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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 12, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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weather. >> i need some of the lamb weather. >> we need some of that. >> it's almos 5:00. >> are we done with the snow? let's hope so. lissa mollet will check on your commute. we turn things over to chuck bell, who will say, we can probably get snow in april, right? >> honestly, i don't -- technically, yes. our latet measura snow, two inches is in early april. that being said, i really -- our ten-day forecast is not one favorable for tsnow. ant gets us up to the 21st or so of march. and i think the opportunities for getting mornow are quickly fating away. four tngs to know, bundle up a bit, on the way out the door. you might want to put your wool hat on. steve breeze. and friday, the only day out of the next ten that lks like it will be on the rainy side. windchills, feels like 27 in to hage and winchester. it feels like the freezing mark
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for most of the suburbs. you'll notice the chill here morning. look at that. clear skies and sunshine all the wa through the day today. afternoon highs will recover in the 40s to 50 degrees. that wind out of the northwest ll be with usll day long. we will talk about milder weather coming up. in beltsville. this where aimee cho is for us in a couple of minutes. route 1, powder mill ad. northbound and southbound. we had everything shut down because of a structure fire. that's cleared out of the way. mapan see delays on the with the purple 395 southbound 95, betweenhe pentagon and glebe road. work zone, with one lane getting by. inner loop and outer loop, no yi sues. and 0, northbound, southbound, you're at speed. eun? >> thank you. as melissa mentioned, eere's police and fir activity on route 1 in beltsville.
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>> aimee cho is live there for us. what's the situation? >> eun, aaron, good morning. baltimore avenue reopened two minutes ago. that's good ns for drivers. a building fire that broke out, i want to step out o the way and give you guys an idea of where we are. this is baltimore avenu between powder mill road and prince george's avenue. the fire department says the fire is under control. there's a lot of homes right around the corner. good news they were able to contain the fire so quickly and keep it from spreading. ain, baltimore avenue, between powder mill road and prince george's avenue, justre ened. good news for any drivers who have to head in this direction. >> aimee cho. thank you. developing this morning, we're working to learn more about two crashes in montgomery county. >> one of those crashes involved a motorcycle in seneca creek and a search for the driver.
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we are trying to lea more about this crash. the motorcycle was found in the water off of darnestown road. we'll update you when we learn information. this car was completely destroyed. the car somehow rolled over at clopper road south of long draft road. the driver was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. no word on what caused that crash. we're learning more about the ethiopian airlines crash. >> here's the latest on the investigation. u.s. aviation experts have ar arrived to be of a team to investigation the crash near ethiopia's capital. the eing 737 max 8 took off route to nairobi, kenya.s a witnessaw smoke coming from the plane before it exploded and killed 157 peopl the plane's black boxes were recovered yesterday.
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airlines temporarily grounded the max 8 jetliners.fa the says the u.s. can fly the jet model.we >>e learned the names of three of the americans who were killed on that flight. antoine lewis is from illinois. melvin and bennett rifle are from california. three other victims have ties to this area. max edkins was a for the group's collect for climate program. cedric asiavugwa was a third-year lawtudent at georgetown. he was passionate about social justice or refugees fleeing climate change. and the airline chief executive said the pilot had an excellent record and logged 8,000 hours in the air. the family released a statement
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saying t achievements.f his this morning, we're learning about a mother of two that was killed in a fiery crash on saturday morning. the 57-year-old was driving when her car crashed inte other cars and caught fire. we brought you the breaking news over the weekend. she was a physician's assistant. she committed from rockville from work. while the cae of that crash is der investigation. her husband does not believe she was driving the wrong way. >> somebody hit her from behind and she started she is surved by her two children who have autism. developing this morning, "the new york times" is reporting that the new york attorney general has opened an investigation into trump projects. cory smith is at the lhee desk
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withatest. cory, good morning. aaron, good morning. all this was prompted by michael cohen's congressional testimony mpst month. he's president t former cohen ied that mr. trump had inflated his assets and financial statements. cohen provided copies of statements he said were submitted to deutsche bank. the u.s. attorney general's office issued subpoenas to deutsche bank. they are also looking at a failed effort by trump to buy the buffalo bills in 2014. "the tim" is crediting an unnamed source on the subpoenas. this is a civil matter, not a criminal investigation. but the exact focus ane are unclear this morning. back to you, aaron. >> all right. cory, thank you. let's look at the scene from maryland. in thousands marched to the capitol in annapolis, to demand more mohoy for scs.
