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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the one with the designer dog collar.(sashimi) psst. hey, you! wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? breaking right now at 11:00. this is our first look at the georgetown law student killed in a plane crash in ethiopia. we're hearing from students he helped on campus.
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theilot of the plane had ties to our area. relatives say the28-year-old made history in the cockpit. 157 people were killed when the flight went down after take off. several people injured and taken to the hospital after an merican airlines flight lands at reagan national airport. >> breaking news off the top, familiesrom aroundhe world devastated tonight after that deadly ethiopian airlines plane crash in africa. on of the victims was a beved law student at georgetown, university. darcy spencero is going t have more on him in just a moment. meanwhile, questions are swirling about why the brand new plane with a good safety record crashed minutesfter take off.
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>> reporter: a devastating scene tonight. the aircraft ripped apart. pieces of the plane on the crash site the size of a football field. thnt of impact, a huge crater. bodies and belongings across the ethiopian country side. among them a shoe and napkins from the airlines. tonight grief stricken families are mouing loved ones. of the 149 passengers and 8 crew members, 8 were americans.ra r shows flight et 302 lost contact just six minutes aft take off at 8:44 a. local time crashing about 30 miles from the airport. the cause still unclear. though data from flight radar 24 shows the vertical speed whether the plane was climbing or descending was unstable after take off. >> it's one of the safest airlines in the world. >> we can't rule out anything. >> it's the same model involved
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in the indonesian lion air crash in october that also went down ortly after take off killing 189 people. boeing said it was sending a technical team to work with eth yo -- ethiopians and u.s. transport authorities. >> thi person was lucky to be alive after missing the flight. >> everybody told me to take the second flight. >> fonight relativm around the world wait for news including one family said to have lost his wife and two children. nbc news, london. >> team coverage continues with more on the life he lived. the third year law student dreamed of graduating from georgetown and returning t his homeland of kenya to fight for social justice. darcy spencer is live outside of the school with reaction from people who knew him.
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darcy? >> well, he was a student here et the georgetown law center on capitol hill but stayed at a dormitory on the main campus in georgetown. he played a critical role in y helping firr students and he was remembered at a mass this evening. >> the georgetown campus in moning tonight after fellow student died in that plane crash in ethiopia. he was a 3rd year student at the gorge town law center. students and staff learned of hi passing through a campus wide e-mail. >> tough, you know? it's tougho get out of work on a sunday evening and check your phone and read that a fellow georgetown student passed. >> he was on w his home to kenya when the plane went down. he had just attended a funeral for his fiancee's mother. he was an active member of them ministry and was a residential minister in one of the dor quote, with his passing, the
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georgetown family has lost a stellar student, a great friend to many and a dedicated for social justice across east africa and the world. he was remembered at a mass held on campus sunday evening. >> it's definitely really tragic and the community is coming together. the community is praying for him. >> he interned at thes cam ministry office. he made his mark at georgetown helping fresh men navigate their first year. joey is a freshman that benefitted from his help. >> to walk in and talk to him. he was a great resource for usas and it amazing too because he was actually going to school for law and he still made time sto talk to so it was really inspiring. he was also remembered as a gentle soul with an infectious smile. studts have been away for the
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last ten days on spring break. we saw many of them returning to campus tonight wnd theyl return to class morrow. and do so with heavy hearts. back to you. >> darcy, thank you. tched so many lives through his work here and in several countries in africa. his life of service began after he graduated first in his class with a degree inro philosophy the university of zimbabwe. workncluded raising awareness of social justice and he founded a group tha helped women and children fleeing war in somalia and he was an assistant director for a high school for orphans w livih hiv and aids. in about 7 minutes we'll give you a closer look at the 28-year-old reports say he had relatives here in our area. find out what loved ones are
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saying about his experience in the cockpit. now we have a developing story out of reagan national airport. a rough landing for passengers when a trash cart became free and crashed through the cabin during the landing. we have a picture from josh who was on the american airlines flight when it landed. you can see medics on the scene. a flight attennt says t cart rolled the entire length of the plane. medics tookne flight attendant and two passengers to the hospital. none of the injuries appear to be serious. >> right now police are searching for twoe after a chase started in tyson and ended with a crash in d.c. the driver lost control this afternoon at thei-295 exit in southeast. police say the driver of this now mangled bmw flipped the vehicle and crashed it on the exit ramp. officers arrested one person. police say the chase involved a
