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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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news 4 at 11:00 beith breaking news. >> good e that breaking news tonight out of the district. an employee with the department of human services is facing federal charges. >> he's accused of taking bribes, sex and crash in
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exchange for food stamps and welfare benefits. >> news 4's mark seagraves and scott macfarlane breaking this story tonight. leon? >> this is ama rable one. tonight, accused of handing out nearly $1.5 million i fraudulent welfare benefits. as we heard news 4's scott macfarlane and mark grsees posting these charges documents. mcmillian allegedly taking $380,000 in cash and receiving bribes.favors as sources tell news 4 at least two dozen people benefitted from the crimes. prosecutors haven't said how many people paid him off. favors for things like foods. sta the documents show investigators seized more than $70,000 out of hi home. tonight, mayor muriel bowser's office issuing this statement. "the crimes and acts alleged ina theing document are
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despicable and demonstrate a lack of values. the district government takes suspected abusive and fraudulent activity seriously. mcmillian is scheduled tory pooh federal court tomorrow evening and of course we'll be on top of it. >> allle right. , thank you. tonight, airlines that operate boeing 737 max jets are scrambling to update their passengers ules as rush to try to rebook. it's after the government's announcement today to ground th aircra this country after those two dead plane crashes. the most recent in ethiopia over the weekend. >> yeah, here is a look from this is justoments ago. these same skies that had previously beenilled with these aircraft are now practically empty. only a few of them coming in out of canada. >> we have team coverage tonight, beginning with nbc's dan sheneman. >> reporter: planes in the sky were allowed to reach their destinations. >> i had faith in the flight checks and just kind of hopedhe forest and hoped it was quick if anything happened. >> reporter: the three u.s. airlines that fly the 737 max
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now working to rebook passengers. >> it's the safety the american people and of all people is our paramount concern. >> reporter: as well as satellite data received from the ethiopia-- similar to the lion air crash in indonesia last october. boeing says it supports the temporary grounding. out of an abundance of caution and in order to reassure the flying publ of the aircraft's safety. sunday's into last deadly ethiopia airlines crash is moving along, but critic say it should move quicker. >> it's unconscionable th black boxes this late out after the crash have not been looked at. they will tell vital crews about the relationship to the lion air >> reporter: those black boxes will be flown to france for analysis. dan sheneman nbc news.
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and our coverage continues tonight from reag national airport. >> that's where our shomari stone is tonight with what all ts means for travellers. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. some flights here at reagan national didn't take off. others that were in the air were grounded once they landed. an american airlines 737 max 8 at reagan national airport from los angeles. t going back in the air for now. >> i got the update that, he they grounded it. this happened. definitely surprising to hear that. >> reporter: john was on the flight. the faa grounded his plane along with all boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 aircraft. as w ts for luggage in baggage claim, he tells me he woncerned on the plane, knowing there have been two fatal 737 crashes, including the
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ethiopian airliner 737 that recently killed 157 people. >> so every time the plane drops a littlebit, hits turbulence, is it because of this? is it tha reporter: this 737 turned around, heading back to reagan national. >> the pilot gave us a call and saidouthat,know, we weren't going to orlando and we're headed back to the gate. n >> reportes 4 cameras also captured this southwest 737 max r planeurning back. it was headed to florida. some kids on board were on their way to disney world. >> they are very upset. everyone's crying, but that's okay. >> there were kids crying on the flight? >> yes. that's the worst. that's thworst. >> reporter: john hopes the 737 max 8 and max 9 planes are thoroughly inspected before they take f again. >> if you're a brand-new plane and this has happened twice, it's pretty insue that that occur. > reporter: now, the travellers who didn't takef had to book another flight. live here at reagan national, shomari stone, news
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>> thank you, shomari. causing even more flight chaostonight, something forecasters are calling a bomb cyclone of historicio propo. >> this is something else, folks. a hurricane-strength blizzard for the record books hitting seven states today. wind gusts more than 80 miles an hour, and in some states dropping up to 2 feet of snow as well as hail and rain and even tornadoes. low visibility on the highways leading to pile-ups, forcingr cue crews out into those conditions to search for stranded motorists. >> that same storm system moving our way, but doug says it will s bringomething completely different. doug? >> yeah, absolutely. as we move on through the nextu e of days, we're watching this storm right here. in through the plains you can see just how tightly wound this is. extremely powerful storm. blizza conditions out towards denver. this is what's moving our way. it's a cold front. that cold front will move our way but it will usher in
