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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 11, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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is there a connection between the latest downed boeing 7 max 8 jet in ethiopi that took 157noives ander that went down in october? >> the whole issue of the wall, border security is of paramount importance. we have a crisis down there. i think the president has made that case very effectively. >> today the white house will begin a full core press to secure $8.6 billion in new 722 miles of ld new wall. >> but are we focusing on the right border? our kerry sanders says think again, and lookth n. >> a selfie with the guar. ho one person took the risk and paid a serious price. >> we do not hold the jaguar responsible for what happened,
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and it has been concluded that the injuries were caused due to human error. >> new hope thisor morning fhe millions of people around the world fighting sickle cell disease. >> and did you happen to catch this sucker punch over the weekend? "early today" starts right now. with you this monday morning. i'm frances rivera. os and i'm marlie hall. families a 35 countries are looking for answers after the crash of anpi eth airlines plane. there were no survivors after he flight headed for kenya capital went down shortly after take off in ethiopia. this is the second accident in less than sixonths involving a newer modelf boeing jet which led china to order their airlines to ground these planes. for the latest let's go now to nbc'sane mackie frayer who is in beijing. janice, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marlie. too little is known right now to determine what caused this crash, but boeing facingome ry hard questions today after six econd crash in just months of this new type of
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aircraft, the boeing 737 max 8. in the case of the ethiopian airlines flight, we know that it had trouble shortly after take off. its vertical speed was apparently unstable. the pilot radioed to return, but then communication was lost and the plane cusshed six minutes after take off, killing 157 peop. the u.s. national transportation safety board as well as a team from boeingre part of the investigation, and it's likely to focus on an automated system designed to keep the aircraft from stalling. this was a new feature of the 737 max, but it was one that pilots apparently struggled with. l o at wrned as part of the investigation ie crash of a lion air flight in indonesia lastober. now, it isn't clear whether that anti-stalling system is a factor here, but china is not iting for answers. it has ordered all 737 max aircra to be groun ed here by 6:00 p.m. local time, and that's
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significant because of the 3 planes, the 737 max that are in use in the world, about a third of them are here inie china. ma >> janice, thank you. >> well, as you just heard, boeing is facin heightened scrutiny over safety. the second deadly carcherash involving their plane has a lot of people worried. to costello is covering the crash for us. good morning. >> repter: good morning. this is a brand-new state of the art plane but we don't know whether these two crashes are nglated. pier we're talkibout the lion air crash in donesia. investigators believe the on board system fed bad data. sensing a stall, the computer pushed the nose down but may have not known they wer fighting an automated system called mcas that they didn't know about. they should have known how to
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disengage the system. so the priority in ethiopia now is to find the plane's black boxes, listen to the cockpit voice recorder and analyze the flight data recorder. are there similarities with the lion air crash, oraybe something else, like an on-board explosion or fire? maybe a problem with an engine or electrical oydulic issue, or even a computer failure. it is a high priority becau the 737 max is one of the best-selling planes in the world right now. 350 and many more on the way. american, southwest and air canada all fly it. so far none of them have reported any problems with the plane, but now every airline in the world hs onh alert. frances? >> reason for concern there. tom, thank you. >> predent trump is launching another salvo in the border battle today making a mti billion dollar request for wall funding. he'll submit his 2020 budget proposal to congress this morning, setting the stage for another shutdown showdown. according to white house officials, the president's proposal will seek nearly $9
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billion for the wall, while slashing trillions in spending for domestic programs. nbc's tracee pots joins us with the latest. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: looks like we're in a foot with the congress, this morning. good morning. a senior official says the prident's budget being unveiled in just a few hours will seek $8.6 billion t f wall and 750 billion for defense. that's an increase, but cutting 5% on everything else, almost everything else. that wall money is double what he president's already allocated and six times when congress approved to end the shutdown. also, the president expected to ask to make his tax cuts permanent, but bottom line, this is setting up a new fight over the wall. >> so there i going to another budget fight over the wall? >> well, i suppose there will be. i would just say that the whole issue of the wall and border security is of paramount
