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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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air force. >> i blamed myself. i was ashamed and uscoed. and the peak bloom predicti is here. tonight storm team 4 is live to give our forecast for the cherry blossoms. >> that's right, welcome to this busy wednesday. first to that dramaticcu r 120 feet in the air a utility worker suffering from hypothermia stuck on this radio tower in northwest d.c. >> it was really gripping stuff. he'd been up there for hours until rescue crews were able to get to him. and amazingly he still had enough strength to walk down under hiswn pow to safety. >> the good news, everyone made it home safely this afternoot or three hours it was touch and go as the man dangled helplessly 120 feet above the
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thwho was doing maintenance on the radio tower just off georgia avenue went up the tower at 10:00 a.m. he called for help about 1:00 this afternoon sayingwas too cold to safely get himself down. d.c. fire lalder trucks can only reach about 100 feet up. despite being out of reach one firefighter tried to reach him from below. >> once we identified he was not in a medical need to be removed from that position immediately we knew that we could -- this may notte sound appropro people outside of our business, but we realized we coul things down a little bit and operate in a safer at the same ti a second team t attempte reach the man from above. after more than three hours in the cold and high winds, the man was finally able to safely make it down from the ladder to the ground. he wassy evaluated by paramedics
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who did want toransport him to the hospital, but that worker refused to be taken to hospital. he was allowed to go home on his own. mark agraves, news 4. >> and of coursell of this had to happen on the coldest day of the week. freezing today en for those of us on the grounds. >> and how bad was it a that altitude? >> not oy the coldest day we've seen in the last couple of weeks, this is the coldest day we've seen in the last m a half. the month of february we did not see a day this cold. you mentioned how highe wa 120 feet up. now, we had 3oumile an winds earlier. that's a0 the surface. et up, that actually gets al% higher wind gusts, and that means you'reng about a wind gust of about 39 to 40 miles an hour at that time. combine that with it temperatures and wind chills. 21 degrees in d.c.
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18 in frederick. 22 in manassas, a very cold night for sure. he's what we're checking for next, our next chance for snowfall during the day on friday. i'll show you who has the best chance for accumulation. and cherry blossoms and snow. >> thank you, doug. well, a busy day in politics. dram from thehite house to capitol hill. >> it all started with michael cohen, the president's long time personal lawyer. cohen was back behind closed doors with the house committee while t white house stone walled congressional investigations. >> also the democrats dingded, struggo rebuke a freshman congresswoman for comments about israel without stoking hatred towards her. while republicans are pouncing on charges of anti-semitism. squh border battle. homeland sec sityecretary kirsten nielsen defends the
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president's emergency declaration and gets grilled for separating migrant families. >> thursday a lot to sort out. >> you talked about that drama all up and down pennsylvania avenue. michael cohen today really encompasses both sides. so he was back on kamt but talking about the occupant of the white house. now, you may remember that when he finished up his marathon three days lasweek, he says there was more to discuss. well, he was back on the hill today to do just michael cohen on capitol hill, speaking again to the house intelligence committee. he hearings went very, very well. i believe that all of the members wer satisfied with the statements and the responses that i gave to them. >> reporter: today cohen turned over new documents showing edits made to the false statements he gave to grass back in 2017. both documents boosting cohen's testimony made last week that
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the prident's legal team changed that statement about a scrapped trump tower project in russia. thenepresident's atthas denied changing the statement. >> i told them that any additional information they should want they should fl comfortable to reach out to my counsel, and i would continue to cooperate to the fulle extent of my capabilities. >> house democrats wrapping up o investig, based in part of cohen's explosive testimony last week republicans say cohen is an admitted liar. the white house dedismissing the allegations as politically motivated and refusing to hand over documents requested by the houls oversight committee re tted to security process for jared kushner and daughter, ivanka trump. that request coming a ter reportshat the president ignored concerns fromin telligence officials. the white house calling the
