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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 12, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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make sure you grab the coat before you leave this morning. we're off to a chilly start this morning. >>ez chilly b is one thing, but are we de with the snow? melissa mollet is standing by with a check of your commute. but let's begin with chuck bell and the forecast. >> i can almost guarantee. there's no guaraees in the month of march. but i can almost guarantee we're done with snow for theer wi that being said, it's chilly outside on your tuesday morning. a stiff w dtoday, around 15 or 20 miles per hour, it will have a windchill. it wilun be nine a here the next couple of days. the nextha raine is friday. temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s in the suburbs. low 40s, route 50 from the city out to the chesapeake bay. plan on0s for temperatures and windchills now. the windchill in the freezing mark of st. mary's county, as well.
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bus stop weather for the kids, waiting out ere this morning. outdoor recess and weather to play after school, as you need your insulated windbreaker, the hat with the tiedowns and the sunglasses. the daily grade today is a b-plus. loing at the weekend coming up, melissa. >> looking at the roads, southbound b.w. parkway, probably another flat tire because of the craters -- not potholes -- craters. northbound seeing volume in the northbound lanes right now. chopper 4 showing us those issues. another disabled vehicle on the right oude southbound, ase approaching 195. slow going on b.w. parkway rcause of thedway issues. bethesda, inner loop before river road, a crash on the right shoulder. that's a good thing, on the shoulder. gaithersburg, southbound 270, near montgomery village avenue. the left side blocks there. and alexandria, northbound 395,
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the right side is shut down because of that crash. >> thank you. eveloping this morning, we're working to learn more about two crashes in montgomery countyne >> of those crashes involves a motorcycle in seneca areek and the for the driver. we are trying to learn more about this crash. the motorcycle was found in the water off of darnestown road. we'll update you when we learn information. chopper was also over this serious crash in gaithersburg. the car here is destyed. the car somehow rolled over at clopper road south of long draft road. the driver was transported to the hospital witesserious inju no word on what caused that crash. we're learning more about the etopian airlines crash that killed everyone onboard that plane, including three people with tieso our area. >> here's the latest on the investigation. u.s. aviation experts have arrived to be part of a team to
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investigation the crash near ethiopia's capital. the boeing 737 max 8 took off en route to nairobi, kenya. a witness saw smoke coming from the plane before it crashed and exploded, killing 157 people. the plane's black boxes were recovered yesterday. airlines in brazil, mexico, ethiopiachina, indonesia, deuth africa, and morocco, temporarily ground the max 8 jetliners. the faa says the u.s. airlines can fly the jet model. we've learned the mes of ree of the americans who were killed on that plane. antoine lewis is from illinois. melvin andennett rifle are from california. three other victims have ties to this area. max edkins was a communication for the group's collect r climate program. cedric asiavugwa was a third-year law student at georgeto. he mentored younger students and
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was passiote about social justice or refugees fleeing climate change. and the pilot of the plane had relatives in norther virginia. the airline's chief executive said the pilot had an excellent record and logged 8,000 hours in the air. the family released a statement saying they are proud of his achievements. this morning, we're learning about a mother of two killed in a morning.h on saturday the 57-year-old was driving when her car crashed into three other cars and caught we bro you the breaking news over the weekend. she was a physician's assistant and worked witjainmates at a in baltimore. she committed from rockville from work. while the cause of that crash is under investigation, her husband does not believe she was driving the wrong way. >> somebody hit her from behind
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and she started spinning. >> she is survived by her two children. developing this morning, "the new york times" is reporting that the new york rney general has opened an investigation into trump projects. cory smith is at the live desk withhe latest. >> good morning. all this was prompted by michaee cohen's coional testimony last month. he's president trump's former lawyer. cohen, who is a convicted felon, testified that mr. trump had inflated his assets and financial statements. cohen provided copies of statements he said were submitted to deutsche bank. "the new york times" is now reporting that the u.s. attorney general's office issued subpoenas to deutsche bank and investors bank for financing of four major ump projects. they are also looking at a failed e the buffalo bills in 2014. "the times" is crediting an unnad source on the subpoena this is a civil matter, not a criminal investigation.
