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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 14, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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employed as a case worker here at t. d government service center, prosecutors say demetrius mcmillan was able to approve cash benefits to people who were not entitled to them. prosecutors say he did it in exchange for cash and sex. in cou s today, heod before a federal judge and pled guilty to taking hundreds of bribes. he had the power to authorize payouts up to $2,000 without a supervisor's approval. prosecutors say he took advantagefhat power facilitating nearlyfr 800 dulent payments to nearly 300 people, theast majority women, totaling nearly $1.5illion in cash benefits and food stamps. >> i'mickened by it. i'm sad and angry and i also -- it literally makes me feel sick in the pit of my stomach. >> reporter: he's the second
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case worker to be convicted of handling out fraudulen benefits. new safeguards have been put in place to never happen again. >> w tveightened controls. and we'll continue to work to prevene any t of fraudulent activity. >> reporter: today in coedt, he admio accepting more than $150,000 in cash as well as sexual fors from between 10 and 20 women. searched hisators d.c. home, they found more than $70,000 in cash. mcmi demetrius mcmillan is facing as much as 15 years in prison. he'll be sentenced in ne. as for the women who accepted the fraudulent benefits were entitled to some benefits so they could still face consequences, suspension ofne ts or criminal charges.
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we're following breaking news in a murder investigation. tonight police in prince george's county are taking it over. this involves the discovery of a body in stafford county this past saturday. police identified the victim from a tattoo, identifying 16-year-old jackson chiccas from falls chch, he was killedt home, driven to stafford and cmped. oitol hill today, a rare republican rebuke of president trump. a doz members of his own party joining democrats in the senate tohe revoke emergency declaration at the u.s. mexicoe bo erika gonzalez working this story from our news room. >> with etoday's voth chambers of congress have now rejected the president's effort to goaw aroundkers to secure billions of dollars they did not appropriate for a souerern bo barrier. the final vote 59 to 41 on the resotion to remove the emergency declaration.
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some republicans who voted r for it say they hadon crns about the precedent it could set. they worry a future president from the other party could do the sam and declare an emergency when congress doesn't give them what they want. >> the president's action comes into direct conflict with congress' authority to determine the appropriation offunds. >> never before has a president aske for funding, the congress has not provided it, and the president has used the national emergencies act o 1976 to spend the money anyway. >> president trump had vowed to vetohis resolution even before the vote. and after tweeted simply veto with an exclamation point. it would be his first. and at this point there's not enough support to override a veto. but the bipartisan rebuke will likely play a role ithe
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lawsuits down the line. and perhaps next election cycle, too. roger stone's trial date has been set for early november. the president's long-time political adviser appeared in court here in d.c. earlier today. the same judge tt sentenced paul manafort yesterday is presiding over this case. judge amy berman jackson said she expects it to last two weeks. stone is acced of lying to congress about his ctinteraions with wikileaks during the 2016 election. he previouslyleaded not guilty. the investigation continues this eveng into t recent deadly crashes of boeing 737 max 8 jets. the black boxes from sunday'sn ethiop airlines crash are in france for an inspection. and all o those boeing jets are still parked tonigh adam tuss live at reagan national airport with that 737 max 8 that was turned around yesterday. >> reporter: this is the
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airplane right her that was turned around at reagan national airport yesterday. but to understand the 737 max family, you have to understand a little bit about its history. this is an airplane that only started flying about two years ago, that's what makes these two crashes so interesting. all the technology upgrades but ye two deadly incidents. theax 737family, including the 8s and 9s, are boges computerized, and tech heavy answer to the airline industry. >> hopefullyhell quickly come up with theanswer. but until they do, the pnes are grounded. >> reporter: in 2017 boeing lling out thiideo to show case the new plane. >> max opens the skie flies farther, carries more people anr will l the global airline industries fuel bill by $5 billion. s> reporter: the interior also updated of t aircraft. but now the max family getting a
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bit of a repution with travelers. are you concerned? are you worried? >> i would be a little if i was on that max 8. >> reporter: some who were on the plane as recently as yesterey said people w treating the plane as a novelty. >> they were taking pictures of the sety information card that's in the back of the seat that said something slash 800. >> reporter: now the investigation into whether or not there's a larger issue with this just beginning. adamagan national airport, tuss news4. hundreds of high schoolke students wal out of their maryland classrooms and took buses and metro trains into .c downtown today. the students demonstrated against gun violence. yp is the second year in a row for this of demonstration. >> i'm just hurt that we've gotten to the point where a lot of people don't care because it's bece the new norm and we have to make sure we do everything we can. weorave a obligation to,
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you know, speak out and do the right thing. >> we're trying to show that th student movement actually has staying power. it's not a fad. >> the students say they want the march to become an annual event. rorts o a high school locker room assault appalle parents, students and teachers. four teenagers were a charg adults. now some of the athletes' cases are moving to juvenile court. chris gordon explains the evidence prompting the big legal ange. >> reporter: four teenagers were charged at adults for sexually assaulting members of the damascus jv football team with a broomstick. last week, the judge ruled three juveniles.ould be tried as the judge quoted a psyrtologist re saying the 5-year-old defendant before him was assaulted in a similar manner when he was a freshman.
