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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EST

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hampshire, hardy and mineral enand morgan county schools are >> in vi, shenandoah county schools are closed today. in maryland, washington couns schoe on a two-hour delay. >> we will update you on the closings. youan find those delays and closures in the nbc washington app. let's get to our team coverage. we have you covered on the roads this morning, checking out the conditions, plus, a big change on a local highway that could sl down your commute. >> first to chuck bell. he's here with our forecast for the week ahead. just cold and colder. >> oh, yeah. temperatures will be crazy cold by march standards. 15 to 20 degrees colder than average, just about every d this week. the lone exemption of today. st because that's not -- it doesn't mean it's going to be warm today. it'snot. temperatures in the 30s now. and these temperatures are abovd what w be a low temperature
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for this time of year. the avera for today won't be that crazy. the cold air settles in this afternoon. only get up to 40 for a high today. 32 in gaithersburg. and any of the places with 32, you see snow on the ground, and temperatures, a little is a real possibility here for the next couple of hours around. temperature planner, near freezing to get the day started. upper 30s to aroun0 for most. it will be bezy again. northwest winds around 15 to 25 miles per hour. the five-day forecast coming up later in this half hour. >> thank you, chuck. looking at the roads. 95 in virginia, prince wliam parkway, northbound and southbound, nothing worry abou here. river road near persimmon tree that has reopened in time for the morning commute to kick in. that's good news for folks frying to get over to 270 this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the peltway, no issues.
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no roadwork or problems or delays. washington, southbound 5,29 right side blocked by a crash there. breaking news, 23 people are dead after 2 powerful tornadoes swept through eastern alabama yesterday. this is drone video showing you the extent of the damage there. >> lee county, along the georgia border was one of the hardest-hit areas. an 8-year-old is among the dead there. the sheriff sall the death ould rise as they continue to look for people who are missing. >> we're gng to organize a search in the morning. we'll have different agencies coming in. >> this came on so quick and changed so many lives that, it's sickening to watch. >> this wasn't the only violent weather thatit the south this weekend. heavy downpours led to flooding in birmingham, alabama.
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inro mississippis became rivers and people had to be rescued from their homes. we have team coverage ofth winter w. depending on where you live, you saw snow, rain or sleet. is is video from frederic maryland. the snow came down steadily there last night. >> the snow in most places is gone, the concern is ice. s stin finch is on the roads telling us what heeing. justin, where are you? >> we're just off of route 1 here in frederick county. now, making our way ono a neighborhood street. conditions here are a bit different from the main streets here. take a look here. youan see the slu and the ice accumulation here from that snow in the l parkings and driveways. and this is what we've seen a lot of this morning. whereas, your travel roads are looking pretty good. streets, eighborhood parking lots, perhaps our own driveway, may provi more of a
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challenge. make sure that's treated as much as possiine, as you b to make your way to work and school this morning. we're above freezingstill, ere we are. we know the temperatures are going to drop you off a day, which could turn some of the wet spots and slush into a much more treacherous surface for drivinan also for walking, too. also keep your eye out, too, on e sidewalk too. they're not treated or also still somewhat slushy and icy this morning. but again, we know that cold is coming. taking the wet spots and making them something altogether different. look at this right here. a lot of slush and ice right here and water that could bome re of a trickier drive later on today. so, just be careful out there. give yourself more time. and also, keep an eye out, too, on the roads. we're live in frederick, i'm justin finch, news 4, back inside to you. >> justin, thank you. if you he to head out, make sure you have the nbc washington app downloaded to
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your phone. you can look at the forecast and updates on the school closings and delays. showing the video poor condition of the roadac surf an part of the baltimore-washington parkway. >> road conditions are so poor that the national park service is taking drastic measures to keep drivers safe. aimee cho is live wis what commuted to know. mee? >> hey, good morning. the speed limit is going down from 55 to 40. so, if you take the b.w. parkway, you will want to head out a littlearer than usual. this is between maryland, routes 197 and 32. u.s. park police say they had to ke the change to keep drivers and repair crews safe. the hope is that this new speed limit will give drivers more time to react. if you've driven on thew. parkway lately, you notice it is a bumpy road. that's because of the constant the the park service has been making quick short-term fixes to the
