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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 9, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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at ross. yes for less. . breaking news tonight, tornados touched down in the south leaving a trail of powerful system creating hailstorms with another blast of winter headed towards the upper midwest. 'll have live forecast. r. kelly is released from jail for the second time in two weeks. >> i promise you we'll strahtenouhis all >> as hisfr gind's defense. >> protest escalated in venezuela. >> a reversal of fortune f a man's murder conviction over turned thanks to the podcast serial. did the leader have his own princessap kid. >> the amazing survival story
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escaping aouth of one of mother re's massive creature. this nbc "nightly news." >> good evening for the second time in the week. jerez departmen residents in the south are reeling through tornados. at least 38 tornados in the southern u.s. in the last week alone. in louisiana, ana t ripped through this town and fallen roofs. following texas, damaging hail and floods, and chaos. >> reporter: debris across the shops after a series of storms ripped through the region. >> that was really scared. >> it is coming right at us. oh wow. >> reporter: the tornado touching down inouisiana and arkansas. the national weather service confirming two tornado
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touchdowns, one near england, arkansas. >> one minute there was a tornado, just that clear. >> reporter: winds whipped through neighborhoods and downed power lines andamaging structures and uprooting trees. >> reporter: in texas, residents under seized by damaging hail pounding pts of the road near dallas. >> repter: this is what we are experiencing in the southeast, pockets of heavy rain through the region. >> reporter: volunteers cleanhg throhe storm in alabama that kailled 23 people. the nation's deadlyk outbreaf tornados in six years. heart broke for one family w watched tir home taking a
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direct hit. >> split seconds and there is no warning. >> reporter: the national weather service estimates the winds here were anywhere from 86 to 110 miles per hour, strong enough to obliterate the mobil me behind me and tornado season is just getting started. >> steve patterson, thank you very much. our janice huff is here on what we can expect for the weekend. >> all tha off to the east, not just severe weather. on the southern end, big thunderstorms moving into the mississippi, we have torrndo gs and new ones just issued for north eastern mississippi. this is the tornado of all ther seeather that happened the last 24 hours. shreveport and all the hail reports back into the texas panhandle as tha storm moves eastward. also snow on the north end. the dakotasr minnesota or wisconsin up to a foot of snow.
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as it pushes off to the east, six inches of snow. gusty winds 45 miles per hour, that could cause damage,too. onto the northeast, snow is early in changing to rain and finally moving out tomorrow afternoon. >> jose. >> thank you very much. other story breakingtonight. r. kelly released from jail after someone made his child support payment. this i as the woman living with him speaks out. >> reporter: for the second time in two weeks, roberkelley, walked out of jail. >> i promise you we are going to straighten all this stu out. >> reporter: the singer behind bars since wednesday after a judgerdered him arrested for not paying $161,000 in child support. today an undisclosed person paid it. >> reporter: kelly claims financl trouble to cbs' gayle
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ng. >> so many people have been stealing my money. >> reporter: kelly nearly breaking down as he denies all claims of sexual abuse. >> belmave me n, they're lying on me, i am ol, bro. >> all right. >> reporter: kelly was tried anu ted on child pornography charges in 2008. >> reporter: in january, the documentary of r. kelly prompted more women to come forward. in's f ten counts of sexual abuse involviing involving many women and three of them are younger than 17. >> reporter: kelly's girlfriend defended him. she blamed her own father for using her relationship with kelly to profit from his fame. >> this is someone's life that you guys are jeopardizing. >> reporte her father sees it differently. >> this dude is a monster. the things he do to these young ladi are not human. >> reporter: r. kelly is due
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back in court next week. nbc t now to the crisis in venezuela with continuing power outages and o shortag basic necessities, anger spilled into the streets of carracas. >> reporter: escalatiing violene d growing humanitarian crisis. outrage over shortages of food and medicinend electricity. rlier this week, a massive nationwide black out left most of venezuela in the dark. >> reporter: no power means no t respy. the entire hospital had gone dark and mado blamed the black out on american imperialism.
