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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in a bribery case. >> prosecutors say he took cash and sex in exchange for social services. >> inet court today dus mcmillan admitted he authorized more than a million dollars in fraudulent payments. the mon going to things like food stamps. >> news4 mark segraves broke the story last night. he's live from d.c. superior court this afternoon. mark? >> reporter: he worked for the d.c. government for 13 years as a case aworker, never wit problems. but prosecutors say over the coursef fou months last year 800 thorized nearly fraudulent payments for each one of those payments, he received $1,000 in his own pocket. today when he left the courthouse, he wouldn't say anything but his lawyer told reporters that mcmillan is sorry for what he did. employeed at a case worker here, prosecutors say demetrius mcmillan was able to approve cash benefits to people who were
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not entitled to those benefits. prosecutors say he did it inas exchange forand sex. in court today, he stood before a federal p judge andd guilty to taking hundreds of bribes. he had the power t authorize payouts up to $2,000 without a supervisor's approval.s prosecutay he took advantage of that power. cilitating nearly 800 fraudulent payments to more than 300 people, the vt majorit of them women. totaling nearly $1.5 million in food stamps and cash benefits. >> i'm just absolutely sickened over it. i'm -- i'm sad and i'm angry and i also -- it literally makes me feel sick at the pit of my stomach. >> reporter: demetrius mcmillan is the second case worker at the agency tvibe ced of handing out fraudulent benefits. the director said new safeguards have been put in place to t preventrom happening again. >> it's not something we believe is widespread and as i noted
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we've tightened controls and we'll continue to work to prevent any type of fraudulent activity. >> reporter: today in court mcmillan admitted to accepting more than $0,000 in cash as well as sexual favors from between 10 and 20 women. when investigators searchedis d.c. home they found more than $70,000 in cash. mcmillan is facing as much as 15 years in prison, he'll be sentenced in june. now officials with the government say they don't believe any more district governmentlo ees are under investigation or conspired in this fraud,ro butcutors said they are still looking at the possibility of charging the women who receivedhose fraudulent payments. and human services tells use thy could cut off from the benefits they are entitled to if it's prove they knew about the fraud. that's the latest here at distri court. back to you. >> mark segraves, thank you,
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mark. two big developments from congress as lawmakers are set to leave down for a week. 12 republicans delivered a rare rebuke to the president joining democrats to terminate his emergency declaration. while on the house side, overwhelming unity on the subject of special counsel robertmueller's report. blayne alexander tracking all the day's developments. >> reporter: let's start with the senatol rion on the president's emergency declaration. that's largely symbolic because president trump has made it clear he will veto tha butt will have legal implications because a number of states have already cllenged his emergency declaration and with more lawsuits to come,on the s rebuke from congress could bolster tir legal arguments. today, president trump a special annual friends of ireland e conference. >> p president of the united states. >> reporter: visiting congress
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on the same day the senate votes on a rejection of his national emergency declaration over the border wall. >> he's stealing that mon the department of defense. >> reporter: the senate passing a resolution blocking that claration. 12 republicans signing on, despite his best efforts to keep his party in line. >> it's a vote for border security, no ime. >> reporter: the vote has already passed the house. after today's vote president tweeting i think all the strong republicans who voted to support border security and our desperately needed wall. but some republicans say it's about precedent. xecutive want the branch now or in the future to hold the power of the purse? >> reporte meanwhile, in the house, members there sending a message about special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation, overwhelmingly passing a resolution urging
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mueller's repor be made public once finished. it will not change justice department policy but it comes amid signs the mueller investigation is nearing completion. nbc news has learned a top prosecutor on mueller's team andrew wiseman is leaving his post soon. he's not the only member taking a different job. we learned that mueller's top fbi investigator has also left mueller's te. he's gone on to lead the fbi field office in richmond. it's job he actually began early last week. >> that's blayne alexander reporting. thank you, blayne. beto o'rourke hit the ground running today hours after he confirmed he is running for the democratic nomination for president. he was in iowa practicing what they call retail politics, meeting voters in smaller venues. the former congressman from texas said he plans to run a positive camign but that
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doesn't mean he won't call out the incumbent. >> a president who has caused so much pain for so many of our mellow acans cannot be alloed to continother four years in office. wh we need is leadership based on our ambition, aspiration. leadership that seeks not to divide us but unite us and bring us together. >> he emphasized his belf that all democrats must unite behind the eventual ninee whoever that is. boeing's 737 max 8 aircraft have only been flying aboutwo years now there are major questions about their rinvolvement inent crashes. >> the planes ared suppo to be the future of flying. tonight transportation reporter adam tuss is looking atow they operate. >> reporter: there are so many different types of airplanes out there, but why does the 737 max family get so much attention? think about this, boeing says that the max family is its
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fastest selling airplane ever. about 5,000 of them already sold. the 737 max family, including the 8s and the 9s, are boeing's highly come pewtputerized and t airline wer to the industry. now it's being discussed it could be a bug that'sue the i with this plane. >> hopefully they'll come up with an answer quickly. until they do, the planes are grounded. >> reporter: boeing rolling out this video in 2017. >> maxflis farther, carries more people and will lower the fuel bill by $5 billion. >> reporter: this plane also a direct response to other new high-tech planes from companies like air bus. now the max family getting a of ait reputation wh travelers. are you concerned? worried? many. >> i would be a little if i was on the max eight.
