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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 10, 2019 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> you're looking on the positive said of it. >> i'm all for spring weath. clay, you've got the good news. >> absolutely. good morning, good morning, meagan. good morning, eryone. still moisture and fog and drizzle across our area, but still 9:00 a.m., everyone. we he about ten more hours of daylight and we're burning off some of theou . here's a view as we show you the radar. the rain showers have moved to the east of our area. for those of you at the 9:00 a.m. hour, you'rep picking showers. don't worry. it will be drying out throughont the after temperatures will continue to wrm to mid-50s by 2:00 and into the 60s before we're done with this sunday. guess what? when i show you the rest offo t cast in the 60s, that i ooher going td hang aroun for the next several days. all the details and a complete forecast in a few minutes.
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>> thank you for that. in the meantime we're following breaking news out of africaer ght. an ethiopian air flight came crashi down a f minutes after takeoff. >> the airlines confirms all 7 ople on board including eight americans have died. we want to get to derrick ward o with more this deadly crash. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. we understand itas a 737 max, boeing 737 a max. it had 149 passengers with eight crew members. it was bound for nairobi, kenya. you can see investigations ha start to begin. we're told there are no survivors on the crash. it happened six minutes from the crash. they were six minutes f am the airpla it was about 8:34.
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the were 32 kenyans, nine ethiopians, eight canadians and various other nationalities. it's a relatively new plane, and the last crash from ethiopian crash from ethiopian airline was 2010. we're seeing reactions starting to come in. we have a tweet from t office of the prime minister of ethiopia. er says the prime minister on behalf of the gent and the people of ethiopia express ledeepest cones of the families of those who have loved ones on that flight. we also have heard about condolences being expressed by ethiop ethiopia's president. we know eight americans were among the 157 peopl who died at
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a crash, an ethiopian airlines flight leaving ethiopia for kenya. we're live at dulles airport. derrick ward. you. o >> thank you. we'll stay on top of whereey e from. >> tragedy. >> yep. > this morning we're learning about multiple late-night shootings in the district. >> that's right p one man was left in critical condition. andwith found at gallatin 8:00.treet after the second scene was a s distance away in an alley at georgia avenue that's where residents heard multiple gunshotets. after that, there was another shoong. noord whether the shootings re connected, and no arrests weremade. and in the 54th street at 9th street, policean responded her shooting just after midnight and they need your help finding the car you see on the screen here. we're giving yu a closer look.
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a man was shot. he's expected to be okay. if have any information, please call the police. tank could s oxyge have caused a deadly house fire in mclean. firefighters found flames and smoke coming from this home around noon yesterday. neighbors say they heard sirens and loud explosion. some neighbors say they had seen oxygen tanks being delivered to the homer ler in the day, but it's not clear wheth ty're to blame for the fire. a woman hit has died this weekend. this is a video we want to show you in lexington park. she was 87 years old. her name was carol anderson and she's of leonardtown. police say savoy crossedhe center line and slammed into her red volkswagen vehicle. he was wante on numerous
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outstanding warrants. police say they found a handgun on him after theh. cr savoy is still in the hospital. we want to bring you more breaking news from yesterday. maryland state police tell us woman got on i-95ednd sta driving the wrong way. this happened near powder mill road and beltsville. they say she struck three cars before h c burst into flames. the woman died at the scene. police have not releheed name yet. three other people were hurt in the crash. t now a scary situation. the woman was getting into a rideshare late friday morning when a man allegedly sexually abused her and tried to take her backpack. this happened in the 200 block of p street in the northwe which is right near the frederick public school in armstrong. the suspect is broadis johnson. they were able to track him down and arrest him. singer a kelly is out of
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jail. someone made a $161,000 child support payment to get him out. here he is. he wasn placed jail last week after he couldn't pay what he owed in child pport. on top of that, he's charged with ten cous ofexual abuse involved four women, including three who were minors when the alleged abuse took place. kelly talked to reporters after his release yesterday. take a listen. >> i promise you we're goc strayen all this stuff out. that's all i can say right now. >> and your fa? >> i love my fans. >> kelly has pleaded not guilty to the abuse charges against him. and a publisher is accuseded of lying to investors and the company operatingrine. they say he defrauded investors in the tribune media company, company he controlled which operates the local newspadr.
