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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 13, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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atm from a local 711 by smashine a vehnto the store. this morning, news 4 is on the ene. it is 6:00 a.m., good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. also just in to the news room, footag of actress felicity huffman inside a california courth ase. she wasested yesterday and charged as part of that massive college admisl.ons scanda she is one of dozens of people who were arrested. >> we'll have then latesthat investigation in just a moment. we begin now, though, with a check on your commute and the forecast.a melillet has a look at the roads but start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and what we need t know this morning. >> what you need to know, it's cold in the suburbs this well below freezing for most of the area. ait will be bright sunny start to finish today. it will turn into a gorgeous afternoon, butl youed shedable layers to stay warm this morning. have a two-day warming trend today and tomorrow. and then rain likely maybe even a rumble or two of thunder in
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the afternoon and evening time frame. but this morning, it's all about the chill in the owr. 25 in montgomery village. 27 in lorten. 27 i clinton, maryland and shen doe wa valley, mid 20s. it's above freezing along route 50 from the city to the bay. there's your hithe road forecast for the commute. dry roads in, dry roads home today. just don't forgetr y sunglasses because it will be bright and sunny all day. nice and mild for tomorrow. we'll talk moreai about that chance for your friday and let you know if that hangs into the weekend coming up. sr now, le go to melissa and first 4 traffic. >> good morning. take a look at the zoom on chopper 4 this morning. this is the crash we've been tellinggou about shutt down a portion of eastern avenue there in the district. so, take a look here. we still have this full closure from this crash investigation eastern avenue between rnum d randolph street in northeast that investigation has all lanes blocked. 'll let you know if that reopens. dale city eastbound dale boulevard still hav the left side blocked by a crash. inner loop, outer loop of the
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beltway no iajorues right now. taking a look at your travel times 270 looks good, the top of the beltway and everything in virginia, no worries. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. let's turn back now to that breaking news we told you about a moment ago. we begin in thedistrict, two people seriously hurt after this crash on eastern avenue in northeast. this is right at the d.c./maryland line. twoe vehicles w involved here. both victims are said to have critical. injuri a car crashed into a house on bray brook drive in lanham. police say the driver has been taken into custody. we're still working to figure d.out how the crash happe we're told no one was injured. many have to change their morning coffee run. >> because 711 off 450 in lamham is a crime scenenow. megan mcgrath is live with details. megan? >> reporter: well,, that's right. this was a smash and grab that happened over night. the thieves getting away with an atm machine. if you take a look behind me
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here, you can see all of th mage that was left behind here. essentially everything to the left of that front door all of that glass completely broken out here. ce say that the thieves used a truck. through that up plate glass window and then threw that atm machine in the back of the truck and made their escape. noord on how much money might have been in there. but, they took the whole machine here. now, the people inside that were working at the time, they were not injured, so that's good news there. but they are still looking for the people responsible here. you can see, a lot of damage a lot of cleaop that needs be done here. now, i should mention that there cameras, quitece a few of them, actually on the outside of the building. and presumably possibly on the inside as well. now, whether those ceras were working, or whether they recorded anything that could help, we're still waiting for word on that, but certainly that's one of the things that police will be looking at as they try to figure out who took this atm machine. for folks who typically come to
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th 711 for coffee and were on fin's lane, the 711 on n's lane just off of 450, not going to get that coffee this morning. we've seen a lot of people turning around. this will probably be closed for a while. back to you. >> megan, thank you. it's now 6:04. developing in prince georges county overnight, officialspa swarmed anment complex after a woman was shot. police were called out to the apartments on bell crest road near east west highway just before 8:00 p.m. last night. they found a woman who had been shot and she died a short time nter. investigators hav said anything about any possible suspects in this case. and now to tt latn what's being called the biggest college admsions scam in history. >> 50 people were indicted after being caught buying their kid's way into prestigious schools. now this sca centers around eight elite universities including yale, stanford and georgetown. court duments say parents paid college prep business owner william singer millions to get their kids into top colleges an. universiti among them, tv actresses lori
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yofflin from "full house" and dt desperate housewives star" felicima hu during a press conference yesterday, federal prosecutors broke down the c differentmes that singer is charged with. o was to cheat on the s.a.t. or a.c.t. and the other was to use his connections with division i coaches a use bribes to get these parent's kids into school with fake athletic credentials. >> now singer apparently photo shopped the faces of his client's children on to aual athlete's pictures and paid coaches to put their children in their designated admission spots. prosecutors also say singer bribed a former georgetown coach. georgetown university former tennis cch ismong those indicted. gordon ernst was the head men's and men's coach at georgetown for 12 seasons.
