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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 1, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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fatal crash that ompletely shutdown part of the beltway for hours. the president returned from north korea with harsh words for his former attorney. i'm susan mcginnis in washington. the latest onee a of dramatic testimony from michael cohen. and the snow is over for today, but there is a concern for some freezing rain for some of us andth looking t weekend, more snow may impact the area. i'll have the latest on whaca yu expect in my updated forecast. announcer: news4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert.
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>> all right. thank you for joining us. we've made it to friday. i'm erika gonzalez. no i'm pat lawson muse. we had a little this morning. let's check in first with amelia draper. how are things looking on the radar right now? >> as you can see,rm seam 4 radar drawing across the area right now and little is the keyword there. we saw aboutti c to around two inches across the region. just a few meager showers down in parts of maryland and a few flurries just north o frederick city. as we head into the evening, rain is going to start to develop and wit surface temperatures at higher elevations right at freezing, we cod be dealingith some frr for the counties here in purple. that's why the national weather service has issued a new winter weather advisory. this is for the i-81 corridor as well as frederick, carroll counties and maryland. is f gredethrick county in maryland. it goes until 7:00 a.m. elsewhere it expires earlier at 1:00 a.m. it's mainly at that hig r
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elevation. think of places like braddock heights. we could see anywhere fm about inch. ng to .2th of an you want to be cautious for slick spots as we head into the evening hours and early tomorrow morning. i am traeving rainoping this afternoon and evening. i'll have more on that timing and also se snow forome of us on sunday. i'll be breaking that down with future weather, erika, coming up. maryland andirginia police responded to at least six crashes on the beltway all before llsunrise. >>f the snow and sleet caused area roads to be slick and dangerous. justin finch has been checking out conditions from the winter blast all morning long. justin, tell us about it. >> reporter: hey, there, pat, erika, it really depends on where you were today from loudow counre our day began to arlington county where we are right now. i want to show y first a look at loudon. as you can see, we got a bit of everythingthere.
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all that winter has to offer from snow to a winteryix to rain and sleet and then right back through all those conditions again and again. the main roads weaw out there did mostly hold up, however, over time aumulation did begin to build on the neighborhood streets and secondary streets. we saw crews standing up there to clear those streets as well. n we got backe road to make our way from loudon to fairfax and arlington on route 7, we did see conditions begin to clear and kind of got what we are seeing right now here in arlington, a light snowy, icyat g on lots of areas herebu in some spots now already beginning to clear. the roa here are wet but mostly clear here in arlington and fairfax counties. whenews here that schoo will close early this morning, thereu was some rise. take a listen. are you surprised to hear that the schools here in arlington are closed today? >> no.
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>> reporter: why not? >> i mean, i guess it's b to be safe than sorry, so, iet it and delays aren't always nice for reveryone. orter: if you were a kid, would you come out and play in this? >> probably, yeah >> reporter: well, we're here live right now in quincy park and i don't see any kids, any more dogs, anyone out here, apparently took that two-hour delay and ran with i a lot longer, but there may not be enough out here to really play wi i'm guessing that maybe where amy show is up in the sheland/frederick area that may have a bit more snow up there than i have down here. that the deal, amy? >> reporter: hey, justin. it certainly is. ar it's to tell that spring is right around the corner with these wintery weather condition out here in frederick county, maryland. we've had a mix allg morning l of freezing rain, sleet, slush, snow, all of that fun stuff.
