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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 4, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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boiling over torcht one day before her daughter's murderer is to be l out of prison. >> darcy spencer is there to tell us what's next in the case. >>a' body was in the slope there. >> angela wood's 14-year-old daughter was found dead in this area 20 years ago. her killer was arrested years later and sentenced to 15 years behind bars. but now he's set to walk free tuesday after serving just eight and a half >>years. my child had her college degree money set aside, and this monster just came and took her life from --ro me. >> owens was abducted and strangled on her way to northwestern high school back i 96. a dna hit solved the caseye 14 s later, matthew bethia was arrested. he pled guilty in a plea deal and was sentenced to serve the 15 years. a rape charge was dropped as
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part of the deal. >> a rapist, a predator, a murderer is comingome tomorrow out of prison after serving less than nine years. >> reporter: he was able to reduce his sentence using what's called dim in addition credits, especially time off for good behavior. >> how can a murderer come home on good time? my daughter will never have good time. >> now she's taking her fight to annapolis, changing maryland law, and she has the support of the state'sattorney. >> there's an injustice in that and i will work with our legislature to change that. >> reporter: she knew there would come a day when her killer's daughter would walk free, but she never thought it would happe so soon. another person's dna was found on nia owens at the time of her death and that dna has not been identified.
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we have breaking news this evening out of hollywood. they are mourning the loss of luke thrry. actor passed this morning after that massive str.e last we perry was one of the '90s biggest heart throbs for his role on 90210. he was surround by friends and family when he passed. tommy mcfly will will joining us in ten minutes with reaction from perry's costars and friends. it's a race againme right now search and rescue crews are going through this devastation looking for t survivors aftt deadly string of tornados cut through alabama over the leons is tracking the developments from our live desk. >> just a tough scene to watch there. at least 23 peop are dead, but officials are warning us that that number could go up, because they have yet to make it into someitf the hardest h areas. one of thoseaiaces, bow regard
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in lee county.n it was ef-4 tornado that barrelled through there. one woman described for us the moment that tornado rolled through. >> we got down on the floor ngd we was hugach other and i told them hang on, and we was >>st all holding onto each other. he governor has declared an emergency there in the state and the president h promised full support coming from the federal jim, back to you. >> leon, thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, doug kammerer. this severe weather is gone, but we have much of the natio dealing with this bone-chilling cold this week. >> yeah, it takes a storm such as y that, have snow, including over a foot of snow around boon, tornados to the south to bring in cold air likeh . it's making its way across the country now. look at the satelli and radar, that storm moving off into the
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ocean, you can see the long line there. that long frontal boundary right there. behind olit, the air is there for sure. look at the numbers, current wind chill, 9 pittsburgh. columbus, ohio 6 degrees. 36 in washington d.c. a cold afternoon for sure. wind chills in the teens by tomorrow night into the day on wednesday. here's the good thing. most of the week is dry. it's a cold, dry week until we get to friday and your weekend. much more on that, see you back here in a few minutes. > see you then. breaking news right now on a story we first told you about last ek. lice tell us they have now identified a murder victim in bethesda. lice say his name is francisco della cruz. his body you may recall was found inside a bag along old georgetown road. last week they released various images of a necklace and tattoos
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to help identify him. there have not been any arrests in this case. also breaking right now. ok at this video from chopper 4 this evening. an suv crash into this townhouse in centerville on sapphire sky lane this is in fairfax county. these are live pictures from the ground investigators say the suv crashed through a garage, wound up in the back yard. let's take you to those live pictures here right now. you canee the fire investigators going through what is now debris on the side of that wall that came crashing the vehicle was just towed away. the driver and people inside th house were not hurt. it's unclear what caused the driver to lose control here. > the top prosecutor in prince george's county says children who break the law will be held this comes as an 11-year-old girl is facing charges in connection to the death of a 1-year-old boy.