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we talked to a local girl tryinr to work to get the best score she can. she said this is heart breaking. >> i worked so hard to get to my goal and knowing that people can get in because of their parents and money isn't fair. >> court documents allege georgetown former coach was pai nearly $3 million. and designated at least 12 applicants as recruits to facilitate their admission. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will be back in cou today. this time in d.c. >> this is his second sentencing hearing in as manywe s. manafort faces up to ten years in prison as part of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. he pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy each punishable by up to five years i prison. last week, manafort was sentenced to 47 months in prison by a judge in virginia. that folviwed action for financial crimes. >> and now to the crisis in the catholic church, a judge sentenced the vatican's former finance minister to six yrs in prison. a jury convicted australiae cardinal geopell of
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molesting two choir boys back in 1966. the 77-year-old must serve a minimum of three yeand eight months before he's eligible for parole. pell is t highest ranking convicted an sentenced for child sex abuse. he plans to appeal t case and denies the the vatican launched its own investigation. the federal aviation administration is facing criticism thisorning for not grounding boeing 737 max jets. these are the same jets ser that crashed in ethiopia on sunday, killing all 157 people on board. much of the world, including the ropean union and the united arab emirates banned the sunday's crash was the second deadly crash involving this type of plane in just six months. unit, american and southwest airlines fly various models of the 737, but none of these companies has esexd concerns over passenger safety. meanwhile, the investigation into what caused therash remains on going. a spokesman for ethiopian
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irlines says the plane's black box will be sent overseas for analysis because they don't have the capability to sdy it in ethiopia. 6:08 now. this massive inferno forced more than 100 families out of their s homes in yonk, new york last nigh the mayor of yonkers says every firefighter in that city was working to ctain the flames here. there were no injuries. the fire may have started on the top floor, but we don't know exactly how it started. tragedy at disney world. a construction worr die after an accident at disney's epcot theme park in orlando. officials say the 58-year-old worker fell in an area of the park thatnss under uction. the worker has not been identified. investigators say there is no sign of foul play. >>nd studentsommunity leaders are fighting to get a charr school alive in southeast d.c. a school board voted to shut it pwn next year. the d.c.lic charter school board says national collegiate prep is being shut down because
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of performance issues like poor test l scores,ow enrollment and araeclining gation rate. the school's founder says some of those problems are due to her errors. she says the class of 2018 lost several students who moved to other areas but the school didn't keep track so it appeared those students dropped out. school leaders say plan is to try to get the board to reverse its decision. >> don't understan how you close a school in the most distant franchise community when they made eight of theirine goals. >> the school board released a statement saying national collegiate prep was, quote the lowest performing public charter school and declined year after year. no one ever wants to close a scusol, but we're focd on the quality of education for all students. tedre are m reactions about relocating some students at one prince georges county high school. an hvac installation has to be done ah central hhool in capital heights that means next school yeaent will have to attend forestville high school. district leaders say the $20 million project is too big for
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students to be in ebuilding. parents worry about their kids catching a bus several miles away. students say they just want a comfortable place to learn. >> one day you get in there it's freezing cold. the next day it's burning up. >> we have issues with our buses already where they're not picking kids up. busrivers are not come. they're leaving us. now we're talking about putting more kids on a bus. >> forestville high school is being used as a swing space since it. clos an elementary school is there right now. the plan is to have theel entary school move out this summer to make way for central high school. it's now 6:10. there could be a new courshifor school students in maryland. organ donation. according to our news partners at wtop, a new bill through the general assembly would make way to educate high schoolers about becoming an organ donor. the bill couldequire county ards of education to begin teaching the course in public schools startingn the 2020/2021 school year. also new this morning,
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amazon is removingooks promoting autism cures and misinformation about vaccines. the online marketplace confirmed its removing books that unscientifically claim children can be curedm of aut with methods such as eating and bathing in a potentially toxic form of bleach and taking medici meant to treat arsenic and lead poisoning. this comes after a report in zewire criti the retail giant for offering dangerous metho forreversing autism. the department of defense approved a new policy regarding transgentroops. it will for the most part bar troops and recrus from transitioning and require them to serve in their birth olnder. they falls just short of the all-out transgender ban that was ordered by president trump. it will likely force t military to eventually discharge transgender indivuals who need hormone treatments or surgery or can' or won't serve in their birth order. 6:11 rightow. coresets and other shape ware often give you the look they want but doctors are saying that
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may come at a price. >> the newest warning. how about ock weather, c bell? >> we're off to a cold start on a wednesday morning. most of the suburbs way below geezing. so your winter coat out for this walk to school early this morning. is youiture ready to handle your kids dreams? at havertys, every piece is made to last.