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request overly intrusive. nbc news, washington. now to simmering controversy over a series of comments from freshman congresswoman. >> the up roar over congresswoman's omar's comments on israel srked plans for a resolution condemning anti-semitism. but democrats are divided over it. omar is one o only two muslim american women ever elected to congre s. last week spoke on the panel about the palestinian israeli confshct. did not mention israel by name, but heromments played into long-standing anti-semitictropes. and her previous comments were widely criticized as anti-semtime. the democratic caucuss split. some progressives siding with omar while replicans are
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united in condemning her. >> representative omar embodies the vile anti-celtic, anti-israel bigotry. this is the time for leaders in institutions to do the right thing. from the d remove her house foreign affairs committee. >> we're committed to decisively condemning white supremacy, islamaphobia, homophobia and the rises in cases tak place in this country perhaps coincidently over the last twoa >> speaker pelosi says she hopes to rote on the resolution this week. the measure is not expected to name congresswoman omar. progressive democrats say theti reso should go beyond condemning anti-semicism to include other forms of bigotry as well. well, tempers flared during a contentious house hearing a o the cristhe border. new figures from customs and border protection show more than
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76,000 migrants crossed the southwest border last 's the highest figure in 12 years. kirsten nielsen urging congress to crack down on asylum seekers and support president trump's border wall. democrats blasted her for the painha in cos caused by family separations. >> yes or no, are we still putting children in cages? >> to my knowledge cbp neveros puy put a child like this. >> i just want uto admit that the cages exissi >> r, they're not cages. >>ecretary nielsen warned border officials are on track to encounter close to a million undocumented immigrants at the southern border this year. the montgomery county elementary schoolteacher charged with possessing apchildperno is now out on bond. most recently he was the gym
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teacher at ashburton elementary school, more than a year after the fbialded his german townhome. >> it's troubling he was in the school, but i hthe fagtd i administrators in this school and in the county that they're looking out as best they can for the kids. >> he's been on administrativ leave since the january 2018 raid. >> well, maryland i a step closer to passing a new law that would protect children as a result of a news 4 i-team investigation. >> it would require tougher background checks. >> that bill has just passed the marylandan house ways and committee and did so unanimously. cited our newsig i-team inveion when doing so.
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that's when we revealed a teacher with history of sending inappropriate texts and sexual message tuesday a young student had slipped through the cracks. he was still able to get hired in two maryland school districts after. those school systems told the i-team they didn' know ability his past and they admitted they're not able to cck with all prior employers before hiring a teacher. the new legislation would require them to do just that. >> we need to make sure we get with cords having to do any different actions or investigates from child sex abuse and sexual misconduct in the school. a teacher has been accused in tigations every school needs to know about it. and this investigation needs to beby the hiring school system. >> the maryland association of schords and the state teacher's union say they this change.yo can visit on nbc washington
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app and click on investigation. breaking developments coming saga.xt in the r. kelly the r&b singer taken back into elstody as he defends hims against accusations of sex abuse in an exclusive interview. also our big story, a man rescued from up to 120 feet in the air. we're going to take a look back at the attempts toim get down and the successful one to get him down this afternoon. and as the sun sets here on this frigid wednesday some scienti scientists think the blossom watch is
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breaking now as we nea 6:14 embattled r&b singer r. kelly back behind bars tonight, this time because of unpaid child support. >> this is just the latest legal problem for the singer as he is facing sexual abuse charges. >> nbc's dan shenman has the new developments. >> reporter: r. kelly back in court tonight less than 12 hours after the three time grammy winner spoke out in an emotional inrview with cbs this morning. >> so they're lying on you, that's your explanation they're lying on you? >> rorter: absolutely. at time his voice near cracking. >> this is the first time i was able to say something. i've said nothing. >> reporter: at other times,
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>> the interview coming ten days after he was released on bail charged with ten counts of sexual abuse involving four women, three of them mins. more than a decade ago kelly was acquitted on child pornography charges. a recent docu series shed new bright spotlight on the accusations of misconduct that have a swirledund the r&b star for years. >> you're saying everything they said in thatocentary about you is not true? >> thaifr lying about me. >> it's disturbing, emotionally disturbing for all of us. >> reporter:ot allowing her to contact them in two years, they said. >> erybody is not coming for r. kelly. people are coming for justice. >> reporter: kelremains steadfast in his innocen. nbc news.