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robberyt the sun glass hut in the tyson'sea corner police used a helicopter in hopes of finding the otherop tw inside the car as well. >> fire investigators are trying to figure out w someone's garage went up in flames. if you look at the scene here, the garage completely destroyed. fortunately the flames did not spread to the . the fire started just after 12:30 this afternoon at the home on haven avenue and the good news here is that nobody was hurt. >> now your storm team 4 forecast >> well, we made it to 60 degrees today. but those clos werestubborn. the warm front took it's time. not as weead throughout the week. first we'll start out pretty cool. tomorrow morning wing up, here's what you can expect for your monday. temperatures will be in the 40s to start. we're off to a cloudy start but not to worry, sunshine will prevail. as we make our way through s monday, thire looking up
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but by the end of the week, we could be talking mid t upper 60s. we have so much to talk about. we'll also look at our next rain chances coming up. back to you. >> thank you. tomorrow president trump will ask for even more money to fund a wall along the southern border with mexico. he wants $8.6 billion to pay for it. it is more than six times what congress allocatedr for bor projects in each of the past two fiscal years. the white house officials say the wall will be built. >> the whole issue is of paramount importance. the president made that case very effectively. t nancy pelosi and chuck schumer warne president saying the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. we hope h learned his lesson. funding legislation needs to be passed before october 1st or we could see yet another government
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shutdown. >> new at 11:00, president trump slammed democrat's relationship with jewish people and joked about black face during a speech friday night. but there is no recording ircause security guards mad attendees put theell phones in magnetized pouches. three people that wer at the speech said the president addressed alleged anti-semitism by a house democrat. they relied on their memories. mr. trump told the donors, the democrats hate jewish people. he added he didn't understand howldny jew c vote for a democrat. >> edinly well in the room. roaring laughter, cheers, et cetera, andru this was taking it to another level. >>nt the presi then turned his attention to the black face
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scandals plaguing virginia's democratic governor and attorne general. he saw the agents wearing night vision goggles. at the speech, he jokingly said, they're in blackface. the president said the agents were in blackface because of the masks that they were wearing so maybe, they he to tak them away. no m htcomeant ton from the white house. a jaguar goes after an woma at arizona zoo. what lead up to the attack and the warning zoo officials are sending to visitors. and we continue our coverage on our top story this evening. a plane crash in ethiopia kills 157 people. we have new infortion on the pilot's reported local ties. >> just ahead on sports final, caps, caps, caps, a red hot t tm fohe post season. the key t another playoff run straight from johnwalton. and the reviews are in for
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the bobble head. hear how much number 92 likes his hair. plus banding how members of the green machine roll right over any obstacle life gives them. all that and more on sports final right after the news right here on nbc 4. see you in a few minutes
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from the moment you step on board. we go back to our breaking news. our top story this evening. we're learning more about the pilot on that ill fated ethiopianirlines flightnd he reportedly has ties to our area. the pilot is identified as 28-year-old who lives in
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ethiopia. the washington post says he has relatives in northern virginia. loved ones tell t post he had over 8,000 hours of flight time and ty say heas the youngest pilot in the airline's history to captain a boeing 737. the airlinece o said today the pilot had more than 200 flight hours with them and that the aircraft had no record of technical problems. stay 4ith news as we continue following this breaking story. we're working to learn the names of the americans killed. we'll have much more on this story on news 4 today starting at 4:00 a.m. and for updated information on the ethiopia plane crash at any time you can open our nbc washington app. >> a woman in arizona survived an animal attack. she crossed a barrier at the z to take a selfie and was attacked by a jaguar. zoo ols say he returned this morning to apologize. she called her own actions foolish. our sister station has the
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dramatic video. >> a woman gasping. deep lacerations are seen on her arm. people trying to help ass oth show the jaguar. a woman crossed over a barrier trying to take a close up picture of the jaguar. >> we don't have any other information about it except we have eyewitnesses that said she did cross the barrier to get a close sho and put her hand right up against the barrier. when people do npe r the barriers there's always a chance that there might be a problem. >> the woman's injuries we're told are non-life theent at the zoo immediately sparked concerns o cial media for the jaguars fate. officials at the zoo say thema jaguar will not be euthaniz. some men in our area volunteering to go bald today for a good cause. they shaved their long locks to raise money for childhood cancer
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research. boundary stone held this h shaving event today. the money goes to raise over $100,000 this year. >> a new documentary film is tackling the issue of gendrification in the district. it follows three generations of black washingtonians in the cito once as chocolate city. it has to look at how gentrification is changing the city. >> weon't paint change in a bad light. we just hope that we can expose the issue within the system right now and how the city is developing and cate a city that's more inclusive. particularly for the residents that have been here for so long. >> the films producers are hoping to partner with d.c.
