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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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breaking news breaking news tonight. new satellite images show rapid rebuilding range rocket site in north korea. also tonight, london on osive devices sent through the mail and found at two major airports, and a train station. one of them going off at heathrow. n edgealifornia as prosecutors announce no charges will be filed against officers who shot an unarmed man in his own family's bayard. 18 seconds of horror, new clues gh to the crash of a boeing 767 flying for amazon. what the black boxes reveal and what's leaving investigators still baffd. blown away, cruise
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passengers injured and furniture sent flying by winds powerful enough to tilt the ship. >> people down, crying. yeah, it was a pretty traumatic experience. the teenager who defied his parents to get vaccinated. tonight taking a stand before congress. an astonishing medical breakthrough, a man seems to have been cured of hiv. how they did it, it's not a cure for most patients, but could a push toward one day wiping out aids. wiping out aids. good evening, everyone, breaking good evening, everyone, breaking tonight, worrisome new signs coming out of north korea, days after the summit meeting collapsed in hanoi. nbc news obtaining new commercial satellite images showing what experts believe is renewed activity at a y north korean ballistic missile launch site. evidence that suggests the previously dormant
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edissile site has been restor future missions. andrea mitchell now with late details. >> reporter: this satellite image shows kim jong-un is alrea rebuilding a key missile site used to launch long range missiles banned by the u.n. only 48 hours after the president walked away from the summit. because kim would not kestart dismantlin weapons. >> to start up this activity only 48 hours after a failed summit is a clear sign that they're angry and they want to sendsa a m to president trump. >> reporter: in hanoi, the president said. >> chairman kim promised me last night, regardless, he's not going to do testing of rockets and nuclear. not going to do testing. so, you know, i trust him, and i take him at his word, i hopeth at's true. >> r torter: image shows a testing stand, a crane, and activity on the railway to transport a missile, not random maintenance. >> north korea could
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launch a missile from g he site capable of hitte united states. >> all this while cyber experts say north korean hackers kept att u.s. banks and utilities even during the le 1234 >> andrea, thanks. let's go to kristen welker at the white house. what reaction are yo hearing from there? >> reporter: well, lester, tonight white house press secretary sarah sanders tells nbc new't "we d comment on intelligence." but north kor is still a growing challenge for the president after the second summit ended abruptly. john bolton said there would be more talks. it all comes as the white house is dealing with another hurdle. the new igation from democrats who requested documents from 81 peopl in groups close to the president. president trump called it presidential harassment. saying democrats are in search of a crime. y signaled he t turn over the documents. lester? >> kristen welker, thank you, at the white hous much more on the
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north korea breaking news at news fromi london. a city on alert after someone sent explosive devices through the , mad the devices found at two major airports and a train station. nbc's matt bradley is there. >> reporter: tonight, inondon authorities are sear for whoever mailed this explosive at heathrow airport f this morning.d it the latest terror scare here, putting o in all, three suspicious packages, containing improvised explose devices, arrived in the mail at athrow, watt london city airport and waterloo station. no one was injured, no flights or trains were delayed. london has been a frequent terror target, including a year and a half ago, when a homemade subwamb njured more than 20. police say they're treating all three incidents as linked
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andeeng an open mind regarding motives. >> matt bradley in london, thank you. still developing, fornia on edge tonight after the state's top law enforcement official announced there would be no criminal charges filed against the sacramento police officers involved in last year's shooting of an unarmed black man. ft >> reporter: protests erupted overnight, today the family of stephan clark not getting the news they hoped to hear. no criminal charges against the officers involved -- >> california's attorn general announcing the results of an independent death of the ooting 22-year-old last year. >> reporter: officers were responding to vandalism when they encountered clark in his grandmother's backyard. the officers fired a total of 20 times, yi sa they believed he was armed. instead he was holding a phone. the d.a. andttorney general's review concluded the officers feared for their lives. >> the officers began firingpon seeing mr. clark advancing and stopped firing almost immediately after mr. clark fell to the ground.
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>> reporter: clark's family has now filed a $20 million federal lawsuit against the city. supporters sparked rest in sacramento last night, with more than 80 people arrested. >> hands up, don't orhoot. >> rr: tonight, more protests are expected downtown, fighting what they say is a lack of justice for stephan clark. steve patterson, nbc news. elsewhere tonight, crash inveigators have gotten their first look at the black boxes from that massive cargo jet flyi from amazon from miami to houston, that crashed into a lake, killing three pilots. with no clear evidence pointing to why the e plent down, the black boxes may hold the secrets. they reveal 18 secon of horror. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: recovery teams were working through the wreckage of atlas air 3591.