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>> announcer: you'r watching news 4 today. tomorrow when empire star jessie smollett appears in a chicago courl oom, cameras w be allowed. he is facing more than a dozen charges. chicago police say he lied about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack. ring a hearing yesterday, smollett's attorney said details about the case had been leaked and added that many of them aren't true. prosecutors say smollett staged
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the attack to further his and it's not only jessie smollett fging mount troubles. >> both r. kelly and the michael jackson estate are under increased scrutiny after recent allegations of sexual abuse. kelly is chaed with molesting teenage girls and in a recent document tear jackson is accused of molesting two boys when they were children. jackson has seen a slight i increa music sales. he sold 6,000 albums last week and his music was streamed more than a million mes. canada, new zealand and australia have banned his music on the air waves. meanwhile, radio stations are playing r. kelly's music moas. he seen a 71 increase since his interview with gayle king ob more people are watching his musice videos onl as well but fewer people are streaming and downloading his songs. just about6: . we're working for your health
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this morning. doctors are warning parents to vaccinate your children. the denters forease control says there's been 12 new cases of measles in the last week. that bringsal the tumber of cases to 228 nationwino. cases have been reported in our ea. last month two passengers on an international flight to san francisco became infected with measles from a traveler who picked it up in another country. last year washe second highest annual total for cases of that disease in more than 20 years. >> and a warning for anyone who uses shape ware. it may help you lookut amazing b some doctors warn that clothing may n doing such great things for your insides. internists say once you squeezed clurself into that shape ware, your m are going to relax, weakening your core. your core includes t muscleshat help stabilize your spine. doctors say that shape ware or popular workouts core set could lead to back injury. if y still plan on wearing shape ware doctors suggest only wearing them for up to 12 hours ea a time and they say you
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should not more than one at a time. that's a it. >> it a lot. >> it's a lot to wear more than one at a time. e can only im>>agine.t'sov intl o safe territy. >> exactly. the warmup. >> leave the third rail behind and move on to the weather which will honestly turn out to be a very nice day to be outside. we're off to a cold start early this morning. skies have been crystal clear overnight and the winds havet, been li so as a result, temperatures have dropped rather precipitously over night hours. we're at 34 now in washington with barelyite breeze out of the southwest at only 5 miles per hour. but if you're outside the urban eat island of washington or away from the chesapeake bay, it's considerably colder this morning. mid 20s in the shenandoah valley. mid 20s for much of northern virginia. mid 20s in parts of montgomery county. put your warm coat on first
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thinghis morning. however, it will turn into a very pleasant day to be outside. plenty of sunshine this 'lrning. see a little bit way in high clouds later on in the day today. but south winds and sunshine should put temperatures this afternoon many spots will have a 30 degree jump from mid 20s ands upper 20 this morning up to near 60 degrees for today. tomorrow, they'll be even more clouds and even more of a southerly breeze and as a result warmer, breezy and times and 69 degrees tomorrow. lot of unsettled weather in the middle of theountry and big storm causing a lot of snow and high country ofcolorado and severe weather through oklahoma and texas this morning. this will also be our next weather maker. so enjoy the dry weather while we have it. it will be dry today and again mostly sunny. high clouds around during later on parts of the afternoon. a few more clouds overnight tonight. en tomorrow,artly to mostly cloudy. but notice even through 7:00 m. tomorrow, rain chances staying well out to our west. dry weather today and tomorrow
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but friday is a different story. rain chances up to nearly 100%. showers likely for the friday morning commut hit andiss rain chances for the lunch hour on friday. and then friday late afternoon and evening, some bursts of heavier rain and maybe a rumble or two ofhunder as that cold front comes on through. it clears us out by the time we get to weekend. so as a result, i think you'll enjoy the weekend. dry.east it will be first time we had a dry weekend in more than a month. but it will be chilly. saturday only 50 with a sff northwest wind. sunday st. patrick's day, don't forget to put your green sweater on. let's go to first 4 and hear something good from melissa. >> good actually here. this has just reopened so eastern avenue in northeast near varnum street. chopper zoomed in f to get this shot for us, so thank you for that, chopper. h are reopenine right now. that should be out of the way soon. still has a hangover here on the map. ill seeing a little bit of a delay but that will be green in a couple of minutes. dale city, eastbound dale
6:20 am
boulevard left side was blocked by the crash. that has cleared as well. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway no complaints there. father hurley, delays headed southbound through germantown but no actual issue. that's just volume taking a look at your travel times from 118 gets better, 54 miles per hour, so top of the beltway 35 miles per hour and virginia 55 miles per hour and bot 66 and 95 doesn't get much better than that. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. thank you. 6:20. still ahead, cash or credit?ay >> it's a credit for me but cash used to. be king more and more people opting ford the credit which is the better way? we're taking a look. and today on "ellen" academy award winner lieu pea toe nyong'o is talking about her new movie "us". >> looks so scary. >> that's at 3:00 p.m. stick around for news 4 at 4.
