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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  March 14, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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let's check your forecast and commute. >> melissa mollet has the traffic for us. but chuck bell starts us off with the forecast. >> thursday seems like a good day to spend extra i time outside. so mann spots were d in the mid-20s. told you yesterday, today would s.t be near as cold. in the low to mid- cool/chilly here. plan on 40s in an afternoon high today. close to 70 degree for most areas. a little breezy at times today. it will be ray around for your friday, the moving in of the shers. >> good morning. 270 at montroa montrose road.
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seminary road. l one rige getting by. beltway, looking okay. we zoomout, 66 is fine. fredericksburg northbound and southbound has some lanes blocked by a work zone there. it's g4:01. a d.ernment employee, accused of exchanging sex and cash for issuing food stamps and welfare benefits will be in a d.c. courtroom. dimitrius mcmillan is a social service representative for the department of human servic. according to court documents, mcmillan issued $1.45 million in food stamps and wfare benefits and food in exchange for sexual favors. at least two dozen people benefitedrom these crimes. the crimes and acts alleged in the charging documents are
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despicable and demonstrate a lack of gove dments. thtrict government takes suspected abusive and fraudulent activityseriously. all boeing 737 max aircraft in the u.s. are grounded following an emergency directive president trump it's a jetlown by southwest and american airlines. it's the same kind of plane that crashed in ethiopia last sunday. since that crash, a growing number of countries have kept them out of the air. this jet was in the air when president trump t issued order and one of the final 737s to land. here at home, the same was happening for folks aboard the 737 max 8 planes. any of the flights set to leave reagan national airport, were grounded for turnedaround. one was carrying kids headed to disney world. there was plenty of tears
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onboard. others they spoke with, said the ecision to ground the planes is for thebest. >> every time it drops down, hits turbulence. >> family members of the victims of the eiopian crash, paid tribute wh thismemorial. the victims including 149 passengers and 8 crew across the region, a student walkout to protest gun vlence in schools can bring thousands of students to the white house today. g a studeup rallied thousands of people last year and hope to do the same today. the principal at woodrow wilson high schoo sent a net home to li famies, saying students will need permission from their parentscio partipate in the
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walkout. 17 people were killed 13 ago in florida. state republicans are expected to break with their partly and give the president a rebuke. the senate is set to vote to block the president's emergency declaration. the declaration allows the president to reject federal funds to pay for a border wall without congressional approval. there is enough republican support in the senate to pass that resolution, but not expected to survive the veto from the president. and the president's former mpaign chairman, was sentenced to 3 1/2 yearsero f prison. last week in virginia, he was sentenced to 47 months in prison for a different conviction. he may serve around seven years total. he could face a bigger problem. a short time after his sentence was handed down, a grand jury in
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new york indicted him on charges of mortge fraud, conspiracy add falsifying records. the judge sufficient talk for manafort and his legal team. e smacked down what she called her defense team's no collusion mant mantra. she noted that collusion wasn't in the case. and that the investigation into llusion didn't over. saying prosecutors never showed evidence of a murder. moments later when he was outside talking to the press, manafort's lawyer again spoke of no collusion. >> judge jackson conceded that there was no evidence of any russian collusion in this case. >> protesters quickly started shouting him duln before he d finish. today, president trump's tone will ally roger
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be at court in the district. the judge is set to question stone and his attorneys over his new book. special eshoughts on counsel robert mueller and the russia investigation. the judge is upset stone didll t teer about the book. last month, the judge issued gag order, banning stone from spo speaking about this case. and in chicagotoday, jusse smollett i expected to plead not glty in court. the actor faces 16 felony chargesfter allegedly staging a racially motivated attack and lying to police. you'll recall that schmollette claimed he was attacked by two me yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him. since the incide b, he hn fired and forced to surrender sss rt. we're looking at the growing scandal.n it looks like hundreds of
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parents broke the rules to get their kids into top universities, including georgetown. >> one of them l isori loughlin. she is out on $1 million bail this morning. she and h husband are accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to secure their daughters admission to usc. they paid singer to fabricate documents that they were on the rowing team. they were not rowers. singer performed t same services for other families. lawmakers had a heari over the issue today. >> you can think about how rents and students are waiting for those letters. and how powerless they're feeling, that they played by the rules and we have a scandal that wee going to be following.
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>> families with students that went to georgetown, are accused the ying $2 million in scheme. more arrests are possible. developing in brazil, two masked gunman stormed a school in sao paulo. five students and two employees thre killed. e gunmen were former students and killed themselves before police could get ere. rescue workers in africa are still searching fozens of children, who could be trapped under a collapsed building. eight people are confirmed dead in lagos, nigerinigeria. as many as 100 children were in the school when it collapsed. ew details about the theft of an atm. a group of thieves crashed a pickup truck and took out the atm.
