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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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carried out by muslims i europe. >> tonight in addition to the gunman three other pple are in custody. >> in the last hour new zealand's prime minister said et the primary petor was a licensed gun owner and used five gu in the attack that he bought legally.s bill neely begr coverage. >> reporter: minutes after the massacre a stream of wounded begin arriving at city hospitals, many with multiple gun shot wods. armed police still hunti for gunmen still unsure if the attacks are over and everywhere dazed survivors who'd been through unimaginable rror. this man saw the killer. >> and hemead h and glasses and he's dressf the military and machine gun of them-16. >> reporter:inutes after the shooting police were filmed arresting a man. they lat t held other armed men and a woman and found two
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explosiv devices attached to cars. >> so far one person, a male in s late 20s, has been charged with murder. >> reporter: police say he was not on any new zealand terror watch list. they say the man streamed his massacre live from a bodyer c and left a long anti-immigrant document. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of vi rence. >>orter: police aredvising new zealanders to avoid all mosques after an attack that has stunned this normally peaceful country. it is a terrible irony that many of those killed we refugees from war zones, seeking peace in what was one o world's safest countries. billeely nbc news, london. here at home tonight the secretary of homeland security
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says there iso current or credible threat linked to that attack. president trump i expressing solidarity with the people of new zealand. blayne alexander reports. >> reporter: pain in new zealand felt across the u.s. president trump expressing his sympathy. >> you've all bee seeing what went on, it's a horrible, horrible thing. i told the prime m the united states is with them all the way. >> reporter: in the nation's capitol and across the country, security.tepping up police in new york standing watch during early morning prayers. from the council omerican islamic relations. mosques. abandon your not today. not ever. they want you to be afraid. you should not be afraid. >> reporter: in christchurch, new zealand, dozensri killed an attack on two mosques streamed live on facebook and later taken down. this freeze fme showing the
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presumed shooter driving to one locations. on line a 74-page manifesto laying out a white supremacist viewpoint and at one point referring to president trump. were or are you a supporter oft donaldp, as a symbol of enewed white identity and common purpose,sure. as a policy maker and leader, dear god, . >> the president asked if he sees white nationalism a a rising threat around the world. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very serious problems. if you look at what happened in new zealand, perhaps that a case, i don't know enough about it yet. >> reporter: now a nationwidely considered one of the safest in the world coping with devastatingtragedy. blayne alexander. we are tracking developments in the border battle between president trump and the congress late this afternoon president trump followed through on his vow to veto a congressionalso tion that terminates his
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declaration of a national er ncy. the president plans to use the declaration to divert funds approved by other uses to build a wall on the southern border. theonstitution gives congress, not the president, the power to decide how tax dollars are ent. >> today i am vetoing this resolution. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty to veto it. >> this is president trump's first veto. house democrats plan to try to override it later this month. 12 republicans in the senate defied the psident to approve the resolution that he have toed today. but that is not enough for an override. turning to the weather now. some big changes brewing coming our way tomorrow for most of us after this beautiful day out there. >> spectacula hard to walk into the office this afternoon. doug, you're tracking a few shows out ere? >> a couple showers.
