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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> wbegin this friday mornin with a live look outside. spring may not have arrived quite yet. it felt that way. how gorgeous was yesterday? it had a lot of people outside. but not for that much longer. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. you saw the short slend the short shorts. >> the first warm weather andev yone goes crazy. >> all of the people out at the pool, until 11:00 last night. four girls. melis mollet has our commute this morning. we will start with chuck bell. >> you get them, >> i'm trying to sleep. >> aaron goes up on the roof in s robe. look here, little girls. you all belong in bed. all right. your friday morning, off to a really mild start.
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temperatures in the 60s this morning. it is going to be a really mild day again today, that will not last for long. those areas of rain showers to our west, they will be coming rough here mid to late parts of the afternoon today. may want to grab your urella on the way out this morning. dog walking weather time. i took isabella out to the dog park. lou was running around and being crazy. if you want -- you can't have her. she's claimed. you can go to humane rescue allian alliance. theyave dogs, cats, rabbits, thu turtles, birds. extra miles inrequired. he 60s this morning hit a hit-and-miss shower chances. if you want to get the walk in when it's dry, go this morning. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you. looking 95 right here. northbound here, southbound, everything is fine. express lanes are nice a open this morning. inner loop,oo outer lp of the
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beltway. everything isreen and moving. had a couple of earlier problems that are gone. top of the beltway here. b.w. parkway, 95, everything dnorthbound and southbo is nice and clear. now, 95 in virginia. antico to the beltway. 17 minutes, a tiny slowdown, as you approach woodbridge. and southbound ne a open. >> thank you. itwe begin with breaking ne in new zealand. 40 people are dead after 2 shootings at 2 different mosques. >> several gunmen opened fire on hundreds of people gathered for friday prayers this happened in christchurch. >> cory smith is at the live desk with the latest. cory? >> the police commissioner says they have charged one man with murder in connection with the attack. the man will make his first court appearance tomorrow.
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he was not on any terror watch list. the shooting startedust before 2:00 p.m. local time. witnesses say they saw a man dracsed in enter one of the mosques and heard dozens of shots. that sent peoplecrambling for safety. as you said, 49 people are dead and at least 4 people are injured. new zealand's police , commissioner mike bush, says they have recovered a number of weapons and explosive devices. >> recovered a number of firearms from both of the scenes linwood avenue and deans avenue. there were two i.d.s on one vehie. we disabled one and we are in the process of disabling the other. >> three other suspects were also arrested and one has been released and is not believed to be involved in the attack d poli not believe there are any other suspects. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> cory, thank yo developing in the district
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overnight, gunfire in southeastn d.c. hit two w the shoong happened shortly before midnight on 30th street in the buena vista nrhood. the women were conscious and breathing when ems arrived. the police officer and the woman involved in this crash in manassas are expected to be okay. llthis happened near nokes road and piper last night. the officer appeared to have the right of way and was turning when the woman barreled straight into the cruiser. ute officer had to be pulled from the cruisers expected to be okay. this morni, we have new details about an ongoing murder investigation in stafford county. we first told you about this last week. >> that's when aody was found in the woods. now, we know the victim was a teenager. av-year-old jackson chicas, his family says he maybeen killed because he tried to leave a gang. he apparently was forced into the group when the family lived el salvador, so, they all moved to virginia. jackson was a student at falls
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anchurch high school, when members found him again. so, he moved to maryland. police think he was killed nc in pgeorge's county and his body was left in stafford. now, for the alleged damascus assollt. a 15-yeaboy that was accused of sexual assault in the locker room, is going tn be tried asult. the teen is one of five charged last fall. he is the third of the teens whose case has been moved adis year frot court to juvenile court. a psychologist report says the 15-year-old was a victim of a similar attack the previous year >> he didn't report it because he didn't want to be labeled a snitch or a punk. >> one other 15-year-old still charged as an adult. prosecors say they will fight to keep his case in adult court. he tas supposed be helping people in need but admitted to taking thousands in bribes. >> a caseworker took cash and