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>> there's $1 billion at stake and a significant portion of tho money would to prince george's county public schools. justin finch is live this morning with how that money would be used in the county. go morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. should this prose posal pass, it ould mean tens of millions of dollars forschools. as much as $50 million money that many say is lon overdue. that's what energized the march we saw yesterday in annapolis' march for our schools rally again. hechopper 4 over scene yesterday. you'll see thousands of educators, students and parents an supporters, too, wearing red for education and pssing state lawmakers to fund public education. so, right now, under consideratio that billion-dollar proposal, that has support from democrats. over twoyears, it would expand pre-k programs and give teacher ises, as well as incentivize
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talented educators here in prince george's county. hope, too, that money will go to improving where children learn, as well. >> we need money to fix our schools. our schools are fallingapart. a lot of them are back to 1980. we really need new schools. we need a lot of new schools. >> well, here in maryland, we know that governor hogan has supported increasing state funding for schools. but with some conditions that democrats dongr always to. ut here, at this day, educators, parents, students saying, too, if money does not come soon, it will maryland to correct itself in terms of improving education across the state. we're live in hyattsville. i'm justin finch, news 4. 5:08. and an investigation into lhether jack evans abused his position for perso gain appears to be widening. the d.c. mayor would not say if she would support evans if he ran for re-election.
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he is among local politiciansei that has rd a southbound for the investigation. the entire d.c.ouncil has bee southbounded. evans has been a strong ally of the mayor. yesterday, when news 4 caught up with mayor bowser, she had this to say. >> it's way early to talk about re-elections and electeans from last we're just getting over the last one. i have worked closely with jack over the years, not just in my role as mayor. but as a member of council. i have very high expecs for all officials in the government. but most importantly, i like to let the legal process evolve and get handled and get done. wh evans has apologized fo he called major mistakes but has insisted he's doing nothing illegal. the coast guard officer that is accused of planning i
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an attack thluded lawmakers and members of the media, has pled not guilty to charges. christopher hasson is a self-described white nationalist and domestic terrorists. investigators found 15 firearms and 1,000 rounds of ammunition at his apartment. he faces 30 years in prison if convicted on all charges. also bk in court, the lawyers for jarrod ramos. he is accused of killing five people in "the capital gazette" offices. before making the decision, his legal team asked the to force prosecutors to share more information about the charges ramos faces. the judge denied that request. ramos has until friday to change his plea. one of the biggest drug busts in decades was made at
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portewark. this is cell phone video showing agents about to unload 1000 pounds of cocaine. that bust was mait after auths found it hidden in a shipping container of dried fruit. this was the biggest drug bus since 1994. back then, 6,600 pounds of cocaine was found at the same port. you may have seen this video and it is sparking outrage. it shows a cancer patient's room being raided by officers. innorman says officers com when he was tryingo sleep. they reportey had gotten complaints from a security guard saying hell sme marijuana outside of the room. he said he had taken thc oil ts ouide of the hospital to help him sleep. he is battling stage 4 cancer if and is in end e care. the hospital later apologized to
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him and his family. right now, millions of lgbtq americans can be fired because of their sexual orientation. >> we're looking at the law proposed that would change that. plus, wild weather hitting cities around the world. we're showing you the footage, next. chuck? all right. bright sunshine comir way for today. car washing forecast, you bet. not only dry today but for a couple more days. the ross spring dress event is here- ynally! so you can s to the biggest selection of the season. yes! 6 seriously, 20 topercent off department store prices!
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. you're watching news 4 today. >> 5:14 right now. tomorrow, democrats are expected toca introduce a biled the equality act.
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it would modify civil rights legislation to ban discrimination against lesbian, guy and transgender people. there's been bills introduced before but never agreed upon by thsenate. lgbtq advocates say protections vary across the country and the bill would change that. >> it would ensure that lgbtq people around the cowould have a remedy. if they're fired because a person is transgender, there's a remedy they can go to court. >> right now, h fewer thanf of states explicitly prohibit discrimination for orientation and gender identit you can see the floodwaters ravaging streets and parking lots in brazil.te
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firefi had been rescuing people in boats. look at this dash cam video out of germany. it is when some roofing fell on to a car.g drivin stormy weather. two people were inside the car but unharmed. the stormy weather caused issues including delays with r travel. >> first of all, the fact that a lot of times in germany and russia, people have these cameras o thedashboards. so, we see this incredible video of wind like that. >> look at this. >> and they pull out from under that roof. >> that person iserylucky because some of that material could have come crashing through the windshield. chuck, at least itr cal here, huh? >> proof that luck counts. >> i'm evidence of that.ld >> i w rather be lucky than good. >> tre you go. >> for us, weather-wise, our warm weather, eat's coming back. >> you promise? >> i promise. it's coming. the transition to spring is well under way.