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reynolds l about the value and existencele of a advertising contracts a the company they had. investors believe he lied about how mh money h and others investan in the compy. if convicted, reynolds could face decades in >prison. let's turn our attention to politics now. president trump getting ready to release his budget plan next week and it could trigger a it showdown congress over spending caps. the white house wants 50,000 for defense including border wall. the plan alsoncdes cutting nondiscretiona spending caps. nbc 4 is the pla is for politics this morning. "meet the press" with chuck todr starht here at 10:30. they'll dive into a week that saw a growing divide. that starts right after "news4
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today." well, actress selma blair rekrnlly made headlines at the oscars. opening it. >> yeah. this is an unpredictable often debilitating disease that affects the central nervous system. there's no cure for it. a montgomery family knows that fight all too well. >> we look at her. you know, can look at someone with mchl s. and not even know they have it. >> jennifer ghcunn's sister christy was diagnosed with ithe since she's been in and out of theal hosp christy is now waiting for a stem krenn transplant it eeomething her doctors believe will give her a normal life, but i comes with a $100,000 price tag. like in most cecases, insur doesn't cover this form of dream. >> nothing's working. >> you know, it's hard.
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i'm trying to keep it together. >> i can only imagine the fear because without the transplant her family says christy will likely end up in a nursing home unable to care for herselh whics why they're true iing to raise money. they're having fund-raisers and auctions. if you want more information, you cn find it our nbc washington app. >> i wish them the best. >> absoluteig. time now is 9:09 on this sunday morning. 41 degrees. we're going to go way up if there. clay anderson will be back in a minute with his full forecast. still ahead on nbc news today, what you need to know to vesa some cash. e ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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hey, we're helping you to save money on the neck time you goo target. >> susan hogan reports oan spending lesd it's probably in your hand right now. the secret lies right in t. target app take a look. >> reporter: who done love target. >> i like target. >> i like their aices. >> i'm big fan of target. >> reporter: did you know shopping i you more than if you bought the same item on target's website or app? >> i didn't know that. >> really? online would be cheaper than the store itself. >> what do you think abouta hat? >> that'oblem. >> reporter: we wanted to see how much we would save from the app than in the store. so we picked up these ten items at target and did some comparison shopping online. this toothpaste was $6.99 in the store, but just 4.99 online. this sunscreen will cost you nearly 13 buckbuin the store, just over $7 if you buy it in the app.
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>> and this "black panther" mask, you can save a couple of bus off a $20 in-store price if you order it online. we paid in total $225 for these ten items shopping in store, but we could have saved 30 bucks by just o picking them up in store two hours later. but what if you like to shop in the store and you want to pick out your own items. there is a way to get thlow pricng, but it's g to take a little, we on your part.t >> whayou need to do is turn off location services in the target app. that way they don't know you're in t store so you'll see online when you cut, go to guest services and ask them to match the pres. >> okay. i'm going to check that out. >> especially if it saves me limore time from shopping and saving money. >> reporter: you can use the extra cash to save on the fun things that weren't on your list that ended up in your cart anyway. >> now, wesk target why many
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of their items are less exnsive online thats you see they sent a statement that says in part, quote, we're committed to providing value to ours gue and that includes being priced competitively online and t in store. guests can save on cartwheel deal and save th5% by usinr red card. >> i never get out of target without saving money. >> even with a list. >> yes. we ooher go doing check in with clay anderson and your sunday forecast. plus a beloved member of the "news4" team is battling canner. we take look at joe krebs a w he's doing as h e
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welcome back. a beloved member of o tv family is fighting cancer for the third me. joe krebs was diagnosed when he retired. >> don't youate cancer. it's just the worst. he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few years ago. barbara harrison has more on his dream and brave fight. >> good morning. >> good morning. is it go doing be painful? >> no. >> reporter: joe krebs with
9:18 am
husband unfailing good nature is up for his next roundst with os his favor. ears as a reporter and anchor at nbc 4 in washington, his serious approach to covering hard news covered with his always affable style and quick wit made fors winning oddr the morning team. when he retired in 2012, we knew joe was eageto use his unflagging energy to travel more on his bicycle and to far off it destinationshis wife mary lynn. so we didn't see a lot of traveling joe. but on friday in 2017 he was heading back to the studio for long-time coworker tom kierein when he abruptly called in sick. >> i was so sick i could barely move. it was digestive problems, pains in my stomach and abdomen area. >> reporter: he saw s,s doctors, te mammogram, and an mri. >> right after my doctor called in and said i want you to come in and talk to me. >> the only cure would be