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potholes every day. in the fall, they plan to a portion of the parkway. in the meantime, you will need to slow down.l there w be extra police officers on the roads starting this morning. >> aimee cho for us on the b.w. parkway. thank you, aimee. we're following a major twist in a story out of baltimore. a womo thought be killed by a panhandler was actually killed her husband. her husband said she was stabbed to death by a panhandl. now, investigators say the two up the stor they were arrested in texas near the mexican border. officers say they were trying to escape the u.s. baltimore city leaders held a news conference last night. >> these individuals took
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advantage of a situation, a city that is already dealing with its own prlems. so, we're looking forward to this cruel act being brought to justice. >> her mother is overjoyed to hear an arrest has been made. police have identified the victims in a double murder-suicide that happened o saturd evening in fairfax. police say hes shot ife before taking his own life in this home in springfield. o on the neighbors is shocked at what happened. >> you see this going on and you iink, thi't be possible. this is king's park. and that happens. and it's completely unbelievable here.ld happen >> police say there were about ten people in the home, including several children at the time of the shooting. no one elseas hurt. the superintendent for
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loudon county schools is once again apologizing for a controversial exercise that many found culturally insensitive. some were made to act like slaves and others as slave owners.e teachers h responsibility to teach difficult topics was acknowledge this washe right lesson. >> it is important that we instruct and learn about them. but some activities, such as the underground railroad, should not be simulated. >> in addition to mandatoryit sensit training for teachers and administrators, the school system will add a specialist focused on culturally responsive instruction. in another scandal rocking virginia, state attorney general mark herring broke his silence
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for the first time since he admitted he wore blackfac decades ago while in college. we'll hear from him in our next half hour. now, to capitol hill, where miael cohen will testify again before congress later this week. sources tell nbc news, house and senate intelligence committees are looking into whether ehere was aort by the white house to influence cohen after his home and office were raided last the committees want to know if anyone discussed a possible pardon with cohen. cohen testified last week in a marathon of congressional hearings. and president trump is getting mixed reviews in the polls right now, between congressional investigations and his emergencyla dtion to build a border wall. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, finds the president's job approval is at 46%. among republicans, his approval rating is nearly 90 58% of those polled do not think he's been honest and truthful regarding the russia probe.
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62% disapprove of his emergency declaration. we'll check in witrae potts for a look at the long week ahead. an update to a mis persons case we told you about friday morning. a ride share driver who hadn't been seen in more than a month was found dead over the weekend. mus musba shifa. heas found deadn wilmington, delaware, on saturday. we'reinding out more about how he died. soccer is back i d.c. despite the rain, d.c. united kicked off a strongo start t their season as they took on thg reng champs, atlanta united. >> it was a team effort for the first goal of the season. wayne rooney's corner kick had a nudge from acosta. d.c. atlanta knocked in another goal for a2-0 win.
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they play new york city f.c. sunday night at yankest ium. when the weather starts changing, there will be more people in the crowds. n >> too shabby for ang rai day. the caps put in a second win for d.c. fans. today, you will probably hear about how they beat the rangers. >> after tying up the game, it came to a shoot-out. when alex ovechkin's turn was upe the goali threw his stick. it was no goal but the coach fought back. f you throw a stick, it is goal. >> that's why it's good to know the rules. that's why you're the head coac >> the correct call was made. and the caps won, 3-2. >> a win is a win. coming up, another big win at a buzzer-beater. the high school-up that is this epic of an ending. a successful launch landing. a look at space x's historic weekend and what'shi next for out-of-this-world experiment. chuck? good mornin everybody. monday is off to a chilly start.
