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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 4, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right now on news 4midday, a new warning from the district department of health as anoer bad batch of k2 hits the streets. >> it's not the mueller russia o vestigation, separately, congress looking ierything from the president's finances to who's staying in his hotel by tracie potts coming up. and we are looking at some finally calm condit out there. but we are going to see some winds really pick up throughout the day. we'll talk about how cold it's going to get this week coming up.
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hi, everyone. thanks for joining us. it was a mixed bag of winter weather across t area. lauren joins us now with the latest from the forecast. lauren, we need a warm up like now. >> i know. you're absolutely right. we do need a warm upth out e. live city camera. it's a little hot right there. not hot outsidot but just at the view right there. listen, we need a warm up cause check thi out. those temperatures are still almost where they were when you walked out door early this morning. 6:00, 7:00 a.m. if you were up that early. the temperatures have not budged. 30 degrees in winchester. 32 in leesburg, 38 in washington. those temperatures right around the freezin we could have a few icy spots, especially s towards tn doe wa valley, but the wind is really helping to dry out the roads out there. you can see we've got nothing on the radar. we havefhe mix rain and snow and sleet and all that has now
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moved out of our area. but we're going to tk about those winds and when they'll die downve because of we windchills today. we have a cold week ahead. it's going to feel like the dead of winter instead of moving into spring. that's coming up at about 11:20. >> thank you. this just in. if suspect accused of shooting and killing a prominent pakistani floser will court tuesday. he is charged with first degree murder. he was gunned down 2600 block of wade road in assoutheast. he4 years old. right now, officials are warng residents abo a potentially deadly batch of the synthec drug called k2. they say it is a horrifying drug mixeded with unknoju substances. in, what do residents need to know? >> well, on this bad batch of k2 alertov first went ou the
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weekend and perhaps you saw it out and now we have several agencies trying to help get out the word now from d.c. fire to as well as department of be avioral health several other agencies warning that a reaction to it could be life or death. now what is k2? perhaps you have seen it or hear about it before. it's often packaged as scoo snacks, bizaroo or spike. it's a synthetic marijuana. the make up is often a mystery, but reactions are very real and can be dangerous as well. symptoms inclus hallucination, vomiting, unconsciousness, physical aggression and in some cases, death. back out live, d.c. police warning if you see anyone who has overdose to give 911 a call and of course, k2 here in d.c. has long been aigproblem. you recall back in september, we had more than 40e
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ses called in in a 24-hour period. police and several other d.c. agencies try iing to get a hand on a potential case ain by get ing the word out early. live in shaw, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> important warning. thank you. lnc it was the first major morning commute with a slower speed limit. thowered speeds because the road needed major repairs. amy cho has been talking to drivers this morpg. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. yeah, we've been driving along the parkway all morning long and let me tell you, theotholes are brutal. that's why the parks say they s needed to make drivers slow do i. >> what th world? >> driverea andre milesing to the news of a slower speed limit along the parkway is going fr. 55 down to >> it's bad. it's very stressful.
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becausehen you got to be at work at a certain time, it's crazy. >> the idea is to give drivers more time to react when they see potholes and also to keep repair s safe. but john smith says he thinks ever since the spe limit changed, driver's habits have not. >> they're not abiding by it. still flying by. >> the national parks service says the constant changes in weather is what creates pothole problems, not just many maryland, but throughout the d.c. area. it's something crystal edwards learned about the hard way. >> killed my car. two tires in one day. i waited about three hours for the tow. en he came and he got, he was, he caught two flats, too. i the pasrks service plans to repave the parkwthe fall, but in the meantime, drivers trying to figure out how to steer clear of being late for work. >> get upite earlier. try to get up earlier. but i don't think that's going towo.