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. csumer alert that could be deja vu for more than a million honda owners. ta ka da air bagnflaters installed during previous recalls could be dangerous and the vehicle has to go back to the shop. h theda and acura models involved are from 2001 to 2016. at least 23 people have died worldwide because of the issue. and hundreds of others have been injured. if you're among those affected,
6:24 am
expect aetter in the mail. 6:23 now. a question, do you mainly use casher credit cards to m your everyday purchases? >> a good mix of both. debit card versus cash. >> i charge for coffee. i nev have cash. >> cash puts limit on our spending but credit cards have incentives. here is cash versus credit. >> reporter: it used be cash is king, but these days it may be difficult to find people who carry cash. so, what's the big deal? heathlock program director at prince georges community college says when it comes to saving money, cash is the best way to go because you can clearly see' when y running low. >> when you have money and it's, depletou say, ah-ha, i need to save more or i need to, you know,reallocate it, repurpose it, hold on to it. >> reporter: limiting yourself to cash may take some getting used to, so carelock suggests
6:25 am
you use the envelope system. you put a set amount of money in an envelope for each category, like gas, food or cl ghing. >> this back to spending, which is a really important concept to have discipline around. >> reporter: using cash is not advised when you're buying big-ticket items. >> that's with electronics and appliances. sometimes the warranty thatar credit c offer allows a person to have a better warranty bill than the retail warranty. >> reporter: when you use credit, carelock says it's best to pay off thatebt in three billing cycles or less. the key t m savingoney is to be disciplined about you only spend what you have. justin finch,ews 4. it is 6:25 now. coming up, prneests pland. students set to walk out of class for a cause. what to know about the rally your cldren may be joining this week. plus, new details abouthe admissions cheating scandals with ties from here in our area to hollywood. next at 6:30, new details about the man who admitted making
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millions getting students into top schools. chuck? you're commute in into and out of work and school will start off cold. car washing forecast, you bet. go for it today. go for it today. nexthance for c - okay, we have one more. - can't wait to see what it is. (giggling) - now don't worry, he's totally gonna grow into it. and soon it's gonna be college and books d fees and housing oh, the miracle of life! - [narrator] tame the tuition monster with the gift of virginia529, perfect for any occasion.
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nnouncer: news 4 today, begins with breaking news. a b morning of breaking news as you wake up on this wednesday. a crash and r at a local 711. we're live with an update. plus, a building evacuated because of coming up on 6:30 on this wednesday, good morning, everybody i'm aaronhrist. >> i'm eun yang. we'll get right to the breaking news in just a moment but first elek working to you get out the door. the key today bundle up with layers. our storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with more on the cold start and the warmup later today. and then melissa mollet will have more on your commute. how warm are we talking about, chuc >> we'll be flirting with 60 degrees by later in the day. so deghtfully mild our average high now is up to 55, so that will be a few degrees into the plu territory. skies are clear. sunrise still nearly an hour
6:30 am
away. not coming up until 7:23 this morning. and everyone outside the capital beltway just about is below t freezings morning. 25 in gaithersburg, 30 in leaseburg, 30 in quantico. you need that warm coat this morning, kids. but, it will be outdoor recess and play time after school tod outside as well. more than enough sunshine to have temperatures jump some 30 degrees today from 20s this morning up to the upper 50s t near 60 later on in the afternoon. more about the weekend forecast also available on our nbc washington app andlso give you a fine and follow and like there on social media. put out a cute little video of the dogs on twitter andm. instag for now, let's go over to melissa mollet. >> good moaing, chuck. ouple of problems here and chopper 4 will show you both of them. we're talking about northbound 95, first of all, a crash problem before the icc. then a second one near 198 rht now chopper kind of tracking some of the response headed to one of those scenes.
