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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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plus social media outagemism we're working to find out when caused facebook and instagram to go down today. grounding all boeing 737 max 8 and 9 jets. >> the emergency order follows similar decisions from countries around the world including >>canada today. all of this follows that deadly ethiopian alines crash. a few of these planes still in the sky at this momen as you see here with sky tracker there. but all are going to be grounded once they reach their de ination. >> pilots have been notified. airlines have been alld. notif airlines are agreeing with us. the safety of the american people and all people isur paramount concern. >> and right after president trump's aayouncement boeing s it continues to have, quote,
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full confidence in the safety of the 737 max. >> this is an issue news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss has been following all day for us. >> just minutes ago one of those planes was turned around on the ay right before taking off. and adam, you were there. tell us about itr: >> report reagan international airport this afternoon, that plane was on its y to orlando, had just pushed back, was on the runway and then that order from president trump came down. and take a look, our camer were rolling as that southwest 737 max 8 actlly had to turn around on the runway and go back to the gate. and that just through off the entire system right now. american airlines also operates this kind of aircraft, and i can tell you inside the t nminal righ there's a group of students we just came across who are now stranlded at the airport. they're trying to get back to miami. american canceled their flight
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for later tnay. take a listen to one emergency that we talked ton who was that southwest flight that was headed for orlando and then had gate after to the the announcement, after they were ready to take off. listen. >> my dad called me and told me all the 737sere beingrounded by trump, so we didn't get them announ it will ten minutes later after that call, and then the pilot gave us a call and said we weren't going to orldo and were headed back to the gate. >> reporter:now, we can tell we talked to people who were on that plane earlier who came in from dallas, that exact same plane. thd the southwest pilots were making announcements saying this plane was completely safe, that they felt confident in the ability of that plane. me people were actually taking selfies on the plane with the safety card. but again minutes after that heplane p off here at reagan national, had to turn right back around afterhe safety order came down from the president.
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of course that follows what had in canada earlier today. so now all 737s max 8s and max 9s are grounded in americantil the safety checks can happen, guys. >> and globally we're talking about some 40 other countries. so let me get in a twofer here. first and foremost, what happens to these passengers oncealhey're ady stranded? and does this particular affect one carrier over another and a few over most others? which >> reporter: let me take the second part of your question first, erika. teyes, abso, it's really american, southwest and united airlines that fly these specific types of air crafts. and all told those three airlines have about 70 air crafts affected and going to be grounded. think of like a mechanical issue with your p bneause that's in essence what it is. if you're ever had to get off,
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deplane and figure out another way. they're basically going to have to bring in some planes from other parts of the country, and get them rebooked and get th out of here. they might beke able to just one that was scheduled to overnight at one ofhe airports and get those passengers out. but already we're starting to seeasngers who are now stranded, were on a plane, thought they were goingo get on another one. that plane that was on its way to orlando was packed with ks who wer going to disney world. now they can't go to disney world. a lot of them were crying. it was really, really sad but obviously you want to take safety at forefront here. it that's what's happening now. >> it's good. they're sad but ave. that's what matters there. >> appreciate yourgh in >> we're going to have much more from adam throughout the newscast. >> and you can find everything you need to know about the
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grounded flights n right on our nbc washington app. just search grounded. g we've some more breaking news this afternoon. some of youeay not able to open your facebook or instagram accounts today or maybe you try to post andt's not loading. reports of outages facebook says it is working resolve the oegs as soon as possible. facebook says the outage is not related to a cyber attack. a federal judge heren the district lengthen paul manafort's prison stretch today. >> right, but the trouble does not end there for the former trump campaignri manager. t after the sentence came down the manhattan district attorney announced that manafort would be charged with 16 counts related to alleged financial fraud in the state of new york. these are state crimes, not eligible for presidential pardons. blayne alexander joins us with the latest.
