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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 2, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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rightow at 6:00, sad news for d.c. sports fans. bryc harpur and the phillie phanatics join hands as philadelphia makes the m superstar'e official. we talked to the widow of a local man killed in what police are causing a deadly dispute between neighbors. anda protests in califor after the d.a. announces no charges will be filed against w office gunned down an unarmed african-american man in aigh profile police shooting news4 begins with a storm team 4 weher alert. so we are in weather alert mode tonight. a winter tomorrow is expected to dutch a l s ofnow on our region. the weather is relatively mild
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right now. as meteorologist tamara theodore shows us, it's going to change quickly. >> we came up for air today. tomorrow the winter weather returns. it will have major impact on your sunday. let' get to theaps so i can show you the areas that will see a lot of snow, some snow, no snow. pink, you've got a winter storm warning. this is a warning in effect tomorrow. and that's where we're going to see hher totals. in purple in montmerie, northern fauquier, we've got a winter weather advisory tomorrow afternoon till 4:00 a.m. whmond. we're expecting is snow, sleet and rain farther south. snow-covered roads definitely see delays tomorrow afternoon and throughly e tomorrow. i'm sorry, monday. talking timing on this, it is moving in during the critical time for your sunday, midmorninl afternoon. i'll have more on the totals that we can expect coming up in a moment. for now, erica, back to you.
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>> thank you. a neighborhood dispute southeast d.c. turns deadly. the man shot and killed a prominent pakistane philosopher, friends and family overcome with grief. derrick ward has reaction'srom the victife and the emotional pain being felt thousands of miles away. >> reporter: there's was a love to envy. >> i would say to him that you know, i would much rather pass away before you. and he would say no, i cthldn't bear. so i think i'm going to go before you. >> reporter: their relationshi was much deeper than conversations about their passing. >> we sharedhi ever. >> the third floor condo they shared on we'd road in southeast was their oasis of books and friends and the community that welcomed them close to her job in d.c. >> il selected it. >> he was a well-known professor of philosophy though a teaching post eluded him. his doog from a college in
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bulgaria wasn't recognized. a former student says that was a same. >> some of his students back home in pakistan are very like very -- they're activists. they are teachers. so he produced peop. >> friday morning just steps from his home, jawid was gunned down. police arrested hillman jordan anded cha him with first degree murder. >> we have a neighborhood spute. omebody decides to introduce a firearm into the dispute and now a family lost somebody. >> what happened on this street has rerberationshousands of miles away as friends and family surround her, she's hearing nonstop from home. they had talked about return thome pakistan a couple of weeks ctto reconith friends and family there. >> we were planning a trip when this happened yesterday. >> now they'll make that trip together, just not under the y circumstance t waned. news4. >> the couple met in pakistan a
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when she w journalist and the victim was mourning his sister who had just been killed. we go to breaking news out of sacramento. protests are planned after n that two police officers who shot and killed an unarmed blackmon will not be facing charges. today's announcement coming nearly a year after the officers killed stefon clark in his grandmother's backyard. the officer were investigating a srglary. he wt 20 times. the incident sparking nationwide demonstrations, civil rights and faith groups are holding a press conference in sacramento right now. >> we don't believe the d.a.'s findings represents wustce is for this community, for this city, for this state and for this nation. >> the officers said they thought clark had a gun but own found a cell phone nearby. today thent sacramento c district attorney said the officers lawfully used lethal
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force. back from his north korea summit in vietnam, president trump did not hold back today. the president spoke to conservatives at thens vative political action conference or cpac in national harbor. in a marathon speech, mr. trump rehashed his 2016 presionntial elec win and talked about being an outsider. and then he blasted democrats as he laid out his visionor h 2020 re-election campaign. >> so i think we'reo going even better in 2020. i think we're going to do numbers that people haven't seen for a long time. with your help, we are reversing decades of blunders and betropals. >> one the president could not resist the media. he claims cost of theerage he's received since entering office has been negative. >> these people are sick. and i'm telling you, they know the ga. ey know the game. and they play it dirty, dirtier
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than anybody's ever played the e >> the president also took a swipe at the green new deal saying it wouldse end the u of planes and electr pity. then calls for a drastic drop in fossil fuels but doesn't ground airplanes or rely only on renewable energy. it's official. the rival philadehia phillies introduce bryce harpur as one oi own. as carrie chowrasia shows us, it's clear the superstar still o has d. his mind, that and $330 million. who is counting? >> i'm counting actually. you know, for the first time in his pro career, bryce harpur was sporting a different the phillies introduced him today. have you ever been in a really long relationship, break up, start dating someone new and vin a freudianlip and accidentally say your ex-'s name? bryce has. he was introduced as a philly in clear water, florida where the team holds spring training. he signed a record $330 million
