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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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themselves. >> the changes happening in our area to keep worshippers safe. first at 5:00 we are getting a clearericture of what may have motivated that horrific terrorttackn those two mosques in new zealand. i'm wendy rieger. that suspected gunman reportedly strapping on a bod camera to fve stream the masker. this is ourst look at that suspected gunman. and there are new dails tonight about an apparent anti-immigrant manifesto posted online right before the attack. leon harris is tracking the latest developments for us. >> it is saturday morning in new zealand. the horro of those mosque attacks starting to sink in this in a country unaccustomed to gun violence. local authorities are calling this a well planned attack. the gunman storming the mosque
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during friday afternoon prayers and then making the 3 mile journey to the second mosque and opening fires 45 minu later. 49 dead and others wounded. sources telling a sister stati a tralia that the suspect's name is brenton tarrant, an australian tional. thegunman posted an apparent manifesto online andta cs anti-muslim rhetoric, referencing to president trump as welhe struggle for gun control here in the u.s. the manifesto hasn not b confirmed by nbc news. o threer people are in custody, and none of them were onny terror list so investigators are working backward to make sure they didn't miss anything that could have prevented this attack. >> part of the investigation will be to look back at every ssibility to ensure that we,
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in law enforcement and security, didn't miss any opportunities to orrendous event. >> reporter: the alleged gunman live streamed 17 minutes of the attack on facebook. that video has since been taken down. twitter and google, they say they are now working to remove any shootingids from their sites. we'll keep you posted what we learn going forwar back to you in the studio. just a short time ago, president trump reacted to the attack. >> you've all been seeing what went on, it's a horrible, horrible thing. s told the prime minister that the united state with them all the way. t the secretary of homeland security saidhere is no current or credible threat in the u.s. related to this attack but mosques are stepping up security all the same. wendy. police agencies, their presence is being ft at our area mosques as worshippers push
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pastfe fear to p their faith. david culver continues our team coverage. live at the adam center in sterling. >> reporter:hroughout the day today, loudon county sheriff's deputies have been patrolling the parking lfr during the ay prayer services. we're in between one of those services. they have private security you can see one of them behind me that have been patrolling the parking lot. and fairfax county are also stepping up patrols around local mosques. meantime, leaders are trying to find the answer to how to end the hate and violence. tonight muslims gathering at the adamqu center m for friday prayers, lifting their pain and suffering to a higher power. >> our hearts go to the family and the brothers anossisters that their life in this
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tragedy. >> reporter: the mass shooting in new zealand resonating with world,s across the including here in sterling, virginia. >> we need totand against bigotry determination in faith. >> we must be hopeful and process and stop hate and bigotry and continue our daily life. >> repter: is there any fear or trepidation to step into a mosque on a daydaike >> i don't think so. i think muslims feel scared in general but nothing that stops us from coming and doing what our religion requires us to do. >> reporter: loudon county deputies standing by to safeguard that prayer as muslim le take on a deeper effort tooof root out ignorance. they brought in a group from virginia. >> they said i'd love to grab coffee with you you're likeus. yes, we're humans. >> at the end of the day we have
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red bloodng flo through our buddies. >> reporter: encouraging those to recognize others. >> when you see your neighbors, talk to one another and spread the message of peace. >> reporter: the crowds here at the adams centerxpected to build over the next couple hours as they plan to hold a vigil, that's going to start at 7:00 for folks of all faiths. they're hoping to not only remember the victims but also look forward to some sense of peace going forward. that's the goal here. >> that's e message to be tting out. tonight the group c.a.r.e. is making a specific request of president trump in the wake of this shoong. yo can find that story in the nbc washington app, search ommosque. g up at 5:30 nbc's pete williams will be joining us with a look at the rise ofsm extre online. we have breaking news in baltimore.