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those are the conditions outside. now we want to hop back into our truck and give you guys a look atnghe conditions a the roads. we'll start driving here as juinmentioned, we're in fed rick county, maryland and the roads have been looking pretty clear, the sidewalks roads have had a lot of salt on them. we've seen a lot of crews out doing their thing. you should be go if you do need head out some where and you're in the frederick county area this morning. th kids also got to sleep in a little bit. they got a two-hourelay so that gave the crews some extra time to work. the temperatures hovering right above the freezing mark and it should stay there throughout the aernoon. if you are looking to commute home this afternoon, you should be good to go. live in frederick un, aimee ws cho, ne4. >> pleasant to the eye. thanks aimee. maryland state police say this weather may haveto contribute deadly crash that shutdown part of the beltway for hours. the crash happened jus before 4:00 this morning on the outer
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loop in college park. police say the crash involved a trtor-trailer and a chevy traverse. thatraverse apparently spun out and crossed in front of a tractor-trailer. there were three men from silver spring inside that suv and sadly police say, one of them, a passenger, died. his name has not yet been released. the driver of the tractor-trailer is okay. today the i president back at the white house following his trip to vietnam. pr hident trump cut short nuclear summit with north korean leader kim jong-un after the talk fell through. now he's dealing with the fallout after his former personal attorney, michael cohen, testified before congress this week. news4 susan mcginnis reports. >> repter: president trump landed in washington hours afthi s former lawyer and fixer michael cohen finished three days of appearances before congressional commetees. resident made an appearance on fox. >> when we have an attorney, you're suppose to be able to rely on your attorney. eg>> attorney/client prive.
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>> but it's also called reliance and he jus was not much of an attorney, that i will tell you. it houghts a terrible display of dishonesty, actually >> reporte in dramatic testimony this week, cohen ainted his former boss as a racist con man who directed him to lie about extra-marndal affairs about his business dealings in russia. >> mr. trump knew of andhe directed trump/moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. r: >> reporte on capitol hill, points of viewn cohen fell along party lines. >> cohen's going to jail, y? for lying. >> we are moving into territory thatery perilous for the president and cannot be ignored ee the congress. >> reporter: congrs d map s testimony as a r for future testimony. >> allen weisselberg, ron lieberman and matthew cal 'smarry. >> reporter: the plans to call allen weisselberg. >> it doesn't seem as if the president and his campaign i
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don't ows are out of the woods yet. >> reporter: congressional investigators with the long awaited mueller report expected anyday. >> cohen is scheduled to make a reappearance on capitol hill next wednday. in washington, susan mcginnis, nbc news. the race for president is growing. this morning washington governor jay inslee announced he's running for the democratic nomination. in his announcement, he emasized climatehange and highlighted his liberal record state. state, washington the 68-year-old is a former member of congress and served as the dtic governor's association chair last year. a dozen people have annoued their candidacies and more are expected to announce soon. in a rare move in the tamaryland s house, delegates essentialured one of their own for making a racial slur. she called parts of prince george's county a, quote, n-word district. she represents hartford county northeast of baltimore. members of the house and
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delegates voted 136-0 last night to cenure her. e s already been stripped of two leadership assignments. she has apologized and deste ist anfor her to resign, ty says she will not step down. the man accused o killing five employees at the capital may change hisplea. they may have him plead not criminally resnsible because his mental state at the time. yesterday, lawyers for ramos asked the judge to grant them more information. another hearing is set for march 11th. despite recent efforts to make the roads safer for suggests a new report issues remain when it comes to pedestrians. theig governorsay safety association is projecting more than 6,200 pedestrian deaths for last year. that iig thest in nearly 30 years. the district, maryland andia virgll saw an increase in pedestrian deaths for the first
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six months of2018. researchers say one possible ease, more the in people driving bigger vehicles that better protect passengers c but canause more harm to a pedestrian. metro will n be eseending ice hours, at least not any time soon. the board voted yesterday to ep the current sched which allows for more repair and maintenance time. the current schedule will in place for at least another year. and this morning, a break-through, literally, in the construction of the purple line in maryland. excavators broke through the final rocks at the plymouth street tunnel in silver spring. the goodor news residents, the noisy part of the construction in that area is pretty muc over. when it's done, the purple line will run from betsda to new carrollton. its scheduled to open in three years. after a long and intense process an a lot of speculation around it, bryce harpers heading to the city of brotherly
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love. >> the superstar will be taking his tents to one of d.c.'s t rivals phillies. >> reports say harper has a mega deal with the yeillies, 13 ars at $330 million. d.c. e last seven years, has watched the teenager develop into one of the best in baseball. now instead of cheeringhaor er, fans will have to get used to seeing the all-star in n differenorm. >> i knew there was probably a good chance he was going to go. i thought it would be in the west coast where we would wt have tory about him for a while. he's going down the road to philadelphia. not real happy about that. >> while is obviously not the outcome nat fans wanted, just think about what harper has accomplished. he made the all-star team six times and won m.v.p. and, of course, let's not forget last summer when harper was crowned home run derby champ. harper and the phi back in d.c. to take on the nats in april.