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the girl is now in juvenile cust'sy. the victamily said she shouldn't be the only one charged in this case. tracee wilkins has the detai of this. >> i'm numb. i'm empty. >> reporter: mothers tonya davis and shan tay jennings have lost their 1-year-old paxton. >> i just sat there for days and days and days and day praying that my son would be okay. >> reporter: the mothers say they trusted a friend to watch their son but the police say that friend left the toddler with her 11-year-old daughter, who severely abused him. >> police told me that she was left alone and she constantly with >> this is a worst case scenario. you have a young childwho's act.ccused of a han yous this child will be tried as a juvenile. >> reporter: the namee of 11-year-old girl is not public because of her age. today the princ state's attorney announced next
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steps. >> the standard in the juvenile system is what bs in thet interest of the child. however, we do believe in foring children accountab their actions. and so, as this case moves forwarde we'll m decisions based on those factors. >> reporter: paxton's mothers w theus they did not k family friend left their baby with her 11-year-d. >> youeave somebody that you watching, a innocent baby, in e hands of another minor with angerissues. >> reporte now they want to see their former friend, the 11-year-old's mother charged as well. >> s lied tome, she betrayed me as a friend. >> reporter: at this point police are n commenting on if that mother who left the 11-year-old alone with the baby will also face possible charges. in upper 'mmarlboro, tracee wilkins, news4. the new week started on a rough note forresident trump. members of the house judiciary committee launching a major probe into possible obstruction,
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constitutional abuses, and corruption by the prmiident. the cee announcing it had sent requests for documents from 81 individuals and entities within the presidens orbit. here's sampling including current and former business and campaign and administration s. official jared kushner and mr. trump's two grown sons among them. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing, no collusion, it's all a hoax. >> meanwhil o threeer committees want documents related to the president's calls and meetings with vladimir putin. that includes makingnslators from those meetings available. and all of this as michael cohen is set to be back this wk for another closed door session. another former governor is jumping into the 2020 race, with that we have a dozen democrats hoping to make donald trump a one-term president. >> i'm running for president
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because we need dreamers in washington, but we also need to get things done. >> that's john hickenlooper who served two terms as governor of colorado, he's positioning himself as a progressive who works with both sides to get things done. before politics he works as a geologist, then launched a brew pub and then served as mayorf denv denver. mounting questions over whether the longest serving leader broke the laws of ethics. mark segraves spoke to other lawmakers today about the growing trouble for jack >> reporter: jack evans is one of the most powerful elected officials in the district. chairman of the d.c. finance coittee whichoverseas tax policy and chairman of the metro board of directors. e-mails obtained by "the washington post," revealed evans with the help of his chief of staff sent e-mails in 2015 and
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2018 to law firms with business proposals offering evans' relationships and influence if they were to hire the d.c. council member. d.c. council members are allowed to hold outside jobs but the e-mails were sent using a d.c. government e-mail address. >> members should not use e-mail for personal gain. on theace of it that appears to be what happened. >> reporter: the code of ethics for the metro board of ethics says that members should avoid conflict of interest and refrain from using their position for personal profit or gain. there was a subpoena the mayor's fice received last year with digi-media today they declined to say whether his office had received similar subpoenas. >> has the council received a
