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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. the black xes from that deadly plane crash have arrived in france to be analyzed. a race to reveal their critical clues as investigators now believe there's evidence that two overseas air disasters may be related. new fallout in that massive college admissions scandal.t the fiwsuits filed as hallmark tonight fires lori loughlin, one of its biggest stars, and sephora cuts ti with her daughter. the bomb tornado cutting a path of destruction. >> you can see the tornado right here, it's right here. >> oh my god! >> a tonight, major floods and snow. a triple threat all from the same massive system. a stinging rebuke. a dozen senate republicans
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joining democrats to reject the' presidens national emergency declaration to get money for his wall. the president vowing his first veto. beto mania. the rising star jumps into the race for president and dayses tough questions. a brazen murder mystery. a reputed mob boss, police sources say a leader in the gambino cr down in front of his home. a shocking close call caught on camera. a plane careening out of control, nearly colliding with a truck on the highway. amazingly everyone survived. a big food safety alert. the big recall tonight from butterball. good evening, everyone. four days after that mysterious plane saster in ethiopia, the doomed plane's black boxes have arrived in france where they'll be read e first time, raising hopes we may know soon whether a design issue with the boeing37 max could have contributed to the crash, and one five months ago in asia. tonight the max, the company's newest 737 models, remain
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groued worldwide as critical new evidence in the latest crash emerges. while airline operators of the max and their customers are f cing potentially weeks o flight disruptions. tom costello again tonight leads our coverage. >> reporter: at airp nationwide today, every 737 max sat out the day after one last nonpassenger tri without the max in their fleet, southwest had to cancel 39 flights, american 20,000ngers potentially affected. >> when i heard at it was canceled, oh, great, you know.e wegoing to still be able to ferent a plane but a d plane that should be safer. >> reporter: meanwhile in paris, investigators have now received the black boxes, badly damaged, from the ethiopian airliner that crashed. ethiopia chose france as a neutral ird-party since boeing is an american company. the faa says there are similaritiesith the lion air max 8 crash in indonesia last october. satellite data shows that plane experienced erratic vertical speed readings after taking off,
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up and down for seven minutes, climbing at 1,500 feet per minute, then descending at 1,500 feet perinute. data from the ethiopian plane is similar, up and down, then up again over a volatile two minutes. the faa also says it found new evidence in the ethiopian wreckage. investigators looking closely now at the position of the jackscrew that moves the stabilizer on the tail which i could indicathe nose of the plane was being forced down, much like lion air. >> the flight recorder and the cockpit voice recorder data is absolutely critical to understanding what happened in ethiopia, and if there is commonality with the lion air tragedy. >> reporter: still, the faa remains under fire for only ounding the plane after every other country in the world acted first. did your close relationship with boeing and with the airlines in any way lead you to delay the decision to ground these planes? >> absolutely not. we're linked to them for safety.
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100%, we're linked to them for safety. and that's the conversations that i had with boeing and wh the carriers since sunday. but other than tha there is no linkage. >> r orter: meanwhile, at the crash scene, anguished families gathered again today to remember the 157 lives lost. >> tom joins us now. tou those flight recorders showed in that story look pretty beat up. how long will it take investigators to analyze what's on those boxes, and how long before those planes could fly again, potentially? reporter: we simply don know. ntsb has three investigators arriving in paris tomorrow. they will assist the french in the investigation. they want to be very careful opening those black xes because they are so damaged, they don't want to ruin any data. but i got to tell you, i've talked to a lot ofxpts who say going through all of this data and then deciding what the cause may be and looking at a potential fix could take which means those planes could sit idle for months. someki airlines are t about sending boeing a bill for their planes sitting
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boeing ann it is pausing deliveries of all new maxes to airlines out there. >> all right, tom, thank you. there is a torrent of new fallout late today in that massive college admissions scandal enensnaring doz of this country's rich, famous, and powerful. the first lawsuits are being filed and serately hallmark says it's cutting ties with lori loughlin, one of its biggest stars. we get details from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: tonight new fallout. from the massive college cheating scam. actress lori loughlin dumped today by the hallmark channel after being accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into usc. >> highlight palette with sephora collection -- >> reporter: her youngest child, youte star olivia jade, was alsoropped todayy cosmetic company sephora. as the scandal unfolded the freshman happened to be in the baums on this yacht owned by billionaire rick caruso, the usc board of trustees chairman.
