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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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u.s. plus a budget battle, how the president i reigniting the conversation for his fight for a border wall. >> and veterans waiting on improvement at the local va hospital, an update to investigation. tonight hundreds of boeing aircraft grounded after one of the world's newest planes is involved in its second cra in ss than a year. >> we know authorities have recovered two black boxes from the wreckage ofio ean airlines flight 302 now a witness says smoke was coming from the plaefore it hit the pground. thelane went doub on its way from ethiopia to kenya. more than 150 people o board died. >> it has passengers and flight crews concerned about the boeing 73 max 8 aircraft. as jay gray reports, the u.s. is stil allowint to fly.
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>> reporter: as investigators sift through the wreckage there are growing questions about the overall safety of boeing 737 max 8 jet liner. the ethiopian aircraft just after takeover, closely mirring an accident five months ago in indones. in that incident, onboard sensors may have sent false information to the computers, as the crew fought to keep it in the air. in the latest tragedy, safety teams have not determined the cause for the tcrash. >> this stage we cannot rule out anything. >> reporter: officials in chi aren't waiting for answers. ordering all local carriersnd t grlose to 100 737 max 8 jets so has indonesia, ethiopia and the kayman islands. south korea called for emergency
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inspection of e planes. >> the company ought to vounntarily itself g these aircraft because of the similarities between these two accidents. >> reporter: boeing responding with a written statemet says in p part, the investigation is in its early stages, but at this point, based on the information available, we do not have any basis to issue newuidance to operators. carriers that fly the max eight in the united states say they'rg monitohe situation right now. a pilot, a georgetown law student, a world bank worker all killed in that crash and all have ties to our area. news4's darcy spencer continues our teamiv coverage at georgetown university. darcy? >> reporter: jim, initially that georgetown university student was not supposed to be on that plane. he had other plans to go to a conferce in chicago. but then there was a family
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emergency and he ended up in that flighthiopia. c the crashimed the life of a gifted georgetown law student, leader in climate change at the world bank and one youngest pilots to captain a boeing 737. cedric asiavugwa was a third year student at georgetown. >> he lived in one of our dorms, cared forh students w great opness and compassion. >> rorter: he was a champion for serving migrants and fugees in east afterrica and a role model. >> he was responsible for lcoming students who were in distress. he was their first point of contact. and he made them feel welcomed and at home immediately. >> reporter: max edkin w a communications leader with connect for climate, part of the
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world bank. he was on his way to a conference in nairobi. family members identifie the pilot of the plane as a 28-year-old witho ties northern virginia. he's shown here his cousin, she was not on the flight. his family said in statement as a confident captain, his seniority at ethiopian airlines comesith accomplished record of 8,000 hours flight time and has made us proud of his achievements. we ask you for to keep our family in yourhoughts and prayers as we go through this difficult time. the university jus sent me an e-mail saying they're going to have two communityer meetings on campus where students can come together, shareor ms and to mourn. they're also going to have a larger memorial service sometime in the future. jim, back to you. >> such a tragedy. bar dcy thank you. every one of the planes you see on your screen a represent
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boeing 737 max 8 aircraft that's in the air rightnow. news4 counted 15 scheduled to nd or takeoff from our local airports today. again, southwest and american airlines are not scaling back their use of this model plane. our coverage of this story p continues at 6:30 with nbc's tom costello and the information investigator will be looking for in those black boxes to answer questions to any possible link between the ethiopian and lion air crashes. the president delivered his budget proposal today so the white house held its first on camera media briefing in 42 days. the last official briefing took place on january 28th. a lot has happened since then. reporters have not been able to press on answers for things such as state of the union, to the president's former attorney,
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michael cohen. and tod theress secretary took questions for 15 minutes. blayne alexander joins us to break it down. >> reporter: the very firstc touring the white house briefing was the proposed budget. something that democrats are zoni in on aumber of things to push back against but top ofl thatt is the billion dollar request for the border wall. hot off the press and straight to capitol hill, president trp's new 2020 budget proposal, reviving an old fight over border wa spending. >> federal resources and front line defenders are overwhelmed at the southern border. >> reporter: the president asking congress for $8.6 billion to build his wall. that's almost $3 billion more than the $5.7 billion that led longest government shutdown in history. >> the president was forced to admiefeat and reopen the government without getting his wall. theame thing will repeat its if he tries this again. >> reporter: lawmakee until the end of september to pass a budget.