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subpoenas related to cncil member evans or that investigation? >> you would have to ask our general cil? >> do you have any indication they have? >> you have to ask our general counsel. >> seems like you're avoiding my question. >> you have to ask your general counsel. >> reached by phone evans declined to comment but his attorney said evans did nothing illegal and the use of the government eplails was s a mistake. in the district mark segraves, news4. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, a stabbing that was staged. >> a woman reportedly killed by a pan hander. instead murdere by members of her own family. the shocking new developments out of baltimore. an intruder in arlington, what happens when a woman wakes up and finds a man kissing her inside her argument. news4 working for yonr tonight. how the same shopping list end
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back at 5:14 with a look at the wind chills. coldight now b it's only going to get worse as the week wears on our chief meteorologist doug kammerer isg track the temps for you just ahead. a nightmare for a woman who lives columbia pike in arlington. she woke up in the middlef the night when a strange man kissed her. suspect is in custody but as megan fitzgerald tells us, them s neighbors are still concerned. >> it's anyone's worst nightmare. >> that's terrible. disturbing.ul it s't happen. >> reporter: a stranger entering your bedroom in the middle of the nyoht while re sleeping. >> i could not fathom that happening. >> reporter: that's what arlington police say happe wd to a wom lives in this apartment building just before 3:30 a.m. on nturday. >> w officers arrived on
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scene the victim was asleep in your room. >> reporter: police say the suspect is this guy,ld 37-year dominic dayton. he entered through an unlocked door. the victim was terrified he was hiding in her apartment so she sent a text message to 911 telling police what was happening and where she lives. >> when arrived she was distraught from the incident. >> reporter: the woman wasn't injured, just emotionally shaken up. police were able to arest dayton, who they found inside the building. the incident is still unsettling for a lot of neighbors who le ound here. >> when you live in the city you need to take extra precautions. >> reporter: now investigators say thatan was dru when he entered that woman's apartment. police say there's twongs they want folks to keep in mind, make sure you're locking your a door windows in the day and especially at night. remember y can text 911 if
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calling isn't the safest option. >> that's good to know. i didn't know that. thank you, megan. now back to the sad breaking news in the entertainment world. >> the sudden death of actor luke perry that stunned his fans and his flow celebrities. tommy mcfly joins us now. he's looking at perry's life and the response today to his death. hugeresponse. >> it's been a few days since the massive stke. >> in learning about his life, our very own george michael has i'll tell you about that in a minute. it a's shocking to hear someone passing at 52 but luke perry meant a lot to my people. filling out your facebook time lines and twitter feeds, news about the actor millions knew as dylan mckay as stunner. he died after being hospitalized for complications of a stroke. the younger generation knows him
5:17 pm
from "riverdale." and the "riverdale" team shared their love on twitter calling perry aoyful and vibrant soul. his 90210 family have been taking to social media too. ian zeroingtweeted, i will forever dak in the loving memories we've shared over the last 30 years. please god give him a seat close to you, he deserves it. rgr very own geoe michael, he was in a mov with luke perry. >> what? >> it was the 1994 bull riding ovie "8 seconds" where he played lane frost. and george michael played himself. d he was a consultant on the movie, too. >> ir vaguely rememhat as you're saying. >> george loved his horses, raised them. >> yeah. >> that's cool. >> that's awful about luke perry. he had some kind of a hemorrhage in the brain. to massive stroke. >> it's very harome back to that. >> people are still kind of learning about this becauseok i today. if you go to the nbc washington
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app, you c search luke perry and there's more coming in by the minute, otherti celeb and people reliving and celebrating luke perry's life. >> he s only 52. so really young. >> tommy, thanks so much. if you're planning to run in this fall's marine corps marthon, registration opens thii wednesday, allows you to save more than 15%, the rushpe registration march 19th and the lottery opens march 20th. the marthon is octoberh 27t where 30,000 runners are expe expected to take part. >> better hurry and sign up w >> better start training. >> sign up for three years from now. lots of us remember george mason's tripo the final 4, 2006. one of the lasting outcomes from