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the nat fans will be seeing a though t of him even won't be playing for us. >> our very own northern virginia julie carey is sartbroken. her take his picture which was still on the refrigerator. she was holding up and she put it in the trash. >> parting is such sweet sorrow, ist it? coming up, we've got news on a '90s heartthrob who is still hospitalized after a reported massive stroke. >> what we're hearing from fans and frien of 90210 star luke
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luke perry remains hospitalize this d morning day after reportedly suffering a stroke at the age of 52. having a stroke at his age is not itusual. not at all unheard of. morgan chesky talks to an expert meo says strokes are striking morericans at younger ages. ♪ >> reporter: he broke hearts on
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one of the biggest shows of the '90s, turning troubled teen dylan mckay in a popcal tour icon on 21 >> come on! >> where we going? >> field trip. >> reporter: but tonight's heartbreaking news for luke perry, paramedics race to go his neighborhood wednesday morning responding to a call about a stroke. >> rescue 78, stroke. >> reporter: the smokesman wouldn't confirm the had a stroke but said he is under observation athe spital. a stroke is unusual at his age but not unheard of. a third of all patients are under aged 65. >> a stroke can happen to anybody, anywhere at any time. you don't have to have a family history or many risk factors. >> reporter: most recently perry standardit in the show riverda"riverdale" but just yes news broke o a beverly hills 90210" reboot. his stars sending heart felt messagou.
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>> holdingight and giving you my strength, my friend. you got this. >> i can't tell you what else i'm thinking because yount are in the next room. >> reporter: perry has yet to sign on to the new prurram. a r to the role that made him a star. morgan chky, nbc news, los angeles. stroke is the fifth leading cause of death inhiscountry, killing 140,000 american every year. tomorrow is officially read across america day and many schoolsti are ppating today by honoring the life of dr. seuss. it comes aseu a new story is about to be published. random house ildren's boo gave us all a sneak peek of dr. seu seuss' horse museum. the original manuscript wasn discoverede late author's home 21 years after his death. the book isbout a horse who gives kids a tour of an art museum and it features horse work by pablo picasso.
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the book will be released september 3rd. bw about that? i'm chuckl and on this pet segment. we have dr. joshua woozy with us. he broht along one of his companions here. his nam is jack. >> jack is 14, great little dog. >> part jack russell mix of some kind. >> a little terrier mix, jack there. in he's a very clever lively dog. >> verynd perky very super friendly. he came in from an older couple that couldn't take care of him so he's probably a spoiled dog as well. >> he's very spoiled. needs a lot of attention. likes to be with you at all times. 's a great pet. >> it's nice to adopt theld dogs because a lot of them are surrendered because people couldn't take care ofthem. >> these small dog breed dogs do live a long time. >> the dachund lived to be 17
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years old. >> that's ght. >> can you use people medication pets?our i know the answer is probably no, with a few exceptions. what are the ones you need to avoid? >> some of the most common over the counter drugs can be some of gethe most dus for pets, ibuprofen or advil can be very dangerous. asit toe mitt fen can be deadly for cats and also probably not a good idea for dogs in most cases. me very common drugs can be dangerous. now veterinarians do prescribe human medications for animals. they know what they're doing. we have to be very cautious about that you never want to just use something that off the shelf. >> the ones i think i've heard before like the tram adoll or e ben adrills. those are the type of ones you
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can. >> a lot of theedications we use in vet medicine come right from the hum field because the drug companies are not designing drugs necessarily for animals in all cases. we get them after they've been used in the humanworld. there are a lot of medications that you may recognize that get prescribedtor your pet t maybe you take, but it has to be obviously under the guidance of a veterinarian and especially with over-the-counter medication, we just don't bant giving those to pets. >> rather than google it, it's best to cal your veterinarian. >> absolutely, absolutely. in some cases we might say there is an overdihe-counter tion that you can try for something but definitely you want to get advice before you y that. >> what would be some examples of things you could safely do without having to call? >> verinarians will prescribe aspirin in very low doses with some precaution that's o that often gets prescribed. pepcid. >> pepto-bismol?
