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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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i can customize each line for soeach family member?e yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. customize each line and choose to pay by the gig or getunlimited. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. and since xfinity mobile comes with xfinity internet, you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. now at 11:00. >> we can do better. >> teachers, parents and students by the thousands flooding maryland's capital tonight. >> we need money to fix our schools. >> it's one of the most
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sophisticated, best-selling planes in the world. tonight boeing facing some serious safety questions. >> it's the second time this type of plane crashed in less than five months, but experts say it's still safe tofly. what you need to know if you're booked on one. >> and the futurs of the a in one local community is in jeopardy. >> the arts is my life. >> it would really destroy the arts community. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> we begin tonight with an s impressine from chopper4. thousands of people marching across marand's capit demanding more money for schools. >> at stake, d $1 billion, significant portion of that pot would go toward prince george's coublic schools. tonight news 4's jackie benson hearing from teachers, parents and students about their passiona plea for funding. >> reporter: they marched toward the state house in annapolis by the thousands.
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teachers, parents and students from every corner of the state, their goal, equitable funding for all 24 public school districts in maryland. among the speakers, county mark elrich. >> the state can't pretend we're adequately funding education en each county has to rest on its own tax receipts. it's not far:. >> reportudent speaker andrea chavez of oxon hill high school drew wild applause for an enthusiastic speech that included a well-received catch phrase. >> the numr of the students receiving special education services has only increased noticeably. we need to increase funding supporting these students w because right 's not enough. maryland, we can do better. >> it was a blessing to be here because i need to get my point across, which means why are we so uer funded?
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we need our resources. >>eporter: one group of teachers drove from frost berg, maryland. it took them over three hours to get here, but they iaid they fe was important to do so. in annapolis, jackie benson,. news >> tonight investigators are analyzing two flight data recorders pulled from the wreckage of the ethiopian airplane that crashed over the weekend. many questions remain unanswered, but nbc's sarahin harman exp the clues those recorders may reveal. >> reporter: the faa and thesb re both on-site now assisting with the investigation. d now that the plane's black boxes have been found, the real work begins, piecing together the last minutes on board this plane to try and find out why a new boeing flown by an experienced pilot crashed just a few minutes after take off. >> the data recorders will have prior ot's communication
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to the accident and they'll record all aspects of the aircraft's flightrf mance. there will be evidence on compents as well such as engines. that wide diversity of data is exactly what is needed to pinpoint what may have led to this tragic accident. >> reporter: tonight we are also learning more about the victims. there were 157 people on board. among them, eig americans and more than 3 kenyans. the make and model of this plane, a boeing 737 max 8 is coming in for scrutiny now. it's the same make and model as the plane involved in arevious cras in indonesia less than six months ago. that disaster also killed everyonear on tonight, some countries choosing to suspend this plane temporarily rather than run any risks. indonesia and china as well as etavopian airlines said they'll ground the boeing 737
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max 8. sarah harman, nbc news, nairobi. >> and that deadly crash is hitting close to home. three of the victims have ties to our area. cederic was a thi year law student at georgetown. he mentored younger students and about social justice for refugees fleeing climate change. max atkins worked for the world bank which h isd quartered here in d.c. and the pilot of the plane had ties toorthern virginia. yared's family says he logged 8,000 hours in the air. they released a statement saying they are, quote, incredibly proud of his achievements. the plane that cshed is part of boeing's newest fleet of 737s. >> they are very popular planes, so chances are good you'll eventually find yourself on one. news 4's leon harris working for you tonight wit questions you may have if you're
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flying soon. leon? >> well, jim, we w tt give you guys -- folks here a livee look at light site. showing a of the 737 max 8 aircraft in the u.s.. the faa says there are more than 300 of theseets i operation worldwide. china and indonesia have grounded the jets in their territories. however, they are still flying this aircraft here in the u.s., as you just saw on the screen. southwest and american airlines both have this aircraft.hw sot tells news 4 it has 24 in the fleet. we spotted one taking off at bwi. they are monitoring the investigation in ethiopia and they have full confidence in the aircraft they are using here. if you have an upcoming flight hat type ant to know of aircraft you're flying to give yourself a little more peace of mind, go to yourrl e's website and click on flight details, then click your flight number.ou therean reed everything
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you need to know about your aircraft. now, if you fl unsafe flying one of these aircraft, you can always choose to not get on that plane, but be aware, neither airline has cmitted to changing its flight cancellation in light of all this.m, ack over to you. >> leon, thank you. ga gaithersburg family ing through an awful lot. two tragedies in two years. firsig two brothers in dreams to become professional soccer players are deported. now their sister isrying to figure out what to do next after losing everything in a fire at her gaithersburg apartment complex last iday. today she told alberto pimiento from telemundosn 44, she d know how much more she can take. >> reporter: as if it wasn't enough, the familyot facing r tragedy. her husband and her son now living in a hotel. >> i'm feeling so sad, like broken because we lost our home.