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importance. we have a crisis down there. i think the president h made that case very effectively. >> reporter: now, we haven already s the statement from democrats. opuck schumer and nancy pelosi, the democrats in congress in a joint statement saying the same thing will repeat itselri t the it again, talking about the president and the wall. we hope he learned his less. >>meantime, the senate expected to reject the president's nional emergency declaration to allow military funds to build thatwall. the president will veto, send it right back to congress where, marlie, they are not expected to have the votes to override that. that senate vote could happen this week. thank you. >> nearly two weeks after the north korea summit collapsed, new concerns this mning that the country will restart its nuclear weapons testing. satellite imagery suggests a rocket launch facilities, once again and after talks fell apart between president trump and north korean leader kim rng-un, tht of us are left wonderingha wt's next. nbc's knely o'd has the
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details. >> reporter: in north korea, millions compelled to cast ballots, not to choose, but instead to endorse a slate of state-sanctioned legislators for parliament as a national celebration. for the kim jong-un regime, appearances matter. and so do new commercial satellite images that raise new concerns about whether north korea is restoring missile facilities or readyingo launch a rocket. >> i don't really want to get into speculation about what they're doing. >> reporter: but experts are trying to assess the risks. >> we don'tsnow what t means. it could be for a launch. it could be just for activities. the point is it is signalling something. >> reporter: for president trump, who has invested.s u credibility in his personal relationship with kim jong-un, the north korean leader isy at the v least testing patience. >> i a inherited mess with north
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korea, and right now you have no testing, you have no notng. let's see what happens. but i wouldye ver disappointed if i saw testing. >> reporter: that frustration aggravated by the failure to reach an agreement with kim to denuclearize while in hanoi. republican liz cheney said president trum was right to walk away from a bad deal, but any negotiation is >> i would say republicans and democrats got taken by him. iz hope this president won't. that was kelly o'donnell reporting. >> now to a frightening attack at a zoozo in a that happened as a woman was trying to take a selfie with a jaguar. nbc's morgan cheskey has the story and the warning. some viewers may find images in this report disturbing. >> reporter: on the ground and in shock, video captures the moment after a jaguar attack at a phoenix zoo. the wild cat just feet away.
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behind the barrierht firefs say the woman ignored while attempting to take a selfie. >> oh,y d, i cannot believe that just happened. >> we do not hold the jaguarbl responsi for what happened, and it has been concluded that the injuries were caused due to human error. >> reporter: the zoo says the woman is now the second person the cat's attacked a breaking rules. numbers show selfie incidents are on the rise from 2011 to 017, 259 people died while attempting to take selfies. in october, a couple fell to their deaths at yosemite national park during a trip they shared on instagram. and in 2017, a close call for teens at new york's central park when an icyav pond way mid selfie. in arizona, the woman's injuries aren'tli -threatening. zoo officials say she even returned to apologize. >> you doross over the barrier, you're not only jeopardizing your own safety, but you're jeopardizing the safety of the other guests. >> reporter: a reminder of thei fine between selfie and
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safety. and ts morning the zoo is stressing they do not hold sarah the jag accountable for that attack, however they have yet to say whether they plan to any of their barrier policies going forward. marlie? >> all right, morgan, thank you. >> communities across the south are cleaning up after another round oftornadoes. 14 twisters were confirmed from texas to te cessee,sing widespread damage and injuries. this dramatic video, debris flying and power lines was captured in louisiana. this comes after 2epeople w killed by tornadoes in alabama. a tornado ripped through arkansas over six miles on saturday according to the national weather service. it expanded toro ad 150 yards wide and reached peak winds of 105 miles per hour. neighbors came to e rescue of two small dogs in polaski county, arkansas, after the pup' i owners werenjured by the storm and sent to the hospital. they found the pets buried in delyis. >> hopefome less extreme weather coming our way, bill
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karins. >> good morning. least today. march is living up to its reputation with severe weather and some areas getting heavy snow. we're going to do that again this week, but not today. a little light rain in areas of xas, even thunderstorms this morning between abilene and dallas. by the time w get t wednesday big storm in the middle of the country, heavy snoi in the rockies, especially colorado pushing into nebraska, portions south dakota. there will be a line of thunderstorms tuesday night, into areas of the deep south by wednesday afteoon. then it weakens the storm system by the time we get to thursday and friday with light r the east coast. looks like a quiet travel day heading into next week. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now here's a closer look at your day ahead.>> today temperatures are in the comfortable range in areas of the midwest. a littl chilly from fargo to minneapolis to a lot of snow to be melt ed in that area of the . coun you want to talk about beautiful spring break weather. look at florida today in the mid-'80s. we are going to atch those warm temperatures. they are really expanding by the