11:20 am
>> in some cases that can be ay in small amounts. just seek the guidancef your veterinarian. they can be very, very dangerous. >> they're not actually people even though people treat them like people. >> they are. the physiology can be very different. a drug that's extremely safe for us can be extremely deadly for them and vice versa. o you really want to use caution with that. >> thank you, ifdoctor. you want to adopt jack here go ny of the other animals, to their website. > well, if you plan to sleep n this weekend, you might want to hear this. >> we are breaking down the new study that warns against playing catch-up with your shut eye. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p.
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your accepnce is guaranteed, and this plan has a guaranteed lifetime rate lock, so your rate can never go up for any reason. and with this plan, you can pick your payment date, so you can time your premium due date toork with your budget. options start at $9.95 a month, plus, you 30-day money back guarantee. so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner,. so call now. we like to think that we can skip on sleep during the week
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and just catch up on the weekend, but a new study may u ma all reconsider that notion. >> sphanie gosk explains what researchers say could happen wiout enough zs. >> reporter: monday through friday is go, go, go. we tell ourselves sleep s f the weekend but a new study shows those extra hours on saturday and sundy as g as they may feel don't repair the damage doneuring the week. >> sleep lost can't be slipped gained the younger you are, you're more likely to recov much sooner. it will take you a lot more time to recover in your 40s and 50s. >> reporter: people thaton't sleep enough eat too much. the lure of late night snacks too har to resist because lack of sleep messes with hunger hormones andt disrupts the body's ability to regulate sugar leading to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. worried?
11:24 am
rest easy. it's a simple fix, put the gentleman pam as on, the chips bed. nd just go to >> so much easier said than done. >> yeah. >> give u something to work on. so wille be tempted to sleep in in the morning? >> i think so because there's plenty oflouds out there. for me at least when i'm waking up to cloudy skies and it's damp and -hilly out there >> that will make you turn over and go back to sleep. >> as a meteorologist i have to say, i heard the snow coming in overnight, saw some sleet. you could hear it outside, the rain. it was just - that keeps you up. you're looking at the radar, what's going onitthe weather. area. loudy across the our temperatures are coming in in the 30s. 35 degrees in washington, 34 in frederick and leesburg. everybody is above eezing. however, back around the
11:25 am
hagerstown, at or below freezing. these temperature are going to remain near steady. for most of us in the d.c./metro area, we're warming to near 40e there o worries of slick spots out there for your afternoon but we are going to see rainia developing espy toward the late afternoon and evening hours. otherwise, it's just kind of cold, damp and cloudy out there. perfect afternoon for taking naps. a high temperature today around 40 degrees. iant to timeut the rain for you with future weather. here we are, 1:00 p.m. a couplef of hoursm now. we are still dry for the most part across t area. however, as we head toward 4:00 :00 p.m., that evening commute is getting under way. notice the high elevations here along the blue ridge. some of the pink showing up there. that is the potential for some freezing rain a that chance continues back toward west
11:26 am
virginia ie panhandle. we'll keep an eye out for those higher elevation for the chance of freezing rain. a little bit of pinnd blue around the mason dixon line. maybe some freezing rain in those higher spots there. aside from that, if you have dinner plans out tonight, definitely want to grab the umbrella with rain across the area as we continue toward midnight, 1:00 a.m. we are still tracking rain showers so it is going to be a damp, soggy night out there. tomorrow morning, maybe some lingering patchy drizzle up around the mason dixon line. we're reallyrawing out by 8:00 a.m. it is completely dry across the entire region. we keep plenty of clouds around tomorrow like i was saying. we're warmer torrow, thankfully with the high temperature around 53 degrees. maybe a fewun peeks ofine as we head toward the afternoon hours but for the most part the clouds w out. i'll have more on the weekend
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rain and snow chances for sunday coming up in about 15 minutes. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how d?upgraded to this sweet a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me?