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arizona senator martha mcsally the first female fighter pilot to f in combat she stunned a senate hearing today when she revealed she was raped in the air force by a superior officer. >> the perpetrators abuse their position to power in profound ways and in one case i was preyed upon and then raped by a superior officer. ke so manyomen and men, i didn't trust the system at the i blamed myself, i was ashamed and confused. and i thought i was strong, but powerless >> senator mcsally served in the air force for 26 years. she did not name the and she did not report it. this disclosure came during a senate armed services committee hearing on the efforts to lt in the xual ass military and to improve the response when they do occur. >> well, the victims have all been identified and the missing are all accounted for following alabama.y tornados in
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officials say the efforts now shifts to cleaning up and rebuilding. 24 people died in the storms. president trump is going to be touringhe damaged areas on friday. he's already approved disaster aide to the people that live there. and here at home one of the things to help us get through the cold is the idea that the cherry blossoms are coming. >> those are so up lifting when you see them finally comg out. but tonight we finally know when that's going to happen. >> news 4's cory smith live and this will be your first cherry blossom season, right, cory? >> it will, wendy. i am still new to the d.c.area, so i am very much looking forward to this. i had no idea people were so obsessed with that peak bloom time. today the national park service gave us their prediction, and i for one cannot wait.
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>> reporter: old man winter still has a firm grip on d.c. but head to the tidal basin and ou'll see good things yet to come. >> and the projected dates are april 3rd through 6th. >> reporter: the district will once again look pretty in pink as the cherry blossoms reach peak>>bloom. s we say if you can tell us exactly what the high temperature is going to be ery da from now until peak bloom, we'll hit it exactly on the nose. bu your meteorologists know, that's not an exact science. >> reporter: it's clear cherry blossom fever is already sweeping through d.c. there will be celebrities. there will be ag, a professional presence diana mason already in her 19th year, this will never get old. >> each year the team works hard
6:19 pm
all year rouo create new and exciting and innovative fresh events and g.programm >> reporter: that excitement has kept district natives coming back for the last 40 years. >> but it's lik the lincoln memorial at night. there's something special about moving to washington andle bein o experience this. >> reporter: and in a city where we spend so much time the man made drama of politics, it's nice for some flachernatur beauty to ste the spotlight. >> it's what people should come to washington r:r. >> reporo mark your calpenders, april 3rd through th, that's the official prediction and forecast from the national park service. storm team 4 meteorologist amia draper is with m here. so are they close with that april 3rd to 6th prediction? >> i think they are really cloe
6:20 pm
close. and first of all the peak bloom pr gection is all ind fun. the national park service, gave me this cherry blossomin for 2019. and i love the cherry blossom because it is such a unifying thing for ourity. just a wonderful treasure we have here. they're in stage one. that's the bud stage. and peak bloom is when 70% of the blossoms are out here. and to make our peak bloom projection we looked back at similar years when the stage one began, and that was 2004, 2005 and 2007. and then we looked at the tempatures throughout those months. temperatures, especially your daytime highs are by far the biggest variable. and overall, looks like march is going to stay kind of on the chilly side. so with that we thinkhat peak bloom this year is going to fall between about april 4 ath 8th. again, that's very close through the national park service peck pron of april don'trd want is you get a two day warm spell and
6:21 pm
then those temperatures cooln back dnd then you get those blossoms falling down off of the tree. ultimately what we want is to stay chillyr on the cool side nhrough the month of march. march comes to end. we start april, we start to warm up around here, andhen we see these blossoms really start to come out. d again here we think that's going to be between april 4th and the 8th here at storm team 4. >> mow more wind. don't need anymore of that. still to come, remaking facebook. rbo mark zucg is announcing some sweeping changes to the platform going to make it more focused in protecting your privacy. and chances for snow cining efore the
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all right, i just keepsu seeingay's in the 50s. that's what i'm focusing on. >> that's like the only thing we're listening to. >> yeah, it's in the 60s but it's going to rain. now itik looks that rain moves out eof here by 10:00, 11:00 a.m., and most of the afternoon is looking pretty go w. the sunt down about 20 minutes ago, and take a look at this. this is why i love chopper 4. >> i'm assuming, let's see here, that's what's so cool ability veour chopper w got such an awesome zoom lens on that sucker.