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>> now, did you know if your car gets damaged by potholes, you can file a claim to have the government pay for the repairs. fo a link, you can find that on my twitter. thank you. you may remember a story about a woman who was reportedly killed b a panhandler in baltimore. turns out police say her husband and stepdaughter killed her. back in december, investigators said 54-year-ed jacquel smith was trying to give a panhandler money when she was stabbed and dieded at the hospital. police say they were with her on the night of the stabveng, but now igators say the two made up the story. they were arrested in texas near the mexico. border officers say they were trying to escape the u.s. baltimor news conference last night. >> these individuals took advantage of a situation. a city dealing o with its problems, so we're looking forward to this cruel act being
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brought toe. just >> jacqueline smith's mother says she is overjoyed to hear a that anest has been made. the superintendent for loudoun county schools is controversialr a exercise many insensitive. last month, students at madison's trustlentary school were told to act out the underground railroad. e,during an obstacle cours some student were told to act as run away slaves and others as slave owners. erik williams said teachers have a responsibility to teach difficult topics, but acknowledged this is not the right >> it is important we instruct and learn about them, but some activitih as this understood ground railroad,ot shoulde simulated. >> in addition to mandatory sensitivity training for teachers and administrators, the school system will add a newsp ialist focus on culturally
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responsive instruction. lawmakers have their eyes on the white house. congressional investigators are heating up as lawmake request documents that could be more damaging to president trump than the russia investigation.ot tracie looks at what to sepect. >> reporter: six h committees are investigating president trump. three are taking action this . we >> we've seen abuses of power and obstruction of justice. address threats to the mueller investigation, threats to witnesses. >> i think congressman nadlero decided impeach the president the day he won the election. >> today, his judiciary committee will subpoena documents from 60 people including the trump organization's chief financial officer and donald trump jr. and a deadline today. the oversight committee wants documents explaininghy w the white house bypassed concerns about jared kushner's background check and authorized security
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clearance for the president's son-in-la son-in-law plus on wednesday, the intelligee committee will hear more from michael cohen. >> he has credibility problems and we are right to demand corroboration. >> reporter: they're looking into the trump tower deal cohen wass pursuing in russia during the 2016 campaign. >> it was awa deal where h pursuing heallp fm the kremlin from putin himself, at a time when putin was seeking relief omsanctions. >> there's not one bit of evidence to show any type of coordination, collusion, conspiracy, whatsoever between the tmp campaign and russia. >> reporter: the president tweets these investigations are quote, harassment by crazed democrats and, an abuse of power and that he's an innocent man being couple of other committees are looking specifically into the prident's finances, but no requests yet for his tax rerns. they're going slow on th. b
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building a case. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. right now, melania trump is on her way to promote her be best campaign. she is scheduled te stops in tulsa, oklahoma and seattle, washington. it focuses on some of the major issues children face today including socialedia use and opioid abuse. a goal of the campaign is to encourage kids to be the best that they can be in their individual path. soccer is backhe in district. yucky the rain and that ald weather, d.c. united kicked off strong start yesterday as they took on the reigning champions, atlanta ua ted. it have team effort for the first goal of the season. wayne rooney had aknowledgnudge being kicked in by paul. d.c. held off atlanta knocking in another goal for a 2-0 win. >> great, great energy from the crowd. not an easy night to come here and sit through a game. but hopefully, we sent them home
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happy. >> it was cold and rainy, but fun. the home opener and we were surprised about how many fans in thet there sitting rain chanting. it was great. we enjoyed it. >> d.c. united hits the road for the next game. they play new york city sunday night at yankee stadium. some better weather. the caps put in a second win for d.c. fans and today, you'll probably be hearing a lot about how ty beat the rangers. so after tieing up tme ga it came down to a shootout when ovechkin's turn was up. the goalie threw his stick at him. it was initially ruled no good, back.ach reardon fought if you throw a stick, it's a goal. so eventually, the correct call was me tabd caps won 3-2.ea ddly storms devastated parts of the south overnight. we are tracking down the latest information on the destruction leftind. that b s
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the stam system that praught sleet and snow to our area left devastation in the south. nearly two dozen people killed after a string of tornados hit last night and there's concern that number could rise as crews search through the debris and rubble. gabe gutierrez is in lee county, alabama. >> reporter: the destruction is devastating after multiple tornados roared throug >> it sounded like a train coming through. felt like forever, but it didn't last but maybe three for our minutes. >> overnight, rescue workers scrambled door to door, searching for survivors. >> everything was wiped out. there was nothing left. >> the nastional weather says te possible ef3 tornado with winds up to 165 miles an hour and a trek a half m wide cut the
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largest path ofdestruction. the death toll rising sharply. >> it's really bad. really bad. ed>> reporter: st storm sl through this gas station. its owner rushed to check on an employee. >> when he saw me, he came running and he hugged me and lt was cryine you know, he was going to die. >> reporter: the relentless line of storms also stretched into georgia. >> definitely rotation there. >> reporter: today, homes are levelled. lives are shattered and the deep south is reeling. here in alabama,he governor has extended the state of emergency and again, the big concern now is what those search teams might find as they head outow that it's first light. back to you. ♪ family and fans are reacting to a sudden death over the weekend.