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this budget draft likely dead on arrival, more of a white house wish list that never gets passed as printed 37 it does lay out the president's priorities. calling for a $750 billion increase to defense spending but would include nearly $2.7 trillion worth of cuts to nondefense snding including environmental protection and medicaid. it comes the same week the senate isxpted to pass a resolution blocking president trump's border wall emergency declaration. four republicans already signing on. the white house defending the presidiot's declar >> he's doing his job, doing what congress should be doing. he too o an oath office and he has a constitutional duty to protect the people of this country. >> reporter: president trump has promised to veto that resolution. the white house said this proposal will balance the budget in 15 years but experts say that's not realistic.>> hank you, blayne. the democratic presidential
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field is still filling out but the party has made one choice, where to hold the 2020 convention. the democratic presidential nominee will be named in milwauk milwaukee, the convention dates july 13th through 16th. the republicans plan to hold their 2020 convention in charlotte, north carolina from august 24th to the 27th. t's takeou to a developing story in annapolis.ry nd's largest teachers' union marching onhe state capitol. the maryland state education association says more than 5,000 teachers are attending, along with hundreds of parents, students and commutyleaders. last week they outlined a plan to improveion, inclung a blionollarsn atuc edfunding. tracee wilkins is working the story now. she'll have a full report in the next half hour. two children are missing
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their mother and a husband is s reeling the l of his beloved wife. she died in a fiery crash on i-95 during a long daily commute up to baltimore. megan fitzgerald speaks to the broken husband about the route his wife worried would prove deadly. >> she's a good person. giving. ah. giving. >> reporter: shana subram was a 57-year-old mother of two autistic children and a loving wife of nearly 20 years to her husband hans. he said she would always put others before herself, which is why she becam a physician's assistant and chose to work with inmates at a jail in baltimore. >> murderers, rapists, whatever, e helped them. >> reporter: he said she lovedr rk but feared the drive. >> she wanted to leave the job for the longest time, it's fairly dangerous going >> reporter: hans said she was
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headed to work saturday morning at around 4:00 a.m. but she didn't make it. this is footage o what happened on her way there. her car caught on fire after she was in a bad crash.ta maryland police first thought she may have been driving the wrong direction in the nthbound lane on i-95 near the beltsville exit when she collided with a car head on before orashing into twoer vehicles. >> and she went in the ditch cnd the started burning and she burnt to death. >> reporter: the crash is still under investigation but her husband strongly doubts it was shana's fault. >> somebody hit her from behind and she start spinning around just at the exit. >> reporter: while police try to figu out howhis happened, her husband hans is trying to determinen how he can move o without her. megan fitzgerald, news4. a coast guard officer accused of compiling a hit list that included prominent ke
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democratic law and members of the media pleaded not guilty to federal charges.ri opher hasson arraigned earlier today, he faces drug and firearm charges, federal prosecutors cowl him a white nationalist and domestic terrorist. after his arrest last month, investigators found firearms and ammunition at his apartment. he faces 30 years in prison if convicted of all the charges. craters popping up on all the roads, wreaking havoc on our roads. up next, adam tuss gets an e swer on an emergency fix. >> reporter: princgeorge's county needs funding eve other school in maryland gets, i'm tracee wilkins. coming up the fight to make itpp . and d.c.'s troubled veterans center rushing to fix a problem.
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beautiful today, 62 sunsrine t now, 57 in hagerstown, but tomorrow temperatures dropping by about 10 to 15 degrees. going to feel cooler on your tuesday. we'll
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prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. challenges walking or standing are stillg making l treks foot at the washington va medical center. >> an i teamnvestigation revealed a parking shortage with veterans forced to hike a quarter mile door-to-door.
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officials promised a solution bw march, a garage. >> but as scott macfarlane reports the vets are still ti waiting and s walking. >> reporter: for nearly sixnt mo we watched veteran after veteran patient after patient searching for a spot at the flag ship medical centerrtf the depament of veterans affairs. >> if i had a n in appointment would leave by 8:00. >> reporter: including jonathan warwicho struggles to walk. he found a spot but said he had to climb a hill for a short cutk for a that's nearly a quarter mile to the entrance. >> you had two hips replaced, a fractured spine. did it occur to you i shouldn't mywalking this far to get to doctor. >> yes. i shouldn have to be walking that far. >> reporter: the medical center has been short on parking spaces for its nearly 100,000 patients and recent construction has shrunk itfurther.