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>> reporter: and really it was so extraordinary to see that cement come. it came literally just minutes after that hearing ended today. so making it clear obviously the legal problems not over for paul manafort. today in the courtroom we heard a different sort of tone from paul manafort. today he apologized. he was rorseful and he said this process has already taken everything from him. umul manafort, president s former campaign chairman, sentenced to a total of 7 1/2 years in prison with credit for time he's already served on charges ofraud and obstruction of justice. a judge today tacking on me time to the relatively light sentence manafort received last week. but today's sentence -- >> overall for a ten year maximum, 7 year sentence, that's down the middle. >> reporter: before that decision manafort seated in a wheelchair plolicly azed for the first time, telling the judge i am sorry for what i've done, he's a different person, and then noting his age, nearly 70 asking please let me and my
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wife be together. but judge amy berman jackson not entirely sympathetic. adding it's hard to nerstate thber of lies and the amount of fraud and that manafort had a chae to plea for a lighter sentence but he sconder squandered it. >> he defrauded the american public, she said by lobbying for a foreign government in the united states. >> reporter: manafort's charges stemmim special counsel robertnv mueller's iestigation are not related to his work on e campaign. judge jackson says any talk of collusion is not because it's not part of the trial. but manafort's attorney shouted down by protesters today still repeating a familiar line. >> there's absolutely evidence of any russian collusion in this case. >> reporter: today president trump sympathetic. >> i feel f padly him. i think it's a very sad situation. >> reporter: ands s of a
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possible pardon that's not something he's thought about. so 7 1/2 years for paul manafort. but he does get credit for thoss nine mon he's already served in prison. so that means he's going in for six years and nine months. keep in mind h tisning 70 years old on the first of april. so the earlieste would get out he would be about 76 years old. >> on the hill for us today, thank you. now we're going to go to that massive collegein che scandal. today universities including georgetown working to distance themselves from employees swept s in the nationwide admissi scheme. and also caught up in it all hollywood actresses andin uding as many of us would lori her aunt becky, loughlin set to appear in federal court just hours from now. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: the scope of the college admissions scandal is growing. unseen court documents in the case, the sell acknowledged mastermind collected as mh as
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$25 million from as many as families. >> singer used that money to bribe college officials, division one coaches, college exam administrators all to secure admission of the children of his clients not on their merits but through fraud. >> reporter: investigators say his client list includes corporate ceos, money managers, actresses. allegedly agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the c crew team, despite the fact they did not participate in crew. fall out from the investigation stretches all the way out to capitol hill. lawmakers discussing the issue during a previously scheduled hearing of the house committee on ecation andlabor. >> we can all imagine how many students and parents are anxiously awaiting those letters
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on admissions ndtoday, how in many ways powerless they must be feeling when they know they worked hard, played by the rules and yet we have this andal we're all going to be following. >> reporter: federal agents say more arrests are possible as the investigation d operation varsity blues continues. jay gray, nbcnews. >> t shocking details from operation varsity blues are still pouring out. we have much more on the scandal including profiles of some of the coaches and parents charged in all of this. that's all on our nbc washington app. just search college cheating scandal. reaking news on someone who knows something about varsity sports. this coming in just the last half-hour. niar r back adrian peterson re-signing with the skins. the deal, two years, $8 million. not tooad for someone who once was thought to be washed up. he was written off at 33 years
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of age,am but hee here and had an instant impact here. after the redskins final game this future hall of famer expressed a desire to return to d.c., and now it is official he will be here for onepoore year. >>ce have recovered the atm stolen this morning from a 7-eleven in atlanta. investigators believe the same group of burglars who tried but failed to steal atms may be the same individuals behind all case some new video in of severe weather to our west. >> a line of powerful storms bringing heavy rain and damaging winds overnight. >> oh, my goodness!
