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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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worst moment her life. the simplemi stake she made that led to her little boy being driven away in her car. and an incredible survival story. two little girls lost in the wos for daysfound. now, we're hearing in their words the life-saving lessons that kept them alive. >> was starting to drizzle. i knew we had to find shelter fast. news 4 today starts now. first this morning, we take a live look outside. we're tracking some frigid cold weather to srt your tuesday. the temperatures we are used to feeling in january are back for another round this week. >> 28 degrees outside of our studio. >> this is march. >> several local areas under hypothermia alerts d.c. is the latest to expand service because of the cold. limit your time ngday. good moreverybody. i'm eun yang.
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>> i'm aaron gilchrist. keep your extra layers handy. chuck bell is here with your forecast. we will check in with melissa. what do we need to know? >> bundle up. it is a cold stretch of weather around here. unusually cold for march standards. you figure it will be three or four days in a row, with weather below average. the winter cold hasreturned. 15 to 20 degrees colder than erage for theext couple of days. it will be dry, as well. typically when we get cold in march, we have to worry about snow. not for the next. few da but on friday, we may have to deal with a in/snow combination. your tuesday morning is in the 20s now. 23 in fairfax county this morning. 22 in faithersburg. 21 in martinsburg, west virginia. not a big beze but a little breeze has windchills down in the tns in many spots. your wake-up weather, extra hot on the tea and coffee this
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morninel temperatures freezing all morning long. 38 degrees and colder tomorrow. a look at the harain/snowe coming up. good morning. upper horlboro,er 4 on the way. 301 at old indian head road. this is whae spoke to police about a little while ago. two vehicles and some injuries. silver spring, after university boulevard, crash there. green belt, inner loop,fter kenilworth avenue. different problems on the beltway. earlier vdisablicle has cleared. in virginia, sterling, northbound 28, at o ox road. right side blocked by a crash. and wood bridge, soubound at prince william parkway. single tracking green line metro between green belt and college park. >> thank you.en from resal streets to highways, potholes are opening up on roads all over our area.
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this is video from clara barton parkway this morning. it's hard to see the potholes coming up when it's dark outside. >> hitting a large pothole cang da your car or cause a crash. aimee cho is live on the parkway with the necessary repairs happening today. amy, good morning. >> hi,g. good morn this winter has been brutal, in tes of potholes. huge craters showing up in the d.c. area. it's n fun trying to avoid these. that's why the parkway will be shuttingown today so that crews have timeix to fhe potholes. it runs about four miles in that direction, towards the chain bridge. the good news is, the closure doesn't start until 9:30 a.m. after the morning rush hour, and crews are hoping t have repairs finished up before the evening
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rush hour. did you know, if your car gets challenged by a pothole, you can file a claim to have the government pay for that repair. i tweeted a link, and you can find that on my twitter. >> aimee cho, live for u along the clara barton parkway. >> that's not the only road ct im by potholes. melissa has been reminding us about this. officials have t changed speed limit on part of the baltimore-washington parkway the holes on that road. a six-mile stretch that was 55 miles per hour. it's now going to be 45 miles per hour until further notice. it's going to take some time to get all of the potholes patched up. be patient. a story you will see on news 4, a loc mother is thankful for the two people who helped her when she had nowhe to turn. >> two samaritans chased down a carjacker who took off with her child in the backseat. tamara richardson said she
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walked outside the car to adjust his seat be. that's when walker took off with he little boy in the car. two samaritan s saw it happened and helped her follow walker until police arrived and arrested him. >> i was so angry he took my car and my baby. there's no way he di't see marco in the backseat. >> marco is okay. the suspect will be in today. we're learning new information in a death investigation we brought you last week. montgomery county police know ti the id of the man found dead near a bethesda bus stop. a woman found his body in a black tarp. the victim is francisco dela o de la cruz. the photos ofis tattoos and clothing helped identify him.
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the husband accused of killing his wife and a blaming panhandler could be back in baltimore to face murder charges by the endf the ek. this is a strange story we've been following since december. baltimore police said the suspects made up the story about a panhandler stabbing his wife. smith and his daughter were arrestedn sunday. investigators say they were trying to escape the country. her mother spokey phone for the first time. she says her daughter was a good person who loved everyone. she spoke tho words at her daughter's funeral. >> i gave you my beautiful ug er. had you let her die like tt. i know she didn'te deserve to the way she died. >> the two are being held without bail and waived in extradition hearing.
