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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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id just kille me to see our home like this. it hurts. many people losing everything they owned after powerful storms ripped through state after state after state. right now we are seeing a much different weather situation here at home. but rain is on the way and storm team 4 meteorologist somara theodore is getting us ready for the big change tomorrow. explosion and fire claim a life in the house fire in mcclain. i'll have details on news 4. after a mystery donor pays r. kelly's child support he steps to the podium and the first comments since his meltdown on "cbs this morning."
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developing tonight, a two-alarm fire ripped through a fairfax county home killing an elrly woman. good evening, i'm erika gonzalez. more on what nghbors heard as flames and smoke barreled through the mcclain home. >> reporter: crews stay on the scene for hours here in the 1400 block of brookhaven drive. knocking down hot spots after the two-alarm fire that began before noon and after a shock to neighbors. >> we first heard the sirens with the first responders on the way. and we went to the door because it seemed like a large amot d then we heard an enormous exteosion. >> rep some neighbors told us that oxygen tanks had been delivered to the home earlier in the day and lts cause of theas firet been determined but the blast was powerful. >> it isreike when you at a concert and your heart pounds, that is what it sounded like. power companyhe
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shut off electricity to the wood-framed house, crews prepared to search inside. once that houseas deemedru sturally sound enough. crews fm all other northern virginia and including firefighters from dunn loring and alexandria and vienna, made for frightening moments for neighbors and a possibly tragic moment for at nast one house the block. >> it was just a ton of smoke just rising up like black smoke all the way to the sky. it was crazy. >> reporter: in mcclain, derrick ward, news 4. switching gears now. a big weekend weather change just hours away. but first, stormeam 4 is tracking rain that could impact your saturday night plans. so meteorologist somara t theode weather center with the areas affected. >> for those of young d evening reveling and staying out late tonight, i will say rain is on the way. so keep the umbrella handy. alet's go ahead and tak look at the radar right now. hard to believe that it is going to beuch a soaker tonight.
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and we are seeing dry conditions out there. b bu picture shows a storm system really stretching all the nway d into the southeast and setting off tornado alarms and wa for us, though, we're dry but we are going to get some of the moderate to heavy rain moving into the area. so tonight's temperatures will level out around 40 degrees. rain will be the main headlin but tomorrow we switch gears. and we start to look at temperatures0 like degrees. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. for now, erika, back to you. we'll touch on the severe weather you mentioned a second ago. a week after deadly tornados hit alabama, a 25 million peop under the threat of severe weather across the deep south. suspected tornados have hit o part louisiana and arkansas. chris pollone has more on the threat heading east. >> reporter: it was a terrifying morning for people south and east of little rock, arkansas as severe storms blew through the area. >> when i looked out of thedo front, all of the trees were pretty much touching the
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ground, laid over. and stuff was hitting the house and it sounded like a freight train coming through. >> reporter: camer fuller said he never knew it was coming. >> no siren -- they said they ount off down the road. but in't hear them. and it was like one minute there was severe thunderstorm warnings and then there was a tornado. just that quick. >> reporter: the suspected tornado part of a line of storms stretching across the south putting about 25 million people at risk for severe thunderstorms and tornados. the damage reported in northwest louisiana and near tyler, texas as hail as big as golf balls al outside of ds and in memphis a- a truck blew right over after a deadly tornado outbreak in the southeast, more than 20 people died in lee county,am al last sunday. back in arkansas, no reports of injuries or deaths so far. but people are hurting nonetheless. >> we just got lucky.