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he thought it was a tradition. after the hearing his defense lawyer explained it this way. >> heaid he didn't report it because he didn't want to be labeled a snitch or puck. >> reporter: she believes prosecutors overcharged the teenagers by alleging they sexually assaulted tenagers. >>hould have been charged as hazing. >> reporter: the prosecutors say these revolutions are knew, that some of the jv football players at damascus high school that say they were victims of team hazingla year. >> they did not tell that to the police that's new information. that information, this information that i think is hazing aracterized as is -- the details and the information, that is brand new information. >> reporter: proeycutors say ill fight to get the fourth teenagerithargedthe damascus high school sex assaults to be tried as an adult and not transferred to juvenile
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court like the three rting from montgomery county, chris gordon news4. e could find out next we if the fourth teenager's case will be moved te juven court. a sad update after last night's dmatic bald eagle rescue. as metroransit police and maryland department ofeou r brc towels to catch the bird. now officials tell us after multiple x-rays and tests ts ttle guy's injuries were too severe and the eagle has to be youeuthanize euthanized, the wing had multiple fractures that couldn't be fixed. we don't know how the bird was hurt. a serious crash involving a school bus sends half a dozen people to the hospital today. chopper 4 is over the scene in gaithersburg. you can see the white car and
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red tru nearby severely damaged. we're told twoeople from those vehicles were taken to the hospital with serious injuries four people on the school bus transported but as a precaution. several families forced out by flames in the wheaton area. refighters say a propane grill on the back deck caught fire. the flamespread inside. the neighboring homes also suffered some smoke and water damage. firefighters did manage to save a pettily saturdand reunite it with the owner. he says he's the victim of an attack b prosecutors say he made it up. thehaes against jussie smollett as he appears to in court. now beto o'rourke has his sights set higher, a lot higher. his message to the people as he
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run to the white house. the new developnts in the case of that businessmanccused of taking thousands of dollars from customersor medic fal
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strong storms to our south and our chance of some showers tomorrow. doug is back i just about 10 minutes with your full forecast. another entry today officially makes a baker's dozen among democrats hoping to take on donald trump in the 2020 election. >> beto o'rourke jumped into the presidential race to becoming the 13th candidate. you may remember himrom his unsuccessful but closer than expeed bid to unseat ted cruz in the senate. beto o'rourke pledging a positive campaign, the importance of defeating
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president trump. >> a president who has caused so much pain for so many of our fellow americans cannot beal wed to continue another four years in office. >> as we mentioned, this is already a crowded field. it could expandven mor with many watching to see if joe biden is going to run. a major development in a news4 consumer investigation. for years we've been telling you about a virginia business owner who's accused of taking thousands of dollars from customers and never delivering medical equipment. >> tonight for the firstweime e learning about a customer in maryland who says the same thing happened to her. our consumer investigative reporter susan hogan is here now with the new details. >> up until this point all the complaints against the business owner came from virginia customers. he's actually facing six felony charges in the state. but wey receneceived a call from a maryland mom who shared
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an eerily similar story and we learned charges could soon be filed in maryland as well. getting nia ready for school takes time, patience, and a whole lot of love. >> do you want to pick out theo bow y want to wear today? >> it's simple question to a da doesn't wait for a response she knows it won't me. her gentle strokes through her 19-year-old's hair is a sharp contrast to how nia's day begins. >> you're going for a lift. >> this ceiling lift is karen's saving grace since she can'trr her daughter on her own. she was born with multiple disabilities, she'slk unable to walk on her own or eat. but this lift isn'tne the she
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initially ordered and paid ,500 for, $2,500 out of her own pocket, the rest from a grant. that lift she said was never orderedy e owner of the company. >> what was the name of his company? >> accessbi ty. >> reporter: karen said she spent months begging the owner to refund her money or install the lift, she was getting desperate. >> the second time he was supposed t deliver it, nia was falling out of her bath dchair. tried to lift her myself, i was the only one in the house. and i myself. >> reporter: her frustration left her anxious. she sta seding a psychiatrist and that's when everything changed. >> i went for my routine visit, and she said, i was watching something and it soundike what happened to you. >> reporter: karen's doctor showed her one of our recent stories and she felt instant relief.