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announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." >> now to the explosive new report that the president overruled his aides to give a top secret security clearance to his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner. the report raises new questions about the on the record atements made by the president. nbc news pete williamsreports. >> reporter: the "new york times" reports that president trump ordered his then white house chief-of-staff john kelly to give a top secret security ar clearance to kushner. mr. trump's son-in-law and adviser. the time says the president overruled the advice of security officials and the white house counsel. both kelly and don medical gan wroteemos raising concerns about the order. the report contradicts what mr. trump told the times in january. >> i d t't think i have
11:30 am
authority to do that. i'm not sure i do, but i wouldn't -- i wouldn't do it. i s never involved wit the security. >> reporr: late thursday the white hoe told nbc news quote, we don't comment on security clearancar. in ja nbc news report that had white house security officials initially rejected kushner's application after a background check raised concerns about a potential for foreign influence regarding his family's business, his foreign contacts, foreign travel and meetings he had during the campaign. kushner attend that had now inmous 2016 trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer who claimed to have political dirt on hillary clinton. congressman adam schiff said this in a tweet. it's called clearance by nepotism and a serious abuse that endangers our security. >> pete williams also reports the president has the auttority issue the security clearance, but there may be political fallout here. h thse oversight committee was aeady investigating the security clearance issue before
11:31 am
this new report. developing this morning, a violent altercation between a student and a police officer in a loudon county higschool cafeter cafeteria. news4 obtained video of the fight yesterday and it shows the student and a school resource officer punching each other. the sheriff's office says before the video sta edrolling, an administrator asked the student to go to the office, the student ushed the administrator and that's when the resource officer stepped in to calm things down and this happened. >>s he did -- you know, obviously to take this individual into custody, because of the assault on the school administrator, the subject then started striking our deputy. >> the deputy was taken to the the student was arrested and f faceselony charges of obstruction of justice and assault. tonight, a mystery that haunted our area will appear on
11:32 am
date line" pamela butler was 47-year-old. she owned her own home in northwest and had just started new. g someone but just before valentine's day in 2009, she seemed to vanish into thin air. it wou take nearly a decade to figure out what happened to pamela butler. the investigation would also uncover a link to another woman'sisappearance decades earlier. the story is coming up on an all-new date line" tonight at 10:00 on news4. millions of american use dna testing kits to learn about their ancestry, maybeven their health. >> have you ever wondered what the company's involved due with the genetic data that gets collected. doreen gentzler takes a closer look. >> reporter: it's the silicon valley company with thege l database for research. over the past 12 years, has
11:33 am
turned her dream into a billion dollars empire. now, she's venturing into new territory, offering ctomers a chance to give their dna a second life through medical research searching for cures to age old diseases. >> how i can crowd source all of this infortion and then i can. i can partner with academic researchers andh partner w biotech companies, pharma companies and say how can we all come together and say a i want solution and i want information. >> reporter: more than 4 million customers have opted in and the results have already helpeden break scitific ground on everything from migraines to cancer. e of the most significant finds, the first ever genetic lis to depression thanks to a partnership with drug manufacturer pfizer and she's not done yet. t noning her attention to a topic that hits close to home. >> that was doreen gentzler.