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>> reporter: some who were on the pne as recent as yesterday said they were treating the plane as a novelty. >> they were taking pictures of the safetynformation card in the backseat and selfies. >> reporter: now thest ination into whether or not there's a larger issue with the plane just beginning. at reagan national airport, adam tuss news4. in france inspectors are set to start investigating the recordings from the ethiopian crash. it's the second crash involving the 737 max 8 in five months. satellite data showed sunday's flight had erraticca ver speed before crashing. here in many montgomery county, students walked out of class in protestf gun violence
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in schools. they came into the city and rallied on the steps of the u.s. capitol calling for change. this is the second time, in kect, that students have w out demanding gun safety changes at school. it staed last year on the heels of the deadly shooting ind parkland fl >> we're going to go down third until we hit pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: this was the scene outside the white house this tsrning. studen walked out of class and boarded buses and trains to get here, then observed 17 minutes of silence for the 17 lives lost at marjorie stoneman douglas last year. the students are with the student activist group, students for change. they want lawmakers to have stricter gun laws, includi stricter background checks. >> i'm a kid growing up always lookg at the tv and seeing other kids dieing, right, that'
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really how i feel. i'm just hurt we've gotten to the point where a lot of people don't care because it's become the new norm and we have to make sure we do everything we can. we have a moral obligation to speak out and do the right thing. >> an impressive showing, likely several hundred sdents in attendance. they say they'llp kee at it until their voices are heard. at the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. coming up only on news4 a local family angry over the end of life car their son-in-law got a local his dec to move to hospice care led to treatment they called inhumane and unneceary. revelations about a locker room assault, some call it hazing prosecutors call it rape. up next what a judgeonecided abou of the teens charged in the case. a massive storm system brings dangerous weather to a chunk of the country from
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blizzards to tornados. >> that system making its way w y bringing us warm temperatures tomort then a big change for your weekend. much more on that after what has been a perfect day out there been a perfect day out there today. been a perfect day out there today. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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regarding a body found over the ekend intafford county police now say it was a teenager who was murdered in prince george's county and then dumped in a remote location in you may remember this was the case where police released ph os of thevictim's tattoos in an effort to identify him. they now say he was 16-year-old
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jackson chicas. he was from falls church but investigators believe he was killed inside a home i landover hills. prince george's county police are handling the investigation. they say it was not a random crime but so far nobody has been arrested. reports of a high school locker room assault, appalled pares, students and teachers in montgomery county. and last year four players were charged as adults. today a judge ruled another one of thoseho teenagersd actually have his case moved to juvenile court. chris gordon explains the evidence that is prompting this big legal change.or >> rr: the revelation came out in court, the teenage defendant thinking attacking damascus high school fofreshman otball players with a broom was reg aded as tradition. a psychologist report said the 15-year-old charged with ltxually ass jv football
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teammates was himselfhe victim of a similar attack the previous year. >> he didn't report it because he didn't want to be labeled a snitch or punk. >> reporter: as of now three of the four players have had their casesferred to juvenile court. but the montgomery county prosecutor said he will fight to keep the fourth case in adult hicourt. >> i you'll hear some of that next tuesday regarding his contact with the criminal justice system as well as activities in schools. >> reporter: damascu is a tight knit community struggling tode with these cases. >> it's a horrific crime that happened, it was disappointing it happened so close to home. it's disgusting. >> they know what they're do even if they were 15 or younger, they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: montgomery county public schools will determine what action, if any, it will takefter the criminal cases are done in court. reporting from montgomery