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>> look a that. the winds so strong there it ripped the roof right offisf cargo facility in dallas. the strongest gust in that area reed at nearly 80 miles anur , making it as powerful as an ef-1 tornado. and look at theth after you see the sheets of mangled metal, cars tossed around. >> and there were widespread reports of damage all across north texas. you can see trees knocked down, a house, a roof partially ripped off there, and even a mobile home flipped on its side all from those dangerous winds and up to one point 90,000 people were without power this moroong. the news, though, no reports of injuries. >> lk at this scene. this is colorado. the snow is what they're dealing with there. that same system is bringing blizzard t conditionsre today. here's a look at some of the roads. you can see very low visibility, and that's probably what led to a serious crash. i'm betting that's one of many dozens of crashes they've got
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there. nighways and roads all across colorado shutdecause of this. >> monstrous system out to our west. doug is standing by with what that is going to be doing. >> just look at this thing wrap up right there. eaking voc, and 97 mile an hour gusts. i've got the details coming up. and we're stayingf on top breaking news all boeing 737 max unplanes gro
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now to a neighborhood on edge. a dwp of residents in brookland tell us they don't feel safe in their own homes after a broad daylight shootout. news 4's megan fitzgerald tal to residents who say it felt like a war zone. >> outrageous. outrageous. and you try to leave it up to the parental control and that is nonexistent. >> reporter: neighbors on the 2,000 block of newton street are convinced that some of the young people who live around here are up to no good. >> i came from my garage, returning from the store, walked through to the steps.or >> rr: before cecilia ford
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could enter her home around 6:00 p.m. saturday, she heard gunfire. what happened steps away from her home wastu cd on her surveillance camera. you can see several suspects with their heads covered opening and returning fire in the middle of newton street. >> pow pow pow. come through the door, mom,sh m. s in the dining room down on her knees. are you all right, yeah i'm all righ stay down, stay down. >> reporter: some neighbors say it felt like a war zone. this family just moved in twogo weeks and they had a bullet lodged in their front door. d this womn't want to appear on camera. >> i actually feel something hit the house and then the lights flickered. >> reporter: if you watch the video ain you can see at least one of those bullets hit a power line causing the wires to spark. >> my first rea tion was like start crying right away. i was just in shock. >> reporter: that's how a lot of neighbors feel aroundere especially since police haven't made an arrest.
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they're fearful of what could happen next. that's why ford says her cameras rollinways >> it's just fortunate that we have not been hit yet. right now there's this huge toybe hc storm hitting the midwest of the country and heading this way. it's going to hav an impact on us. >> it's going to have a big impact on us but i wa good. this is not a storm system going to make its way across the country and hit us directly. for ust means much more in the way of spring-like weather as this system stays t well our north and west. high temperatures tomorrow near 70. t's take a look show you what we're dealing with outside right now. we've g some cloudness associated with that storm. it is a gre day outside. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. 61 leesburg, manassas. 62 in fredericksburg. a little cooler up towards
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baltimore. tomorrow another great day. partly sunny skies, nice and warm. a high temrature of 70. really, really nice ahead of the storm. the stormct for uslly moves in on friday, but even on friday it's not all that ad. a completely different story off to the west. we've got some cloudiness making its way through. here is the storm, and just look at this monster s of arm wrapping itself up just to the east of colorado. e the tra here, that's the severe weather that came through dallas d see some strong to severe stormser breaking out s, mempennessee in the next few hours. that's an area we're going be watching closely. but all eyes here, one of the strongest storms ervin this part of t country. we've seen this kind of storm before but never ts strong. 97 miles an hour. ou97 mile an winds, 80 miles per hour in denver. th strongest win ever recorded at dia.
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it's ombeen there about 20 years, but about 80 mile per hour winds there. blizzard conditions coming in. i-25, i 70 shutdown. this is i-70 back to the west of denver. the mountains really getting hit extremely hard, and we're going to conto see scenes like this playing out all across the plain states fromp denver towards nebraska and theot d before this moves our way. a bomb cyclone, absolutely. take a look how big this is and how much of the country is affect by this storm. blizzard warnings in the orange here. high wind warning from texas into portions of of kansas. even around st. louis. and wind advisories as fart e as kentucky. good news for us this storm will move to our noh. here's the storm making its way in, the cold front. e storm itself moves up to the