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most of the areas near the freezing mark. but dry weather has returned. that's a nice change of pace. car washing forecast, you bet. dry weather until friday. more about that next chance for rain maybe some snow coming up. 36 degrees here in northwes we'll bring you team coverage as you start your monday commute. stay with us. at redisn, we charge you a 1%ng fee.
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it is 5:14, now. we're tracking a weather alert for you this morning. the snow, sleet and rain has moved on. now, the trouble could be what's left behind. li>> beware ofery roads, sidewalks, maybe your driveway iced over. parts ofre our dropped we low freezing overnight and black ice could be an issue this morning.
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t virginia school districts are closed and virginia and maryland schools are delayed. in can find that information the nbc washington app. heads-up for drivers in the district. residential street sweeping resumes today. that means you need to be on the lockout for th're signs. theye posted along street sweeping routes. violations can cost you $45 orda even the heache of getting your car towed. you don't want that to happen. the program runs through october. last year, the street sweepers removed 4,300 tons of litter from d.c. streets. residents can download the my dpw mobile app oalerts. on tuesday, this side of the streets wednesday, tde of the street. you have to be on the look out. >> who knows? this morning, a virginia bakery isra celng a big win. >> pure pasty just won the
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british baking competition for the second year in a row. we introduced you to the livelya rs a few weeks ago. they were preparing for the competition. they defended their title as the meat piemakers in the world. their chicken pasty. pure pasty, bringing the title back home to virginia. it's a turk -flavors meatpie? is there not actually turkey in there? >> maybe it's turkey and stuffing inside the pie. >> they should send us one. >> great idea, uck. smart guy. >> i'm always looking for a free meal. >> yes. >> let's talk about this forecast. 36 degrees.hi stng winter out as long as you can. >> these dejected tones from you. >> give us something to be excited about, then. the sun will be out. >> you're a tough crowd to
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please this morning. 36 in washington. northwest winds are already up eround 15 miles per hour. gusting a lit higher than that. 27 in washington. i show you the temperatures here, shave off 5 to0 degrees for the wind chichill. windills are in the mid-20s for this morning. that doesn't affect the water on the road. windchills can be far below frs zing. as fare temperatures is 32 and up, things improve. we're on the freezingf mark, most of the shenandoah valley. if you're traveling that way, be careful about now and the time the sun dog walking forecast for today. a lot of lingering moisture on the sidewalks here morning. all of the rain and snow has come to an end. this is bronco. and bronco is available for adopti through the humane rescue alliance website.
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turning blustery and breezy around here this af daytime highs in the 30s to around 40 degrees. a few snowshowers in far southwestern pennsylvania. they'll never make it east of the blue ridge today. we will be dry with thesh se making a comeback. we have mostly sunny skies on p not just foroday but the next four days in a row. a long time since we had four days of sunshine. we'll be on the breezy side. clear skiee a lit less wind. a lot colder tomorrow morning. we'll start off in the teens and low 20s tomorrow morning. tuesday during the day, ns ne. and wednesday, also, mostly sunny. rhe real issue this week, isn't the rain snow chance, it's the cold. complete forecast, always available through o website, at we have people tweeting out reports whether they had ice on the localroads. if you see something, tweet something to me there.
