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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 11, 2019 11:00am-11:59am EDT

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we're dry untile deal with a b rain. heanopy ut there. drink outside. we have new information on the attack of an international soccer star on the field. and spring break travel tips. when to use hotel reward points and wnhe newt midday, president trump's budget. a proposal sparking fears of another government shutdown. crumbling roadway. that is not the moon. it is the bw parkway. drivers are slowing not all are getting and without a problem. and not that many problems with the weather toda but winds are picking up. we're going to have a big drop in temperatures before we warm up headed into this last week of winter. we'll talk a ut how warm we' going to get in a u few minutes. good morning and welcome. >> we have breaking news now.
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maryland state police say one of its troopers has been stabbed by a suspect in westminster. officials have not said how the trooper is doing, but we're told suspectper shot the who has died. the trooper was responding to a call about property damage around 8:00 a.m. the trooper found the suspect and a struggled. star we'll update you as we learn more. ajor changes to your commute start today if you use arlington memorial bridge. today, crews are reducing the number of lanes on the bridge. >> it' part of a bridge rehabilitation project. justin finch is le for us with a look at what you need to know to stay moving out there. >> well, hopefully, it won't impact that many peoe because most of the work will happen while you're asleepre unless yo using the bridge between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in which case you may want to find some work arounds because the work there will continue for the next several months
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traffic cones, cars, crews, cranes, cramped condi sons that wick around on the arlington memorial bridge for just a bit longer. now while you're asleep, work here is is really set to ratchet up. already, traffic is down to threeeanes and beginning tonight, that will trickle down to one lane. the next phase of bridge repairr calls f lane changes and construction between 9:00 p.m. an 5:00 a.m. at means if you're up and welcome back, now to an driving during those times, incredible story of pain and you'll see oneow of three open perseverance. years after a high profile and lanes shut down for hours.on d.c., thtack here in a s lane will close for 15 victim is sharing his story. minute intervals leaving one >> can't wait to see this. open traffic lane. don't worry though, a flag doreen joins us with that man' person will be onsite to guide drivers ding those lane will to recover. closures. yes, another inconvenience, but >> tc is a devoted husband and father, but you have to look one with drivers this. mi the national parks service is closely and get to knowndim to confining this round of work to undersll that he and his overnight hour, allowing crews family endured. six years ago, he was robbed and to drive in, lay down and beaten up as he walked home to install large concre panels. a critical phase in the bridge's capitol hill after a nats game. his skull was shattered by a b
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ongoing rab while minimizing baseballat that night, a severe traumatic brain injury the impact to daytime product. the sidew ok will stayn so at nearr ly killed him. bikes and pedestrians will be able to get by. his wife has been by his side and look iing live at the bridg and has written a book. right now, clearly, a work in progress. so how long is h this latest >> there was no perfect before, no perfect now. we bad autiful life before, phase going to last? well between now we're told as we have a beautifulav life now. wea very different sense long as into the fall, so theal next sev months, you have to about ourselves and the world find some work arounds if you and what's important. use the b bridgeween 9:00 p.m. >> preinjury, i was very like future oriented in terms of planning financially and career and the kids and houses and bd 5:00 a.m. those changes wiin place things like that. daily until the fall deadline. now, i thinkor i'm way in the >> thank you, justin. let's stay on the roads.e present moment. which is really od, i think, just enjoying what we have right did you is this morning? drivers had a horrible time navigating around giant potholes now. on part of the bw parkway. shifted my mind set drastically. >> there's quite a significant this is on the southbound side at maryland 198. those pholes have become so now.y in between then and dangerous and damagingti that t her book is raw and honest account of her husband's al parks service has todhad recovery and their emotional journey together. to lower the speed limit. they have caused many flat she's going to be on the "today" res. show on monday morning and then