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these are live pictures of a freight train dailment in the remington neigorhood, in the northern part of the city. the baltimore fire department says nine csx cars tumbled off the tracks there, crashing into the road below. all the cars were empty and there are no hazmat concerns here. first responders don't believe anyone was hurt. all train trafficthe area rail and but light marx service are not impacted. more breaking news now, five gang members are underes a for the murder of a teenager from northern hevirginia. >> 16-year-old stabbed more than 100 times. his body dumped on the side o a road and set on fire. police tell us the victimo belongede ms-13 gang and so did the five murder suspects. chris gordon joins us life from palmer park with the breaking details. chris? >> reporter: jim and wendy, we
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just got an update from the chief of the criminal investigation division. he calls this a brutal gang murder where the 16-year-old was stabbed over and over again, his body driven to stafford county, virginia, dumped by the side of the road and set on fire. police say this is the scene of the brutal gang murder. this house on varnum street in landover hills they say is where the lder of the ms-13 out of fairfax county lived. this is where 16-year-old jacson chicas ofa fallss church was police arrested these five people related to the murder. >> during the meeting a violent attack took place where our victim was stabbed as many as 100 times. where he was murdered in the
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house on varnum. they eventually took his body, placedt into vehicle and drove back to virginia at which time they dumped the body on the side of soad and him on fire. >> reporter: the victim's mother yesterday tol u the family fled el salvador because her son was getting gang threats o violence. she said in falls church he had trouble, he was beaten up, told his mother someone is going to kill me. the principal sent a lette home saying i am deeply saddened to report to you the unexpected death of a false church high school student, jacson chicas. he was an engaging young man. well liked by all who knew him and will be missed.op who live in the neighborhood where the murder happened say they didn't know ethe people who lived in house well because they had just moved to the neighborhood recently. >> i'm surprised.
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i didn't think something like that would happen. life is unexpected i didn't expect that. >> reporter: investigators are working to develop a motive for this murder. they say at thisoi they don't know why gang members turned on the-yr-old with such brutal violence in the gang leader's home. that's the latest live from the prince george's county police headquarters. back to you. >> thank you, chris. we have had a spectacular couple of days but storm team 4 is t sckingwers for some parts of our area. >> a couplewef s we could see those in the next couple of hours as the colfront makes its way across the area. take a look, we have shower activity in upper montgomery unty. we've seen off and on showers line here. one shower, two showers, three showers. you can see enhanced shower
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activity around carol county. this line will drift to the south, though. so anywhere in this areaee we couldrain. i think frederick, hagerstown, winchester you will stay dry in your regions. the storm system itself there's the line that could bring u showers. behind us much colder air back to the west. right now 75 degrees, 77 hagerstown. but look at this only in the 40s back here and thatolr air moving in just in time for the kekend. i'll let youw what to expect or the weekend, including st. patrick's day. president trump just signed his first veto since taking office. within the lastm hour fe oval office he listed his reasons for a wall at the southern border. yesterday a dozen republican senators broke with him,ng rebuki his national emergency. here's nbc jnews' gray with the latest. >> reporter: resolute in his demand for a wall along the ex u.s.o border. president trump for the first time since taking office
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announces veto from the oval office. >> today i am vetoing this resolution. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution, and i have the duty to veto it. >> reporter: the power play allows the president to reclaim billions of dollars for the barrier, funds that congress allocated for other projects and programs. >> we're going to sign something to give usafy deborder. >> reporter: it comes after a strong and many say politically embarrassing rebuke from the republican-led senate. >> no president has used what's called the national emergency act i this way. >> reporter: 12 senators in his party joining withoc dts to block his emergency declaration. the next challenge will likely me in the courts. 20 states have filed suit against t president's national emergency. jay gray, nbc news. stillahead, a climate strike. >> local students take to the streets calling for action.
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>> hear our cries. do not let our planet die. >> the protests here and around the world to help protect our planet. talk about a standout studen we're meeting an alexandria student with an idea out of this world.