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most of the suburbs stay in the upper 30s with the gusty wind. more of a breeze on wednesday, with high temperatures near 30. back to near 40 on thursday. mid 40s on friday. and a chance of what could be a rain/snow combination friday. melissa mollet, good morning on a mond. > 66 live look here. eastbound and westbound, nice and clear. may hav that wet roadway when you head out today and some slicks. sp inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, looking good. as we zoomin, southbound 295, after malcolm x. laurel, b.w. parkway between 32 and 197. uneven pavement. aimee cho has been driving this for us. the speed limit taken down there to 40 miles per hour through that section, because of all of uee iss with potholes. taking a look at 95, in maryland. 32 to the beltway. 68 miles per hour gets you there in 11 minutes. i want to share m part of
5:20 am
weekend with you. take a look here.ta this is the ca princess ball on saturday. d was there with my husband my daughter. fathers and daughters raising money for adoptionnd foster care. i was happy to speak of our adoption. there's 153 million orphans in the these funds arery needed. raised about $10,000. i think this will be at.annual even heartwarming. >> melissa, thank you. ♪ you made me feel like a million bucks, you do ♪ it is 5:20 now. coming up, she rose to stardom on "theic " this morning, she's being b rememberedy her fans and family. details on a former contestant's sudden death, up next. later on nbc 4, watch the
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"ellen" show today. her guests are jimmy kimmel, and miley yocyrus. can stick arod forun
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you're watching news 4 today. >> it 5:23 right now. look at this live picture of earth from the international space station, just stunning. >> it rea is. this is about 250 miles away
5:24 am
from the earth. this is following a landmark day in spaceexploration. >> you have confirmation of a soft capture of the dragon spacecraft. >> the dragon space capsu docked at the space station. this is the first commercial spacecraft designed to hold humans. space-x isn't the only company in the race for outer space. boeing will launch its unmanned exnext month. >>ng get closer. >> i don't know if i want to go. >> i don't know if i want to go, either. fans and family of a former contestant on "the revoice," reacting to her sudden death over the weekend. you may remember her when you hear her voice. listen to this.e ♪ i was mr you >> freeman w on team miley
5:25 am
cyrus on 2013. she sateled pneumonia and a blood clot that traved to her heart. "the voice," andiley cyrus have issued statements mourning the singer. freeman was just 33 years old. th champions in the district this morning. ghsidwell friends came thrn their basketball game. >> what a game. buzzer-beater. see it for yourself. >> look at that. slump clutch. to beat wilson is incredible in itself. the shot went in wit three seconds left. and the gym erupted, as you can see. what a thrilling end. sidwell wins 63-62. and this was sidwell's first dr trip to the game. >> you don't hear about sidwell
5:26 am
basketba congrats. still ahead, call it dollar store drama. >> thousands of dollar stores are popping up all over the country. but according to sum, the ome, success is harming the communitie they are meant to serve. a look at the hardest-hit areas when we come back. tuck? some of snowfall totals around our area on sunday. some of the big winners. up in northern maryland, up to seven inche of snow. boonsville, only 3 1/2. bwi marshall, under a half-inch of snow. west virginia on average, a 3-6-inch snowfall but most of the i know what it means to have reliable support.
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pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, by. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7. .>> news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather ale >> snow f some rain and sleet for most. we're kicking off the week in weatherlert mode ain. what turned into major snowfall for a lot of people north of d.c., turned into a soaker for the rest of us. just about 5:30.rn good g, everyone. >> why, winter? why are you doing this to us. >> let go, right? >> while the snow may have missedus, col temperatures
5:30 am
overnight may make those roads and sidewalks slick. several school districts are taking notice. >> here's list for you. west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, hampshire, hardy, mineral and morgan counties are ed. >> grant county is on a three-hour delay. shenandoah county schools a closed. in maryland, washington county public schools are on a two-hour delay. all that information is in the nbc washingtop. let's get a check on the roads and the latest on the forecast.a meliollet is looking at our commute. we'll begin with chuck bell. what do you have, chuck? >> i got news of a forecast that is finally bringing sunshine back to our lives. that's good news. it's not close to warm at all. in the 30s this morning, right on the freezing mark where you had the best chance for snow, from winchester, to martinsburg, to hagerstown. those are on the this morning.k
