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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 12, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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our country's most elite lleges and universities. >> the feds are calling it operation varsity blues. so far more than four dozen people have been charged in connection including two hollywoods ac-ttresses, coachesd an administrator accused of tang bribes. >> in some instances this involved fraudulent college entrance exams while others faked credentials for athletic >> leon harris starts us off. >> federal investigators say the parents being charged are among the most privileged in the country, ceo, real estate and law executives, even lori loughlin and felicity huffman. in all they allegedly paid some $25 million to sure their childrens' admissi to top schools, it went through a fake
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charity set up by this man, william singer and that allowed the parents to deduct the t bris ir tax filings. the feds say some instances involve falsified test scores with someone else taking the exams for the child. in oth cases they allegedly paid to get their kids on avi on 1 team even though they were not athletes at all. >> in many instances singer helped parents take stagedot raphs of their children engaged in particular sports. other times singer and his associates used stock photos they pulled off the internet, photo shopping the children's faces on thera phots. >> prosecutors say the schools themselves did not appear to be involved in this,nd at this point no student is charged. it's not clear how many students may have been in on the scam but investigators say it's just the
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ar thth ai nllegations to see how widespread the scam was ando see which rules and regulations may have been violating. s thm is rocking colleging across the country, inclurng wn backyard, georgetown university. that's where we find mark segraves on t story. >> reporter: we can tell you that this is rocking this university here, the campus here at georgetown university, news of their former tennis coach. what we know is that he wasboere for 12 years, he comes from a family of athletes, his father played in the nhl, he was drafted into the nhl, the national hockey league in the 1980s but coached tennis as a profession for many years, 12 years at gorgetow he coached the obama girls and the michelle obama as well, and a member of the chevy chase country club. the university sent a letter to students saying they their ties with him last year
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after they found what they are callingeg iarities with his recruiting practices but they said that was sunrelated to t federal investigation. but now this former tennis coach is facing jail time. according to prosecutors, the kingpin of the alleged scam helped wlthy parents falsify their kids s.a.t. scores by having someone else take the te. then he paid off coaches at the universities to tell their admissions office that the students were being offered a spot on their team. >> i think it points to the broken system that this country is dealing with in terms of have -- people have to go to, you know, insane lengths to try to get into these institutions. i reporter: prosecutors say the scam took more than $25 million in bribes and involvedt coaches eight universities. today, 50 people were indicted. prosecutors say these are cases of wealthy parents cheating the system.
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>> based on the charges unsealed today, all of them knowingly conspired to hp their children either cheat on the s.a.t. or a.c.t. or buy their childrens' emission to elite schools fraud. >> reporter: parents paid prescribes between 200000 and $6.5 million, then claimed those bribes as charitable deductions. here ateoetown university, former tennis coach ernst is one of coaches involved, saying he took $2.7 million in bribes to help 12 students get into the college. onemu family paid a as $400,000. today, georgetown issued this statement. saying the university is deeply disappointed. georgetown cooperad fully with investigation.s we are reviewing details of the indictment and will take appropriate action. ernst resigned from georgetown last year and is now the head coach at rhode island university.