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county, chris gordon metro wants to pay riders not to take metro late at night. follow along here. here's how it would work. the metro agenc is considering a pilot program that would cover the first threer dollars of y fair in a taxi or ride share trip between the hours of midnight and 4:00 in the morning. you have toegister to the program. it would cover a maximum of ten trip per ek. a $1 million pilot program could start as early as thisummer. metro has been fighting to keep its late-niet service scaled back so it can do more system maintenance when the trains are not running. >> this weekend will be the last wi metro track work for a while thanks to the visitors headed to d.c.k to l at the cherry blossoms, every year metro ieso keep weekend aintenance to a minimum around
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the cherry blossoms festivals. here's what theyook like today, buds still in early stages. metro says track work will be suspended from march 23rd until april 14th to accommodate the extra blossom traffic. the last remaining american diplomats have left venezuelai but tim is headed to the region this weekend. gn's a member of the for relations and armed services committee. plans to travel to columbia's border. he wants to meet with refugees forced out of their hoes. and plans to meet with government officials in bogata to find out how it's affecting this region. he raisedh concerns w what they call loose talk of military action from the trump administration. we have a s update after the rescue last night of the
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bald gle. many of you were glued to the coverage as they used blankets and towels to catch the bird and get him help.ay officials after multiple x-rays and tests and consultations with the vets, the determinedries were to be too severe and the eagle has to be euthanized. they said e eagle's wings has multiple fractures thanocould be fixed. s don't know how the bird hurt wild weather, everything from blizzard conditions to tornados and one giant system is being blamed. now it's moving our way. dan shepman shows us the bomb cyclone. reporter: across the heartland sirens warning of danger. >> this is a tornado warning here. >> reporter: the funnel cloud swirled near kentucky.
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in its wake n.destruct >> back there is a 60 b 64 truck building, and it's over in the field now. this is the first time we've ever had this like this in this area. >> it's on the ground right now. look at the debris that's coming up. >> reporter: just one of several tornados to track across the state thursday. the latest bunch from what meteorologists are calling a bo cyclone, dumping hail, snow and rain with the power of a category 1 hurricane as it marches across the country. in colorado blizzard-l conditions more than 1,000 drivers stuck. r nebraska, floodwaters. violent wind gusts across texass blowing t 18 wheeler off the highway. uc>> it doesn't take for these storms to ramp up from an ornary thunderstor to something severe in a short period of time. >> reporter: as the system marches across the country
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millions more in for what could be a danrous evening. dan shenaman. this truck being blown acroy, the high we can't get over it. here's a look at the line of storms right now prompting warnings as it heads east. >> doug will tell us how it impacts our weather tomorrow. tonight we take you the fairfax county adult detention center. detention center. it's here they're launching a [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. and everne is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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[female r] today, people across the nation are experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car buying service, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at doug we need therapy after seeing pictures of the bom cyclone. we're terribly upset.
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>> i love any time you hear bomb cyclone it's a cool weather rd, it's a rapidly intensifying hurricane or tropical storm. in this case a storm over land that did this, coming off the rocks, boy did it intensify quickly. a lot of times this happens off the northeastoast and becomes a nor'easter. but it's affecng our area tomorrow. right now it's bringing us cloud cover. temperature wise still warm, 73 degrees winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour.h our h today, 75 degrees. it was gorgeous for the five minutes i was walking between my car and work. 75 in fredericksburg. 65 towards annapolis. cooler along the water. tomorrow about the same, 73. but more cloud coverrr to, especially early in the day a
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few showers early and thenla agn in the afternoon. not expecting much in the way of in. the best chance would be around i-95 to the east for rain during the afternoon. maybe even some sunshine to the west. look at the highs today. high today in kansas city,ey 58 e down to 32. that's the cold air moving in. 73 in d.c. they said that's the hi, no we hit 75. look at pittsburgh, 76. the warm air making its way in before the cool air for the weekend. you can see the storm just west of chicago, they saw severe weather. and tcking thunderstorms in the ohio river valley. and just to the west of atlanta in the southeast another tornadic cell. chance of rain tomorrow early and maybe late in the evening rush. after about 7:00, 8:00omorrow night we should dry out nicely.
