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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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documentary that may reshape the king of pop's legacy forever. >> i panicked. >> oprah is weighing in. and ware going to start this afternoon with a story you will only see right heren news4. >> a local principal under fire for ung the n word during a black history month assembly. now that principal at new hope academy in hyattsville is apologizing. tracee wilkins has the explanation from the school leader. >> my child came home from school on wednesday, wednesday, and said there was a black history month assembly. >> reporter: this mother does not want to be identified. she said she's upset after the child's white principal used the n word addressing students. >>in d her speech she referred to the n word. but she didn't say the n word. she said the word full out.
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and shet referencedhree times. >> the comments were made by princil joy morrow during its black history month program. morrow admitted to using the word dur cg a phoneversation with me. she told me she was using it to make a point whilela eing the racism she witnessed growing up. she told me these are necessary conversations that need to take place. i wanted them to understand how thd was used. we followed this up with conversations because some of my students were uncomfortable. >> what would you like to see happen with thi principal? >> in a perfect world she would see that's unacceptable and it may be time to retire. >> reporter: principal morrow eed speak to me by phone but did not a to an on camera interview. she told me her words were ill chosen, she' apologized and will continue to have conversations oftudentsnd parents who were offeed.
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it ,antheds n oschool. another difficult and emotional day in east alabama as the president is now preparing to go down there and tour the destruction leftehind by deadly tornados. >> jay gray is life live in salem.m. >> reporter: this is the devastation teams are coming home to tonibot. entire neioods ripped apart unrecognizable by the storm. a string of tornados stretched for mile, twisted metal and broken glass all that's left across much of the strike zone. >> when you see the devastation it's hard to fathom something can be this powerful. >> reporter: the national weather service confirming an ef-4 with winds up to 170 miles
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an hour, was on the ground likely for 70 miles, chewingp and spitting out everything in its path. but the loss heres c much deeper than the rubble that's replaced communies in east alabama. >> the neighbors back here, down here, everybody is dead. >> reporter: at leaste 23 peo have been lost, including seven all from one family. the age range of the victims 6 to 89. dozens areinjured. and a handful of residents are still search teams now getting toome of the hardest hit neighborhoods. >> searching through the dheris where may be people or animals. we haven't given upwe're still h searing. >> reporter: while many begin the task of clearing away and cleaning up what they >> we'll get it back to the way we want it. taking ter: the storms almost everything here, except the will and spirit of survivors.o
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tw days after the strike, you get the sense now nafor survivors the shock is beginning to give way to the reality of just how long, how difficult the recovery is going to be here. >> still unbelievable just looking at those pictures. thank you, jay. >> thank yo jay. our website is full of stories from survivors and victims of the tornado outbreak, including one family that lost seven people. read their story right nown the nbc washington app. go in and search deadly tornado. t turning our forecast. the big story here is the bitter blast. >> let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. >> it' cold out there today, tomorrow you add a 20 mile a hour wind, it's so cold. look at what we're dealing with right now. sometimes we love the mountains,
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boy do w love the mountains today. the air is just to the wt of the mountains, 36 in washington is the current wind chill, 24 in hagerstown, 6 in pooits pittsburgh. the mountains acting like a barrier not letting the coldest air move in, but tonight it will move in. tomorrow will be the coldest day we have this week. still cold thursday and into friday. friday, watching a chance for maybe some rain or snow showers. that's something we're going to track for you. and watching the weekend rain chances as well it's the weekend in washington, you know we're talking rain. >> there we go again. thanks, doug. more trouble for d.c. council member jack evans. the chairman of the council introducing a reprimand resolution to discipline evans after "the washington post" published e-mails showing evans and his chief of sta used their government e-mails to