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sex in exchange for social services. justin finch has the shocking details. g >> reported morning. that's right. investigators say that dimitriuc mcmillled off a really deep scam here, fleecing the d.epartment of human services, where he worked for 13 years. his malfeasance having ripple effects across his former employer. mcmillan was a caseworker, working at the akasia branch there. he did plead guilty, where prosecutors unraveled his scheme. he authorized some 800 fraudulent payments and welfare and luding food stamps, about $1,000 here. and some of those are women. and he tried to receive s favors as well as cash kickbacks. this happened last year between and july. now, the head of the d.c. department of human services
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says that this behavior thatmi an exhibited is not emblematic of her. offi >> any action of a former employee of the department ofn hu services, such as this, i find completely unconscionable. it's sickening and does n characterize the people who come to work here every day. >> reporter: now, all-told, prosecutors found that mcmillan squandered close to $1.5 milon of human services. they found $75,000 in his home he will be sentenced in june. we're live in northwest. m justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. this morning,oeing's 737 maitjets remain groupeded an may be six months before they're flown again. the airlines are trying to help frustrated passengs s whose fligve been delayed or canceled. the 737 max is the same model of plane that crashed in ethiopia
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and in indonesiar.ack in octo some fliers are understandably concerned. >> i've been flying for a ng, long time. two crashes like that that seem to be related, it makes you . wond >> meanwhile, the black boxes have been removed from the debris in ethiop and taken to france. investigators say it may take weeks, even months, to find the cause of the crash. a news 4 consumer investigation gets legislative action in virginia. this started after a 9-year-old boy was caught in a common piece of school equipment and killed. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us from fnconia elementary school where the incident happened last year. megan, what's going o here? >> reporter: well, some change, which will hopefully helpeep ds safe. it was just a terrible accident. a third grader here at franconia elementary school was pinned and killed as he helped a teacher operate one of those large, motorized partition walls inside of the sc now, new rules are coming to
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help safeguard children. governor ralph northam signed a law in honor of wesley lepicky.w a 4 investigation, found that many school districts in the area do not have or did not have formal written policies or training in place. 17 of 21 districts did not. that is now changing. new rules take effect july 1st in virginia. under the new law, motorize ed partitions cannot be used if kids are in the room, unless safety devices like motion detectors are installed. schools must develop policies to train operators and they'rere ired to train the operators once a year. now, the lepickyerfamily, happy about this new law. they want to make sure that nobody experiences the tragic loss that their family did. back to you. >> all right, megan mcgrath
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thank you. hours after the senate voted to termihete president's national emergency declaration, ump signaled he is prepared to overrule that vote. he sent out a one-word tweet, veto. a dozen republicans joined senate democrats in the vote to block the declaration. the president is using the emergency order to redirect iofederal funds to construa southern border wall without congressional approval. congress does not appear to have enough votes to override a veto. er> less than 24 hours aft beto o'rourke jumped into the presidential race, he is picking up endorsements. he spent the day in iowa, where a top statehouse leader vowed to caucus for him. he is going to distinguishms f from the crowd of democrat cidpates by running a positive campaign. ident trump is in attack mode. he was asked about o'rourke in the oval office and offered this specific critique.
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>> well, i think he has a loof hand movement. s i've nevn such hand movement. i said, is he crazy or is that the way he acts? i've never seen such hand movement. i was watching him doing, i assume it was a news conferences i've nevn anything quite like it. >> trump was hosting t prime minister of ireland when he made those comments. school shootings arear too fami for students in our region and cross the country.te >> yesay, hundreds of maryland students walked out of class in protest of gun violence in schools. they demonstrated at the white house and on capitol hill. the students observed 17 minutes of silence for the 17 lives lost at marjory stoneman dolas high school last year. this is the second year in a row for this demonstrati students say ty want lawmakers to pass stricter gun laws. >> it hurts that we've gotten to the point where a lot of people don't care because it's the new norm. we have to do everything we can.