5:31 am
around the city, it was all just rain, we're in the mid -30s. not muc of a warm-up coming. northwest windsbo averaging aut 15 miles per hour. so, ndchills, as y step out of the door this morning, are in the mid-20s. you'll need your today.r coat afternoon highs will reach the upper 30s to around 40 degrees for downtown. and that gusty wind will be with us. plan on temperatures running about 15 degrees colder than average day. and that's nothing, melissa. putting the finishingn touches o that ten-day forecast, which is cold all the way through the week. >> i would like to say i'm looking forward to it. but i'm not. clarksburg, southbound 270,ee be 109 and 121. an accident in the southbound lanes. not seeing a delay. we'll let you know as that changes. southbound 295 in the district, after malcolm x avenue, a rightb sidecked by an accident there. laurel b.w. parkway, a remind between 32 and 197, uneven
5:32 am
pavement, that aimee cho has been driving for us this morning. thepeed limit is lowered to 0 miles per hour through that section. inr loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems yet. sunday's rain started early for a lot of people. news 4 cameras were in rockville as the firstfarops began to . now that colder temperatures set in, those roads may be slick this morning. justin finch is live in frederick county, maryland. >> he has been monitoring conditions on the road for us there. how are things looking? >> reporter: aaron, eun, right now, we're on main street in myersville. this is a good look so far. not seeing much accumulation in the roadway. mostly clear. this is what you hope you will see as you make your way out this morning. howeveou we can tell that some areas have partially clear roads with thelush and the ponding happening in the middle
5:33 am
of the road, too. righ now, we're above freezing here in frederick county, for the most part. aot of the roads here are kind of wet and slushy. not quite yet that ice. but we know as the day wears on, that temperatures are going to fall and may create some icier frnditions. we're seeing thaerick county schools are opening with a two-hour delay as a result of the weather and the conditions g that are com here. so, school getting off to a lateat start. hould help a lot of people, as they make their way out of their homes thismorning, toeal with the mixed bag conditions we are seeing rederick county here this morning, after that snow and that rain that's falling here in this area. so, as you are beginning your routine this morning, give yourself that extra time to get ready and get on the roads, too. also, be prepared to find some slick conditions, too, as you e driving on the roads this morning. we, of course, are driving around keeping an e on the roads this morning. we'll bring you more conditions as we seer them. now, we're live in frederick
5:34 am
county. justin finch, news 4. and our covage continues in the nbc washington app and on nbc you'll find an updated list of school closures and delays. breakingews out of alabama. rescue teams will be back out this morning looking for survivors trapped in rubble. two powerful tornadoes through eastern alabama yesterday. this drone videohows the extent of damage. you can see home after home, just leveled, complete destruction there. 23 people are dead, including an 8-year-old girl. the sheriff there says the death toll could rise as they look for people reported missing. >> the weather troublecontinue in mississippi. this is not a lake. this is farmland, wit a two-lane road running through it. the area was flooded when rivers and lakes flooded. new this morning,
5:35 am
surveillance video from montgomery count showing a suspect that may be behind multiple bank robberies. detectives say the man you see here is accused of robbing the same bank twice. the bank is located the safeway grocery store across the street from shady grove medical center. the first robbery was in jaary. the second in february. call montgomery county pole if you know who this man is. this morning, police are trying to track down a woman and her 4-year-old daughter. no one has seen them since fr ay. police found the woman's vehicle parked at lake forest mall. the pair could be headed to family or friends in another state. we're told that she has shorter hair than this paragraph. and her daughter may be wearing a leopard print jacket here's look at our other stories. police say a man shot his wife and another man inside a home on
5:36 am