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it just kills me to see our home like this. it hurts. >>eporter: the spring severe weather season off to a violet star in the deep south. chris pollone, nbc news. s r&bger r. kelly out of jail. a mystery person paid the $161,000 in back child support on his behalf. kelly walked o of the chicago jail this morning. he had been there since wednesday. kelly is facing ten counts of gravated sexual abuse involving four women, three of whom were minors when the alleged abuseook place. kelly adamantlyen ds any wrongdoing and has pleaded not guilty. he spoke briefly to reporte after his release. >> i promise you we're going to straight all this out. that is i can say right now. i promise you. >> to your fans -- >> i love my fans. >> a spokesperson for the sheriff's office said she does not know w made the child
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support payment. 12 years ago today retiredf agent bob levinson went missing in iran. he lived in rockville. he fbi said it is renewed the repeated calls on the iranian government to help in reuniting him with his family. this week his family appeared at a hearing on capitol hill pleading for his safe return. levinson vanished while in iran on an unauthized c mission. the fbi is offeringmi $ion to -- for information that leads to his whereabouts. if you know anything abo what happened, contact the fbi. u can remainanonymous. smoke filled the air after an early-morning crash an i-95 in prince george county. >> and sheriffs have a big mystery on their hands after one of them makes a deadlydi overy. and kids fighting cancer, beat the odds every single d. this weekend hundreds of people at mgm national harbor are
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a man's body found in the woods inck fredeurg this morning, a stafford county deputy was driving down river road when he made the disturbing discovery. he noticed something on the side of the roadnd it turned out to be a man's body. the sheriff's office said there
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were signs of trauma. according to the sheriff's office they are now treating this case as a whomicide. re very fortunate there was a deputy on patrol that discovered the body. it couldate traing for a community member to stumble upon it, whether out here on a jog or walking along the river here. >> reporter: the man's identity has not yet been released. the sheriff's office said because it is such a remote area, likely there aren't any surveillance cameras to reveal wh> happened. switching gears, what started as a small fundraiser is now major charity. today hundreds of people were playing poker at m national harbor to raise money for kids fighting cancer. a silent auction was some of the atutactions that brought o folks waiting to test their luck. there is our own storm team 4 meteorologist, chief meteorologist doug kammerer. all of the money raised will go anward pediatriccer research at children's national hlth system and alex's lemonade stand
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y35wdy y16fy >> announcer: you're watching news 4 dd after a
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fiery crash on i-95 and place say it started when a driver got on the interstate going the wrong way. that driver setting off a chain reaction crash just south of powder mill road in beltsville. darcy spencer is live near the crash scene with the very latest. darcy? >> reporter: erika, we are here along signs to get on to the interstate. there are crashes on 95,ha but someone going the wrong direction, that is unusual. maryland state police are trying to figure out how this could have happened. the horrific crash happened in the early morning hours on i-95 in the beltsville area of prince george's county. maryland state police say the driver of this car apparently got on the interstate going the wrong way and caused a chain reaction crash. the car caught fire and you could see the smokey aftermath. police got the call just after
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4:15 in the morning. ite happened in northbound lanes south of 212. four vehicles were involved in all. police say a female driving the honda civic hit one car head-on and then collided with a bmw. that driver was partially ejected through the windield. th of those vehicles then collided with a fourth car. the honda then ran off the road on to the shoulder and cause fire. she was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not yet been able to identify her. now i just checked in with maryland tate police and they o say tthe other drivers were taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive. erika, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. now to a police chase through the streets of downtown silver a routine traffic stop after a driver took off and crashed into this pole. yocould see the car was totaled. police arrested one person in the car who had an outstanding
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arrest warrant. the other two people in the car ran away. prince george's county public school have aollege workshop towardspanish-speaking families.le mundo 44 partnered with the event at the ursity of maryland. tino speakers and a bilingual college and community agency fair and campus tourss ll. chilly morning turned out to be nice running weather for today's rock and roll marathon. folks get ug up early for the run through the streets in d.c.p we had a rt winner this year. tyler andrews came in first followed by andrew cremor and on the women's side a runner froma ch hill finished first. so don't beto surprised rrow if you wake up feeling extra groggy, maybe you need one more cup ofoffee. because we're losing an hour this weekend.
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daylight savsg beg overnight. so at 2:00 the clocks spring forward one hour and the clock on your smartphone automatically adjusts but the stove and microwave and all of those things, keep that in mind. now is the time also that we should recommend tha- firefighters recommend checking and replacing the batteries in your smoke detector and working smoke detectors save lives and you're twice as likely to survive a house fire in f your smoke detectors are working. and on cue, we have nice weather playing along for us tomorrow. somara theodore is here to tell us like that. it will feel like spring. >> for a day, there will be sunshine and convening that as well on theop of the week but tonight we have our weather headline w on th and it is dry and hard to believe we could look at a good soaker here.h? how m from half an inch to an inch
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possible in some neighborhoods e the time it is said and done. and h the big picture and that is what is headed our way. this rain is going to bete modeo heavy. and you could see that it is going to be moving in tonight and it will stick around until tomorrow morning. so if you have e plansly on sunday morning, you might want to remember that it is going to be raining out there and as we head through the morning, we'll see some improving conditions. so let's time this out. 6:00 p.m., still cloudy and we move in to midnight, 10 a.m. that time range is when the rain is going to start to take over the entire area. at that point, like i said, the rain will not only be moderate but steady. so we'll see steady rainfall overnight until sunrise tomorrow. then as we head thraygh your su the first half of the day is going to be on the foggy side of things. but then you could see here we back froring coming the south and west and clouds still fluctuate throughout the day and throughout the evening. but like i said, the main talker tomorrow is going to b the temperatures. take a look at current
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temperatures rreht now. 41 d in washington, d.c. 37 in gaithersburg. 39 in to think that tomorrow morning it will be warmer than it is this afternoon. here is a loo at your future temperatures. running the clock forward, 10:00 a.m. does show temperatures in the upper 40s already. kind of flirtg with 50 degrees. we push into 6:00 p.m. and that is when we start to see the numbers peeking in the upper 60s. so between 4:00 and 6:00 we're talking 68 grdegrees, 69 s and farther south you go the more of a chance you have at hitt tg 70 degreesorrow. so it is going to be a pleasant sunday. and what is nice about it is we're not looking at a steep or sharp dropoff. sunday night is warm as well. temperatures in the upper 50s by midnight. and through your monday we are going to keep that mild weather. so weekend activities, skiing morelushy tomorrow and church and brunch damp but drying and car wash looking good and we'll
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stay dry through the week on the ten-day. and heading to the upper 60s quickly tomorrow. clouds will stick around. not the mos sunshine but we should get a great deal of suhine for monday. storm team 4 ten-day out look shows that. not only is it dry but temperatures aren't too bad either. usually we get nice little warm days and then real quick we get the shot of cold not the case. this mild weather is kind of lingering for a bit. and our next chance for rain holds off until thend of the week. >> all right. is that a 65 fo friday? oh, boy. 65 on a friday is going to have people spping work. so it has been a week since as a harper was introduce philly and today he got his first game action with the new club. we'll head down to florida to e how the former national did in -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. t you're goibe seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad."