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for the first time in a year she realized she wasn't alone. not by a long shot. >> molly -- >> judy. >> he's into me for -- >> $2,500. >> $2,500. >> $7,625 for a walk-in tub. >> all of these people told news4 they also played clore thousands of dollars for equipment that was never delivered. >> there has to be something done not only for me to receive the money back but to stop him because i don't want anything feel the way i felt. >> after contacting nbc 4 responds, she fil a complaint with the montgomery county consum protection office which started an immediate investigation. just last week clore sent karen a partial rund of $500, regardless the county tells us' it pursuing criminal charges ainst clore. >> hello and thank you for
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calling -- >> reporter: we called clore to give him the chance to explain why he never delivered the lift. he didn't answer the phone, but he sent us a statement saying the business has been closed ans in bankruptcy. all customers will be refunded 100%. my heart's desire is to resolve all ofs t as it was never intentional for the business to fail. >> we couldn't find a record of the bankruptcy filing clore mentioned so we asked him for a case number. he told us to contact his etorney's office, did. they told us he gave them a deposi last october but never followed up to file the case. >> so he's not in bankruptcy, en? >> no. we couldn't find any case. >> he has felony charges against him in virginia. is he walking around? was he behind bars? what's going on? >> here's the update on all of s that. those cases are ongoing.
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he hasreliminary hearing next week on two felony charges that were filed after t victims' shared their stories with us. he's facing four othe felonies in stafford county and those charges go before next month.ry all of this. we've been working on this story for years, and is just, you know, we keep hearing from people and keep telling them how to go about filing charges and al of that. and kind of giving them the advice how to do is. >> they may never see their money. >> right. >> good mastory. >> s victims. >> good to bringhis guy out into the open so people know. >> you bet. >> thank you, sasun. a local police officer builds bridges with here l beyond the badge. ahead at 5:00, how the way she relaxes helps her connect with the community. >> the system that spawned that severe weather in the south is going to bring us some rain. no
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doug is here with aheck on the weather. are we in san diego, florida? >> it's nice. >> it's about as good as it can get in ourrea this time of year. 73 degrees. some areas saw the mid to upper 70s across the region. right now currently sunshine 71 winds out of the south 14 miles
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per hour. it's tha nice and it's going to continue to be. here we go, 75 in leesburg, that's the current temperature. 76 in fredericksburg. gaithersburg coming in at 73 degrees. nice all the way around. and tomorrow just as nice with the exception of one thing.l weave more clouds around the area and maybe a chance of a shower but once again highs in the low 70s and still warm. most of the day is dry on your friday. here's the temperatures, you can see the coldront back to the west. 75 ahead of it. we have temperatures in the 30s stback to the so we will cool after another very warm day tomorrow. look at what's happening, we have the cloudsni beg to stream in ahead of the frontal boundary,he fronthead of it. not just severe weather, look at this video out of kentucky. western portions of kentucky earlier today. this is video of a tornado on the ground and just by looking at it, this is easily going to be an ef-2, ef-3 tornado, maybe
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higher. we've seen a lot of damage from this. we've had numerous reports of tornados across thecountries. you can see multiple rotations around that thrnado. 's a big one. saw severe weather around chicago earlier, too. it's all moving off towards the east, however we will not get in on the severe weather here. these are the a watches warnings extending from california to the eacolorado to the east, down around the atlanta area. but no watches or warnings farther than theappalachians we will just see a chance of shower tomorrow morning, cloud cover. see a chance of shower, most of us dry. still clouds but most of the area dry. by 4:00 or 5:00 we'll see them along the i-95 rridor. but hagerstown, winchester, you may see sunshine, temperatures