6:31 am
so chopper showed up here, saw one crash and then saw another. going to hav lot of delays northbound and therefore some delays southbound as folks are oking over. bw parkway through a similar stretch really does not lookba this morning. might be a good idea for you. northbound 95 here in virginia prince william parkway main lanes slowed because of an accident. disabled vehicle and 270 fromed frick to the spur 45 miles per hour takes you 40 minutes slow there through germantown. aaron? >> melissa, tha you. > 6:31. breaking news now the search is on for the thieves behind a atm heist in prince georges county stolen from the local 711 on n'sane in lanham happening just before 2:00 a.m. news 4 megan mcgrath will have the latest live report in a few minutes. police in prince georges county worked late intothe nifter a woman was gunned down in hyattsville. this was the view from chopp 4 after the call went out. police swarmed the apartment complex not far from the mall at
6:32 am
for instance georges. now they're starting their day on the hunt for a killer. news 4 justin finch has been tracking this case live at the scen us. justin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, aaron, eun, this, of course, is news that no one wants to hear. word that someone was killed il a where you feel safe. in their home. looking here live, this t happed at mosaic apartments here last night where police say a woma was shot and killed. l hyattsville police responding to shots fir 8 around0 p.m. in an upstairs apartmehey found a woman who had been shot and she did die. the investigation went on for hours. let's look at just where this is becaus might surprise you. we're on the 6200 block of bell htest road this is r next to the prince georges county plaza metro and just across east west highway from the mall at prince georges. a bustling area where a lot of o feel quite frankly
6:33 am
safe. now, at this hour, we are standing by for some updates here to hear more about this victim who she is and what police are looki in terms of suspects in connection to her death. we'll of course bring you that as soon as we get that. back inside to you. >> justin finch, live for us this morning. thank you. it's now 6:33. we're staying on top ofak bg news in montgomery county. cory smith is at the live now with the latest on the apartment fire. cory, good oomorning. >>morning, eun. we just learned that improperly discarde smoking material has now caused five people to wake up this morning without a home. this fire was at the summit hill's apartment building near downtown silver spring. look at the pictures from that scene. th h red cross wilp out the folks who were displaced by this fire.ay investigatorst started on the second floor and a working smoke alarm aleed the residents. a closed bedroom door helped shield fire from other and kept this fire really from
6:34 am
spreading throughout that complex. good news here again no injuries have been poed, but those five people who have been displaced are being helped by the red n,cross. ack to you. >> cory, thank you. n ow to our other developing story, a college admissionsl scan putting local schools and hollywood in the spotlight this morning. parents are accused of paying u to millions of dollars to guarantee their children's admission t top universities. 50 people were indicted as the fbipe announcedtion varsity blues yesterday. >> they include college coanhes, en exam administrators and parents including actresses felicity huffman and lori laughlin. huffman is out o baifter spending several hours behind bars. layofflin is expected to turn herself in today. she was on a work trip abroad. >> the actresses and others are accused of paying william s bger be their kid's way into college. he pled guilty to multiple arges and admitted to being
6:35 am
paid more than $25 million. some made donations to his charity and wrote o the bribes on their taxes. singer allegedly helped change student's test scores or recruit students on to college athletic teams, even if they had ever played the sport. right now thechools themselves are not believed to be involved. >> and prosecuhars also say william singer bribed a former georgetown coach. gordon ernst was the head smen' and women's tennis coach at georgetown for 12 seasons. he is accused of taking $2.7 million in bribes. this morning he's free on $200,000 bond. ernst has not coached at georgetown since 2017 that's after an investigation found heve violated uity admission rules. he is now at the university of rhode island but wasn placed administrative leave. now two updates on two stories we brought you as breaking news here on news 4 yesterday. a con wruction worker was trapped in a hole is recovering this morning. the man had b an standing on ladder in that hole in
6:36 am
georgetown when it caved in on him. he was trapped up to his chest in dirt. it took nearly an hour to dig him out. nd re told he was alert talking with rescuers when he was put into an ambulance. an autopsy is scheduled toda for the body of the man who was found dead outsidef a falls church gas station. he was found yesterday morning in an alley not far from the target shoppingcenter. police are calling his death suspicious. d.c. area students are planning to walk out of school tomorrow. they are set to march on the white house to protest gun violence inschools. you may remember they did the same thing last year. it was one month after the mass sh at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. the principal at woodrow wilson high school here in the district sent letter to parents. she says, while this is not a school sponsored event, they, quote, encourage and support students exercising their first amendmt rights. participating in a walk-out is an individual family's decision