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we have a moral obligation to speak out and do the right thing. >> we have to show that the student movement has staying power. it's not a fad. >> the students want tch to become an annual event. would you a ride in self-driving car? a hard no for me. >> right.ew a n study shows how many of us feel safe in that technology. m plus,tal health problems are on the rise in young adults. researchers say it's bause of electronics and not just social media. we'll explain more. i have no problem riding in ane automat car. your weekend forecast, even though it will be mild today, it will feel more february-like as we get into the weekend. blustery on yournd saturday probably going to be a freeze on sunday morning for most of the suburbs. look at tt five-d forecast and the timing out ofhe rain dr top
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today. >> 5:15 right now. this story will come as a surprise to nobody. a majority of americans areo afraid t ride in self-driving cars. >> this comes from a study by aaa. 71% of people surveysk said they artical or afraid of this technology. only 19% said they would allow a child or a family member to ride in a self-driving car.di the studsay that people feel positively about the idea of the technology being used in places like theme parks and airports. that experience may help the public feel more at ease about this idea. new this morning, the u.s. navyays several service members aboard the "uss ft. mchenry" are sick with the same infection. they are being treated for an
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infection of the salvatary glands. the 700 service members are a being giveoster shot for measles, mumps and rubella as a precaution. mental health issues are on the rise in young adults. electronics and social media may be partly to blame. researchers from san diego state anyzed data dating back to the early '70s. the rate of teens and young people saying they werad depressed or thoughts of suicide, increased in recent years. there s no significant increase in the number of adults with similar probls. researchers suspect electronic communication is replacing face-to-face communication, which is critical for mental and emotional development. we want to give you an update on an aspiring business owner wew introduced you to a weeks s shannon owns luxury cuts
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barbershop. he discovered that path and his talent as an artist, after eig years in a federal prison. a teacher at westlake high school in waldorf, invited chris to share his story with her students. he jumped at the chance to encourage them to avoid the mistakes he made and to try hard to make good choices. >> you was born for on. you was born for a purpose. you was born for a reason. it's okay to be cool. but education and finding yourself for who you are for your own personal identity is, like, super, superimportant. >> the message seemed to re nate with students like jalen nero. she has found herself cted by people and things in her environment. she said, what she heard from chris is just what she needed. >> it was motivational. it gave me more to get myself
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back on track. >> as a matter of fact, jalen is running track and getting into basketball to help her focus and work on her grades, too. chris says that's the energy he wants his story to put into then worlhe's hoping to help young people as much as he can. he is expanding his business and working on his art. statistics say he suld be in this place. it's a g who get sidetracked. >> what an inspiration to see thatnstant pact. >> making the most of a second chance. good lesson. chuck bell, givet to us for a friday. >> okay. you're going to like it. >> i know. i like it. you told me it would be warm. i love that. >> it will be fine today. a little warm. chance for a shower or two. the real issue is that i can't last for long. march is one of our more transitional months. so, after a lovely little hint rd april-like weather yes and today, it will be back to feeling a little more
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febrryish around here as we head into the weekend, sunday into monday. noticeably chillier back. for now, south winds overnight have held temperatures way up, above degrees across most of the area this morning. 64 in fro royal. 64 in frederick andit rsburg, maryland. 63 in bowie. 65 in lorton and ksfrederrg. incredibly mild. kids going out to the bus stop th morning, 60s all day. i would say shorts but, you know, it's a little shower chance later on in the er to have your jeans on. nonetheless, supermild. outdoor recess and some abilitye to play out with temperatures in the 70s. that being said, there is a 60% chance yaou're going to get hit th rain dropstoday. it's not near a solid line like it was a day and a half ago. this broken up line of showers will be moving up during the course of the afternoon. you can see on future weather, skies mostlyy to par cloudy
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for the morning hours. the best chances for rain along the i-95 corridor, develop between 3:00 and 5:00 this aafternoon. anumble or two of thunder can't be completely ruled out. the last of the rain drops should be out of southern maryland, hopefully no later th7:00 or 8:00 this evening. 70s with showers today. 56 and blustery around her morrow, with a gusty northwest wind. chilly on sunday, with high temperatures only near about 50 degrees. that chilly weather hangs around for most of the first half of next week. let's go to first 4 traffic and hear something nice from melissa. >> wouldn't it be nice if i always had something nice to say. 66 west of nutley is where this camera is. inbound, outbound, everythin looking good this morning. washington, southbound 295, a pnew crash beforensylvania avenue. that's being reported. hopefully that gets out of the way soon. we'll keep you updated on that and keep a closer eye on that. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no problems onhe beltway.
