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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 5, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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. new at mid-day. president trump two words in all caps this morning, presidential harassment. the moves democrats are making that have the president so upset. and feeling more like january out the than march. we are looking at some beautiful sunshine, much lighter win but ings are about to change as we head throughout the day tomorrow. we've got the latest information on that coming up. turned around for a second pid he was jumng in my car. >> >>he a mot opens up about the worst moment of her fe the simple mistake she made that led to her little boy being
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driven away in her car. announcer: news4 maid day starts now. good morning. i'm molette >>green. nd i'm pat lawson muse. we begin this morning way very cold start to march, big part of the country's feeling the impact. 220 million people dealing with below freezing temperatures from coast to coast. snow even covers the ground in northwest arkansas. pe our area ttures started the day in the 20s, but tomorrow could feel a lot colder. >> storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts joins us now. the sun is out,eautiful to look at. is it helping to warm things up at all? >> no, not even a little bit. r itlly deceiving out there, guys. look at. its gorgeous out there right now. we've got blue skies out there. listen, it is chly. rightn see in the botto side of your screen you can see that 34 degr mark. it is a little on the chilly side. you step outside the beltway and
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that's where we have temperatures below freezing. southeast winds at about 6 miles an hour. full sunshine out there. aseaou through the evening for exercise, maybe walking the dogs, you'll need those extra winter layers out there. evening commute not quite as windy as yesterday but fl nshine so you may have some sunshine delays for commuting, not only throughno the aft but through the evening as well. then after school activities, dry with light winds. go for today. tomorrow lot colder. if you think today is cold, just wait until 'vtomorrow. got those winds coming back in full force, also a little snow in the forecast. we show you when and where coming up. >> thank you, ewlauren. this morning. d.c. councilmember jack evans issuing hisirst public apology. >> it comes after the chairman of the counsel a to discipline evans over his use of government resources to solicit outside income. criticac trust is both
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and fragile. the council must constantly be mindful that citizens have a right to expect their elected representatives to uphold high standards of ethical conduct. >> mark segraves has been on top and is developing sto live at city hall where this story is far from over, mark? >> reporter: that's exactly right. councilmember jkvans has two issues that are unrelated to each other facing him. there'snd a federal gury that has issues subpoena to the d.c. government and to evans private law firm clients. they seemed to be centering around evans relationship with a businessman who owned a digital company. separate from that "the washington post" has published emails that they got through freedom of information requests where evans and his chief-of-staff used government emails to solic outside income from law firms. the council chairman did announce that he was going to move toepmand evans after that breakfast meeting with all his colleagues. evans came othe hallway
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and issued his first public apology. hereis it >> in retrospect, i would have done a lotof things different and certainly made some major mistakes and i want to take this oprtunity to apologize to my constituents, to the residen of the district of columbia and to my colleagues. >> what would you have done differently? >> reporter: so evans then walked away from reporters as we were asking him to be more specific, exactlyhat he was apologizing for. was it what was he being reprimanded for,he email,he use of government resources orel possibly hisionship with this businessman. he wouldn't answer questions. for somef thecouncilmembers, some of his colleagues, this isn't enough. he wants a full investigation by the council with subpoena power to get to what he says is the w bottom ot jack evans has been doing, if he's been pe bling influenceh as the chairman of the finance committee here in the council and chairmanf the metro board. we should also tell you, metro has launched their own inquirye
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to if he's violated theirti ethic's reons al-w. that's the very lates from city hall. >> thank you. crews had pnned to shutdown part of the clara barton parkway for some much needed road work today. >> but that work had to be put off for now at least because of equipment issues. aimee cho has been following this issue. good morning,me >> reporter: hi, pat and molette. hang on to your seats, unfortunately, you'll have to keep dealing with those bumpy potholes along the clara bartona parky. i just got off the phone with them a short time y we planning to shut down this roadl but they t me their pothole repair machine broke this morning, so they won't be aake to any fixes and these are the types of potholes drivers have been dealing w down the clara barton parkway and on roads throughout the d.c. area, huge craters that are no fun at allo drive over.