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officers say they took out the cash and set the machine on fire in a desperate place. you may remember this footage from last month in montgomery county. ame group tried to steal another atm. this morning, a bald eagle is in the care of the wildlife rehab cent. many of you were g ted our live coverage of the season as officers used blankets to safely catch the bird. the eagle wastuck against the tracks. metro cut power to the rail and began single tracking. while most computers hate delays, they seemed to be okay with it this time. he i heard it on news. i was down here picking up my daughter. and i heard thereal was a eagle on the track. and he was hurt. and i was like, please save him. >> we were talking about it
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on the subway, about the eagles outhere. >> no word on whether there is any connection to the infamous liberty and justice and all that drama surrounding their eagles' nest. >> the other two eagles that popped up got beat up and pushed on the railroad tracks. w you think this is one of them? knows? he was an emergency hire after a promising rookie went do. >> now,t looks like adrianrs peteon will be around for a little while longer. the redskins sned him to a new deal. peterson had an instant impact last year. he ran for more tha 1,000 yards. he has a new deal and it shoulk maor an interesting backfield team. >> a.p. has bn around for a long time. he stillade it exciting to watch that team last season. >> gies is really good, too.
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every 12 minutes, a chi is rushed to the hospital because of their parents medications. >> the alarming new study and what you need to do to keep your children safe. wild weather across the u.s., impacting millions of americans. we're showing you the hardest hit areas. how about our weather, chuck? our weather is on the changeable for the next couple days. th big storm in the center of the country is sending moisture our aiway. our aiway. your chances are going up, (clucking noises) our aiway. your chances are going up, everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. ile others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than caury!®
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♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables i'm an ice cruncher. so i was excited about all-new colgate total. it has sensitivity relief, so i don't have to give up doing what i love. aren't we lucky. new colgate total. do more for your whole mouth. you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back at 4:13. you may have had a hard time believing thi >> but d.c. is one of the least
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aggressi cities to drive in. have you been on d.c. roads? a survey says that d.c. is ranked 20th out of 30, when it comes to aggressive drivers. the city with the most aggressive drivers, no surprise, los angeles. the survey graded drivers on speeding, hd braking and swift acceleration. it found that friday is the most aggressive day of the week. trying to get home and start our weekend. wednesday i the calmest. baltimore ranked ahead of d.c. 18.number maybe i haven't driven in too many other cities and that's why. i feel like d.c.saggressive. if you were driving in l.a. i don't know if you can drive in l.a. that's ary. >> i've done it. it's doable. of a new orning, word crackdown on underage vaping. >> the idea is to keep e cigarette e-cigarettes out of the hand of children.
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it would likely remove flavors cigarettes from gas stations and other stores. a time all this comes at when there's positive news about adults and smoking. fewer adults are doing it. a new survey by the centers for disease control and prevention findhat fewer adults are lighting up. ten yearsago, 20% of the population smoked. new this morning, we're working for your health, with a warning about leftover medication. ou may think you found a good hiding place, many kids the easily find pills. a new report from safe kids worldwide tsays, every minutes a child is rushed to the emergency room after taking medication they found. most often, children get their hands on medicinessed to treat high blood pressure or diabetes. >> evenio medicatns that are over-the-counter, that many carry in purses or wallets or
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leave on thecounter,an be dangerous for children. >> experts recommend keeping anything with any medication out of the reach of children. >> they c get intoanything. you have to keep it out of the way. the d.c. region has enjoyed some cool but reasonably nice weather this week, ait's been different story for the rest of the country. >> for the midwest, a major blast of winter. look ath is. a record-breaking hurricane-strength blizzard hit seven states. wind gusts are clocking in at 80 miles per hour. more than t feet of snow has fallen for some andor others, hail, rain and even tornadoes. that is crazy. >> in south data, it's flooding that's the problem. the bomb cyclone brought rain to that state. that and mixed with the melting snow put a towner water. this is 65es mil north of sioux city, iowa.