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janice f was on team miley in 2017. she died on saturdfa after her ly said she battled an extreme ca of pneumonia and blood clot that traveled to her hot. thnd voice a cyrus have issued statements mourning the loss of thesinger. she was just 33 years old. two sisters, just 5 and 8 years old, found alive after spending nearly two days lost in the wilderness. miguel almagr has their remarkable story. >> yay! >> reporter: it's a reunion police are calling an absolute miracle. leah andnaroline found safe the woods. a mile and a half from their home. on friday, the girls asked their mother to go for a walk. she said no. but the sisters left their home any way. >> thearents were you know obviously frantic. they were upset. >> reporter: the area is rural and remote.
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about four hours north of san francisco and kno as mountain lion country. sightings are not uncommon and could be deadly. >> it immediately became a concern to us when these girls who grew up in this area did not return home. >> reporter: over 200 volunteers and search teams sco aing the grou searching from above. but 24 hours later, no sig the missing girls. family members left trying to hang on hope. >> they've grown up in the woods, so i think they're going make it. >> reporter: temperatures overnight in the low 40s and rainy. police say leah and caroline tried to build a fire for warmth. something they learned fross their wildertraining. finally, 44 hours into the search, the girls were found waiting under a bush. where they had stayed since friday. a decision key to their survival >> you getlost, you stay put and wait for people the find you. that's what they did. >> reporter: the sisters were
11:18 am
hungry and, co but uninjured and in good spirits. they told each oth stories t pass the time. and drank water off nearby leaves. >> i think most of the people that came here today probably wouldn't have the survivability ese two girls demonstrated. >> reporter: this morning, leah and caroline are safe after a tearful reunion, their parents feared may never come. for today, miguel almaguer,bc news. >> incredible. popular personalities on social media might be inspiring your children to eat junk food. this is according to british researchers who just finished a new study. they asked children to look at mock profiles of popular youtube video blog wgers. childr saw pictures of unhealthy snacks also ate more junk food than the children who didn't see pictures of food at all. experts say at least half of the children between 8 and 11 use instagram. awfully youn
11:19 am
isn't being as generous as usual. that's according to the delta dental group which tracked how much children received when they lose a tooth. last year, theift was $4. that was a 43 cent decrease from the year before. more than 11 is,0,000 parents w surveyed. this was the second year the tooth fairy has tightened the wall wallet. when we cont the story behind more and more dollar stores pop iping ud why not
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if you think you're seeing a lot of dollar stores popping up around the area, your imagination. there are now more dollar stores than walmarts or mcdonald's in the u.s., but one elected leader trying to slow down its
11:22 am