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but the exact focus and scope are unclear this morning. t bayou. >> all right. cory, thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi used five i words impeaching president trump, he's just not worth it. in an interview with the washington post", pelosi said impeachment shouldn't be used unless there's overwhelming evidce to do so. sarah sanders responded to pelosi's statement in h first press briefing in more than a month. sarah sanders said impeachment should never have been on the because the president is doing a great job. thousands marched across maryland's capital to demand money for schools. >> there's $1 billion at stake. news 4's justin finch is live to describe how local leaders want to see u the mond. >> reporter: good morning. the demonstrators and leaders say it's simple here.
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money makes a big and maryland public schools now need money. $1 billion now on the table here. that would bak down to tens of millions for prince george's county schools alone. that's partly what energized that march for our schools we saw yesterday in annapolis. chopper 4 over the scene, a sea of red. thousands of teachers, students and parents, wring red for education, calling on state lawmakers to take action and fund maryland public education, as soon as possible. their spotlight right now, is on the billion-dollar proposal, that over two years, would also give teacher raises while expanding pre-k programs and more initiatives, as ll former teacher and now montgomery county executive, mark elridgeys there's no excuse. that state funding for public education is really a must. >> the state cannot pretend that we're adequately funding
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education, while each county has to rest on its own tax receipts. >> reporter: the county executive there calling for swift another proposal being considered here. incentives to retain top teaching talent. supporters say that's critical in keeping state schools strong. aaron, eun, back to you. the federal investigation into whether jack evans abused his position for personal gain appears be widening. he is among a local politician that has received a subpoena. evans have been a strong ally of the mayor. yesterday, when mark seagraves caught up with mayor bowser, she had th to say. >> it's way early to talk about
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re-elections and elections from last year. we're just getting over the last one. i have worked closely with jack over the years, not just in my role as mayor but as a member of council. i have very high expectations for all officials in the government. but mostmportantly, i like to let the legal process evolve and get haled and get done. >> evans has apologized for what he called major mistakes but has insisted he's doing nothing illegal. the coast guard officer that is accused of planning a terror attack that included killing prominent democratic lawmakers and members of the media, has pled not guilty to charges. christopher hasson is a self-described white nationalist afterth his arrest last m investigators found 15 firearms and 1,000 rounds of ammunition at his apartment. he faces 30 years in prison if
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convicted on all charges. also back in court, the lawyers for jarrod ramos. he is accused of killing five people in "the capital gazette" offices. his lawyers are consideringch ging his not guilty plea to not criminally resonnsible by ref insanity. before making the decision, his legal team asked the judge to force prosecutors to share more information about the charges ramos faces. the judge denied that request. ramos has until friday to change his ea. one of the biggest drug busts in decades was made at port newark.s thiscell phone video showing agents about to unload 3,200 pounds of cocaine. this came a in the street value of $72 million. that bust was made after authorities found it hidden in a shipping container of dried fruit. cocaine use spiked in the mid '90s. but federal officials are
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worried it's making a comeback. >> this is traffickers today trying to merge cocainend fentanyl to create a new market >> this e biggest drug bust since 1994. back then, 6,600 pounds of cocaine wafound at the same port. it is video that you've socialy seen on your media feeds and it is sparking outrage. it shows a canr patient's room being raided by officers. norman says officers come in when he was trying to sleep. they reportedly had tten complaints froa security guard saying he smelled maria coming from the room. he said he had taken thc oil outside ofhe hospital to help him sleep. he is battling stage 4 cancer and is in end of life care. the hospital later apologized to him and his family. right now, millions of lgbtq americans can be fired because
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of their sexual orientation. >> we're looking at the law proposed that would change that. chuck? talking about the weekend. fybe our first chanc a completely rain-free weekend since the first weekend of february. it has been a long, rainy stretch on our weekend. won't be so terribly warm, though. temperatures will be in the low 50s saturday and sunday. rain-free is all we care abouok five-day outoming up. argeting the arms and the chest here with coach leona, for women only. when we come back, we're going to talk about nutrition that goes hand in hand with a good goes hand in hand with a good workout. [female voiceover] with the
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>> welcome back. it's 6:15. extomorrow, democrats are pected to introduce a bill called the equality act. it would modify civil rights legislation to ban discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. there's been bills introduced before but never agreed upon by the senate. lgbtq advocates say current protections ary across country and the bill would change that. >> it would ensure t at lgbtq peopund the country would have a remedy. if they're fired because a person is transgender, there's a remedy they can go to court. oh right now, fewer than half of states explicitly it discrimination for orientation and gender identity. we're working to help you get fit for spring. this morning, we're targeting areas that women care about most. >> mol ite green is the gym with her trainer in bowie.