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frce are now analyzing the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines crash. flight 302 crashed minutes after takeoff. those black boxes are siously damaged. investigators fear the damage may have gone to the information too inside them. they may have to send them here to the u.s. to the original manucturer for processing. today thousands of students in thetr dt skipped school to demand action on climate
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change. they marched to capitol hill. part of a worldwide rally to protest the fact -- the lack of action against global warming. aimee cho is live on capitol hill with more on what theen st are demanding. >> reporter: wendy, jim, these hudents were determined to be y. so they itldato took metro, some came from as cksburg all of them say they're worried about the future of our environment. >> we have no choice but to be the generation that creates change. >> reporter: change, that's the idea her thousands of students who say they feel time is runningut to reverse global warming. >>tu agricl industry, meat industry, fossil afuels, these fields that need too their part and protect the earth. >> reporter: today was a school day but many said they thought this was more important. >> we walked out and told them
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we were going to strike to sav our planet. >> reporter: some students have gone vegan and cut back on waste. and pushing for the green new deal to pass. >> it has to be implemented. it has to happen. >> reporter: as many held hand made students, it wasn't just students that showed up >> i can't imagine anything more important he needs to be here today to teach the adults in the room. >> reporter: and mhis mome the trip from vienna to support her daughter alicia. >> it's important. i'm glad the youth have totten ether to get the rest in line. >> seeing the youth activism encouraging. i'm really hopeful we can make a difference. >> reporter: the senate is t expected vote at the end of the month on weather to take up the resolution on theen new
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deal. live on capitol hill, aimee cho, news4. a kidnapping victim is asking a judge to preven the predator who abducted her from being released close to her family's home. >> as news4 first reported, the man is about to bed relea from prison next month. where he could live just minutes from where the girl was abducted. >> scott macfarlane joins us now with this update. >> after our first report, two u.s. senators intervened and so did a u.s. house committee chairwomanut with no movement. now the victims asking for a change. in 2002 scott tyree lured a 13-year-old online and drove to pittsburgh to kidnap her, taking her to his home where he tortured her for days. he's set to be released from custy in three weeks from a halfway house that's not in
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north carolina or virginia but in pittsburgh where he's eventually expected to liv. that's just four minutes from alicia's family. she's now hired an attorney who filed art motion with the c requiring the feds to move and release tyree somewhereelse. >> he's gained the ability to take over her hometown. you know, your most personal kind of place. the place that you want to be able to return to to visit your parents withar of running into someone who has done something like this to you. >> the u.s. bureau o prisons would not comment on why he is in the pittsburghou halfway but the agency said it followed policies and followed procedures. citing our report members of congress asked them to consider a change. the decision is expected by early april. an update onry a s that outraged animal lovers. poli arrested a maryland
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resident who allegedly attacked a pelican in key west last william hunter hardesty is now in custody, police arrested him at a hotel in otyan they got a tip he was bragging about being wanted for feeding and tackling t pelican. he posd this video on his facebook page. he's charged with animal cruelty and will be extradited to florida. our region is still feeling the impact of the government shutdown. it's going to affect the folklife festival. ficials say it's going to be short el paened from ten days t days. organizers say the shutdown as well as scheduling delays forced them to shorten the event. still ahead, inside the vessel. the new landmarkpening in new
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york city and why it means so much to one famous local chef. storm team 4 tracking a big thange. chief meteorolisoug ogka
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♪ you know reliable support when you have it and that dependability is what we want to give our customers. at comcast, it's my job to constantly
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monitor our network. prevent problems, and to help prove the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. s are working to make thi we are getting used to this and now you're going to take it away. >> i love when both anchors at
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the same time go wow.>> was it into the 70s today? >> we hit 80 degrees in napolis. >> whoa. >> just incredible how warm it was out there. this teae last we had snow. and again this heat is because of awa blizzard tha out there in the west a couple days ago. really amazing what this whole storm across the eastern half of the countries from the rockies to the east has done to places to the east. we've had tornados, the blizzard conditions, major floodin issues. for us we're getting the good side of this storm, temperatu ts 70s to near 80 degrees. really quite amazing. high temperature today i've seen 77. right now we're at75. look at the wind, gusting 26 miles per hour. that's sustain winds at 26 miles per hour. we have warmer numbe to the west, leesburg 77. annapolis at 78. it was0 in annapolis earlier. so everybody in the 70s. winds gusting up to 35 to 40
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miles per hour. there are wind restrictions on the bay bridge here. 25 manassas, 25 miles per hour right now in gaithersburg. a windy night but winds are out of the south. that's bringing in many the warm temperatures and we have the cold front back to the west. that's why we have these shors at have developed too. now they're up to the north and west ofim bae. on the line, i'll show you the line if had a second, we could see more of those. look at the east, 68 in new york. 75 in d.c. t we are warmest on the map here because you can't see orlando coming in at 86 degrees. 45 in lexington, thethwere in 70s yesterday. that's the colder air shifting in through the night into the day tomorrow. you can see showersop devg to the north and west. this line has to make its way through. we could still see shower activity this evening. i want to make sure you're ready for that, could be a heavy down power or a rumble of thunder or
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two. behind that we start to get cold because that's where the upper level system comes rough, look at the snow associated with this. lake effect snowight noworth of chicago. tomorrow different from today. breezy, cooler, plenty of sunshine. high temperature of 56 o degree. th sunday, high temperature of 54. st. paddy's day in the afternoon looking good. wind chills in the 30s. 53 on monday. o tuesday. tuesday most areas will actually stay in the 40s. we get to 50 in the city. back to near 60 to 61 as we end next week. next weekend also looking good. just to throw thisai around this is the time of year, march we're battling the season. today we're in the 70s on monday morning we could see a little bit in the way of flurries, snow showers. >> controversial? >> yeah, controversial.