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what we saw, the green machine pepband, much like the patriots players defied the odds so too have members of the machine. >> reporter: before ever george mason men's basketball home game, eagle bank arena goes dark, greend and g strobe lights wisk through the stands and veronica lewis, sunglasses on, tilts her head just enough so her green at the dora blocks the light. >> whenever i take off my glasses it feels like i'm getting winded. >> sheas diagnosed with an eye condition at age three. >> it's painful. >> reporter: and 11 years later, a brain ndition. >> i see double images, i see very blurry, almost like an out of focus camera, and i don't have any depth perception. >> reporter: lewis has been playing instrents since she was 11 andw kne she'd play for
5:20 pm
the green machine a their director, dock nicks. >> i told him, hey, i can't handle flashing lights, i need large print, i have trouble walking, hi, i'm veronica, i play an instrument you don't have in the band right now. >> reporter: but lewis isn't the only legally blind member of the green machine. so is her friend, mackenzie ve lo. >> we're all laughing together, making music and supporting not only our school but o am. >> we find our best stuff in that playfulness and trying to build from a place of joy and optimism. >> reporter: a sentiment encapsulated perfectly by lewis and love. n>> tomorrow's big day, they will be in act as the george mason women host umass in the
5:21 pm
atlantic ten tournament. and tn they'll play as the men take on rival vcu. coming up next, an amazing story of >> an army staff sergeant is shot in the head and lives to talk about it. the one piece of eipment he ed to hate that saved his life. the first week of march is feeling more like january. stor
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all right. t anothete of cold and we ain't seen nothing yet as you say. >> no. it's coming in in the next couple days here.g you were ask this the end of the cold stuff? >> yes, please. >> i think it is. i think our snow chances are zip. the only exception would be friday. we'll look at that coming up in a second. out ere right now it's on the cold side already. we have clear, blue skies. rom the inside looking out. winds's cold 41 degrees out of the northwest 14 miles an hour. gusts over 20. look what that does, the feels like temperature, 33 in d.c. 23 in martinsburg, 34 manassas.
5:24 pm
look at oakland, 5egrees for that current wind chill. you know some cold air is making its way in here. nothing on the radar picture. we're going to stay dry, this is good news. e're going to stay dry just about the entireweek. that's good news. boy do we need todryout here. here we are with the cloud cover, you can seeudhe c moving through. this is the rain/snow, the snow line right there. see that there, it's tough to see, but right there is the snow. i thoht thisould be about 20 miles south. we missed it by 20 miles. you folks infrederick, clarksburg, i thought you'd pick up 2 to 4 inches,ouot nearly nothing. back to the west around hagerstown those areas did pick up more. the storm that came through,sh g well out to the atlantic. behind it nothing but cold air. this is cold air across the country,his is current temperature, 12 in schick, 25 in
5:25 pm
fayettille,arkansas, 42 atlanta. 42 for us. buffalo at 14 've been really cold the last month and a half here and it looks like it conties this week. here's the wind chills for tomorrow night. 24 at 7:00 tomorrow night, 19 in leesburgni tomorrow t. by 11:00 we're down into the teens just about everywhere. wednesda morning, 7:00 a.m., 8 degrees along i-50 -- or along 50 here towards annapolis. nus one in hagerstown, 5 below in cumberland. that's cold air on wednesday. t's think about getting lunch together on wnesday afternoon. no, let's think again. 13 in frederick. 19 in manassas. talking abo some dangerous cold out there during the day on wednesday. as long as you btdle up for and you're ready for it, it should be okay. you're working out in it,
5:26 pm
make sure to get anside get some heat. a 40% chance ofn r snow on thfriday. way it's looking like a system. dot forget to set the clocks forward sunday spring. and it comes with warmer temperatures and lots of rain, everybody. what do you know, another weekend with rain. >> all right. doug, thank you. coming up next, it looks like someone carpet bombed alabama. >> powerful tornados ravaged the south killing at least 23 people. amelia explains the conditions that led to this disaster. the same item with two different price tags. consumer reporter susan hogan shows us how to snag the best deal on your next target run. an army sergeant that used to hate histelmet until saved his life. saved his life. >> this helmet you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie?