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administrators offers shuttle to carry vets and staff. and late last year, the new director toldhe i team a new garage would open in march 2019 adding hundreds of new spaces. is that going to be ready in march? >> it better. i will be upset if it's not. it's on track right rnow. orter: as of now it's not ready. they updated the time schedule saying they plan toch finish mar 31st and open april 1st. the i. team found a construction dumpster recently bloing veral of the remaining spaces and we asked theva about it, they said they found a new location for the construction debris. in the meantime, the longreks and wait continue. >> it's so ly'g the been rebuilding this parking lot. >> reporter: for veterans like jonathan warwick who are fighting a different battle, to see their doctors.
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valet service is offered, but vets tell us not everyone can use it, they say the waits are long they say that's especially true with wheelchairs andte sc to unload. we'll see if they mieet the marh 31st deadline to open it. >> we know you'll stay on it. killingman accused of five people inside the capital gazette newspapern offices annapolis were back in court today. lawyers for jared ramos are considering to changing his guilty plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. they asked the prosecutors so share more information about the charges. the judge denied the request. he has until friday to change his plea. the investigation into whether jack evans abused his position fso pl gain
6:18 pm
appears to be widening. today d.c. mayor muriel bowser said she would not support him ection. bowser is among the politicians who has received a subpoena related to the investigation. evans has been a strong ally of the 345hmayor and two have supported each other in the past, but today segraves caught up with her she d this to say. >> it's ely to talk about reelections and elections of next year. we're just gettingas over the one. i have worked very closely with jack over the years, not just in my role as mayor, but as a member fcouncil. i have very high expectations for allfficials in th government. but most importantly i like to let theal l process evolve and get handled and get done. >> evans has apolozed for what he called overmistakes, but has
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sted he's done nothing illegal. the d.c. council is scheduled t vote later this month on an official reprimand of evans for using government resources to seek outside employment. drivers areh pleading w road crews to fix one of the busiest roads around. look at the massive potholes that have opened up along the baltimore-washington parkway. chopper 4 getting this view from above today. adiv tuss is along the parkway with a closer look at the problem. adam, it is a mess out there. >> reporter: this is some of the worst pavement i have everseen. one piece of late news. the national park service telling us tonighthey may be working on an emergency fix that could accelerate here ang the parkway. let's look at why we're talking about this. the road in such rough shape this goes on for miles. drivers are told to slow down, but that might not be enough. crater after crater, after
6:20 pm
after r aft crater, crater after crater, it literally goes on for miles, d ecifically on the southbo side of the baltimore-washington parkway. >> i think the sign sai rough road. no, it should say road with deep potholes, be carefu >> is it the worst you've ever seen? >> it is. ic.dave is a mech he says so many cars keep pulling into his shop right off the parkway. >> had one person here this morning driving a chevy astro van, and he said he hit a pothole and went off the road and went into the woods. >> reporter: this gives you an idea how rough this stretch is southbound on the parkway. look at the holes here. these areeasily, 3, 4, 5 inches down into the ground and they go on and on and on on thewa pa this road is in terrible shape. chopper 4 giving us a bird'sye
6:21 pm
view. >> reporter: watchingtos drivers travigatehe bw parkway. too far to the center you risk a flat, too far to the outside you risk aent rim. >> reporter: we've been telling the park service how bad it is, tweeting them and crews showed up to try to patch this section but like putting scotch tape on a huge hole in your wall, doesn't work. >> they're a pain. >> they're t?everywhere, ri >> they're everywhere. >> reporter: the national park service saidt needs consistent warmer temperatures to repave the road here but it's more action is needed sooner rather than later. >> guys, that mechanic we spoke to said he's fixinims as much as $500 a pop and add the tire, other couple hundred dollars, that's for one tire and rim. a lot of people getting h with a hefty bill out here. back to you. >> it's an expensive problnd
6:22 pm
it's all over, too. adam tuss, thank you. only on news4 tonight how a man who shot a police officer wound up legally getting another gun. julie carey started asking som questions. she'll have the answer at 6:30. th a great w startr to ou work week but are we done wit winterh
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he's -- he is cooperating. >> you got a friend joining us. >> in the sports >> right. >> it's our atlanta hawk. >> it's a red tailed hawk. we don know if it's the same one that visited us in the past.