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public schools to hostgs screenor students in some of the communities effected by getrification. >> a weekend robot competition with a lot onhe line for area high school students. 40 area student s teams had weeks to come up with a robot. this year's game simulated a mission to an alien planet and students that participatels a qualify for college the teams that win this month will move on to the district championship next month in fairfax. good luck to them. >> storm team 4 meteorologist joining us this evening. ll quite as warm as we hoped but still good news for the start of your work week as well. >> you know hat, wee another run at the mid to upper 60s. we should make it at theend of week. for now, we're talking about where we're at. e it though we didn't m the upper 60s in the district, we did make it to 60 degrees today.
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here's the deal folks. we have a lot of the clouds sticking around for quite sometime. warm front really struggles but it got hereua evey and take a look at these temperatures. we're still pretty mild for 11:19 at night. and the temperature trend shows we'll be warming. tomorrow to start off your work week, upper 50s. esday notice howe go down to 49. that's a big drop there. that's because we have aha cold fronts going to be rolling through tomorrow night. that colder air short lived as we start our rise again to the 50s on wednesday and then the 60s by the end of the week. the norm for this time of the year is around 57 degrees. standing at the bus stop tomorrow morning, temperatures around 44 degrees. clouds will be eadeng but it will be becoming a bit breezy storm morning for the startf your monday. so it may feel a little bit
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cooler. now planning your mondayre w going to see a lot of sunshine. unlike today we'll see a lot more sunshine morrow. we'll make a run for the upper 50s. notice the sunrise and sunset times. the clocks did go forward today. so outside of the numbers game, ich is kind of what it is all week, we do have a few rain an s. monday through wednesday we're dry. notice thursday we have a chance for showers. friday they will be a bit more widespread. in fact on friday it will be interesting to watch that play out. we could be talking some thunderstorms. feeling a lot like spring. what to weat. what it all boils down to. just tell me what am i supposee to this week? tomorrow the jacket. temperatures near 60. not too bad. 0s i have myoat on. i don't know about you. sunglasses for sure on wednesday. we're looking at pley of sunshine and by thursday night into friday you'll need the
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umbrella. plenty of sunshine and dry conditions. notice the temperatures, overnight lows are dropping down into the 30s and 40s so even though we're fairly comfortable during the daytime it's going to be pretty cold at night. friday widespread showers and one thing looking at this ten day friends is that we're not really seeing the biting cold days. >> coming up, the caps put a six winning streak on the line winning streak on the line against one of thenhl's best.
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t this xfinity sports
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desk. we're talking a bit of pop culture here. >> excited about j.lo and a. rod. >> talk to us aut sports. >> so the caps are one of the hottest teams in the league. fire like j.lo's engagement ring. >> that's where that convertion came from. >> washington won six straight. tied for the best streak in the nhl and wit a win tonight against the jets they can tie their longest winning streak of the seaso winnipeg has won three of the last four. something has to ovin coming off a 3-0 shut out on friday. capsom finding s early offense for the third straightas game. nich backstrom finds the back of the net. his 18th of the year. caps up 1-0. moments later, a friend turned foe finds himself in the perfect spot. the former cap beats him. tied at 1. let's go to the second period. it's a foe turned friend helping
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the caps. he utiful long pass on break. fires and scores. caps up 2-1. let's take another look at this beautiful pass. just flips. he's a bute, clark. he added an empty nether. 3-1 win up next a trip to pittsburgh to face penguins on tuesday. >> i s tooke late free throws and a clutch block to get the rp to the women's big ten championship game. maryland looking to win the fourth title in five years facing number 10 iowa who they lost to earlier thi season. charles and the terps and their fifth straight championship game. standing in their way, big ten player of the year and she had her way today. what a game.nd se quarter. the and one. she h 26 points in the first half ale.
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let's go to the second half. hereomes the terps. charles, the hoop and the harm. she had 36 points headoach feeling it. we're tied at 53. just too much. 45 points for the senior. second most in tournament history. she has thet record a 48. iowa wins 90-76 to claim their big 10 tournament title. d.c. united visiting nycfc. t trying to bui season opening win against thech amps. first half, new york in blue with the ball. denied and we remain scoreless including this one. 83rd minute,d.c.n the move. acosta, nice look.
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denied as well. johnson with the save. d.c. united and nycfc played to a 0-0 dr. one final note, former oriole and five time all star adam jones signs a one year deal with the arizona diamondbacks. much more with the nats, caps and the green machine coming up next on sports final. >> we'll bring him up to speed on j.lo's many engagements and the big question is whether or not she's kept all of those rings.
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