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nsrth. that m warm air out ahead of it. soeaybe som severe weather from st. louis to t memphisay. and look at friday. some shower activity early in the day. better chance of some showers or thunderstorms during the afternoon, but that keeps things mild. once again the strongest part of this storm moves well to our north and west. 70 tomorrow, great day. 71 on friday. not terrible, but watch out for the chance of showers and uring the rms afternoon and the weekend only in the 50s. ick's day going for a high of 52, a lot cooler. and we'll talk abo what happens next week. but we'll see you back here in just a few >> see you in a bit. >> local students preparing for a walk out >> coming up next at 4:00, the issue pushing them out of the classroom and the warning from schooldministrators. > plus the fda's new crack down on those e-cigarettes. what it's doing to try to keep them out of the hands of young people. >> lady gaga takes on those
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pregnancy rumors. live with your celebrity 60, but first will smith delivered to the internet the very first aladdin trailer. the movie comes out on may 24th. james bond for the first time will get a little eco friendly when daniel craig drives and ash ton martin got his battery electric vehicle. harry styles, simon lebon, all have in common, they'll be presenters at the 2019 rock and roll hall of fame inductee ceremony. and lady gaga takes on those prmonancy . she said on twitter, yeah, i'm pregnant. pregnant with #lg6. that's the name of her
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this is really fascinating. a cross nearly 400 years old is one of the oldest artifacts in
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the entnde state in the history of the catholic church. mark seagraves tells us how a priest literally stumbled over this cross and now plans to take it back to where it first came from. >> reporter: much of the history of this cross remains a mystery. the iron cross arrived march 25, 1634, with some of theirst english settlers and jesuits when they landed here in maryland. the cross is believed to have been used in one of if first catholic massesn the new colonies. the cross then made its way to sisal county, maryland, where it stood over one of the first jesuit schools. in 1862 an inscription of latin was added to the cross and then lost to history. he saw this sign pointing to the original site of the st. francis
4:26 pm
exa school and there he decided to check it outre and t he saw a replica of the cross and then a plaque saying the origina cross was at georgetown university. >> i never saw a cross like this at georgetown. wh,e could it i wonder. >> reporter: father murphy asked everyone on campus. one day the priest wasng roo around in a storage room beneath the south tower of healey hall. >> and i only got so far when i tripped and fell on my face and tht was. >> reporter: murphy had literally stumbled over one of the university's oldestre cs. >> it may have been sitting there for over 100 year b >> reporte this weekend the cross is coming down. on monday march murphy will take the cross back to st. clemmants w islandre another catholic priest first walked to shore with the cross 385 years ago to the day. >> it's hard to express. you're holdingomething in your
4:27 pm
hands that the very first peopl brought, and there i am holding in my hand and walking back with it t where it came from. that kind of an experience is very, very hard. you don't want me crying. >> the return of the cross will be part of maryland day at the st. clements island museum. we have all the information you need on search iron cross. mark seagraves news 4. to the controversial effort campus.lege >> working forou with the privacy concerns those students have. and late breaking news, the u.s. grounds all boeing 737 max ir8 and 9 crafts. the immediate impact at local airports and what this means for
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right now all boeing 7 max ts are being grounded across the united states for safety yncerns. and if'll remember this follows the deadly crash of one of those planes in ethiopia over the weekend. >> that's right. and some of those planes are in the sky right now. but the word is once they reach theirng destinations they're g to hit the ground and stay put. in fact we're watching here one
4:31 pm
of those 737 max planes now at that airport and - now we don't know whether or not this actually has been taken off the tarmac or terminal but as you can it's not going to be flying. >> about an hour ago 38 planes were in the air at time ofum president s announcement and as you mentioned once they arrive at their destination they would be thgrounded. e would be no flying in them. >> and that includes this one you see heren baltimore. nbc news chris pollone has new details. >> reporter: hours after canada bann the boeing 737 max 8 airplane from flying in that tr coun president trump announced the faa is taking the same action in the u.s. meaning no max 8s or max 9s are flying anywhere in the world. >> allho of planes are grounded effective immediately. >> reporter: withinoments aaffected planes preparing for take off turned around and headed back to the gate. >> pilots have been notified.