6:25 pm
it doesn't even look like our area. that's phenomenal. that's beautiful. everybody think warm thoughts like that place out in arizona warm and 75 today. no, that's not where we were. right now we are at 31 degrees. today was the coldest day since the last day of january. we didn't even hav a day this cold in the month of february. so the coldest day we've a seen ov month. with those wind chills coming in right now at 14 in gaithersbur nchester 14, and just a brutally cold day across our reon especially for thisime of year. radar is dry. we're not going to see anything anytime soon, but as we move into the day on wednesday or rather thursday we're going to watch these clouds move in and on friday they'll eventually bring in some snow. 8:00 a.m., not much going on. warm front trying to move across the area. will get a couple of snow showers possible. right now wonder if they're d.c.
6:26 pm
or to the north, they do move to the north during the day. guess what, everybody, the rain-snow line rht around d.c. again. we have some rain, and not a big storm, but of course something i'll continue to watch grow as we make our w through the next couple of days. high of 43 tomorrow, chilly but not nearly as cold today. 42, chance of that rain and snow on friday, about 70% chance, and 50 on saturday, and that's dry. d most ofunday looking pretty good now after that morning rain. rest of the ten day forecast i'll see you back here in 20 migtes. comp next at 6:30 back to chopper 4 for one of the crazy stories of the day. we'll show you all the ways firefighters rescued that trapped worker before they finally were able to get him down. and a teenager gunned down while he's walking home from a friend's house. pat collins the interview with the boy's heartbroken moth you'll only see on news 4. >> who would do somhinget
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and if you're just joining us now at 6:30, a look at our top stories. eyes were glued to the screens this afternoon because of a dramatic rescue going on at 120 feet. >> this utility worker now safely on theund after a harrowing day at work. he went up there on this tower he 10:00 this morning to do some maintenance, but bone chilling cold and gusty winds soved a little bit too much for him. he started showing signs of hypothermia. he couldn't get down onop his o. r 4's brad freetes has
6:30 pm
more on the massive rescue adfort. >> reporter: we'veorkers coming from the top, from above, from where those struts reach each other there. there's a couple of workers up there. and we've got the worker trying to stay warm. it is very, very cold out there and very windy. complicating the efrlts to rch him, you can see those straps are kind of blowing in the wind there. at times the gusts almost take it righthaut of rescuer's hand. >> that was just fascinating stuff. butortunately he was safely harnessed to the tower the entire time. this man spent t moren three hours up there in the cold and wind. and as you can see fro chopper images he actually had enough strengthen to walk down to safety of his own power. and once he was on the groun he said h did not need to go to the hospital. we have the story of a young man who was about to start work. he wanted to save his money and e day open up his own barbershop.
6:31 pm
but someone killed that dre on monday night. that teenager gunned down walking home from a friend's house in his neighborhood. this is story you're only going to see on news >> eporter: he was shot here in the street. he ended up dead on this bike path. a teenager murdered in waldorf. tonight the victim's motr has me words for the killer. >> why? why would you take my baby? what did he do to you? what did he do to you?ha >> reporter: foster has four sons. walter eugene thomas was her baby he was 18 years old. he graduated with honors from high school lt year. he and his mom were close. when she fought off breast cancer walter was there for his mom. he had a pink shirt and words of support and love.