growth. ron mott explains wh >> reporter: in north tulsa, dollar stores are easy to drive or walk a short distanc j int about any direction and you're likely to run into one. >> dollar general wanted to go in where? >> right behind. it would have been a stone's throw away. >> reporter: what's harder to spot, are places selling fresh food and meat, healthier fare than what is found at dollar stores. >> i shop at discount dollar stores when i need something. what i am conrned about is the proliferation andhe ultimate effects they have on communities. >> reporter: still, dollar store parking lot rs often busy. >>t's cheap. it's convenient. it saves you from going toar wa >> reporter: dollar general and family dollar, which operates dollar tree, declined our request for an interview, but in separate statements, both companies told nbc news they help customers save time and money. llar general saying it has
11:23 am
added fresh fruits and vegeta e vegetables to one location. there are ten dollar stores in hall harper's drrt. more tha town.ther part of so when dollar general wanted to open a few hundred yards from this family dollar, she protested. winning enough support for a six-month delay with restrictions on how far apart they must be. around the country, similar concentrations. eaparticularly in urban dollar stores often serving as the only optn inamerica's food deserts. katy has been dring that point hoim with a mobile grocery store. >> we gave away over $35,000 worth of free fruits and vegetables so that tells me people want to eat healthy. >> reporter: the work is paying off, new grocery store on way. ron mott, nbc news, lsa. >> we just talked about how we're ready for a change. come on, rain and coek after week. >> i know. it's miserable and i feel like
11:24 am
everyone weekend, at least one day, it's been -- >> my friends look at me like hey -- got to know. my people. >> efb's so upset with the ground hog. u want me to do about it. hey, listen. it doesn't look good this week in terms of a warm air coming our way. but we're rolling there. we've got to make it to summer at one point and we'll start complain iing about the warm ai then. so just take a teep breath. it will get there. might take a little bit, but it will get there. breezy todaywnd dry. we head into tuesday, sunny and cold. the wind settles dow a b through tuesday. now wednesday, that wind starts to amp back up. so we are looking at some breezy conditions and by thursday, we're sll on the chilly side. we hav the system that passed through last night but now, we're lookingthgood. system, there it is right there. i wanted to see if i could record this so you could see
11:25 am
those storms that happened in the deep south u. it was bad yesterday, but it was part of the same system and now that system bringing, brought a foot of snow to boston. didn't bring much to us. we had a couple inches here and there, but now, we are dry and looki ining a lot better across we've got higsure coming in, but those competing pressure, low pressure to the north, high pressure movinin, we have sunshine, we've got winds. so even though our temperatures are in the 30s rightnow, you clock in the wind, this is what t feels like outside. feels like thens in the shen doe valley. our windchills are going to be in the 20s and 30s, especially with winds gusting to about 25 le an hour. so you're going to be dealing with that all day. the wind will settle down but not until tonight. again, enjoy the sunshine. you need the shades today. tomorrow as well. temperatures tomorrow are going to be back in the upper 30s.