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today's a tiny little step backwards before some big steps forward come our oway, thursday and friday. right now, it a chilly one. 42 in washington. northwest winds, stillos averagg to 15 miles per hour. so, windchills are in the mid-30sround town. windchills are below freezing now, for most of the shenandoah valley until parts of maryland. put your warm coat on thisrn g. it will be a bright and nnsuy day but breezy and chilly.oo afte temperatures will come up to about 50 degrees or so. today's high, right around 51. but really, the issue today is going to be the wind. for torrow, a whole lot less wind and still plenty of sunshine. so, 51 today, with the breeze. 56 tomorrow. that will feel nicer. can get a complete check of our nbc washington, storm team 4 forecast on our nbc washington app. you find and following me there on our social media pages.
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our big t weathermaker iss one across parts of arizona and sofohern caia. that's our next chance for rain rolling in here on friday. good news is, the pattern favors it will be out of here in time for the weekend. futureweather, hardly a cloud to b found for today, tonight or most of tomorrow. i think high, thin clouds in t afternoon. here comes your thursday night, clouds thickening up. a chance forain moving in, just in time for the sun to come up on friday morning. m rain,t of the day on friday. you could have a rumble or two of thunder. friday night at 8:00, the of the end. by the time you wake up on saturday morning, most of the rain should be done withus. that will be nice, indeed. here's your five-day forecast. chilly and breezy today. plenty of sunshine for today and tomorrow. ouds thickening up during the day on friday. rain showers, maybe a rumble of thunder on friday. saturday back to wheree are today, sunny, breezy and chilly. now, let's go to traffic and
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melissa. >> looking at beltsville, route 1. this is where aimee cho is for us this morning. the lanes were blocked because of a structure fire. we have cleared everything out of the way. arlington eastbound, work zone, sounds like it's clearing but is there for the moment. n alexandria,orthbound 395, the ramp to the express lanes. inner looper and out loop of the beltway, no issues right now, through prince george's looking good here. and nice and green, 270 northbound and southbound. a big congrats in order for matt walsh. matt won the mr. gaithersburg contest on friday. that's one of my old high school. i was one of four judere's. i interviewed the contestants and watched their skits. heard letters they wrote to their families and watched the psa they each produced. they have been holding that contest since the m '80s.
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a lot and lots of fun there. >> thank you. >> okay. a lot going on. a moment we all you have an event you're going to and you don't know what to wear. >> nothing in you closet seems to work. coming up, how a new business may be the answer you're looking for. later today on "ellen," colin farrell stops by. a challenge of wau can make an ence member look more like a clown in a minute. check out the show today on nbc 4 at 3:00.nd stick aror news 4 at 4:00. stick aror news 4 at 4:00. 5:20, yo
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back at 5:23. from galas to dinner parties and all of the fancy events you have to go to, aaron. almost every day, most of us t scramb find what to wear to events. >> i wear basketball >> i can't imagine you in basketball shorts. you wear a tito bed. susan hogan shows us how waservices like rent the r
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are giving people maketeers. >> reporr: "vogue," "in style" "glamour." we love the clothes, we just them.afford or can we? >> this would cast about $900 to buy. >> reporter: this is rent the runway. and it's revolutionizing how we think about clothes. >> thesere everyday pieces. go for something like this for your next evenor it's awesomeaternity. we have everything for every step of the way. >> reporter: it's all affordable. choose from these two plans. s you four items per month for 89 bucks. or pay $159 for unlimited. then -- go in, pick out what you want -. scan and so, from everyday to maternity to even the big day. >> we have brides come in with their bridesmaids, with their s mothd future mothers-in-law.