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>> reporter: these flames changing herife again. >> it's my second tragedy that i had in the past few years. >> reporter: her brothers ee sandro and diego were deported to el salvador in ey17. came with fraudulent documents. they asked the government to no avail to let them stay because they didn't know the documents were fake. r family now separated. >> when my husband called me and told me that a ourrtment was getting on fire, i started driving and asking god, why, whe this hapning to me agai >> reporter: fatima is also aca recipient. she lives in an immigration limbo, uncertain what will happen to her status. when asked, she remains strong. >> i thank god that he will give us what he wants. >> reporter: in the midst of adversity, hope remains. in gaithersburg, alberto, 4 news >> tonight doctors are pleading
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with parents to have their childr vaccinated because measles cases are on the rise. in the past week that number jumped from 206 to 228. in 12 states. no casesave been reported in our area yet. last month, two passengers on an international flight to san francisco got measles from a itraveler who had pickedt up in another country. the cdc says it's also alarmed by t first case of tetanus in a child inn ore in more than 30 years. local artsrograms could take a big hit if arlington's proposed budget cuts become a reality, and the community there is worried. >> news 4's shomari stone tonight saw how oncor stage a studio is rallying its troupe to try and stay afloat. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the arts is my life. the arts is probay hannah's life. >> reporter: emily and her best friend hannah jermaine like to
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perform at encore studio in arlington, virginia. >> i love singing and dancing and i love encore. >> hello, my dear. >> i love acting and the experience of singing. >> this is a pretty devastating cut to the arts. 't>> reporter: but they dove the 2020 proposed budget cuts to the arts in arlington county. encore officials say it totals about half a million dollars. cutting staff positions, such as scene shot, costume shop, and most of the technical support programs. t would really destroy the arts community because these are relatively large cuts for a small progra but, the small programndffects thou and thousands of children and citizens each year. away like something this from children in arlington is absolutely lamentable. >> we love encore so much, i on't want them to cut thi down. i want to do anything to stop this. >> reporter: arlington county board members are expected to discuss the budge during their
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meeting later this week. in arlington, shomari stone, news 4. >> also next at 11:00, a d.c. couple rebuilds their relationship fm the ground up after a life-changing tragedy. >> life holds a lot of surprises. and while we're in control of a lot, there isstill t fraction that we can't account for. and that fractio can be non
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ht the story of a young couple's relationship tested after a violent robbery more than six years ago in d.c. d.c. man suffered a brain injury that left him unable to walk or talk. after caring for a man who seemed like a strger inany ways, it's been a difficult journey, but they told me how this experience has made them both gratel for love and life. >> good luck with that. >> if you saw them walking down the street together, you might think, what a beautifulfamily. and you'd beright. but there is so much more to this family's story than that. >> police are working on a time line in that beating case of a man on capitol hill. >> 6 1/2 years ago, ma was attacked and robbed after walkg home from a nats game.