11:26 am
not an windy, but it starts to amp back up wednesday. so this week is dry. thursday dry as well. but then we also headfr into ay and looking at another system coming our way for friday that actually could bring us another bout of some wintrat r to our area. so we're talking about friday, a chance of rain and snow. i will tell you,t looks really slim right now. couple of models have it, but more do notave it for friday. it's been like that all throughout the weekend. even int last week. so we'll continue to watch that for you, but just know, we're inking of sunshine thweek, so enjoy it. t going to be cold, we can geten
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ctca gave me an opportunity accomplish my goals and my dreams. learn more at appointments available now. welcome back. democrats plan to ratchet up the essure on president trump this week. this after one of the most bruising weeks of his presidency. a failed summit with kim jong-un
11:29 am
and explosive testimony by his former lawyer, michael cohen. kristen welker has a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: turning up the heat on president trump. the democratic chairman of the house judicia committee says is committee plans to request documents from over 60 people in mr. trump's orbit from his eldest son, donald trump jr., t trumpfo and even the former white house chief of staff, john kelly. >> it's very clear. >> reporter: but nadler stopping short of saying he's moving ward impeachment. on sunday, mr. trump lashed out at whahe called presidential harassment by crazed democrats and again, took aim atichael cohen, blaming democrats for holding the hearing which he said may have contruted to the failed summit with north korea. calling it perhaps a new low in american politics. >> he is a racist. he is a con man. and he is a cheat. >> reporter: it comes as the
11:30 am
president defended his presidency over the weekend, delivering his longest speech yet. two hours and two minutes, before an adoring owd, the conservativeolitical action conferen conference. the president railing against robert mueller's russia investigatsin, even profanity. >> and all of a sudden, they're trying to take you out with [ bleep ], okay. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: mocking former l, attorney geneeff sessions, for recusing himself from oversee iing the investigation. >> the attorney genera tsays i'm goin recuse myself. >> reporter: president trump also weighing in on this moment. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able f toind the 30,000 e-mails. >> reporter: claiming his 2015k appeal the h hillary clinton's e-mails was a joke. >> if you tell a joke, if you're sarcastic and if you s something like russia, please, if you can, get us hillary clinton's e-mails, please,
11:31 am
russia, please. >> that was kristen welker reporting. the white house confirmed in the last few minutes they have received the judiciary committee's reque for information. sarah huckabee sanders says the cil's office and other white house officials are reviewing the request and will respond at the appropriate time. another democrat throws his name in race for president. john hingen looper made it official. he says he will take action on key issues such as guns and climate change. he is the second governor now to throw his hat into the race. more than a dozen democrats are now running for president. >> bernie sandersia officy kicked off his campaign in brooklyn over the weekend. thousands of people showed up to hear him speak. sanders promised to fight for econom economic, social, racial and environmtal justice. he called trump the quote, most dangerous president in modern
11:32 am
american history. for the first time, mark herring spoke publicly since he admitted to wearing black face in college. herring spoke yesterday at mt. zion methodist church in leesburg. he attended an interfaith event. he apologize d to the group for what he did when he was 19 years old. he asked him if he plans on stays in office. >> i'm still list b benning to vaa vaans about how they've been impacted by this. listening to see if they would like me to continue. if i still have their trust. >> he said he hopes positive ch ge will happen as a resu of the controversy. people at the church praised her him for appearing at the ooechblt. civil rights leaders, activists and presidential hopefuls went to selma, alabama this weekend to recreate the historic1965 march across the edmond pettige brid. this year marks the 54st anniversary of the demonstration
11:33 am
which later became known asoo bl sunday. on that day in 1965, state troopers beat peaceful demonstrators as they tried to cross the bridge. the events shook the nation and led to the passage of the the voting rights act thatyear. hillary clinton, jesse jackson and t cory booker were amose who attended the march. dy as the weather gets reao heat up a little bit, so do the home break ins. when we come back, we're breaking down how the create a state-of-the-art security system all on your own. as always, wall street is keeping a close eye on trade developments with multiple reports saying the u.s. and china are neari adeal. china is offering to make big puchlss of american agrirgltural and e goods according to the "new york times" in run, the u.s. is considering dropping ra most of the tde sanctions imposed on p chinesejects last year. and days after launching the model 3, tesla is preparing for