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this is a very winding road very narrow. so swerving to avoid those potholes is impossible. the park ser tells me they're not sure when they' abler to fix thmachine and reschedule those repairs but the parkway will remain open today so you won't have to make any detours, you'll jus have a bumpy ride along the way. >> something about that makes you chuckle, is potholes repair machine is broken. the clara barton parkway isn't the only road impacted by potholes. officials have changed the speed limit onar of the baltimore/washington parkway because of all the holes along that road. a six mile stretch that used t have a 50-miles-per-hour limit will now have a 40-miles-per-hour limitr until furtnotice. it's going to take some time to get to all of those potholes an patch them up. only on news4, a local mother is thankful for the two people who helped her when she
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had nowhere. to tu >> the two good samaritans chased down a carjacker who took off with her child in the backseat. she tells news4 that she parked her car on sar atowinga avenue. matthew walker hopped into the s driveat and sped off with the littl boy in the car. those two good samaritans saw hernd happen help richardson follow walker until police him. ed and arrested >> i was relieved that they got him because i was so angry that he took my car and my baby because there's no way i didn't see marco in the backseat. >> the two-yr-old is okay. the suspect will be in court today. >> glad that baby is okay. now to ael ding story in the district. we are working to learn more bay death investigation on west virginia avenue in northeast. that's in the ivy city neighborhood. our cameras were there when the forensic team began to arrive
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collecting evidence. police are not saying how the person died. we are learning new information in a death investigation that we first brought you last week. owntgomery county police know the identity of the man found dead near a bethesda bus op. a woman discovered his bodyd wrap in a black tarp on old georgetown road last week. v thetim is 25-year-old francisco de la cruz. pictures of his tattoos and clothes helpedif ide him. police do not believe he was killed where he was discovered. the husband accused of killing his wife could be back in baltimoreuro facer charges by the end of the week. wee been following this strange story since december. keith smith and his daughter are accu kd ofling his wife, jacqueline smith. he then, according to police, made up the story about a panhandler stabbing her after she offered him money. smith and his daughter were arrested in south texas on sunday. investigators say they were
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trying to escape the country. jacqueline mother spoke for the first time since the arrest sunday. she says her daughter was a good person who everyone loved. she spoke those words -- spoke these words to keith at her daughter's neral. >> i gave you a beautiful daughter. i gave y my beautiful daughter and you let her die like that. iid know shet deserve the die the way she died. >> the two suspects are being held without bail and waived an extradition hearing. a> today the man who killed prince george's county high school student is set to be freed. the body of thigha owens was found in the woods not far from northwestern high school back in 1996. she was just 14 at the time. dna evidence led police to matthew who was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but now he'sg gettin out early because of his good behavior. mya's mother is ttrage. >> w kind of murderer can
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come home on good time. my daughter will never have good time. she's dead forever. >> angela wood is talg her fight for justice for annapolis. she wants a law that requires convicted killers serve their entire sentence. new at mid-day, there is signifant pay disparity among males and females in montgomery county and that' according to one lawmaker. what he is doing to change dha?d house democrats launch a far reaching investigation of president trump. howhe white house is firing back this moing. rn
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"news4 midday." today could b the first step to major change for women who work in montgomery county. eg a councilmember is introducing newlation to close the gender pay gap in the county. justin finch explains how the bill could drasticallye cha lives. >> reporter: it's already hard for so many to make ends and even harder for those that