6:32 pm
>> he's always with me. >> reporter: and f him to die this way. >> can't it's unbelievable. >> reporter: this is where it happened. a qet residential street in waldorf. a cul-de-sac this way, a l-de-sac that way. tuesday after midnightalter s walking home when all of a sudden, well, hir h the story this way. >> somebody drove upn m and told him don't run, and he ran and he shot my baby. and he ran and he just laid there out there by himself. wasn't even nobody with my baby. >> reporter: left him there to die. y himself. >> reporter: so far no motive b here, on sunday there was another shooting not too far away, a young maned wou in
6:33 pm
that one. police looking into the possibity that the two incidents may somehow be linked. in waldorf, pat collins, news 4. derek butler was relentless, rather, inushing d.c. police to find his sister pamela's killer. after more than eight years pam's one time boyfriend was nvicted of her murder. tonight derek is channelling that same determination to bring heing to another family. northern virginia bureau reporter david colver has the story from stafford county. >> reporter: we followed derek butler on his journey for justice. it took usdo staff county. derek going through onectoorway, redi to another hoping to meet with a commonwealth attorney eric oleson. a he spentut 15 minutes the prosecutor. it is about a fraction of the many years he push frd answers, starting with t 2009
6:34 pm
disappearance and murder of his sister pamela butler. datelinebc recently chronicling derek's persistence. part of what led to police cracking pam's case, the 1989 death of martha ,cr jose's ex-wife. a femiles from where jose told prosecutors he buried pam. martha's son who asked we not use his name believe his father jose killed his>> mother. t's difficult to reconcile that part of me with the ft that someone who's supposed to be near and dear to me who haset committed sng so heinous. but at the end of the day the truthat is the truth nor what. >> here we are 2019 and they still haven't done anything aboutit, 30 years later. >> reporter: and that is what motivated derek to meet with afford's prosecutor. >> this is person of color that went missing, and too often we
6:35 pm
don't do anying about it. >> reporter: derek's beenng upda her son every step of the way. >> there's this fear it might be swept under the rug because it' an old case, but i think she deserves justice. >> reporter: two ivestaken, their loved ones on that lonely quest for closureng kno it will not bring back pamela butler or martha rodriguez cruz, but it is a step towards healing. in stafford county, virginia, derek coalve news 4. changes coming to facebook. how the ente platform works. and an opera singer from montgomery county comes back to where it all started and how he's teaching the next generation of performers to connec with some stage cl classics. > we've got the cold and now we need some moisture. maybe a little snow.ig not a system, but one we're
6:36 pm
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well, this was a sad one to hear today did youear about alex trabec, en outpouring of support for him. jeopardy host announcing today he has stage pcreatic cancer. revealing it in this youtube video posted a short time ago. he's 78 years old and he did acknowledge the low survivalte but he promised to fight, and trabec h as you know been hosting jeopardy since 1984, so he's been in our living rooms for many, many decades. so we do wish him the best. and people can survive this. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg has announced some of the most sweeping change tuesday the m socialia platform he created 15 years ago. he says the future of his
6:39 pm
company is in private messages, not the current model of public conversation that broadcast information about yourself to the world. zuckerberg says people want to connect online like the way they would in a living room and less like they would in a town square. it would happen over a period of years and mean more communication by privatet messages te encrypted even from the company. this comes over announcements over facebook's collection and use of private information from billion user tonight going to take you inside the central african republic, a dangerous country. it is racked by civil war and a g famine. >> we have this line of vehicles here. two of them are armored. >> this is as dangerous as it gets. >> the factions don't attack
6:40 pm
each other. they attack citizens, civilians. they're afraido go out of their home, afraid to send a child to school. >> we are going with security and yet we're still supposed to check in every 20 minutes. he and we will. >> reporting onhumanitarian crisis is that the central african republic. o that's tonight nbc nightly news with lester holt. that's coming on right after this newscast in just about 20 minutes. e guts. takes s >> yeah, it is. that is a dangerous assignment, but those people live with that every day, and they don't get exposure. they need it. o this takes some heart. coming up next a local operang inspiring a new generation ofts art >> looking to kind of go on a journey and really learn about themselves. >> our meghan fits gerald goes
6:41 pm
on a journey with them explaining how this man is helping some young people connect their performances to me real life inspiration. and we'll go back to doug kammerer and amelia drarpe w
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
a local theater company is helping students find their voice. >> the young performers act and sing and play but it's what they're learning about themselves that makes this program so unique. >> meghan fitzgerald sws us what sets this story apart only on a story you see here on news 4. >> reporter: trainedir his ent
6:44 pm
life to be an opera singer, but it all started when he was a kid he performed around the world singing for dignitaries, even debuting at the metropolitan opera. and his journey led him back. ho it's led him here. >> we give students the opportunity to really find their voice. >> reporter: these students from across the area work for hours training, practicing to create a performance seen by hundreds of people. but this isn you average production. >> what does crime mean when kmted by someone who's been abandoned?