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>> she doesn't even need college. to find out she's paying to get into a selective school she doesn't even want to go to? it's kind of irritating. >> reporter: outrage growing, a lawsuit filed today comes from a student at stanford university. kyliyah wood says her degree st from the pious college won't be worth as much as it was before cheating scandal, suing the eight universities involved and william singer, the alleged mastermind behind the scheme, wood says shnever knew the admissions system was an unfair, rigged process in which parents could buy their way into the university through brind dishonest schemes. it could become a class action suit involving more than 1 million students. >> i'm jane buckingham >> reporter: among those indicted tv career coach jane buckingham who isn't camera shy but has made no comment. last may on instagram she wrote, don't cheat, apply it to all aspects ofabife. t a month later, prosecutors say she agreed to pay a harvard
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grad $50,000 to take the a.c.t. test for her son. tonight investigators fear nearly 800 parents witdeep pockets tried to cheat the system. perhaps a disturbing lesson on the real price of higher education. for some of the ultra-rich and famous. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. tonight millions are on alert from a massive storm system stretching across much of the country. that same system that prompted blizzard warnings now also spawning tornados and triggerino floods. we'll get details on the triple threat from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> that's a funnel cloud, bro. >> reporter: this tornado west paducah one of several slicing through kentucky today. >> spun my car to thside. just kind of put my head down and covered my head and just kind of prayed for the best. te >> rep the twister tore the roof off this church and damaged this preschool, about 40 children inside. >> we took all the kids from the nursery, played games, kept them distracted. >> reporter: all escaped safely.
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>> the almighty hand of god has provided safety to our community and these children. or >> rr: the severe weather part of a massive system known as the bomb cyclone, also bringing flooding to the midwest where roads have turned into rivers, rising creeks cutting off towns and forcing evacuations in nebraska. >> oh my goodness! >> reporter: in 24 hours the getional weather service l about 350 wind gusts reports of more than 50 miles an hour. cancelations and delays building at airports across the country. denver withstood punishing blizzard conditions for six straight hours. in minnesota the roof of this barn collapsed under the weight of all that snow. >> snow and water in general weighs roughly eight pounds per gallon. >> reporter: while in texas -- >> oh my god. >> reporter: wind gusts violentlblew over a semi truck. tonight the fast-moving system now threatening more communities as it marches east. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. we turn to a major legal decision today. the connecticut supreme court
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ruled sandy hook families can sue remington for how it marketed the ar-15 style rifle c used in thol shooting that killed 20 children and six educators. the lawsuit challenges federal laws protecting gunmakers from legal action if their firearms are used in a ime. on capitol hill today a rare act of defiance from the republican-led senate voting to undo president trump's declaration of a national emergency along the mexican border. of republicans joined democrats in the 59-41 reb the president'plan to use emergency powers to fund a border wall. all this ratcheting up a power struggle over control of the government's pursestrings. hallie jackson now with late details. >>are 59 -- >> reporter: a republican rebellion tonight, an embarrassing blow to president g trump on histure issue. 12 senators in his own party joining with democrats to try to block the national emergency he declared to get more money for the border wl he wants.