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that's from onurop of tower here in upper northwest d.c. he likes youm. >> they look larger in your rear viewmirror, right? >> that's a good sign spring is on the way. the hawk is back on the tower. it does look windy. >>t does. and that height is 440 feet, i have to see where our camera is there. wind would be about 40% higher there than at the surface. >> really? >> yeah we loo that up last week for stories we were doing. let's show you what's happening outside right now. he's still there. a little bit on the breezy side, at least for him. utr us winds not too bad out of the southwest a 10 miles an hour. up there you're talking about a 15ile per hour wind about. 62 degrees the current temperatures winds out of the southwest. a niceafternoon, a great one to be flying around, everybody. 58ithersburg. 60 fredericksburg. 7 towards cambridge and the
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eastern shore. 54 back towards winchester. beautiful today but cooler as we make our way across the area tomorrow, we have a cold front maki w its down. just a trough of low pressure bringing some shower activity most of it not hitting t ground. bigger story to the south, that is hitting the .grou but this trough moving through and ushering in colder airs high pressure moves in. because it's high pressure we'll see plenty of sunshine, but cooler rather breezy. temperatures around 51 degrees but for some of you in the north you'll be about 40. so just know that 52 around fredericksrg but around 46, wind chills around 35, 36 in frederick tomorrow. so you need your coa as y make your way out and about. tomorrow is the cool day the we get to 56 on wednesday. 57 on thursday, looking great there. cloud coverage moving in ahead of our next storm.
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70% chance of showers on friday, maybe even a thunder shower or two. behind that front we get cooler for the weekend. 54 on saturday and sunday, st. d patty's everybody, big plans for the weekend, and right now mother nature coming in clean as far as the sunshine is concerned. no rain chances for your weekend and even into next week. need time to dry out, looks like we got it. the friday the day with only chance for rain. >> maybe mother nature isir h. >> we need to do dna test. >> that's a long story, doug. still ahead right now in annapolis, teachers and education activists are marching for better school funding. this is a liv look at the growing crowd in annapolis. next at 6:3igwe'll d into what some of our local schools are fighting about. he shot and nearly a killed alexandria police officer six years ago. once back out on the streets
6:28 pm
we've learned he was able t legally buy a firearm. only on news4 we'll tell you hoa this happene we'll tell you about the much bigger review under way of firearms records. up next, what investigators will be looking for in those black box recordersoprom the at havertys we know it's hard to get a good night's sleep... havertys mattress sale is here to help. with our wide selectio of top brands and our price match guarantee -- you can find the perfect mattress forone in the family. get free financing on tempur-pedic rc and foundation ses over $1,999.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. right now a 6:30 news4 has learned a man who shot an p alexandrice officer recently bought a gun legally. >> it's a development that h shocked his victim and the prosecutor. the news has triggered a
6:31 pm
comphensive review of the virginia state police do not call -- or selllist. onight in a story you'll see only on news4 julie carey digs into how this could happen. >> reporter: a sheaf bashir arrested last month charged with setting fires and possessing guns, at least two of them, along with suppressers. >> that's ba especially, you know, so soon after he gets released. >> that's peter laboy. in 2014 bashir was found not guilty by reason of insanity for shooting laboy ithe head. in 2017 a judge released him from the mental facility. and he was able to buy a gun. >> it's not good. >> i don't think there's any way to portray itth as otherwis
6:32 pm
a tragedy narrowly averted. gi>> reporter: we called va state police to find out how it coul happen they launched an investigation and found a human error was made. bashir's name was never added to the list of people barred from buying a guy. they g on to say, the virginia state police recognizes the severity of the situation and is taking the necessary steps to address the matter. >> of course i'moncerned it might occur in the future or there could be other similar cases in the same posture right now. >>ter: laboy thinks there should be consequences. >> i don't want to blame everybody in the statetolice but has to be a person that should be responsible for that. you know, h can they miss that? >> reporter: a state police spokeswoman tellse they're going back through all theire record to mure they have not missed any other defendants found not guilty by reason of
6:33 pm
insanity. this new case reveals anoiser strikinge, anyone found not guilty by reason of insanity who gets their hands on a gun is charged only with a misdemeanor. alexandria's prosecutor hoping to convince lawmakers to change that to a felony. growing safety concern about boeing's new 737 max 8 jets. tonight airlines in several countries have grounded that aircraft aer that ethiopia airlines crash. it is the second deadly crash involving that same kind of jet in less than six months. last october a lion air flight went down off the coast of endonesia killing everyone on board. rews of both planes struggled to maintain control and we know the pilots of both planes asked to return before they went todown. m costello explains what investigators hope to learn from the flight data reporteders. >> reporter: the data should have recorded hundreds of parameters o a data that