6:45 pm
>> reporter: they're having at open conven about the social issued in the plain. >> she really thinks death is the only way she caniberate her s herself from the situation. >> it's kind of unbelieve lk how little society has >> reporter: the discussions allow these students to perform better on stage. it also helps them understand themselves even more and their own story.ep >>ter: and it's been a worthwhile journey who chose to return home to give back to a county that g him so much. >> i always say that the rush i get from shepherding these kids through this process and then seeing the result of their hard work is by far a bigger rush
6:46 pm
than any peormance. >> reporter: meghan fitzgerald, news 4. >> well, bravo for him. wow, those students are going be performing this saturday. you can buy tickets at the door. the performance start at 3:00. >> that's gre stuff. >> i was in theater. i was, too. >> absalutely. >> mustheater. >> then you need to be our singing weatherman. >> we'll let amelia sing out there because it looks hike she's in a dark place by herself. >> she needs to sing and dance. >> but of cose we've got a lot going on here weather wise. it is frigid outside tonight, and the good news is as cold as it is, this is the colst we're going to see things probably untilt n wednesday. >> we're kissing it good-bye. >> at least the frigidir
6:47 pm
our average goes up to 52, 53 now. we saw an average of only 33. and that temperature sitting right now at 31. as we move on down the rest of the evening t mid-20s and 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, really just brutal. and the winds starting to die. not a lot of wind gusts out there, aarlier today these were the peak wind gusts today. and cambridge coming in at 37. 30n leesburg. so that wind was really gusty on what oza very cold day. so that did not help. and you saw a change in college park. 21 in d.c. and 1in college springs. storm team 4 radar is dry, and no pro with tomorrow. a little bit warmer but still frigid at the bus stop. not a lot of wind. 38 by recess.
6:48 pm
a little on the breezyi side. saw the kids at recess today. yeah, they were cold but they're kids. once you open the door they're having a goowitime. yes, i be on the chilly side and they'll need the coats throughout the day tomorrow. then we move onto friday. friday morning not much going on, but look maybe a chance for snow on friday. not expecting a lot onth . you can see by 5:00, the rain snow line once again south mostly rain, to the north mostly snd. and we coeven see some accumulating snowfall. let's talk what to expect on your friday. rain, snow, north. some accumulation is possible especially on your grassy surfaces. we're talking winter but we're begging spring. i know, amelia, this is your favorite time of year. >> reporter: it's my favorite tiol of year, and yes it's out here but i love being down here. we're officially in stage one. cold theking about the
6:49 pm
next few days, and we're going to see those feels like or wind chill temratures improve by about 10 degrees. but that being sai i tomorro only feeling about 30 degrees out there during the afternoon hours. boiday feeling 40 degrees during the afternoon. and on saturday feeling about 50 degrees, which is normal for this time of year. but look at our temperatu t trend ove next few days. our average high is now 52 ldegrees. we we running above normal on sunday and monday. but look at that line just above the average high temperature of 52. the cherry blossomy rea love those warmer temperatures above 55 degrees especlly getting closer to 60, 70 degrees. that's when you really see thes blooms or b start to come out. so we don't want that just yet. whene made our forecast for team bloom, we were looking atl
6:50 pm
re chilly temperatures especially tomorrow and friday. this is going to keep those buds nice and tight. we actually don't want a warm sun because you want to see our weather gradually get warmer so you don't have repea of 2017 where flowers came out and the cold came back and a ofhose flowers died or a lot of them died. doug, once you get a string of days, at least twos d above 65, especially closer to 68, 70a degrees we'rey going to see those flowers coming out. and we do think that's going to be between april 4th and ail 8th, very similar to last year. a >> and i think w bomsslot a deg. i know you're a runner. doou change your running route inside the city when the cherry blossoms are out? >> i feel like i shouldn't answer that, but yes, do. i run-down here because it's so pretty down here.