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talking spring and what goes along with that. baseball. and george is here to talk about baseball in florida. >> are y over the -- >> i'm done with it. >> are you bringing it w back?
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re not going to be over for a while. we've been waiting for it or maybe we haven' e harper is in philadelphia and it seems like it happened weeks ago, doesn't it? t we have yet to see him in a spring training game until today. you thought about how weird it would be to see him in a diaserent uniform and today the day. harper wearing the philly red. trying to get used to. the designated hitter in this onee so he ome h to hit. first at-bat, walking up to ang stanvation from the philly faithful and he does what he does best, showing patience and drawing a walk. he would come around to score on a home run. next at-bat,e m of the same. drawing another walk. and he would be taken out for a pinch runner. so he ends the day without an official at-bat and the two walks in his first live actiono he year. >> i think for me it will take some time, it is just part of getting ready and things like that. i'll be there opening day march 28th but it will take time to get ready and into it.
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i'm very excited for the season to start. it is a great group of guys with a great fan base and city and i'm excited to head up north and get the season going but just take it one day at a time g her an ready for it. we're just over a week away from selection sunday, believe it or not. final week of the regular seasoh e in college hoops and still plenty of positioning to be done. teams playingyeor and teams thought to be on the bubble have oa couple more chances impress the committee this week and next. and that includes georgetown. patrick ewing and the jollas in need of a win at marquette tohe help tournament resume. back and forth opening half, georgetown up a point but stan houser able to beat the buzzer to give marquette a two-point h edgeding into the locker room. second half, freshman with this stepck to tie the game at 63. later another freshman, matt mcclung pulls up andhe hits jumper to give the jollas the
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lead and they come bind for 48 but it s a sophomore with the back-breaking shot, from deep it is good and jollas go out by five and outleft marquette in the final minute for the big -84 win. tony bennett, number two virginia in need of a win over louisville to lock up a share of the acc title. virginia led by three at the half but louisville came out firing in the second. malik williams hits the three to extend the lead to seven but then a response quickly. to the rim and the louisville lead cut to two. under 7:00 to go and virginia still trailingm nd a hit the corner to give the teamhe lead. virginia goes up by two and they survive a home. 73-68 the final. the second installment of this year's battle of the orge's. george mason and george washington from foggy bottom, late in the first half,p mason by 13.
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jordan miller to the lane and makes the bucket and the foul and they a 16-point lead into the break. second half, still in control, otis livingston ii drilled the patriots and finish in double fionres and mas win this is one 81-65. capitals looking or the sixth straight win as they took on the dev last night. st game but rett they get it done. berkoffski scores and then 2-0 in the third and then braden holtby stopped all shots. they come away with a 3-0 victory. >> first period was tough on both sides but we progressed and figured out a way and that is -- they all countsa the me. >> we didn't come out as strong as we wanted to. we have been talking about starts latelynd we stu with it and get the win. >> caps red hot. n wiza action tonight for the second straight evening
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taking on the timberwolves in minnesota and we'll have highlights at 11:00. >> thank you, george. and thank you for joing us. th did it for us. and "nightly news" is next and then we'll see you again for news 4 at 11:00. until then, good night, everybody. the ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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at ross. yes for less. . breaking news tonight, tornados touched down in the south leaving a trail of powerful system creating hailstorms with another blast of winter headed towards the upper midwest. 'll have live forecast. r. kelly is released from jail for the second time in two weeks. >> i promise you we'll strahtenouhis all >> as hisfr gind's defense. >> protest escalated in venezuela. >> a reversal of fortune f a man's murder conviction over turned thanks to the podcast serial. did the leader have his own princess


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