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solicit outside income from law firms. last year the d.c. government received subpoenas related to evans' dealing with a digital sign company. after learning of his reprimand today, issued his first public policy. >> in retrospect, would have done a lot of things different and made some majormistakes and i want to take this opportunity to apologize to my constituents tof he residents oe district of cumbia and to my colleagues.oo >> he wasn'tpecific there. when asked by reporters to be more specific about which issue he was apologizing for, he turned around, walked away and would not respond. he also serves as chairman of the metro board and the board has launched their own inquiry to seef he violated their ethics rule. breaking now,ood and drug commissioner scott gottlieb is he's resigning to spend more
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time with his family. a senior white house official said gottlieb had spoken to the president who did not want him to leave. over the past two years he tackled difficulthublic hea issues from youth vaping to opioid addiction. he's planning to stay at fda for another month. to the investigations into the president. attorney general william barr will not recusse h from overseeing the special counsel's russia the h oversight committee and white house lawyers are sparring over jared kushner's security clearance and the house judiciary chair says the first priority is to protect theule of law. all of this as president trump insists democrats are harassing him. blayne alexa break it down. >> reporter: he said it again today. house democrats leading these investigations saying theye trying to gather the facts. but house democrats are making
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it clear even after special counsel robert mueller completes his russia probe, the investigations into the white house will not end soon. >> really great job -- >> reporter: today the white house hitting back agast a new investigation by the house democrats. >> it's a shame and the peoplei understand when they look at it, they say presidential harassment. i' not surprised it's happening. basically they started the campaign. >> reporter: spokeswoman sarah sanders calling itabusive. their sweeping respoe to a request for documents tied to 81 entities to the president, including son eric trump. tuesday into another our world. these people are so desperate. >> reporter: from the democrat leading that committee. >> we have to hold hearings and layout for the american people if the administration is involved in abuses of power or obstruction of justice. >> reporter: some republicans slamming docrats as
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politically motivated. >> they're worried the mueller reportill come up with nothing against the president with regard to collusion. >> reporter: for president trump more turbulence on the national emergency he declared to get money for his border wall. >> i advised the president not to take this route, but he's decided to do that. >> reporter: the senate poised to pass a resolution blocking that order because the support of some republicans. mitch mcconnell has to option but to brinit to the floor. >> reporter: now the senate is not expected to have enough votes to overturn a presidential veto which means the emergency declaration will likelytand and face court challenges ahead. >> thank you, breaking news out of london where three envelopes containin explosive devices have been found. the packages were spotted near
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major transportation hubs. investigators say smaller bags held devices that appeared to be capable of a ignitin fire. one of them was opened and part of it burned. all of the devices were believed to have been sent with irish stamps. no injuries reported and as of now no flights have been impacted. british counterterrorism officials and police are d.c. public schools has a new leader this afternoon. today, the council approved dr. lewis ferebee as chancellor. he's been superintendent of i understand indianapolis public schools. he earned his master's degree from george washington university. he says he has visited every school in the district and is ready to be their chief champion. intense reaction to the hbo cumentary, two men come
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forward and accuse michexl jackson ofl abuse. >> ahead we'll hear more of oprah'sxplosive interview with the accusers as she shares her takeaway. a medical marvel, a man becomes the second ever whoap ars to be cured of hiv. a closer look at the treatment and impact. t storm team 4 tracki bitter blast that's about to hit us, how low wind chills go and when we'll warm up. >> here's tommy mcfly. >> did you know thaty "be hills 90210" was almost based in potomac? i'm tommy mcfly with your celebrity 60. first hold ,everythi "game of thrones" season eight trailer is out. you see all the cast, all .ressed up for wint superfans are all over the internet analyzing every frain trying tod hidden meanings.
