all right, cool. >> hey, man, what a treat. >> thanks for picking me up. > this is lovely. how iseverything. >> all is good. do you mind if we listen to -- >> oh, i am so sorry. i've got to take this call. rry. >> no worries. >> oh, yeah. we're like two minutes away. >> making a pickup? >> yeah, if that's all right. >> yeah. hey guys. >> hey, how a you, man? good? nice to see you. >> wait. hang on. is what i think isen hag, is it happening? >> yep. we're back. >> and there you go. after six years, the band is back together. the group also announced that at midnight they'll release the first single called "sucker." without furtr ado, let's check out the jonas brothers
8:22 am
♪ i'm a sucker for you ♪ i'm a sucker for you ♪ any t road youe you know you'll find me ♪ ♪ i'm a sucker for all the subliminal things i love about you ♪ ♪ ♪ making me break my typical rules ♪ ♪ it's true a i'm sucker for you ♪ >> you can see a the significant others are featured in that video. no word on whenn m. ifhekingory' tpll a a place ro dto practice, get that old moj back together, how about t plaza here in the summer. >> yes. >> if you'reom watching, c on down. up next, thethonas bs aren't the only thing lifting off. pollo 11" is out featuring never-before-seen footage from e sst th tiohemin. tense
8:23 am
moments leading up to the launch. >> six-minute mark in the countdown for apollo 11. now nd5:52 a counting. >> verified, guy for launch. >> go for launch. >> pretty cool, right? it puts you right there, these documentaries are so cool. color corrected? >> yeah. "apollo 11," the vehicle to get there weighed close to 6.5 million pounds. it opens exclusively in imax nationwide today. it's going to be in theaters everywhere starting friday, rch 8th. >> imax, baby. >> all year long we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. one programming note, ben affleck set to be here on monday for an exclusive interview.
8:24 am
his movie "triple frontier coming out on netflix. we look forward to catching u b with monday on "today" in studio 1a. >> popstart is full up today. is there room for a clip? >> always. >> there is. we've all competed for a spot on point.uch at some the same can be said for dogs. lus ski banditonoticed his sleeping next to their owner on the sofa. he tugged the puppy. bandit t wasted noe in taking his son's spot. that's the way it goe down. >> big dog rule. >> look at this. none is sitting there. just ahead, fashion design, friend of meghan markle misha nonoo is first a check of your localews and weather after these messages.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning everybody. 8:26 on this ,frid march 1st. >> taking a look at the roads this morning. first 4 traic alert outer loop of the beltway before route 1, still slow. still have delays from an earlier crash. all lanesn, are now out a lot of slowdowns. inner loop at the american legion bridge, a crash on the left side of the roadway. you can see thowo slow spots on the beltway. old georgetown road southbound at the beltway, single lane givigive getting by. we'll have a check of your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
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that's the fun of marshalls. (gasp) with brands that wow and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always surprising. (horn honking) not a very d pretty to be outside for any lengths of time, but it's friday no matter how terrible the weather is. cloudy a cold this morning. there are pockets of light rain and snow. that will be coming to an end.
8:29 am
more r mn likely toe in this evening. that could be a little rain-snow mix earlyomorrow morning, especially in the northern parts of the shenandoah valley. >> chuck, thank you can g the latest news and weather in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
8:30 now, it's friday 30 on friday morning, the 1st of march, 2019. we say hi toat a gre crowd out here on our plaza. lots of cute babies out here this morning. i just fell in lov with this baby over here. oh my gosh, how cute. >> good crowd out here in the snow. here we are. >> thank you for letting mebo ow this jacket. >> look at this face. is this the baby you're falling in love with? >> that's baby caroline. >> parents lauren and clint, where are you from? >> from coupling, georgia.
8:31 am
snow. is her first >> first snow? clint, what's on the docket in new york? >> we talke about going to museums, eating good food. >> how is she doing? >> she doing great. she doesn't know what the white stuf in the sky is. >> she's so smusey. >> so you know, that's how savannah first gvale. be careful. >> like the stork. just ahead,re w exciting because we have misha nonoo in the house.s shhe person who reportedly introduced prince harry and meghwe markle. l talk about that and get ere three essential wardrobe sapless that n go out of style. she's going to hook us all up.