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>> the joint resolution is passed. >> reporter: for republicans it's about reining in unfettered presidential power and swingingd the um back toward congress. >> it's a question about the balance of power that is core to our constitution. this is not about the presidentt or aorder security. >> no president's ever used what's called the national emergencies act in this way. >> i think tt we can be very supporve of border security and the president's priorities without ceding our authorities under thconstitution. >> reporter: still, for all the talk, there's no tth since the resolution's set to die on the president's desk with a, as he put it, veto. for the first time ever president trump will be forced to use that power to kill something congress wants, since there aren't enough votes to override him. esn't matter, i'll probably have to veto. and it's not going to be overturned and we're going to have our whole thing. >> reporter: the president also previewing a 2020 strategy. fire up his base by arguing he's fighting the establishment on
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border security. >> and i thinkt's going to be a great election issue.s >> hallie jo now. hallie, does this say anything about the president's hold on the republic >> reporter: yeah, lester, it does, right? it says it's not a rock-solid grip on some of these reblicans who are really sending a warning now that they want a check on executive power. but keep this in mind, the president still has a lot of sway with republican lawmakers looking at, for example, their re-elections in 2020. remember, he's really popular with republican voters. the president has an approval rating with that group close to 90%, lester. >> all righthallie, thank you. there's a new contender hoping to take on president trump in 2020. beto o'rourke, who gained national attention with his es unsuul texas senate bid last year. officially jumped into the ayowded democratic field t our kristen welker has details. onight rter: a big bet from beto o'rourke, the former texas congressman in iowa calling for unity. a >> we're aricans and we're all human beings and we do hierything within our power for
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one another, forgreat country, and for every generation that follows. this is democracy. m reporter: after making it official on socialedia this morning. >> i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: nbc's garrett haake in iowa. >> what do y uniquely bring to the table? >> we're able to put texas in play. frankly for the nextominee, 38 yeectoral votes in play. >> reporter: the 4-old father of three st that senate race to republican ted cruz. still, he became a darling of the democratic party with his grassroots fund-raising and those massive crowds. during theampaign, o'rourke talking about texas with lester. >> obviously a fast-growing place. >> everyone's coming out. and they're standing up to be counted. >> reporter: but critics question o'rourke's readiness for the job. he had few accomplishments during six years in congress and has struggled on policy questions. asked recently abo a major immigration issue, what to do about people who overstay their
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visas, o'rourke telling the "washington post," "i don't thow." although it's sog else getting president trump's attention. >> your reaction to beto o'rourke's announcement today? >> i think he's got a lot of hand movement, i've never seen so much hand movement. is he crazy or is that just the way he acts? >>eporter: since his announcement o'rourke's campaign says he's raised money in all 50 states. lester? >> kristen, thank you. in chicago today cameras were in the courtroom when actor jussiemollett pleaded not guilty to 16 felony charges. the "empire" star ised of staging a racist and homophobic attack in january to drum up publicity for himself. smollett is due back in court in april. ur in new york city a mder mystery unlike anything we've seen since the 1980s. a reputed mob boss from the gambino crime family gunned down outside his home, a shocking and brazenit. now the hunt is on for his killer. here's nbc's anne thompson. >> reporter: this suv with bloody handprints is where authorities say francesco
7:14 pm
"frankie boy" cali tried to hide while being shot at least six times outside his house last night. >> units respond to shots fired. >> reporter: the brazen crime caught on surveillance video, starting authorities say when cali's suv was rammed by a pickup truck. >> his car is involved in an accident with the individual that winds up shooting him. >> reporter: cali, police sources say, was a leader in the gambino crime fami. left to die as a blue pickup truck fled. >> mafia was in his >> reporter: selwyn raab wrote about the new york underworie's five fam does the nature of the murder tell you anything about who did it? >> well, it tells you one thing, rs was done so viciously that normally mob murre done more quietly. a bullet in the back of the head. >> reporter: it's been more than three decades sincthe last mob boss was assassinated. paul castellano of the gambino family, a hit organized by the flamboyant crime boss john gotti, the so-called dapper don. cali was the complete opposite
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say workers at his staten island neighborhood deli. >> he didn't come in and say, i'm the boss of a mafia famiam. he in and said, i want a sandwich. >> reporter: charged for onconspiracy, he served 16s. what does frank cali's death mark? >> it marks -- cali's death ously marks the end of a era of peace and harmony. >> reporter: now the question is, what does it start? anne thompson, nbc news, new york. this evening there is a food safety alert to tell you about. arbutterball is recalling 80,000 pounds of ground raw turkey products nationwide as heal officials investigate several salmonella cases. the producteing recalled have establishment number estp7345 in the usda mark of inspection, and a sell or freeze by date of july 26, 2018. we've put more information for you on our facebook pa> .