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kylie jenner is thet young billionaire, at 21 she beat mark zuckerberg who at the ripe old age of 23 made it. s we're talking about theuk memory of lperry we heard that darren star, the creator of 90210 is from potomac. and there's fork lore about the original meaning of the show. >> the original running title of "beverly hills 90210" was potomac 20854. but they changed it because they wanted something more familia to a national audience. >> sources reported t
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the sun's not doing much to rm things up as we look outside. storm team 4 is tracking a bitter blast that's going to hit us. doug is back in minutesith a look at bone chilling cold and how long it's going to htlast. row we have a consumer alert for you. washington beef is recalling some ground beef products that may be contaminad they were produced on december 27th and have a use or freeze by date of february 28th. they bear the number est 235 inside the usda mark of inspection. this is what one of the labels looklike. if you have one of these officials say throw the food
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away or take i back where you bought it. so far no reports of illness from t contamination. some potentially ground breang health news here. a british man has become the second person in history to go into remission of hiv. >> the patient was cleared after getting a stem cell transplant from an h resistant donor. >> it's similar to the first man that became the first in remission of hiv. joining us i kly cobiaella. >> this treatment that worked on two people wasn't originally intended to treat hiv, is that correct? reporter: that's right. these two patients are cancer patients, they both have blood cancer. they were treated for leukemia
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and hoge kins lymphoma. they were given that to treat the cancer. the remission of the hivirus is really a side effect from this very intensive cancer treatment. >> the first case as we learned happened back in 2007, 12 years ago when the first known adult was cured of hiv. why so long in between successful treatments? >> reporter: researchers have said first of all you're dealing with a very sick population, in terms of a study itself. you're dealing withha people wh both cancer and hiv. so some of these patients -- it's alsoy a vermall pool in this study. some of the patients were simply very sick from the cancer and they weren't able to study them long term, they died from the bocancer. transplants ar extremely risky and carry a risk of death as well. and you're alsong dea with a
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small donor population. the number of people who carry this genetic mutation that keeps them immune, essentially, from hiv is extremely small. so just by definition you can't study a lot of people. know if this ers is a treatment that will work for anyone with hiv? >> reporter: that's not what they're talking about right now. ally for researchers this is a steppingstone toward potentialli deve some sort of gene therapy, eineered genes that may act the same way as these dono ges do in hiv patients. but reallyay researchers bone marrow transplants for someone dealing with just hiv isn't practihel. especially you have a medication that's three drugs in one pill, which can really effectively manage the disease today. a big step in terms of research, but not necessarily a cure for all right now. >> it's a step that's going to give a lot of porple reason f
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hope. ther's the good news thank you, kelly. >> kelly's full report will air tonight on nightlyews with lester holt at 7:00 here on news4. turning now to th weather. not bad yet, right doug? >> you think 40, wind chill 32 is not d? >> not as bad as it's going to get. >> not as bad as a wind chill o >> thank goodness for the mountains. >> yes. it's amazing what the do for us. what we're seeing, plenty of clear skies, mountains help with that too. 41 degrees, win out of the south at 7 miles per hour. any time we have that southerly wind temperatures tend to be a little bit warmer and thethare they were during the day yesterday. the winds are going to be changing. here's the feels like -- wind chill right n 36 d.c., 31 gaithersburg, look atoakland,
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2. that's the current wind chill right now. nothing on are r but we have a front making its way through the area tonight. it's an arctic front it's back to the west. you can see it clearly on the radar, clear skies here, storm to the south. we have another one this is the front. you can see the clouds associated with it, a few snow showers. once this comes through, things really g cold. how cold? let's look back to theyoest and tell atlanta at 38 degrees. 10 degrees in st. louis. 6 in chicago. 8 below at international falls. 5 below in buffalo. this is cold air, especially this time of year. if this was january this is whaw weould expect and this would bed on the c side. here we are in march, normally a warming mooth. that'shat's going to happen overnight tonight. tonit, 17 d.c., 9 in frederick, waking up tomorrow morning, the wind chills around
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7:00, 8:00, 5 in gaithersburg, 3 leesburg, 2 below in hagerstown, 8 in d.c. we're talking a wind chillnd between 0 10 early tomorrow morning and all afternoon tomorrow.:0 here'swe stay in the teens to low 20s. low 20s to theut winds gusting 20, 25 miles per hour. tomorrow is goingol to be a day across the region. cold tomorrow. gold againay on thurkind of like today. 44 on friday, still a 40% chance of rain or snow showers. it depends on when this storm system moves in, earlier we could get snow, later it becomes more rain. not a big storm, something we'll watch on saturday, set the clocks forward one hour. 64 on sunday but that come with behind it we cool again but part,atures for the most 50 degrees or better until the next chance of rain next week. >> march com lg ine a lion
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wearing two fur coats. four ways to protect your identity this tax cons reporter susan hogan is working for you. n plu trainer, no gym, no problem. molette green is helping us get ready for spring and the itemsv you n your home can help accomplish a full body workout. accomplish a full body workout. first we go live to
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y35k8y y16fy social media is on fire over the graphic accounts of two men who accuse pop singer michael jackson of abusing them when they were children. >> "leaving neverland" parts one and two a showing on hbo and it has both sides fired up. >> kit, now that we've seen both parts, what areeople saying? >> pat and leon, as expected, the backlash over leaving neverland has begun. jackson fans are outraged over the claims, it's very graphic. they're also taking claaim at oprah, she sat down with them,
4:25 pm
and the audience was made up entirely ofms vic of sexual abuse. oprah knew a flaack was coming. >> when the fans and the estate -- you guys are gonna get you know that, right? you're, gonna get i'm going to get it. she knew it. the backlash began with his brother germane. he targeted oprah and the media forakinghe documentary at face value. some of michael's fans were ruthless posting hate filled messages atoprah, really special what she did with the ictims. what wasy'all's take on watching it? or i was up last night until 2:00 in theng watching it. i watched every frame of that interview with the two and the film maker himself there. and i have to tell you, they came a acros so sympathetic. you can see they were still struggling with it.