9:19 am
surgery. would.orter: but surgery be an option if they found that the cancer had already spread to other organs. >> if we can't do surgery, we're talking months, not years, and we were both sitting there, and i immediately thought, this is july. >> yeah. i was thinking i might not see thanksgivi. it was really an incredible kick in the gut. >> devastating we thought our life together was coming to an end. >> reporter: the surgery was f suck -- successful, but itt ws aben months later it was discovered it indeed spreado the lungs. there was surgeryo remove the lesions and chemotherapy,
9:20 am
but months afternoont, more were discovered. this time he's back at georgeto fight again. begin the this time they will try a different weapon in the arsenal against this lethal disease. >> we have to reconstruct the images of the last scan we did. while he's doing that, i'm going to give you your tattoos. >> >> reporter: he's marked for intense radiation doses that will begin with this machine, the cyber knife, relatively new in tating pancreatic cancer.>> his machine delivers high doses of radiation over a short period of time. doses are so high it has a very good chance at eradicating the tumor. >> reporter: joe plansep up the fight. mary lynn is standing by him. he wants to keep up the battle but remember to enjoy his life along the way. >> i want to dwhat i love but ve the best life possible. i want to live in the now. that's what i want to do. >> live in the now. that's right. barbara says joe has certainly not slowed down. between cancer treatments he and
9:21 am
mary lynn will head down to the galapagos and machu pichu. >> he continues to be a part of our family at "ws4." we wish him all the best. >> he's going to beat it. >> yep. >> all righ clay, let's talk about the weather. 41 degrees, but it'soing to go away. >> yes. the phones have been ringing. people arelike, clay, where's the sun, clay, where's the . warm clay, clay, clay, clay, clay. i'm used to it. >> as chuckl b says, the complaint department is going to be closed. i used to brief pilots. all they were concern i about can they fly. so this is not too bad. 41 is thetu tempe outside. you notice the fog bank behind me. that's run of the reasons we're looking at fog across the area. here you see the visibility. visibility has dropped in a lof
9:22 am
areas over the last hour or so. just over a mile in frederick. o areas a mile and half in annapolis. speaki of it, those across highway 50, we're keeping an yeah onit. it's moved across to the east. what to expect today, again, thr sh will be ending around the noon hour. we're going to have a cloudy oo afte but as we get more sun, the temperatures take off from there. temperatures across the region into the 30s and 40s as i talk about the temperatures, 41 in washington. but hold on, everyone. 40s and 50s just to our west. th is what we're talking about for today. raday we're looking at a.m. showers, temres in the 40s, but the sun will break out in the afternoon, even. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll give you the complete ten-day forecast. it.hink you'll like all though it's not at a done deal yet, former vice esident joe biden is looking more and more like a potential
9:23 am
candidate in the 2020 democratic race. >> and that anticipated entry has started to clear the democratic field. this week alone. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg and sherrod brown said they were no-goes. >> that's one way to look at the other is the democrats already have 12 major candidates in the 2020 race and that figure does not include biden, beta o'rourke, and bennett, all of whom might run. a>> it's much bigger run than george bush faced in 1 988ral gore or hillary clinton faced in 2016. >> but if biden gets in, it seems more eakin to jeb bush. >> that's when he cleared mitt >> that's when he cleared mitt romney from the field but he
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now to some news about t philadelphia t double have anything to do with bryce harper. philly is now the first u.s. esses from ban bus going cashless, so starting july cashhey have to take your >> yeah. >> that works. >> business owners who don't comply will face fines. some people argue that going cashless is inefficient, it invites theft. others say it hurts those who don't have checking or savingsco acts. i don't get it. are we fazing out cash?
9:27 am
>> i think less and less are using cash. a therere those who budget with the envelope system. some peopl just use cash, but it is less and less. i never have cash. >> i know. i just don't thi we can do away with it. so good for philly. >>uhf course. uh meantime let's tell you about j.lo and a-ro >> did you see this ring. >> i saw a picture. >> this ring is huge. take a look. it's a massive ring. right now they're vacationing in the bahamas. that's where a-rod popped the question. they've been together for about two years. iless how much. >> aon dollars? >> a million dollars, duh. you're reading t prompter with me. that's a lot of money. >> no word on when the wedding is gng to be, but you can bet it's gong be huge. derek jeter will be there, t yankees, baseball players.