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>> i remember seeinge them on courts, remember when he left and there was no real explanation. what happened to these students? did they actually play on the teams or ever graduate? >> reporter: prosecutors dressed that. they said so far they have not chargedbu any studentthat could change as their investigation goes on. as for students who took slots meant for athletes. they said some of them never showed up to join the team. some of them did join the team temporarily and then left. some of them feigned injuries as the reason for leaving the team. we a ed georgetown universi if any of those students were still , heether or not they would be allowed to graduate, georgetownidn't respond to that request. >> interesting. thank you, mark. this has a lot more questions that need to be answered. er boeing is u mounting pressure tonight after that deadly ethiopian airlines crash as investigators try tur fige
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out what went wrong. a growing list of countries are grounding boein 737 max 8. the european union and the united kingdom just some joining that suit today. here in the united stat officials say the aircraft are all still safe t fly. not yet clear what caused the crash, but we know this is the second deadly accident involving the boeing 737 max 8 in less than six months. so joining us now is our transportation reporte adam tuss, who is at reagan national yirport tonight. what are people there? >> reporter: wethy, i don't k anybody knew what a 737 max 8 was a few days ago. it's n the most researched plane no doubt in the united states. look at this map from flight aware. this shows you how much of these type o aircrafts are up in the air right now currently,en d of them. they're going all across the country. locally here in oura a they
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fly into all f on our airports. chopper 4 caught these planes taking off and landing. the airlines that use the 737 max 8 and there's been so much concernwo after these t crashes and would they be linked with the type of cause of the crash. lawmakers are calling on both sides of the aisles for both of these to be grounded and taken from the skies. >> there is no reason for american flyerses to be safe than china, ethiopia, argentina, mexico, and now apparently the united kingdom. >> we've also learned today that the ceo of boeing had a phone
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conversation with president trump. he reassurednt the presihat all of the 737 max 8s in ts united stare safe to fly right now. traveler are telling us they're not really concernbout it, but yet again the investigation what happenedee in ethiopia. wendy? >> adam, what's the lot's union saying about this? are they asking for more information? what do they say about the plane? they've been fing it for a while. >> reporter: obviously there's concern there, too. this is a fairly new plane that has a new set of guidelines for how you're supposed to operate it. the union is saying if a pilot do not feel safe to operate the plane,00 1% they can walk away from flying the airline. >> adam tuss, thanks so much. happening now, fairfax county police are investigating a suspicious death in a busy shopping center near seven corners in falls chur. police tell us around 7:30 this morning a man's body was found outside a gas station on
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arlington boulevard near the target. police have notary leased the man's name and are still trying to determine how he died. we learnedti the gas s does have working surveillance cameras. police are hoping that will help them fure out what happened. police have identified the two remaining suspects connected to the the bar shooting. they turned themselves in to police this morning. news4 told you about this story back in latejanuary. surveillance video shows a gunman firing into a crowded room on eighth street in northeast. e suspected gunman's name is diego bellton and the woman's name is tamara williams, both are cha ed withintent to kill. a third person is already in custody. save our school, that's the rally for a popular but struggling charter schoos tha set to cle.
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megan fitzgerald explains what the community is doing to try keep it open. >> reporter: you may remember collegiate prep high school as a success story for so many students. >> i'm taking my academic talent to universit -- >> reporter: this was in 2017 when the graduating class celebrated after every senior was accepted into college. but these students could be one of the last to graduate, the school is being forced to shutdown next year. >> they said we needed to be closed because we demonstrated a low graduation rate. >> reporter: the school's ceo is referring to the d.c. public charter school board. the board voted to close the school in 2020 because they said it had performance issues like low test scores, reenrollment rate, and graduation rate over the last few years. > we had some error in our processes. >> reporter: ross says the class of 2018 lost several of its students who moved to different
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areas and schools, and they didn't keep track. so it looked like d theypped out of school, when she said that wasn't the case. the school says for a decade they have invested in had and changed thees lf so many students, giving them opportunities to see the world and gain more than just an education. >> they want to build you up the be what know you can be. >> reporter: the school has the support of councilmantrayon white and otherle ers. >> i don't understand how you close a schooln the most disenfranchised community when ey made eight of their nine goals. chairman sent a statement saying in part, quote, we closed the schoolecause it wasn part the lowest performing charter school and declined year after> year. e continue to follow the breaking news out of germantown,
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maryland. a worker trapped in a trench for more than an hour being pulled out right now.e there on a stretcher, he's being hoisted after an hour of digging by firethere. this is along germantown road near wisteria ad. and that is a successful rescue right there. a lot of people working. these are live pictures from chopper 4. we're going to keep you updated with more and get his progress, but he is moving on his own there. >> looks like he's in good condition. >> he's putting his hard hat over his head. he sees the cameras in the helicopter. >>, of course. >> good news meanwhile, the killer of a young girl freedn from pri early because of good behavior. just ahead the fight by the fami to make sure this doesn't happen in the future ahy past attempts to change this law havele f big changes for students at
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a local high school thanks to a planned building upgrade. happyy aren't parents about it. actor jussie smollett in court, media outlets are seeking to televise his trial. and he sayse wants the cameras in that courtroom. a little cool but quite nice across the area. high temperatures today 53, just below average. we go well above average as we make our way into tomorrow and the rest of the week, but that comes with anc c for some showers or storms. showers or storms. ll break it downi' [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. and everyo is welcome to apply. visit [music]y.