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his skull was shattered by a baseball bat. it nearly killed him, but instead left him unable to talk or reed or use thehi right sidef body. our hearts ached for this young father and his family. >> i thiy i rea am doing a lot better. >> we met t.c. ay a six months later. his hospital stay was over and abby had left her teaching job behind to take charge of t.c.'s medical care and intensive therapy and tolir 2-yea son jack. it was overwhelming, but theyre determined. >> there he is. >> hi. >> this is t.c. maslin today. >> the injury itself,t's not always evident to people. it's sor of -- what's the term i'm trying to say? >> invisible. >> invisible injury, right, because you wouldn't see melk g down the street. but if you listen t me long enough, you might catch it
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>> a years of therapy and intensive effort, he's back at work at his former position as an environmental analyst, ae h victory. hisas first goal just reading h to son. >> i saw the value of having a son, having my wife, having my health. and i just kept m eyes on prize of getting back to that. >> and abby was right there with him. >> if i hadn't kept the idea in my heart that this was possible, i don't know that we would be here. i think t hope is what has kept us working s tireles overall these years. >> their son was important to recovery too. >>yeah, jack has been a light throughout the entire journey. he was the constant reminder that life goeson, that life is vibrant, that there is light in the world during really, really
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darkays. >> jack's an energetic 8-year-old right now who looks just like his dad. and he has a charming little sister now, ros is 2 1/2, sharing smiles and joy in abundanc the maslins are living back in their old capitol hill neighborhood. abby is teaching at the se elementary school she left years ago. and she's written a bookei abou experience. >> this is a book about brain injury, but it's a book for tanybody who had reinvent their life at one point, who had a plan or a vision f how things might go, and then needed to look at the world through new eyes. >> abby describes the terrible shock of t.c.'s injury, the pain of the long ryreco but especially the emotional journey for all of them. abby's book is called "love youi hard," som t.c. said to her when he couldn't find the right word. >> i look into his eyes stunned to silence. t.c.'s broken language has puncred the heart of the matter. love is hard.
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there's no way i can save this marriage if i keep comparing t.c. to the person we both lost. it is time to stop sitting submerged in my grief and start conquering it instead. and if i can find a way to genuinely and profoundly love use new t.c., i'll have done more than jt saved my marriage. i'll have transformed myself in the process. >> how do you feel readingt th ud? saying that out loud? >> it's still true. it will always be true. >> it's beautiful. it is beautiful, yeah. >> i just love you that much, i really do. >> life is not backo normal for the maslins. more like a new normal. t.c.'s health challenges continues and it's unpredictable with a traumatic brain injury. but they've lived with the unknown for so long now that they can face it without fearge er. abby's book "love you hard" hits store shelves tomorrow.
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she'll be on several stops in our area and we've post aid complete list on our website. a good read. >> what an inspirational story. the kids for the rest of their lives. r indeed. what ae model, two role models that they have. >> all right, doug. cool start to the day is that right? >> yeah, you know, i think a lot colder than today. today we saw a great day. 62, some sunshine out there. it was beautiful. >> and day lalight at the end o. >> we got of news at 7:00, it was sunny. it wasn't that nice toda as we look out the next couple of days we do have some changes out there. first off, the winds of change, they are blowing in here. this is chopper4 over the area. laurel seeing a windy night. that's for sure. the wind really starting to pick up. a trough made its way treough behind it, the wind bringing in some cooler numbers, but not quite yet. right now it's just on the windy side. current temperature 54. winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. b
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a littl in the way of higher gusts. eventually that wind is going to bring in warmer - those cooler temperatures. but right now still pretty nice, at least for this time of night. 44, one of the cool spots in fredericksburg,anassas as well. tomorrow you'll wake up to numbers in the 30s. it is going to be a chilly night -- chilly start to the day when you wake up tuesday. not much in the way of rain out there. notice what we have here. see this area? that's the trough that continues to push on through. so behind that is where the cold air is you can see it here, too. you can actually see the cloud cover from it, right there. that's the trough moving through and the colder air will start to filtern in re. the wider view picking up a little bit earlier. actually brought some snow showers, lake effect towards new york. another bigger system down to the south bringing severe weather to parts of georgia. for us it's the cooler weather that follows this trough makino its way t here. tomorrow at the bus stop, chilly in the city. rkny of you close to the freezing especially in the western zones. 46 degrees at recess. 10 to 20 le an hourwinds. it will be a little on the breezy side.