sunday morning. this happened on crwell drive in springfield. the -- baltimore police say jacquelyn smith was killed by her husband and stepdaughter. both are charged with fir first-degree murder. we're waiting to learn a motive t . the ride share driver that hasn't been seen in a month was found dead. he was found in delaware on saturday. hisrother tells news 4, musba vanished after picking up aen passger ine anuary. udent for loudon county schools is apologizing l for ason that many found insensitive. some students were told to act as slaves and others as slave
5:37 am
owners. teachers have a responsibility to teach difficult topics but acknowledged this wasn't the right lesson. i had a wrtderful opity to meet some great kids at the georgetown lbardi comprehensive cancer center. i was reading to them a part of dr. seuss day. i was reading h, the places you'll go." hope for henry hosted this event. this is a wonderful charity that crovides ible experiences for seriously ill kids and their families, especially hose who have long stays in the hospital. the cat in the hat joined me, as well. i will have to say, i was scared but the kids love him. >> i got to read "green eggs ano ham" friday. those books never get old. love them. >> dr. seuss was a evisionary. abis time in terms of his messages in all those books. still ahead, a failed summit wie north carolina, multi investigations and another round
5:38 am
of testimony from michael cohen. >>he week has barely begun and it's shaping up to be a rough run t for presidentrump. and dollar stores, popping and dollar stores, popping de countrywi but not everyone [phone ringing]
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you're watching news 4 today. >> ifou think you're seeing a lot of dollarpi stores p up, it is not your imagination. there are now more dollar stores in america than walmarts or mcdonald's. while the stores offer different items at a reduced price, there's a concern that the amount of theshestores keep businesses away or unable to stay open. in tulsa, oklahoma, the city council is trying to reduce the number of dollar stores to make way for other stores selng fresh fruits and vegetables. many people complain that dollar stores are the only options in urban areas where grocery stores aren't being built.
5:41 am
really, they are looking for thh he food options in some of these.laces. you kn it's tough to beat a dollar store. >> especially if you need to grab something quickly. other brick and mortar stores is struggling with what is called a retail apocalypse. >> three major brands announce they are closing 300 stores combined. gap, victoria's secret and jcpenney says it closing ores after slumping sales. payless shoes is closing stores, as well. experts say the mall is no longer the place to be. most people are going online to do their shopping. >> having it be onlis just so easy. it comes to your door. you can return it at your own convenience. >> some of my friends are obsessed with amazon and order things on there all the me. >> new brands new tesla, closing brick and mortar stores. retails say 10 obt% of the
5:42 am
sales come from ecommerce. we want to check in with chuck bell. >> four things you need to know about the forecast. there is a chance force around the side streets and uncovered -- untreated surfaces early this morning. it will be a breezy day today. anduch colde weather is moving in. and the cold weather is going to be here all week. ten minutes from now, i'll show you the ten-day forecast. plus, we're looking aheadwho can be a difficult week for president trump. we'll explain when news 4 today continues. stayith us. -guys, i want you to meet someone.
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this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. ot calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? s.-i'm getting more nugg -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruiyour dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped. monday morning and a weather .lert day at th
5:45 am
snow, sleet, rain, ice. everybody in the d.c. region saw something overnit. th morning, the roads may be slick. that's led to several school closures and delays. you can find that info in the nbc washington app. a storm of a differett sort has sed over the white house. democrats are making quick work of keeping president trump in check. this week, four congressional committees will look at his businesses, his taxes and allegations of obstruction. add to this, anoer round of testimony from michael cohen. >> tracie potts joins us live this morning. put the investigations into context for us. how big of a threat is this to the trump presidency? reporter: well, potentially, more than the fbi's russia heinvestigation because tse investigations on capitol hill are more wide-ranging. they're not just looking at they're lookit the president's finances, his personal finances, his business finances, that committee with the power to subpoena his tax returns.