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>> reporter: daniellsaid yes to a sparkly dress in georgetown. it allowed her to capture this moment with her da a quick option, a quick dance and a treasured mont. susan hogan, news 4. other similar services include gwynnie bee. armoire and mm.lafleur. why are you laughing at me? the main difference with these services, there's no actual store like rent the runway. >> i'm not laughing at you. i think it's interesting -- >> you're right. i have no idea what these thing are. this is stuff for women, right? is any of this for men? i'm not sure.f >>u do go for one of these choices, financial experts say the general rule of thumb is that your monthly clothing budget should comprise no more n % of your after-tax income.
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if you make $40,000 a year, your budget should be about $63 per o h. you can't pay $89 for rent the run way if you're making $40,000. >> you can rent ties and send them back. never wear the same tie twice. >> you guys should do a tie swap. >> i will take all of chuck's expensive ties. you can have this $20 job right here. coming up at 5:26, life-saving style. >> a pair of jeans keeping a man alive. how his denimimept from drowning while he was lost at sea. don't you worry, aaron. there's something on rent the runway for you. we'll get you a nice, full-length evening gowns. >> something sleeveless? >> exactly. four things he know about next couple of days. we're dry and breezy today.
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bright and sunny tomorrow. tracking a chance of rain and thunder for youray. us, boeing planes grounded after a deadly crash but they're flying here in the u.s. is your furniture ready to handle your kids dreams?
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news 4 today, starts now. >> right now, at 5:30, a live look outside as we start this tu'sday. lot cooler this morning than it was yesterday. be sure to grab an extra layer ybefore head outside. it's back to that winter weather. good morning, everyone >> i forgot my scarf this morning. i hadhe to pop collar and walk forward. >> you did that on purpose so you can pop the collar. the temperatures have droppe and we'll be seeing nine today. chuck bell is here with the forecast. we'll talk to melissa about the commute in first traffic i a second. what do you want toth start >> we're starting with temperatures this morning, as you mentioned, about five to ten degrees colder than we were at the same time yesterday. you'll notice thenge and the fact that the wind didn't go to bed last night and is blowing th morning. that's shaving a little bit of
5:31 am
a -- feels-like o factor of these numbers. temperatures are in the mid to upper 30in the western suburbs. low 40s in the i-95 corridor. but the northwest wind averaging 15 miles per hour, is taking a bite out of the plan on windchills down in the upper 20s and low 30s as you get the day going. windchill 23 in winchester. 30 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 35 the windchill in town. your planner, then, for today, bright and sunny, start to finish. but breezy and chilly all day, los well. the sun is not up until 7:24, down at 7:12 today. another sunny one for tomorrow. but rain chances are back before the week is through. your ten-day forecast coming up. melissa, good morning.d >> gmorning, chuck. alexandria, northbound 395, the ramp to the right side. a crash is blocked there. u can see 66 looking good. southbound on 95 after kwoquant,
5:32 am
a tiny delay. 67 miles per hour gets you there in 18 minutes. inbound on39 not terrible. just that initial problem we were talking about there, as far as a l bit of a slowdown. inner loop and utter loop of the beltway, rolling along nicely here thismorning. a live look, 270 at montrose road, southbound. main and local lanes rolling alongwell. >> devoping thismorning, we're learning more about a motorcycle crashme in mont county. search crews spent the night searching seneca creek, for the driver of the motorcycle. n see that here on your screen. the motorcycle was found in the water off darnestown road. we'll update you as we learn more. we learned new details about the americans killed in the ethiopian airlines plane crash. nbc news identified three of the eight people killed. the third victim is antoine lewis of illinois. we're working to confirm the entities of the five oth americans killed in sunday's
5:33 am
crash. the plane that crashed is eet off boeing's newest 737s. >> they are a popular plane. you might very well find yourself on one. cory smith has some questions ti answers yot want to know. >> airlines in mexico, brazil, ethiopia, china, and morocco have grounded the max 8 jetliners. they're flying in the u. southwest and american airlines have them. southwest has 34 in its fleet. american has 24. yesterday, chopper four spotted one of southwest's max 8 planes taking off from bwi. the companies say they are monitoring the crash in ethiopia and have full confidence in the omrcraft. if you have an ug flight and want to know what kind of n.aircraft you're flying o you can read everything you need to know about your aircraft.fe if you feel unlying in one
5:34 am
of those planes, you can choose not to go.r neitrline has changed its flight cancellation or refund policies in light of all of this. eun, back to you. >> cory, thank you. >> chopper 4 captured these images of massive crowdsss marching ac maryland's capital asking for money for schools. >> justin finch is live this morning with details on how thap can affence george's county schools. >> reporter: good morning. for,oo lo many say that maryland schools have been underfunded and that billion dollars cig make a difference, for university park elementary here. that's partly what motivated the march for our schools rally yesterday. chopper 4 above the scene, capturing the sea of red.