4:32 pm
airlines have been all notified. aiines are agreein with us. the safety of the american people and all people is our paramount concern. >> reporter: the move comes three days after a m737 8 crashed in ethiopia killing 157 people. it was that model'econd deadly crash in the past six months. canada said it made its decision after new data suggested similarity between the two crashes. >> as a result ofew data tha we received this morning and that i had the chance to analyze, and on the advice of my experts and as a precautionary measure, i am s issuing aety notice. >> reporter: canada's move for a time left the united states as the only country where the max 8 could still fly. it put additional pressure on the a to tak action, boeing insists its plane is safe butys t will send out an software update to fix a glitch in the anti-stall system ithe
4:33 pm
coming weeks. several impacted care lines are waiving rebooking fees like southwest, and united says you do not need to cancelha and it will automatically rebook you on a new aircraft. what we're showing you here are these live images that came in fromhopper 4 over bwi airport. this appears to be one of those 737 airplanes in question. one of the maxs, perhaps there in question. southwest, again -- is a southwest airplane there. just yesterday we have seen at fast two reportsm pilots that when this type of an aircraft was placed into auto pilot that the nose of p thene would tilt down. so obviously lots of safety concerns concerning thi and the two major crashes that this type ofircraft has had as of recently. so a developing story and one we will closely be watching. >> well, lots of concerns on the ground for paul mthafort. trouble not over for him quite yet. the former trump campaign manar indicted todn new
4:34 pm
york. and those new charges coming just 30 minutes after his sentencing on federal crimes here in d.c. news 4's jim hadly following all the breaking developments for ost the live desk. >> reporter: after receiving a lenient 47 months last week in federal court in virginia, paul manafort was sentenced to an additional 3 1/2 years behind bars today. now, that makes a total of about 7 1/2 years he'll spend in prison on charges includingcy conspi money laundering and obstruction of justice. before revealing her sentence, noted my berman jackson the number of lies manafort has told and said the fraudasn't to support his family but to a live lavish lifestyle. theewndictment today in new york is for mortgage fraud and now brings the long lobbyist trouble to a local level. that's a critical distinction here because he would not be eligible for a presidential rdon on those charges. when asked about a pardonaloday
4:35 pm
on fed charges the president said he felt bad for manafort but not even considered or thought about pardoning him. ary ku back to you from the live desk. >> thank you very much. d.c. area students are planning to walk out of school they are set to march to the white house to protest gun olence in schools. you may remember many students did the same thing last year marking one month after the mass shooting in parkland high school. therincipal sent a letter to parents. while students those who wish to participate must provide written consent from their parentso avoid getting an unexcused absence. ic> crazyres we're seeing. >>urricane force winds in texas and in colorado a blizzard there today. >> all oft this p of a ferocious and historic winter storm known asom cyclone. >> amelia draper here to explain
4:36 pm
what this all means. >> it's just incredible. you don't even have t be a meteorologist to take a look at this radar imagery a say o my gosh, that is massive storm. you can see it swirling around in the center part of the country and take a look at some of the damage it's caused. we go to dallas areind gusts about 80 miles an hour blew the roof off an amazon warehouse. conditions there continuing to deteriorate throughout the day today. this is colorado. one of my girlfriends outhere also sending me some videos. the winds out there absolely ferocious. why are we talking so much about the storm? first of all, it's massive. but second of all it went from pretty much a nothingyetorm erday to really an intense storm out there today. what we saw was it intensified very rapidly and when this happens we call it balmombo
4:37 pm
genesis. this storm system, it did a bit better. it has a pressure drop of milobars. it second a regard low pressure. we had a wind gust just ts afternoon in colorado springs of 97 miles an hour. the same rate as an ef-1 tornado. and 45 inches of snow have fallen in wolf creek pass, colorado. >> use bombogenesis in a sentence. there's a new crack down on underage vaping. with food and drug administrations going ahead with
4:38 pm
some newo guidelines t restrict the sales of flavored e-sig products. if passed this would remove some e-sigs from gas stations and restrict vape sales. there's a 30 day common period on this proposal. there is positive news when it comes to adults who smoke. a new survey from the center of disease control and prevention finds fewer adults are lighting ten y ago over 20% of the up. population smoked. still ahead, our transportation reporter adam tuss might seem political. >> the pothole poem tha created a stir on social media today. >> as only he could do. then honoring courage and compassig. the movinribute to a local llen officer. fa [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as and everyone is welcome to apply.
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adam tuss had a little fun with the pothole today. it reads the potholes remain, your expensive rims are toast. should have stayed in bed. >> you can say it's speaking ,olumes to our general manager jackie bradfond lots of you replied with your ownaikus like this one. >> check out this one. this is from matthew s. i fixed it for you, the potholes remain, your expensive rims are toast, should have took the train. that's true. thanks, auys. dou amelia tracking the changes coming in for the end of our workweek. >> that's right. and a big storm is to blame. wow, these are incredible live pictures coming in from denver. look at wha it will bring us next. on collegeampuses you m be used to seeing the emergency call buttons you can pushnd
4:43 pm
alert police if there's an issue. well, here on the campus of george mason university those no longer exist. just ahead on new 4 i'll show just ahead on new 4 i'll show you the new so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar.e kind of ow you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7.