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mike pompeo blames maduro for the humanitarian crisis, tweeting on thursday, no food, no medicine. now no power. next, no maduro. >> the u.s. slaps sanctions and visa restrictions on maduro officials after recognizing opposition leaders guaido as interim president. >> without the sadtions, it wo be impossible for the opposition to move forward. e> reporter: basic services are scarce with littl electricity and no subway service, many pensioners relying on charity to survive. as younger people are fleeing the country in crisis. nbc news. back in the u.s. was an already packed field of democrats for 2020 nomination.
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e candidates were busy trying to stand out at the white house today. kelly o'donell has the story. >> reporter: democrats spring training. >> thank you. >> oh, it is exciting to be here. >> we need a new president. >> reporter: fan out, the most party's most diverse field. on the trail this weekend from new york to south carolina and iowa to a tech conntion in texas. much of this group simply headed left. >> we ar going to build a democratic party. >> reporter: staking o turf that's aggressive. >> it will be about fighting for the vision of who we are. >> reporter: bernie sanders takes credit for moving democrats in this progressive direction. >> this time he's surrounded by liberal contenders. in iowa, standeanders, promised
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ity. >> ife do not win, i will support the democratic nominee and hope and believe others feel the same way, donald teamp must be dd. >> reporter: boundy their passion to oust the president. klobachar makes a decided center appeal. >> i am proud to be a candidate from the midwest. >> reporter: campaign season is on president trump's mind, too. he describes the couple of days in florida as aorking weekend because he's hosting private fundraiss at his mar-a-lago and his own reelection caaign. jose. >> kelly o'donell at west palm beach, thank you. his story is the subject of
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the hit podcast "serial," american courts decided he'll not get a new trial. kathy park explains why. >> reporter: it is "serial," one story tells week myweek. now, adnan syed is back in the spotlight. his convictioreinstated after a lower court over turned it in 2016. >> it is a safe bed that syed's case would not have gotten this podcast "seria"ot for the he's convicted of killing 17-year-old minh lee and his formerh girlfriend and hig school classmate. the podcast examines his case as millions of listeners tune in. had no reason to kill her. >> reporter: in yesterday's ruling, the appeals court found
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that syed did not suffer ejudice as a result. >> it is often raised as a last resort by defendants who's been convicted but it isarely successful. >> reporter: syed's lawyer says it is not over yet. we are devastated by the court of appeals decision but we'll not give up on syed. tomorrow hbo will start airing a four-part sduco-serie taking another look at the investigation. >> s"serial" i not going to release him. a real life murder mystery that continues to command ournt atn. kathy park, nbc news, new york. thereas been so much focus recently on the southern border, the one the u.s. shares with mexico but now u.s. officials are paying more attention to the country's other border with canada. nbc news obtained n exclusive
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data showing the spike and the number of illegal crossings in the u.s. from canada. kerry sanders repts from the forgotten border. >> it is beautiful a. it is here in vermont where we join u.s. customs and border protection to best understand why anas incg number of immigrants come to canada to ente the u.s. ill leely. all they need is a $300 ticket and a $700 entry fee >> doit is so simple from someo from mexico to fly to canada. >> it is an area that can be exploited. eporter: while the raw numbers are small, new governmenttatistics illustrate a trend, 91% encrease increase undocumented immigrants captured
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along the u.s. canada border. >> as we sit out here today is about 8 degrees right now and we have a lot of snow. this is not favorable conditions for anybody to be out here in the middle of the night. people try. they absolely try. >> reporter: the northern border is twice the length of the southern border. agents up here rely heavily on technology like cameras feeding live pictures into command center.ep >> rter: a camera monitor from this bordero cing from canada into the united states. agents say some of their best surveillance comes from residence who call when they see something just does not look right. >> you can spot people don't look like the normal people you see. >> what about a need for a wall? >> that's for somebody above my pay rate to decide.he >> reporter: t forgotten
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border for some now in an illegal gateway into the united states. kerry sanders nbc news. still ahead tonight, she had not been seen public for more than a year, where ishis princess? princess? >> a deep sea that there's a lobster i in our hot tub?t. lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst.