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and taking a look at 270 from frederick, down to the ur, miles per hour. miles per hour. nice and open, will get you ♪
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you're watching news 4 today. >> 5:23 is your time right now. this morning, an exclusive look at a personal process. we're taking you inside the fairx county adult detention
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center where people are trying to find sobriety. >> it's a unique program that is turning a jail sentence into addiction recovery. bureaueporter david culver has more. >> reporter: how did you end up here >> the decisions i made. >> reporter: it hataken several lockups for aaron myers to take ownership of his actions. the most recent incarceration h started 11 months ago, wug possession and attempt to ou think this is the last time you're incarcerated? >> that's the goal. i can't say yes or no. i have been taught just to stay in the moment. you know? all i have itoday. >> reporter: is a profound self-awareness that ron, now 32, leard here. >> you are the next generation of people in recovery. of reporter: aaron is one dozen inmates, in a pilot program, in a drug recovery. >> they named it s.t.a.r., striving to achieve recovery.
5:25 am
>> reporter: stacy kincaid brought the program to the fairfax detention center. >> these are volunteers. nobody told them you have to be in this program. >> reporter: t participants must apply and be accepted into the program. they live in the same quarters and spend the day unearthing the deep-rooted trau. >> we have this program for the right listens. >> reporter: do you think this is a life-saving program? >> yes. i'm blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of this. it's not just about us. it's about people that will come after us. reporter: including aaron's 8-year-old son, who he hopes to become a role model for. >> it's motivating wn he lights up and sees me. >> to have your son or daughter say, dad, i'proud of you. at's huge. that's huge. >> reporter: using a jail sentence to create a lasting sobriety. in fairfax, david culver, news 4. new overght, girl power on late night tv.
5:26 am
the woman who will soon be joining the lineup here on nbc. plus -- >> i saw the trees coming out of the ground and flying through the air. i put my head down and covered my head and prayed for the best. > thnew this morning, an c officer'sse call as severe stor strike. the wild weather putting millions at risk across the country. fortunately that storm is now in the dyi phase. we'll be left with hit or miss chance for showers. yourar washing forecast, not today. if you wait until tomorrow. dry weath will return. is your furniture ready to handle your kids dreams?
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our best ieces are on sale no it's time to prepare your home for the future. havertys life looks good news 4 dotoday, starts now. other warmday. it will come with rain and wind out there. you can see in the live picture. >> we will tolerate rain if it means 70 degrees, right? >>ly comple >> thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. we're goi to look at the commute in a moment. first, chuck bell is here. and, chuck, we can enjoy the
5:30 am
warmth but not away t >> put your coats in the closet. but know where they are, because you will probablyeed them over the weekend. you'll need a windbreaker tomorrow and the warm, puffy coat, for sunday morning, with temperatures back down to freezing. for thisthmorning, gh, wow, is it mild. temperaturess. in the 60 that cold front promises the chilly changes to return when you get to this time tomorrow morning. most of the rain is stayingut the d.c. metro area. dry weather for the ride in. little higher chance for showers on the way home today. as i mentioned, it is mild, in the 60s here this morning, your commute dry this morning in the 60s. hit and missow s, potentially as early as noon. the highest chances for rain, come about 3:00 thisanfternoon 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. nice and mild, temperatures in
5:31 am
the 60 s and70s today. pril showers today, blustery storm, and the chill returns by sunday morning. ten-day forecast coming up. let's go to melissa mollet who won't stammer over her words. give me a hit or two and i will. eastbound 66 at centreville. we have a delay because of the crash and theinbound or eastbound lanes. that crash just happened a short time ago. bristow, northbound 28, earlier crash, lanes are open. 95 northbound and southbound looks okay. the district, southbound 295 before pennsylvaniaavenue, have that crash hanging around. and brandywine, 301 before 5, crash on the right side this morning. looking at 95,o quantic to the beltway, nice and op. 70 miles per hour gets you there in 17 n? >> thank you, melissa. weave breakin news right now from new zealand.