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the mud unveiling the landing gear. while at the ntsb lab in washington, investigators have been analyzing the plane's black boxes. the cockpie recorder captured radio contact and during the pilots themselves during the last 18 seconds. as the plane went into a sudden unexplained nosedive. forensics teams are still evaluating the flight data recorder with 350 parameters of data. >> until we have further data, we can't draw any conclusions. everything's on the table from a mechanical problem t a pilot to a deliberate act, everything's on the table. >> the 767 has had a very good safety record. orhis only the third non-teelated crash in 38 years. two high profile engine fires on the ground at chicago and ft. lauderdale were very close calls. are used for missions and cargo flights. the hope is that the black boxes will reveal what happened to this amazon air flight. lester?
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>> tom, thank you. this evening, orities in alabama have identified the 23 victims of the deadly tornado that swept g cross the south, killven members of one extended family. as theearch for survivors continues. we're getting a new closer look at the storm as it roared through. gabe gutierrez is in beauregard alabama. >> reporter: these are new images of the deadly ef-4 tornado as it cut a mile wide path through georgia thnd alabama. >> iat it? >> reporter: it was on the ground for a staggering 70 miles. securityas capturing the moment of impact as david id mce feared for his life as his bar was torn apart. >> it was very scary, it was terrible. >> reporter: today, crews scoured the debris in hard hit beauregard. the youngest ahe. rnandez just six. >> the house just exploded, he said both the boys was complete out of his arms.
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>> reporter: the coroner says seven members of one extended family ae ng the deads. more than 90 people were injured in the destruction. among them an alabama state trooper at home with his wife. robert boroughs is in the icu. his damaged cruiser still outside his obliterated house. this shows the power of an ef-4 tornado. it picked the home off its foundation, and tossed itver there. the national weather service says the tornado packed winds of 170 miles an hour. emily reyes lost everything. when you fst came back here and you saw all of this devastati devastation, what went through your head? >> honestly, shock, it doesn't seem real. >> reporter: toght, there's a new reality in this part of the deep south. where 70 miles never seemed so long. luckily no one was inside this house when the powerful winds roared through. search teams have been looking for a half dozen people still unaccounted for.
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president trump is ctcheduled to tour the destn here on friday. lester? >> i was with you yesterday. stunned at the amount of wreckage there. talk about these unaccounted r. these people they know were in homes there. or people they simply don't know where they were? >> well, there's been a lot of confusion e about how many peo were inside homes and which ones weren't. still searching for some. they received reports they may be in their homes, they n't know where they are. and search teams are also looking for elderly that may not have been reported missinat all, lester. >> gabe, thanks very much. isis is on the verge of defeat in its last strong hold. a all syrian village, tonight richard engel has rare access inside syria, ck with the u.s. forces that have the terror group surrounded. >> reporter: isis' last strong hold is brumbling. attacku.s. backed kurdishorces and walloped by american air strikes. under the cover of darkness, we venture to the front lines
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with a kurdish commander. >> we could see the heavy price isis is paying for holding out. >> the last bastian of the islamic state tonight is on fire. >> reporter: but the assault has paused repeatedly, to allow trucks to leave, packed with thousand of isis fighters and their families. now, surrendering. we watched as the men were separated, searchedanded over to u.s. special forces to collect intelligence. women and children go to camps. many mmed came from france to join isis. of course i can do -- i can -- what i want. >> so you don't regret coming? >> no. >> and there's no plan for what to do with all those who no longer live under isis but want it to rise again. kurdish commanders tell us th shocked at the number of isis fighters and families they're
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seeing, but are encouraged so many are surrendering. lester? >> richard engel, thank you. backome with the measles outbreak rising to 206 cases in 11 states. the debate over vaccines came to washington, d.c., today at a teen who got vaccinated against his own mother's wies took center stage. kristen dahlgren has the story. >> reporter: a high school senior from suburban ohio, now at the heart of a national n lindenberger who defied his mother and got vaccinated at age 18, today taking a shot at anti-vaccinators and social media. >> where do you get most of your information? >> from the cdc, the world health organization. >> telling congress sites like facebook are to blame for spreading misinformation about vaccination safety. >> for my mother, her love, affection and care as a parent was used to push an agenda to c false distress. and these sites should be the concern of ame
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ican people. >> lindenberger says his own younger siblings are still not vaccinateddespite a new study showing children vaccinated for mmr were 7% less likely tlop autism than those who were not vaccinated. st last month, facebook said it had taken steps to reduce misinformation around anti-vaccination posts. while she still doesn't agree, ethan mom says she is proud. >> i am willing to absorb as much as i n, especially from him, he's my son, i absolutely respect the heck out of that boy. >> reporter: a teen taking a stand about false information about vaccines. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. amazon is facing controversy over a book climbing its bestseller list, that pushes outlandish and pi dangerous cocy and raising questions about methods that the tech giant uses to recommend products. here's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: from signs of political
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rallies, to talk of mind control and lizard people. qanon once only found t fringe parts of the internet, now on amazon's bselling book list. outranking authors like f. scott fitzgerald and dr. seuss. anonymously written, the book contains conspiracy theorys suggesting high ranking democrats are part of a cult that eats children. claiming the government created aids and is behind the moe "monster's inc." >> anyone can publish anything. it creates som amazing opportunities. but it means toxic stuff can get out there. >> the book is getfing star reviews. including several from people from people who admit theyaven't read it. the algorithm seems to reward that pushing the book up the bestseller list, and in effect promoting baseless conspiracy theorys. the misinformation has omn the past led other technies to take action. >> youtube restricting recommdations for anti-vaccination videos.