9:28 am
>> who's who. >> meagan fitzgerald. >> sure, i'llgo. give me an invite. take a lack outside. reary, i know. we lost anur. but we're going to have sunshine and temperatures are rising. wclay andersol be back to let us know how warm to i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. li my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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at 9:30 on this sunday morning,here's what we leerning. a bodyound and why police are treating it as a homicide. >> shootings in the district and we have information about two of those crime scenes. i plus,s been 12 years since fbi age bob levinson has been seen. find out what his family is doing to track him down. yes, it is 9:31 on this sunday rning, daylight saving time. hope it didn't catch you off guard. do want to welcome you in with us. i'm am tuss. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. temperaturesta areing to rise. lauryn ricketts is off, so we're going to check in with clay anderson. good morning, clay. >> good morning, good morning, megagan.
9:32 am
losing an hour isn't the best thg, but rain showers will be moving away. we will start to see some of the rmup we've been talking about since early this morning. again, now, picking up the rain. philadelphia picking up some heavy rain across the eastern seaboard out to our west. it continues to dry out. i do know som folks are starting to pick up a little bit of fog, a little bit ofiz e. but the bulk of the area is ing up. here's when the showers will finally end. it's going to be a cloud werther early aon and we'll start to see the sun, as we do, temperatures will rise. all the temperatures coming up in just a few minutes. meagan, adam? >> thank you very much. we're following breaking news out of africa overnight. anli ethiopiant came crashing down minutes after it took off. >> they've concluded all 157
9:33 am
people have died including eight americans. derrick ward is at dulles airport on t latest with the crash. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: yes. more information is coming out. it was ag boe 738-8 max and the flight was et 302. it was bound for nairobi. it h just taken off at the airport. here are still pictures of the investigation as they start to begin. this was about six i minuteso the flight when it went down. it was31 miles from the airport. it was about 8:44 in thelo morng l time. now, again, as we said, there are eight americans among the dead. ne ethiopians, 32 kenyans, eight canadiens. about 30 nationalities in alln that flight. this plane was deliveredack in
9:34 am
november. initial information about some of the things that were gong on before the cra t was plane may not have maintained constant air speed during takeoff, but, again, those are things that will be looked at during the investigation that ensues. last time ethiopian airlines haa a was back in 2010. we do have a tweet from the from 'em of ethiopia sayin from the office of the prime minister and the government on behalf of the people of eengt ya, they express condolences. the president has also offered his condolences as theig inveion begins outside the airport atba addis. we're live at the dulles airport. back to you. we're learned new information about a gruesome
9:35 am
discovery in stafford county. >> that's rit. a stafford county sheriff's deputy found a body early yestery morning and now they need your help in solving a ho dcide case. thuty was driving down river road near john leeratt park. that's when the deputy made the grewsome discovery. there's aattoo on the man's forearm. here's a pier of it. anyone who knows anything should call the stafford county sheriff's department. a shooting has left a man in critical condition. police say he was found at gallatin and 9th northwest. a distance away in n an allyr georgia avenue and residents tell "news4" that's where they heard multiple gunshots. a few hours later there was anothero shooting ad midnight. no word yet if the shootings are on whethernd no word the police have made an arrest. >> just a few blocks away fro
9:36 am
all of that, police say they responded to another shooting just aft they need your help finding the car you see her on your screen. take ak closer lt it. police say a man was shot several times in this incide. he is expected to be okay. again, do call d.c. police if you rognize this car. an elderly woman's oxygen tank may have contributed to a deadly house fire in mclean. firefighters found smoke coming from this woman's home at brookhaven drive aroundnoon. neighbors say they heard sirens and a loud explosion. some say they saw oxygen tks being delivered to the home earlier in the day, but it's still unclear if tanks caused this fire. >>. we're learned more about a crash. yesterday morning maryland police tell us a woman got on 95 and started driving the wrong way. this happened near powder mill road in beltsville. that i say she struck thrs c
9:37 am
before her car burst into flames. she deed at the scene. police haveot released her name. three ore people have been hurt in the crash. we're following the latest after a wild police chase in downtown silver spring. that cran endedn arrest. police say they tried to make a routine traffic stop yesterday afternoon when the dver of this car took off and crashed into a pole. police arrested one person in the car who hat an outstanding warrant. two others got away. the tomb right now, 9:37. the fbi and the family of one of its retired agents bob levinson are renewing his fight to try to find him. he eadisad 12 years ago in iran. his family appeared on capitol his this week pleading for return. he vanished while on an unauthorized cia mission. the fbi is offering $1 million for information leadingo his whereabouts. they released a quote, bob is
9:38 am