5:32 am
e death toll has gone up following mass shootings at two mosques. 49 people are deaarand 40 people injured. they received shots fires at 1:40 p.m. local time. witnesses reportedeeing the gunman enter one mosque d a hail of gunfire followed by screams. it happened in christchurch, new zealand, on the east coast of the south island. >> cory smith is a the live desk with more on the suspects. >> new zealand's police commissioner sayhey have charged one man in murder in connection with these tacks. that man is in his late 20s and will make his first court appearance tomorrow. three other suspects were arrested. the police commissioner said one of those peoe has been released. and was not involved in the
5:33 am
attack. investigators are interviewing y e two other people and trying to establish how tre involved. the prime minister did describe them as extremists with anti-immigrant motives. the prime minister said this was a well-planned terrorist attack. police are not revealing what kind of weapons were used but s one witnid a gunman left a semiautomatic weapon in his driveway. explosive devices were also attached to the suspect vehicles but they did not detonate. the man charged with murder is an australian citizen. that country's prime minister has condemned the attack, calling it a, quote, extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist attack. back to you. >> cory, thank you. bullets flew in northwest washington leavingne man dead. the gunfire was reported on columbia road. police say a man with a gun walked up to the victim, shot him, and just walked off. we're told this was a targeted shooting and not
5:34 am
random. investigators believe they saw the shooter on a surveillance camera. he is described as a slim man wearing an all-black top with a hood. a stunning bribery case within the d.c. govthnment ended guilty plea. dimitrius mcmillan took cash and sex for social services. justin finch is live with the ocking details. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. that's right. dimitrius mcmillan was an employee of the d.c. department of human services for some 13 years. but prosecutors say over four months last year, he managed to bilk his agency over $1 million in benefits. and that is not mcmillan did plead guilty before a federal judge on thursday, admitting he concocted an elaborate scheme here, abusing his post as a caseworker, to authorize hundreds of fraudulent
5:35 am
payments of welfare and food stamp benefits, each worth of about $1,000 or so. the recipients were mostly women and fro some of the women, he did seek sexual favors and ca kickbacks, amounts to $180,000. this happewed beten april and july of last year. as you might imagine, it's triggered changes a theuman services department. >> we have certainly tightened our t controls sincese activitiesoccurred, ending last july. we've lowered the paynt threshold. we've changed the controls and auorizations how we make the structure more soisticated. >> reporter: prosecutors say they may also go after some of the recipients who took advantage of those benefits, as well. that could cos them benefits in the future. as for mcmillan, he being seenced in june.