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next for us tonight, the future is here. you've heard of self-driving cars. now robotic semi trucks could be coming soon to a highway near you and in your rear-view mirror. our gadi schwartz takes us along for the ride. >> reporter: it's 2019. the truck driver of the future f emale robot. >> she c talk. >> reporter: rumbling down the road at 65 miles an knur you'd it. a computer is actually in the driver's seat. this technology created by a company called too simple relies on a minimum of nine cameras, five radars, two laser r read the road. and there is a safety driver, fety engineer, in here with us but you can see, no one's touching the wheel, no one's
7:19 pm
touching the brakes. how does too simple work? >> we're tracking objects 360 degrees around the vehicle, outf to over mile in front of the vehicle. >> reporter: currently the autonomous trucking industry has no federal regulation. it's a state by state issue. we're in arizona where this program is being piloted. now watch as the truck gs to work attempting a complex merge onto the highway. all right, the moment of truth. >> can we make this turn? t >> reporter: cameras and sensors warning about construction on the shoulder.e >> a litrvous. but within seconds -- >> wow. and we're on the highway. th >> we're on highway. >> wow. and no one touched a wheel. >> no one has touched the wheel yet. >> reporter: the company saying it's making the roads a lot safer for everyone. >> this uck doesn't text. this truck doesn't fall asleep. this truck is never distracted.> reporter: too simple already operating five autonomous trucks. they're not alone. the industry is already getting crowded. tesla, weymo, and possibly in amazon tthe new tech out for a spin. gadi schwartz, nbc news, tucson, arizona.
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take a look at these amazing images of a life-saving smartphone. police in australia say a man raised it tonap a picture of an attacker with a bow, and his phone stopped the thect was arrested. another close call. a plane careening out of control, nearly clobbering a truck on the highway. kevin tibbles has that story. >> reporter: a close call for all as a small plane swoops across a roadway just north of toronto. w eathtakingly close to a truck and crashing into a nearby field. >> the part that that aircraft wasn't involved with a collision with a vehicle coming through here is quite amazing. >> reporter: police say the rr single engine sr20 had just left on a training flight with instructor and student on board, practicing takeoffs and landings.
7:24 pm
>> standard maneuver, but in this case something went wrong. >> reporter:ou can see the wing scraped the pavement. while the plane was extensively damaged, its occupants walked away witonly minor injuries. as for the tow truck driver, after his lucky miss he went out and bought a few lottery tickets. kevin tibbles, nbc news. up next, from homeless to ho ful. a college-bound teen's inspiring story. from any one else. accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase sensimist is different. it relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist helps block six key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. and six is greater than one. flonase sensimist. and six is greater than one. whatever your dog serestbrings home to you,. it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months
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and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs.. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. so we can all keep advancing. dl> in a week dominated by a college cheating he, a story tonight about an inspiring teen doing it the right way to achieve ademic dreams. our thy park has his story. >> reporter: dylan chiddic has a tough decision to make. the high school senior choosing
7:28 pm
between not one but 17 colleges. were you excited each time you received one? >> yes. it was reay exciting for me. >> reporter: it's the kind of opportunity this new jersey teenager never expecte dylan moved from trinidad to new jersey when he was 7, raised by a single mom. there were many challenges. his younger twin brothers have a serious heart condition, and the family struggledith homelessness. >> we're in a shelter for about four months. >> reporter: those hardships turned into hard work, motivating him in the classroom. >>hey can take away your job or your money, but the knowledgi that you hav your brain, nobody can ever take that away. >> reporter: the honors student will be the first in his family to attend college. >> words can't describe. words can't describe. i'm ecstatic. >> reporter: while we were with dylan he got even more good news. after hearing his story, strangers decided to pitch in and help pay for college. >> full tuition and room and board? >> that's what he's saying.
7:29 pm
>> reporter: even though the odds were against him. oh, thank you so much! >> reporter: the numbers are now in his favor. perseverance paying off. kathy park, nbc news, jersey city, new jersey. >> and believet or not the acceptance letters are still coming in. congratulations to dylan. that's "nightly news." i'm lester holt. thank yofor watching, u -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it'much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she oh, buously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and aveo bundle from progres -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't.
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-please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] lights, camera, "access." howard is so hollywood right now. >> i'm just sick of her. >> tamest of howard's war of words with wendy williams. did he go too far? >> y worry aboutour husband, not


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