4:26 pm
>> in their eyes you can see the hurt. a lot of times with this, there's two sides to a lot of people and i think a lot of people were struggling, michael jackson clearly areative musical genius but it doesn't side.e didn't have a dar and as a mother i found it extremely difficult to watch. pefully answer questions, making us all aware and being more proacciv to your point, leon, you see it in the face, the hurt. i cannot get over this documentary. >> 20 years ago it was not a day and age we s our heroes showing up with cracks in their facade we're more accustomed to that now. and that's why the debat going forward may be different. >> i saw the mhael jackson cirque du soleil show in vegas and that' continuing and a broadway show about fochael next year and they said we'll still going rward with that. >> kit hoover, we'll be watching access tonight we know you'll
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ha more. pat collins calls t video, the atm heist. later on, congress takes up th o issue vaccine off -- safety with the help o a high school teenager. our amelia draper lookst our amelia draper lookst wh tornado alley is shyif
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they crashed and they smashedheir way through t store front of a seven eleven in montgomery couy but these would be atm thieves ran into a major issue as they tried to make their getawa pat collins has a look at how it l ended. pat, tell us about this one. a reporter: you may call this thetomy of a bungled atm heist or hey,dd wait for me. cops have seen a lot of these things but they say this one, this one is special. >> it's crazy video to watch. t >> reporte scene, the seven eleven o new hampshire avenue in hillendale. it starts like most atm robberies start, boom in goes the truck. boom down goes the atm. out come the thieves.
4:31 pm
then things go sideways. theyift and they pull, and they push that money machine trying to get it onto a hand truck. >> it appears they couldn't get their act together as far as what they wanted to do and how they wanted to pull off theth t. >> reporter: the driver of the pick up, he gets impatient, so he takes off. >> the getaway car got away. >> reporter: finally the three suspects bustle the machine out the store, but the atm tips over alls on the leg of one o the guys. then they realize their getaway is gone. words are the suspects, the suspects leave on ot. but wait, the hand truck. we may need that again. better get it. amateur night. there is no way these guys could have done anything like this before, could they?
4:32 pm
stick around at 5:00 for the rest of thestory, leon. >> oh, my god. pat, only you can cover a story like that. can't wait to see what you got for us at 5:00. pat collins reporting live. >> i'll see you then. now that we know the names of the 23 people killed suddenly by violent tornados in alabama, the impact of their deaths is singi sin syncing in. the oldest victim was 89, the youngest just 6, his name was armandoernandez jr. as families struggle with the new reality. e reality of where the storms strike is also changing. amelia draper is here with a look at the shift of what we know as tornado alley. >> absolutely, pat. this is the tradition tornado alley, the areas in red in the midwest.e it's h because we have cold air coming down from canada, not just cold but dry as well.