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dubai hav not been seen. a friend who helped plan that daring escape and now why he's fearing for thees pri safety. >> if you are watching this video, it is not aood thing, either i am dead or i am in a bad siation. she had not been seen in public since she reported this more than a year ago. days before the princess and her st friend attempted a daring escape from dubai. >> when she aped me to her, i did not he is state. >> latifah's story is a twisted sairy tale. own nc kidnapped by h father, the ruler of dubai. her father banned her fromav g the country. her every move is watched. latifah and tina had been
6:48 pm
friends since 2010. >> it was daily that ill see he unwh unhappy. she would avoid going home. >> they spentons escaping. >>d first a roa trip. the plan sail to india and fly to america and claim asylum. after a we, the yacht was intercepted. >> you started hearingoises from the upper deck counted like gunshots. >> latimah's first comment w they are following me. >> reporntr: a arrested everyone on board, tina said. >> after two weeks of interrogations from the emirates, tina was deported. officials did not respond for request for comments but they told other outlets that
6:49 pm
latifah's case is a familyaf ir. >> i hope they don't break her spirit. >> reporter: they plan to bring her kidnapping to american courts. that's where the yacht was registered and pressure her father in the medi >> if this does not go away, i am hoping that he'llctlly let her go. thadshake up h already shown, the power reaches beyond borders. >> nbc news, corn wall, england. >> nbc news, corn wall, england. >> we'll be back in a moment
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our next story, for one man in south arica, that story of jonah bit a too close to home. >> you have to useou y instinc instincts. >> he had been inside a whale ando lived tll atale. he was swept into the mouth of a whale. you can see half of his body is hanging out of the ma'amable ma. >> it got dark. once i felt the pressure, i knew a whale got me.
6:53 pm
>> the whale can weigh up to 60,000 pounds. >> the next moment i felt that the whale was turning away and the pressure was released and i was washed out of the mouth. jim had no injuries andis maintn as not an attack. >> all the years, never ever a situation occurred like that. he said he's in no rush to repeat the inside job. itnas a interesting experience for me but nothing i want to do again. >> important to know, brides whaleat don'thumans. jim spends seconds inside that whale, seconds to h sll never forget. never forget. when we comean thks for calling unitedhealthcare, never forget. when we comean mrs. murphy. hi, i need help getting an appointment with my podiatrist. how's wednesday at 2? i can't. dog agility. tuesday at 11?
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about eliquis. ally tonight a new broadway musical that focuses on teenage angst. >> i wish i had the skills. >> reporter: the new broadway musical. "be more chill" is surprisingly red hot, considering it almost never happen. this high energy production is out a teen in france by self-doubt and anxiety. it opens and closes who
6:57 pm
fanfare when it premiered in a small theater four years ago. >> did you think it was the end of it? >> i had no reason thinking it will have another life. >> reporter: then exploded on social media withil 250 mon streams worldwide. all the buzz caught the attention of broadway producer as word of mouth spreads. >> young peoe start realizing hey, there is this musical that speaks to me and it was all words of mouth. >> i think it will be like "hamilton" big. now on tumblr, the second talked about musical after "hamilton." fans made heaart videos includi the show's biggest hit, "michael in the bathroom," sung by george salazar. it is all about anxiety. >> this is where the anxiety happens. >> i get to sing the song that has been a source of therapy and
6:58 pm
comfort. >> reporter: the musical is based on a book. >> there arepl thousands of p dealing with the same problem and the same time. you can attach to somethin >> be more chill. >> reporter: the questn has "be more chill" tap into a new way for shows to make it into broadway. >> we truly, truly are. >> reporter: mnew musical that speaks to as new generation. hima ellis. >> don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight for daylight savingsn and j kate snow for a fascinating group of senis turning back
6:59 pm
the clock with synchronize swimmingyo thank you fo time, good night.
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another thing he said to me in the hospital was he was happy he g to come visit me because f wanted to do good things and use hisame and celebrity for good. he didn't want to just be remembered as an actor, a heartthrob. >> iike that. >> indeed. welcome to access the weekend co edition, i'm evans with kit hoover. it's nice to hear the outpouring of love. >> you heard one of luke's biggest fans. three years ago she was hospitalized f threemonths, luke came to visit her at her bedsid no press, no ulterior motive, just compason. >>e'll hear more of ourmo wi


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