8:32 am
so, when you're going to eat, you've got to eat, doesn't matter where you ave. we a story behind the slice of pizza that create add viral star at this week's hearings on capitol hill. onouhe third h of "today," we'll wrap up our abando dseries. sheinelle's trip to an old iron ctory that's had an amazing rebirth. let's get a check of the weather. you've got a lot going on. >> yep. >> announcer: today's is weather brought to you by march val studios. discover what makes her a hero. in theaters everywhere march 8th. >> can't wait for "captain marvel." can you wait for your weekend weather? here it isow weather in the northeast and new england tomorrow. a flood threat back in california and snoin developing he rockies in the central plains as we move into sunday, y su severe storms down through the lower gulf. heavy snow in the mid mississippind ohioiver
8:33 am
valleys. sunshine for the pacific northwest. aat's what's going onund the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. cloudy and cold outside this morning. areas of very light snow moving from win cles center to martinsburg. rain with a few sleet pellet south of the city towards waldorf and huntingtown. not a big warmup coming today. cold and wet this morning. rain moves back in later on in the evening. that can also be a mrain-sno in northern maryland by tomorrow morning. dry tomorrow afternoon and evening. rain returns again late sunday afternoon. >> that is your latest wealth ever. a lot of students here. national athlete training month. >> al,>>hank you. coming up next, her creationsre worn by hollywood royalty and actual royals. i misha nonoos here and she's going to styleus.
8:34 am
rst this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
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we are back. 8:35 with celebrated fashion designer misha nonoo, the first to debut a runway collection on instagram. you've seen hern creations stars like her friend meghan markle. we'll talk to her about all of it in a first, a little more about the designer. fashion designer misha nonoo is known for simplicity, building a wardrobe with basics. a creating a foundation of woman's wardrobe, it's about thinking what is going to ease her pain points in the morning, how she dresses from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> each piece is designed to mix and match creating kits of t eee ht classics. >> it isn't about the look, it's bout the woman wearing the looks and the clothes are the supporting cast of characters. >> over the years her creation haves been worn by many famous
8:37 am
faces from emma watson tole megn maho she reportedly introduced to prince harry. her own love aitair wh fashion began as a child, far from the runways of parents, milan and new york where she eventually landed. >> i grew up in the tiny little land of bahrain which is in the middle east. one thing i loved was my school uniform. i had this little navy blue uniform with a pale blue shirt. i would always add my own tweaks to it. i realized you can create your own personality in how you dress. >> adding her own tweaks is extly how she launched her business. >> for me, the way i was going to be able to really tell the story of the brand was to completely change directions, and in that sense it was going to be by becomingy own retailer. i think people had come to slightly expect me to do things hilittle differently. i still that people probably think i'm a little bit crazy. >> she's not crazy. misha nonoo, great to have you
8:38 am
here. >> thanks for having me. >>o many people have become familiar with you because you're friendly with meghan markle, noh the s es of sussex. some people think you're the one who bught harry and meghan together. that you introduced theris >> i don'tss personal relationships at all, but very happy for them. >> she just had her baby shower recently. she must have been glowing. >> sheke certainly l it. >> incredible. >> tell me about your fashion line. you're kind of like the staples, that's the mix and match. what are you bringing to it that's different? >> for me it's how you think about building aat founal wardrobe. we all have some of these hings, whether it's your perfect black blazer, trouser, white shirt. it's thinking about how to get the maximum mileage out of those pieces. so don't invest in things that are, in my mind, one-off pieces. really thinking about things you'll be able to wear day in and d y out and're going to get a lot of use out of it. >> kind of like your uniform.
8:39 am
as a little girl you wore a light blue shirt. >> and here i am. things haven't changed that much. >> we have good models that i think you'll recognize. let's first start with -- i think dylan. there she is strutting out. >> perct nway. >> this is actually outside what your normal style would bell >> very much so. >> i think the reality of something like this is that w a lot ofen can wear it, differ dt heightferent proportions. you have a little leg showing. you can wear this. when i always talkbout what you wear, you have to be able to wear something from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. it wring versatile pieces. you can wear this to the office d also out on a date. the black blazer is a strong piece. >> we have morgan on the right, sheinelle in the acmornings. >> up and do it again one more time. we'll let you stomp out.