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they are also showing us the importance of meal planning. >> good morning, guys. coach leona has us working on upper body because we care about these areas. what do women worry about the most? >> triceps, core, hips, gluts and thighs. >> that's what you have us workinon. she brought in her nutrition specialist,ight here. you know what? you're not going to get the best results unless you eat right. feast your ice on healthy options. for breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner. in the gym, four days a week, with conversion fitness trainer, leona brown who always says -- >> you can't outtrain a bad >> reporter: a bad diet can stand in the way. like me, anisa wilson has a hectic live with family, busy job, social obligations -- >> at my heaviest, it was fast food. it was fast food that sustained
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me. >> you do not need salt to flavor food. >> reporter: we spent time going over food options in annise's bowie kitchen. lydia shell, she herself gained weight after becoming a mother. >> oiokay, i'm to change my diet. no, we need to change our lifestyl you roast it on 450 for 40 minutes. th key is being prepared. having this food ahead of time, liinking about, okay, what is my day going to loo? >> reporter: okay. we're taking a little bitf a break from our upper body workout. there is lydia right. he anof course, leona. we're going to continue working out. we're going to give you four tips to staying on a good eatin plan. that's very important to tall o the sweating we'redoing. right, ladies?ye >> s. >> that's the latest. we're going to contie with this.
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>> thanks for theood tips. 6:18 right now. let's turn back to chuck bell and get a look at what the weather will be like today. >> yeah. it will be bright and sunny today. freezing, butbove the wind is already blowing. normally, you have to wait for the sun to come up. the wind never went to bed last night. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s with most of the area this morning. the national airport are the spots of the warmer ones. 43 in annapolis. mid to upper 30s for the suburbs. and the winds are averagi 12 miles per hour. windchills are down below freezing through most of the shenandoah valley. even subfreezing windchills for the suburbs of montgomery, fairfax and loudon counties. your planner, hardly a cloud be fine. highs today up around 50 degrees. colderabout five degrees than average. tomorrow, we recover a bit.
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a little bit of the sou wind. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, with highs back up into the mid 50 forecast t the latest on our nbc washington app. tweeting out ltle weather tidbits on twitter. our next weathermaker, this area of storminess in the desert southwest. it will ride the subtropical jet stream in our direction. it will be dry for now, chilly weather today and into tomorrow, as well. much warmer weather comes in for thursday and friday. clouds moving in on inthursday. ra chances are back friday. mostly sunny today and mostly sunny for tomorrow. here's thursday, now, becoming cloudy. rain movese in some t thursday night. raining on the friday morning commute and t friday evening commute. so, rain pretty much start-to-finish on your friday. your five-day outloo 51 and breezy today. 56 tomorrow. mid to upper 60sy on thursnd friday. but again, an 80% chance for rain on your friday. melissa mollet, in first 4
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traffic. >> good morning. taking a look at the roads. this is a new problem. it's a big one. chopper 4 i showing you, this is the inner loop here. the ramp to westbound dulles toll road is shut down. and this backup is building quickly. this is a crash with some injuries. you can see the headlights y showin the delay. the ramp to the westbound toll road is shut down her right now. that's because of that crash. as youook at the beltway, we're not seeing the pain yet. up t g here,rgia avenue is slow. that's to be expected. northbound 395, the ramp t to express lanes, right side, shut down by a crash there. and southbound on 275 in gaithersburg after montgomery village avenue, left side is blocked there. >> thank you. e've all had that moment. you're getting ready for an event and you'r not sure what to wear. >> nothing in the closet seems to rk. coming up, how a business you may be the answer you're looking for. later today on "ellen," colin farrell stops by.
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so, from everyday to maternity to even the big day. >> we have brides come in with h r bridesmaids, with their mothers and future in motheraws. and we have an option to pontty much eve >> reporter: danielle said yes to a sparkly dress in georgetown it allowed her to capture this moment with her dad. a quick option, a quick dance and a treasured moment.s susan hogan, n similar services include gwynnie bee, armoire a mm.lafleur. the main difference with these services, there's no actual store like rent the runway. >> if you go with one of these services, experts say your monthly clothing budget should comprise no more than 5% of your after-tax income. if you make $40,000 here, your
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buet should be around $63 per month. if it's an $89 subscription for you do the wa math. coming up, life-saving style. >> a pairf jeans credited with keeping a man alive. how his denim kept him from drowningle wost at sea. and a child's prank sparking a nationwide recall. the warning of the danger your mily's cooler can cause. your tuesdayog morning walks on the chilly side. isabel is available for adoption through the humane rescue heliance. temperatures in0s this morning. mostly in the 40s to near 50 lateto on y. ten-day forecast in the ne ten-day forecast in the ne half houxtr.