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back to the mid 70s. and we're looking at a pretty nice friday night around the area u that sets u for not a bad fekend, a dry weekend. temperatures fallm 73 tomorrow to 56 on satu oay. 52 degresunday, st. patty's day looking good. as we make our way to the middle of next week we're cool but plenty of sunshineut ther tuesday will be the coldest day, some of you in the 40s all day long. wind chills, amelia is going to join me at 5:45 we're going to talk about wind chills feeling 45 degrees colder st. patrick's day morning. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you, doug. >> that's why you need the beer. they've been used for centuries t treat everythin from asthma to gout. now doctors s mushrooms can help your brain. >> reporter: i'm david culver
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inside the fairfax countyte dention center we give you a look at a unique program aimed at turning inmates struggling with addiction into those determveed to re plus a family's anger at a local hospital. why they say doctors fl short during the final moments of their loved one's life. their loved one's life. i was able to ask him if he w [female voiceo ver]ith the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. you and everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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. >> announcer: you're watching ws4 at 5:00. we're back at 5:30 with a look at our top stories. d.c. government worker pleading guilty in court today toaking bribes in the form of sex and cash. and in exchange authorizing social benefit payments such as food stamps. prosecutors say demetrius mcmillan made nely 800 fraudulent payments totaling just under $1.5 million. resident trump is once again vowing a veto after a dozenembers from his own party join democrats to revoke his emergency declaration. the president maeds that declaration to secure billions more dollars than congress propriated for border wall. some republican senators expressed concerns a future p democratsident could use the same power for something they want. the family of a terminally ill cancer patient is fighting for change tonight.
5:30 pm
>> the father of two was just hours away from losing his battle to cancer but instead of being cleared for hospice, those final hoursil wered with frustration. >> onlyn on news4 me fitzgerald spoke with the man's widow about what happened. >> nina w butlel tell you it was love at first site when she met her husband nick six years ago. >>was open, compassionate loving from the start. >> reporter: nick was the te of g who lived in the moment of every day because he knew how precious life was. he was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly aftercollege. he beat the odds and a few later their daughter was born. >> looking at her with this face, all you can describe it, just pure joy. >> reporter: but the cancer back and last week before vera could turn 2, nina found nick unconscious on the couch. she knew their journey was about to end so he s rushed to the
5:31 pm
hospital. he was ready to go to hospice to die peacefully. >> i asked do you know what's ppening, he said yes. >> reporter: no one in the family had power of attorney so nina was told he would have to sign the do not resuscitate himself. >> it was a poor face time with a psychiatrist. >> reporter: the psychiatrist to nmake the decis couldn't be there in person so they had to use a remote connthtion. entire process took 35 minutes. she said it was agonizing. e ceo of several hospice centers in the area saidnick's experience should not have happened the way it did. we reached o to the hospita and they released the following statement which says in part, quote, due to hipaa regulations we cannot comment on specific patients or ce received but inova does utilized telemedicine
5:32 pm
if certain situations t provide care for patients regardless of their location. for the sake of her husband, nina wanted to share her husband's experience for hope for change. >> i hope there's a chang in the medical community about these ledoctors. >> in a new statement just in he last hour, inova sai they're looking into the family's concerns and the hospital is always looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction a path to a sustained sobrietyegning inside the fairfax county adult detention center p. tonight o4 we give you a look at a new program that's turninl a j sentence into addiction recovery. here's dav culver. >> how did you end up here? >> the decisions i made. >> reporter: it has taken several lockups for aaron myers to take ownership of his
5:33 pm
actions. this most recent incarceration 11 months ago for dru possession and intent to distribute. >> do you think this is the last time you'll be incarcerated? >> in, can't -- i m that's the goal. i can't say yes or no. i don'ow. i've been taught just to stay in the moment, yoknow. all i have is today. >> reporter: it is a ofound self-awareness that aaron, now 32, learned here. t generation e n of people in recovery. >> reporter: aaron is one of about a dozen inmates taking part in a pilot program aimed at recovery. >> they named it star. >> the sheriff brought the program to the adult detention center. >> these are volunteers. >> reporter: the partipants must apply and be accepted in the program. they live in the same quarters and spend days unearthing the trauma that led to their addictions.