11:34 am
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protecting your home is always on the top of your mind. there are some high-tech tools to keep you and your property ris claken reports on some affordable options you can do yourself. > reporter: there are now gadgets galore, designed to keep watch on your home when you're not there to watch it. >> fortunately, we're added the able ility to monitor things li very easily from where ever you are. >> reporter: changing the home security industry with moreaf rdable, much easier security systems. you can createyourself. >> big thing right now is s.reless security came
11:37 am
and video doorbes. >> reporter: daniel at consumer rots says the mere presence of doorbell and security cameras is enough to keep the break in bad guys at bay. >> these productsake it really easy to keep an eye on your home, inside and out. where ever you are. >> welcome home. >> reporter: they can also connect with remote locks and devices like alexa and echo to monitor whatever's happening in your home. >> you can have two-way voice nversations on them on a doorbell, you can talk to someone at your front door when you're notthere. >> reporter: homes wittyut securiystems are about three times more likely to be broken into. dan ackerman says they're no longer expensive. >> now for $100, $200, you can get really good cloud connected cameras that you can see cmotely from your phone. some you cantrol remotely. >> reporter: controlling the youry and security of personal property in the
11:38 am
process. chris clakem, nbc news. >> make sure to create a new password and use a two factor verification system for whatever home security system you choose so only you can access your system but not hackers. while ior had the onity to meet some wonderful kids at the george lombard cancer center at med star georgetown hospital. i was there to read to them as part of dr. seuss day. read oh the places you'll go. a timeless classic. an event that was sponsored by hope for henry, a local charity that does incredible work for kids who were serioeily ill and families so they can have a better experience when they're at the hospital. the cat in the hat was there, too. >> he showed up. he was ready to go. >> dr. seuss storiey are so amazing. i feel like their message rings true for generation after generation. ir>> i think that was the book that i can wremember.
11:39 am
th the first book. >> we all have memories. >> i love this. i ca name all three of them. listen, today, little on the breezy side out there. we're going to continue to have that wind as we head through the day today. good news is we kind of got a quiet week. but it's going to be a cold week. look at these temperatures. 42 today. it. a lot of places are cityerg in the u 30s, however, we get this wind and even though the mperature, 42 degree, going 2e feel like t and 30s. tomorrow, the wind goes light. temperatures in the mid to upper 30das. wednis the big kicker because wednesday, look at that. only 30 degrees. about 21 degrees below normal. our average temperature for this time of year. going to feel colder because the wind stas to come back on wednesday. that means windchills in the single digits. that means winter's not done yet. thursday looking ood with temperatures in the upper 30s. this is a stm system that ought that severe weather down to the deep south.
11:40 am
lots of tornados. the same part of the system that ro ed through our area, look at that. brought snow and the cold rain up through our area right now setting off the new e bland coast the canadian maritimes. look at the line there. my goodness. just got rocked with severe weather through the region. thenorth and west of us had a lot of snow. we just had the cold rain here and thank goodness we are not seeing that today. we are dry today with high so if you want to go to the car wash, i'm going. i thin efbverybody else is. we are dry until friday when we have a chance of rain and snow coming our way. temperatures are if th we'll stay in 230s and low 40s, but here's the windchill. 20s and low e 30s at this soint. hat's how it's going to feel through the afternoon and we're going to continue to have gusts up to about 25, maybe 30 miles an hour. so it is going to be a little on the blustery side out there. so for today, low 40s.
11:41 am
again, windchill's in the 20s and 30s. even the teens. wind light overnight. temperatures in the 30s. tomorrow, it will feel like the 30s and then we're quiet as we get into your wednesday and thursday even though wednesday is going to be on thelustery side. look what might come our way as we head into friday. yeah, a little possibly some coming into our area as we head through the day on friday. maybe a little bit of that mix before we start to warm up. so this is about one of only models that has this scenario. so we'll have to see how this is going tolay out. but for us, we've got a50-50 shot of seeing showers and snow showers. temperatures in the 4s, but we are quiet this week, however, we have breezy conditions, not only today, but also on wednesday. and we also have more news right after this.