and always will be a part of the fbi family. levinson's 71st birthday is today a chi morning turned out to be perfect running weather for the rock 'n' roll marathon yesterday. folks woke up early to run either the full or half marathon through the streets of the district. we had a row pete winner this year. tyler andrews followed by streer. a man from baltimore came in third. on the women's side, a runner from chapel hl finished first followed by a runner iny neck of the woods and third was anna busser from mclean, virginia. congrats to heem. >> in t latest news, i wonhe 50 yard dash. >> i know. i could probably say the same. oh, my gosh. so much respect. >> exactly. >> there's a new brule in the district because beer goes sowe
9:39 am
after a run. our crews were there yesterday for the opening day. lo at theline. hundreds piled up to t getheir first tastef r beer's freshry bred beer. this is d.c.'s first 100% brewery. red berry offered a variety of beers and will open a kitch later this year. your time now is 9:39. not 8:39. >> i still get confused. >> yeah. >> just so youou know. >> ye got it. just still ahead, we have harris's heroes. we're going to meet an arlington organization that's teaching kids everything about bik a
9:40 am
9:41 am
most of us can remember our first bicycle. >> oh, yeah. >> howt represented that first
9:42 am
taste of adolescent freecome. while kids have other ways to get around, scooter s and such, there's a organization helping kids. >> take it apart and put it back together. phoenix's bikeshis week's harris's heroes. >> reporter: the tinkering, i rotating, is a a day's work at phoenix's bike. you'd be surprised at the mecic mechanics. this 13-year-old and his 8-year-old brother. >> not as slippery, you're right. >> reporter: they' learning how to build bikes from the up.e this has been around since 2007. >> all the proceeds, 100% go to fund the youth program. >> reporter: kids keep comseg back bec they're learning a real life skill that can change
9:43 am
their eves. >> i h learned a whole lot about bikes in the two wee that i've been here. i spent a weekearning about brakes, phoenix taught me in two days. >> reporter: while they're learning a trade, they earn their own bike. >> the check list they go through, bike skills and mechanics skills they h ed to refurbbike. and takes about 25 horsurs it's not about them. >> the first 25 hours goes to bike they give to a nonprofit. they get to keep the second bike. >> there ooh is a lot of therapy in bicycle mechanics and bicycle riding we give to them. >> reporter: many come back and work in shop as adults, and that's the most amazing thing about phoenix. all a place where they can feel part of something. >> i love it when the youth
9:44 am
either comen timid or they're like kind of forced by their parents. they're like this is a cool opportunity, go do it. they dra their feet coming into the door and then thevare super mo and excited. >> reporter: sounds like they're fixing a lot more than bikes. >> it's cool to see that ansformation. that's probably most of the rewarding part. >> i remember we used to tak our bikes apart and put them back together. when it works, it's very cool. it runs on donations. if you have a bike, phoenix bikes would love to take it off ur hands. >> for more information on how to donate in our nbc washington app. >> love it. coming up, a new way to keep your safe while you're out in arlington. we'll tell you about a new
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in arlington there's a new code word floating around bars that it's part of an effort to keepeople safe from sexual assault. >> reporter: it might be first place to implement ask for angela. here's how it works. first participating bars will have this posted behin the bar or in a restroom. if at any point during the night you're feeling uncomfortable from a partner or stranger, you can go to the bar staff and say,
9:48 am
hey, is angela workingtonight? that will let the bar staff know to pull you aside, get you away from any possiblere , and from there ask you if you need help. >> it's a o discreet w letting the bartender know or the waitress know thatomhing is not right. >> reporter: awe testimony jones works with sexual assault victims through the commonwealth attorney's office. she' working with staff at this fa sill in clarendon. it's in coordination with arlington police. >> we want businesses to be successful and thatlu incs making an establishment safe. t reporter: the bar staff is training on how respond to that which is simply offering the patron the option to get away from that situation o even calling police if the patron requests. >> the restaurult staff s promote it. they should let everyone know that we' an ask for angela
9:49 am
establish millionaire and you should feel safe walkingnto th establishment. >> reporter: to see a full list of bars participating with this bra. look for your the s on reporting in clair, do drew wilder, "news4." >> interesting initiative there for sure. >> worthwhile. >>yes. >> hi, clay anderson. >>hey, clay. >> good morning. >> what's going on, man? >> burning off. what happens when you burn off theclouds, we need the warm sun to roast those cloud and raise the clouds. it's like baking a cake. you raise the ceiling, temperatures rise, and life's good. until then we're41 at degrees. temperatures have remained in the 40s since we started early this morning across our ce the winds. that's one of the reasons to keep the clouds hugging above
9:50 am
us. the north wind are bringing in more moisture and as a result of the rain we had from last night, yes, in this area here, temperaturestill rema in the 40s, but the rain showers well to our east out of the area, but the residual fog aow clouds, ceiling only goes 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet. the temperature's rather uniform because of the canopy of clouds. 41 winchester. 45 in east clarendon. thoseoing it today, don't worry, everyone. as we continue with the extra hour of sunlight. temperatures will be rising after the showers, fog, and drizzle. new at 6:00. in the 60s. those are the temperatures out to the west of us. s as wew you the future, weather and clouds move across the ovt, periods of clouds. as a result, ts wek forecasts, everyone. still be optimistic. temperatures in the low to mid-60s for us today.