5:34 pm
>> do you think this is a lifep changingram? >> yes. i'm blessed to have the pportunity to be a part of this. because it's not just about us, but it's about people that are gonna come after us. >> reporter: including aaroons 8-year-old who he hopes to become a role model for. >>t's definitely motivating when he lights up when he sees me. >> to have your son or daughter say, dad, i'm proud of you, that's huge. >> reporter: using a jenl se to create lasting sobriety. in fairfax, david culver, news4. >> this isn't the first time the sheriff has made a big change to traditional lockups.6 in 2e helped to implement the diversion first program, allowing fairfax county police officers a n option when encountering minors experiencing a mental health crisis. it's demo day just up i-95
5:35 pm
in baltimore, construction crews are battling bluieight by bring down old,ed aband homes. bulldozers demolishing entire blocks of row houses. in their place the city will build a new affordable town home neighborhood. h the by investing in the community, the community will begin toinvest in itself. once the block is demolished, baltimore said there will be just under 15,00 vacant properties in the city, the lowest number in 15 years. there wilbe a meeting at the douglas school in leesburg to talk about a painful part o virginia's past and how it should be remembered. between 1877 and 1950, at least 80 african-americans were killed by lynchings in th
5:36 pm
commonwealth. three cases occurred in loudon county.ea now communityrs are thinking they should put possible historical markers at those sites in memory of the victims. and they may collect soil to each site and send it to the tional memorial for peace and justice in >alabama. the freeman store has opened l a new exhibit e in the 1950s. that was a rotary phone. >> my grandmother had that phone. >> i loved those. things changed a lot in that decade. the exhibit shows some of the ways both inside and outsidehe house. >> 1950s was an interesting time.n of it went from a population of just over 2,000 in vienna, and by the end they had 10,000 people living here. it was a lot of change. >> the eibit runs through the end of the year and will be updated as the seasons change.
5:37 pm
>> very cool. we have a consumer alert for yo asou prepare your dinner what you need to know about a massive recall from the nation's best noun brand of turkey. a redskins player gets his welcome to the dmv. tomorrow we'll have one more mild day as we look to the weekend, our temperatures plummet. more seasonal with the average high being 55 tdegrees. hen you factor in the wind it's going to feel
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there's something to be said for having a job where you are wanted and you want to be there. >> yeah. for the right price. for landon collins the newest star of e burgundy and cold that couldn't be truer. >> you said he was nice and heooth. >> a happy camper right very happy. he was all smiles at today's press nference. sure that six year $84 million contract will probably help with that, butt's a gift he received last night from daner snhat was better than anything money can buy for him, and as you'll see his mom was there too to keep it real. >> knowing that he was gifting me one of the two of e last jerseys he has in his office, he
5:41 pm
went in his ownlo cset and grabbed that jmesey for , says a lot to me. that -- not only he expects a lot f me but he knows i have the same passion and love as he does for sean taylor. it touched me in a way i couldn't eve- when he handed me the box i had my son on my lap, my sonped the box, i couldn't touch the box, i couldn't. my son took the jersey out of the box, i couldn't touch the jersey. for 30 minutes i sat there emotional. >> i was trying to console him because he couldn't talk. he was shaking so bad. and, you know, once we went i home, said does it have grass stains and stuff on it? he says henk this so. i said, what's it smell like? >> that's som hing ireally, really look up to. ize idoli my game after and want to be like and try to be just as good as him. >> what did it smell like?
5:42 pm
eat.t smelled like but not as bad asandon do after a game, and he hate taking showers at i'm like, don't get in my car. >> mom always reeping itl right there. collins was clearly emotional about gettingor ta number 21 jersey, but will he be wearing theame number moving fhaward? we'll ve more on that in sports in the 6:00 p.m. hour a local police officer living two very different lives. how that's helping her connect with children in her community. >> it's really important that people know that police care, that we actually care, and i care from my heart. when i give to the community, i give withy heart. >> plus, more than a dozen new char fs nowed against jussie smollett. why he says he did not stage tis attack
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
we have breaking news. hallmark is dumping actress lori loughlin, hallmark's parent country crown media says it's cutting ties with the former full house s star after was charged in the college admissions cheating scandal. she's accused of paying half a million dollars to guarantee her two daughters got into usc, she played in "when calls the heart" and was in the production of "garage sal mysteries". "empire" actor jussie smollett back fn court todayor allegedly lying about a hate crime he says happened to him, pleading not guilty to his charges. we go inside the courtroom. >> justice for justice. justice for justice. >> reporter: supporters chanted as jussie smollett entered the courthouse thi morng.