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are underpaid. thatou be changing because a councilman here is introducing t bill tould make it easier for working women to get the pay they deserve. now councilman evan glass blew up a wage disparity he found in the county's health and human services office finding one man earning more than 12women. the councilman said other wage gaps in other offices as well and that'sca cri that they be closed as soon as possible. he says these wageaps n only hold back those working women bundtheir families as well today he's introducing the bill that would change that. >>re tere 13 individuals hired during the time period, 12 women and one man and the one man makes more money than all the women, $31,000 more than the lowest paid woman and $5,000 more than the highest paid woman. >> reporter: and glass will introduce that bill to close the
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wage gap employees. he wants as part of his bill get ay from a critical question asked during so many job interviews which is about someone's wage history he says whether or not can continue someone's income disparity. i'm justin finch, news4. also today the montgomery county council is voting on a bill that wou ban smoking in certain outdoor areas such as patios and decks at bars and restaurant the county already has a smoking ban in places like retail stores, restaurants and bars. we'll u oate youn the outcome of the vote. metro is considering bringing back an old system to get you to your destination faster. our news partner reports for the last two weeks metro has expanded testing of an automatic door opening system. right now operators wait about five seconds before manually
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opening doors tfi c that the doors open on the correct side of the train. metro aims to shift all trains to automatic door opening systems sometimes later this year. congress isurning up the heat against president trump and his administration. s now enougate republicans tie turning against his national emergency decla to build a rder wall. tracie potts reports. >> reporter: we could see president trump's first veto this week, using money from the milita to build a wall with mexi mexico. >> reporter: with help from four republicans, the senate is poised to reject the president' plan. they like the wall, they don't like him going around congress to pay for it. >> it isnre aboutdent trump. it's about the division of power for me. h reporter: congress does not appear toe the votes to override a veto. meantime, the house judiciary committee led by democratss
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ramping up its investigation seeking documents from 81 trump associates including son donald trump jr. and son-in-law jared kushner. >> we have to investigate and hold hearings and layout for the american people if the administration is involved in abuses of power or obstruction of justice. >> reporter: will the white house cooperate? >> iooperate all the time with everybody and, you know, the beautiful thin no collusion. it's all a hoax. yes. porter: investigate, impeachment, not yet. >> the last thing we needo do is to make trump a martyr. >> rep information on his family and business and possible ties to russia. some of those contacted have sahewill not cooperate without a subpoena. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. turning to decision 2020, the democratic presidential pool growing. john hickenlooper has announced he is running for president and that makes 12 democrats who have
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announced so far. hickenlooper says he will take action on key issues like guns and climate change. he touted a record of bipartisan efforts duringim his t as governor. now one person not running is former attorney general eric ho er. he served as ag under barack obama. e holder says instead will continue his fight to end gerrymandering across the country. state and local races are the first step to insuring a more en reprtive. the untimely death of actor perry. perry who rose to fame back in the '90s died at the age of nbc joe fryer has more on theiv mae stroke that perry suffered and the warnings tha everyone should know about. >> reporter: from the moment he blard that iconic theme song, luke perry became a heartthrob. >> welcome to paradise, man. welcom to your dream come true.