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today, the man who killed a ince george's high school student is set to be the dy of nia owens was found in the woods in 1996. she was just 14 years old. dna led police to matthew bethea, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison. now, he is getting out early because of good behavior. and nia's mother is outraged. >> how can a murderer come home on good time? my daughter will never have good time. she's dead forever.a >> angod is taking her fight for justice toshannapolis. wants the state legislature to enact a law that requires convicted killers to serve their entire sentence. also today, the trial begins r a woman accused of crashing her car into a marlboro restauranturing the lunch sh. this shows the crash as it happened. one person was killed and ten others were hurt, when she lost
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control of her car and drove into the diner. at the time, robinson told news 4, her brakes failed. > this morning, dozens of people are unaccounted for after the deadly tornado outbreak ripped through parts of the south. in rural alabama, 23 people were killed, including a 6-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl. the scope of the damag overwhelming here. rubble and debris lay everywhere. there were homes and businesses just two days ago. the national weather service says one of the tornadoes was an ef-4, packing winds of 170 miles per hour. the storm cut a path a mile wide and 24 miles long. today on capitol hill, a ohio teen will testify before a congressional committee after he was vaccinated against his parents' beliefs. he said he grew up without being vaccinated because his parents believed in anti-vaccine conspiracies.
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he started to question their stance and research the issue on his own. when he turned 18, he vaccinated himself. capitol hill, house democrats are turning up the heat on preside trum congressman jerrold nadler is demanding documents from 80 people and entities. he's looking at everything before and after his election. he is focusing on obstion of justice, public corruption and abuse of power. right now, mardi gs celebrations are gearing up in new orleans. it is fat tuday. >> the party started with food, drinksnd live entertainment. take a look. ♪ >> a higight of the event is lu the haracters. now, today around the world, people around will celebrate
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mardi gras and ash wednesday and lent. coming usup, a for equality when it comes to your paycheck. a vote today that could close the pay gap in one local county. tuesday off to a cold start. it will not be that cold as we get towards the weekend. if you have stuff to do outside, saturday looks to be the better day to get things done. sunday, rain chances are up to 80%. of i'm hearing from so many you who have joined me on my journey. and you're coming along with to get fit for spring. tabitha is getting ready for her weddin coming upnext, i take you inside my workout with this fabulous trainer on news 4 today.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> it is tax season. before you file, we're working for you with available credits. earning credits, can get up to $1,000 per eligible child. full and part-time workers making ls than $54,000 a year, can qualify for the earned income tax credi that allows you to claim up to $6,200. >> real dollars that allow a family to make investments. new car, improvements to their home. vacation time with their families. >> d.c. officials say more than 20,000 residents mayualify for e credits and not realize it, leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table.
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a majority of those individuals live in ward eight. and there's a number of free services to help youu prepare to arch tax help in the nbc sh gton app for resources within the irs tax center. it doesn't feel like it, but spring is on the way. we know meteorological spring has begun already. chuck tells us this way. 're taking warm weather to get fit. >> molette green is n bowie, checking in with her trainer. how is it going, molette? >>ight now, it's going great because i'm not working out. hetabitha is getting work on her lats. i had to choose a trainer to get fit for spring. how am iin leona, brown? >> you're doing amazing. >> for me, that was wayo get somebody to push me. >> that was horrible. in ain't putting that in there. >> that's going . >> no, it not.