5:46 pm
"empire" strolled past cameras surrounded by legal counsel and family. he faces 16 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly lying to police about being the victim of an attack. police and prosecutors say he made it up. today's arraignment was brief. >> we waive formal reading of the indictment and enter a plea of not guilty. o reporter: muchthe case resolves around a $ check. >> we have the check that he used to pay them. so the $3,500 was for the two of them in total. >> reporter: it's something walked back by the brothers' attorney this week who now say it wasor the attack and training. >> they were in position with a iend that sai let's basicallyai y pay you for training and then do meavor for >> reporter: he appeared on last
5:47 pm
night's episode of "empire," but he has been written out f the rest of the episodes. >> be as ever advised you must be in court for each and every day. if you fail to come to court on your trial district attorney date you could be triedr in you absence. a d.c. pice officer is leading a double life. today our cameras are rolling to see officer evelyn e vera wearing two different uniforms. her side gig is building a new mmlationship between police and the coity. >> you know, look -- >> reporter: officer rivera works the police department's fourth district dgd she acknes police have work to do to build up community relationships. >> here to do our job, protect and rve. we want them to know we want to build that trust again. >> reporter: this 13-year veteran is doing that as a sort of double agent.
5:48 pm
unmasked with a revealing slight of hand. >> the inspiration of magic to me it makes people feel good. >> reporter: offduty, she trades in the badge and gun for face paint and clowns. shoe >> it gives people a sense of happiness because they smile. let's see your ear. >> reporter: trsday she performed for students at the bridges academy in northwest. she does this a few times each mont a 15 to 20 minute magic show and then reveals she'sce poliofficer. >> i am ammo tre poll tan police officer. >> reporter: she wants kids to know they can chase more than trust law nd can enforcement. >> it's important for them to knowe care. i care, when i give to the community i give with my heart. reporter: gives everything except that thing we want to know. where did the quarter go?
5:49 pm
did it actually disappear? magicians.a secret of >> reporter: i trie drew wilder news4, northwest >> off to her and those kids, too. doug we are o sportin pins, tell us why. >> it's world kidney day. i just want toha say you to everybody here supporting us. wearing pinar to world kidney day and some 30 million adults are estimated to ha chronic kidney disease and most aren't aware ofit. visit my facebook page for more information on wit. >>ther wise the last couple days hasn't been all that great t today isbeautiful. yesterday not bad. out west a completely different story. we've been watching that storm. let' look at it. clear skies earlier, now cloud cover making its w in here. temperatures right now in the 70s. airport. just amazing. dropping to 70 next hour down to
5:50 pm
about 63 degrees by 11:00 tonight. at 11:00, that's so nice around our region. we needed spring-like weather and we got it. 74 at dulles airport right now. coolerser to the water as is normally the case this time of year. but still a nice afternoon. notice, too where the storms are. a severe thundstorm watch here in pink. and a tornado watch intons portf alabama. this whole line is moving our way but that's not what it's going to bringing us. it's going to bring us cooler weather. so your day tomorrow, and this shld sayfriday, temperatures climbing into the 60s and low 70s again, a shower early and a better chance late in the y. but this front is going to bring something a lot different for your weekend and it's a holiday weekend. one of my farites, my kids' favoriteso. weathe r-wise not too bad just
5:51 pm
cool. >> it's not bad. do you have green eggs and ham on the menu? >> green eggs and ham, and i hate how they leave footprints everywhere in my house. >> dye the toilet water green. i know i love st. patrick's day as well. it is going to be much cooler out there. the rainhaes with a cold front that are going to drop our mperatures, it was so mild out there today, our unofficial high 73 degrees. it's going to be in the 70s tomorrow. and i'm, of course, thinking cher blossoms. our photographers were getting pictures of the cherry blossoms, some video,ti they're in stage one out of six. i wouldn't be surprised if they're bumped up to stage two morrow with the warmer weather helping them out. we think peak bloom is april 4th through the 8th. here's your weekend planner, starting saturday with temperatures around 45 degrees. a high of 56, but it's going to breezy on saturday with a mix
5:52 pm
of clouds and sunshine. it is a colda start on s morning. 36 degrees at 8:00 a.m., by 5:00 p.m. we're at 52 so chilly during the afternoon hours but beautiful sunshine on st. s patricday. this is saturday with the winds, our wind chills at 8:00 a.m. in the 30s. at lunchtime wind chills only in the low even i afternoon and evening hours our wind chill temperatures stay in the 40s. sunday morning it is bitterly cold out there with a bit of a wind. we're having wind chills from the upper teens in hagerstown to about 27 degrees in washington. that being id, though doug, the weather having a low impact on your weekend. a puffy cu't and going to be just fine on sunday. >> i'm thinking about going skng on saturday. >> that's a thought. >> might try to get one last run in on saturday. st. patrick's day not bad but cooler over the weekend. and still cool into the middle of next week before we start another nice warm up.