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will inspire healthy life-style changes, but doctors question how effective it will be for users in making healthier choices. >> the owners of the chrysler building have reached a deal to sell the new york landmark for a fraction of its previous sale price. the famous sky scraper sold f about $150 million to the new york real estate company rfr holdg. the sum i 81% less than the 800 million the building sold for in 2008 to an abu dhabi investment fund. >> well, there has bo much focus on the southern border, the one the united states shares u.s. exico, but now officials are paying more attention to the country's othea border with ca nbc news obtained exclusive new data showing a spike in the number of illegal crossings into the u.s. from canada. nbc's kerep sandersts from the forgotten border. >> reporter: it's beautiful, rugged and foreboding. rdour forgotten northern . it's here in vermont where we
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joined u.s. customs and border protection to best understand why an increasing number of cmigrants come toada to enter the u.s. illegally. all mexicanationals needs a $300 airline ticket and a $7 canadian entry fee. does canada make things more difficult for you because it's so simple for somebody from mexico to fly to canada withouta the need o visa? >> it's definitely an area that can be exploited. >> reporter: while the raw numbers are s cllompared to the southern border, newgo rnment statistics illustrate a trend. a 91% increase in the numbe of undocumented migrants captured along the u.s./canada border, a 232% increase on the icy treacherous vermont quebec border. >> as we sit out here today, it's about l degrees rig it's about 8 degrees and we have a lot of snow. dithis is not favorable cons for anybody to be walking around out here in the middle of the night. >> reporter: yet people try it? bs they autely try it.
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>> reporter: the northern border is twice the length of the southern border. agents up here rely heavily ont nology, like cameras feeding live pictures into command centers. aamera monitors this border crossing from canada into the united states, but agents say some of their best surveilnce mes from residents who call when they see something that just doe't look right. >> you can spot people that don't look like the normal people you see. >> reporeer: what about a for a wall? t >>t is for somebody above my pay grade to decide. gotten rter: the f border for some, now an illegal gateway into the united states. kerry sanders, nbc news, derby line, v mont. >> jusead, a billionaire takes or billionaire new yorker takes pettiness to new heights after his divorce. this you've got to see. and a marvelous debut, the massive haul for captain marvel during its record shattering opening weekend.
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fast forwarding today, captain marvel dominated at the box office this weekend. the superhero pick scored the biggest world opening of all time for a female-funded film. it raked in $455 million globally, and 153 million in north america. captain marvel herself, bree larson, surprised theater goers over the weekend with popcorn and meeting fans.
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i'm sure aot of people had to do a double take when she was walking in. they knew her, they knew that h was theiro right there. >> yes, exciting stuff. they say all is fair in love and war, but ak new yeal estate mogul is taking that motto to a whole new level. henry maklow put up a towering 40 foot billboard to proclaim his love to his new wife following a bitter divorce. they t dubbed it height of spite. on the side of 432 park avenue which is the second tallest building in the big apple. it is owned, in part, by maklow. talk about a grand gesture. scraper you a sky can do that. >> where certain floors and properties where you're fightinr with y ex-wife. kind of a little swipe to his extuhere by putting that p up there. still ahead, new hope in the fight against sickle cell disease. meet the latest best in show. you're watching "early." dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing.
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good morning, everyone. i'm >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we are learning about the people killed in the deadly ooethiopia crash. a georgetown law student, among the people we have the latest in the investigation. how about the weather, chuck bell? >> it wil l
3:59 am
. it's tough. it's tough to get out of work on a sunday evening, check phone and read that a fellow georsstown student . >> this morning, a georgetown
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community is mourning one of their own. a law school student was killed in an ethiopian plane crash. the president will outline a des anded plan and it inc request for border wall money. 4 today start >> it is just about 4:00 a.m. on this monday, march 11th. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're a little sleepyfter springing forward. we're here for you this morning. >> melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads. chuck belt with he has our first forecast. >> good morning, aaron. welcome back fromon vaca monday morning, nice and quiet weather. high pressure is building on . we may get three or four dry days in a row. we'll barely know what to do with ourselves. but we are dealing with cloudiness, first thing around. no chances for rain. u can leave the umbrellas at


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