5:36 am
live at northwest, i'm justin finch, news t4. nk you. it's 5:35. here's a look at the other stop stories we're workinfor you. a body found in a woart of stafford county has been identified as a teen who was trying to escape a violent gang from el salvador. the family of 16-year-old jackson chicas says he and the family fled el salvador virginia. but the gang found them. the teen was killed in prince george's county before his body was dumped in stafford. a 15-year-old boy acsed of sexually assaulting members of the damascus football team will be tried as a juvenile. the teen is one of five charged last fall.e he is ird teen to have his case moved from adult court to juvenile court this year. one other teen is being charged as an ult. prosecutors in montgomery county say they will fight to keep h case in adult court. today in france, the ntsb will try to get data from the black boxes involved in the ethiopia airlines crash. the boeing 737 max jets remain
5:37 am
grounded this morning. officials say the boxes are very damaged and retrieving data will take time. it could take weeks or months to find out what caused the crash that killed 157 people onboard. you've seen the images in the social media, of the bomb cyclone from this week. it's a massive winter storm that's already battered colorado and wyoming and it's slamming into the midwest. the storm swept vehicles off roads and dumped several inches of snow and generated funnel clouds over parts of the cotry. look at this video now. sheriff's deputy was caught in a possible tornado in mccracken county, kentucky. from the damage here, looks likr his car was in an accident. the deputy was in the western pa of the county, getting ready for a storm coming through. his windows were blown out and there are several dents in t side of his vehicle. he told reporters he knew he just couldn't escape. >> the power lines coming up ann over the road. and i saw a bunch of debris spinning around my car.
5:38 am
and spun my car to the side. i kind of put my head down and covered my head and kind of prayed for the best. >> a state of emergency was ou declared for ty following that storm. today, you co-workers may be distracted. as local teams push for a spot in march madness first up, george mason university will take on st. bonaventure after beating a local rival yesterday. the patriots knocked george washington univetoity out of the nament yesterday. tipoff for today's game is at 2:30. tonight, university of virginia takes on florida state in the acc tournament. virginia beat n.c. state to make it to the finals. the cavaliers tipoff at 7:00 tonight. d sorry,erps fans. we're out of the running for the big ten tournament, afterto losg nebraska in the first round. .> it happens. >> keep in mind, t the basketball is only the beginning. the real madness starts next week. get your brackets ready for that. >> i think this is a different team. don't count us out of the big dance. >> trending up, right?
5:39 am
no matter which team you root for, don't forget to pull out your green to wear this weekend. chicago is gearing up for celebrations. chicago river will be dyed green. and parades will be nationwide. d.c.'s parade won't be held be use of the high cost of security. it's 5:39. coming up, was it the luck of the irish orure chance? w details about the winner of if largest jackpot ever.fa and neout from the cheating admission scandal. the lawsuit local students c tld be joiningo protect their
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you're watching news today. >> "empire" actor, jesse schmollest has pleaded not guilty to the charges. he allegedly staged a hate crime
5:42 am
against himself. police saymoett paid the two men to beat him up. they say he did it because he was dissatisfied with his salary on "empire." smollett as denied stang the attack and maintains his innocence. the fallout from the college admission scandal is growing. >> a stanford student filed a suit saying the degree she is earning won't be worth as much. she is suing william singer and the eight universities involved. the case could become a class-action lawsuit involving o than 1 million students. a civil complaint has been file by a mwho said the scandal pt her child from being admitted to certain schos. william singer pled guilty to taking millionof dollars from the country's rich, famous and powerful to get their children into elite colleges. lori loughlin is accused of paying $500,000 to get her daughters into usc. now, it is cosng her family
5:43 am
some big money. yesterday, the hallmark channel fired loug the best-known stars. her daughter was dropped by sephora and the tresseme hair care line. anddemperatures are m this morning. we are already in the 60s. you can have iced tea or iced coffee for breakfast thi s
5:44 am
5:45 am
back, now, at 5:45, with the latest on tt deadly terror attack at a place of worship in new zealand. 49 people are dead after 2 shooting at 2 different mosques in christchurch. the gunman opened fire there
5:46 am
durier friday prs. one man is charged with murder. investigators are trying to establish how two were involved. we'll have more on the investigatn coming up at 5:00. back at home, a rare act of defiance on capitol hill. >> yesterday, several sena republicans crossed the aisle and joined democrats in rebuking president trump's national emergency resolution to fund the border wall. here's the 12 republicans who voted in favor of the resolution to uo the president's declaration. president trump has vowed to veto it. tracie pottsoins us live with why lawmakers say the fight isn't over. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's because house democrats will try to override that veto. it's not clear at all that they can. it's en hardener the senate when they have to get it meighte republicans than already went against the president.