11:34 am
coming up tonight, howann's ex-husband is inspiring her next health initiative. >>t's something that hashe potential to impact tens of thousands of people with a debilitating disease. doreen has that part of the story tonight o news4 at 5:00 and 6:00. 30 something's all over the country are pulling out thec clasovel series, the baby-sitter's club. >> we have details about the iconic sies makinger i
11:35 am
11:36 am
if you've been lucky enough to welcome a n child into this world, you know one of the greatest parts isolding the new bundle of joy for the first time. >> but for parents of babies born in the icu that simple task difficult.te >> erica edwards report there's new technology coming which may change that. >> reporter: babies in the icu may soon have the freedom to
11:37 am
move around without bulky wires. researchers at northwestern university designed a pair of wireless sensors to replace the wire based monitors currently used to watch over babies in the nicu. the tangle of wires can make it difficult for parents to hold them. >> if she didn't have the wires on her, maybe we could go for a walk around the room or, you know, the area, maybe we could spend a night upstairs together, you know. it would just make the entire experience more enjoyable and more bonding with teher. >> rep experts say that bondsing time between parent and baby is crucial for the child's development. >> it's been shown that skin to skin contact decreases the risk of infectious disease and of liver and lung issues as well. >> reporter: researchers tested the sensors on nearly 100 babies on two chicagos. hospital the flexible wireless sensors placed across the baby's chest and foot provided the same vital signs data that tra monitoring systems did.
11:38 am
they also protected the baby's >> the adhesive interface is the less destructive t skin. the kinds of conventional adhesive tapes that standard sensors to the skin, their application and removal will often times lead to skin es in. >> reporter: a possible new tool to help doctors and parents care for their tiniest patients. erica edwards, nbc news. turning now to the weather. you said something earlier about more snow. >> yes. i'll talk about it right away because you think you with this, it's march 1st, it's spring, the clocks ticking -- >> is it meteorological spring? >>yeah. astronomical spring starts on march 20th. >> okay >> we'll talore on that coming up at news4 later today, probably i 4:00 hour, but let's talk about the sunday snow because i think this is all on the top of our mind. here's what you can inexpect. s going to move in sunday likely around the mid-day hours.
11:39 am
the big questios when exactly does it arrive? does it get here around 9:00 a.m. or hold off until about 2:00 p.m.? the botm line, rain i moving in on your sunday. if you're waking up early, it will definitely be a dry start but as the rain moves on the rain chances increase as another storm system approaches the area. sn mixes in north and west of washington and we'll see some accumulation. right now if i had toall it, i would say about two to five inches. this is especially in parts of upper montgomery, rtudon, rn fauquier countys and points farther to the north and west. i'm seeing a weather alert likely for part of the area, north and west ofwashington, bet on a winter weather advisory being in effect for sunday day rnoon on into m morning. i'll time it out with future weather. the rest of this afternoon is inly dry, but as we move toward the late afternoon and evening hours, rain showers move
11:40 am
into the area at the higher elevatiold. we c see freezing rain but this is not a concern for most of us. high temperature today around 40 degrees but we are in a weather alert mode because of this wintery weather advisory that's in effect now for saturday morning mainly for the higr elevations up through frederick county in maryland. these locations could see bo anywhere from a coating to two tenthf an inch of freezing rain. it is just a rainy friy night. now, look at sunday here. remember, this is just one computer model but by 10:00 a.m., we already have rain across the area, snow up around the mason dixon line, back p in thhandle of west virginia. much of the same at noon. 5:00 it is raining just about everywhere, but some snow still mixing in north and west of town. we conti te track rain overnight. some wet snow mixing in north and west of town. that comes to an ends by about 5:00 a.m. on mondays. maybe some delays out there north and west but inside of the beltway south and easte should
11:41 am
be able to get on with business as usual on our monday. 42 on sunday. it's a chilly day. only in the 30s on monday and next week, we stay in the 30s for high esday, wednesday, thursday, even friday willava tough time hitting 40 degrees. i'll hav another look at the 10-day forecast 10-day forecast at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent.
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the reboots just keep coming. this time its the baby-sitter's club. yesterday netflix announced the ten episode tv adaption heading to the smallscreen. we're told it'll be a familyly frie comedy following original characters christy, mary ann claud and stacey. no word yet onllhen i be released. the first season of nbc's cliffhanger. >> and toght, viewers will finally get some answers.