5:46 am
t quite ready too so. they're going slow on that, trying to build the case. there's michaeloh who will give private testimony this week. the judiciary committee plans to issue 60 subpoenas or subpoenas to 60 people for documents that they think shows a pattern of corruption and abuse of power. those people include the president's son, donald trump jr., and the cfo of his company. on top of that, there's another committee, a house oversight, that's set a deadline for today, for the white house to turnover documents on how they dealt with security earances, on reports that jared kushner got one even after objections from his background check. >> tracie potts, live for us this morning. tracie, thank you. the w president'kend speech at the conservative political action conference ata thenal harbor will be a major topic of discussion today. it was the longest speech he's
5:47 am
delivered since being elected. it was over two ho bs. sted the democrats and the media. he used expletives and made a prediction for the 2020 re-election campaign. >> i think we're going to do even better in 2020. we're going to do numbers that people haven't seen foa long time. with your help, we are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals.nt >> presirump took aim at the green new deal and the lawmakers supporting it. the 2020 election wasn't only on trump's mind this weekend. bernie sanders kicked off his n campaignooklyn. thousands of people showed up to hear him speak. he promised to fight for economic, social, racial and environmental justice. he called president trump, quote, the most dangerous presid history.ern american right now, drivers need to pump the brakes a little more along the baltimore-washington parkway.
5:48 am
>> road conditions are so on parts of the parkway, the national park service is taking measures to keep drivers safe. aimee cho is live, now, with what commuters need to know. aimee, good morning. >> good morning. yeah. if you take the b.w. parkway, you want to start allowing for extra time. oing down limit is from 55 to 40. this affects the stretch betwe routes 197 a 32. p u.s.k police said they had to make this change to keep drivers and the repair crews safe. the hope is this will gives drivore time to react. if you've driven on the b.w. parkway, you notice it is bumpy de. that's because of the constant changes in the weather. the park service has been making quick, short-term fixes tohe potholes every day. in the fall, they plan to repave a portion ofhe parkway, which will be a long-term solution. you have to plan on slowing down, as there will bextra
5:49 am
police officers on the roads. >> aimee cho for us onhe baltimore-washington parkway. breaking his silence.he for first time we're hearing from virginia attorney general mark herring. since he admitted to wearing blackface in college. herring spoke in leesburg. he apologized to the group for what he did when he was 19 years old. we asked herring if he w planning on staying in office. >> i am listening to virginians about how they've been impacted by this. listening to them to see if they would like me to continue, if i still have their trust. >> herring says, he hopes positive change will happen as a result of the controversy. people at the church praised hiherring for appearing at event. call it the refund rebound. more and more americans complete their taxes, refund numbers from the irs are ticking up.
5:50 am
many people complained the refund wasn't as large as it was in years. many people owed money. according to new numbers from the irs, refunds are about $40 more than last year. three weeks ago, the average refund was nrly $200 less. new this morning, maryland's house of delegates is considering a bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations in civil claims of child sex abuse. the house judiciary coittee heard testimony on the bill last week. survivors and organize explained how the legal process is part of the healing process. e bill applies to civil claims and not criminal cases. it's unclear when the committee will vote on this bi the d.c. region has seen its fair share of snow this season. but our numbers are nothing compared to the midwest. >> they tend to beat us in this category. >> good for them. >> the weather in wisconsin bringing down the the snow oroof of this
5:51 am
camping lodge. >> that is bananas. >> that's how heavy the snow was. the structure fell apart there u one was inside at the time. but the cabin was . the campers were outside, when they noticed the cabin was making a groaning noise. >> if your house is making groaning noises, that'shen you leave. >> that's when you take out the camera and catch a ghost. they caught the collapse as it happened. the buildings were constructed decades ago. >> i'm grateful we're not seeing that. >> i just can't. that's what you would say. not one more flake, says eun yang. and for good news or worse, depending on how you look at it. our snow chances are coming very close to an all-stop around here. friday, maybe a little chance for some snow.