5:35 am
educators, parents ahe , calling on state lawmakers to sunday state schools as soon as ssible. that billion-dollar measure now on the table, has mostly democrat backing right now in the house. but it will expand pre-k programs, retain teaching talent and give teacheres ra supporters say not only is that a recipe fors studentnd schools, it gives teachers the support they need, as well. a we, teachers, can only do so much. you send them to school, we tfe care it. we put the education in them. they are supposed to do the homework. the parents' job is to helpdo tm heir homework. it's not our job to hold their . ha >> reporter: a lot of passion there. also here in prince george's county, a member of t school board saying she hopes that some of the money will go towards proving school buildings. she says that many schools here are outdated and can use a21 st century makeover. we're live here in hyattsville,
5:36 am
news 4. it's 5:35 on this tuesday. here's aook at our overtop stories. "the new york times" is po reporting that the new york attorney general has opened an investigation into four trump projects. this all follows michael cohen's testimony before congress last month. cohen is president trump's isrmer personal attorney. the investigatioooking at financial statements with deutsche bank and investors bank. esident trump outlined h budget priorities for 2020. among his requests, border wall funding and cuts to education and medicate. on the question of impeachment, house speaker nancy pelosi saysa she isgainst it because it causes division in the country.u a coasd officer accused of planning a terror attack has pled not guilty. chstopher hasson threatened democrats and members of the media. prosecutors say 15 firearms and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition was found in his
5:37 am
he's facing up to 30 years in prison.> >>massive drug bust made at the port of newark, new jersey, back on february 28th. authorities found 3,200 pounds of cocaine from south america, worth $77 million. it was in a shipping container of dried fruit. lanes are back open on the arlington memorial bridge. a new traffic pattern has reduced lanes from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. tonight, the caps hope to extend their seven-game winning streak in enemy territory. they will be in ttsburgh to woke on the penguins. the penguins havtwo of the last three match-ups this season. but the caps are in the lead for the division. the puck drops at 7:00, on our sister station, nbc sports washington. we would love to see the caps win here. we are counting down to the 2020 olympic games in tokyo.>>
5:38 am
t's coming around fast. are you ready for the olympic spirit to set in? the tokyo organizing committee is exced. they kicked off things with caravan that will travel across tokyo and the region, to spread the excitement. the games begin july 24th, 2020. watch all of the action here on nbc 4. >> very cool. it's 5:38. coming up, a child's prank recall.g a nationwide the danger your family's cooler can cause. a key ingredientor -- >> get fit 4 spring. >> good eating. four thing
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5:40 am
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welcome back. we're back here with new video of a rescue in new zealand and the unlikely im that helped save the man's life, his jeans. the german man told local newsse stations, hehis pants as an improvised life vest, after falling off of a yacht last week. he tied knots at the end of the leg and pulled them over the water to get air inside. that helped keep him afloat for three hours as he wastranded, waiting to be rescued. >> un wlievable. yoldn't think that would work. >> quick thinking, especially being coldnd panicked. now, to a scary video that park e sparked a nationwide recall. >> a boy climbed into a cooler.t an lid shut and latched. they were quick to react. igloo, the maker of that cooler, has recalled the marine elite
5:42 am
coolers. >> it's terrifying to watch. so often, the ki, no ones around. and they get stuck in there. thein sss steel latch could close and a personal could get cked inside. good morning, everybody. rain chances are nice and low for the next couple of days, right up until friday, of course. looks like saturday will be dry. ten-day forecast, could this be ten-day forecast, could this be cee first dry weekend sin you know when you're at ross
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i'm corymi with news out
5:45 am