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not going to lie. it's hard. i'm a fussy client this early in my journey to better fitness. >> at least 30 seconds. this doesn't happen overnight. your fitness journey is not go ing to happen overnight. if you're dedicated and can put in the work, you will reach your goals. >> i get a good workout with coach l.b., out of fitness for less gym in bowie. >> you have to give me one more. >> on this day, we use a resistance band, a kettle ball, and slider, items that you can use at home or when you travel. >> you're doing a squat press. squat, with a should press. >> you see how easy she made that look? i may fuss for now but i'm in good hands. three. come on, push. >> you can't count. >> l.b., whose clients include professional athletes and competitors, who just won a competition last october, has taken me on. >> keep saying i can't
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after a while, you're going to be saying i can. i can. >> and she's dedicated. >> you're using muscles that you haven't worked in a whil it's going to feel like you're not accomplishing anything. when d.o.m. sets in tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, you'll know you got that work. >> what is d.o.m.? >> delayed onset muscle soreness. >> i never whined so much since i was ababy. okay. the exercises in the piece there, are pretty easy to do. >> you can do them at home, traveling and at your office. >> we're goi to show y how to do that, coming up later on in the 6:00 hour of news 4 today. thu, leona. back to you guys. >> i give it to you, molette. you are doing a great job. that's got to be helpful to have the trainer with such great energy. she's good encouragement. 6:16 no egistration is starting for this year's marine corps marathon.
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30,000 runners are expected to sign up for the anlial race in ton. runners who deferred can sign up now. active duty military can sign up tomorrow. and set your phone alarm for ma h 19th at noon is when 7,000 coveted spots will be up for grabs and they will go quickly. you can find out if you've secured time and this year's marathon is set for sunday, . october 27 our marathoner right how many times have you done that? >> eight times, i think. >> eight times. >> two years ago, i completed it. >> you did? >> i was in a cart. they took me from the beginning to the end of there. i got all the way throug >> you suoived the whole 27 miles. >> it was cold and then it got hot. >> aaron,no i don'tw how you made it. when you don't think he's tough at all, golf carting his way through life.
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must be rough. otherwis what would aaron's chauffeur have to do if not this. >> i was working. we have a clear sky. the sun is starting to brighten up our sky just a little bit. the sunrise is coming up after3 his morning. 28 degrees, with a little bit of a northwest wind. so, the windchill in wthington is 22. that is midwinter cold for sure. temperatures are 21 in winchester. 13 in thurmott, maryland. windchills are in the teens and low 20s thi morning. winter coats and gloves and scarv scarves, all a great idea. your planner, a abundance of sunshine. not much of a warm-up. sun up at 6:35. down at 6:05. early sunrises, the sunrise will be back after 7:00. we go to daylight saving time this weekend. another day filled with brights
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hine, but even colder than today. tomorrow is the heart of the cold air inplace. we'll have temperatures in the teens, even downtown washington can be in the teens tomorrow morning. and high temperatures tomorrow, only right around 32 degrees. so, snow this morning, down along the coast of north ca.lina. ye snow, 400 miles to our south. we will have no snow to worry about around here until friday. and it's not a guarantee. sunshine today, sunshine tomorrow, a little more cloud cover starting here later in te day ursday. friday morning, starts off cloudy. friday, during the day, a for what will probably be mostly rain around washington. with the cold air trapped in, we could be dealing with a rain/snow mix there. we'll keep you posted on heat. cold for rest of the week. temperatures by friday afternoon, will be in the mid-40s. saturday, sunshine and a high of 52. that's average. and saturday is the day we move our clocks ahead one hour.
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melissa molletck tg the latest. >> chopper 4 showing us this problem here. is is 30 and old indian head road. it's in the median but acr majo h with injuries. right now, you are getting by it in all directions. there is just a little of a slowdown. twohings on the beltway. outer loop after university boulevard, a crash. and a crash in the right lane there. laurel southbound b.w. parkway after 198, disabled vehicle and causing we look elsewhere here, northbound 95ft prince william parkway. a crash on the mainlanes. sterling, northbound 28 at old ox road. travel times on 66, not bad. 95northbound, quantico to the beltway. 270, no issues. outer loop, 95 over to270, going 32 miles per hour. remember to listen to op 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car
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today. >> tnk you, melissa. coming up, a1 billion jackpot prize finally claims. what we're learning about the lucky winner f that tooke months to come forward. and a dangerous drive. wild video the moments an avalanche swept across a highway. back with more of the video after this. and don't forget to set your dvr for "ellen today."
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hi, i'm jeff. in my johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. i'm out in the wildeating. and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me, "are those bigger patties?", i s"yep." wolf comes in and says, "wow, that's a lot of sausage."h and a good laugh about that. (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties. ts on a biscuit.