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>> reporter: but this morning he's being remembered simply for his heart. beverly hills 90210 costar writes, i willorever bas in the loving memories we shared over the last 30 years. go please give him a seat close to you. he deserves it. and from his riveradale costar, my heart is broken. i will mis you so much, luke perry. >> order anything you like. >> reporte he first appeared on another world before scoring the part of dylan mckay on 90210 making him a teen idol, someone who couldenerate a deafening frenzy just by appearing at a mall. he drew comparison to james dean. i alwayshought that ildousu eed somehow. i didn't think it was going to be like this. >> reporter: there wovies like the rodeo film "eight seconds" but the small screen was his specialty. he even played himself on the
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simpsons. >> and what are you making, side show luke perry? >> a 19th century carousel. >> reporr: he also had a guest appearance as a bird watcher on ""will and grace." >> i was just looking at the beautiful specimen right outside your window. >> reporter: perry was introduced to a new generation of teens in his latest role "riverdale". >> i hate to ask this but did you get in a fight with jug head? >> reporter: perry always said he was gratefulhe for 930210, show that gave him his big start. >> i guess i'll see you around. >> i guess. >> reporter: and the one fans will remember most asod they sa ye. >> gone much too soon. absolutely. >> we are learning more about a remarkable reunion incaorthern fornia that's being called an absolute miracle. >> two young sisters just 5 and 8 years old, they s tvived near days lost in the
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dilderness near their home. they wonde away on friday just before it started to rain and now we're learning a bit more about how they survived out there. the family says the girls had survival trainin in and because of that the girls left a trail of gra wrappers, they drank waters off thenola leaves even tried to build a fire. the girls also made one big decision which is key to their survival. >> it was starting to drizzle so i knew we had to find slter fast. >> they had enoh informati that where they ended up friday night is where they stayed throughout this whole incident, so and that's what we try to teach everybody. if you get lost and stay put and wait for people to find you. that's exactly what they hedid. >>were lost for 44 hours. the girls were found hungry and cold but in very good spirits. we have not seen or heard the these two. >> thank goodness for that 4h
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training. >> they paid attention. >> i can see them having a survival show, a little kiddie version. >> down the road. oxycontin maker is exploring filing for lbankruptcy. suit the company is facing and the impact that move would have acrosshe country. also rescue efforts intensifying across the south after deadly tornadoes. the tools beingsed to finds
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cancer won't wait for appointments to open up, test results to come back,
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or treatment plans to start. at cancer treatment centers of america, we make time for cancer patients. time to answer questions, relieve worries, and turn indecision into good decisions. because cancer won't wait, and we don't think you should either. call or go online anytime to set up an appointment with our team of cancer experts. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. dozens of people are still unaccounted for aft that deadly tornado outbreak ripped through parts oouthe in rural alabama. at least 23 people were killed, including a 6-year-old boy and a 10-year-old . the scope of the damage is overwhelming. rubble and debris now lay where homes and businesses stood just ago. ays the national weather service says one of the tornadoes was an ef4 packing winds of around 170 miles per hour.
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the storm cut a path a mile wide and 24 miles long,re rescue c are using drones and dogs to try to find any survivors. an incredible video of avalanche strikes while the cars are driving on a snowy . mountainsi you can see drivers only had moments to rereact to the wall of snow coming right at them. this happened sunday night about an hour and a half from denver. a second avalanche was reported on the mountain within a few hours of this one. gl amaz no one hurt. . cars trapped. >> wh >> i mean -- >> i saw this earlier and i just wanted to know what happened to the cars afterwards because -- what do you do? you turn off your engin and sit there. >> and what about the car behind you, perhaps? it will slam in to you if you stop? >> i've never seen anything lik th >> pretty strange weather this week. >> absolutely. those storms in the deep s were the same -- from the same
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storm system that whad on sunday here. so, again, we are looking at that to move down. sunny skies, blue skies outth e. it's beautiful. no big storms in sight for us, thank goodness. we have a hiccup on friday. could have some snow and light rain. we'll talk about that. today. like that it just feels like january out there. now, over the next four days today, sunny and bitterly cold. tomorrow freezing cold. now as we get into your thursday. we're cold and dry. we do havehat chance of rain and snow on friday but not until then. we're dry over the next 72 hours. current temperatures, whew. a lot of places still below that freezing mark we don't have the wind we had yesterday. a lot better out there today in terms of the conditions. winter cold as we continue through the afternoon. the sun goes downust a little after 6:00 p.m. tonight and temperatures will plummet as we have clear skies. no clouds to blanket us andeep
11:26 am
that warm air warm. i say that loosely down to the surface. temperatures just bottom out ina the teens low 20s as we head through the overnight. n radar,happening thank goodness. we're dry today, tomorrow and b thursd our next chance of rain and snow will be on friday and it doesn'took like much, maybe a little bit of snow before it thanges over rain. 32 degrees for tomorrow. if you thought today's coldit ntil tomorrow. the thing about tomorrow, the wind start picking up. toerrow morning youoing to wake up with chills in the single dig tomorrow, teens and 20s throughout the day. we head through trsday nigh we climb back up. we'll have full sunshine as we go over to your wnesday and ursday and then we get into your friday. look at this. a little bit of snow headed our way. listen, this looks like a wet snow. i think this looks a little worse than it actually is. we'll eventually get this to change over to some rain.