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[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are experienci the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car buyingervice, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at it took detectives a decade to find the man that killed a high school student, nowfter a decade the man is out. he used a little known law that shortens sentences for good behavior. darcy spcer reports the girl's
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family is now on the front lines to change that. a reporter: your daughter's killer was releaseeek ago. here you are in annapolis pushing for change. >> absolutely. i don't want this to happen to anot>>r mother. eporter: the man who killed her 14-year-old daughter is walking the streets a free man after serving just eight years behind bars. now angela wood is fighting for a bill that would do away with early release for convicted killers earning credit for good thavior. >> ire's any good time credit, it need to be something they earn in the prison to affect them in the prison, not society. e to >> reporter: the legislation would eliminate diminution or good behavior credits f those convicted of first or second thdegree murder. credit system was set up as an incentive to pris they work, take classes and are good they can ear t timeard critics r release but
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are saying it's not appropriate for killers. gail's daughteras killed in buoy. to getd the man is set out in a year. >> he's getting released four years and seven months early just for good behavior, even though he still hasn't taken responsibility for her murder. >> reporter: linda duncan is doing it for her mom who was murdered decades ago. she was shocked when she got a letter that hermom's killer was up for parole after searching yejust seven s. >> i know it won't do good for my situati but my hope is another family won't have to go through >> darcy spencer news4. the women say they're not going anywhere. if this ifeffort doesn't get through this year they vow to keep fighting until something passed. a group rallied for justice for transgender murder victims
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today. >> deserved a life free of the violence they have to face in the fst place. it should have never happened. i'm going to repeat that, it should have never happened. >> the demonstrators are remembering two people killed in the city one murdered while for a bus in metro weekly reports the man narged in this that case was foundot guilty after agt l legal process. and a jury deadlocked on two people charged in the 2016 murder of dee dee dodds. there will be courtroom when jussie smollett returns for another hearing. his attorney said there have been a lot of leaks and leaked details about this case, much of which she called demonstrably false. and she wanted the public to see it unfold. he faces more than a dozen charges. chicago police say the actor
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lied aboutheeing t victim of a racist and homophobic attack saying he staged it for his career. nancy pelosi launched legislation to allow become citizens of our countries. it would let dreamers and those under the promise act apply for citizenship. >> it's about honoring and f respecting tily that is the heart of our states and the heart of who we are as >>americans. his measure faces some considerable hurdles, including the republican-controlled senate and the president. similar dream act measures have failed under administrations run by both paoies. a on immigration, majority leader mitch mcconnell announcing earlier hat the the senate will take up the resolution on president trump's national emergcy on thursday. the house has already passed a
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measure to revoke the president'sts eff that could secure more money for his proposed border wall but even i itpasses, the president plans to veto it. and there's noth eno support to override that. parents, doctors are warning to vaccinate your kids. the centers for disease control has said there's been 12 new cases of measles in the past two weeks, that brings the number to 228. no cases in our area. last month two passengers on an international flight from gan francisc measureles from a passenger who picked it up in another couny. last year was the second highest annual total for cases of the disease in more thano0 see 2 th numbers rise because the disease is so highly contagious. evy time you have pockets of unleccinated pe the disease is going to spread very quickly. >> measles can spread through
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coughing and sneezing, they lingern their or on surfaces for up to about two hours, symptoms including fever, rash, runny nose and red eyes. ews4 working for your money. susan hogan on whether that extended warranty is worth the cost when buying a new car. a> we have warm up through the end of your work week but not without som rain as we go live to break from national harbor in prince george's county. people alkt re inbetaabus e gthhoeyou'r e. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime easy, so you have more time
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we've got warmer temperatures headed our way and rain headed our way, but not as ba as it's been. >> no. not until friday. and really not evenle a w washout on friday. rain.xpecting a lot of and the weekend is looking dry as well. e have not had many dry weekends. >> we haven't. >> we need dry weekends and days, we have it today. temperatures around or a little bit below average, but the next uple days going well above average. right now a beautiful shot. degrees winds out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. that wind has been strongehe throughout day but now starting to wain a little bit. 51 towards annapolis, 53 martinsburg. it's a cool day, 48 gaithersburg, wind chills have been cooler than this, but all
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in all, not bad at all. look at what we'll beg see tomorrow, high temperatures of 59. sun and cuds a fan tsa day on our wednesday. i think your wednesday is b goi nice, thinking about getting lunch outdoors you can do that. not a lot going on in our area at all. that is very good news. that means the weather center is a quiet place these days, but different story in the western the country. you see a storm here, and there's a storm making its way towards the east, tt's not going to affect us, however we are going to see clouds from this later in the day andnto tomorrow. this is the storm back here that i'm watching. look at the spin here, the moisture making its way in. this storm is going to be a monster storm into the plains. look at this. this is the warnings associated with this storm, high wind warnings for texas, torna warnings possible with this.