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all right, if you are just joining us, all boeing 737 jets are being grounded. thats after an order from the president. once the planes land they are staying put because of new physical information and evidence the u.s. has received about a deadly crash three days ago involving one of these planes in ethiopia. a lot of airlines are being impacted and say they are working to rebooking customer at no costo you. former trump cam pair chairman paul manafort receiving a campaign sentence today for an additional 3 1/2 years in prison. that means he'll spend a total of about 7 1/2 years behind bars for those federal crimes. and the trouble is not over.
4:46 pm
manafort was indicted in new york for mortgage aud. that facebook and instagram outage is still going on. reports of the outage started pouring in just before noon today. facebook says it is resolving the issue as soon as possible. facebook says the outage is not relaerd to a c attack. police have recovered an atm stolen out ofen a 7-el all of them set on fire in the leftover andover mall. investigators say they think this ishe work of a group of burglars who tried to failed to steal other atms in the area. a mobile phone student app meant to help iyou. s meant to create a safe ace on campus, but also raising some privacy concerns. >> northern bureau reporter david colver is live on the fairfax campus to explain. david?
4:47 pm
reporter: this is one of those issues that delves into the balance between privacynd security. right now the university is trying to encourage all of the students and even the staff to download this mobile app. and if you optnto all of the new features it couldead police t your exact location. on george mon university's campus students like -- generally feel safe and welcome any new technology that might keep it that way. >> think that is probably valuable. i think i'veor taken safety granted on campus. >> a third party company helps organizations and schools stay secure through communication. and with recent updates to the app it goes a step further. >> it's basically a virtual escort feature. so i willsdentify the conta i want to be aware of my travel and i set a timer. and if i don't acknowledge that timer within that allotted time those contacts are notified i
4:48 pm
might be in danger. >> reporter: t executive director of safety and emergency management, he says you can allow the app to track your phone's location. policean thenet to your exact spot. >> we've been able to find some of our users quite easily with the map enabled on that. >> i can easily push the button for an emergency but who tracks you. t >> reporter: wcks you, that's the question, right? >> reporter: she's willing to download it, but she and other students want to know where that location data goes. >> what are you doing with the data and all that. >> reporter: so you'll still consider getting it? >> i'll consider gting it but as far as how they're tracking you i'd like to know where that's angoing. >> you provide as much or little information about yourself in the app and your cation services in order for them to be active have to always be on. and most folks don't do that. >> reporter: shea feels when it comes to emergency location tracking makes sense.
4:49 pm
>> i would try it out. >> reporter: you may recall some college campuses have those blue light towers the phones you can push if there's an emergency and run up erto. we looking for those and ended up finding out from the security experts here and the administrators they've been taken away. they've eliminated those because they simply were dated. they weren't being used. this blue app, think of it as a blue light in students hands. >> it raises a lot of good things, and right some areas for pause for concern for some folks. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> we are concernedere or doug's concern about this storm out west. a huge thing eating up hal the country and headed this way. >> i've got family in the denver area, right out of colorado springs very close to where my brother lives 84 mile an hour winds. 97 mile an hour winds about 15 minutes away.
4:50 pm
it is incredible the power this storm has. eventually moving into our region, and we're going to see the tail end of that nothing seve in our area. now, we could see some thunderstorm activity, but something severe. take a look at this storm. and this storm now expands from west of denver all thep way towards canada right on down towards houston, texas.n just incredibly large storm and you can see it here wrappin itself up. the power with this storm you're seeing winds gusting upwards o category 2 hurricane strength. the pressure about the same. this isnasty, nasty storm. look right along the i-25 cor dorust 65 degrees yesterday, down to 28 with a wind chill now to the single digits with that wind. just incredible. and once againnu i conto show this map. look at all the watches and warnings here. winter stormwarnings, blizzard warning, high wind wind advisories. igh wind warnings around saent
4:51 pm
lewis. for us it is moving our way tomorrow and into da f y sinr 70 tomorrow, 71 on friday. but bringing something else with it as well. amelia, this storm is going to move our way, but we are not ing to see severe weather. we get the tailhi end of storm and that happens on friday. >> absolutely, doug. and it's incredible to about when we talk about all the weather going on right now from texaso colorado. and as you're saying this storm continues torack more east. if we eke out with maybe a rumble of thunder and rain for friday, i'm going to time it out. we are all dry tomorrow but notice the storm system, just the tail end of it getting a bit closer to the area. but this is tomorrow a what this allows is really warm winds to come out of the south pumping our temperatures up to around 70 degrees tomorrow on our thursday. friday morning 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., e can't r out maybe a shower here or there.