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73tomorrow. 56 on saturday. sunday wind chills in the 30s. it's a chilly st. patrick' day, and all next week. tuesday most of you staying in it's going to be a chilly day for this time of year before we go back up to 60 by the end ofe next . coming up, using a jail sentence to create lasting sobriety. >> it's not just about us, but it's about people that are gonna come after us. >> at 6:30 news4's david culver gets a look inside a local jail program to help inmates in recovery. the college cheating scandal has now hit actress lori loughlin in the pocketok. so who is cuttg her loose in
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>> announcer: yoreatching news4 at 6:00. right now at 6:28 the famil of terminally ill cancer patient is fighting for change toatght. >> ther of two was just hours away from losing his battle to cancer butnsad of being cleared for hospice, the final hours were filled with frustration. >> megan fitzgerald spoke with the man's widow about t experience. >> reporter: nina butler will tell you it was love at first site when she met her husband nick six years ag >> he was open, compassionate loving from the star t >> reporte type of guy who lived in the moment of every day because he knew how precious life was he was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly after college. he beat the odds and a few years
6:29 pm
later their daughter was born. >> just looking at her with this face that all you can describe it, it's just pure joy. >> reporter: but the cancer came ck and last week, nina found nick unconscious on the couch. she knew their journey was about to e so he was rushed to inova loudon, he was ready to go to hospice to die peacefully. >> i was able to ask him if he knew what was happening, he said, yes. i said are you okay with this now, he said yes. >> reporter: but none in the family had power of attorney so she was told nick would have to sign the do not resuscitate form himself. >> it was this nightma of a poor basically face time connection to a psychiatrist. >> reporter: the psychiatrist who had to confirm nick cou make the decision couldn't be there in person so they had to use a remote connection. the entire pcess took 35 minutes. she said it was agonizing. the ceo of several hospice centers in the area says nick's
6:30 pm
experience s happened the way it did. we reached out to inova loudon hospital and they released the following statement, due t hipaa regulations we cannot comment on specific patients or care received but inova does utilize tele medicine in certain situations tode pro expeditious, especiallyized care for patients. for the sake of her husband, nina wanted to share herex rience to hopefully create change. >> i hope there's a realre ection in the medical community about the ethics of these teledoctors. fitzgerald in a new statement inova loudon said they're looking into thefamily's concerns and the hospital is looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction. the fallout from thesh c in ethiopia continues to put pressure on the faa. the usa was the last country to
6:31 pm
ground the boeing 737 max fleet. >> reporter: so today it has been a messy air travel day because we'veea had bader moving across the country with hundreds of flights cancelled and the in addition the entire 737 max fleet is grounded. we talked to the faa administrator today th're under pressure. the question is why were they the last in the world to ground the plane and t are they cozy with the airlines and boeing. theyaid absolutely not but we have to have a close relationship because we're all saming f same goal, and that is safety. we'll have a complete wrap up on this on nbc "nightly news" a we try to determine how this affects all of us traveling. >> you'll see more of tom's reporting including why the max fleet could be out of service for a while. locked up and forced into sobriety, that's the reality for inmates who battle addictions. many return to drugs or alcohol
6:32 pm
when they get out of jail but thathanging in fairfax county. only on news4, northern virginia bureau reporter davidulver takes us inside the jail where the sheriff is taking a fresh approach to rehab. >> reporter: out of their cells and gathered around, this groupt of fairfax c inmates or participants as they prefer taking notes from a man who once wore the same green jump suit. >> you are the next geneeotion ofe in recovery. i'm busy training my replacements rightepnow. tter: hoping his replacements realihere is hope. they too can overcome theirct adn to drugs or alcohol. it has taken several uplo for aaron myers to find that hompe. how maimes have you been incarcerated? >> too many tco unt. >> reporter: the most recent incarceration started 11 months ago for drug possession intent to distribute. >> in my head i would victimize things. >> reporter: makingourself the
6:33 pm