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ten-day forecast in the ne half houxtr. (music throughout)
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news 4 today starts now. >> right now, as we approach 6:30, a live look outside to help start your tuesday. a lot cooler outside this t morninn it was yesterday. so, grab an extra layer before yo step out the door. 42 degrees outside our studios. >> whene do start shedding the layers?
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>> eventually. it's coming. right aund the corner. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun dng. the g news, even though the subpoen temperatures have dropped, we will see sunshine btoday. chucell is here with the forecast and we' check in with melissa mollet forou news on commute. >> get you going on a tuesday morning, an extra hot cup of coffee or tee, not a bad idea. 4waiting on the sun, minutes after 7:00. an hour from now before we get e sun-up. 42 at national airport. northwestds at 10 to 20 miles per hour, put a chill in the air. the currentemperatures are in the 30s to around 40. windchills are down near or in below fre for many on a tuesday morning. 30, the windchill in gaithersburg afrederick. 20s for windchills through parts of the shenandoah valley. you'll need your warm coat for this morning. your commute, plan on 30s to hit the windchills near freezing this morning. bright and sunny all day long
6:31 am
with temperatures up near degrees later on in the afternoon. a little milder or less wind tomorrow. more of that coming up. for now, go to melissa mollet. >> good morning. taking a look at chopper -- if it wants to come up for me. we are shut down here this morning. this is the crash on the inner loop. chopper is showing us all these delays. as we zoom out, you can see the pain this is causing. outer loop, not looking bad at all of this because of that crash on l thet side. canou're headed out, you allow extra time. suitland parkway, left lane is getting by the overturn vehicle. we're trying to get information on that one. we have a lane getting by. southbound b.w. parkway, have a disabled vehicle thathopper 4 walying over. it's a mess of pat holes there on b.w. parkway. alexania, northbound 395, the ramp to the expressway's right side is blocked by that
6:32 am
accident. developing this morning, we're learning more about a motorcycle crash in montgomery county. search crews spent the night searching seca creek, for the driver of the motorcycle. you can see that here on your screen. the motorcycle was found in the water off darnestown road. we'll update you as we learn more. we learned new details about the american victims killed in the ethi crash.rlines plane nbc news identified four of the aght people killed. one was resident at the college of medicine. the fourth victiis antoine lewis of illinois. we're working to confirm the es of the four other americans killed in sunday's crash. the plane that crashed is part of boeing's newest fleeof 737s. the faa says u.s. airways can
6:33 am
fly t jet model that's been involved in two crashes in less than six months. we cl have moreing up at 6:45. pothole alert for you this rning. you've probably driven on a bunch of potholes anywhere across the region. chopper 4 o flewr these potholes yesterday. >> the potholes can cause serious dage to your car. aimee cho is live on the parkway forpo us, with more on thole problem there. amy, good morning. >> good this pothole problem is out of control, along the b.w.parkway. driving on this road feels like riding on a wooden rollercoaster. just this morning alone, there's been at least two cars broken down along the side of the road. as melissa mentioned, chopper 4 was flying overhead and captured vio of that situation. this is a terrible road to get stranded on you have cars swerving left and right to avoid the potholes. it is extremely unsafe to be stuck on the side of the there's miles of the craters,
6:34 am
some of them several inches deep. the park service says they have been trying to fix the potholes but toixhe problem, they have to repave the entire road. the national park serviceas lowered the speed limit from 55 to 40. that's to keep drirs and repair crews safe. a lot of people say they arepoed up with thole problem. >> i was driving back from a funeral in howard coun, columbia. and i hit one of the massive potholes. i'm waiting for aaa to come get me and repair my tire. >> reporter: but i do have a little bit of good news for all you drivers out there. if your car gets damaged by a pothole, you can actually file a claim to have the government pay for your repairs. i have tweeted a link to more informatio you can find a link on my twitter. eun? aaron? >> thank you.