11:42 am
11:43 am
here's a strange one. an ohio man has created nicine
11:44 am
infused toothpicks designed to be used discreetly by adults, but now, there is growing concern kidse will them and end up with an diction they can't shake. dice has story. >> a this smoke shop, nicotine toothpicks have made quite anon impres >> we wanted to try them. we were curious. we may get them in, we may not. it really depends, but people like them. >> noah says puff smokes got a sample that looked like these. they were infused with nike teen, a stimulant found in tobacco plants. >> as far as i can tell t -- founder of fixatine says his company created the market six years ago. >> trss is for tobacco u to make a switch, to make a change r get their nicotine where they normallycouldn't. >> grossman is critical of competitors who make similar ones who taste like candy which might make teenagers think
11:45 am
they're okay. >> we ao feel parents and teachers should be educating their assistastudents and child kids, about the dtigers of ni just like they do the dangers of alcohol. >> i talk to many toe bbacco enthusiasts ver heard of them. the same goes for mary hague, rees that educating kids is critical, since kids can do things without anyone knowing. >> nobody knows because they're not aware so if odat is a new t or delivery method, parents an schools need to know. >> south by southwest is a huge annual conference a festival in austin, texas, that brings together the best of iovation from many fields. once again, the nation's capital will b well represented a the event which kicks off this friday. joining us now is kairyna wood and the washington d.c. partnership, thanks for being here. >> thank you for heling me. >> us first what we'llin be
11:46 am
at the south by southwest festival. >> absolutely. ris year, washington, d.c. will beping the city as south by southwest. 'll have an activation. it's a partnership between the deputy mayor's office of planning and economic development andhe washington, d.c. dmik partnership. we'll be at south by southwest, march 9th through 11th on rainy street. we'll hav a host of different programs, activations, looiive events and music. >> the festival is known to bring together the grea esest i film and media and business. what makes d.c. do you think an important part of the innovation, the leaders of innovation that should be at south by southwest? >> absolutely, so for us, it's really about the people. it's really about the cultural here in d.c. and we bring that to south by southwest. here in d.c., we have been ranked by smart assets, it's the number one city for women in tech from five years in a row.
11:47 am
we've been ranked this year as the number one city for entrepreneurial tamme enter in the world so for us u, the innovation really comes from the people that live here. the culture that exists here and we bring all of that to south by southwest and we infuse it. >> sounds so exciting. and then what about we know you'll be working most of the time but, what you dough expect the city so gain from the festival that you can bring back to the city? >> for us, it's an opportunity for us to promoete d.c. as the capital of inclusive innovation. also an opportunity for us to meet with different b iinesses anestors to attract some of that back to d.c., to attract that back to d.c. in addition to meet with entrepreneurs. a lot of tiop, it's an rtunity for us to also attract talent back to the district. >> and this is not the first time they have been to the festival. tell me for people who haven't experienced it, what makes that special and why you want to be a part of it ef year. >> absolutely. for us, it's a very special
11:48 am
experience. the house each year changes in terms of what weherogram in space. this year, we'll have 20, over 20 different discussions that take place. we'll have live music, we're partnering with the d.c. funk parade. we have the national air and space museum that will have a looifr podcast in the space. in addition to nasa will be hosting a pitch itcompn, excuse me. so it's really an opportunity for us to really brand ourselves to experience austin, but give folks alavor and taste of washington, d.c. while they're there. >> i think washington, d.c. has so much to offer, right? krr very cool. thank you so much for joining have time at the festival. us. >> thank you. well we are going to take look at the final forecast in a moment and don't forget, you can watch ellen this afternoon at 3:00 then stick around for the
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11:51 am
zblncht welcome back. a heads up for drivers in the district. residential street sweeping resumes today. that means you need to be on the lookout for these signs. do they look familiar?ns violatio could cost you $45 or even the headache of getting your car towed edtowed. you don't want that to happen. last year,ee the s sweepers removed more than 4300 tons of litter from d.c. streets. residents can canownload the mobile app for alert on when to
11:52 am
move their cars. zbln americans love their cars, but with growing concerns about the environment, more than a million americans are now driving licdrive ing electric vehicles, but we're learning about a new twist. >> something like 70 years ago, this was volkswagen's idea of a pick up truck. >> go. >> fast. and how. but noisy, no. this humble rusted hn k has been ginew life. as an ev. electric vehicle. >> i have to confess, i haven't stopped smiling since i've gotten behind the wheel of this thing. >> michael breem isho a man embraces both the past and the future. he loves cssic cars. but only to appoint. so he retro fits them ne c to the 21st century. >> so a 1954 volkswagen now with
11:53 am
this electric motor. what kind of top speed? >> this will do over is 00 miles an>> hour. is is a hot rod shot with with not a piston or carburetor in site. wrecked teslas often provide the batteries and a motors while gear heads and greasejunkies may find it her et cal, the results are remark bable. >> we're not heree to m the car environmentally friendly. we're here to make it drive bable, to save the cars. it's a cool by product. >> the motors give a giant kit p whatever they areting m like this dune buggy. the report on board while aware his life was in jeopardy, could not contain his glee. >> unbelievable. >> breem has a garage full of cars to convert and a bag lock he figures will tak five year to work through.