11:27 am
there could be a small accumulation. it's only about a 40% chance of in and snow. by saturday, temperatures are in the low 50s. plenty of sunshine. that's going to be the driest day. we'll talk about sunday and what you can expect then coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks. a teen is at the center of a growing medical debate in this country should children be allowed to go without certain vaccines. he's telling his stories to lawmakers this morning. and a dog in a dangerous situation trapped and scared. how he reacts when he's
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announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." coming up on 11:30 this morning, an ohio teen is testifying before aco congressionaittee. >> this is a live look at the hearing. high school student ethan says he was vaccinated againstis
11:30 am
parents' beliefs. his parents believe antivaccine conspiracies but after searching the issue on hisn, linden berger says his parents are misguided. moments ago he gave his opening statement and he referenced a moment when he approached his mother with information about vaccines from the centers for disease control. >> i approached my mother with informatio from the cdc that t'aim vaccines cause autism, she responded with t what they want you to think. scepticism and worry were taking the forefront in terms of information. my mother would turn to online and onoups social media looking for her evidence in defense rather than health officials and credible sources. >> when he turned 18, he was vaccinated on his own. aoctor on this panel today, dr. mccullers called vaccine refusal one of the growing health threats of our time.
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public health officials are putting out an alert about a spected case of measles in st. mary's county, dimaryland. onal testing is required to confirm the diagnosis. any one who visited the emergency deparent at med star st. mary's hospital on sunday betwn 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. may have been exposed. a hotline h been established to answer community concerns. we've got the number for you and more information in the nbc washington app just search measles. in news for your health this morning, a record number of merican dying from drugs, alcohol and suicide. a new report says5000 died from one of those factors in ch17. researchers say of the increase has been fueled by synttic opioids. fentan and methadonese rose 45% in one year. there is word m thisning that perdue pharma, the maker of
11:32 am
oxontin is exploring possible bankruptcy. >> this as the company faces hundreds of lawsuits accusing it of contributing to the opioid crisis. kate snow has the story. >> reporter: sandy blankenship and her adopted 6-year-old are one of many families suing per dew pharma andothers. ava's mom used opioids whilewa e pregnant. >>ea she's 6 old and can't count to 20. >> you think there's deficits there. >> i'm sorry. it's my baby. >> reporter: perdue faces more than are 1,600 lawsuits filed by individuals, but also hospitals in 27 different states with the prospects of having to pay billions, perdue is contemplating filing for bankruptcy. that would pd a h on all
11:33 am
litigation and allow the company to negotiate claims with aru bacy judge. >> they're saying they don't want to have to pay to clean up their mess. we'll fight to make sure they do. >> reporter: purdue would not comment on its financial or legal strategy adding we have ampledi liqui and remain committed to our obligations. families like the blankenship's still hopeful help is coming their way. kate snow, nbc news, new york. this morning we are working for you with word of new hope for anyone suffering from depression. the fda is expected to approve a new breakthrough treatment. the drug comes in the form of a nazal spray. its designed to help people who haven't felt relief from other treatments or medications. the treatment will beni adered in a doctor's office and it works very quickly showing benefits in just aur couple of hos. other antidepressants can take four weeks to take eflict. in ccal trials thisea trtment helped decrease suicidal thoughts in patients
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almost immedi side effects include dizziness, naush and thek potential r of addiction. news4 is committed to changing minds aboutental health issues. if you are or someone you know is suffering from depression,p there is hut there. just head to our website and click, cnging minds. you'll get a list of local resources. with any major construction oject, work crews are bound to face a setback or two. >> but the problem with half completed parking garage is anything but ordinary as news4 transportation reporter adam tss explains work is into the sinking ground. >> reporter: a lot of people who live right next t this troubled parking g hage no idea that at one point it was sinking. >> i did not know. that's aproblem. >> reporter: but now, getting back on the right foot. the green light's in place to
