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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  March 11, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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community is mourning one of their own. a law school student was killed in an ethiopian plane crash. the president will outline a des anded plan and it inc request for border wall money. 4 today start >> it is just about 4:00 a.m. on this monday, march 11th. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're a little sleepyfter springing forward. we're here for you this morning. >> melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads. chuck belt with he has our first forecast. >> good morning, aaron. welcome back fromon vaca monday morning, nice and quiet weather. high pressure is building on . we may get three or four dry days in a row. we'll barely know what to do with ourselves. but we are dealing with cloudiness, first thing around. no chances for rain. u can leave the umbrellas at home the next few days.
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once the cloud leave us, it will turn into a pleasant day to be outside. the cold air hasn't settled in. we're in the 40s and 50sth heren monday morning. not cold at all. afternoon temperatures will get back up in the low 60s for most. probably somewhere around 3:00 in the afternoon. it will be on the breezy to blustery side, as that colder air starts to settle in. it won't be this warm,li a. that part of the forecast, coming up. >> i like today. i have to say. camp springs, oer loop. that's cleared out of the way in the last couple minutes. nothing o thebeltway. a couple things happening on 270, first ofall, work zoneses. they have just some lanes getting b in each direction. a little to the north here. southbound 270, befor clarksburg road. and fredericksburg, southbound 95, near 17 workway, with the
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left lane blocked. this morning, we're learning about the ethiopian airlines crash that left 160 people dead. >> here's the latest on the investigation. there's new concerns this morningbout the boeing 737 max 8. this is the second deadly crash involving that kind of jet in recent months. >> flight 302 crashed shortly ter takeoff from the ethiopian capital. the captain reportedly asked to return to the airport six minutes into the flight. the plane the disappeared from radar and crashed into an empty field. >> that jet was the same make andheodel aslane that crashed off of indonesia last yore. airlinesing, ethiopian has grounded boeing 737 jets until furtherno ce. and china aviation authority has grounded its boeing 737 planes for safety checks. hundreds are devastated by
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the loss of their loved ones. >> a third-year law school at georgetown university is among the dead. he was on w his home to kenya to aend a family ufuneral. he was a residential minister in one of thedorms. he was remembered at a mass on campus last night. >> it's like really tragic. the communities are coming together. tonight at mass, we had a prayer for him and dedicated our mass to him. the community, already, within a day, is moving closer and praying for him. >> he attended the law centermp ministry office, entering there, and helpingfreshmen navigate their first year of college. >> coming up, we'll take a closer look at the pilot. c ser at home, reagan national airport, several passengers were hurt after a crash car became loose and went
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through the cabin on landing. josh leaderman was on the amican airlines night when it landed last night. a flight attendant says a cart rolled the entire lplgth of the e the back to the front. a flight attendant and two passengers were ten to the hospital. their injuries do not appear to be serious. 4:04. one robbery suspect wasrrested f after a police chase and crash. the group iade ito the district, but the i-295 exit, the driver los control of the car.s police say thi mangled bmw flipped and crashed on the xilt ramp. the driver was arrested and the police were searching for two other suspects. the family of retired agent bob levinson has worked hardo find him. his family appears on capitol hill last week, pleading for his
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safe return.ns le vanished while on an unauthorized cia the fbi released a statement saying, bob is and alway be a member of the fbi family. and we share in the heartache that bob's wife and family have experienced every day for the last 12 years. today, president trump is going to try to get money for a border wall in another way. he is about to release his budget. in it, he will ask for fo.6 billion a border. many, including republicans, say there's an easier option for the border wall. >> you can put what i call the smartwall, along the border in all 2,000es miles in than a year and gain control of the border. >> democratic leaders say the president's latest strategy won't work, their.
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it sets up another possible government shutdown in october. the latest government shutdown cost t economy 11 billion dollars. the funding increase comes as the senate is likely in joining the house to reject the president's emergency declaration. four rep they will join with the democrats in joining this declarati declaration. ltracie potts will break his down for us. officials at an arizona zoo, say a jaguar will not be euthanized after it attacked a woman. this is cell phone veo after the incident. you can see the woman on the ground. people try to help her. it happened saturday night in the wildlife world zoo in phoenix. the woman c over a barrier to take a selfie and that's when the animal attacked. >> we have eyewitnesses that said she did cross the barrier.