4:33 pm
we have dry hot air coming up from mexicom and w moist air coming from the gulf. here in the center of the country, all of these different he masses meet and that's perfect set up for storms. however, we are starting to see more intense storm shift farther to the east. check out this map. the i areas red are seeing an upward trend in tornados, especially tornados ranked of an ef-2 scale or higher, where t areas in blue are seeing a downward so this potentially the new tornado alley. this has h a name, called dixie alley. but we're starting to see more deadly tordos in this part of the country versus tnado alley east. why is thi happening? scientists who study it don't have a clear answer. so stillt trying to figure t
4:34 pm
out. we know that dryer air is moving farther to the et and this means a better set up for the severe tornados likeaw we on sunday in the southeast. also when you think about the southeast you have more people there, more tree and m mobile homes compared to the midwest, so the devastamuon is greater, guys. >> fascinating, thank you amelia. >> thanks, amelia. this is national consumer protection week. so all wk long we ar sharing tips to help you be a better-informed consumer. >> well, susan hogan is sharing the ps. identity theft one of the most devastating things that can happ to your financial well being. >> susan hogan working for you on what to do ifpe you s you're a victim. >> so often we have this issue and people don't know what to do to start. many say it's not a question of if you'll become a victim but when. file a report with the ftc at
4:35 pm, this report is a legally binding affidavit that states you have been a victim. u'll call the companies where the fraud occurred. ask to speak to someone ithe fraud department. let them know you have an id ttheft report filed t you want to provide to them. then ask that they place a hold on any account in your name. next, contact all three credit bureaus, send them that same id theft report and request the fraudulent activity be removed from your credit report. and safeguard against futur problems. put a fraud alert on your credit file and freeze your credit, both will stop future attempts to open accounts in your name. and all three credit bureaus, offer you to freeze yr
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account. and you can unfreeze it. it's easy andorth it. i've had to do it. i was skeptical. it is free and quick. you can put aim on it, and it will freeze back for you. >> what iftakes a while for you to figure out that the fraud occurred. is there a penalty involved in that? >> if you have the fraudalerts it's instantaneous. otherwise if you don't, unless you'reeeping -- monitoring your credit reports. >> most of us don't. >> that's why they've made it so easy for us to do this now. it's free service and so easy to do. it's a matter of you sitting down and doing it at the emputer. >> tdvantage of it. >> you should. >> thank you, susan. we'll see you. some breaking newsch now. l bloomberg says he will not run for president in 2020. the former new york city mayor says he'll focus instead on helping to elect a democrat.
4:37 pm
he released a statement online saying he knows he faced an uphill battle to win the mocratic nomination in a crowded field. we are working for you to help you get fit for spri >> you already have all the ols you need. molette green is next with the household items that can help you tone up. going the extra mile. the 5-year-old fighting cancer and training a with local track team. his inspiring story ahead. >> he's so cute. > feels like winter out there. it is winter. anthe wind live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss.
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first lady melania trump is about too head backe district. today she wraps up her three state tour on her be bestin iative. fox news personality hosted the town hall she hosted, he lost his son to an overdose in 2017. earlier this week she visited an elementary school in oklahoma and a tech company in seattle thateaches online safety. news4 has been taking you on a fitness journey. today molette greays there's no escaping the workout because you're not at gym o you don't
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have a trainer. >> reporter: no trainer, no gym, no problem. coach leona here is showing us how we can use some things a home or when we're traveling, resistance band. >> put it in your suitcase carry on, good to go. >> reporter: what do we have next? >> showed you kettle bells, you don't hav that, no problem. waterjugs. don't have that, paper plates, wash cloths, knee tucks, mountain climbers. >> reporter: this is a full body workout. >> full body workout. >> reporter: you don't have to have atrainer, if you can't afford it. >> just someone to motivate you, call you a say let's get up, get this work, get moving. >> repter: several weeks into my get fit for spring journey and doing it with leona brown. >> and doing it well. >> reporter: thank you. send me your ories. i want to hear how your journey
4:42 pm
is going as i keep youupdated. >> work it, girl. you've come along on our get fit for springjo ney, now it's time to see how far you can push yourself. coming up molette hits the punching bag at a brand new boxing class. we're breaking dn how you can switch up your routine and monitor progress electronic cli. that's tomorrow. >> i can wait to see that. the last time we saw her work outunhe wanted to p the trainer. we'll see her punch a bag instead. a high school senior helping congress take on vaccine safety. first, the maryland track team givingr a 5-year-old can fighter a shot with their squad. the boy's parents sharing a message of gratitude. blossom watch is . the national park service blossoms the cherry