9:51 am
60sing your high temperature for monday. still spring lite throughout the period. chance for rain, but not until thursday and friday with temperatures in the 50s and 60s no cold air. notice the cooler temperatures. not bad a all. 30s and 40s for your low temperatures. 50s and 60s for yourhigh. above average. we're going to enjoy
9:52 am
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a budget unveiling and an slonomic report and a new all in the week ahead. the white house is set to release its budget proposal for next year. expect big cuts in domestic programs and annan cre defense spending. there will begin a budget debate likely to continue through the fall. thursday will be a busy day for earnings reports. oracle, dollar general, and others. also worth watching earlier ks the week vgen and adidas. fresh retail will give investors more. last month's retail report shocked markets with the biggest decline since 2009. inflation data for both consumer and wholesale prices are also out during the week. finally tesla expands its product line. on thursday the model y will be unveiled. it's a crossover suv that will cost about 10% more he model 3 sedan. also like the model three sedan, getting your hands on one may take awhile. tesla dsn't expect to be
9:55 am
producing significant numbers of theex model y untilyear. i'm leslie picker. get all of your news on bc. dreary weatr, we've had it since last week. hard to think of cherry blossom weather with all of the cold weather. >> we'll finally know. "news4's" cory smkt has all the detailn when we're going to see peak bloom. take a look. >> reporter: old man winter .,ill has a firm grip on d but head to the tidal basin and look closely. no. a little closer. you'll see budding signs of good things to come. >> this is a ost christmas as far as we're concerned. >> and the projected dates are i l 3rd through 6th. >> reporter: in a month's time the distract wilonce again look pretty in pink as thousands of cherry blossoms will reach peak bloom, if what they predict is good. >> as your meteorologists know, that's not an exact science.
9:56 am
>> reporter: this year's festival kicks off on march 20th, but it's clear cherry blevsom is already sweeping through d.c. there will be celebrities and swag and president diana mayhew in her 19th year, this will never get old. >> to me, this is the first time it's ever been done. each year they create new, exciting, innovative events. >> reporter: it's kept people coming back for much of the 40 years. >> it's like the lincoln memorial. there's something special about living in washington and being able to experien this. r orter: and in a city where we spend so much time following the manma drama of politics, it'se n for some beauty to steal the spotlight.
9:57 am
>> it's the d.c. side of washington. it's the happy side. >> agreed. o it's othe best parts about the city. >> you know where cory is going to be. >> covering the blossoms. it is beautiful. speaking of weather, coming up in the next half hour,lay anderson has a look at your sunday forecast. find out how much we're going to warm up plus, we check back in with derrick ward following some breaking newfrom dulles. >> reporter: an ethiopian airport goes down from
9:58 am
9:59 am
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gunfire in the night. a man is shot a f blocks away from another crime akscreen. a look at all that's left from from crash. a fewhe days later, story has taken a deadly turn. once again r. kelly isof ou jail, but there's a lot of unanswered questions about his release, like who paid the money to spring him out of jay. >> sprung forw the days are getting longna. >> sea depression is a real thing. >> i'm all for ligh >> metoo. >> good morning. welcome on in. i'm adam tuss. >>


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