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today. >> 6:24 now. we havhis incredible video of a snow emergency. look at this. that is unbelievable. this avalanche strikes while cars are driving on the snowy mountainside. drivers only had momentsalo react to aof snow coming at them. nobody could hit the brakes or speed up to avoid it. this happened abouan hour and a half away from denver. a second avalanche was from the same mountain in a few hou. peopleirere stuck in t cars for hours, climbing out of the sunroofs to start digging. now, a reunion in northern california are coming home after what is being described as a miracle. caroline and lea, wandered away on friday before it started to rain. now, we're learning a bit more
6:25 am
on how they survived. it wasn't just luck. the family said the girls had survival training in the girls left granola wrappers. they drank water off of leaves and tried to build a fire. and they made onbig decision that was key to their survival. >> it was starting to drizzle. i knew we had to find shelter fast. >> they had enough information that where they ended up on friday night iaywhere they in this incident. that's what we try to teach everybody. you get lost, you stay put and wait for people to find yo that's what they did. >> they were lost for 44 hours. the girls were hungry and cold but in good spirits. just an incredible story to tell. and the fact it had a happy ending. >> you bette hope they don't
6:26 am
wander off again. it could be different. you remember the $1.5 billion mega millions prize. it all that everybody was talking about. >> this morning, the lucky winner has come forward, nearly wfive months after that b. we don't know much about this megamillionaire. so far, this person is remaining anonymous. here's what we do know. the person bought the ticket at this k.c. mart. the person told lottery officials they let another person go in front of them when buying that ticket. they opted for the lump sum payout, $877 million. that's not that big. the person will remember. >> they let you stay anonymous in south carolina. we may never know. the plan metro is working on to make future trips fauser.
6:27 am
a rude awakening. details on the man police say snuck into awoman's bedroom while she was sleeping. what woke her up and made her realize she doesn't alone. sunny and cold this morning. good car washing weather. it will be dry the next cple of days. of days. get the girl shined up nice and
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news 4 today starts now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. a coldsd start to yoay. melissa mollet h our commute. >> but we begin with this is cold for just about everybody. >> it is a cold start to your tuesday morning. skies are mostly clear. we'll warm up a litt. it is a chilly start this morning. 23 in martin. there's a little bit of a breeze. windchills are in the teens to around 2 degrees this morning. here's your planner. the good news, it is about the sunshine today. mid to upper 30s, and the sun is
6:31 am
not down until 6:05. ten-day forecast, with a chance of rain and snow later this week. good morning. >> good morning, chuckoo ng at the roads and two problems on the beltway. first of all, outer loop, silver spring, universit boulevard and starting to see delays there. green loop, after kenilworth crash there. southbound here on b.w. parkway in laurel, after 198, that disabled vehicle, partially blocking lane and headed southbound here this morning. as you look at northbound, i 95 virginia, after prince william parkway, crashesn the right. we're seeing delays as you head inbound. sterling, northbound 28 at old ox the right side is blocked by a crash there. new problem in silver spring. 29 south at the new hampshire avenue, right lane is getting b that crash. aaron? >> thank you. today, the man suspected of
6:32 am
carjacking a vehicle with a side is expected in a d.c. courtroom. 21-year-old matthew walker is accused of stealing a parked car in northeast on monday. tamara richardson tells news 4 her son was in the backseat at the time. peled over, left the keys in the ignition and walked outside the car to adjust his seat belt. that's when walker took off with the kid. t with help of witnesses t followed the car, police found the car and the child unharmed. today could be the first step for a major change for women whoork in montgomery county. >> a council member looks to introduce legislation to address aay gap. justin finch is in rockville. >> reporteo it's hard make ends meet. it's harder for someone who is under paid. a councilman is stepping up to work to ensure that women
6:33 am
working for the cou are no longer shortchanged. councilman evan glass blew up the wage gap he found in he health and human services office, finding one man earning more than 12 women, all were cent res. he found other wage gaps in other departments here in the county. ritical they be closed as soon as possible. he says these wage gaps hold back the women working but the families, as well, and the futures. he's hoping introduce a bill that will change that. >> when we rely on salary history, to figure out future growth, what this h does a tr ripple and the lost wages that a woman has as she moves through her career is college tuition for a child. it is car payments. it's rent or mortgage.