4:43 pm
in stage one of six. we'll have our own projection tomorrow when we think peak bloom wil l
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
a little boy ina our a is showing that he can do anything to.sets his mind >> 5-year-old angelo is battling cancerndike any kid he loves to run. now one local college track team is giving him a shot. >> we have the story.or >> rr: inside the field house where the universityf o maryland track team trains, is a small member with just as much strength as the rest of the groulo ans 5 years old. and relies on the support of his team during his highs and lows.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: angelo was diagnosed with leukemia a week afr his third birthday. when he was in the hospital his family found out about team impact. >> our mission is to match kids with serious illnesses with local collegele ac teams. >> reporter: that way they can have experiences outside of the hospital create friendships ande and theas also draft day when he was official liv drafted to the team, the only thing that's different is his family is present at each and every training and treatment. ep
4:47 pm
>>ter: the love for angelo has reached h parents' restaurant in hyattsville. where his team members have gone to spend time with him on his own turf. you have to unners be tough and he is one of the toughest ones out there. >> reporter: he's now in his last stage of treatment, which ends in august. and angelo assures he can face anye obsta with the help of his new friends. >> he's no doubt an inspiration to that team. >> for sure. >> way to go. you may want to keep the workouts indoors of days. couple this is cold air coming down. here we are in the month of march. we'll be about 20 degrees below average. if we were 20 bel in january, that would be a highf 15, 20
4:48 pm
degrees. it is marcho fortunately 20 below average puts us in the 30s tomorrow. sunshine today and winds not too strong. if you walk outside, you have the coat on, it' notterrible. but once the sun goes down, that's when things feel chilly, 36 by 7:00, dropping to 31 degrees by 11:00 tonight. a cold night to be out and about for sure. if you'reeaded out bundle up. current wind chl, 27 in martinsburg, 37 in manassas. watch out throughout the rest of e day today. and tomorrow it gets colder. look at this, the difference the mountains makeor us, behind the blue ridge, 34 in hagerstown, fartheresbehind the appalachians, 18 in pittsburgh. that coldest a can't get over the mountains. it is good news for us. but it is going to leak over and
4:49 pm
we're going to see a colder day tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a second. right now i want to talk about what's on ev oybody's mind a cold day like this, cherry blossoms, amelia draper. >> i'm geeking out. you're playing along with me, doug, thank you. cannot wait, the cherry blossoms are in stagene outf six. as we look forward to peak haoom, here's you can expect. temperatures the biggest variable to help the blossom comeout. average peak is typicallye l march, early april. we saw them come out last year around april 5th. storm team 4 we're g release our official forecast tomorrow between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. for when w think peak bloom is going to be. i'm going to be live down at the tidal basin. a wonderful time of year. hopelly that great news helps thaw this out. this is the school day tomorrow, starting off temperature of 24. with even a breeze, i like we're in the single digits.
4:50 pm
make sure the kids have the coats, gloves, scarves at the bus stop. 30 degrees at. rece breezy. over all, we have mtly sunny skies. our average high 52 and with a lot of cold in the forecast through at least mid to late march it's going to keephe blossoms closed up through at least that time. we look at temperatures versus wind chills through friday. 35 tomorrow feels like 20 degrees during the afternoon hours. low 40s on thursday feels likee temperatures around 35 degrees. rain is in th forecast on friday, doug, maybe wet snow, but a low impact of that. >> weer not worried about what happens on friday. theger storm on the weekend. tomorrow we have 35 for a high, 32 on your thursday. there's that 40% chance of rain or snow on friday. we'll watch it closely. even if it does snow in places
4:51 pm
it's too warm toan stick here. set the clocks forward one hour saturday night headed into sunday, 64 with rain on sunday. come of theain could be heavy at times, half up inch to an inch likely. and nex week we stay on the cooler side. average high in the low 50s that's where we are with a chance of rain next thursday and friday, too. longerooking at the range forecast for the rest of the month, it looks liket stays cool. meaning a later cherry blossom >>bloom. blossoming. >> that's why i let amelia do it. if you're in the market for a and you like to drive fast, manufacturers are putting a brake on that led foot of yours, they're putting a speed lift 112 miles per hour beginning in 2020. right now the top speed is 130 miles per hour. the caypanyit wants to cut
4:52 pm