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chopper 4 flew over a fewhis we hope you'll stay tuned for our sit down with the family. morning. a tells drivers to file a i'll talk with abby a about claim. >> it can rip up the bottom of how they reinvent ed their your car, too. >> looks like the surface of the moon up there. now to our weather. relationship, monday on news 4 it's feeling more like spring, at 5:00. the fbi and the family f every little bit. retired agent bob >> every little bit helps. renewed their fight to find him. we're hoping to see more sunshi. we got a lot yesterdayfuit was this past year marked 12 years since he disappear fa in iran. beau >> temperatures were in the low 60s yesterday, too, guys and today, we are headed into the hily pled for his safe low 60s. return. he vanished while on an we've got the break out some unauthorized cia mission. the fbi is offering $5 million sunshine know and that will to leads to information about start coming out as we go into his where out. the fbi said quote, bob is and the afternoon. always will be b a member b of got to get some clouds out of here. not the prettiest, but it's the fbi family and we share in mild. our average temperature for trs heart ache that bob's wife and time of ys in the mid-50s. that's where we are now so 55 family have exrienced every here in d.c., but you can see y for the last 12 years. a soccer fan attacked a player during a match in the 50s across the 5oard. uppes at quantico marine english championship. you can see the fan u runni base in edericksburg. on to the pitch and punching now one thing you'll notice if jack in the head yesterday. other players and security you haven't already, the winds are starting t. pick storme around the man. so a little breezy out there
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right now. he was taken off the pitch and winds out of the west about 10 the player wasn't seriously hurt and went on to score the winnin. to 20 miles an hour. go but u again, sunshine continuing the fan hasui pledy to into the afternoon and clear ies overnight. assault. zpl scary stuff. >> can't believe he made it on. it's going to be chilly overnight. >> rivalry match gone way too we've got chances of rain, chances of storms as well for far. months before the women's the last full week of wint'l. talk about if we see more world cup, 20 members of the men's national team are taking winter temperatures on there on action off the field. >> they have filed a suit that ten day. in just a little bit. >> want them to get out of here. new thisg, morn the arguing that the men's team makes more money for doing the same thing. members of the national team president trump versus congress appeared on the "today" show to all over the wall again. talk about the lawsuit. this morning, the president >> why on earth wouldn't we pay people equally and treat people ually and you know, invest in submits his budget request. people equally in general. he's congress for billions to >> i feelre's so much left build a wall and slashin almost everything else. on the table with this team. i think that we've had tracie potts has a preview. incredible success. >> reporter: the trump 2020 s capitol hill with a we've been able to push the big no from democrats. a senior administration official confirms this morning, president sport forward in so many ways trump will ask congress for $8.6 both on and off the field. you perspective. a soccer billion to build a border wall commercially as well. and so why not take that next step, invest in the team equally withe mexico. >>ve a crisis down there. from top to bottom, whether
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that's the youth program, the president has made branding, marketing, promotion that case very effectively. of the team, af it. >> reporter: it doubles what he's set aside. six times what congress was >> let's take a look at the willing to approve to end the numbers. a player on the u.s. men's fight that shut down the soccer team gets paid around $260,000 a year. government. >> building a 35 foot high structure is the most expensive a player on the women's unam earned a $99,000. and least effective way to do bord security. it will take a few more >> reporter: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say the same thing dollars the fill up your tank will repeat itself if he tries according to a survey, gas prices have spiked six cents this again. we hope he learned hisfe lesson. over the past two week, but gas get a pected to is still lower than it was a year