6:37 am
yd we encourage to discuss your child's plans. the letter says that wle the school expects students to remain in class, those students who wish to participate must provide written consent from eir parents to avoid getting an unexcused absence. >> it's now 6:37. coming up, big changg comin the skin's roster in just a few hours. what to know about the names coming to andm leaving f the team today. plus, cash from chipotle. the easy way to score a
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>> announcer: you're watching 4 news today. oh, it was a rough night in caps.urgh for the they were up 2-0 half wayhe through tecond period but then it fell apart when the penguins scored three goals in less than two minutes. ouch. then the fists started to fly. >> get him. >> tom wilson took down a penguin and kept things going in the penalty box. there y go, before the end, alex ovechkin
6:40 am
made assist number 00 of his career but the cap's seven game win streak is now over. they'll be back on the ice in philadelphia to take on the flies. just means we can start a new win streak. >> there you go. let's talk footba. nfl freegency begins this afternoon. >> so the skins are expected to make a deal with methree- pro-bowl safety landon collins right at the 4:00 p.m. start time. skins are also free agents and rumors are swirling about what we have to say good-bye tol itooks like linebackersm preston ith is heading to the packers. he was a second-round pick in 2015. offensive linebacker ty kneske isto headed buffalo. >> it's not as redskin trade, but it will be good for us, t tradingre reportedly wide receiverr. odell beckham to the browns. espn repor g thents will get first and third-rod picks as well as safety peppers in
6:41 am
wchange for their superstar. >> thatill be weird. odell beckham i really connect him through the giants. n is your cnbc morning business report. >> good morning,ro'm kate rs. chi poetly finally launched its rewards program nationwide and giving you a chance toin cash if you sign up. they're giving up to away $250,000 to 25,000 people per day. you canin anywhere from 1 to $500 and no purchase is necessary. u go to chipotle reward and enter the phone number you use with your venmo account. act fast. the contest only runshrough friday. cnbc morning business report, i'm kate rogers. 6:41 on a wednesday morning. dog-walking forecast little wilma here available for adoption through the humane rescue alliance a little under year old, high energy dog. temperatures are below freezing in most of se suburbs t morning, so it's a cold start for those dog walks, but weather will il be here for later on into the
6:42 am
afternoon and evening. coming up in a few more nutes, ten-day forecast which includes potentially dry weather for your weekend. stay with us. and take a look at this, some big delays here on 95 northbound at powder mill, some other issues on the roads and your travel times coming up. and a smash and grab at then 711 lanham. thieves drove agh truck thr thieves drove agh truck thr the front glass window here and
6:43 am
thieves drove agh truck thr the front glass window here and (music throughout)
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6:45 am
it's n 6:44. as you wake up on this wednesday, it's been a busy morning of breaking news.e' here is what working on for you right now. >> three overnight crashes fcluding one through theront of a 711. we're live at the scene of this atm heist. plus, a car ends up inside a family's living room. what we're learning about the driver and where he is this morning. crash on the line between d.c. and maryland backing up traffic for hours. we'll have the details after that road fally reopened. first this morning, former vice president joe biden signals he is close t running for president in 2020. >> biden spoke at what looked event.a campaign style nbc's peter alexander is live at the white house this morning. peter as biden said when he'll make a >> yeah, looked like a campaign event. he certainly sounded like a candidate there. s bided to the group that has signs that was cheering for him n,run, joe, hold on to that energy. i may need you if n a few weeks. the clearest hint that he has dropped that he is planning to
6:46 am
get into this 2020 campaign. he test driveag that me he was would likely use in a biden campaign. he was upset about the divisiveness in american politics and cast the president as out of touch with american values. but his allenge, of course, would be to build support as a familiar establishmentace at a party increasingly driven by young, progressive voices. we'll have the latest on biden's plans and that of another big democrat namehe beto o'rourke we see this morning on "today" back to you. >> peter alexander live at the white house this morning. peter, thank you. more from peter coming upon nex "today show." now 6:46, back to that breaking news right now. if this is your 711 in lanham, maryland and you get coffee, you have tono finder spot. >> news 4 megan mcgrath has the latest this live at the scene. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys.