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blizzard warnings in the ylow from denver up towards bismark, north dako. flooding, winter storm warnings, this storm means business and it will move our way. this is tomorrow morning notice the line of strong storms in the dallas area. here's where the rain is changing to snow around denver. i have friends going out to go skiing in the next couple days, it's going to be hard t get to denver tomorrow. 70 miles per hour. ahead of on, the cold front. the cold front movingur way wednesday to thursday, could be severe weather down to the southwest. for us in front of theold front we're mild. temperatures in the 60s. ni friday m we see the system make its way thr, gh the regi a frontal boundary makes its way our way, too. on iday, temperatures on the warm side, not a huge storm for ai and all with a
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temperature of 69. nice tomorrow, nice on thursday. there's the chance for showers, maybe a rumbling of thunder or two with the storm. behind the system g we cool on saturday with a high of 54. 52 on sunday. that's st. patrick's day. another chance of showers on monday. and then we are on the cool side as we make our way towards the middle of next week. rightcontinue to track it now the next two days lookingce history in the making ahead of a big race this weekend. what this marathoner will be doing that's never been done before. >> reporter: next year students at central high gohool will be g to another school while this one is renovated. coming up on news4, some parents say they don't like it. next. and a hometown hero gets his day. sherree burruss with more on the ceremony honoring redskins tight ceremony honoring redskins tight endnd a d.c. nativ
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my name is elaine barber, and i'm a five-year cancer survivor. surviving for five years is a big deal. i had so many people at ctca helping me find a way to go through the treatments. the reality of cancer is not everybody survives. at ctca,
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they have a huge celebrate life event. that was amazing because the whole day was about all of the survivo. i'm excited about my future. learn more at >> announcer: you're watching news4 at 5:00. back now at 5:30 with some of our top stories. 50 people facing charges in a college admissions fraud probe. prosecutors say parentsaid $25 million in bribe to secure their kids spotsli in
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colleges and universities, and some of the money paid for falsifyinghe entrance exam results. pressure mnting today to keep boeing 737 max 8 planes on the ground after that deadly ethiopian airlines crash. today the europea union joined a growing list of countries grounding the jets. here in the u.s. fa saying they're safe to fly. parents and teachers are trying to save national cathedral prep high school. the board says it's the lowest performing public charter school in the city. to a on'll see first more than 900 students at central high in prince george's county are moving to a new school next year. >> it' because of a major renovation. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live for us with some parents a the school board member for the district, they're not supporting
5:32 pm
this plan. why, tracee? >> reporter: they have some concerns about the kids moving from this school to anoth school for an entire year, especially since it's just for hvac when these folks are saying there's more that needs done here. we've been watching cars driving in, pparing for an evening meeting where they'll learn more but we're hearing from folks saying they don't like the plan. central high studes are moving to forestville high in forestville next school year. >> i'm shocked. let me just say that. that's not a good thing. this is a neighborhood school for our kids. i don't know where forestville high is. >> reporter: school officials say a $20 million hvac construction project is too expansive for the students to be in the building when it happens. >> the size and scope 'cause us to have to relocate central for one year.
5:33 pm
that's the goal. the project is r going touire a lot of abatement and there was no way to phase thi project. >> reporter: while students here can attest to theeed to replace the current steam system. it'se day you get in, freezing cold, the next day it's burning up. >> reporter: belinda queen whob's a parent and school board member said if they move the kids they needore than hvac here. >> over 10 years ago we were promishvac and we were promised a new school, we're lking about spending $20 million onoo a sch that got roaches and rats. it's so old and outdated. >> reporter: she's also concernedrebout kids who used to walking to this neighborhood schoolg hav catch a bus to another school several 3450milesaway. >> we have issues already with buses not coming. and now they're talking about putting more kids on a bus. >> reporter: parents c in this for this evening meeting. right now at forestville high
5:34 pm
school students from district heights elementary are there. they're expected to be moved out in the summer back to district heights which soon will be done with its renovations. and forestville high school will then be filled withom students entral high school. that's the plan. and tonight at the meeting parents and folk be in the community are going to hear more about it. l reportine i'm tracee wilkins. the new busboys and poets is officially open in d.c.'s anacostia neighborhood. mayor muriel bowser was there for the ribbon cutting today as estaurant becomes part of a waew of n businesses hoping to bring major change to the area along martin luther king jr. avenue. it will be serving food but the owner says it's also a cultural space. 90% of the art work inside from artists and students from ward 7 and 8. most of the employees are also local residents. >> exciting.