8:40 am
>> are you ready? the girls are going to stomp in. >> there you go. >> a white shirt, you can wear this with the same -- you can wear the white shirt also, t if yonk about it, back to the black skirt. you can throw this blaze over the white shirt. your cashmere sweater tucked into ousers. do you guys mind switching? >> that's how they do it. >> you look chic. >> you alsor have you black drouser. at that lengths you can wear it with a high heel the way i'm wearing it or a sneaker if you want thatravel in it. ng those basic pieces that you can all switch around, versatilely building a wardrobe. a lot of people worried about being sustainable. buying better a wearing longer is the linchpin of what i think about. i think having a wardrobe that's
8:41 am
kwipts a woman from day tonight is really empowering. >> who has the time in the morning, we were just talking ab it. you're up very early. but for most people, you haveho run or a dog, a million things to deal with. you don't want to fuss with your wardrobe. >> w t have black blazer, the white shirt, the black pants. what are the staples other than those that you think every woman needs in her wardrnde to mix match. i think the jumpsuit is a great way to think about going om cocktails into even black tie galas. i think a srt is really important, obviously the perfect denim can be so flattering. it's also about the accessorie when you have these beautiful basic building blocks, your essential items. u can have your great jewelry and earrings. sheinelle was saying, should i eput myrings on? absolutely. have a little bling. >> aregs stock back in? >> i love a shear stocking more
8:42 am
than an opaque tight. you bring whatever your personality is to it. it makes a lot of sens misha thanks so much. nice to have y here. >> thank you, misha >> they look fab. if you wantore of the looks go to we're back with top apps to download. first this is "today" on nbc. i've talked on this phone through the happiest times of my life, and through the saddest times of my life. but i never dreamed in a thousand years that it would save my life boom! i fell 22 feet, completely shattered my pelvis, the middle of the woods i called my wife, she thought i was jokin'. i said, "man, i'm not... i'm not." i was so lucky that day... saved my life. (vo) there for you when it matters most. unlimited on the best network now comes with apple music on us. and $300 off our best phones. only on verizon. and $300 off our best phones. i'm a close talker. so i was excited about all-new colgate total.
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colonoscopy, colonosco from food to family, trave to tracking, there's always an app for everything. here to download theear's must-have apps, mario armstrong, always goodhen you're here. i can show you my phone, it's go apps galore. what is the key to finding apps you know you're going to use? >>edicate them to your
8:45 am
passion. identify what your goals are and priorities are, find apps that will help you with that. i have five different ones to help people with different passions and different things for the family. >> what is the family organizer. >> this is family management at its best. if you have a kids afamily, you can share your calendar with all family members, they can add thei appointments to it. dentist appointments, after school games for every familymb can be in one place. you can even track their location if you wanted to and yo can get notifications when they leave certain areas, like they leftchool or camp, you can get a notification. >> we have a white board on the kitchen that's color coded. for me, oh,o traveling l.a. this is that times 100. it's interchangeable. >> you can put in, edit, see reminders. everyoneees everyone else's. even grocery lists. get the kids involved. we're out of milk, add that to the grocery list inside the app.
8:46 am
>> i travel as well what do you have for travel? >> at your gate. this is inirport delivery to your gate for anything you want to shop at in the airport. open the app and you can shop at all the stores inside the airport. utone charges, magazines, coffee, doug the runner will bring it to your gate. >> is this up and running? >> i should end the segment right here on this.yo it's called a gate. in five airports right now. we have it in laguardia, jfk, newark, san diego. >> have you ever used it? >> yes. >> incredible? >> 15 minutes. >> can you get food? >> anything that's selling in the airport. >> i can get a beer brought to me sitting at the zbaet? >> i don't know about that i'll have to check. >> what else? >> habit share. this is for those people that need toreate better habits to achieve their goals, especially if you did new year's resolutions and not hitting them. you're looking at my chart, seeing everything from rehearsing from my tv show to meditation.
8:47 am
i can track when i've been good when i've been bad. i can share my habits and what i'm trying to d with my friends and on social. we can communicate and text eac other to give each other motivation. >> is ts under the category of mindfulness? >> absolutely. it's about having a support in system, h coaches that are your friends to root you on. if you want to go to the gym and do that five days a week, you can have your friends track your habits. the only way to get goals done these days, you have to write a them down you need an accountability partner. this has both. >> they have the where you have the numbers in front of you. you can see the what else?. >> everyone who loves their food, this is it, video recipes by master chefs giving you step by step instruction in great crystal clear video. talking over 500 recip carson. they add more every day. it's like a cookbk with an
8:48 am
interactive instructor all in one. >> who is the curator of ?th >> all these master chefs are. a whole backlog of.aster ch you can say i want to cook more mexican dishes. i can actually take a >> the int is still the wild west. you need that cure ration. >> someone las done the legwork. there's so much information. how do i know what's right for me and what's the right thing for my kids. >> one minnest left. >> this is another one that falls infumiess, the zen garden as opposed to madison square garden for your phone. it wipes your home screen with an intention that you start every day. all my a apps are grayed out. is is done intentionally to reduce the amount of time try to use my phone. trying to reduce my screen time and the i'mses for me to use my phone. the favorite feature is the batching of notifications. all the dings you get on your
8:49 am
phone, you caniv say only them to me every half hour or only at 2:00 and 5:00. >> a little ironi it's an app to keep you off your phone, but you need to be on your phone. mario, always a pleasure. >> be slur to check outhe all "today"app. text today to 66866. coming up next, the pizza guy who stole the showpi on cal hill. first this is "today" on nbc. think only specialty stores have what's new?