6:47 am
st a little while ago some repair crews showed up here on the scene they'r starting to do some of the cleanup here. and they' going to be boarding up that broken window there. now, this happened a before 2:00 in the morning. thieves drove a truck right through the frontlate glass window of this 711 and then they took off with them. now, just a little while ago i spoke to an employee who was there at the time. he describes what happened. >> they bring the truck and they hit the door. they break aneverything. they carry the atmmachine, they took the atm machine. >> reporter: so the thieves still at large with that atm. it's unknown how much mon was inside. fortunately nobody was hurt when that truck went smashing into 1,at but a lot of cleanup, ada lot oge here that needs
6:48 am
to be fixed before they can reopen. we've seen af lot people come to area looking to get their morning coffee just being turned away at this point. there are a lot of c oeras outsid this building and presumably inside as well. it's unclear,he though,er those cameras caught the suspect's inth action and w they captured anything helpful in this investigation, but certainlyhat's something that police will look at. back to you. >> megan ucgrath for in lanham, thanks. take a look at this video you may remember this scene montgomery county police responded to this other attempted atm theft on new hampshire avenue in silver spring last month. it was als at a 711. you can seepi the up driver in reverse going through the front window. the suspects tried to steal that atm but their attempts failed. later that morning, detectivesives located t pickup truck unoccupied in hyattsville. it had been stolen. no arrests have been made. now to more breaking news. a car slammed into a house in
6:49 am
lanham. >> cory smith has more on that at the live desk. cory? >> busy day for first responders in prince georges county. there you see the black car smack dab into the middle of that home. prince georges county police telling us the driver of that car is in custody. this happened just before 3:00 a.m. this morning in the 8500 block of bray brook drive in lanham. that car basically right io the middle of that two story home there. police say no injuries have beet re and no word yet on exactly what may have caused that crash. but again,r the drive is in police custody. back to you. >> all right, thank you,cory. now to the district where two people are seriously hurt after a crash on eastern avenue in northeast right in the d.c./maryland line. two vehicles were involved here. and both victims are said to have critical injuries. new video intos the n room overnight, this is actress felicity huffman in court yesterday. the actress is just one of 50 people indicted in the largest case of college admissions fraud
6:50 am
in u.s. histmay. huffn and others are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their kids into top colleges and unngersities. cop this morning on "today show," see how the man at the top of this indictment systematically helped kids get into schools with money over merit. and more on how a former georgetown university coach was allegedly involved in the nbc washington app. now to the crisis in the catholicchurch. a judge sentenced the vatican's former finance minister to six year jin prison. y convicted australia cardinal george pell of mo bsting two choirs back in 1966. the 77-year-old must serve a minimum of three years and eight months in prids before he's eligible for parole. pell is the r highestking cleric convicted and sentenced for child sex abuse. he denies the allegations and plans to appeal his case. the vatican launche its own investigation to determine whether he'll be defraught. this morning, the federal aviation administration is facing criticism for not grounding boeing's 737 ma8
6:51 am
jets. >> it's the same jet series that crashed in ethiopia on ,sund killing all 157 people on board. much of the world, including the european union and the united arab emirates have banned the sunday's was the second rats. deadly crash involving this type of plane in just six months. united, american and southwest airlines fly varios mod of the 737 but none of those companies has expressed concerns over passenger safety. meanwhile, the inveson oto what caused the crash remainsn going. a spokesman for ethiopian airlines says the plane's black box will be sent overseas for analysis because they don't have the capability ton study it ethiopia. it is 6:51 right now and a chilly 34 degrees. i had to wait for it to pop u on the screen. chuck is back with the forecast, including a warmup today. chuck? >> yes, indeed, aaron. chilly at 3 in the city but much colder 24 now out in dulles
6:52 am
airport,5 in gaithersburg, 27 now in prince georges county. so easily a ten-degree drop between just the 20 or 25 miles. that's typicly the case. so planning the day out for today, sunshine thisni m. sun is not coming up until 7:34. it will be a mostly sunny day and big rise in temperatures from below freezing to nearly 60 degrees later on in the day. so enjoy it. tomorrow, nowhere near as cold of a start. there will be a lot more cloud cove latern in the day tomorrow and milder,too. south winds tomorrow will help get temperatures into the upper 60s. one or two i spo central virginia may get to 70 tomorrow. eut that won't last long. this is part of ig storm coming out over the inner mountain west. heavy, heavy, heavy snow in the feet in the northern high country there in colorado. places that were nearly 70 yesterday could get t feet of snow today. that's crazy colorado weather for you. and severe weather likely to