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devastation as far as the eye can see in alabama. some areas completely flattened by a string of tornados over the weekend. 23 people found dead so far. that number couldikely se. today the state's governor issued a state of emergency and
5:30 pm
president trump ordered fema to provide support. this wasn't just alabama. this storm system carved a wide path of devastation in several states. >> amelia draper takes a dper dive into the damage across the country. this was something. absolutely. the images show unbelievable devastation. the same system that brought us snow and rain caused catastrophic damage, at least a dozen tornados towned down in alabama and georgia ed yesterday. lee county hit the hardest. the storm prediction centered rece1 tornado reports from mississippi to south carolina. i've overlayed them on this map for you here. every red dot you're seeing is the potentialor a tornado.
5:31 pm
and we have investigators out thereto surveying the damage. here was the storm moving through yesterday during the mornin midday and early evening hours, bringing the severe weather tththe sst and rain and snow showers to us in the d.c. metro area. why was the storm so damaging? so intense? before i get into that, i want to point out thattohe prediction center alerted folks in the southeast of a high likelihood of severe weather last thursday. so if you were payingto attenti he weather forecast in the southeast you knew that this was sunday.books for now the storms were so intense because there was a lot of unstable air to work with. we had really warm air and really cold air playing into the system. and a lot of moisture there right by the gulf of mexico, that's helping to fuel the storms down there yesterday in the southeast. and the winds were just right to rot that tion. so far, guys, in four states yesterday, we have now reports of at least one ef-2 tornado and that one outf lee county up to
5:32 pm
an ef-4. doug and i are thinking it could be upgrated to an ef-5. >> unbelievable. just unbelievable. we have more photos of this devastation. it's quite sobering. you can find this onhe nbc washington app. just search tornado. virginia's attorney general made his fir publi comments last night since admitting to wearing blackface to a party in college. rringppeared at an interfaith service in leaguebes. the ag apologized for his actions as a 19-year-old. he went on to say he hopes there can be positive change as a result of the controvers >> i try tind some ways to weress this systemic racis know persists today and all kinds of institutions of power and there might be way where i can use the position i have and
5:33 pm
the experience that i've had to try to really make some positive change. >> both herring and governor ralph onortham, who is a dealing with his own bck face scandal say they'll be talking with virginia residents as they both face calls to resign. we heard from loudon county schools about that lesson plan that many found insensitive. last month ptudents tookt in a physical obstacle course, a way to teach kids about the under ground railroad. the school's chief said they cannot shy away from difficult topics but need to teach them in a sensitive way. >> as a system, we let down t teachers who taught that lesson because we've not given enough support to our teachers, in terms of how to teach -- how to teach difficult topics appropriately. >> in addition t mandatory training for teachers and
5:34 pm
administrators, t school system will also add a new specialist that will focus on cueurally respons instruction. the men and women who serve in our armed forces put theirs lin the line every day. well a ceremony at fort bellvore has a report on new gear that gives soldiers a fighting chance to survive. >> reporter: there was a time when steven mcqueen was not a fan of the helmet. >> i thought t helmet was cumbersome and it was overkill. reporter: that opinion changed on stember 3rd of last year when rogue afghan policemen opened fire on him. >> i knew where it happened because it was hot and i was sweaty and i felt the blood run down the back of m head. i know when it happened.
5:35 pm
in the instance i was stunned, said a prayer. >> reporter: had this been in the per shan golf, non of this would have been possible. >> we began equippinghat in 2014, there's no doubt he wouldn't have survived that impact had he not worn the helmet. >> reporter: the helmet was mounted and presented to the staff sergeant. hi wife said it will be a welcome edition to the home decor. >> i want to hug it and kiss it and love it and hann it my house. >> reporter: army researchers and specialists have giv it a once over something they do with battle tried equipment whenever possible. they learn from real world experience. five yearsme ago equ like this wasn't available now it's relred dy to go to the battlefield. and soldiers like staff sergeant mcqueen get to go home to their loved ones. >> mcqueen said his three
5:36 pm
children don't understand the significance of the helmet. he plans to explain it to them when they grow up. we havereaking news. we have the winner but we still don't know who the winner is. mega millions said the winner of the $1.5 billion jackpot has claimed the prize. the winner has chosen to remain anonymous. south carolina is among a owhandful of states that a them to do so. the person has decided to take a one-time payment of $877 million. w i told you doing this. >> i'm going to take a moment. i need a moment. all right. coming up, millions of dollars in tax credits missed. >> we're working for your money during tax season. >> next att 4:00, wha some parents in the district need to know before they file. ain stu turn of events in the murder of the maryland woman who policenitially thought was killed by a panpanhandler.