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yeah, like boo conversation. coming up, terror in new zealand. the stepped up security here at home, plus nbc's pete williams joins us on set with a deeper look at the rise of extremism. the man behind a carjacking and chase in silver spng is learning his punishment. we're showing you the dramaticd o of the takedown. plans for a new chicken slaughterhouse in downtown
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a look at our to stoveries today. five people under arrest for the gruesome gang-related murder of a 16-year-old, police tell us that jacson chicas was stabbed more than 100 times. he and the five murder suspects are all members of the ms-13 gang. president trump making his first veto sinceg takffice after senators went his emergency declaration on the southern border. his veto isn't a surprise. it sends this resolution back to the house. a vote is set for march 26th. learning new information tonight about the mosque attacks in new zealand.
5:30 pm
police sources told nbc sister statio new zealand that the gunman is brenton tearrant. officialseleased t gunman acquired five guns used in the shooting. 49 people were killed in the attack. those attacks are sparking the concern about the safety of mosques in our area. n >> rig authorities say there areeo credibl threats in the u.s. but they're not taking any chances. >> erika gonzalez at th live desk with the extra security at the houses of worship here at home. >> law enforcement agencies throughout our area, wendy, are on alert after the new zealand mosqueattacks. there's a visib police presence at mosques throughout the dmv. chopper 4 saw officers stationed at many local mosques. c. police chief peter newsham talked to news4 about the stepped up security measures aimed at keeping people safe and making everybody feel comfortable at the places of worship.
5:31 pm
>> whenever we see that anywhere in the world we all get nervous. so it's our rponsibility to g out and make people feel a little bit more comfhetable. >> are also increased police patrols at mosques in loudon and prince george's county. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. wendy and jim back to you in the studio. australian officials are describing the shooter as, quote, extremist right wing violent terrorist. he posted a manifesto online po edly. >> it's not been verifd by n but it references president trump. a reporter today asked president trump if white nationalism is a rising threat around the world handicapped placa. here's his answer. >> i don't think so. i think it's a small group of people that have problems. you look at new zealand, perhaps that's a case, i don't know enough about it yet, just
5:32 pm
learning about the person. but it's certainly a terrible thing. >> justice correspondent pete williams joins us now. is it a small group as the president said? are we able to track these people? sometimes they're reay underground it's hard to count them. >> according to the experts on this, and this would include law enforcemt and intelligence in the u.s. the threat of this kind of right wing white supremism is growing around t world. more attacks are being committed in the name of white supremism and nationalism. more people were killed last year by people associated with white supremacists or right wing iedologists. that includes the people shot at the pittsburgh mosque in october. is they say a global threat. and one of the things is they e insp each other on the internet. we're seeing the same kind of thin thatappened with the
5:33 pm
ideology from isis, encouraging people toake action as we're now seeing among these white he was a big user of social media and a big follower of this andrew brevik in norway who killed 77 people i2010 in that attack. a common thread throughout these atcks and the attackers is opposition to immigration. they consider immigration invasion. you mentioned the fact tha his so-called manifesto, which seems too grand a term to use for these ravings. he did refer to president trump once ihi 87 page document said the president was a symbol of renewed white identity. but said he opposed the president in other things. >> what are the challenges in preventing these cases and investigating them. some are under the radar, some are on social media e ryflendom s
5:34 pm
whatsoever. >> the same is the trick as finding the people inspired by isis. if you're sitting by yourself in your house in your basem et how is lorcement going to know about that? having said that, the fbi still sometimes successful in einding those sorts of people. and s people in the counterterrorism community say police and f need to focus more on this ideology. one other fact about this shooting. the number od people kil today in one day in new zealand is larger than the number of people killed during the average year in new etzealand. >>thank you so much for coming over. >> you can watch pete's report tonigh on nightly news with lester holt at 7:00. man who wreaked havoc on a silver spring neighborhood learned his fate today. it started with a drug deal setting off a wild chalu of events ing police chasing that man through a neighborhood.