of the live desk. the united states is pulling out of its embassy in venezuela. mike s pompeoing they will pull all personnel from the embassy this week. this reflects the deteriorating situation in venezuela. this is part of the reason why -- there's no lights in tha untry, other than car headlights. the country is trying to restore elecicity after days of outs. the u.s. has helped tlead an international efo oust nicolas maduro and replace him with juan guaido. >> thank you. white house press secretary, sarah sanders, answered questions from journalists for the fit time in a month. the last official briefing took place on january 28th. among the topics of discussion, president trump's budget plan for next year. he's asking for more money for border wall construction. this comes the same week the senate is expected to pass a
5:46 am
resolution that would block the president's border wall emergency declaration. the white house defended declarat >> doing his job. he's doing what congress should be doing. he took an oath of office. and he has a constitutional duty to protect the people of this pruntry. >> in the budgetident trump wants to make more than $2 trillion in cuts to other programs. nancy pelos t sticks her guns when it comes to impeaching president trump. in a "washington post" interview, she says she is agnst it. >> she claims it is divisive for the country. tracie potts joins us with moree trgood morning. >> reporter: good morning. she says thatdent trump is just not worth it, exact words, she told "the washington post." if there is some point, evidence -- enough evidence, to convince not only democrats, but a few dozen republicans, then maybe they'll go forward. but for now,he she's pumping brakes on that idea. meantime, we are s waiting to not only the mueller report but developments this week that could give us a sense of where
5:47 am
onat russia investiga is headed. paul m paul manafort, he h a second sentenci tomorrow. and rick gates has been cooperating. they will find out about the sentencing coming up. and noteno mon roger stone, the president's former adviser. he has a hearing to set his trial date this he has to convince a judge that his upcoming book didn't violate her gag order. >>e potts, live for us this morning. thank you. the democrats have made a big decision when it comes to the 2020 presidential race. the nominee will be officially named in the milwaukee. the democratic national convention will be held in wisconsin from july 13th to 16th next year. republicans announced their plans to hold a convection in charlott north carolina, august 24th through the 27th. in news 4 your health this morning, doctors are pleading with parents to get their children vaccinated.e
5:48 am
that is becaasles cases are on the rise. in the past week, that number jumped fm 206 to 228 in 12 states. passengers on an international flight to san francisco contracted measles from a traveler who picd it up in another country. the cdc says it's also alarmed by the first case of tetanus in a child in oregon in more than 30 years. you've probably driven on potholes across the region, of there's so manhem right now. >> the potholes can cause real damage to your car or truck. aimee cho is live on the parkway with more on this pothole problem. aimee, good morning. ot aaron, eun, good morning. thele situation on the control.kway is out of driving on this road, it's like you're in a video game having to dodge left and right. there are milesil and m of
5:49 am
craters, some of them several inches deep. they can cause some damage to your car. the national parks service say they are trying to patch up the potholes. they need to repave the entire road and they can't do that until the fall when the temperat e is moreconsistent. the national park service has lowered the speed limit from55 to 40. that's to keep drivers and repair crews safe. but a lot of people say they are fed up withhis pothole problem. >> i was driving back from a funeral, actually, in howard county, columbia. and i hit one of the massi iviv potholes. i'm waiting for aaa to com get me and repair my tire. >> reporter: however, i do have a little b of good news for all you drivers out there. if your car gets damaged by a pothole, you can actually file a climb to have the government pay for your repair. you can find a link on my twitter.
5:50 am
eun? aaron? >> what anon ugly situati out there.ha aimee, tnk you. big skins news to t about this morning. the team is set to sign landon collins. if that name sounds familiar, it's because he's coming overom fr the new york giants. w nbc sportsashington is reporting the deal is for six years. the defensive back i expected to receive $45 million guaranteed. collins, by the way, grew up idolizing skins safety, sean tanor. he's wor number 21 as a way to pay homage to taylor. he said he has wanted to p y forskins. this is his team. aklcome. sing of the redskins, today will be vernon davis today in the district. the d.c. native and redskins player will be celebrated by t d.c. council today. davis has been wearing the burgundy and gold since 2016, after more than a decade in the nfl. 's an advocate for art appreciation and advocation for c. schools.