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not too windy, but eezy. that will still put wind chills in the day for most of us. sunny by the pime we'reking up the kids, 50, 51 degrees. that's looking okay for tomorrow afternoon. not a bad day tomorrow, but not nearly as warm as it was today. 51 was the high in d.c. 52 in culpepper, fredericksburg. in the north in the 40s. wind cll will be in the 30s most of the day. jacket definitely needed as you make your way o and about tuesday. temperatures a little cooler in the morning. 36 for a low in d.c., 56 for a thigh. look arsday and friday. temperatures really rebounding. 67 on thursday, 69 degrees on friday. 70% chance of showers, butso mae thunder depending on what time this frontal boundary moves through. that front will usher in colder airaturday. saint patrick's day a cool 52 degrees, but you won't be able to feel heit, green stuff you'll drinking will be fine.
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all next week cool for thi time year, it's on the cool side. 50s and sun. we would have been begging for that in january. >> you got that right. that looks pretty good to me. thank you, doug. >> coming up, the wizards, dboy dihey need this one. conquer the ngs. plus the redskins make a hug splash before free agency even
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>> announcer: this is the xfity sports desk. >> wizards at home tonight. let's face , from here on out they need every one. >> yes, 15 games left after tonight and really, they need tl win of them if possible. i mean, the wizards have had their ups and downs. even with only a month left in the regular season, they aren't out of the pyoffpicture. tonight they hosted a team in a similar position in the west, hoping to sneak into the top eight and make a postseason appearance. the sacramento kings. not really sure what this kid was eating at th game, but it looks good. hopefully it was popcorn because bradley ble putting on a show. fourth quarter wiz comes away with a steal. beale getting everyone on their feet. lead.ake a four-poin
11:25 pm
later it's back to a two-point lead. beale to thomas sataranski. giving the wizards a five-point lead. the kings not going away. der a minute to go. beale with the ball drive, puts it up a in. a tough bucket forbe e. game high 27 for brad. 13 of those in the fourth quarter. wizards snapped their t-game skid. they beat the kings 121-115. all right. nfl teams and free acts got a head start on the new year. 4wednesday at0 p.m. is when all the trades made in the last few weeks become official. today a busy one around the league includingin the redsk picking up a crucial player. the team agreeing to a deal with safety landon collins. according to reports, it's a six-year $84 million deal. collins comes over from the rival giants and he's a stud. a first team all-pro in 2016.
11:26 pm
pro bowler, let new york inll tackles a four seasons he was there. the former alabama sta grew up idolizin the late sean taylor and said before he was drafted that playing for the burgundy and gold was his drea the dream comes true for collins and a lot of redskins fans tonight. and the redskins saying good-bye to a wide receiver jamieson crowder who agreed to siith the jets, according to reports. the deal is reportedly for three years and $28.5 million. crowder was drafted byhe redskins in the fourth round in 2015. led the team in yards and receptions two seasons ago, b missed seven games last season with an ankle inj oy. and sther big news in the division. deshaun jackson leaving the bucks and heading back to the eagles. jackson had been in tampa for the l two seasons but grew w frustrith his role and wanted out. of course, remember deshaun and his three seasons with the tdskins. he w for over 1,000 yards receiving in two of them.
11:27 pm
now jackson traded backhe to wre he spent his first six seasons, the eagles, sending a 6th round picko the bucks for a wide receiver. free agency still going on in sebaball. the orioles saying good-bye to one of their leaders. adam jones agreeg to a one year $3 mileal with the diamondbacks. jones had been with the o's since 2008, a fan favorite, the 33-year-old not a part of their rebuilding plan. they have a new manager even, too, so it's t goingbe a new look for the baltimore orioles it has to be better than it was st year. >> all
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right now memorial bridge is down to just one lane, folks. this is going to cause issues for drivers overnight until the fall. until then, one lane will we open b 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 in the morning. the park service tells use ther will a worker stationed there every night flagging folks down through construction zone. now, the closures allow workers to install a new surface on the bridge. >> a boy in texas is thanking his twitter followers for boosting business at his family's donut op. he posted about his dad, saying he was sad becauseon no was coming into the shop. neighbors started showing up in droves. the doughnuts started flying off the shelves. less than a day, and more than
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270,000 retweets later, the store's inventory cpletely sold out. >> that's now i'm craving a donut. eight me, too. where can we get one at this hour? hour? >> ♪ not all water is created equal. there are over 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth. but only one billionth of one per cent is filtered naturally beneath the earth, with a distinct balance of minerals, and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park®. deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ricky gervais,


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