5:35 pm
derrick ward got his hands on the body video camera today and has more on how long that manoc will be ld up. >> hop out of the ca you.ou have anything on >> reporter: this body cam video shows what wa almost the culminion of a dangerous day in a n quieteighborhood in silver spring back on aprilf 2017. almost because the manolice were looking for wasn't throughn ing. >> pop! >> reporolice eventually captured 27-year-olds lamont joafter the foot chase. they said he was involved in a drug deal gone the suspect was about to car jack another car when he was arrested. >> this individual who just had less consideration for all the people in that neighborhood. >> reporter: today lamont jones wasentenced to 35 years to jail on charges of accessory after the fact, first degree murder, and attempted
5:36 pm
carjacking. >> gun shots in the middle of the day around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon on weekday. >> reporter: police started getting 911 calls about the gun fire and two other men turned up in a car believed to be involved in the initial drug deal. one man was wounded. the car had bullet holes. witnesses described a gold ore champa colored escalade beinglv in and police searched the area and spotted the suv. jones jumped out and police caught him after the foot chase. a lot happened in a half hour. police found a bagbo with three pounds of marijuana, a loaded .45 automatic and an empty clip. jones had a prior conviction, two counts of robbery from fairfax county a couple years before. he could be on parole in 20 years. derrick ward news4. from d.c. to the big apple. >> the big first today for chef and humanitarian hjose andres.
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>> we'reracking a big temperature cool down not just for the weend but into next week. temperatures right around or below normal. if you want to get out i your lawn or garden what can you do this weekend? i'll break that down and talk i'll break that down and talk about the feels [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% new vehicles. and everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music] this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggs. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad!
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>> the vessel. nbc news gadi schwartz why some new yorkers don't know what it is. >> reporter: welcome to the vessel in new york city. coming uponight on nightly news, we're going to answer question that a lot of people i this neighborhood have had for wme time,t is this thing? a lot of people have said it's u ristic looking space ship. others said it looks like a giann egg ie middle of the city. but coming up tonight on nightly news you'll hear frm the crea of this piece of art who say it's like a ree-dimensional park that goes to the sky. you know new yorkers like the stairs. we're going to take them to the top and show you the view coming up tonight. stay tuned. >> that is amazing. when you visit the vessel you can get a taste of home. ef jose andre just opened aw location there. little spain is a dining concepi
5:41 pm
of three straunlts. it's his first location in the big apple. he already has restaurants in d.c., crystal city and hevegas. >> does he sleep? that's what i want to know. he's cooking for all these people in need. he's astonishing. local students are learning about a future in science. coming up on this week's harris' hero we're taking y inside a stem center. backlash over plans for a
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5:43 pm
alexandria's city council is expected to vote tomorro on a controversial proposal. a company wants to open a chicken slaughtering facility and poultry market. but as julie carey reports some other business owners and residents are hoping to block the plan. >> reporter: alexandria's culln
5:44 pm
treet is not much to look at, but in recent yearsee t up scale dog businesses have joined the mix. the cityocussed on elevating the west end. >> come. yeah. so amazing. >> reporter: that's why some buness owners like sandy modell are shocked to learn a company that sughters chickens could be moving into this building. ig>> before id a lease i looked at where this business is located. it'soced in an industrial/commercial area. so it was a great fit for a dog trai academy. what's not permitted currently within the zone is a slaughterhouse. >> reporter: the city's planning commission has given the poultry market a thumbs up. this is veo o one of the company's otherio loc. they specialize inlaughter that follows islamic law. >> i have 40 locations and all
5:45 pm
the locations my neighbors i have no problems with them. >> reporter: in it the owner promises no noise, smell and not much traffic here. he said there are thousands of potential customers in northern virginia who presently have to travel to his store in philadelphia in they want to select a live chicken. some residentsed alat the prospect of a slaughterhouse minutes from home. >> some people are shocked that the city would consider a special use permit for something like this. utit seems of character for our neighborhood. >> reporter: this auto shop owner next door says he has no worries. >> i'm just a business owner thinking of people doi business. >> reporter: a new business welcomed by some. >> goodboy. >> reporter: that is hrifying others. in alexandria i'm julie carey news4. the poultryompany owners said more than half of their customers are not muslim but likehe idea of carefully selecting their chicken.