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facebook exploring ways to handle conspiracy content. >> it's pretty irresistible to a huge swath of people. and that is how a lot of these companies make money. >> reporter: amazon hasn't responded to nbc news's ruest for comment. and wouldn't give specifics on how the algorithm works. for now, the unfounded and dangerous conspiracy theorys lifted fm the dark web, one of amazon's best selling books. gadi schwartz, nbc news. i want to show you some dramatic moments at sea. two different incidents involving cruise ship. a wind gust so powerful, it left passengers injured. and in another, the rushing to the rescue after a plane crash. re's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: late night on a norwegian cruise line, chairs, tables and people started toppling. >> came out of nowhere, what was that? >> reporter: the massive ship began to hours after leaving new york city belted by what the
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company describes an extreme gust of wind. hurricane foe at 115 miles an hour. several guests and crew were treated by e ship's medical staff for minor injuries. ye> people were down crying, it was pretty traumatic experience. >> all of these chairs were over here. >> reporter: while there was some t interior damag ship itself remained fully operational, according to the company. meanwhile, a different cruise ship helped others in trouble. the u.s. coast guard asked the regal princess to help rescue two people thtranded in the water after ey ditched their small plane. it's always a great feeling to be able to help people. stephanie gosk, nbc news. >> we've got more to tell you about tonight, the excitin news giving new hope in the fight against hiv.
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y35why y16fy tonight a milestone in the fight imgainst hiv, for the secondin history, a patient is declared free of the virus offering hope for people with hiv worldwide making it possible to end aids. here's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: more than a decade after timothy ray brown was cured of the vis that causes aids, it's happened again. a second patient from london is in long term remission. brown today at fred hutchison cancer center. >> it's an exciting thing that finally i'm getting another sibling in my very hismall family of red people. >> reporter: both tients had cancer and were given bone marrow transplants from donors th a rare genetic mutation making them resistant to hiv.
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brown nearly died and for years researchers suspected the massive hit on his immune system was what eventually cured him. now the london patient is hiv free after his treatment 016. >> what we really needed is another case to demonstrate that that was not a one off. >> reporter: but a lane marrow tr comes with huge risks. >> it is not scalable among the large number of hiv infected individuals, when you have a single pill that you can give them that can essentially ffuppress the virus in a veective way. >> reporter: while it's not a cure yet, the new finding is a dose of hope for the millions living with hiv. kelly cobiella nbc news, new york. next, the jaw dropping chase that caught a lot of people by surprise. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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police were tailing a suspected drunk driver when he plowed into an oncoming motorist. >> did i just see that for real? >> reporter: the explosive collision could have been much worse. colin miller was test driving a new car. >> my head turned and i see the frongrill of the car coming at me. i think it's surreal more than anything else. i'm sure it will hit me later. >> reporter: the wild philadelphia at the international airport. police say after an officer honked at anthony seen here after an arrest last year, the 41-year-old floored it, and started the high speed chase. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: tonight he's chaed with dui and drug possession. he'll soon face a judge after he nearly took lives. miguel almaguer, nbc news. be>> up next, you don't have tn new orleans to have mardi gras fun. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3
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it's the final night of mardi gras, usevin tibbles take to the party in new orleans and beyond. ♪ >> reporter: it's a day when folks don't need an excuse to have fun. >> happy mardi gras! >> reporteardi gras is the stuff of ew legends in orleans, where the good times roll. >> it's crazy, it's amazing. >> all the way from detroit, michigan, 2019. >> reporter: every year in new orleans, about 25 million pounds of kbebeads are thrown. half a million king an cakes are baked countless hurricanes consumed. >> i'm noing anything illegal, i promise. >> reporter: folks around the world from .australia to germa there's even an annual race in enand with pancakes. >> mardi gras or fat tuesday is the last do chance to ch before lent and the fasting begins.
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ho >> remember, tugh, the partying ios ed to stop tomorrow. let's say -- in moderation. kevin tibbles. nbc news. >> let the good times roll.
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lights, camera, access. >> when my time here is up, i don't want to look back and see that i didn't do anything. >> he really -- >> as the stunning loss continues to sink in, endless accounts of luke perry's kindness are


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