6:35 am
overnight, lanes are back open on the arl gton memoria bridge. a new traffic pattern has reduced the number of lanes fm 9:00 at night to 5:00 each morning. that will last thrgh the fall. the closures alloworke wrs t mike pompeo says all personnel will be pulled out from the embassy in caracas this week.idetieratting sin in venezuela. the country has been trying to restore electricity for days. journalists were able to press the trump administration on several topics. one ofheopics covered. >> the 20president's budget. among his requests, more money for border wall construction, increased spendg and several probl
6:36 am
programs, including education d and students turned out to make their voices heard. leading maryland democrats are asking for $1 billion in theud statet over the next two years to improve education. coming up at 6:45, justin finch sh us how officials want to put that money to use. good news forsk rins fans. the team plans to sign landon collins. he's coming over from the new york giants. nbc sports washington says the deal is for six years and the defensive back is expected to make $45 million guaranteed. the deal will bome official tomorrow afternoon. tonight, the capitals hope to extend their seven-game winning streak in enemyrr ory. they are taking on the penguins in pittsburgh. the penguins have won two of the three match-ups so far this season. it's thehe caps in lead in the division. don't forget to rock the red today. thps puck d at 7:00 on our
6:37 am
sister station, nbc sports washington. and it's good when the caps beat the pens. re counting down to th 2020 olympic games. the tokyo organizing committee is excited. they kicked off things with a caravan that will travel across tokyo and the region, to spread the excitement. the games begin july 24th, 2020. you can watch all of the action here on nbc w trying to help you get fit 4 spring. molette green is here with a lesson we can all work from. >> we're working on the areas that women want to target the most. coming up later on, we're going to give you four tips to staying on a good meal plan as you get isfurniture ready to handle your kids dreams?
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you're watching news 4 today. >> we're back with some new video just into the newsroom overnght. it shows open-water rescue near new zealand and the unlikely item that helped save the victim's life. we're talking about his jeans. the german man told news stations, he used his pants as an improvised life vest, after falling off of a yacht last week. he tied knots at the end of the leg and pulled them over the water to get air inside. that helped keep him afloat for ndthree hours as he was st, waiting to be rescued. >> quick thinking, especially to save his life. >> he pposedly learned that in the boy scouts. now, to a scary video that sparked a nationwide recall. >> look at this incident from surveillance camera.
6:41 am
a boy climbed into a cooler. and the lid shut and latched. >> the parents were nearby and hear his cries. they were able to react quickly. igloo, the maker of that cooler, has called the marine elite coolers. >> the stainless steel latch cl coule and a person could get locked inside. the makers probably didn't realize this was a potential when they designed the thing. good morning. i'm bertha coombs atnbc headquarters. at&t is raising prices for its directv now streaming service. customers will pay an extra $10 a month but in exchange they get an hbo subscription. at&t is overhauling its , rrent packagplacing them with two, new options. directv-plus will offer more than 40 channels, including hbo for $50 a mont while directv max will have 50 channels for $70 a month.
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the change will taket april 12th. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm bertha coombs. kids, got to getea for another day of learning at school. temperatures in the chilly zone this morning, down in the 030s. outdoor recess and after-school play times. you will need your insulated windbreaker, a hat and your sunglasses. all things considered, we're going b-plus. teday forecast straigh ahead. inner loop of the toll road is a problem for a lot of folks. major delays because of a crash there. other issues coming up and your travel times straight ahead. boeing planes grounded after a deadly crash. but they're still flying here in the what you should know. and a march across maryland's capital to help children. whatus tds of teachers are hope willing improve. [vacuum]
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♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter ss of a mess.s let'start fresh. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow yr own path.