5:46 pm
congratulationsreo the first sponders of montgomery county. members of the police and fire departments were honored today for going above and beyond the call of duty. leon harris and doug kammerer emceed this event. it's fun to hear their stories of what they've done. that's what's so pressive. >> it is. we covered just about all the stores you hear. we hear about theictims but we don't hear about the first responders. we saw the by cam footage today from some of theseen even hag. it's just amazing. thank you to all the first responders outsa there. >> wte you. >> we do. everybody was happy about the ather. >> i bet you were popular there. >> everyone is like can we go back to worklater. >> can we do it outdoors. >> temperatures today in the mid to upper 70s. even 80 degrees. the first 80 of the season i saw that inolis along the water. wouldn't that have been a nice day. let's go t national harbor,
5:47 pm
current temperature 75 degrees. temperatures dropping into the 60s by around 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight. 60 degrees by 11:00. breezy, the winds are going to start shifting, the cooler air makes its way in. but for most o us this evening is nice to get out and about. hopefully thets restaur have outdoor seating. 74 in manassas 73 towards annapoli beautiful across our region. tracking a chance for sthwers evening. to the the cold fro west. notice the shower activity to the north in baltimore, actually thunderstorms just to the north towards pennsylvania. they came through upper montgomery county there and now they'r producing thunder and lightning and on this line we could see a few more develop. another line right here into southern maryland. we're not quite out yet.e woods as we told you yesterday most of the day would be dry. last couple days have been
5:48 pm
beautiful. i have seen so many of myor neig out in the garden. i was thinking about getting out there too but i have nolu what i'm supposed to do. that's why i go to my g ad frielia draper. >> i do that, i can never get that the rig wa i was thinking today, i think so many people want to get out and their lawn and garden witthe mild weather but we have cooler temperatures moving en for the we so i contacted our friends at merrifield garden center, what can and can't you this is the perfect weekend for mulching, cleaning up your ln angarden, getting out everything that died over the winter, starting the pruning process. and also great to lay down grass seed. that being said, thees temperatren't going to allow the grass to germinate. you can still l itdown, just don't expect an immediate still fine to sprinkle grass seed in your lawn.
5:49 pm
you can plant trees and shrubs no problem this weekend. but hold off onlanting those tender plants, things like tomatoes, until we see theer waeather heading into april and may. you don't wanto putown weed killer or weed preventer this weekend based on the weather, whether it be temperatures aren't right, we have windy conditions or we have rain in the forecast. talking about the temperares we're at 45 degrees tomorrow morning. 5:00 we hit our high of 56 so it's going to feel about 40 degrees cooler tomorrow af wrnoon. sundhave bufl sunshine, winds not an issue. a cold start. 36 out there sunday at 8:00 a.m., around freezing in the suburbs. 5:00 p.m. 54 degrees. so it's seasonal t wskend but a huge temperature drop from our near 80 degree tdaperatures these are the feels like temperatures at lunchtime tomorrow. mperatures feeling like
5:50 pm
they're only around 40 degrees out there. big changes coming in for the weekend but you can get out and h your garden. >> at least we're talking about a dry weekend, that's good s we haven'tn a lot of dry weekends this year or last year. 56 tomorrow. 54 on sunday, st. patrick's day. 53 on monday. so that's chilly. 50 on tuesday, that's cold for this time of year. we'll see highs mostn areas the 40s. and look at next weekend, friday, saturday, and sunday, that's what i'm talking about. >> yes, please. >> thank you, one of the best ways to get kids interested in ncsc technology, internearing and math, known as stem. is to provide hands on learning. >> there's a science center in fairfax doing that and leon harris is here to introduce us to this week's harris' hero. >> it' cool stuff and it's fun when 9-year-olds make you feel
5:51 pm
like an idiot. the science center is where children can fully immerse themselves in stem. they goal is to provide a love learning. the children's science center this week's harris' hero. would you believe that the next generation of scientists arege ing their start right here in this corner of the mall in fairfa it's called the children's science center and the people who run it promi to make science fun. >> here we have a field trip oe elry school students and they are having a ton of fun in science and engineering. they're doing experiments, tinkering and exploring. >> reporter: students rotate among several exhibit rooms like this experiment lab where fourth graders are sing the science they read about in textbooks coli to fe. >> they're having a great time. it gives them freedom. they're not in a classroom having to sit >> one can win or the other
5:52 pm
doesn't or they can tie. if they tie, what >> it goes in the middle. >> we might be learning about speck tom tri, we might be building new hovercrafts and testing them and the wind tunnel. >> reporter: the kids aren't the only ones learning here. >> i think this is grea i'mnjoying it and learning some things that i wasn't even aware of. >> that's how scott ended up working here. >> i came here first as a chaperone with my son's class on a field trip. asked them later on afterwards when you gw up do you think you'd want to work here. i said, maybe. i was standing behind him thinking yeah. it's just a funpl ace. >> reporter: the center also takes experiments on the road. >> takinam our pro out to schools is really critical to making sure that weos expeen al childrn our region to the wonders of science. >> reporter: and the kids dos find thiace wonderful. >> i think we would come back.