5:35 pm
vernon davis is a super bowl champion andta a tight end for the redskins. he's also a d.c. nfoive known giving back to his community. today the community is honoring davis and sherree burruss was on hand today for this special occasion. she joins us now from the news room with that part of the story. long overdue. this is nice to see. >> it was, jim. redskins tight end vern non davis has c wonntless awards in his 14 years in the nfl. today a special day as he was honored by dpol folks in the community he grew up. >> i proclaim march 12th ver n davis day. >> mayor muriel bowser making today's announcement at ruse dale elementary school camers whe he went to school. he starred at the university of maryland and the nfl then. his grandma a big influence in his life, joining her grandson
5:36 pm
on stage. davis also active in the communitns with organizat like the boys and girls club and covenant house. nk >> i t my third or fourth year in the nfl i started to l realize thae was so much more than just playing ball. dat's when i started to take off ando a lot in the community. wherevn i -- san francisco -- i was in san francisco so i did a lot there. i also come backo washington d.c., since i'm from here, to do work here as ll. >> how proud are you to have the mayor stand up there? >> i don't even know the words to explain it. i'm so excit for him. i'm so proud o vernon. it took a lot ofwo . he didn't just walk in here, he didn't walk into it. it took work and time and he had to have a lot of patience to get he got >> future vernon davis days will be filled with events outside for those students. >> big day, thank you, sherree.
5:37 pm
a special gift for an 8-year-old boy dealing with an awful sease. how volunteers came together to help free him from his limitations. a consumer alert involvingo faulty air bags and what was supposed to be a fix. why one company is asking car owners to return to the igop. we'll be back. spring allergy season is under way, with warmer temperatures the cextouple
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the right shape wear may make you look good but tonight doctors warn the clothing may not beoing much for your insides. internists o saynce you squeeze into your shapewear your muscles are gng to relax, weakening your core. we're not talking abo your abs. we're talking about your cor muscles that help stabilize your spine. that shapewear o popular workout corsets can actually lead to a back injury. >> it's like wearing any type of brace anywhere, the purpose of the brace is to stabilize. that's the purpose of yr muscles and joints and nerves that realize where you are in space. any time you offload that to something else, it's going to take away from what the body does naturally. >> if you plan on wearing your
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shapewear, doctors suggest you wear them for only 12 hours at a time. clearly at that -- i can't wear them past like eight hours. and they say you should not wear more than one at a time. really? >> rest of th in, folks.suck it storm team 4 tracking spring-like weather and with thatg com seasonal allergies. amelia is here with the first allergy report of 2019. >> i know both of us get this e-mail in our inbox and we're looking at it every day because we both suffer from seasonal aldsrgies. the wnd grasses are absent, mold spores coming in low. it's the trees that are the main culprit right now. withhe tree pollen count jumping to the high range. when we say tree pollen is coming in high, that means
5:42 pm
everybody that suffers from seasonal allergies is going to experience symptoms, some of them potentially severe, t trees that are the culprits are your cedar, cyprs, juniper, elm and maple. i talked to o micro biologist who sends out the e-mail.d she said the pollen count is it normal for this time of year. even the chilly weather we've had have kept the pollen counts at bay so wr. continue to warm up and look at past years, check out this trend. when we compare the years from 1970 to presentur day, spring has warmed up here in washington by about a degree and a half and what that means is we can see a longer allergy season and a more intense allergy season. we are going to warm up the next few days, cooler air returns for the weekend so we'll see the pollen count, r i think high and see it get in check over the weekend.