ago. in the district, gas prices are about 2.67 a gallon. $750 billion in the trump budget but we're told the president will pitch a 5% cut toyt according to triple a. in virginia, it will cost you everng else. education, health care, the environment and more. about 2.28 a gallon. he'll likely push to make his experts fear gas prices will taxuts permanent. experts say that's what's probably continue to rise. driving the deficit. spring and travel season >> the federal government has enough money. what i would do ise reve the begins in a few weeks and some trump tax cuts, the bush tax places are expecting the busiest and most expensive travel season cuts. >> reporter: also this week, congress is expected to reject ever. >> experts are having to fin president trump's national ative ways to save you money emergenc that allows him to use military funds to build the this year. wall. >> reporter: some vacation hot presidt trump is expected to
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spots arinexpect record veto that and send it back to crowds this year beginning with capitol hill where the don't have enough votes to override him. tracie potts, nbc news, spring break in a few weeks. >> it's if favorite. from florida to mexico to hawaii. washington. >> that's why anyone ping a two black boxes have been recovered from the wreckage of get away should expect higher prices. the ethiopian airlines crash. and might need the to consider the digital flight recorder and all terr alternative ways to pay forit . cockpit voice recorder. >> so far, 157 people have died >> so really what your best play is, this is the time when you u including eight americans and a redeem the loyalty points and ge use femthem for the more louxri we'll have more on that student in just a few minutes. first, here's the late e on the properties. >> travel experts suggest less investigation. there areew concerns the popular,ut more affordable morning about the boeing 737. equally entertaining destinations like louisville, kentucky and nashville, this is the second deadly crash involvg the same kind ofet in recent months. tennessee, but keep an eye on flight 302 crashed shortly after the weather. >> in spring and summer, you ha thunderstorms that pop up.el take off yesterday. the jet was the same make and model as the plane that crashed give youmore of a layover even if it means you're spending more time. offndonesia last year. >> and book with the right credit card, one that offe thisin morng, ethiopian airline travel protection. >> really make sure that has grounded the jets until travelers are being wise about how you book and making sure further noits.
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china has groundedts plane that you have some sort of insurance against delays. for safety checks. again, this tragedy has tied to >> which also helps ensure for a better vacation this year. our areaaw a third yeartudent at nbc news. georgetown law student is among the dead. >> dreaming of that beach he is on his way home tenkenya vacation now. consumer reports is out with to a a family funeral. a list of some of the best he was an active member of the coffee makers. plus, we are starting the week rain free. university's campus ministry. how abouthat. laurt en he was rememberedst a m on campus last night. >> it's really tragic and the communities are like coming together. tonight at mass, we had a f special praye him and dedicated our mass to him so the community within a day is coming closer and praying for him. >> he interned with the law center's campus ministry oice and helped freshmen navigate their first year of college. airport, gan national several passengers with were hurt after a trash cart become loose and crash through the cabin during landing. this is a picture from josh deman, he was on the american airlines flight when it landed
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last night. a flight attendant sayshe cart roll the entire length of the plane from back to front. a flight attendant and two passengers were take p to the hospital. their injuries do not appear to be serious. happening today, there will be a hearing for the m accused of killing five emgaoyees at the tte last year. a judge will rule on defense notion. the defense is trying the determine howto prose will present their case against jared ramos. the defense may have him plead nopo criminally rible because of his mental state at the time of the shooting. right now, there's aearch for a kill er after a gruesome discovery in stafford county, virginia. we're told a sheriff's deputy found a man's body early saturday m wning. the bo found along river road the sheriff's office released this photo of a tattoos on the maft forearm. call the stafford county sheriff's office if you have any information about this crime. whenid news 4y returns, dna ancestry kits have become very popular. now u one manufacturer is hoping