5:53 pm
know its not much going on nt week and not much in the way of rain chances tomorrow, only about 40% across much of the ar , all the way until next sunday we stay on the dry side and we haven't had that very often. a consumer alert butter ball recalling its ground turkey because it may be contaminated salmonella. it was packaged in july 2018, shipped to retailers acros the nation, throw it out, or take it back where you bought it. we haveore information on the app under recall. in vegetarian optionsou ght want to think about adding more mushrooms to your diet. researchers looked at the diet of adults over the age of 60, those who ate two portions of fun guy eachee were less likely to develop cognitive
5:54 pm
impairments. it's not psible to prove a direct link but they think it could be related to a unique antioxidant found in murooms. love them, good. gunned down, run over, did this seem like the
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
ambushed shot and killed in his up scale suburban neighborhood on staten island new ida seg explains why detectives say it was a hit on powerful mob boss. >> male shot. >> reporter: aroundgh 9:20 last the alleged boss of the gambino crime family was gunned down outis home, shot six times in the torso. police said he tried to get to his suv to take cover. you can see hisod b hand prints on the rear of the bescalade. >>ieve he was struck several times by gun fire in gun g to elude additiona fire fled to the rear area of his private vehicle and somebody probably thought he was run over, it was more he was trying to get under the truck to elude gun fire. >> reporter: police say the
5:58 pm
entire incent was caught on surveillance video. >> you saw this picture. >> yeah, this is one of the customers that come rhere. >>orter: she said she used to make h bacon egg and se ch >> the deli workers couldn't believe what they read in the papers this morning. >> to have a customer one day and then the next he's gone and hear he's a mobster, it's crazy. >> he was just like anyther y that came in for asandwich. he was nice, polite, paid his moneand his way. reporter: this is cali after being arrested ten yearsgo for extortion. meanwhile folks in this section staten island was sad to hear this kind of hit is something they need to be worried about. >> it's a shame for his family and this is still going on.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: police are for a blue pick up truck and they have surveillance video they're working th. the question now is who is behind this and why. ida segal nbc news. now at 6:00, sex and cash for food stamps. >> it literally makes me feel sick at the >> a social worker accused of preying on women and robbing taxpayers at the same time. breaking ranks, 12 republicans join democrats to reject president trump's border wall. new jets grounded and black boxes delivered while investigators try to learn more about the ethiopia airlines crash we dig into t that was supposed to make these planes a gamean r. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now. first at 6:00, a d.c. government worker pleads guilty
6:00 pm
in a bribery case. >> prosecutors say he took cash and sex in exchange for social services. >> inet court today dus mcmillan admitted he authorized more than a million dollars in fraudulent payments. the mon going to things like food stamps. >> news4 mark segraves broke the story last night. he's live from d.c. superior court this afternoon. mark? >> reporter: he worked for the d.c. government for 13 years as a case aworker, never wit problems. but prosecutors say over the coursef fou months last year 800 thorized nearly fraudulent payments for each one of those payments, he received $1,000 in his own pocket. today when he left the courthouse, he wouldn't say anything but his lawyer told reporters that mcmillan is sorry for what he did. employeed at a case worker here, prosecutors say demetrius mcmillan was able to approve cash benefits to


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