5:43 pm
bottomline, tis the season. make sure you have the tissues and i have to ve the ones that have the aloe in them. otherwise it's misery. >> thanks, amg ia. workr your money tonight. up next, susan hogan on whether that extended warranty is wor it when you're buying a car. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in program ounty where a called grand involved is called grand involved is bringing seniors a schoolnd people aren't talking about giant's called grand involved is bringing seniors a schoolnd fresh grab and go salads and sandwiches. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the ttle things that make mealtime easy, so you have more time with the people you love.
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when you buy a car y expect it to be reliable, that's notoo much to ask but what about problems down the road, you can opt for the extra protection with an extended warranty. is it worth it? susan hon working for you with what you need to know about that. >> reporter: when mike bought a preowned car h recentlychose a subaru forester, largely because
5:46 pm
it gets top marks from consumer reliability. still he paid extra for an extended warranty. >> completely about peace of mind, not something i do on smaller purchases but for the car and havingt be a preowned car it seemed to make sense. >> reporter: it may be years if before he knowe made the right call. but csumer reports say the odds are not in his favor. >> it may give you peace of mind but consumer reports found buyers aren't always going see a return on that investment. >> reporter: no surprise since they can make a lot of money for those who sell them. >> a better plan is take whatever money you spend on an y extended warrand put it in an emergency fund you have the money available for a rep r or put it towards your nextcar. >> reporter: but if you buy one, consumer reports urges you to read the report, consider the
5:47 pm
length, the coverage limitations and the price, which can be negotiated just like the price of the car. and consumer reports also suggests focussing on buying a car wh aetter than average predicted reliability rating and properly maintaining it. so many of the newer cars have amazingy warra programs, you know, 50,000, 100,000 miles look for those too. say, just used to change the oil. can we get you to do that. >> solves everything. >> if only it were that easy. as you know, more than a million hon w ownersl be heading back to the shop. the air bag inflay or thes replaced during previous recalls could be dangerous. the new recall involves honda end acura models from 2001 to 2016. ompany says it's aware of one injury linked to this new defect. affected drivers can expect a letter in the mail. this month there's going to
5:48 pm
a first at the new york city half marathon, an experienced runner determined to keep and maintain his independence despe losing hisvision. he has used human guides before but now he's been training guide dogs, including his canine companion gus to help him complete the race. kristen dagren talked with him about the challenges he's . faci >> there was a time women weren't allowed to run marathons, when people in wheelchairs weren't able to compete, when blind people a weren'e to compete. now a chance for people guided byheir dogs can compete. i think that's special. >> we'll hear more about his mission to help other vision impaired runners that's coming up tonight on nbc "nightly news." you go gus. for ae kid a b is everything. today a fairfax boy with special eds got one made just for him.
5:49 pm
news4's drew wilder was there when he got to see it for the first time. >> reporter: 7-year-old caleb was given a brand new bike tuesday, always a huge momentid for and their parents. >> it's like a develop mental milestone, ridingheir bike. >> right now i'd show you caleb riding his bike but that didn't happen and it might not for a while. he was born wh autism and a disease where his body develops tumors on his heart, brain and skin. raising a child with special needs is a lot for parents and siblings. it hit mom one day when his sisters came home with an invitation to a birthday party. > she looked at me with her eyes and said mom will ceveb been invited to a birthday party. >> reporter: can you imagine havingo answer that? there are things caleb's sisters can do but he won't be able to, but riding aike is not on that
5:50 pm
list. the safeway group custom built this bike for caleb. he'll g that milestone that his isters had. >> immediately their whole face lights up, like look what i can do. >>eporter: caleb can toon time. it started tuesday with a count to 10. >> nine, ten. >> reporter: and one day he'lll n to ride it, maybe even to one of the birthday parties he's been invited to, much to the light of his sister. doug, blue skies. >> we have a beautiful day and it loo like a good week? >> a little spring like over the next couple >> we'll take that. >> we'll take that for sure. after a high temperature 53.y average is 54. so we missed average by that ch.