6:34 am
this is real dollarsen and we're talking about. >> reporter: one other thing it would do is eliminate an age-old question of the job salary history. for county employees, that can further a lifetime of income disparity. live in rockville, justin nench, 4. the montgomeryounty council would ban smoking in decks in restaurants as. the county has a ban on smoking inside certain places, including retail stores, restaurants and bars. today's meeting starts at 9:30. news 4 will be there. metro isonsidering bringing back an old system to get you to yofa destination er. that metro has expanded testing of an automatic door system. right now, you wait about five
6:35 am
seconds before manually opening the doors to confirm doors open on the correct side of the train.hi metro wants to to automatic door openings this year. under a week from today,ou t can expectsee overnight lane closures on memorial bridge. next monday, through the fall, e tws will be open between 00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and for 15-minute stretches, traffic will be down to one lane in and out of d.c. the change will allow for workers to install panels. the bridge's sidewalk will remain open. the work will not affect indestrians or bicyclists. developinhe district, we're learning more about a death investigation on west virginia avenue northeast in the ivy city neighborhood. our cameras were there when the forensic team arrived to begin collecting evidence. police are not saying how the person die here's your other top or s we're following this
6:36 am
morning. montgomery cnty police have identified the man whose body was found near a bethesda bus stop last week. i 25-year-old francisco dela o de la cruz. his body was wrapped in tarp along old georgetown road. police do not know how he was killed. a baltimore man and daughter accused of killing a woman and blaming her death on a panhandler are waiting to be returned to maryland. they were arrested in texas. they were trying to escape the country.ei both are held without bail. today, ethan lindenburger will testify before congress. he was the teen who vaccinated . hims he was invited to talk about outbreaks of preventable diseases. he said he grew up without beina inated because his parents believed in anti-vaccine conspiracies. he started to question their stance and research the issue on hs own. this morninlywood
6:37 am
continues to mourn the loss of luke perry. he died yesterday, days after suffering a massive stroke. perry gained national attention in the '90s, when he took the role of dylan mckay on "90210." he recently worked on the show "riverdale." s co-star tweeted that she just can't believe it. many outpourings of love on social media. luke perry was 52. john hickenlooper, the former colorado governor, announced he is running for president. he says he will take action on key issues, such as guns and climate change. he touted bipartisan efforts during his time as governor. one person not running, eric holder. he was attorney general under barack obama. he said he will continue to try to end gerrymandering across the country. holder believes state and local races are the first step to a ensure representative congress. still ahead, trump may be
6:38 am
facing an uphill battle against his own party. and we're continuing to help you getor fit spring. molette green is in the community in the gym. she will joinit us live wh a preview of what she's working on. >> rob and lamar are at another level of fitness. coming up, i will show you exercises that you can do at home and traveling wh simple it
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welcome back. a truly incredibtory of survival. there's not a lot of people who can take a shot from an ak-47 to the back of the head and live to tell about it. >> that is sergeant steven mcqun can do that. he was wearing one of the new mbat helmets when he was attacked in september. the army presented his fily
6:41 am
with that helmet on a plaque. >> the helmet works. i'm a living testament to it. >> i want to kiss it, i want to hug it. i want to hang it in my house. >> the n helmet is a heavy-duty helmet that mcqueen thought was oveill. it saved his life and he is grateful for it. his soldiers will never be without a helmet in nmhostile envit. >> great to create the protective gear. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. the department of agriculture is planning to issue some new guidelines for food companies. this is according reuters. it's following an uptick of recalls in contaminati p of metals astics in meat and poultry products. these voluntary guidelines will dvise producers on investigating consumer complaints and how quickly to ovtify the gernment if ntaminated products are on the
6:42 am
market. i'm frank holland. we go to break checking in with chuck bell. >> dog walking forecast will be a cold one. dutch here is already 12 years old. he's a low-energy, older dog ther you can find out how to add dutch to your family. if you walkrn g, noon or night, it will be cold today. below freezing for the morning and evening ten-day for coming up. a president surrounded. new details about the democrat-led investigations into president trump and the trouble he faces from members of his own party. stay with us.