6:53 am
impact places like dallas/ft. worth and the houston area, oklahoma city, tulsa, u towards kansas city, chicago and st. louis. if you're flying today and tomorrow, you could have some delays to worry about. around here, no worries for weather wise today or tomorrow. just a gradual increase in high clouds today and becoming partly to mostly mild tomorrow. mild near today, near 70 tomorrow, but friday rain likely to hit you fst thing on friday morning. hit and miss showers through the day. and then a l pretty goodtle burst of rain which may include thunderstorms late frnday afn and evening. that's the cold front which takes the mild air out and puts the chilly stuff back in for the weekend. ay blustery and chilly, highs only near 50. most of the suburbs nowelow freezing on sunday morning. sunday afternoon only near 50 and temperatures staying cooler than average for most ofek next let's go to melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. good morning. taking aook at chopper northbound 95 here at powder mill road. we haveay d northbound and southbound crashes now on the
6:54 am
shoulder but about a two mil ckup in both directions so we are seeing slow-downs. bw parkway through the same stretch not bad. might be a good alternate if you're leaving soon. northbound 95 in virginia prince william parkway that crash has moved to the shoulder. that's looking better. mcclean, 1237 right side blocked by policelt activity. way is okay but outer loop we have a disabled vehicle. hyattsville westbound east west highway we have a crash the. thank you for that. clinton inbound branch avenue beforeallentown road we have an accident there as well. maryland 270 south and the top of t beltway typical as far as slow-downs go. virginia, 66 inbound, 37 miles per hourthnd 95 n quantico to the beltway going 45 miles per hour. remember to liste to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. guys? >> thank you, melissa. 6:54 now. today's brain injurywaness day.
6:55 am
ed a v. chances are good your someone you know will be affected by brain injury. one happens commonly from a fall, stroke orconcussion. people want to make sure lawmakers have their bal s. >> we w meeting with our our congresses and people and asking them to join the congressional brain injury task fort and j advocating for individuals that live with brain injury. >> some patients must deal with injuryects of a brain that may be invisible to others. advocates hope this new not invisibl campaign will bring awareness to this dilemma and victims.he lives of it's 6:55. four things to know this morning. police in princey georges cou are looking for a killer. a woman was t shoto death at an apartment complex near the mall at prince georges. no word yet on ecpossible suor what could have led up to the shooting. smoking is being blamed for this apartment fire i sver spring.
6:56 am
montgomery county fire officials say the american red cross is helping five residents now without a home. officials say a closed bedro door helped shield them from the ire and a working fire alarm alerted them. no injuries were reported. in the day ahead, fummer campaign chair paul manafort will appear in a federal courtroom in d.c. for his secon sentencing hearing. the 69-year-old faces ten years prison after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy as part of the mueller ig investation. stay with news 4 at midday for the latest updates. > the nfl free agent frenzy starts at:00 p.m. this afternoon. that's when unrestricted free agents can start signing with new teams. follow the news 4 sports team to keep up with the roster changes for today. chuck? >> all ghe at. a old start this morning. we'll be up near 60 today. mid to upper s tomorrow. the only day out of the next five liky to be impacted by rain will be friday. that could be all day long.
6:57 am
northbound 95 at powder mill, two mile backup both directns there. oif'r do bw parkway instead. it looks clear through that area. rightow just have those delays on 59 in maryland. thank you. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up w us. "today show" is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for your weather, traffic and lal news. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great wednesday, >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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welcome to apply. join today at . . good morning. operationarsity blues, prosecutors cracking down hard in the largest case of college admissions fraud in u.s. history. >> fake test scores, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribes college officials. >> this morning, the accudod. zens of healthy parents, hollywood stars and c enchtszos charged with lying and scheming to get their kids int top university across the country. is this jt the tip of the iceberg? doubling down, the faa resisting grows calls to ground boeing737 max 8s, very concerned about their safety but also the safety of their


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