5:47 am
vo icmbt ol, and when they don't like how he's doing something, evenof though manhe faces you see support the wall, they will stand out against him. democrats say they find that hopeful but it's not clear that will translate to other sues, as they move forward. they don't like president trump goingd congress when they said no, to get that money. the constition clearly delineates how the president and congress should deal with this. on the other hand, the congress said the president is on firm legal ground here. we'll see if ohere's more a fight or if they, as we heard, try to change the law, so ngress has to approve any future emergencycl ations. >> tracie potts for us this morning. a child's death in northern virginia is what kicked off this news 4 consumer investigation. >> now, that's all led to the
5:48 am
governor signing a new law tott protect students in virginia. megan mcgrath joins us live froi fran elementary in fairfax county. that's where this deadly accidentappened last year. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good rning, aaron and eun. this was a terrible accident. some positive change is coming in the wake of the tragedy. wesley lipicky was helping to operation one of the motorized partition walls. now, n rules are coming to safeguard kids. now, following the tragedy, a news 4 investigation found that many school districts in the area did not have formal written policies or training in plre, operating those partitions. 17 of 21 districts did not. but that's changing. new rules are going to take fect here invirginia, beginning on july 1st. under the law, motorized
5:49 am
partitions cannot be used if kids are in the room, unless motion detectors are installed. and schools must also, now, starting in july, train operators once a year. now, the lipicky family is happy about this new law. they want to make sure that no one else suffers such a tragedy. back to you. >> megan, thank you. a sad update this morning after wednesday night'sramatic ball eagle rescue on a train track. many of you were glued to our liveoverage, as transit poli and resource officers used blankets and towels to catch the bird safely. officials from the city wildlife rehab center say, after multiple x-rays and tests, the injuries were too severe and the eagle had to be euthanized. the wing had multiple fractures that could not be fixed.g euthanizinhe bird was the most humane thing to do, they say. we don't know how the bird was
5:50 am
fhurt. s met one of the newest members of the skins on thursday. landonollins was introduced at the facility on thursday. landon collinsx-greed to a year deal with the team. when the new year started this week, he saiinplaying for gton is a dream come true. he grew up idolizing sean taylor. he also wore that number in his honor. he will join six other alabama ncrimson tide players o the roster. the team could add more alabama players next month at the nfl draft. the hold a 15th pick. like to bring some fresh players. >> have that translate in the wings, too. new overnight, an announcement made here on nbc while you re sleeping. >> nbc will soon have the onof female hos late-night television show. lilly singh broke the news on jimmy fallon's show last night. she will be taking over for carson daly. singh rose to fame on youtube
5:51 am
"a little late with lilly singh" will take over the 1:00 a.m. time slot. >> you can watch her while you' getting ready. >> i'll have her on the tv a a cup of coffee in one hand. >> doing a lot at 1:00 in the morning. >>right. e forecast comes like snapping his fingers. >> i don't have a staff atome like you and eun. a valet. >> a w valet, puts my socks on. >> i don't have those people helping me. >> security guards. >> my two ungrateful dogs. that's the help i get in the morning. temperatures a way mild for this afternoon. likely to be above 70 degrees again today. yesterday, we made 75 at national airport. the last time wead back-to-back days in the 70s, it while.en a november 1st and 2nd of last year. eun was grateful for the first
5:52 am
one sterday. another good one coming told. already, 63t 5:51 in the morning, courtesy of cloudy ly breeze.a south a little cooler in annapolis rs.ause of the cold bay wa if you're away from the chesapeake bay, you're in the 60s today. won't take effort to get to the 70s today. we're keeping the 60% chance for rain in the forecast. that cold front has generated all of the sever weather to our west, will not be generated a severe weather threat around here. not a high severe weather chance for today. there will be a high chance for rain, though. futu weather, just cloudy this corning, as early as lunchtime, though. d have a pop-up shower or two. but the best chances for rai today start at 3:00 in the afternoon and go between 3:00 and 7:00 or8:00, this afternoon into early this evening. things willry out this