5:51 pm
next couple of days going well above average. right now, looking at a good afternoon, looking at temperatures currently in the upper 40s t low 50s. 53 at the airport and dropping to the 40s by 9:00, gh:00, 11:00 to we have cooler air in place, so it's be on theid cooler this evening. 48 in. gaithersbu 51 in dulles. 55 in warrenton. expect five degrees difference. 58, 59 d.c. 58 towards manassas. even mid 50s towards gaithersburg. nothing on the radar in our area. we're waiting on a storm way back towards the west. not here. it's this storm right here. which is in the southwest chrtion of the country. a tornado w in effect for parts of nevaw mexico and texas. we are not expecting a big storm here, however we are expecting
5:52 pm
showers and maybe a rumble of thunder or two with w more ont we can expect on that storm. amelia it's a coupleof days but right now it's the only to thing on our radar. >>lu ably. and quiet literally. here's what you can expect on friday. it'still goi to be a mild day out there. temperatures running above normal, we're going to be in the 60s to near 70 degrees on friday. our normal now 54. and rain is likely. we'll have some dry time too. not looking like a wathout of day. a cold front moving through coulet you have a touch of thunder, especially if it moves through later in the day. even if it does happen we're not too concern about severe weather. right now it looks like the best chance of rain is in the morning or midday hours. on fridayng commute could be impacted by rain. as we move towards lunchtime that rain pushing off toward the night th our friday
5:53 pm
looking dry out there and completely dry for the weekend. great news itthere. s going to be breezy on friday with that rain. and on saturday as well. here's your weekend forecast. 54 on saturday. 52 on sunday. so seasonal temperature looking great for st. patrick's day, exactly wst we need t time of year, doug. cherry blossoms still in stage one out of six. but i think we'll see them get bumped up to maybe stage 2, maybe stage 3 by the weekend. >> we have the cooler weather coming back next week. tomorrow at the bus stop is on the chilly side, 48 degrees by recess. 58 by the time you're picking up the kids. need the jackets a bus stop early tomorrow. cooler weather for the weekend as amelia was talking about but a nice weekend for st. patrick' day. chance of showers monday but not looking at much. look at next week. we're cool, at least for this ye time of , but looks like we got some sunshine here and
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
> changing the world one child at a time. >> that is the lofty goal of an organization called grand involved. it sds senior citizen volunteers into schools to help students. >> northern virginia bureau chief julie carey tells us about
5:57 pm
the seniors learning the pgram and it's changing their program as well. >> reporter: hisnt grandpa live in morocco b he gets his grand fix every week when mike fox drops into his fifth grade classroom at park lawn elementary. he's one of nearly 150 seniors wh volunteer with grand involved. launched five years ago it in 18 schools, its primary focus helping second language lerners. >> i'm working wit a cambodian girl who was so mute, she was so quiet. now she's a ball of fire. >> reporter: on this morning, four seniors helping out with their classrooms. jean bacon has been coming for years now. >> i know they talk to me about things they don't talk toe
5:58 pm
about. so i know i'm coming to fill a need in many of their lives. reporter: the program gets no county funding but was started when leaders asked seniors what would keep them in the county. >> grand involved is really purposeful volunteering. t >> reporter: t pays big dividends to the children. as she reads a book about swans, tmary takese to show the girls the bird's big wingspan. but the kids will tell you it's theat rnships they value as much as the learning. >> mr. fox is aice and kind man. he likes workingh we kids individually because he likes to get to know them. >> it's nice kwing someone older because i think she's wise. >> reporter: the seniors entertained by some of the questions they get. >> will i have white hair when i'm 100?
5:59 pm
reporter: young and old once strangers in their community now connected and better for it. i'm julie carey news4. if you want to learn more about this program or howo volunteer just open up the nbc washington app. and sinrch grand lve. >> thanks for join gs us but leon and doreen are standing by next with news4 at 6:00. now at 6:00. >> we're talking about deception and fraud. >> cheating the system to get teenagers into college. how this massive nationwidebu st -- >> fake test scores, athletic credentials, photographs. >> -- is connected to a former coach at georgetown university. >> still flying, the u.s. and canada virtually the only countries using the jet involve inhe deadly crash in ethiopia sunday. >> the secretary of transportation should these planes. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now.
6:00 pm
hundreds of thousands of teenagers fight for spots in press tee jus colleges every year getting in takes a lot of work and a lot of money. >> tonight the justice department says some parents with money a privilege paid aibes to get their kids i they knew what they were doing was against the law. >> the fbi calls this operation varsity blues. they say wealthy people, includingwo hollywood stars paid to guarantee their kids' admission to elite schools, aches and administrators took bribes disguised as chair table donations. it invold cheating on entrance exams and in which stents posed as athletes in sports they didn't play. we begin with jay gray. >> reporter: today federal agents in the u.s. attorney's office announced charges against at least 50 people in what they describe as the largest


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