5:37 pm
now detectives say her husband and his daughter are the suspected killers. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss a huge parking garage that was huge parking garage that was sinking into the ground iso n
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with tax season under way we wanted to let you know before you file about a couple of credits available in the district. early city has an learning credit. if you have a child enrolled in
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a licensed d.c child care facility you can get up to ,000 per child. as for full and part time workers making less than 54,000 you may qualify for the earned income tax creditllowing you to claim up to $6,200 with tee qualifying children. >> very real dollars that can come back to a familyllhat the family to make investments, new ca improvements to their home, time -- vacation timr with th families. d.c. officials say more than 20,000 residents may qualify for these credits and not even realize itng that's leavi tens of millions on the table. a majority of those individuals live in ward 8. so there you there are a number of free services to help you as you elepare to file. search tax in our nbc washington app for the link to the resources withinhe irs tax center.
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coming up, saving on your nextrip to targe in a big way. we're working for your money tonight with th one thing too before you check out. that sinking feeling, a massive parking garage is he rting to fall into ground. transportationeporter adam r
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
work is starting up again after a massive silver line parking garage in hearndon starte sinking into the ground. >> our transportationor rr adam tuss has been following this story closely and he's live e tonight. is it safe there, adam? >> reporter: it is safe. and that is the good news jim for right now. fairfax county leaders who are building this project tell us everything has been insured up in that structure back there. this isbe going t a huge part
5:44 pm
of the metro station here once it opens and there is still oncern. getting backthe right foot. >> the important thing is yoviously that they get it right. u wouldn't want to be driving in the garage and have a bunch of floors collapse on you. >> reporter: no danger of that happening. and project leaders tell news4 the green light's in place to resume work on this $52 million garage, which unexpected dropped about 4 inches into the ground. the problem had to do with huge foundational supports for the garage. while the cause for why the structure sank is under investigation, fairfax county officials tell us those support structuren't put in properly. >> an abundance of caution, w issued a stop work order to the contractor. >> now after the columns were strongly reinforced, working gett g back under way. >> it's a good idea. it's important they get it right. >> reporter: however the delay means this garage is eight to
5:45 pm
ten months behind schedule. the saving grace is the silver line is also behind schedule. for these residts who moved here because of metro, he wants it to work. >> ieop ty doehesnet't del gay opening. because i think it's going to be awesome when it happens. >> reporter: at least now progress toward. a f we have reached out to the contractor for this building, trnhattan cotion, they wouldn't give us a dollar amount for how much the fixes are costing but fairfax county county leaders are indicating to us that thi whole thing ishe aded, yes, for a legal battle. back to you. >> imagine that.s. ye >> thanks, adam. >> reporter: indeed. doug, getting aittle cool out there, again. >> get out the coats. weade the jackets out but it's time for the puffy coats again. hope y didn't put them away just yet. we're enterin the month of
5:46 pm
march and that's when we're supposed to be u going in temperatures not down. back to january numbers, though, highs in the 50s, we're not anywhere close to that for the next week or so. looking outside, that's our camera looking down to the souas and right now. we have blue skies, clear skies, the clouds way in the distance. current temperatures at 41 degrees with sunshine temperatures 37 by 7:00. dropping to 34 by 9:00. 30 degrees by 11:00. that's in the city. many of you will be in the low toid 20s by this time. it's going to be a cold night tonight, meaning a cold stae to day tomorrow, too. these are not wind chills, 41 in d.c., 33 in hagerstown, that's the current temperature. i pittsburgh, 19 in columbus, ohio. amelia we'reng tal about cold air as we make our way not only into tomorrowy but especia tomorrow night and wednesday. >> absolutely. wednesday morning is goi to be