5:52 am
that's far from a done deal. right now, on your monday morning,nlmost 6:00 the morning now. 36 in washington. it will be aez b to blustery day today. northwest winds are nowav aging 16 miles per hour. that's lowered the windchill in washington downo 26 degrees. air temperature at the freezing mark ahere. lot of northwest virginia, east and west virginia and northern maryland, look out. there could be ice on some of the untreated roads this morning. with the wind blowing, kidsus a the stops, plan for windchills in the mid-20s. obably will have outdoor recess for the next couple days. it will be chilly. most areas will stay below 40 degrees. downtown washington probably afts up to 41 or 42, around 3:00 this rnoon. breezy conditions with plenty of sunshine tomorrow, even more sunshine. less wind but colder. tomorrow, this time tomorrow, most of the shenandoah valleye will in the mid teens, even
5:53 am
downtown washington, in the low to mid 20s tomorrow morning. highs in the mid to upper 30s tomorrow. satellite radar shows the rest of the storm moving out. dry weather for today, tomorrow wednesdaursday, maybe as we get into friday, there will be a little chance. wednesday will be the heard of n the cold air a here for this outbreak. temperatures, 42 today, 38 tomorrow, 30 for wednesday, and teens in the area.y, shenandoah val some spots could drop into the single numbers on wednesdayaynd thursd morning. unsettled for the late weekend over the weekend. >> good morning, chuck. right now, chopper 4 over some of thele pr. and aimee cho has been telling us about b.w.parkway. this is southbound onr pow mill road. right now, p.w. parkway between
5:54 am
32 and 197, uneven pavement causing a lot of issues. speed limit is 40 miles per hour. clarksburg, between 109 and 121, a little showdown. washington, after malcolm x, the right side waslocked by a crash. that's cleared. as far as travel times, 66 inbound looks good. we do have a n problem in to arli northbound len street. in maryland, 270 and the top of th beltway, not bad. listen to wtop 10 the 103.5 f.m. children'setailer gymboree has found two buyers for most of its assets. that's pending bankruptcy court approval. childr's place is set to pay $75illion for gymboree's
5:55 am
branding. the gap acquires the clothing line. gap also plans to buy gymboree's inventory from a liquidation company. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. l today, firy melania trump will promote her be best campaign. the first lady is scheduled make stops in tulsa, oklahoma, and seattle, the be best tive focuses on what children face today. the overall goal is to encourage the kids to be the best they can be in their individual paths. popular personalities might benspiring your children to eat junk food. let's be honest, the parents, too. researchers who finished a new study, says they asked children to look at mock profiles of bloggers. children who sawea uhy snacks also ate more junk food than the children who did not see any promotional pictures of food at all. that makes sense. we're influenced by photos.
5:56 am
half of the children between 8 and 11 use instagram. that's more surprising to me, right? the 8 to 11 instagram users, versus all the junk food we're eating. the tooth fairy isn't being as generous this year, apparently. >> that's according to delta de al, which is tracking how much cash kids are given. >> last year, the cash gift was shy of $4. $4 for a tooth? morehan 1,000 parents were surveyed. this is the second-consecutive year the tooth fairy has tightened e wallet. next at six,iz barre win for the washingtonal capits going viral this morning. >> the puck didn't make it into the net. why waslex ovechkin given the goal? the play you will be hearing about all day. and the twist in the murder of a maryland woman. her husband said she was to death by a panhandler. now, he is in jail. and where he was arrested
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
news 4 begins with a storm a team 4 weathrt. >> we are still in w alert mode this morning. working for you on this monday.
6:00 am
it is just about 6:00 a.m., and a warning as you head out. the roads, sidewalks and your driveway may ae icy. the sn rain from last night is moving on. but the temperatures in some parts of the area are cold enough to freeze everything that is lef that doesn't sound like a good monday. but we're here. >> and happy andsmiling. >> let's start in west virginia. bergeley, west ia, schools for the deaf and blind. jefferson, hampshire, hardy, mineral and morgan county, frederick county, virginia, schools are all closed. >> grant count schoolsre on a three-hour delay. in virginia, as well, shenandoah and frederick county schools are closed. in maryland, washington, and frederick county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> we'll update you if any more school districts make decisions on changing thechool openings and closures today. and all those will be in n thebc washington app, as well. t's head you to the team coverage. on the roads, checking out


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