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resume work on this $52 million garage which, unexpectedlyr dropped fnches into the ground and the problem had to do with hugeoundational supports for the garage. why the exact cause is still investigation. fairfax county officials tell us those support structures weren't put inproperly. the contractor responsible for thisra ga, manhattan construction, was also building another garage at the metro station. ar thate was checked out and is okay. as for the exact cause, don't know all of it but the project leaders say this is likely headed for a legal battle. adam ss,news4. registration is starting for this year'sarine corps. marathon. 30,000 runners expected to sign up for theace in arlington. runners who opted to defer last year's entry can sign up now. active duty military can sign up starting tomorrow. set yr phone alarm for march
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19th at noon. that's when 7,000 coveted spotsr will be up grabs. if you don't get one of them, the lottery for a spot begins the nextl day and you find out if you secured a spot the following week and hen it's time to get to training, right? this year's marine ma set for sunday, october 27th. take a look at this video. a police officer in chile received a heart-warming hug from dog he rescued over the weekend. the dog had been left alone in the yard of a home and somehow got stuck on a hook. neighbors called for help. his olice officer used knife to free the dog. that showed its gratitude by jumping up and embracing hisre uer. >> awe. >> stuck on a hook b rescues. thank goodness for that, right? another chance of a messy nx our forecast. we're talking snow and rain at the end of the weil. lauren wl have an update. >> we'll get through winter. and this is not your average
11:37 am
florida gator. his name is larry. he even has a following on sociallomedia. a cr look at what mak him so special. so special. >> whoa, larry.
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it hasn't always been easy, has it? ♪ there have been days when you doubted yourself. ♪ and days when you were ready to quit. ♪ but you didn't. ♪ because you had the courage to venture into something powerful. education. if i leave you with just three words of advice: never...stop...growing. [cheering]
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there are a lot ofn alligatorsflorida, one of them is a giant alligator that's become a localcelebrity. >> everybody in the villages across the golf cours lake they all know this gator, his name is larry. we get introduced to him. >> reporter: the villages, the retirement community is now known for two things, it's leisurely living -- >> that is huge. >> reporter: and larry, the alligator. larry liv in a lak by a golf course and when he gets bored, larry gives his human neighbors a thrill and makes his presence known, which did this weekend. >> how long you think he is?
11:40 am
>> reporter: mark share's son shot this video of larry strutting his stuff across a golf cart path. needless to say, traffic stopped both ways. >> first scared oy of m pants because he was so large and at first i didn't believe what was seeing. it was like looking at a prehistoric monster and i had one foot on myn accelerator o my golf cart in case he made a mo l. >> reportery is not just another florida gator, he's a gator celebrity. people stop and stare at him, he has a plaque with his name on it and he has his own facebook page. >> we've come down to see larry and sometimes he's here and sometimes he's not. >> reporter: when we were assigned this story, find larry and we d. caught a glimpse of him taking a sun bath way across the lake. people here know the rules. don't feed him. keep your children and pets away. keep your distance, but he is a source entertainment because here in the villages, there's
11:41 am
something about larry. >> ts something about larry. >> something would be hissize. >> looks like he's in a good safe place as long as they keep their distance. >> i agree. >> don't feed him. he t doesn't need get any bigger. >> he's belly's hanging around hanging down. what he's eating in there? >> back here, our weather. we've got another bout with wi >> yes, yes. >> it's awfully cold. >> so cold out there today. we don't have the winds today. tomorrow we are going to dealing with those winds once again,fo unately, and an arctic front is coming through. tonight is dry but that's what's going to bring our temperatures down. we have light winds today, no issues. the winds start picking back up tomorrow becse of that frontal system and behind this arctic air, temperatures only arounds degrtomorrow. that is it, windchills will be
11:42 am
in the single dig as teens through much of the day. current temperatures2 in oakland in western maryland. we're not quite that cold. e everybode just around that freezing mark or below it acros theboard. it is chilly. we'll warm into the 30s today. that's about as good as it'll get. 38 degrees. we have blue skies out there. it's a beautiful day. you want to get out and about later on for exercise, make sure you have those extra layers. we will have some sunshine w delaysh those blue skies. afterschool activities lighting wind will not be a big deal even if the kids starting to get out in practice. hopefully they have their layers on them. nothing hpening on theradar. we're dry. high pressure is in charge. 32 degrees tomorr. that's it. a lot of places will stay in the 20s. we'll have windchills in the teens and 20s all throughout the day. we ghu into yourday and that's when things start to change.