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to improve their user's health. and r. kelly is out ofail again and facing new accusations. accusations. the evidence one man says he when i came to get my program coffee, it wasn't there. >> i did my microwave. ioo usually at the oven. >> rush, rush, rush. you probably needed strong co h coffee. i needed strong coffee. can your coffee maker produce a
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joe that packs a punch? >> my coffee grinder goes off at 7:00 a.m. every day. >> an eye opener in the morning or pick me up in the amp, we all accusations. the evidence one man says he hy-a-luronic a it's in here. love our coffee. new from revitalift: >> just a nice wato start the derm intensives hyaluronic acid serum y. with our highest concentration of hyaluronic acid >> ex cperts sumer reports run coffee makers through u visibly plumps skin brewing performance, timing and and reduces wrinkles. bounce back! convenience tests. new revitalift hyaluronic acid serum from l'oreal. >> you want a maker that can heat theater u to 205 degrees nd hold it for five minutes or more. if it can't do that, you're not going to get the best tasti cup of coffee. >> this one tops consumer reports, ratings and for good reason. >> at our most reason survey, the top rate iing for owner salesfaction. >>ss, you can get brew performance from this $25 hamilton beech maker. if getting it fast then a single serve might be a betterbu optio. only if you're not picky
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about taste. >> of the nearly 40 single serve coffeeer maks cr tested, none b earnster than a good rating for taste. >> looking for bells and wtl whistles? it might cost you. this one makes espressos and has a a built in milk frother. >> r. kelly is potentially >> it delivers not only the facing more legal troubles. first cup fast but subsequent this is video of kelly walking cups are fast, too. the cook county, illino jail on saturday after someone made a child suponrt mamt paimt is behalf. some 24 hours later, a man in pennsylvania says he turned over a tape to law enforcement that >> i had to go get aup and i allegedly shows t singer don't drink a lot of coffee. abusing underage girls. i walked to starbucks because i ron mottxplains the late needed cold hair to hit me. allegation. >> reporter: this morning, r.f give me a medium. kelly outjail, but far from >> it will take a few days to get used to it. >> i ow. out of trouble. >> jus take that power this man, gary dennis saying he found an old vhs h tape inis you'll be all >> take the sleep shot. >> national napping day. >> yep. and also, the extra daylight at collection showing a man whom he the end of the day, that was nice trade off. think ss the singer, who he has never met, sexually abusing multiple minors. i will take that. >> it really is. the sun didn't come up until
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about 7:26 this morning and it's going down on the later side out gloriaalred say shesn't sure there. the man isn't r. kelly. ing more liks feel in kelly has long denied ever spring out there. it's looking more like spring and now, feel iing it. sexually assaulting minors. gh degrees is our daytime today, our average temperature in statement, writing r. kelly for this time of year, 54 denies he is on any tape. we slip a little bit tomorrow. but then we start coming back up in the right direction for the doubt is self-evident with reporting thathe mankind of wednesday and look at that on sort of looks like r. kelly. thursday. even warmer on friday. i'll show you that on the it does not make it him. ten-day forecast. but take a look at the he adds it irresponsible to continue to take the speculation temperatures out there right of every tom, dick and harry and now. they are responding it the littlef sunshine we're getting. more coming this afternoon as the clouds scour out. report it as if it is fact. rat westerly win are help iing in a disturbing outburst, the 52-year-old kelly forcefully to boost these temres as rejected accusations that have well. winds are going to be the main fol load him for two decades. zpl i'm not afraid because i'mut stobecausbecause they're gustin5 mile an hour. fredericksburg, up to 59 degrees. breezy a mild today. telling the >> reporter: the singer facing ten counts of sexual abuse involving four women, three minors at the time, walking out o wednndeserday, all sunshine and a light wind then thursday, of a chicago jail this weekend a beautiful one. after spending three nights before posting more than fairly mild on thursday as well. w wind gusts look at this. $161,000 owed to his ex-wifeba child support.