6:34 pm
flight but they're clearly going to be looking for any evidence that there was trim problem. in other words, atruggle to keep the plane level because that's exactly the lion air issue. so if they find there is a trim issue on this ethiopian plane s like there ce were in lion air, there would be a common threart staing to materialize that would cause a lot of concern about thelol fleet. >> look for more of tom's reporting onws nbc "nightly at 7:00. right now a march for better schools for childrenn maryland, dozens of buses have been arriving here over the past two hours at the navy marine core memorial stadium. students, parents and teachers are walkg to the capitol right now demanding more funding for schools. students in prince george's county got out of class today to head to annapolis for
6:35 pm
that rally. a majority of the $1 billion being proposed would go towards liprince george's county p schools. tracee wilkins with what's at stake for the future of you child. >> a penny is worth what? reporter: today in class the kids are learning about money. >> aime is worth -- >> reporter: the makeup of the second grade class is a good example of what sdents look like. 86% hispanic, 11% are black. a majority of the ks here live below the poverty line. in many school distrilkctdirict property value means less money. >> i don't think it should make a difference where my child lives, everyone should get an equal education. >> reporter: nearly 20 years ago maryland worked to change how the schools are funded with the thornton plan. >> pushing money towards
6:36 pm
students who are in concentrated poverty areas, pushing money towards sdents who have special needs. >> reporter: now a new commission is reevaluating equitable funding. and demonstrators are heading to make sure its recommendations are passed. passing the bill will mean millions for public educationac ss the state, $50 million for prince george alone. >>t'about academy achievement for all students it doesn't matter thede zip area or background. >> reporter: the hope is it will add up for these kids. these are parents, students and advocates who are trying to get portions of the plan passed immediately, as in week. the house votes tonight, if it passes the house it's onto the senate later this week. i'm tracee wilkins news4. > still t come tonight, a d.c. couple grateful for love and for life.
6:37 pm
>> there was no perfect before. >> tno. >>re's no perfect now. >> right. >> we had a beautiful life before, we have a beautiful life now. >> abby and tc maslin sharing the story how they rebuilt their relationship after he suffered a traumatic b injury. new concern this evening about the dramatic rise in illnesses among children who aro getting vaccinated and it's not just the measles. 60s from d.c. to the south, coolero the rth, in the 40s. the cooler air wins out again tomorrow. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler. we'll talk about the forecast forhen you
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news4 working for your health. this year is now on pace to be the worst for measles cases in more than 15 year ps p right now washington state, new york, new jersey, illinois and texas are all experiencing outbreaks. the centers for disease control
6:40 pm
says it's alarmed by the first case of tetanus in a child in more than 3 years. an unvaccinated 6-year-old boy in oregon nearly died afterhe contracting preventable disease. coming up next on nbc "nightly news," joe fryer looks at both illnesses and what the surgeon general is saying about the need for vaccines. that's at 7:00 here on nbc 4. new major traffic changes to the memorial bridge, three of six lanes have been shut down for months now crews further reduce the number ofpen lanes every night. only one lane will be open0 between 9n the evening and 5:00 in the morning. the closures allow workers to install a new surface on the bridge. they'll be in effect until the fall. a local couple ospening up about their long road back together from a traumatic brain injury. >> the hopes what has kept us working to tirelessly over all these years.
6:41 pm
>> up next my conversation with abby and tc maslin, theirmo lif than six years after his attack and what their family -- attack and what their family -- whatot their family throug gh hi, i'm jeff. attack and what their family -- whatot their family throug gh in johnsonville commercial we open up in the forest. i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast.of and al sudden, raccoon come up and asked me, "are those bigger patties?" i said, "yep."wolf com, "wow, that's a lot of sausage." and we had a good laugh about that. (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties. fits on a biscuit. ♪ ♪
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a young couple's relationship tested after aol t robbery more than six years ago in d.c. tc maslin suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him unable to walk or talk after the attack his wife faced the challenge of caring for a man who seemed like a str many ways. it's been a long recovery. one f that' from over but it has made both of them atincrediy ul for love and life.