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8:51 am
carson is over carson is in the orange room with a viral moment during the chaos in washington. what have you got? >> all of us glued to our tvs on wednesday for the michael cohen hearing. just outside a committee room that annlely star emerged. let's take a look during a live report on cbs, this young man was spotted in the background scarfing pizza t directly from box.
8:52 am
also the clip captures that exact moment that he discovered heas on tvnd he makes his way out of the shot. oh, me? i'm going to keep veating. sion of the video was shared online. 2.5 million views later. hallway pizza guy has taken over the internet. here we go. rob, the hero we knew we needed. this one has high hopes for the future saying hallway pizza guy 2024 #america. hallway pizza has been >> bring that over here. >> keep walking. >> happens to be eatingizza from a chain. it's and pizza. they wanted to jump in, too. there' the twitter account, too. they've got hallway pizza guy. they're runng an ad now which you can see here. hallway pizza guy. they have the special, announcing this with a promo online. hallway pizza guy is officially a thing. p a lot ple thought that was
8:53 am
a capitol hill intern caught on camera. now reports saying he's a student at georgetown university who just showed up to watch history unfold. had no idea he woulde part of history. >> that's even greater. he's like, i'm going to order a whole pizza right now. >> at first i thought who eats a whole pizza. then i remembered myself in my 20s. i ate a whole pizza. we were going to try this until we found out it was from wednesday's show. >> it's cold touc the i'm not that judge ynchtsz about pizza. >> birthday cake. how about that? >> smear it with some smuckers. we have nice folks to celebrate this morning. let's spin the smucker's jar and show you who we've g happy 101st birthday to dot crouch, a world traveler from hickory, north carolina. she's visited all 50 states and four continents. next we have grace pavone from
8:54 am
melrose, pla chew sets, she's worked as a school crossing guard for more than 30 years. happy 100th birthday to harold aronson served his country during world war ii. we salute you for your service. edward murphy,100, a golfer from duluth, georgia, he says the secret to longevity, wearing that great hat and staying active. marjorie ludlow is 101,d volunteet a local hospital for three decades. lap pi 100th birthday to edward web ber from plantation, florida, married to the love of his fife ethel 75 years. congratulations to the two of you and happy >>birthday. love those birthdays. it's a great country. thank you, sheinelle. >> we have aar rble story from harry smith. this is about a man paralyzed from the necdown. he's now back o the ski slopes.
8:55 am
>> fantastic lory. >> thaks amazing. we love this. slash- what? >> all day. >> if you lne stories the morning, you'll love them all day. today maria o shriver ispening up what she does every day to tune out these n and find happiness. everything we know about the series "the baby-sitters' club" is getting a reboot. on the third hour iis super food friday. we've got special guest taste testers to test joy bauer's favorites. it march dness. she has her top seeds for march madness. maybe hallway pizza guy needs to meet fiji water girl. >> there you go.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time on this friday, march 1st, 2019. good morning to you. i'm youngch yang. let'k on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. inner loopf the beltway at the american legion bridge, a crash on the right side. delays as you head into maryland. taking a look, outer loop at route 1, that's finally cleared
8:57 am
out of the way. it was quite a mess earlier. everything with the crash investigation, a fatal crash has cleared. southbound old georgetown at the beway, single laneetting by the crash in bethesda. >> we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay wit. lo
8:58 am
8:59 am
y and cold outside. still some areas of rain in southern maryland. areas of snow up here headed eastbound into frederick county, maryland. temperatures just below the freezing mark. staying cold all day. temperatures barely reaching 40. rain likely to move in after 5:00 tonight. rain-snow mix tomorrow morng. 53tomorrow, the warmest of the next five days. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a great. cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping.
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olay. >> announcer: bc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a inaz rockefeller and a good friday morning to you. welcome, i'm al. wegot eie andy here craig is off today, and it's march 1st. >> can you believe it? >> march 1st already. >> boom. and it's comg in like a lion throughout parts of the northeast and new england. a lot of snow. of course we just wrapped up heart health month. now this is colon cancer awareness month. it really is when you look at the numbers, it's pretty striking. according to if everyone or 50 got screened it's estimated 6 in 10 deaths could be prevented. >> six in ten. >> over 50. like 50 sounds so young now and i feel like there's so many


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