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deal an as mentioned without any doubts which means he could be in philly for the rest of his career. he will be 39 deal en after seven seasons with the its, he still has d.c. on his mind even he didn't realize it. >> we're going to go in and do everything we can to win and play hard and play well. and that's what it's all about. that's what i want to do. we want to bring a title back to dc i want to be on broad street or a freaking boat, bus, whatever it is. and have a trophy over my head and do that. that's what it's all about. > >> now, bryce, we also want you to bring a title back to dc. afccr heentally said dc instead of philly, you know the pr team was dng that awkward like nervous smile and laugh. did he just say that? it's kind of like the reaction you ghee me all time. more reaction from bryce later
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in sports. i'm surprised the guy sitting next to him was, we're in philly. a correction. thank you so much. see you in a few minutes. bryce harpur isn't the only one today. surveillance video shows a truck
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d.c. police are looking for a
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bunch of bold bandits. they're wanted for stealing an atm from inside the 7-eleven store and the whole thing caught on camera. the bad guys back their truck up to the store and hit the gas. they smash right through the glass door, they run inside, they snatch the atm, load it up. drive off. this is the damage now left behind. this store is on michigan avenue d.c.ortheast the heist unfolded just before 6:30 this morning. dc police say the four people gloves. wore masks and when you think of all the places where you can go to get books, a barber shop isn't f typically tst place that comes to mind. a new non-profit called barber shop books is combining style and schooling. the program provides books to barber shops and trains barbers to help kids look learn how to read. jagr barber shop recently joined the program. the owner says he sees a lot of young customers every other week
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and want to be a role model for them. >> it feels amazing. i actually loveit. i pray one day walks up to me and say you don't know how you changed my life. >> so that kid you see on screen dillon robinson. he want to be a doctor when he grows up. and that he knows books will make him smarter. right ,dillon. tonight, why the u.s. is one big stepse clor to once again sending people t space. plus, a toddler killed while in the care of a baby-sitter only on news4, a driving mother on news4, a driving mother explns the decisionai
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now only on news4, we are hearing from a mothert who l her baby boy an the baby-sitters over the weekend. what happened next is horrific. paxton davis was 1 year old. his mother dropped him off at a baby-sitter's home in suitland saturday night. the sitter left the boyith her 11-year-old daughter. police say the girliolented assaulted dixon, his injuries including a cracked skull. we sat down with paxton's mom yesterday and she talked about standing vigilant a his bedside for four days before making an agonizing decision. >> it wouldfie s for me to leave you on life support.
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just b i want you still here with me. so baby, go ahead. go ahead and fly away. mommy's going to be okay. >> reporter: the 11-year-old is in custody in a juvenile detention center. she's charg with first degree child abuse. switchinget gears, ready to h the brakes on the parkwa crews are lowering the speed limit because of potholes. starting today, the national park service is reducing the speed limit from 5 to 40 between 197 and . the idea is to make the area safer for drivers and road crews patching potholes. work on a permanent fix starts this fall. to >> ignition, l. a new spacex capsule is hded to the international space station. it launched from kennedy space interest in florida. it is carryg a mannequin outfitted with 400 pounds of
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supplies. the unnned mission will test the new capsule's safety and ability to the self-dock at the ison if the mis goes well, the rocket will launch astronauts into space this summer. >> a big turnout for local athletes in d.c. today marked a celebration for special olympics athletes. the church hosted special olympics for the last ten years. there was an exhibition basketball game to mark the end of the special olympics basketball seas. there were cheerleaders on hand, students and parents cheering on the athletes and then after the game, everybodynj eoyed lunch and an awards ceremony. great day to have that today. today saturday. gorgeous even. tomorrow will be a starko contrastthis. >> i know. we are talking a weather alert tomorrow for wintry weather. we've got snow moving in folks. right now t are quiet. will stay quiet overnight. i want to show you theradar.
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it doesn't like much right now. if you look to the north and west of scincinnati, t one component that's driving in. it's going to become more and more robust, bringing snow to the area and then possibly a wintry mix. let's look a p thel cast so i can time it out with you right now. 2:00 p.m. right now, notice the blue. that's where we're talking about snow primarily staying as rain farther south. it starts off as snow. look what happens, towards 7:00, 8:00, we start to see thetark dividing line here going straight from southern fauquier through prince william intoon washind.c. and florn annapolis i'm sorry, anna run dal. we'l see the dividing line and wintryix between snownd rain. the rain farther south. as we push aheadt' before done, it will briefly change back over to snow early monday morning a o then out here. before it is going to have a big impact on the area.