4:52 pm
you can see future weather, though, mainly dry in our region. maybe some hazy sunshineut there on friday, but we are going to have some rain it looks like later in the day during the afternoon and e earlyning hours with a rumblof thunder possible. we start off the day friday at. 57 degre a chance for showers during the morning hours. some scattered showers aroun during the afternoon and early evening hours. but a high of 7on friday. now, this storm system does bring in cooler air behind it for the weekend. 54 on saturday, 52oon sunday. but we're dry both days, plenty of sun just a little bit breezy out there on friday as well as saturday, doug. >> we could see 2 30 mile an hour winds, and sfil a little breezy on suny. but enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts because next week we go right backo cool weather. monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures belowne average.
4:53 pm
ou chance of showers come next thursday. a fairly dry and overall thursday and friday on the cooler side as we move on through the next ten days. let's get a look now andee what's coming up. >> we continue to follow that breaking news as boeing ground the plane involved in two deadly .scrashes in the hey, we're going to have an impact here on passengers here in the u.s. and across the country. anger over a viral video today. a maryland man recorded jumping off a dock and onto a pelican in the water t. why a local business is wrongfully feeling tag wrath of ou people. and you probably noticed a rise in the number of robo yalls r phone. i know i have. susan hogan takes a look at what's now being done to stop them. we'll see you soon with those stories plus more when i join you at the top of the hour. erika and leon,
4:54 pm
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-that's fair. overstepped.
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30 years ago this mth alexandria police corporal charles hill was part of a s.w.a.t. unit responding for man holding five people hostage at gunpoint. all five hostages eventually made it to safety but not before corporal hill was shot and killed. news 4's jackie benson was there
4:57 pm
as the mayor of alexandria presented a proclamation he named charlie hill's day. it story you'll see only on news 4.te >> repor when alexandria mayor asked corporal's family to come forward in the city kuns ilchambers to be w presentedith theproclamation, his other family spontaneously moved forward as if the frank them in safety. on one side the current alexandria special operation team in their current uniform. on the other the now retired officers who were tln on mch 22, 1989, a day of unimaginable horror. >> on behalf of the city council do here by recognize march 22, 2019 as charlie hill day. >> even after 30 years still stands as one of the saddest
4:58 pm
times in my life. and charlie hill and -- were true american heroes. >> a lot of things we do as an agency and a a team, and now we need to make sure that we keep charlie's legacy alive. >> charlie hill named for his father was just 7 when he lost his dad. >> the city has treated us so well throughout the years. t's even beyond the city more of the department. they are all family, current, former. an who's been associated with it, everye has just been so absolutely nice to us. >> jackiebenson, news 4. >> one more note here, another officer was shot and wounded that same day. four years later he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound he'd suffered from survors guilt.
4:59 pm
that officer's sacrifice and bravery were also honored. breaking news right now at 5:00, boeing max 8 grounded. >> the safety of the american people and all people is our paramount concern. >> after two deadly crashes and days of questions about its safety the faa issues an emergency order. >> newsre 4 is the the moment one of those jets is ordered to turn around on a local >> the pilot gave us a call and said that we wen't goingo orlando and were headed back to the gate. >> reporter: live team coverage of the immediate impact and what happens now to travel plans. and we begin with that story. all boeing 737 max 8 and 9 jets have been grounded in the usa. making a mess at the airport righ now. >> we are looking live in fact at bwui, chopper 4 with this bird's-eye view as planes are being taken off the runway. this is the same model of plane
5:00 pm
involved in the ethiopian airlines crash three days ago. >> now,oeing just issued a statement moments ago saying it made the recommendation to the a out of an abundance of caution and in order to reassure the flying public of the aircraft's safety. our transportation reporter am tuss joins us live from reagan flalgs airport. you were the as a plane turned around on the runway today. >> reporter: unbelievable, jim and we thought that plane would be allowed to take off. but it had actually pushed off from the g te andn that administration orlder came down from president trump and the plane had to turn arnd. were there as the plane did that u-turn on the runway. it had just landed from dallas. the planeho got off from dallas said the pilot was making it very clear this was one of the 737 max 8 airplanes and that the pilot felt it was


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