victim? >> right. try to point the finger at other people. >> reporter: that began to change in november. aaronigned up to be one of the first participants in the starp lot program. >> striving to achieve recovery. >> the sheriff brought the program. >> it's not because somebody wants to get time off the sentence or somebody is to do something that's not going to work. >> reporter: part of what makes the pgram unique is that it's not a judge telling the participants they have to be a part of it, they have to join. instead, they have to apply. they have to want it. it has to be self-motivated and ultimately it's volunteer. it aims to go deeper, unearthing the trauma led to addiction. >> we all come from dnt walks of life but we all have the same common goal. >>t w that? >> we want to live a happy, productive life. and at the same timeeing sober. >> reporter: a path to sobriety
6:34 pm
and recovery beginning from the inside. in fairfax, david culvernews4. onsumer ng up a news4 investigation tracking a business own accused of taking thousands of dollars and never delivering. a birthday celebration today for a resident born in the teddy roosevelt generation. tracking severe weather back to the this system making its way our
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hallmark is dumping aress lori loughlin. hallmark's parent company crown media says it's cutting ties with the former "full house" star aft she was charged in the college admisons cheating scam. lori loughlin and her husband are accused of paying half a million to guarantee their daughters got into usc.
6:37 pm
she was in the middle of one of the productions for hallmark she d actress felicity huffman were two of 50 people charged with the scheme andd belie there are as many as 800 people involv". "empictor jussie smollett pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen felony charg in a chicago courtroom today. he's accused of staging a hate ime against himsel he reported the alleged attack to police telling them two men shouted homophobic slurs a him and tied a noose around his neck. police sayai smollett the two men to bea u him he did it becae he was dissatisfied with his salary on the "empire" tv show. jussie smollett has denied staging the attack and maintains his innocence. today d.c. mayor muriel bowser celebted a major birthday for a famous d.c. resident. >> you may rememr the video of virginia mclaurin when she danced with president obama and
6:38 pm
s wife in 2016. she was just a kid in those days. today mayor bowser and her little girl manda helped serenade her for her birthday. she turned 110 years old on tuesday. >> good for her. >> still going strong. >> she's still got it. when we come back, susan hogan joins us for an update on her investigation into a local business ownernd aocal mom who's out thousands of dollars she spent to care for h daughter. doug is back with his full
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if you're just joining us a quick look at m some of our top stories. a d.c. government worker pleadei guilty court today admitting
6:41 pm
he authorized more than $1 million in fraudulent payments in the form of social services like food stamps. prosecutors say that demetrius mcmillan took bribes in the form of cash and sex. he now faces up to 12 years in prison and he'll be sentenced in june. uncommon push back from congressional republicans, a resoluon that terminates president trump's emergency declaration is on his way to his veto it he says he will in the name of border security. there are not enough votes in the sene to override that veto. still the resolution establishes xpe ess will of congress, which could factor into fure legal battles over this matter. boeing 737 max 8 jets are still grounded. there's no telling when they'll be back in the air. some analysts tell nbc news it could be three to six mont. experts from the u.s. and other countries will start afolysising
6:42 pm
ation tomorrow. a major development in a nsumer 4 investigation. for years we've been telling you about a virginia business oer accused of taking thousands of dollars from customers and never delivering the much needed medical equipment. >> tonight for the first time we're learning about a in maryland who said the same thing happened to her. consumer investigator susan hos.n is here with the deta >> up to this point all of the complaints against the busess owner came from virginia customers. he's now facing six felony charges inhe state. we recently received a callla fm a ma mom who shared an eerily similar story and learned chargesould soon be filed in maryland as well. >> all right. >> getting nia ready for school takes time, patience, a a l of love. >> do you want to pickut the bow you want to wear today? >> it's a simple question from
6:43 pm
her mom to herdaughter, but karen doesn't wait for response. she knows that won't ever come. her gentle touch and soft strokes through her 19-year-old daughter's hair is a sharp contrast to howa' day actually begins. >> you know you're going for a lift. there you go. >> reporter: this ceiling lift is karen's saving grace since she can no longer carry her daughter on her own w nia was borith multiple disabilities years of seizures left her nonverbal, unable to walk on her own or eat. but this lift isn't the one she init ordered paying $4,500 for it, $2,500 from her own pocket, them rest f a grant. that lift she said was actually never ordered by the owner of the company. >> what was the name of his company. >> access mobility. >> reporter: karen said she spent months begging the owner