5:51 am
mayor bowser calls him a tremendous role model for ourki on and off the field. a celebration will be at the truesdale education campus this afternoon, where a mural will be unveiled. a football player, i had a chance to mee him a few years ago during the sleepout. >> right. >> a normal, nice guy. >> he spent som time at the university of maryland. maybe, you know -- >> really? youha think that's turns a corner? >> it mightontribute to some of the -- no. he's a goo guy. >> he' an arts major, obviously. >> absolutely. we were dogging about the mild weather. you know, you thought it was cold this winter. it w one of our warmer winters. >> i find that hard to believe. o i know it seems hard believe. i promise you, we were really only cold for about 10 or 12ys out of the entire winter. ince the national airport opened, which was 80 years ago, half of the warmest winters have
5:52 am
been in t last 20 years. 7 of the 14 warmest winters in the last 80 years, have been in the last 20. the other 7 t in 60 years prior to that. milder winters are essentially three-times more likely now than they were. so, no doub warming trend, for sure. miles per inds at 4 hour. taking the windchill down into the 30s. temperatures feel a little on the chilly side if you're waiting for the school busses and walking to work this morning. windchill 25 in winchester. 34 in manassas, you'll need your warm coat. afternoon highs today,nd right ar0 degrees. that northwest wind, still going to be blowing all afternoon long definitely want to walk on the sunny side of the street for the day. another day filled with sunshine tomorrow, but without the wind and milder throughout the air. air temperatures, quite a bit milder, for the la forecast is available
5:53 am
in the nbc washington app. pressure across southern california now. that brings our rain chance as we go friday. for today, though, all about the sunshine. same story tomorrid. , we're keeping an 80% chance for rain o maybe a rumb two of thunder, as well. other than that, that is nine out of ten days dry across this ar that's good news after the soggy last 12 months we've had. the weekend, rain-free for the first time since groundhog day. melissa, what you got going on in traffic? >> a couple of problems here. a big shocker on b.w. parkway. southbound b.w.rk y, 198. a disabled vehicle on the right side of the road. i don't know ifit's pothole related but i wouldn't be shocked. volumett looks p good. it doesn't look like it's slowing things too much. alexandria northbound, 395, the ramp to the express lanes. right side blocked by an accident there. b centreville, nddock road.
5:54 am
express lanes, broken down bus on the right shoulder this rning. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, everything is looking good on thelt y. gaithersburg, southbound 270, near montgomery village avenue. eft side blocked by an incident. and waldorf, westbound berry at bensville, disabled vehicle. good morning. i'm bertha cobs at cnbc headquarters. at&t is raising prices for its directv now streaming customers pay an extra $10 a month but in exchange they get an hbo subscription. at&t is overhauling its packages, hereplacing with two, new options. directv-plus will offer more an 40 channels, including hbo for $50 a month. while directv max will have 50 channels for $70 a month. effect ge will take april 12th. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm bertha coombs. >> thank you. we're getting ready to honor
5:55 am
the best of the restaurant world in the d.c. metropolitan area. aaron and i emceed the rammy award nominations. we are with the presiden of restaurant association metropolitan washington, kathy hollinger. there's so many categories. for best new restaurant, we have chloe, kaliwa, and for chef of the year, kyle bailey from salt line, david deches from unconventional diner, and russell smith from the source by wolfgang puck and nicholas from masaria. they were nominated for chef of the year. they are from unconventional diner. check it out. >> good luck to all of them. and nbc 4 once again the official public voting sponsor. that means that you, the public, can only vote for the favorite four categories at
5:56 am
you can chiose what you are the best around here, food-wise. >> fun night, aaron. you can't outwork a bad dietf that's one the get fit golden rules. helpntinue our quest to you get fit for spring, we're seeing exercise and meal planning go together. >> this morning, molette green is back ih the gym w her trainer. molette, how is it going? okay. we are back in the gym with tness train leona brown here neat fitss 4 less in bowie. working on the areas that women care about. the lower body, upper arm work and of course abs. you can't outtrain a bad diet. leona brought in her fitnessn nutritio specialist who will talk in the 6:00 hour about what to eat because that's important. you can't outwork a baddiet. continuing with legs, in the h 6:r of news 4
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
news 4 today starts now. t kicking things off with a live look outsis morning. march came in like a lion. the past few days, though, have felt almost springlike, though. don't let fool you.
6:00 am
make sure you grab the coat before you leave this morning. we're off to a chilly start this morning. >>ez chilly b is one thing, but are we de with the snow? melissa mollet is standing by with a check of your commute. but let's begin with chuck bell and the forecast. >> i can almost guarantee. there's no guaraees in the month of march. but i can almost guarantee we're done with snow for theer wi that being said, it's chilly outside on your tuesday morning. a stiff w dtoday, around 15 or 20 miles per hour, it will have a windchill. it wilun be nine a here the next couple of days. the nextha raine is friday. temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s in the suburbs. low 40s, route 50 from the city out to the chesapeake bay. plan on0s for temperatures and windchills now. the windchill in the freezing mark of st. mary's county, as


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