11:44 am
mark barker has a preview. >> i don't want to smuggle drugs at all. >> when are we supposed to do this? >> reporter: women forced into crime by financial hardship drove season one of oonbc's girls. >> every door they open that they think, oh, like, this will solve the problem it opens a hallion more stressful doors. >> reporter: stressed peek in last season's nale. >> no, man. >> reporter: a crime boss taunting suburbanite theft into shooting either him or her cheating husbandyo >> d got what it takes? >> reporter: i'm going to ask any how, does beth pull t trigger or what? >> don't you tell him? >> what,? trigge so many triggers being pulled and -- >> ruby runs in and does it. >> so, mike. >> reporter: that was a darkly
11:45 am
comic moment from last season with the actress says even working with a fake gun was stressful. >> it was a real gun pop, i really fee it. i was very anxious every take. >> reporter: the good girls trio says season two gets even darker as consequences ofct theirns escalate. >> all of it. >> that could be extremely vague and say something really extreme happens to major character and we're dealing with the fallout of that. >> reporter: discovering just how bad these good girls c be. people who know a little bit about climbing, say he's totally safe and peopley who reaow exactly what he's doing areou freaked >> beautiful visuals and scenes that will make you gasp. the documentary follows a professional climber as he tackles a 900 feet vertical rock
11:46 am
face at yosemite jason frayly joins us live featuress documentary some really incredible video and it's award-winning. >> yes, it just won the oscar this past week for best wanted ary, which -- we to bring it back because viewers have another chance to see it. so it's still in the i like a lot of people miss the dock movies during award ason. it is visually stunning. i feel like that you see cameraman up there on harnesses getting these close-u shots of his hand on each grip, but i also feel like they must have had drone shots up there as well. there's some extreme high angles. rif you have a f of heights, you need not apply. >> my husband and i went to see ethis when it was in th theater and we were in such angst throughout the entire movie. so, you know, sneak peek, he
11:47 am
makes it because he was up on the stage on awards night. >> it wa not him from beyond. >> your hearts were in your throat. >> every moment, h every timee grabs a rock, you hold your breath. if there's one icriticis think -- you saw the movie, too, he's a little hard to get to know. >> he's very -- and that is -- that is part of the story of t relationship between he and his girlfriend because she's very easy to undetand, she's very normal and he is not. >> and i think, i think that's the filmmaker's purpose, the very thing that makes him fearless and icy in his veins climbing the mountain makes him have awkward relationships at howo. >> it waserful. i loved it. >> it was a great movie. check it out. let's talk to you about pixie du, a little fun, finding neverland at the national theater, tell us the story behind peter pan. is is so cool. >> we remember the johnny dep
11:48 am
movie back in 2004. 's about the author of peter pan. his name is j.m. berry. he has writer's block sitting on a park benchne day and comes across a woman and herour sons and gets inspired by them. there's been a lot of these lately. wehe winnie the pooh. it seems like we like to diveri into thesesh authors and see how they came up with these stories. on stage, it is a musical. it comeser to life at national theater. we talked to the actress, she did say the ladies love captain hook in this one. she says they fall out from the audience. wow. >> i grilled her about tinker bell whether it's done with the old mary martin flashlight, i asked if that's what it wahe says, no but we can't spoil it here. you will know once you enter the theater. >> it's a limited timeeft on
11:49 am
that. you want to get out there because it's only a week left. >> it's only here for a week run, i think. >> the third may the cutoff. we've got true love and a gical kiss and time running fot to see the romantic tale of sleeping beauty ped by the washington ballet at the kennedy center. i haven't seen it but i'm making plans to see this one. >> yeah. the washington ballet is, we love them and they do such great productions down there. it's the music. this is one of the most iconic ballet there is. we caught up with the cast who broke down the story and what you might expect from the visuals. >> the iconic fairy tale of princess aura in which ultimately the side between good and evil and, of course, good wins.