6:44 pm
jim clore to refund her moneyl r inste lift. she was getting desperate. >> the second time he was supposed to deliver it, nia was falling out of her bath chair and i tried to lift her myself, i was ty one in the house. and i hurt myself. >> reporter: her fruerration left anxious, she started seeing a psychiatrist. that's when everythin changed. >> i went for my routi visit, and she said, i was watching something and it sound like what happened to epu. >>ter: one by one -- karen's doctorhowed her one of our recent stories and she felt instant relief for the first time in a year, she realized she wasn't alone. not by a long shot. >> molly -- >> judy -- >> 's into me for $12,000. >> $2,500. >> $7,625 for a nwalk tub. >> reporter: all of these people told nos4 they als paid clore
6:45 pm
thousands of dollars for medical equipment that was never delivered. >> there has tbe something to be done, not only for me to receive the money back, but to stop him. because i don't want anybody to feel the way that i felt. >> reporter: after contacting nbc 4 kresponds,en filed a complaint with the montgomery county consumer protection office which started an immediate investigation. ju last week clore sent karen a partiald refunf $500, regardless the county tells us it is now pursuing criminal charges against clor >> hello and thank you for calling i'm -- >> we cald clore to give him the chance to explain why he never delivered the lift. he didn't answer the phone but he sent us a statement saying the busins has beenlosed and is in bankruptcy. all customers will be refunded 100%. my heart's desire is to resolve
6:46 pm
all of this as it was never intentional for the business to. fa we couldn't find a record of that bankruptcy filing clore mentioned. so we asked him to give us a case number. he tol us to contact his attorney's office. we did that. they told us he gave them a deposit last october but never casewed up to file the >> so there's no bankruptcy? >> no bankruptcy? >> what about his felony charges in many virginia, what's going on wh that? when's he going back to court? >> those cases are still ongoing at this point, and clore has a preliminy hearing next week o two charges. he is facing four other felonies in stafford county now and those charges go before a grand jury next month. what's also prettyrt sng is that he never met the people that we just talked about in this story. he never met nancy, never met
6:47 pm
nia. they h aim showed up to take measuremen . p so ifhe's watching, this is the first time he's seen the acustomers. who's he bilking. >> really upsetting. you g him, susan. >> doing our best. doug is back with morehe abt our weand about world kidney day, too. >> today is world kidney day, thank you for joining me o day, marking world kidney day to bring awareness to the fact that 30 million americans are estimated to have disease and most of them are nor of it. come to our health and fitness expo every year you can get screening for that. when is the next one? >> to be determined. >> normally january tomarch. sometime in there. >> we'll give you plenty of warning when it'sbout to come. let's take a look and show you what's happening outside right now. it is a nice, warm day.
6:48 pm
look at this, great day to rent one of those scooters out there on t national mall. high temperature today of 75 degrees. it wasin am get to run outside with the dog, taking the sweofshirts >> the dog's like it's too hot. >> i'm i'm that guy is like, which way to the gym. let's talk about what's happening outside right now. nice afternoon, the clouds have come in, though, look at the capitol wheel temperatures sitting at 73 degrees. 70 at 7:00,in dro through the 60s. but 11:00 talking 63 degrees. a nice and mild night around our region. 72 at dulles. 72 in manassas. 60 in annapolis along the colder kpes chesapeake bay. here's the storm. seve thunderstorm watches. to the south we have tornado atches and a couple tornado warnings. there's a warning here in the
6:49 pm
central portions of.michig blizzard conditions, numerous tornados we've seen winds gusting to 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 miles an hour because of the storm, but for us it's only bringing us the warmth today. we're not goinguc to see in the way of rain from this your friday is looking good. nice early, 57 degrees, above the aveigh this time of year, 57 atecs. a little bit on the breezy side tomorrow but that brings the high temperature with a of 73. notice i don't have a shower on here. it's possible at the bus stop but most of the day is dry. best chance of shower activity tomorrowou be 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow after school is over right along and east of i-95. i'm not expecting much but ife you l in southern maryland you have the best chance to see rain tomorrow afternoon. 76 tomorrow.