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warm air during the day tomorrow and into the day on friday before we start to see a for rain around our area. i'm going to break it down for you coming up.a we'll you hour by hour right on through the day on friday and show you what it ans to youroliday weekend. see you back here in a few minutes. >> okay. thank you, doug. ee if you students walking the streets tomorrow, they're probably making their way to the >> news 4's leon harris is at the live desk again. on, students at dozens of area schools have been planning this walkout for weeks. >> that's right, jim and doreen. protesting gun violence in schools. montgomery county students are leading tomorrow's protest oney r and one month to theoongay int a dent group rallied thousandsof people last ar, you may recall. tomorrow they plan to do the same, taking the issue to lawmakers on the hill as well tomorrow, starting at 8:a a.m. hoping to arrive on the hill by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. the principal at woodrow wilson high school sent out a letter to parents. she says that while students ar encoura exercise their first amendment rights, those
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who wish to participate have to provi written consent fr their parents to avoid getting an un-excused absence. of course we'll be watching to see how many actually show up to hit the hill. >> leon, thank you. president trump's former campaign manager paul manafoma spend 7 1/2 years in prison. a judge sentenced him to 3 1/2 years today, that's on top of a four-year sentence that he got last week. but he may have an even bigger problem. a grld jury in new york indicted him today on state charges related to mortgage fraud, conspiracy and falsifying business records if he's convicted on those charges, the president would not be allowed to pardon him. formerex democratic senate candidate beto o'rourke nearly pulled off a huge upset, narrowly losing to senator ted cruz last fall. well, now he could be close to announcing his run forhi the house at any moment. we saw our biggest hint of that today. this the new "vanity fair"
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issue. it shows o'rourke on a country road in a blue button down shir and it quotes him on the front cover saying, "i want to be in it. man, i'm just born to be in it." also tomorrow, the senate is set to vote on theut resn to terminate president trump's national emergency declaration for his border wall. the house has already approved it. the declaration sentially allows the president to make an end-run around congress and redirect blions of dollars in federal funds to pay for the construction of a wall on the southern border. it appears there is enough republican sup to pass the resolution tomorrow, but not enough to override the president's expected veto. doreen? new tonight, lori loughlin has been released from jail. the actress is out on $1 million bond. she's allegedly part of group of parents who paid to cheat the system to get their chie ren into eliversities.ha jay gray s the latest on this massive federal investigation.
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>> reporter: the scope of the college admissions scand growing. unsealed court documents indicate willi rick singer, the self-acknowledged mastermind of the con, collected as mu as $25 million from as many as 800 families. inger used that money to bribe college officials, division i coaches, college exam administrators, all to secure adenssion for the childrof his clients not on their merits but through fraud. >> reporter: investigators say his client list includes corporate ceos, money managers, lawyers and actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin. who was in court to face charges this afteoon. loughlin along with h sband mossimo giannulli allegedly agreed to pay brib to have their two daughters designated to recruits of the usc crew team despite the fact they did not participate in
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crew. fallout from the investigation now stretches all the wayo capitol hill. >> our timing could not be better. >> reporter: lawmakers discussing the sue during a previously scheduled hearing of the house committee on education and labor. >> we ca all imagine how many students and parents are anxiously awaiting those letters on admissions today and how in many ways powerless they must be feeling when they know they worked hrd, played byhe rules, and yet we have this scandal that we're all going to be following. >> federal agents say more arrests are possible as the investigation dubbed "operation varsity blues" continues. jay gray, nbc news. >> a shootout in northeas washington caught on home surveillance video. this terrifying video looks even worse when you hear the gunfire. bullets started flying in the ho neighbod last saturday evening. you can see one bullet hit a family's front door.