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when people do not respect the s barr there's a chance there might be a problem. >> the woman's injurieser to arm were not serious. and she is expected to be okay. officials say she returned to the zoo and apologize for her actions. it's 4:07. oneerson was shot yesterday afternoon in a south carolina walmart distribution plant. officials say deborah anderson-morga shot a man in the plant but haven't said what led up to ts incident. the man had a protectaie order agtrg . this is video ofmexico's poe poepopocatepetl. this was the second eruption after a week. one week after tornadoes
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ripped through lee county, alabama, killing 23 people, the community came togethe for sunday worship. pridence baptist church w packed. there will be a vigil there tonight to remember the 23 people killed in the storms. >> back heret home, happening today, word 7 council member, vincent gray,l w host a crime summit here in d.c. it will be held at the jones memorial united methodist church. d.c. pice chief, peter ne newssham will be there to answer questions. >> you may see activity around walter reed naval center. they plan to start ills. the drills are meant to help them respond to security-related incints are said to last through friday. it will posts the dri on the facebook and twitter pages. what happened to chocolate city?
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that's being asked in a new documentary that questions regentrification. this documentary follows three washington, d. washingtonians. for the first time, it does not have a majority black population. >> we don't paint development in a bat light. we don't paint change in a bad light. we hope we can expose the within the system right now and how the city is developing and create a city that is more inclusive, particularly for the residents who have been here for so long. >> the film's producers hope to partner with d.c. public schools. they want students in the communities affected by regent eekags, to the film. still ahead, colon cancer once thought t strike people over the age of d50. buttors are seeing younger
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patients. plus, have you booked your spring or summervacation? it's not too late to get out of breaking the bank.10 >> if i booked it, one month and one day to go before vacaon. temperatures in the 40s and 50s on a monday morning.wh e near as chilly as
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welcome back. workg for your health thi morning. we know smoking while preorant is bad you. but there's new numbers showing how dangerous one cigarette can be. researchs at seattle children's hospital, found babies born to smoking brothers had twice the risk of buying suddenly. the risk was higher, the more a woman smoke during pregnancy. the lives of 800 babies could be
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saved each year, if all women could be saved during because of the striking difference in the type of colon cancers doctors are finding in young adults. >>his is not a world that i anticipated or wanted to be a part of. >> heaven hayes was just 28 years old when he was diagnosed. doctors say cancers behave differently in younger patients. the earlier a cancer develops, the less it looks like standard colon cancer. tumors c develop in unusual areas ve s and have to be treat new ways. >> they are less responsive to standard treatments. perhaps this i due in part to the fact that their biology is different. the american cancer societyco end colon cancer screenings starting at age 5. the american society of plastic surgeons said 17.7
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million people had plastas surgery year. many of them opted for body shaping procedures including noninvasive procedures, botox p and otherable fillers were the most common procedures in 2018. today is the last day to use gift cards and store credit ath payless stores. last month, the company declared closing y and has been several locations. liquidation sales are expected to tontinue through end of may. if you're craving sweets, dairy queen has a deal for you. customers can buy one blizzard and get one for 99 cents. the deal works for allrs fla and sizes. >> we need to go. i'll pay for both of them. >> falls church -- >> the reese's peanubuttercup. the official spring travel
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season is expecting to start in a few weeks. some are eieecting the bst and the most expensive travel seasons ev. experts say, you might need to consider alternative ways to pay. >> what your play is, if you want to head to the hot spots, this is whe timen you redeem the loyalty points and of the them for some more luxurious properties. >> and make sure you are booking with the rig credit card. expertsuggest less popul but more aordable equally entertaining stations, such as louisville, kentucky. >> we hear about charleston being a great plac >> i looi ilike a beach though. r>> it will take more bucks to fill up y tank. >> gas prices have spiked 6 cents in the last two weeks. but in the district, averaging
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.67 a gallon. in maryland, $2.46 a gal lan. and in virginia, it will cast you $2.2 xperts predict that gas prices will continue trise. >> sounds good. you're talking about the charleston and the beh. >> i hear it's a great trip. that's on my list. >> okay. anything is better than getting up for work, right? temperatures willooot be cold today. but the chilly northwest wind will set the stage for cooler weather. after a soggy nine or ten days to the month, it will not be raining. a nice day to be outside for today. and more dry days to come in the immediate future. right now, it's only 50 in
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gaithersburg. thesere not coldy early morning standards in march at all. so, plan on -- we' call it a little chilly this morning. but you won't need anything mora th light windbreaker. more than enough sunshine by lter on in the day. got toe the daylight saving time changes. 7:26 for thesunup. and sun's down at 7: this evening. satellite radar. high pressure pushing down out of the region. c'll be nice and dry here for the nextple of days. i'll walk you through future weather for the week now. no chance for rain today. it will be bright and sunny this afternoon. clear skies tonight. and naree a cloud to be found around here for tomorrow. we get into wednesday, we could see a little more cloud cover. thursday afternoon, here comes our next little chance for rain, is later in the day thursday. here's 10:00 thursday evening. and introfriday. friday could be the rainiest day of the week could have rumbles or two of thunder. but the rain chance should be