6:50 pm
52 degrees on st. patrick's y. let me show you how cool we'll be. starting in the 30s early saturday morning. saturday afternoon, 30s and low 40s f wind chills. so about 30 degrees colder than right now. look at sunday morning, not too e.ce th 20s for the wind chill early on sunday morning. it's definitely going to be on the cold side and it looks like we're staying cool through next week. the one good thing about st. patrick's day we get into the low 50s in the city and there will be lots of sunshine but watch out for the cold irish breeze. thank you, doug. coming upch is maddening for e terterps sports is next. we'll tell you about the first lawsuits filed in the wake of that big college admissions scandal. did it cheapen the value of a degree? we'll hit the open road aboard a is your furniture ready to handle your kids dreams?
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> so i le landon collins. i like his mom, too. >> she keeps it real. she does. >> did you have childhood dreams? what was your childhood dream job. >> this is it. right here. 8 years old, boom, baby. >> image achieving your childhood dream job and getting paid handsomely for it. landon collinsam dreed of playing for the redskinsend today th burgundy and gold introduced their $84 milli safety, now collins was all smiles at redskins park, grew up idolizing sean taylor, wore 21 in hishonor, as long as taylor's family and the team was okay with it. he was emotional talking about he gifte got from snyder, a
6:55 pm
taylor game-worn journey. >> my dream was to come here. i had my guys here. i talked to dr. andrews a couple times about getting here. and just in doing so with that, it was an opportuni that was offered and i -- i ran on it. i jumped on it. i had to be here. >> when you seeieim on the you knew he was one of the best football players on the field.ot you're talking about 29-year-olguy. you're talking about a 25-year-olduy gou can see laying for the next six, seven years and to get him and put him in the mix of this defense, it's hard to not want a guy like that on your ftballteam. so maryland made its big ten tournament debut against nebraska looking for their first post season win, they're the fifth seedndthey're the
6:56 pm
favorites against the corn huskers coming off a game less than 24 hours ago. should be easy, right? first half,le s say it wasn't so great. second half, though, making a run. bruno fernando with a big blockw morselh the and one. terps within single digits. morselhe steal, can't quite getouhe bucket. no called that blows mike turgeon's fuse, get's the technical. 90 seconds left still hope left for the terps. down 6 james palr jr. says this is over and sends our sports producer heather into a frenzy. the terps fall 69-61. more college hoots, the kaf hearse, the top seat in the acc
6:57 pm
tur knee facin nc stte. jack s tracks down the board, drives, gets the and one, he averages just under 4 pois a game. career high 18 today. minutes later, kyle guy, he's been -- sorry, the guy all season long. finishes with 29points. virginia runs away with this one in the second half and they win 76-56. orquarter final action, virginia tech matching up with florida state a wild one. final seconds, hokies up one, blacksheer jr. r finm gets the bucket. head coach excited. fsu down three, bahsell buries the three. tied at 63, ten seconds in over
6:58 pm
time. gets the friendly bounce. > more action, george mason taking on george washington. battle of the band directors here.'l wel give this doc nix just for the suit alon it's tied. the slam, colonials up two. and the patriots answer right away. otis livingston ii, he's going knock down the three. 12 points for him, mason up one. a few plays later, masonooking for breathing room, justin gives it to him. he had a game high 26 and mazon beats washington 51-27. re in the st. bon ven quarter finals tomorrow. >> lots of great basketball. >> that was nice. >> nbc "nightly news" is coming up next. >> we hope to see you f news4
6:59 pm
at 11:00. have a good evening.
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breaking news tonight. the black xes from that deadly plane crash have arrived in france to be analyzed. a race to reveal their critical clues as investigators now believe there's evidence that two overseas air disasters may be related. new fallout in that massive college admissions scandal.t the fiwsuits filed as hallmark tonight fires lori loughlin, one of its biggest stars, and sephora cuts ti with her daughter. the bomb tornado cutting a path of destruction. >> you can see the tornado right here, it's right here. >> oh my god! >> a tonight, major floods and snow. a triple threat all from the same massive system. a stinging rebuke. a dozen senate republicans


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