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>> i promise you, going to straighten all this stuff out. 25 miles an hour. about average of what we'll see that's all i can say now. out there. it will settle down after 7:00 >> he's due back in court on or 8:00 p.m. tonight. 62 is where we're topping out. so. for your p commute or any wednesday on his child support case. afterschool activities, looking nbc news, chicago. now to a terrifying incideno lod. atle on the breezy side, but the kids will be out there at an phoenix. a woman attacked and seriously hurt by aaguar while trying to take a selfie next to the animal's cage and this morning, the victim is apologizing. practicing, nothing to worry we want to warn you that some of fabout. no raid yand if you need to get the car washed, do it today. these images are disturbing. we're drying out right there now. nothing happening. there's goes the cloud cover moving out. and we'll have sunshine morgan ches ceo reports. >> the lady had her hand in the tomorrow. paws of the jagr all clawed little cooler tomorrow. theon re dry system will come through tonight and kick up the up. >> this washe not how trip windsor tomorrow a drop our to the zoo on saturday was temperatures but then we rebound wednesday and thursday. but then we also have some rain supposed to go. moving ine l thursday night and through the day on friday. adam capturing the terror fieing now friday's temperature up moments after a woman was attacked by this jaguar. witnesses say the woman jumped a around 70 degrees, s we can a barrier to get closer to the have a few thunderstorms on friday. but that moves out of here. cat's cage. michelle tried to stop t we'll talk about the weekeha detail on ten-day forecast. animal with a water bottle. that's coming up in about ten
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>> until she got it bottle and distracted it and it unclasped minutes. >> thank you. every now and then, you hear of a person hitting lottery price twice, but never 30 times. except for h sweater, then we were able to pull her off. zpl the woman who's in her 30s meet a virginia woman w was that lucky. >> plus, the national zoo is and has not been identified celebrating the birth of these sustained serious cu her let's call them weird maybein lo animals and a queen is arm. zoo officials temporarily getting removed the jaguar from public display. >> it will not be oout nuysed. we don't hold tjaguar responsible. this isn't the first incident involving the cat. last year, she clawed another visitor who got too close. >> all the barriers that we have in place do meeta the u standards and regullatis aors o predators and need the double barrier system. >> attacks on patrons are rare. since 1990, advocates say at least pl260 p have been injured by animals or falls into enclosures and 34 others have been b killed. z most workers.
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earlier this year in a florida zoo, a 2-year-old girl was hospitalized after stumbling into the rno exhibit and in 2016, a toddler fell into an enclosure housing a 450 pound gorilla who cradled the child justents before officials shot and killed the ape. officials say the victim in the jaguar attack went back to apologize for what she calls a foolish decision. >> these a there are boundaries put in placnefor the safety of everyo involved. >> a reminder that no selfiif i worth saing safety. nbc news. again, the woman isxpted to be okay. jaguars are the largest cat found in the wild in north and south america. adults range from 12to 200 pounds. >> no selfie is worth that. we are working for your health and we have two stories
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to tell you t about. first,ems 23 and me can help people learn more than just their genetic make up. they're developing reports to tell if users are more prone to developing type 2 diabetes. it will have information enclosed with information on who gets the disease. executives saye they h people will be inspired to make lifestyle changes. and there's new hope for millions of people around the welcome back. do you need a little luck on world fighting sickle-cell diseas it's aainful and sometimes this monday? deadly disorder. this virginia woman seems to havedeome to share. rah brown won the lottery 30 times. yeah 30 times in one day last h. >> now, a treatment is providing fresh hope for a cure. dr. john torres met a young man mo she bought 30 pick four tickets who took part in a ground with the same combination. yreaking clinical trial. 1-0-3- >> mann johnson adores h turns out those were the numbers she needed. kid brother, aidan. she bought 20icts but kept >> you got it. seeing the numbers throughout >> they're years apart, but the day and bought a few more. share the same debilitating disease.-c that's how she ended up with $150. >> inedible. sickl. a painful genetic disorder . i never win anything. i could play the same numbers
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lood cells become distorted and sticky, blocking vessels and for years. >> i think like $15 is the most i've won. got to play it 30 times. preventingital oxygen supply. the areas most vulnerable the only cure, sh a bone marrow children has been a priority for tranlant. instead, most aredireated with us here through our history. our wednesday chd program has tion kagss and sum like lped find families for manny with blood transfusions. at age 21, he's had more than children in lately, we've gotten a a chance 200. to catch up with some. >> barbara harrisonh talks w >> how often? >> once a month. >> your whole life? >> whole life. >> but now, he is disease free. lady she met when she was 3 thanks to a ground breaking years old and in foster care. clinical trial at dana farber ♪ happy birthday to me >> that was brianna in 2001. ndlittle girl looking forward to children's hoital. >> they told you it's an experimental procedure, you her 3rd birthday ahile our visit to build a bear meant a fluffy friend to take home, what could die from and itight not she needed most was a loving work. why were you willing to do it? home to grow up in. >> when my little brother w a bornnd he had it, i took a home willing to take her and her 6-year-old brother so they initiative so when he gets old enough, he wouldn't have to go wouldn't have to be separated. they had both been in foster through the expenses i went care most of their lives. sere. >> bloodtem cells are removed home early from work on that from the patient and undergo gene therapy in the lab. ednesday, carol pratt happened to be watching n >> i remember looking at that saying oh my god, they're