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let's go ahead and get to that. so we are going to see accumulation from this especially the farther north and west you go. there's no rain impacting that area. just snow. het's a look the numbers. remember this area, frederick county, carll county, parts of northern montgomery and howard county are all under a winter storm warning tomorrow. that's because we could be talking heavy ow, 4 to 7 plus inches of snow. you come farther south, this area in blue 2here, to 4 inches possible through loudoun into .montgomery and howa washington, d.c. may get a bit of a coating. messy onceto get so this changes over to rain. that accumulation will not b the issue. slick roads will be in washington, d.c. speaking of which let's talk about the road impacts. tomorrow morning, you'rfi . it's not till the afternoon we start to this see this thteriorate. areas to the n and west, a lot of snow. south and east just wet. by monday morning, it will be
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wet in washington, d.c. but north is where i think we'll run into a l of delays as we head through your monday. but let's plan out yr sunda by the numbers. temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid 30s. it will be dry to start. snow will move in just afterlu h. stick around through the evening. we'll see snow, sleet and rain in the district. what you can expect early morning runs, dog ywalks,'re fine. start to perk up around brunch time. it's going to get slushy. i th a fast-moving system that will bring a punch to the areas north and west of washington, d.c. we are weather ale for your sunday. notice the numbers. wfeeling like the they are week. we struggle to make it out of the 30s. by the end of next week, could be doing this rodeo again. >> really? >> a chance for rain/snow
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this is the xfinity "sportsdesk." >> the whole bryce transition tg philly has everybody shaken up. it's even got bryce shaken up. he doesn't know where he is. >> former d.c. star not the only one to go to philly. another one sending love toe brharper. that's allen iverson. today harpur announced he will wear number 3 with the phillieso iv the former georgetown star who wore number 3 with the 76ers went to twitter and said he's a bryce fan. the number three will be retired by the phillies. it's a pretty cool dorsement. harpur was introduced as ath member of phillies this afternoon after an entire off season of speculation. six-time all-star signed a record 13-year $330 million contract without opt outs. while much of his press conference addressed his future
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e was asked llies, about his time in d.c. the richest man in baseball had nothing but good things to say about hissheammates in gton. >> i love everybody in that clubhouse. i grew up with that organization than clubhouse. have i so muchespect for mike rizzo. he reached out and told me congratulations. it's somebody that had my back my whole career. somebody that you know really you know, maintained every single day and you know, did certain things for that organization that i truly won't forget. players in that clubhouse reached out and told me congrat and excited for me, as well. i'm looking forward to playing somewhere where i am comfortable there, as well and ao in philly. so that gives me two places in the east i'm veryle comfort at. so you know, i'm excited to be able to face those a guys be able to be go about it and you know also watch from afar a little bit and see how they're doing. and hopefully, we can do some
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damage, as well. >> verry complimen but apparently not nice enough to stay in d.c. it's officially march. we're about to break up the college hoops madness. plenty of area schools hoping to going george maven, georgetown. virginia doesn't need any help. they're getting hot looking for their sixth straight win. hosting pitt as conference play coming to end soon. kyle guy finds hunter underneath the hoop. easy two. that would be the last time they would trail. uva up by one. later the roles reverse. hunter to guy. wide open. nails the triple virginia is up by 20 at the half. opening moments of the second half, it's who else, hunter to guy. easy, hunterpo 12 ts, virginia up 22 points at that point. later hunter in trouble. who do you think he's going to go to? guy. those two had better chemistry
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than a jackie channd chris tucker. guy leads everyone with 17 points. 73-49. otis livingston ii and george maven on the road at st. louis ke tremae isabell with a fancy shfi bills would lead by 16 at the half. ots in the second, pat working their way back. justin kier, nice d. maven would get as close as four but in the final minutes, jordan goodwin puts his team back up by nine. maven falls 81-71. some nfl news. the football underwear olympics underwear better known as the nfl combine, it's the time of year where teams hone in on what prospects they want to redskins pnt bruce allen is up there i should s and
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despite the team a needst quarterback, allen says ther eam has a claft strategy. >> with the injuries, you're one injury away from having a need at anyposition. last two years we ha stuck to our board and it's worked well for now, we' got get healthy and we've got to keep our guys healthy but that will be the philosophy. >> get a quarterback. that's it. >> thanks,carrie.
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storm swee across the country with another on the way. mother nature's one-two punch puts millions at risk from floodwaters out west to heavy wet snow eating dangerous conditions to the east. where is the next storm headed? we have a livere st. playing to a friendly crowd after a rough week, president trump goes on the attack. >> and the democrats, they are going to dowh ever they do if they get into power and it won't have a damn thi to do with whether or not we approve our national emergency. >> but did the president contradict one of his most famous campaign lines? a milestone in space travel. an unmanned test flight showcasing


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