11:54 am
>> we like to have fun and take care of things that have taken care of us for so many years. >> gas is dead, breem likeses t say, and green, whhae nice, also ens to mean go. >> it really feels cool. >> harry smith, nbc news, san marcos, california. i'll cooperate with you. i'm telling her that my daughter ll safe. you ofeople know how this can be. i want to catch him. i want to make him pay for destroying my life, but i won't do it if it means putting my daughter's life in danger. want her to have fbi protection, otherwise, you can send me back to prison. >> wo this is a sneak peek of tonight's new drama. it's calling t the show starts jennifer carpenter and lawrence cachestn. yo watch all the drama and action here on nbc 4 at 10:00 hen keep it here for th
11:55 am
news at 11:00. look at that celebration. did you see that buzzer beater? cydwill friends tweetut this video from yesterday. ,tate championship game against wilson high school what a thrilling win. you sawhe three-point shot go inre with just thseconds left. the gym erupted. the cameras shaking, everyone's piling on to the court. just a thrilling endllo a really thg season. sidwell won by just one point. 63-62. a big win there. congratulations. now, a final check on the forecast with lauren. cold out there. >> it's cold out there. yeah, but hot in tt gym. good for sidwell friends. what a good basket he had there.
11:56 am
listen, for us today, they're going to be blowing away by the time you get home because we've got winds gusting up to b about 25 miles an hour. windchills in the 20s and 30s. the wind will settle down after 6:00 p.m. tonight, but then by wednesday, we kick it up again hind an arctic front and that means a blustery day. windchills on wednesday, singing dits and teen so cooler than today. breezy and dry today. we're sunny and kole tomorrow, but the wind comes back on wednesday. then by thursday, we have some pretty chilly conditions. sorehese with the winding yo dealing with at your lunch hourp atures in the 30s right now, but windchills in the teens here in haguer town and in the 20s. we'll pretty much be in the 20s and low 30s throughout the day. as far as your ten-day, low 40s today. nothing to worry abou i don't belies going to be the icy spots tomorrow morning because the wind will help dry out the roadway. sunshi tomorrow, 30s.
11:57 am
wednesday, around pau 30 degrees. thursday, similar to tuesday. now e'friday, got a couple models that are suggesting some rain and snow. but we also have a lot of models saying we're going to be dry. so we' continuing to track the rain and snow for friday. dry on saturday, but looks like we won spring forward, lose an hour on sunday, but we've got rain through the day on just rain, with temperatures around 50. >> thanks so much. and that does it for news 4 midday for today. thanks for joining us. we are back on the a afternoon first at 4:00 t can get the lathest news, weather and updates anytime with the nbc washington ap we'll see you tomorrow. have a greatay. d so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online,
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or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7.
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> he was one of the kindest, most gentle, loving, caring people i knew. he helped me tremendously. he helpey me with career. he helped me with my creativity, with all of those sorts of things. d he also sexually abused me. for seven years. he says he was seven years old when that abuse started at the hands of michael jackson. welcomo


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