11:19 am
those stem cells are put back in darling. oh god, i hope ty get a great the patient. this then lets the body produce healthyod blo cellsorhat won't home. >> do you remember when we first diinto the sickle shape. this make's manny's blood look met? >> i remember us going to build and flow like anyone else's. a bear workshop because i got a >> so you went from having these little bunny, a little white normal cells sbir mixed with bunny. and wed iding dress and i made tease after treatment. >> this is a picture from after gene therapy and there are no it say i love you. i lov you. visible. sickle-cells >> this is just ami prenary over and over. >> i love you. clinical trial, but doctors are >> i love you. it would be a year later that encouraged it could one day cure they would hear those words, i the disease before symptoms love you, for real. from their new mom, carol start. usually around 4 months old. >> the hope is that we'll be property. cewho went through the pross and pap paperwork for adoption and finally got cal from a social able to eventually treat young children for the disease before they develop the disease. worker who would change their lives. >> come and pick up your. ki >> for manny and his family, it's the beginning of a new >> i remember going to the co t life. and the possibility of a better court. >>and the judge. ut she can't remember a time one without pain for aidan. when her mom was not in their dr. john torres, nbc news, boston. >> it would be incredible to see lives. >> the earliest memory ithave is k o breakthrough. being er. >> here's the photo she has tracked the major events in
11:20 am
captain marvel rocked the er in a book her mom help her fill box office this weekend. up with notes and photos. the movi office records is being praised more than 6,000 days have passee for its strong female sinc the story ran. characters. that's why one los angeles group at lonst 200s of growing is working to pack theatres. up, 18 years since she was almost three. the effort is called a captain today, she's almost 21. marvel challenge. the group young girls across thf she's finishing her degree in country has a d me campaign going to make sure that any girl who wants to see the computer science at montgomery movie can do that. college. meanwhile, her brother graduated from college, then college and so far, they have raised more now lives and works on the west than $60,000. >> got to go see it. >> i know. i want to see it. coast. hn has aduated high school the u.s. women's soccer team and is currently a sophomore in is fighting equal pay. college. hear from twof the team's brianna ihe last at home and often thinks of how lifeht m stars. and it's national napping day. we have sleep advice for those a have been without their wednesday's child >>story. power nap. to those looking for ful l very grateful. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. >> used call you a fairy god wondering how i upgrad to this sweet pad? mother. >> hi. >> i'm so happy to be a part of a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. your life. all i had to do was give my human "the look". >>. ♪ happy birthday to me with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan >> what a wonderful happy ending. she'll finish college this year and a simpler online application, an firm really is hoping
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getting into my dream home was easier than ever. she will stay after graduation get your human to visit and we are eager to hear from what would she do without me? others who were futured ch wednesday'd. if you want to be featured in the past or know someone who was, let us know. we love to catch up. search wednesday's child and you'll find out how to send us a tip. >> what a great story. there are some new royalty at the national zoo tmorning. the queen of the naked mole irth to seven new pups over the weekend. she had toight herway. they're doing fine and there's not much time for her to relax. she can get pregnant again in about two weavs. >> and youto fight the other female mole rats to get the babiebabies. swimming can be a great exercise for physical erapy. a group of seniors in new york are showing it can do a lot more
11:22 am
than that. >> ron allen paid a visit to the honeys and bears. m that'sonized swim t making a difference. >> reporter: when the harlem honeys and bears hit the pool, they come together as one. mostly african-american synchronized team. all 55 and older. united by a love ofwimming and dance. their coach the last 24 year, oliver -- >> until the middle. >> reporter: has little time for fun and games. >> break, break, break! >> reporter: you're r tough with them. >> they understand it's all coming from love. now. >>eporter: the reigning champs of their sport in new york, the team is now celebratingts 40th aneniversary and better health and well being. >> without swimming, i would be in the doctor's office frequent if you're drag iging mor mtn ly. >> reporter: 96-year-old la trees startedwimming at age 64. >> i try to get in the pool five usual thday morning, you are not alone, but we have the perfect excuse for ytr to get exa rest today. it is national napping day. day >s a week. eporter: the water is heal something. >> yes. theest therapy in the worlds.