down on the number of crashes. volvo leaders are also looking at technology that would reduce your speed when driving by schools a hospitals. let's get a look at what's coming up new at 5:00. s >> le go to jim and wendy in the news room for the latest. >> the electronic baby sitter age.ves in this digital it's estimated that children as young as 2 spend up to three hours a day in front of screens. >> those numbers go up as the children's ages gup. ahead at 5:00, doreen gentzlers fiut how their eyes are ime in amaged by this front of their phones and tablets. a developer building up the ighborhood but this isn't what some homeowners had in mind when they first got wind of renovations. >> this addition is twice as tall as the homes beside it. we'll hear fromhose puny neighbors. we're also going tor h how the
4:53 pm
developer is defending the structure. >> it's a house onop of a house. >> it's like a tree house on top of the house. of the house. >> thas strt'et
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my name is elaine barber, and i'm a five-yr cancer survivor. surviving for five years is a big deal. i had so many people at ctca helping me find a way to go through the treatments. the reality of cancer is not everybody survives. at ctca, they have a huge celebrate life event. that was amazing because the whole day was about all of the survivors. 'm excited about my future. learn more at storm team 4 is tracking a bitter blast if you're just joining us.ur look at thent wind chills right now. doug says we're going to be
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wishing for these tomorrow. from tht an update storm center next at 5:00. i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk. breaking news, a long-time local elementary has been arrested charged with ten counts of child pornography. a report relolsed bye a few minutes ago says in this case, these charges, they do not believe the victims are montgomery county public school students buthey specify the children involved in these cases and tse charges, a letter sent home by the school system said he was put on leave in january 2018 when the investigation began. we believe this is a m ptgomery counice and fbi investigation. erementary school gym tea arrested in bethesda. i'm scott macfarlane, back to you. an ohio teen who's gained
4:57 pm
quite a lot of notoriety for getting vaccinated spoke with members of congress today. he told them about misinformation concerning vaccines and going against his mother's anti-vaccine beliefs. erika edwards reports. >> where do you get your information? >> from not >>facebook. reporter: that's high school senior ethan lindenberger telling a committee how he pursued scientific facts about vaccines and mad the decision to become fully i knock lated when t hened 18, defying his mother, who ethanaid developed strong anti-vaccine views from social media. >> it was used to push a false distress and these sources that read misinformation should be the concern of the american people. >> reporter: it comes amid the ongoing outbreak of measles. so far the cdc has reported 206
4:58 pm
cases of measles in 11 states with outbreaksn illinois, new york, texas and washington state. tuesday's senate hearing had one voice of decent. senator rand paul w did not ask questions, using the time to argue against mandatory vaccinations. >> i believe the benefits outweigh the risks but i do not favor giving up on liberty for a false sense of security. o reporter: yet another huge study, this of nearly 700,000 children has once again debunked the claim that there is any link between the vaccine for measles and mumps andsm auti. frustrated medical experts say that unfoundedhey compels some parents to listen to fear rather than fact. erika edwards nbc news. at 5:00, a loc principal under fire.
4:59 pm
>> she referred to the n word but she didn't say the n word. she said the word ful out. >> her apology and explanation for why she used the n word in front of students. bungled burglary, news4's pat collins walks us through the smash and grab that went haywire. ppears they couldn't get their act together as far as what they wanted to temperatures that feel like they're in the teens. doug and amea on the cold snap that's coming and when we could see spring. first at 5:00, new trouble for a well connected local politician accused o peddling his influence for personal gain. >> this is long-time d.c. counci memberack evans who is now facing a reprimand from his fellow council members. that's just one the controversies he's entangled in. >> tonight he'sfferingn apology but some say that's not
5:00 pm
enough. >> reporter: as mark segraves reports the trouble swirling around evans and theouncil is far from over. >> reporter: after days of refusing to comment this morninf r a breakfast meeting, council member jack evans apologized. >> in retrospect i would have done things different.ce ainly made mistakes. >> reporter: his apology came minutes after a press release was put out asking the d.c council to reprimand the longest serving elected officl in d.c.'s history. >> we're able to act immediately with regard to the issues of the e-mails about which it is clear there was a violation of the code of conduct. >> reporter: the reprimand is for having his chieff staff send out business proposals to law firms from her government account. it touted his influence a a council member and chairman of the metro board of directors. he's also comeinnder scr


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