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another hit a power line. likely causing customers' lights to flicker. now, the neighbors whose camera recorded this shooting wasg walkto her house when she heard the barrage of bullets. >> pow, pow, pow,pow, pow. come through the door, ma, ma, she's down in then dining room her knees. are you all right, ma? yeah, i'm all right. stay down. stay down. >> no one was shot. the gunmen haven't been caught. police hope this surveillancee will help them to the shooters. the social media world came to a screeching halt today. facebook's umbrella of apps all went down. but it appears they're starting to come back again for some users. facebook, instagram andven whatsapp have been having issues. facebook hasn't given a reason for the outage, but says this is not the result of an attack on its systems. there is no word on when everything will be back online.> next at 11:00, thieves on
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e loose after making off with an atm and thousands of dollars in cash. >> theyhiant oneg only, it's not to hurt anybody, it is to get an atm machine,nd they will knock down a wall to get to that. plus, a delicate operation during the evening rush. >> oh, man. that's beautiful. >> an american icon saved from the metro tracks. the metro tracks. >> we're back with
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the metro tracks. >> we're back with (music throughout) there's no word yet on whether there's a possible
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connection to the famous d.c. eagle love triangle. >> but many in our area were transfixed this afternoon by the sight of this bald eagle sitting rightnext to a metro trail train track at the addison road train station hen prince george's county. the rescue was broadcast live as news 4'sackie bensen reports. >> reporter: the image on metro's twitter feed just after 5:00 p.m. tugged at people's heart strings. the bald eagle nestled up against the blueer and silline tracks near the addison road station in prince george's county metro cut power to the third rail as soon as the eagle was spotted. that meant singleracking at the height of rush hour. some riders were astonished to learn the reason. itwe were just talking about on the subway, about the eagles out there. >> reporter: with news helicopters hovering overhead, metro transit police, prince ty george's co animal control and maryland department of natural resources officers began
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a delicate rescue mission. wildlife experts say the talons of an aault ee can exert phssure average t of ten times the average man. finally on live tv, the officers de their move. >> oh, man. that's beautiful. >> reporter: james littlejohn says he has never experienced such an interesting metro delay. >> very exciting. so, yeah, i wish i were there to see it. >> reporter: the eagle was carefully placed in this blue bin and carried out of the station. metro transit lofficersded the bin into the back of a waiting subaru station wagon that carried it to be examined by a veterinarian. >> i heard it on the news and i was herey picking up daughter and i heard there was a bald eagle on the track and he was hurt. i was like, oh, please save him. >> reporter: metro tells us from here it was ono d.c. city wildlife, an organization which has the resources and the know-how to help the injured eagle. at the addison road metro
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station, jackie bensen, news 4. >> hopefully we'll have an update on the gle's condition some time tomorrow. >> we still don't know if it's liberty or justice. now, that would be a cool twist. >> that bird interloper guy. >> right. >> well, right now police are gulooking for a group of who are smashing into stores and stealing atms. we show you video of their failed attempts earlier this month, including when an tm fell on the suspects, but police think they've gotten the smash and grab down now and that these same guys crashed a truck through a 7-eleven today, making off with an atm. they're also suspected of stealing machines in baltimore and d.c.w n they've taken the cash, police say they're dumping the tms in desolate places like the old landover mall. that's where police recently found three atms on fire and a stolen t >> they've had a lot of practice. a strange yoga studio bbery caught on tape.
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the robber walked into the studio without using force, took off their shoes and coat before rummaging around the place. take a look. the robbery happened last monday evening at the washington yoga center in northwest d.c. police report the suspect ole a clock, essential oils, two d.c. business permits, a first d aid kithe studio door key before leaving. if you have any information, police want to hrom you. >> no yoga mats? >> no mats. >> just the essential oils. >> not the laptop that appeared to be taking a look into. anyway, we are -- we aretting lucky for once this season. >> yeah. th s jet stream hasfted off to the west. that means they're under the storminess and we actually get some nice spring weather across the region and some dryer days, too. we saw a high of 60 degrees across the region today. really quite nice. tonight still on the nice side. high temperatures earlier as i mentioned was 60 but sitting at
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50. we haven't fallen that much becae of theoutherly component to the wind. look at the numbers. 54 in leesburg, 52 in winchester. 45in culpeper. stepping out the front door, yeah maybe still the jacket for the kids,ut they're notoing to need them much. 70 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. partl so a mix of clouds and sun. nice and warm. now all of this coming as a result of the storm system back to the west. you can see some clouds moving our way, but here's the storm still wrapping itself up and now finally eayecting a from the mountains some severe weather down in towards portions of the southeast and portions of the mississippi river, but back to the west, severe weather in nches. let's take a look at some video out of denver today. -70 closed, i-25 closed right along the motains. i talked to my brother a little earlier. he aid it was a hairy experience just trying to get