11:50 am
but also some awesome visuals here. take us into the costumes. >> the beautiful costumes, beautiful set. me personally i have about four roles that i'll be switching between so i get a beautiful tutu in one, i'm more elongated skirt in th other. a wig. >> it's like you're looking into a jewelry box with just layers and layers of differe costumes and beautiful sets. >> if you're fans of the disney movie, but it's the same once upon a dream, that score you know. that's the music we're hearing. >> so tibel. thank you. thank you. and we wilbe right back. l choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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okay. amazon subscribers, this one'su for the company has come up with a way to cut down on waste and ke deliveries more convenient for you. it's called amazon prime members who place multiple orders a week can now select the day they want all of their orders to be delivered. amazon says choosg a weekly delivery day is useful for customers with busy schedules and it cuts down on the number of stops amazon drivers have to make. items will be packaged together to cut down on the number of
11:54 am
boxes arrivin at your door, because we all have those stories of the item like this big and the box this big. >> i'm all in. it's a fantastic idea. americans and delta air lines are facing major fines fos making passengait several hours on airport tarmacs. the department of transportation is fined american airlines ami ion dollars and delta air lines three quarters of a million bothnes had several instances where passengers were stuck on the tarmac foror than three hours. federal rules bar airlines from jlowing planes tot sit there for long periods of timei without g people the opportunity to get off. american and delta will not have to pay their entire fines. they were credited for providing passengers compensation for their delays. it might not feel like it now, but spring is just around the corner. we had amelia talking about that and it turns out more millennialsioave their vac plans already set for the
11:55 am
season. >> nbc's liz mclaughlin shares travel trends that won't break the bank. >> reporter: more adults are taking a spring break fromwork. millennials in particar, according to a rise in traffic on travel apps including hopper. >> millennials have said they value experiences over physical goods, so we're definitely seeing more and more people trying to rtravel. orter: millennials are also packing in mor vacations each year, opting for shorter more frequent tri over a longer vacation. one way they're doing that, leisure travel, combining business and leisure by extending a business trip ovewe the end. >> they save the employer money because the flights are often cheaper coming back and they can have basically a free vacation. >> reporter: florida hot spots and beach destinations may come to mind for spring breakers but more people are opting for international travel ahead of the busy summer season. >> paris, london, they're the top five for most tracked
11:56 am
destinations. >> reporter: taking bigger trips in partst' becausemore affordable to get there. >> it's the lowest it's been in three years in terms of flight pricing. >> reporter: you'll have to plan ahead to get the best deal. prices shoot up around 40% in the two weeks before departure but when booking your hotel, pro accuracity c nation pay. >> if you're flexible and can be spontaneous,ou can get rewarded with really fantastic deals. the hotels work the exact igposite of flhts, the more you wait, the more you save. >> reporter: the lowest prices are the day of check-in, if you can wait that long. i'm ready for spring. you ready? >> we'reready. i think everybody is ready, especially when you hear more snow is in the forecast on sunday. it's like we're done. we haven't had a ton of snow. it's been near. norm we've had these little storms here and there and i ktew that defi adds up. the good news is we're done with the snow for today but we'll see rain showers redeveloping especially as we head toward
11:57 am
3:00 and 5:00 p.m. it isaining out there for your friday night. if you have plans tonight, you want to bring the umbrella with the high today around 40 degrees. tomorrow, maybe a lingering shower early but the day is really dry with the high around 50. plenty of clouds throughout your saturday. on sunday, we have rain moving back into the area during the mid-morning and mid-day hours, so if you're dng something outside sunday morning, you should be okay, but as the dayho wears on rain chances going up, not only that but we see wet snow mixing in especially north and west of town. we'll have much more on this at 4:00 p.m. nk >> tyou. that's it for "news4 midd." >> we're back on the air at 4:00 and you can get news and weather y time with the washington app. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p'
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are a sucker for this song. already just out and hot off on the air. the jonas brothers officially back together again. we have nick, joe, kevin, releasing their first song in almost six years. it is dominating itunes and youtube. you saw what a


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