6:44 pm
>> good luck with that. >> reporter: if you saw them walking down the street together you might think what a beautiful family. >> you'd be right. but there is so much more to this family's story thanthat. police are working on a time line in that beating case of an man o capitol hill. >> reporter: six and a half years ago tc maslin was attacked and robbed as he walked home to capitol hill after a nats game his skull was shattered by a baseball bat a traumatic brain inju that nearly killed him but instead left him unable t talk or read or use the right side of his body. our hearts ached for this young his family. >> i think i'm really doing a lot better. >> we met abby and tc maslin about six month later. his hospital stay was over and abby left her teaching job behind to take charge of tc's medical care and their 2-year-old son jack.
6:45 pm
it wasin overwhe but they were determined. this is tc maslin today. >> the injury itself is always not -- it's not always evident to people. it's sort of a -- what's the term i was trying to say. >> it's invisible. >> an invisible injury, right because you wouldn't see me walking down the street but you sit with me and listen to me long enough you might catch it eventually. >> after years of therapy and intensive effort he's back at work at his former position as annvironmental analyst, a huge victory. his first goal was reading to hi son. >> i saw the value of having a son, having my wife, having my health. and i just kept my eyes on the prize of getting back to that. >> reporter: and abby wasight there with him. >> if i hadn't kept the idea in my heartwa that thi possible,
6:46 pm
i don't know that we would be here. i think the hope is whatas tirelessly ing so over all these years. >> reporter: theiranon was impo to recovery, too. >> jack has been a light throughout the entirejourney. he was the constant reminder that life goes on, that life is vibrant, that there is light in the world ding the really, really dark days. >> reporter: jack's an energetic 8-year-old now who looks just like his dad. and he has ain cha little sister now. row see is 2.5. the maslins are living back in their old capitol hill teachingood, abby is at the elementary school she left years ago and she's written a book about their experience. >> this is a book about brain injury but it's for anybody who had to reinvent their life at one point, who had a plan or vision for how things might go. and then needed to look at theg
6:47 pm
world threw eyes. >> reporter: abby describes the terrible shock of tc's injury, the pain of the long recovery and the emotional journey for all all on them the book is called love y hard, something tc said when he couldn't find theight word. >> tc's broken language has punctured the hea of the matter. love is hard. ihere's no way i can save this marriage i keep comparing tc to the person we both lost. it is time to stop sitting submerged in my grief and start concurring it instead. and if i can find a way to general winly aprofoundly love the new tc, i'll have done more than save my maiage, i'll have transformed myself in the process. >> how do you feel about reading that outloud? saying it out loud? >> it's stilltrue. it will always be true. >> it's beautiful.'s beautiful, yeah.
6:48 pm
>> i just love you that much. >> i know. >> i really do. >> abby is a beautiful writer and the maslins wouldel you their life is not back to normal. it's more like aew normal. tc's health challenges continue and the future i unpredictable with a traumatic brain injury. but they've lived with the unknown so long they can face it together without fear. abby's book hits shelves tomorrow, she'll be on a book tour throughout our area. weosd a complete list of her signings on our website. >> how bssed are their kids to have them as parents. >> as role yedels, >> just amazing. >> they are incredible. e's got the -- the whole family has an inspiring story to tell. >> did we see sun this afte>oon, doug? yeah, we saw sun now. clouds through parts of the
6:49 pm
area. the clouds shifting on down to the south now. they'll continue to do that, and that means for us we're looking at clear skies tonight and cooler conditions tomorrow rightnow, there it is, plenty of sunshine, bright blue skies. don't you love this. two days ago the sun was down but because o daylight savings tome we are seeing the sunset after 7:00 ght. we love this time of year when we see the sunsetse a litt later. 57 right now. dropping down to thes 40 by 11:00. it's going to be a cool night and chilly start to the day. all in all, very nice out there for our monday, a great way to start the work week. look at storm team 4 radar, not much you can see a little bit above the banner here, shower activity trying to move down. associated with a trough of low pressure trying to make its way throug this moves through the area tonight, maybe some cloud cover but it's goingo helpo bring
6:50 pm