5:53 pm
she asked if if we can come back d bring her brother and come as a family. >> good job. stand in a line. god job. >> reporter: now it's not for school field trips. anyone can stop by and bring their kids in to enj the facility. if you're looking for something day o on a rainy sat afternoon, that's a good place to check out. if you'd like to visit or learn more, check outur nbc washington app. >> it's great to see kids sote ex about something like that. everybody has their face in their cell phones. >> it looks like it goes on and it was massive. >> i can't tell you how much times i thought i was going to ge electro trued. >> they wouldn't let that happen. >> so much better than a textbook and someone at the front of the classroom. >> g outside and go to the science fair. >> good stuff. >> leon, thanks so much. with that in mind next we'll
5:54 pm
introduce you to a local teenager with an out of this world passion for math and science. >> what she has working on now th
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
an alexandriana teer claiming a national science honor. this is a big prize with a lot of money. quarter of a million dollars.
5:57 pm
erika gonzalez introduces us to the self-professed space nerd in the spotlight. >> from tc williams high school in alexandria, virginia, anna humphrey. >> reporter: it's the biggest science competition in the aountry and alexandria, virgi native anna humphrey has won it. >> being a part of the science talent search has been a dream of mine. >> reporter: the talent search comes with more than just bragging rights as the firste pl winner anna takes home $250,000. >> it's going to tak a while for this to sink in for. sure >> reporter: this is anna and her father in the halls of t.c. ms high school where she's a senior and he's a teacher. >> i'm proudf whatshe's done and the schools and the teachers she's had have supported her over the years. >> my goal was to figure out how mass sieve the pnet could be.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: how did she claim this honor? it's her work, all of this research onexoplanets. planets that orbit stars beyond our solar systems. >> if you have a planet, the places i can fit are smaller. i'm a space nerd. >> reporter: and her school couldn't be more proud. >> we didn't go out and recruit anna. we didn't ask her to come here. she's our own and comes to our high school. i think s was able to do that and we as a public high school are able to get that recognition through her is amazing. >> reporter: where doeshis ace nerd go from here? college. anna wants to one day be an astro physicist. >> my goal has been to do good science. >> reporter: whatever she chooses to do, her future looks out of this world. erika gonzalez, news4. a ogunman's act terror fuelled by hate that here laid n the internet and then
5:59 pm
broadcast live. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim handly. now at:00, terrorism in a place that rarely sees it sends shock waves all over the world. the latest on the attack in new zealand and how localouses of worship are responding. within the last couple of hours, psident trump signing his first ever veto but the fight over fundingde his b wall not over yet. and gang-relat lling. police reveal new details in the murder of a high school student whose body was driven and dumped miles from the crime scene. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now. an act of terror half a world away is hitting home tonight for millions of americans. >> the suspected gunman in a massacre spread between twosq s was apparently driven by hate. >> police believe he was a white supremacist. in his mind avejing attacking carried out by muslims i
6:00 pm
europe. >> tonight in addition to the gunman three other pple are in custody. >> in the last hour new zealand's prime minister said et the primary petor was a licensed gun owner and used five gu in the attack that he bought legally.s bill neely begr coverage. >> reporter: minutes after the massacre a stream of wounded begin arriving at city hospitals, many with multiple gun shot wods. armed police still hunti for gunmen still unsure if the attacks are over and everywhere dazed survivors who'd been through unimaginable rror. this man saw the killer. >> and hemead h and glasses and he's dressf the military and machine gun of them-16. >> reporter:inutes after the shooting police were filmed arresting a man. they lat t held other armed men


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