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ch> you're wg news 4 today. >> 15 before the hour now. right now, a white house tsrrounded. on one side, democurn up the heat on a series of investigations into the president's businesses, taxes and conduct in office. >> how is the white house responding to all of the investigations from house democrats? >> good morning, aaron and eun. president trump asked about the new investigation, saying he will cooperate but calling any collusion a hoax. white house press secretary sarah sanders calling it disgraceful anabusive and a fishing expedition. the house judiciary committee looking into allegations of corruption, obstruction and abuses of power, reqsting documents from 81 people and groups assocted with the president, including the
6:46 am
esident's eldest son, dond trump jr. son-in-law jared kushner, and allen weisselberg, including sean spicer and former chief strategist, steve bannon. another focus, certain events in 2016, including the meeting between trump fily members,ai cagn officials and a kreml kremlin-linked attorney. while the inquiry could be the u work, the democrats aren't there yet. we'll have all of this on "today." >> kristen welker, live at the white house. more from kristen coming up next on "today." for anyone seeking asylum a theborder, finding a place to stay until the request is processed can be difficult. for young migrants from the lgbtq community, it's more elp, casa ruby is stepping up. it's housing 15 lgbtq people that arrived there this week from san antonio.
6:47 am
the migrants arrived with a caravan last year. they told our partners that i.c.e. contacted them because no other groups would takthem in. during the winter, dodging potholes becomes a necessary part of driving in this area. >> today, a portion of the clara barton parkway will close because of hpotholes that can cause damage toca your aimee cho is on the parkway with more on the work and the hours that the parkway will beclosed. aimee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if youni were pl on taking the clara barton parkway today, you need to take a different route. the parkway will be closed so crats can p up the potholes. the closure will run about four miles in that direction. the closure doesn't start until 9:30 this morning, after the morning rush hour. and crews are hoping to have the road reopened before the evening rush hour. now, chopper 4 is flying over the parkway, to give your an
6:48 am
idea of how big this problem is. the clara barton parkway is a winding road with narrow nes. and swerving to avoid potholes is impossiblepe lly the repairs will bring relief to drivers around here. if your car getsa damaged b pothole, you can file a claim to have the governmentay for repairs. i put a link on my twitter. >> thank you, aimee. this morning, a man is behind bars, accused of sneaking into a woman's home. >> police say he entered the of an arlington woman i the middle of the night, went into a bedroom and woke her up with a kiss on the cheek. he was able to get inside the apartment through an unlocked door. even though he's been arrested, neighbors are still concerned about their safety. >> i cannot fathom. >> that is disturbing.
6:49 am
that should not happen. >> when you live in the city, you need to take extra precautions. >> the victim texted 911. when police arrived, they were able to find dayton in t building. the woman wasn't hurt but shaken up. the food and drug administration is calling out 15 retailersor selling tobacco products to t and walgreens and other chains are on notice now. governme officials went undercover and found that retailers sold tobacco more than 1 million times. the agency is targetin companies that may have introduced e-cigarettes into the market. americansrd number of are dying from drugs, alcohol and icide. a new rert says 150,000 people died from one of the factors in 2017. researchers say much of the increase has been fueled by id
6:50 am
synthetic op overdose deaths rose 45% in one year. meanwhile, purdue pharma may be headed to bankruptcy. >> the company is facing hundreds of lawsuits and accusec tributing to the opioid crisis. 1,600 lawsuits have been filed by individuals and hospitals in 27 states. with the prospect of having to pay billions, purdue is looking to file for bankruptcy. that would put a hold on all litigation and allow the company to negotiate with a judge and not face the families and hospitals. we need to check in with chuck bell. >> we were tling you out would be cold and now, it's settled in. one or two cold days the month of march. over the last five years, the coldest day of the month, last ar, our coldest march day didn't come until the 21st.