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you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in ur nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. you're watching news 4 today. >> 15 before theour. we learned new details about the americans killed in the ethiopian airlines plane crash. aviation expert arrived toat investig the crash. the boeing 737 max 8 took off headed for nairobi, kenya. the plane's black boxes were recovered yesterday. the ethiopian's airline
6:46 am
plane that p crashed ist of the newest fleet of 737s. >> these are popular planes. you may find yourself on one soon. cory smith has answers to questions you may have if you're flying soon. >> good morning, aaron and eun. so far airlines in brazil, ethiopia, china, south africa, and morocco have grounded the max 8 jetliners. they're flying in the u.s. southwest and american airlines have these planes. southwest has 34 in its fleet. american has 24. yesterday, chopper 4 spotted one of southwest's max 8 planes taking o from bwi. the companies say they are monitoring t i investigation ethiopia and have full confidence in the aircraft. t you have an upcoming flight and want to know wnd of aircraft you're flyi on, go to the airline's website. you can read everything you need to know about ur aircraft. if you feel unsafe flying in one
6:47 am
of those planes, you can choose not to go on your trip. neither airline has changed its flht cancellation or refun policies in light of that crash in ethiopia. eun? >> cory smith in our newsroom. thank you. despite gwing calls in her own party, house speaker nancy pelosi says she's against impeaching president trump. >> in a "washington post" s intervie says he is not worth it. and it's divisive for the country. nbc's peter alexander isfr live the white house with more on this. peter, good morning. t reporter: good morning you. nancy pelosi, making headlines while making her message clear, that she intended to steermo decrats away from impeachingpr ident trump. it appears to be a message to some within her own party, perhaps e anffort to rein them in. andgeerhaps a meso republicans who have been complaining that the democrats, th investigations about the house are an effort to be a pretext to president trump's
6:48 am
remov removal. nancy pelosi, saying she imposem aching the president, noting that she says it divides the country. thisterview with "the washington post," pelosi says she wasn't for impeachment,ng explaihat unless there was something so compelling and bipartisan, she doesn't think ath should be taken. president trump, in her words as you noted, just knnot worth it. we'll see more on "today." >> peter, thank you. again, more fromhe peter on "today." chopper 4 captured these images of a massive crowd marching across maryland's capital to demand more money for schools. >> justin finch is live with us with details on how that can affect prince george's county schools. >> reporter: good morning. for prince orge's county schools, that can mean tens of millions of dollars, the kind of
6:49 am
state level investment in publio educ that many here say is simply long overdue. we saw waves of redin pouring i annapolis. those are teachers, parents, wearing red others, for education and calling for state lawmakersn to invest public education. under the spotlight right now, the billion-dollar proposal, being backed by democrats. over two years, we work to retain top teaching talent, as well as teacher raises and much more. so here in prince george's county, one school board member canoping that that mon possibly go towards capital improvements. >> we need money to fix our schools. our schools are fallingar a lot of them are back to 1980. we really need new schools. we need a lot of new schools. >> reporter: that measure would also fund pre-k programs ew
6:50 am
ste. not only levels the educational playing field but build strong tifoundaon. we're live in prince george's county. back inside to you. thank you. time to check our forecast with storm t 4 and chuck bell. look at that beautiful picture. >> sure is. another planeload of folks getting out of town. too bad. it will be a beauty around the city. hardly a cloud to be found in our skies this morning. but there is a noticeable late point nter, early spring chill in the air. we have completed winter. national airport has been there roughly 80 years. of the 14 warmest winters, 7 have been in the last 20 years. the other 7 in the 60 years prior to that. warming winters has been in trend in the washington area decades. last couple of doesn't do you good this morning. 42 in arlington.
6:51 am
36 in front row, virginia. 32 in winchester. and the northwest wind has windchills below freezingthor northwestern part of the area. 30 in frederick, maryland. 26, the windchill in hagerstown. the windchill down to 21 degrees this mo your planner, then, for today. a cold breeze this morning, s plenty oshine throughout the course of the day. the wind will be with us all through the day, afternoon temperatures will spend most of the time in the pper 40s to right around 50 degrees. and forecast 51 for a high at national airport today. then, for tomorrow, 56. butowhere near as much of a breeze tomorrow. it will feel probably about ten degrees warmer tomorrow than today. our next chance for rain ishis storm across parts of the desert southwest. going to take you a while toom t here to here. our chances of rain are all focused on siday. today sunny and breezy. tomorrow, sunny,. less wi cloudy and mild. near 70 on friday. that comes with an 80% chance for rain.
6:52 am
that's okay, though. it will be dry both days over the weekend. now, let's go to first 4 traffic and melissa mollet. >> inner loop at the dulles toll road. looking better than it was. now, we have the ramp to the westbound toll road reopened. no worry there. we have delays, chopper 4s showingou appro oachen t still . in washington, 295, near suitland parkway. look at that delay as you head inbound. if you can avoid that, you're going to want to. 's going to be there for some time. laurel after b.w. parkway. those potholes areausing problems this morning. we've seen two flat tires so far. springfield northbound, 395, the ramp to the express lanes. live look, 270 at montrose. main and local lanes rolling along nicely. as for the travel times, 270 looking okay. 35 miles per hour southbound. top of the beway, outer loop, 26 miles per hour.