6:51 pm
nbut you have to p on those running r weekend i am not coming anywhere near. >> she's trying to keep it secret. right now shetarts on 16th, heads down to sherman circle there and then -- i'm just kidding. come on back, get warm. temperatures the next couple of days staying cool, 43 degrees on your thursday. there's aarm day. really i think sunday looking nice. rain early and clearing in the afternoon. nice next a chance of showers next thursday and friday. >> all righty. cing up bird is the word cing up bird is the word for theney th saved buying giant brand chicken.
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at this point in the hockey season the focus is rack a up
6:55 pm
many points as possible. it's getting crowded red at the top. the top four teams separated by only five points. the capitals are taking the next game against division hi opponent philaa seriously. ll smiles this morning in philly. and don't look now but the stanley cup champs have won six of their last seven including fourtraight. the caps facing teams with a lot on the line, whether ty're ying to get in the playoffs or tsitionmselves for a higher seed, something t.j. oshie says is benefitting the caps a well. >> i think this time of year no 'rmatter whoe playing you're always playing to get your game to a certain level. ight imes that level elevate a little bit. those teams you might be seeing here pretty soms, but when t are fighting for their lives to try to get in playoffs and as
6:56 pm
good as positions they can be en, that brings out the best in us and these those are the types a games you want to be in right now. o tonight the wizards and mavericks not the most exciting matchup on paper. they've combined for just three wins. but this could be the final time an nba legend plays in d.c. tonight this could be the last time fans see dirk nowitzki. he has yet to confirm his retirement. >> it's always been a fun stop. they'reun always to compete
6:57 pm
against, and they play usually in a high paced style, and they're fun to play. >> the last b matchupsk in dallas in november. caps also in action at 7:30. skating with a little extra pep in his step. he'seing honored by thetume with his own bobble head. and wwere there when he got to hsee the newardware for the first time. shot, he scores. and wins it for washington. >> that's not bad there. >> what do you tnk? >> that's pretty good-looking. of course every pyer i think wants to be here, right, or
6:58 pm
wants to have a bobble head. i'll be excitedecause there'll be one more bobble head in my coection. >> do you have bobble heads in russia? your hair looks great in that bobbleead. >> they put some gel over here for sure. i never use it. >> so he might not use gel, but we do have the bobble head and was so thankful we've got a ottle guy here our own. >> the real question is does his mom recognize that was him. >> i've got to ask. it's similar of an impression of kuzy, the hair, the beard, his teeth. you're doing something right if you've got your own bobble head. >> they've got the pose i've got one. >> and we're going to head out to nightly news in 60 secds.
6:59 pm
>> staony everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best.
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more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. breaking news tonight. r. kelly back in police custody and taken to jail hours after erupting in an explosive off the rails >> it do this stuff! this is not me! i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] li! >> why he's behind bars again. > michael cohen's new evidence. back before congress and what he brought with him to back up one of his most potent claims. "jeopardy!" host alex trebek going public with a devaating >> i'm going to fight this >> the iconic host's message to fans. r senad survivor. a barrier-breaking combat pilot, now member of congss, making a stunning personal revelation about her past.


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