11:43 am
thursday's weather will be similar to what we'reng experienaetd but we're just keeping an eye on friday. maybe aig few snow showers. a lot of it's going to be really wet so it's not sticking to the ground. we will have rain showers trying to move in. temperatures will be in the low to mi by friday afternoon. this will all be out of here by evening. temperatures back in the 50s for this weekend. saturday looks like the best day out of the weekend. we could haveome rain and a soaking rain on sunday. we've got the next ten lys. we'l you know if we can keep up with these temperatures or whether we coolack down this week. that's coming up. >> bring it on. no matter bwhat, i'mk in the gym, staying in the gym, working toward my goal to get fit for spring, pat. i'll show you how i'm trying to stay motivated. >> you're doing well. you're doing well. plus egg freezing for women isecing a competitive business. why fertility doctors are coerned and how you can protect yourself protect yourself ? at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more th anne thedo n o
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h> in news for your health, a british man become only the second z-ult worldwide known to have been cleared of hiv. he got a bone marrow transplant. bonest marro cells about three years ago from an hiv resistant donor. tests can't detect his previous infection. an american man became the adult known to be cleared of hiv after undergoing a similar instrument. here's your m report. iness >> the department of agriculture is planning to issue new guidelines for food companies. this is according to a reuters it's following an uptick in recalls over potential contamination of metals and plastics in meat and poultry products. these guidelines willdvise producers on investigating consumer complaints and how quickly to notify the government if contaminant products are back in therket. the fda is doublingown on its effort to curb teen tobacco
11:47 am
use accusing retailers of illegally selling tobacco products to minors. the notice includes chain like walmart and walgreen's which it has previously named the top violators. this is your morning business report, i'm frank hol and. critics say they're playing on womes fears and need more oversight. morgan ratford expltens. >> reporr: it may look like ahi party but is an information session for kind body, one of a growing number o egg freezing boutiques. >> for met' i really just being proactive about it. >> reporter: run by
11:48 am
entrepreneurs it costs a fractionf ivf clinics. their marketing uses slick soal media campaigns, spa likett gs, even mobile fertility vans. >> what about ctics that say with the instagram and cheese and wine it's all too gimmicky andou a taking this seriously enough? >> we don't have to jeopardize quality. >> reporter: seizing on a trend that more womenelay having families. in the last decade, the number of women freezing their eggsky rocketing. ceo of extenday fertility her fertility is accred i hadded staff by experienced fertility doctors and has the state-of-the-art lab. >> there are a lot of people who say tint bses like yours are cashing in off of fear and
11:49 am
off o dperation and that you could freeze ten eggs but you may not get one healthy baby. >> egg freezing is not a guarantee and we're very clear about that. >> reporter: but somety ferti experts worry ads like this one that suggest freezing eggs is as simple as buying frozen yogurt trivialize a serious procedure which needs more consistent regulation. >> the woman is safer way true infertility center that's goie tohere for the next 40 years and isn't just trying to show huge earnings potential. >> reporter: the egg freezing boiques we spoke to say, they're not making promises, just offering some peace of mind. morgan ratford, nbc news, new york. iis tax season and before you file your returns, we're working for you with some news about available credit. the district has an early learning credit. family with a child enrolleda i licensed d.c. child care facility can get up to00 $
11:50 am