6:51 am
that came with 4 to 6 inches of snow. mid-march, the year before that, early march in 2016, but that march ended up being very warm. and then, in the of 2015, and 32. >> 6 to 9 inches of snow on that one. all thoseive marches had at least two days in the 70s, as well. we will be transitioning to spring before in month is over.r temper below freezing in the mid to upper 20s. windchills were in the upper teens to around 20. school bus forecast for your tuesday. thos kids will be jogging in place to stay warm at the bus stops this morning. outdoor recess, as long as you have a hat and coat of. it will be chilly and in the 30s. your puffy coat, your hat and scarf and your sundwlaszs for
6:52 am
today. tomorrow will be the heart of the cold air. there could be teens. i highs tomorro the freezing mark. the cold air is down to our south. that's sno near wilmington, north carolina, this morning. our next little chance for a rain/snow mix will come up on friday. and it willrobably be mostly rain around the city because it arrives during the day. but certainly along i-81, we could have more significant rain/snow mix. we'll watch it. saturday will be the dry the weekend. sunday will be the wet half. temperatures back to more march-like next week.oo melissa,morning. problem on the outer loop aniversity boulevard. you can see the volume because of the crash. i highlighted that for you. rockville, 270, after montrose, a crash right before the spur. in laurel, after 198, disabled vehicle. ft. washington, a crash reported
6:53 am
and delays inbound. virginia, 95 after prince william parkway. looking better than it was. crash was on the right shoulder. we're getting by. we have typal slowdowns. and chopper 4 over this problem. aimee cho has been there this morning. clara barton parkway, a shutdown at 9:00 a.m. there. it will hopefully reopen by the evening commute. outer loop after university, our ow spot this morning. your other travel times, no major tdelays, the top of the beltway. listen to wtop when you hop in your car. thank you. getting fit for spring is nonoeasy. nobody that better than molette green. >> she's aew weeks into her fitness journey. and this morning, we're doing the same workout she does in the gym at home. molette, good morning. ou let's go to work. >> good morning to if you don't have a trainer, no problem. if you don't have a gym, no
6:54 am
problem. coach leona is swing us how to do exercises when we're at home, traveling, at work. resistance band, you can get them anywhere. >> anywhere. put them in your suitcase. >> and then, we can do other things. show a kettle bell. >> don't have a kettle bell, jugs of g.water, sw >> that works the upper body. >> full body. >> and the mountain climbers, they're horribly hard. >> mountain climbers, paper plates, wash cloths on a tile for. >> i want to thank them. they're boxers and in >>shape. they're trying to get there. military people. >> i love that. you have a philosophy. if people can't afford a personal trainer, you need somebody on your side. >> when you can't get out in the morning, someone is calling you
6:55 am
and saying, hey, getup. >> i've within working out with you for several weeks. tell me how i'm doing. i want people to join me this get fit for spring campaign. how is it going? whining.n and you've been dealing with that. >> you haven't been whining. you're doing well. i'm seeing cuts. you're getting into dresses you couldn't get into before. that's all it takes. one timprovemvery day. >> keep the pictures, keep the stories about your fitness journey coming. hit me up on wifacebook,er and instagram. and we'll continue to work outl r today. i have an appointment. >> thank you. >> seizehe's a tough trainer bu seems le a fantastic motivator. here's four things to know. the mand expecf carjacking a vehicle with a child inside, expected in the d.c. quy.urtroo to matthew walker faces kidnapping and unarmedg carjack charges.
6:56 am
a teen who defied his parents' wishes and vaccinated himself will testify before congress. he grew upho witut being vaccinatedecause his parents believed anti-vaccination nspiracies. new legislation to close the gender pay gap in the count asking event women from about previous salaries. you can look for updates on news 4 midday. a portion of the clara bartonlo parkway will be cd for pothole repairs. the roadec is ed to reopen in time for the evening commute. we're going to send out a push alert if there's a change to that repair schedule. and it's all about thefoold the next couple of days. highs only in t 30s today, tomorrow and thursday. a chance for rain/snow combination on friday. doesn't look like a big storm t.
6:57 am
quite the rain on sunday. we learned that mary b. neil elementary is closed because of an electricalissue. that's the news 4 today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes. enjoy your day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning. desperate search for survivors. acrossefforts intensify the south in the wake of the deadliest tornado outbreak in years. an untold number of people still unaccounted for. destruction as f as the eye can le holt is there talking with w families suffered unspeakable loss. t >> she was air in my lunges. under pressure. house democrats launch a far-reaching new investigation of president trump and his inner circle. >> we have to protect the rule of law. >> this morning how the white house is firing ba>>. > shock and heartbreak. keperry's 90210 co-stars and


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