in high pressure and cooler air during the day tomorrow. big storms down to the south, severe weather down around georgia, just to the south of the macon area. colder air makes its way into he rrow morning, 39 at the bus top, 31 in gaithersburg, 32 in leesburg, right around the freezing mark back towards the so getting out the door tomorrow for the bus stop, 39 chilly conditions. kids need the jackets tomorrow where they may not he needed them today. 46 at recess, 10 to 20 mile an hour winds. picking up the kids around 51 ll degrees, s little on the breezy side but sunshine out there on your tuesday. 51 tomorrow. 56 on wednesday. and notice how we're going up in the right 67day with clouds. then we get to friday, 70% chan a of showerivity on
6:51 pm
friday if the showers come late enough, the cold front comes later we get into the pp er uand chance for thunder, not too strong. behind that we get cooler but ill nice for the weekend. 54 on saturday, 5 patty's day, that's going to be nice. on the cool side but not bad. next week, average temperature at bout 55, 56 so we'll be or below average just about the entire time but sunshine, 52, 53, we'll take dthat. ou know what, we'll be righ
6:52 pm
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the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car buying service, they're saving on new vehicles, and enjoying loan rates as low as 1.49% apr. all because they're penfed members. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at [music] >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. wizards taking on the kings tonight at capitol h one arena. >> before we get to that, what's going on with the redski. >> for the wizards this the
6:55 pm
final push 16 games left. but the redskins making a push, tonight we're learning the redskins are signing landon collins to a six year $84 million deal. but that won't be official until wednesday. so who is this new $84 million man? landon collins was a first team allro selection back in 2016. that's a big deal around here considering the redskins haven't had one since 1996, a three-time pro bowler drafted alabama. and collins gw up in louisiana but a huge fan of eae late s taylor. so much so s hed before he was drafted by the giants that playing for the redskins was hi. drea that's a dream coming true. as one play maker is coming, another leaving. jameson crowder will sign with the new york jets, three years and $28.5 million, he wasdr
6:56 pm
eated in the fourth round back in 2015, led them in yards and reptions two seasons ago butev missed games last year injury. ankle and one other note former redskins wide receiver, deseanbe jackson wilraded back to philadelphia. here the wizards getting ready theyke on the kings, that need a win if they want to keep a playoff push even possible. ine currently on a two-game los streak, and a four games out of that last st in the east. tonight taking on the kings, also four games out of the playoffs in the west. s theeason hasn't gone the way the wizards wanted to, still plentyf opportunities for players to improve for the future, even a seasoned star, bradley beal, has beenatching coach scott brook's eye this season. >> he's really developed this year a lot in a lot of different areas, his leadership, ball
6:57 pm
handling, play making, i didn't think he could improve this much but he's getting better every yet now. we wano keep fighting, challenging. i expect the guys to come out tonight with a lot of passion and play well on our home floor. >> headed to the college ranks congratulations to tony bennett named coach of the year today. the cavaliers have a 28-2 record. the cavs are the top seed in this week's acc tournament and begin play on thursday againste er nc state or clemson. switching to the least surprising news item of the uda, can say, nationals pitcher x scherzer has been named starter against the metz for opening day. the managert making t announcement this afternoon. couple weeks left of spring training.
6:58 pm
today max scherzer on the mound as the nats take on the cardinals. great play by one of the he had a gold glove in 2017 you y.e scherzer goes five and a third toda his longest outing,ki stri out 2, giving up six hits and three earned runs. hehe takes loss as the nats fall 3-2. >> there in the fifth open up, emptying the tank. physicallyetting use to that and i still hadseven, eight pitches left, dave have you wanted me to go out, i wanted to go out and push that pitch count through. it's an important number to hit. >> opening day that will be max scherzer's fourth time on the mound. >> opening day won't be long. we got it all in there. >> things are looking up. >> they are. >> sherree, thankso much.
6:59 pm
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bws tonight, growing pressure on the faa over whether to follow other countries and newest boeing's plane after the second one in less than five months struggles to stayn the air and plunges to earth, killing all aboard. >> of course the big question here people want to know is what caused it. >> tonight, what airlines here are saying as the black boxes are found. also breaking tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi says she is not for impeaching president trump, why she says she's against it even as some in her party demand it now. the biggest cocaine bust in 25 years, how the feds intercepted it as they warn it's a sign of a dangerous comeba. the measles outbreak spreads again as doctors again urge parents to get their
7:01 pm
children vac


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