6:53 am
66 here, going 29 miles per hour. inbound, at 95 in virginia. looks good. 66 mil per hour. bantico to the beltway. can't ask for muchter than that. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. today. it's 6:53. today will be vernon davis day in thedi strict. the d.c. native and w hington redskin will be celebrated by the d.c. council today. das has been wearing t 2016,ndy and gold since after more than a decade in the nfl. he's been an advocate for promoting art education and n appreciation i.c. schools. the mayor calls davis a, quote, tremendous role model for ourds kin and off the field. tia celebon will be held at the campus this afternoo w where a murl be unveiled. he went to the university of maryland. >> studio art major at maryland. ye isn't that cool? >> ah. you can't a outwor bad diet. isn't that tough? that's one of the get fit golden
6:54 am
ru rules. we are seeing firsthand how exercise and meal planning go together. he gym tte is back in with her trainer, working o rget areas. how is it going? >> reporter: oh, at fitness 4 less at bowie, coach leona is killing it. she is working the upper and lower body right now. >> working the triceps, working the core, the quads, the gluts. full body right now. >> wed talke about this, this good fitness goes hand in hand with diet. here's four tips. let's put those up on the screen. you have to drink lots and lots of water. and then, you know, eun, you and i have a chocolate addiction. you have to substituteweets out. eat blueberries in place of the sweets. of course the lean protein is key. lydia talked about that in the piece a little earlier in the hour. and then, of course, dark, leafy greens, colorful foods are a
6:55 am
must. ach leona, lydia is her specialist they work hand in hand. what else should we be doing? >> the big thing is variety. do not eat the same thing every day. >> variety. i want to thankannise. we featured her earlier in the power because we're trying to get fit 4 spring. >> yes. >> doing an amazing jo >>thanks, guys. we'll be continuing to sweat it out this morning. back in to you. we got to get back to this workout. >> doit the opp side. >> i'm impressed byve her mos. that looks hard to do, for sure. >> looking good, ladies. thank you, molette. here are 4 things to know. tonight, the cap a o the hope to extend their winning streak in enemy territory. they extended it to seven games on sunday against the w e on the h t penguins. the puck drops at 7:00 on our sister station, nbc sports washington. month gallery county c spent the night searching seneca
6:56 am
creek for the driver of a motorcycle. chopper 4 flew over that search te last night. the motorcycle was found in the water off darnestown road. american aviation experts arrived to investite sunday's deadly airplane crash near ethiopia's capital. airlines in p airlines in brazil, mexico, ethiopia and have grounded max 8 planes. "the new york times" is reporting that the new yor attorney general has opened an investigation into four trump projects. this all follows michael testimony before congress last month. cohen is president trump's former personal lawyer. look for more onthis story n on "today." your ten-day forecast, look at that. nine out of ten days will be dry. the only real chance for rain and maybe a rumble or two of thunderom up on friday. our first dry weekend since groundhog day. lookingt the roads. inner loop at the toll roads,
6:57 am
slow through that section. a crash has cleared out of the way. happy birthday to my dad and husband. eey have the s birthday. >> oh. >> happy birthday. >> isn't that cool? i never said it before. happy birthday, boys. that's the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll 2 see you in minutes with weather and news. weather and news. until then,
6:58 am
6:59 am
hi, i'm jeff. weather and news. until then, in my johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. i'm y t in the wild eatingeakfast. and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me, i'm y t in the wild "are thi said, "yep."ties?" wolf comes in and says, "wow, that's a lot of sausage." and we had a good laugh about that. (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties.
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fits on a biscuit. . good morning. mounting pressure. growing calls on the faa to ground all boeing 737s in u.s. as more nations around the rld ban the aircraft in the wake of the deadly crash in ethiopia. why are the planes still flying here in the united states? we're live with the latest. dangerous weather. severe storms targeting tens of millns in midwest and esuthwest, blinding snow, heavy rains and tornall possible. 's forecast just ahead. he's just not worth house speaker nancy pelosi explains why she's against impeaching president trump.


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