5:47 pm
brutal for the kids at the bus stop. but tomorrow you want the warm coat, the gloves, the hat and the scarf too. 6:00 a.m. right around 24 degrees. 8:00 a.m. still only in the mid 20s. even a few degrees colder in the suburbs. the one savg grace we have plenty of sunshine in the forecast tomorrow from start to finish. not tracking any rain or snow. that's not just tomorrow but the majority of the work week. check out your temperatures versus the windchills. tomorrow high of 40 but with the wind chill it'll feel 30. wednesday, that high of 35 only feels about d 20 degreing the afternoon hours. and on thursday a high of 3 feeling mor like 25. it is going to be brez superintendebreezy on thursday. the theme of this week is cold. wednesday, aa wide we have
5:48 pm
8 in digit wind chills, washington wednesday morning. and lunchtime we're still feeling like the single digits andteens. wednesday night feeling from 15 to 20 degrees. doug we start to warm up as we head into the weekend but with it, s surprise,prise comes some rain. >> wind chills in the single digits early wednesday morning, my wife's dayeto up with the kids. so dodged that bullet. fine, i know'll be getting up, don't worry. 40 degrees on your tuesday, 35 on wednesday. really cold for this time of year. 39 on thursday. watch happens on friday, another chance of rain or snow. th is not a bigsystem, i'm not worried about it at all, 40% chance of rain or snow. then maybe the last w flakes have a chance to see for the rest of 2019 -- at least for this hawinter,s good news for many of you, spring forward spring,re thinking about the first day of spring, 64 degrees but, of course, coming with a good dose of rain. saturday a high temperature of
5:49 pm
, looking good. 58 on monday. not bad. cool back to below averageaiith more coming in the middle of next week, guys. you see a common thread here with last year. last year being the wettest ever, this year starting off that way for sure. tonight we're working for you and helping you save money on your next trip to target. >> consumer reporterer susan t ton is here with the sec spending less. >> this was a tough story. i had to go shopping. at targ >> tough for you. >> it was a real tough the secret lies in your target app. doing homework before you hit the store could save you a bundle. who doesn't love target? >> i like target. >> i lik the prices. >> i'm a big fan of target. >> reporter: did you know that shopping in the store could cost you more than if you bought the same items on the website or app? >> dint know that. >> really? online would be cheaper. >> what did you think about that? >> that's a problem.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: we wanted to see how much we coul save bishoping in the app instead of in store. so we pked up these ten items and did comparison shopping online. this tooth paste was $6.99 in the store but just $4.89 online. this sun skrooen will cost you 13 bucks in the store but just over 7 if you buy it in the app. and this black panther mask you can save aouple bucks off the in store i pricef you order it online. we paid in total $275 for the ten items shopping in store. but we could have saved 30 bucks by ordering the online. and picking them up in store two hours later. what if you like to shop in the store and want toick out you own items? there is a way to get the low prices but it's going to take a part. work on your you need to turn off location services on the taet app. at way they don't know when
5:51 pm
you're in the store so you'll always see online prices in the app. when you're ready to check out, you need to go to guest services and ask them to match the prices. >> i'moing to check that out. >> it saves me time shopping online and saving money. >> reporter: you can use that extra cash you save to pay for the fun thing't that wer on your list that ended up in your cart anyway. you got tt.t ri so we asked target why many of their items are lesssi exp online. so they sent us a statement saying in part, we are committed includes being priced competitively online and in our stores. guests can save with cartwheel deals and save 5% using their red card. we understand that the lower online pricesan likely be attributed to target wanting to stay competiti in a competitive world online. >> speaking of competition, lmart is one of their biggest, how do they compare online
5:52 pm