11:23 am
createded in 1999 but a boston >> reporter: monica, team captain, agrees. university professor to >> a lot of us came the s a to highlight the many health benefits. according to the national sleep foundation, naps can restore and turned out to be the best alertness, reduce mistakes and thipg that ever happened. accidents, but if you don't have you realize your body can move time for a nap, a good night's in i ways never could. >> reporte monica and a few sleep becomesessential. the "today" show shared some bears made e it lookasy, so i sleep tips this morning. gave it a try. >> i have a tea theer that this is fine. >> it's a lot of work on the you're recommending. arms. >> reporter: whenhey do, it's >> when you and i were talking an aquatic ballet. at the break, you told me you wake up multiplho times thro the night and your last meal is around 7:00. ♪ >> then i'm 2:30, 3:30. >> go t >> reporter: team also connects with the community, teachinging kids how to swim. >> here's what i think is going on. you're running out of fu't. >> one, two, three, breathe. just your neck. >> reporter: studies show 70% of you d put the car in park, you put it into drive. african-americans can't and >> eat more later? black cldren drown more >> i'm say iing the specific kip frequently than other children, of tea will eep your blood sugar stable longer. ost days, you'll find the i think it's dumping in the honeys and bears perfecting their moves, swimming and dancing in the water. so if you use, this is guavaaf ron allen, nbc news, new york. >> love it. >> how cool is that? >> 96 and looks amazing. le tea. >> the doctor also has advice >> we're living wrong.
11:24 am
for people who snor this is happening. >> this ctually an internal >> what an inspiration. with warmer weather in this week's forecast, it's the perfect time tofi take your nas arkaal die. ess outside. >> coming up, we're getting fit >> you use this? >> i use this. for spring. >> not that one. >> but for example, if i have today, she join alcohol at night, it will make me snore. so myif we says put this thing in so you don't snore. straight in like that. >> yeah, the doctor says it t work open up the passages. the sleep foundation recommends a short n between 20 to 30 minutes so you still feel like getting a full night's sleep. if i'm oring, that means i'm sleeping. how is my wife going to know if i'm not sleep something. >> she's not sleeping well. the b problem. >> my husband will drink coffee, take a 15 minute nap w thene up 15 minutes later buns the coffee hits and he's it's double. he just told me about ithe the day. >> is that good for its heart?