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a lot of driversecame stuck, as well. there was trouble for those who didn't leave their homes. sewer systemsecame overloaded and basements were flooded, too. and look at what was spotted in new mexico. a big tornado there, blew through parts of that state and areas of texas, too. this is onef twoornados that touched down in new mexico. ten homes were damaged.r mi injuries, reported, as well. >> and the fact there's a variety going on at the same time in this part of the country. >> she crazy. >> no kidding, she is. >> call it what it is. that.ll get a taste of the big storm in the middle of the country is starting to fill in. some ofhe intensity will be gone. by the time all that stuff gets here, it will barely be a shadow of its former self. that's all right with us. we'll have severe weather in the springtime. for now, your thursday, off to a quiet star ies are mostly clear to get
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your day going. 46 at national airport. not m ah of breeze just yet. that wind will be out of the he thwest, later in afternoon. a little gusty at times. nd to 10 or 20 miles per hour. plan on a breezyild afternoon. emperatures will go from the low to mid-40s thimorning. up to near 70 degrees for a high temperature today. clouds will gradually be on the increase. but there's no chance for rain today. and most of us will be dry through the overnight hours, as well. that being said, there's a high chance of rain tomorrow. if you're going to get the car washed, okay today. but there's a likelihood that that will be rained on tomorrow. it willil be near 70 today and tomorrow. northwest winds return for the weekend, though. here's the storm. the main center ofre low pres moving through the state of kansas. on the north and west sidef it, that's all snow. and war a air severe weather, as you saw in the video, being pushed ahead ofit. severe weather across the piney
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woods of northeast texas. you could run into flight delays in those areas. for us, nothing to worry about for your thursday walk you through future weather then. nothg to worry about. clouds come in overnight tonight. it will be a mostly cloudy day tomorrow. not a lot in the way of hanshine. but storm is getting so wrapped up on itself, it's esntially raining itself out. there's a high chance of rain tomorrow. you can tell on future weather, it's not going to be a lot of rain. the best chance for exteed shower, maybe a rumble or two of thunder, will e about3:00 in he afternoon, and 8:00 in the evening. we'll be drying out quickly on friday night. there's your five-day aroutlook. 0 and breezy for today and tomorrow. breezy on saturday, but way colder. highs around 50 both days over the weekend. your st. patrick's day wil be dry but chilly. you will have to put your green
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coat on. good morning. >> i will do that. thank you, good morning. looking at the roads. bethes bethesda, inner, lo after rockville pike. left side is blocked by a new crash. 're not seeing a major delay because of, that but it is there. exandria, between seminary and king street. fred lieric fredericksburg, the northbound work zone has disappeared be thbound side is still around. 68 miles per hour to ♪ you want a fresh-smelling home, but some air fresheners use heavy, overwhelming scenod. intring febreze one; a new range of innovative air fresheners with no heavy perfumes that you can feel good about using in your home to deliver a light, natural-smelling freshness.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> 23 is your time right now. w today'sther may get you thinking about booking your vacation. we're working with you and the latest apps to consider. airfare watchdog ls you search airlines to find the best deals at one time. tpper predicts best time to book your flights. hit list lets you set up dream destinations. and when youet toour destination, use bonnjournal. you can share you adventure on facebook, twitter and e-mail at once. one post, you get it out there. as you know, there is an app for just abo everything. there is one designed to keep students safe by tracking them on college campuses.
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>> this is used on the campus of george mason university. but as news 4's david culver explains, some students fear it's impactingheir privacy. >> reporter: george mason universityfreshmen is all for technology, especially if it's making his campus more secure. >> that's cool. it would make people safe. >> reporter: would you download> it? ave guardian. >> reporter: he's referring to the rave gaprdian they promote the app for schools or organizations, designed to help, say a iversity's student and staff, communicate effectively. sharing potentially life-saving information. >> they can submit tips that are silent and/or anonymous. >> reporter: and the mile app can alert police to your exact location on campus. they used to have blue lig phones you could hit if there was an emergency. we're told they were rarely used and seen as a dated way to alert
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police. >> they may not be whene you them when you want them. this application provides a blue light phone in your pocket that ou when youe to need it. >> reporter: but students worry who has access to that tracking information. >> i want to know what information is going. like, what they're doing with the data a all that. >> reporter: the executive director e of safety argency management stresses the data is secured. adding that students can choose what features they opt into or out of. >> you can provide as much or as little information about yourself as you would like in the app. and the location services, for them to be active, have to always be on. >> reporter: other students believe that volunteering your location could be worth it. >> i think a tracking location for safety purposes, as long as -- if they' not selling your data for some kind of marketing thing. >> reporter: the university, trying to adapt to a new generation, putting safety in the palm of their hands. in fairfax, david culver, news 4. coming up, a day of
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instagram outages and facebook failures. an update on the glitches that shut down the social media sites r hours. plus, an animal attack in florida, havin reper cushiopr r in flori a. >> the tre starting to get going. the trees are in the moderate change.
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always the lest price, guaranteed. book now at news 4 today starts now. >> it's 4:529. we look outside. and today is a day you want to get outside for pt of theday. don't miss it. it is going to be like this for a little while. and theain moves in tomorrow. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we'reng approac4:30 now. let's check in with chuck bell for the forecast and k to melis melissa, too. what do you have? >> you know what day it is, right?
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>> it's 3.14, right? >> national pi day. >> pi day, yes, of course. >> the day get away with it.and no calorie in pie in pi day, 3.14, atobviously, the of ser iser er ier is come fence of n. the up at 7:21 this morning. most lly in the 40s. temperatures i the 60s to nearly 70 degrees. that is a-plus weather for today. gh temperature around 70 degrees. there is an 80% chance for rain on your friday. more about that coming up in a few minutes. for now, let's go to melissa


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