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home. colorado springs, 97 mes per hour winds. accident after accident. amees down all over the place. tons ofe. we're going to be talking about this storm for awhile. this was a record-breaking storm, just about how strong it was. now, it is going to be making its way our way. iu can see the storm here just anredibly intense storm. blizzard warnings up until tomorrow night in those. are and look how many watches and warnings. they extenday all the towards eastern these are all wind advisories, but the storm itself will go to the north and east. watch watappens when it makes its way our way. here is the cold front, but out ahead of it brings in warm air. omat's for the dayrow and the storm's still well back to the west. by friday morning, that warm air's upon us, 7:00 a.m. the front is back tthewest. though we could see some showers through the day, especially later in the day. even thunderstorms along the easternsh shore owers in the d.c. metro area cannot beed r
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out. a very warm day. in behind it, we do get a littlt cool side for the weekend. ese are the highs today, 71, indianapolis, 72 in lexington. so, yeah, we'll get into that warmer air during t. day tomorr high temperature of 70 tomorrow. 71 on friday. 70% chance of showers. off and on during the day. not a washout. saturday, high of only 54. sunday, a high of only many of you to the north and west will stay in the 40s. a little bit of a wd chill out there, too, so it will be chilly for st. patty's day. all next week will be low average. average high next week will be about 56. a few degre below average monday, tuesday and wednesday. it's a cool one. but tomorrow and iday, nice and warm. >> some of the first flowers already coming up. >> they want to pop out, don't they? >> yeah, they do. thank you, doug. coming up, the wizards with some magic here at home. plus, fr agency is officially here, folks.nd the redskins keeping a future hall or famer he in
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wizards on top. they need to do this again, again, again. from here on out. >> oh, timeng is runn out. time is of the essence. wizards still in the playoff race, but asmentioned, time is running out really quickly. they're 3 1/2 gamesehind the final playoff spot with just 14 games remaining. so facing the magictonight, w the wiz need to leapfrog for that final spot, so looking to help their case in multiple ways tonight. wizards 20-12 at home entering the night. looking for that much-n ded final seconds of the third quarter, tied. becky.ney like aunt oh game high 23 points. is that too risque? >> too soon. >> wiz upen. dj augustine drains that. above the backboard. four-point game, jabari parker also cash. he gets it to go. 19 points. wiz up six. then under a minute to play.
11:26 pm
nghe wizards wr this one up. thomas bryant down the lane. 21 points. raise the roof, buddy. y'l got thein. it was very clutch. wizards beat the magic 100-90. ay>> first official of nfl free the rins bringing adriante rson back at two years, $8 million. now, the 33-year-old rejuvenated his career last season th washington, rushing for over 000 yards for the eighth time in his career. first since 2015. now, peterson's 1,042 yas w the thirdo m for a player 32 years or older. guess what? the other two, john riggins twice with the redskins. a.d. willen mtor and share the load with dariusgeist who missed the entire rookie season with a torn acl. college hoops news. the terps set to make their big ten debut tomorrow against nebraska. maryland coming off a home win against minnesota in the regular season finale. the terps 2-0 against the
11:27 pm
cornhuskers this season. right now many of the experts have maryland as a five seed, but a run this weekend could certainly improve that number. >> it's a tournament we've got to try to go in and get as many wins as we can. bviously we have a goal in mind, and the goal that everybody is, you know, really willinto work hard and achieve. obviously we got a great opportunity this weekend to make it happen. ar>> well, this the league's so good. there is no easy games. you show up and it's going to be a dog fight for everybody. i think experience is what's important. you know, hopefully we can win game andvance and see what happens. some of my young guys and my young team can get a lot of experience. first round of the a10 tournament, gw facing umass. colonials down three just over a couple of minutes to play. jack jacks tt three. the sophomore from buffalo cold blooded. this game would go to overtime. in o.t., terry nolan jr. going to work. under 30nd secoleft.
11:28 pm
tied at 63. into the lane off the glass. >> wow. >> team high 20 points, including six in overtime. theol conials win t68-64 advance and face george mason in tomorrow's second round. >> ll right. >>tle acc note that virginia tech also won as well so they advance in the acc tournament. >> all right. thank you. we're going to be r -ah, the old crew! remember when we all used to go to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch."
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and that's going to do it for us. it's hump day, right?
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are we over? >> it's definitely hump day. >>tonight show" is next.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark ruffalo, jim jefferie


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