5:53 am
weekend. haven't had a dry weekend since groundhog day since that idiot rodent said we would have an early spring. chilly well into next week. >> idiot rodent. how do you really feel about him? eastbound 66, , centreville. left side is blocked by a crash. we are seeing quite a bit of delaysd headed inbod approaching centreville. you can see that dip. alexandria, northbound 1 at cameron street police activity reported. 95, no major proboums. sout 295. take a look before pennsylvania avenue. have that crash. we're seeing those backups. brandywine, northbound 301, crashes on the rig side of the road. as far as your travel times go, 0, top of the beltway, no big worries. 66, inboun nice and clear. and quantico to the beltway on
5:54 am
95, no iue there's. arsten to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your today. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. teslanveiled its newest electric vehicle last night, the model y compact suv. elon musk is predicting it will be theco any's best-seller. a two-row veron with a battery range of 300 miles and a starting price of $45,000 will stt in 2020. it can go from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. a performance model, starting at $60,000 will be available at the same time. a base model with a starting price of $39,0la will be ave some time in 2021. it won't be in preduction until next year, you can order a model y right now. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. and the woman who won last year's $1.5 billion mega millions jackpot wants to stay
5:55 am
anonymous. t we know what she is going to do with the money. the winner says she plans to contribute to charities and causes that are close to her heart. the winner also noted that she is thankful south carolina allows lottery winners to claim their prizes anonymously. >> smart move. >> i don't blame her at all. she hopes that her desire to remain anonymous keeps her free of fear. >> you can't build the house in your old neighborhood. don't do that. charity is giving help to others. and what you get back is love. that's the model for third graders at washington episcopal school in bethesda. >> the students are workin thard
5:56 am
to colleusands of books for a worthy cause. and molette green is wh them. >> reporter: good morning to you. what are we donating? >> bo >> reporter: how many books? >> thousands. >> reporter: thousands, they i'm going to ask my friend, cole, whose birthday it is today. hoy books, cole? >> 4,000. >> reporter: 4,000 books. and all of this done as a part of lesson on communication, building your businessri exce and, of course, service. we're going to talk about where thesebooks, all these thousands will go, in the 6:00 hour of news 4 today. let's go. >> all right. molette, we'll see you later. still ahead, beto o'rourke has jumped into the race for president. >> president trump is already in attack mode. what he had to say about the former congressman and how o'rourke speaks. and nasty crash
5:57 am
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♪ find a world of inspiration. find something you love today.q selection. unbelievable prices. homegoods. go finding. news 4 today, star. >> we begin this friday morning with a live look outde. spring may not have arrived quite yet, but it certainly felt that way yesterday. what a glorious day.
6:00 am
thank you, chuck the warm temperatures had a lot of people outside. >> hold on. thank you, chuck >> yes. he gets the blame for bad weather. i'm going to give him a little credit here >> a little credit. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun >>yang. don't give out credit for free, aaron. it doesn't cost you anything to be >> and you'll take every bit of it. t're going to talk to melissa about commute. chuck bell, first up, with four things to know about the forest. >> indeed, another really mild day today. it comes with a high chance of someshowers, maybe a rumble or two of thunder during the day. it is feeling like spring today. especially this morning, with temperatures already in the 60s across the area. we are watching out for this chance of mid-day to midafternoon shower ances. be dry again after 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. that's all good news. unfortunately, it will be much colder weather for the weekend. 64 in gaithersburg. 64 in arlington. 63 in upper marlboro.


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