per eligible child. full and part-time workers making lesshan54,000 a year, can qualify for the earned income tax credit. it allows you to claim up to $6,200 with three qualifying children. very real dollars that cana come to a family that allow the family to make investments, new car, improvements to their home, time, vacation time with their families. >> d.c. officials say more than 20,000 residents may qualify for the credit and may not even realize it leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table. a majority of those individuals live in ward 8. there are a number of free services to hp you as you prepare to file. search tax help in our nbc washington app for a link to resources within the irs tax center. as spring approaches, we are kicking off our fitness journey and kicking it in to high gear
11:51 am
at news4. molette is leading the charge. >> i trying to do something here pat and i've heard from so many people that have jumped in on this campaign with me. you saw me last week. i was trying different workouts. then i had to adjust the nutrition part of it to see what worked best for me. time to go inside a training session where i am on my quest to get fit for spring. ep >>ter: it's hard and i'm a fussy client this early in my journey to better fitness. >> at least 30 seconds, mo. th ain't happening overnight. you getting to where you're at didn't happen overnight. ifou're dedicated and willing to put in the time and energy and work, you can put in yo rk. >> reporter: i get a good sweat and a full body workout with my coach of conversion fitness out of fitesss for gym in buoy. >> give me one more. yes! >> reporter: we use resistant
11:52 am
band, kettle ball and sliders. e >> you doing a squat press, okay? squat with a shoulderpr s, okay? >> reporter: you see how easy she made that look. did you see i may fuss for now but i am in good hands. >> three, three, come on, three, push. >> reporter: you can't count dia shell just one a competition last october has taken me on. >> keep saying i can't, because after a while, you're going to be saying i can't, i can't. 's >> reporter: s dedicated. >> you're using muscles you haven't work nad while. >> reporter: it's going toeel like you're not accomplishing anything. when domet in tomorrow you'll know you got that workout. >>eporter: what's m? >> delayed onset muscle. >> i'm feeling that right now. the j is far from over. we want you to share your
11:53 am
progress. i want to hear from you on social media and let's encourage each other to get fit for spring. my next door neighbor came up to me, pat and said, i saw you on tv doing those exercises, i have diabetes and i got bk in the gym two times in the last two weeks. that's what he told me and, you know, that's what i want to ar it's about inspiring others. we got to do this together. >> you're doing great. what's the hardest part for you? is it the muscle soreness? >> it was. that muscle soreness is no joket i havone wetsights. it's tough but i'm determined. >> you look great. >> thank you, thank you. >> we're on team molette. >> it's the final day of the mardi gras season. ♪ coming up, see how people
11:54 am
are cebratingn new orleans. i
11:55 am
11:56 am
tim for mardi gras and the celebrations are gearing up in new orleans. this is fat tuesday. >> it sure is. the party began yesterday, though, with food,e drinks, liv entertainment. take a look here. ♪ >> a highlight of the event, the
11:57 am
presence of zula characters like big shot, witch doctor and mr. big stuff. today, people around the world will celebrate mardi gras followed by ash wednesday in the beginning of the lent season. >> let's get a check on our weather. >> people are going tomorrow morning just know it is goingfeo like the single digits tomorrow. light rain and snow on friday. a soaking rain possible on sunday with temperatures in the mid-50s. wepring forward. >> thanks, lauren. that's "news4 midday." th we're back o air this afternoon first at 4:00. you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. ha. a great d we'll see you in the morning. alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn programr if yage 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance a ixed budget, remember the three p's.
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