versus inste? >> good question. we went to walmart and checked prices for the se or simil items. we compared those with the prices on andr fou saved about $7 ordering online instead. so the prices didn't appear to vary that much. >> this isn't about them wanting to get away from bricks and mortar and wanting you to order online. this is just savings? >> yes. it's all about that location services and they willt honor in the store. if you shop online and get these good prices can you pick them up in the store two hours later. so you get the prices anyway. >> great work. susan saving us again. we have much more ahead. stil ahead, a maryland woman stabbed to death by a panhandler, you may remember this story that's what everybody thought. >> it was in december. there are dramatic and stunning new developments. police arrest the victim's husband and his daughter for
5:53 pm
that murder. where police arrested them and
5:54 pm
i know what it means to have reliable support. i found a company who believes in me. they look out for me. arand they help me grow myr. at comcast it's my job to constantly monitor our network, prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center 'rr comcast. working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
5:55 pm
a maryland woman believed to have been murdered by a panhandler may have been killed by her own family. >> police in baltimore say that keith smith and his daughter,
5:56 pm
valeria smith staged this attack last december. jacquelyn smith died after she was stabbed to death. >> yesterday in police in texas arrested the victim's husband and his daughter near the mexico rder. jay miller from our sister station in baltimore has more. >> reporter: keith smith and valeria smith were arraignedne counts arraigned on the murder of jacquelyn smith and held without bail in cameron rnunty, texas where they were arrested sunday mog. jacquelyn smith was stabbed to death in baltimore. in dramatic statements days later keith smith blamed panhandler for his wife's death. his story a man seeking money killed his wife. >> some guy me over to say can i thank her, as he did that, i'm not thinking he's going to do what he did, h commenced to stabbing my wife. >> we now know that was not >> reporter: in a news conference announcing the arrest, michael harrison
5:57 pm
discounted the panhandler story. he said smith and his dghter were arrested heading for the mexican border. warrants say that valeria smith was an accessoryer a the fact. smith has a history of committing serious crimes money. this was the scene in september of 2000 when smith led police on a chase and then crashed into a city patrol car. smith was pursued as a robbery suspect. once arrested police reports say he admitd to robbing the same bank three times. hi mo forci tellers to the floor at one point and ordering them to turn over the money. he toldga invesrs he was hiv positive and needed the money to raise his daughter. smith and his daughter waived extraditioex today in they could be returned to maryland in the next few days. >> that was jan miller reporting. news4 at 6:00 starts right
5:58 pm
now. tonight dogs and drones are searching for victims in alabama 24 hours after a deadly tornado outbreak. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm leon harris and now at 6:00, the survivors talk about the horror of those dastating storms. >> i heard the windows busting throughout the house, coming , scariest thing i've been through. >> tonight we're live with ath closer look destruction and the resilience in abama. divided government, house democrs fulfill a promise to nt trump.te presi demanding developments in a sweeping new investigation. a mother's mission to change state law now that her ughter's killer is getting out of prison. >> how can a murderer come home on good time? my daughter will never have good time. she's dead forever. first tonight, the devastating stormsown in alabama. >> incredible video that we're seeing.
5:59 pm
ll show you some of the aerial images. >> right now there is a desperate search for survivors and other crews are surveying the damage. at least 23 people were killed, dozens more are injured. our team coverag begins with nbc's jay gray in lee county, alabama. >> a day later, the images are overwhelming, east alabama left in ruins. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and friends. >> reporter: right now teams are sifting through the rubble searching f survivors and victims. >> i would describe the damage that we have seen in the area as catastrophic. >> reporter: from what forecasters say was an efh tornado w winds of 170 miles an hour. >> i estimated the path width .78 miles or almost a mile wide. monster tornado.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: ripping apart everything in its path. >> the next thing we know the wind starts ripping the house apart. we start seeing delay light because there's no roof.


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