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moving out in time for the weekend. we may have a weekend without any rain in it. i'll give you the ten-day forecast. there's your five-day outlook for the work and school week ahead. 62 andy today. highs in the upper 40s. back to about average on wednesday,ith highs in the mid-50s. mid 60 on thursday. anc little c for rain late. probably not until after the sun goes down on thuray. and en, again on friday. temperatures getting close to 70 degrees. but an 80% chance for rain on your friday, especially the afternoon and evening timeframe. within a whisper of 70 degrees. >> i've had nothing but good news in the weather. keep it that way in traffic. >> 270 i clarksburg, southbound. had the left side blocked by a crash. because it's early, it's not causing much of a delay. south of that, we have roadwork in copper road. as we look at the beltway, no , problems he inner loop or
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outer loop. nothing to complain about. the earlier crash n is gone. 66, fairfax county rkway. 64 miles per hour gets you there in nine minutes. >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 today, have you had your cup of coffee yet? oh, yes. we put some of the coffeemakers to the test to see which ones you get the most bang for your buck. catch "ellen" today at 3:00. she's followed by news 4 at 4:00. we will be right back. ' last yea campaign
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was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, now at
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back at 4:22. the luck has run out for d.c. st. patrick's day parade. it was canceled because of high security costs. d.c. area firefighters is notha letting stop them. firefighters marched in the st. patrick's day friday yesterday afternoon. the planning committee says it is determined to bring the parade back in 2020. >>it's sad in way. it was a big parade. we would love to see it get back up and rolling in the future. >> maryland governor, larry
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hogan, you see there, marched in yesterday's parade, as well. >> i'm clad there be enough support to march in the parade somewhere else. that'soo bad. it's sad that tradition. i hope it comes back. we lost an hour of sleep. did you feel it? >> i think i'm okay. >> i was struggling sunday morning. rouble were having waking up this morning, we know how you feel. >> you may need strong coffee. does your coffeemaker pack the right >>nch. susan hogan is helping you pick the right coffeemaker for tchen. g. my coffee grinder goes off at 7:00 in the morn >> reporter: an eye opener or a pick-me-up, we love our coffee. ay>> a nice w to start the day. >> reporter: the experts at k consumer report, put the coffeemakers to the test. >> if aak coffe can't heat ot
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up, you'reoing to get the best cup of coff. this cuisinart gets the top >> for money, you can get esting. comparable brew performance fro$ th25 hamilton beach coffeemaker. if getting the coffe fix fast is your first order of business, a single-serve or pod machine might be a better option. but only if you're not picking about taste. >> of the nearly 46 single-serve coffeemakers, none earns better than ag good ratinfor taste, which is mediocre. >> lo ooking for the bells and whistles? this has a built-inilk frother. >> it's great for a crowd. it delivers the first cup especially fast. andubsequent cups were speedy, as well.or >> rr: susan hogan, news 4.
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>> i bought robert an espresso maine forchristmas. he loves it. >> what do you do? >> i do a regular -- i think it's kitchen aidr cuisinart. i forgot the spring forward with the coffee. >> i'm not a coffee snap ob at . people hate the coffee machine here, i'll drink it all day. >> what do you put in your coffee, chuck bell? > a little cream and little sugar. >> that's not unfortunate. >> two things toou cut for sure. car washing forecast, you bet. dry weather for many days in a row. it will be nice to finally have that car nice and shiny once n. ag we'll talk temperatures for your day ahead, coming up in a minute. stay with us. plus, out of jail andacing more allegations. details on the videos that could be used as evidence against r. kelly. and a deadly plane crash
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moments next at 4:30, more information on the pilots' ties to our area on the pilots' ties to our area andhe georgetown la z35wdz z16fz
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news 4 today starts now. >> jus about 4:30 now, as we take a live look outside on this monday morning. hope you're not having too much trouble after springing forward. did that with the clocks yesterday morning. it may feel like an hour earlier, today's forect may inspire you to get moving just a little bit morev good morningybody. >> you're like, not really? >> i didn't have trouble. but i slept yesterday. i slept all weekend. it was great. good morning, everybody. >> we hope you adjusted allurf clocks in your home and your car. nen't forget things like your microwave, the car and your coffeemaker. you're not running late today. your t wle team is working to start your day off right. we'll have the traffic but first, let's check the forecast. are we going to see the sun toda >> yes. back l get the sunshine
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today. the big challenge at our house, can eric figure out how to change the car clock. >> he's not going to change mit. oing to look at that thing. and if it hasn't been changed,ly harass him like you wouldn't believe. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. not cold at your school day forecast for a monday, we're call it seasonably cool or chilly this morning. northwest winds around 15 to 25 miles oor hour. afte highs should be 60 degrees or higher. what do the kid know dos need t? a windbreaker. today, the dailyra a-plus-plus-plus, 62 degrees. when we can get the kids outside for a little bit, sounds good to me. gaithersburg, north 270. the map isum


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