11:25 am
>> coffee afgts me immediately. >> if i drank coffee now -- c >> drink coffee and still fall asleep. >> i cgo't. >> it's day to be up. it's beautiful. >> it's not a good day to nap ♪ because it's going to be so pretty and warm. that's one of the best things, ♪ 'cos i know what it means we can go outside and enjoy it. >> exactly. ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ listen, we are going to have sunshine out there today. not a lot right now, b we'll art to see the clouds break a ♪ here i go again on my--- little bit. looks like we're getting blue erskies out but more sunshine this afternoon if you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? you're not seeing it yet. temperatures are in the mid-50s i do. now. we'll top out in the low 60s for if you ride, you get it. highs today. now, it's breezyut there right geico motorcycle. now and we're going to continue 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. to have breezy conditions all throughout the d and tomorrow as well. so the wind will settle down a little bitut tonight after a 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. then starts to kick up around daybreak tomorrow then another breezy day mo tobuto t we donow't have much of a windchill now, but we have those
11:26 am
winds and you can see them. they're starting to pick up around our reporting stations. gusting up, topping out 2 miles an hour. temperature, warm. relatively speaking. our average temperatu this time of year should be in the mid-50s and we're already there before the lunch hour. so again, the temperatures will continue to warm up. especially with more sunshine this afternoon. so l 60s for daytime highs today and again, w happening. looking good acrosome sunshine r don'iohave tjo. late not tomorrow. uc're dry tomorrow, buto , into the capitals win streak is rtunately, holding strong atev s games in a row after last night's win
11:27 am
over winnipeg. the cap put in throw goals jets one. this is the second time this season they've won seven in a row. tomorrow night is thete true . they head to pittsburgh to take on the dreaded penguins and they're hoping to even out the season match-up. pittsburgh has won two of the three games this season. alwa fun to beat the penguins. >> can't wait. pefully this week's warm up will get you outside and get fit for spring. >> we're hitting the running trails. g area group is helping y the ground running. >> getting fit for spring, a lot of you want to start running. that's something i want to incorporate into my fitness routine. brought out the coaches and devoted runners here. run farther and faster is the group. we've got our coaches. thanks for coming up before sun. you do this all the time, but not for television purposes.
11:28 am
so give ushe four tips we need to think about. start with the run, walk, interval every day. or every other ay. run a conversational pace. get a buddy. sign up for tangible race. a race so you can just have a goal in mind. julie. >> it's really important to start out with run walk intervals because just run one minute, walk one minute and that will build you endurance without being too taxing on your body. it's important when you run thar youn at conversational pace. >> i love it. >> which means you can talk and run at the same time and keep your walk rest. >> lisa. >> stay motivated. having friends meeting you at 5:30 in the morning when it's dark out is super motivating and sign up for a race. puts your money, your name on the line. you've got a tangible goal. >> run farther and faster. let's run right annow. th for the tips and we're going to get going. and we're getting the temperatures where we can go outside and manage it.>>
11:29 am
y favorite part of running is when it's over. >> that's right. >> but i'll beni r outside today, lauren. >> you should because there's temperatures out there are going to be around 60 degrees. our average temperature for this time of year in the mid-50s. a little bonus here, you might have toinorry about the a little bit. gusting to about 25 miles an hour. it will settle in after 7:00. clear skies overnight. the temperatures fall, so a chilly start tomorrow morning and cooler tomorrowe and we'll hhe breeze come in tomorrow. themesre going to be in the upper 40s for tuesday. wednesday, b we rebound back into the mid-50s. on thursday, back into the mid-60s. now thursday night, we'll have some rainhaing moving into the area. rain throughout the day on friday. could have a few thunderstorms but then we clear back out for the weekend. sunday is st. patrick's day. looking good for those festivities. temperatures stay below normal r heading into next week. >> all right. thank you so much. >> that is it for news 4 midday. us.nks for joining we are back this afternoon first at 4:00. >> and we can get the news and
11:30 am
ather anytime in the nbc washington app. have a great day and we'll see you in the morning.
11:31 am
11:32 am
we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> there it is, right there. j-lo's masve 15 karat emerald-cut engagement ring. don't even try to guessth what thing cost. >> a small pound is what it is. >> it's going to be the sixth time that j-lo has been engaged.
11:33 am
it will be her fourth marriage, a-rod's second. welcome to "access live." it's all about love this morning. >> when you get a ring like that, it's the first time. nothing else. count >> no. this does seem different to me. >> so, i was o on saturday night and i think i had two somebody equila and was like, they're en
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