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most of us on the dry side all we saw a couple in montgomery county, a couple into frederick county. let's look at live doppler radar right now showing not much happening. we could see a stray shower into parts of southern maryland, that'sn area we're watching. but not seeing much we have one gnu north of baltimore. could see more over the next couple hours but i'm not expecting much. here's a pretty good line up into parts of pennsylvania. high temperatures today in the 70s right now 74 d.c. 76 virginia beach. look back to the wee. we h 40s coming through. much colder for tomorrow and into sunday. i'll have that forecast for you and let you know what to expect as we head towards st. patrick's day. we are tracking developments in the murder of a tnager at
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the hands of ms-13 gang members. it's an investigation that stretches from northern virginia to prince george's gounty. chrion is in palmer park tonight where police just announced five arrests in this case. chris? >> reporter: jim, investigators are trying to determine themo ve for this murder. they say they don't know why gang memrs apparently turned on one of their own brutallyg killim at the home of their gang leader. police say this is the scene of the brutal gang murder. this house on varnum street in landover hills they say is where the leader of the out of fairfax county lived. this is where 16-year-old jacson chicas of falls church was killed. clice arrested these five people innection with the killing here. police said the victim was in the -13 click and came with others to the leader's home for
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a gang meeting. >> during the meeting a vioknt attack t place where our ictim was stabbed as many as 100 times. where he was murdered in the house on varnum, they eventually took his body, placed it into a vehicle ave back to virginia, at which time they dumped the body on the side of the road and set him on >> reporter: he was identified by a tattoo. the victim's mother told us the family fled el salvador because her son was getting gang threats of violence. she said in falls church he still had trouble. he was beaten up. he told hismother, somebody is going to kill me. the principal offals church high school sent a letter home saying to reporty saddene to you the unexpected death of a falls churchigh school student, jacson chicas. he was an engaging young man, him liked by all who knew and will be greatly missed by the school community.
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neighbors who live near the house say they saw a lot of activity recently. >>pgwo county squad car, a la sover hillad car and they were talking to a kid, he looked young. >> reporter: new hope schools right across the street from the crime scen >> i figured the school would notify us, but no word from the scinol. i that very shocking. >> reporter: police say one of the suspects is i custody at the prince george's county detention center. the other fourei are held in virginia awaiting extradition. the leaer of gang is 29, the youngest suspect is a juvenile, but regardless of age, they're all being charged as adults in this murder. that's the latest live in prince george's county. doreen, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. police just identified another young man found dead in a park yesterday in ber win
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heights, soryland. body walking in the park foundor 22 hectdiaz's body around 1:30 in the afternoon. prince george's county police say he had upper body injuries. they do not think this was a random crime. ublic to sking the come forward with more information. the man accused of sending pipe bombs through the u.s. male to former president obama, cnn, he believed onents of president trump is about to make a plea deal. cesar sayoc is expected to plead guilty next week. though what he'll admit to isn't clear yet. he was charged in october withi se 16 improvised explosive devices through the u.s. mail tr victims all o the country. none of the bombs exploded. today thousands otudents in d.c. skipped school to demand action on climatean . they marched to capitol hill as part of a worldwide rally to
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protestk the l of action to global warming. aimee cho is live with me on what these students are demanding. >> reporr: these student have several demands. they want to cut down on green house gasemissions, make sure the average global temperature doesn't rise m than 3 degrees. and make sure elected leaders hear their demands. >> we're the youth fighting for our right to live on the planet. >> reporter: a fight these students took to the steps of the capital. some gave speeches, others held gns. >> agriculture industry, meet industry, fossil fuels need to do their part protecting the earth. >> stepping up also representative elilhan omar for minnesota. >> i'm here because i know my sons and daughters will bearhe
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burdenf the crisis. don't mind their kids missing ey class. >> some days are good for learning but some days kids need to do teaching. >> she's the reason i wanted to be here today. she convinced me to come. >> reporter: some students said they've gone vegan to help the planet and cut backn waste. and also pushing for the green new deal to pass. >> i has to be implemented. i'm optimistic on that. it'll happen it's a question of how hard it's going to be to get it done. >> seeing people my age care about climate change is t going make me feel hopeful for the future. the senate will vote at the end of the month whether to take up a resolution on the green new deal. aimee cho, news4. coming up next, our coverage of the deadly attack in new zealand ues. we'll check in live with david culvefore a vigil tonig in northern virginia.
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also ahead, the potholes problems on the bw parkway caught the attention of a senator. the president's veto just partf another busy week in washington. thuck todd joins us in e
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another big week of news in washington. >> congress moved t block president trump's emergency declaration, it included a rare repu pican rebuke ofsident trump. but he'she already pback with his veto. the united states is the g last tund boeing 737 max jets raising questions government competence and
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credibility. paul manafort's sentence ended a chapter in the special counsel investigation. and beto o'rourke jumped into the 2020 presidential race leaving one big name waiting in the wings. >> who better to do i haive ione ques with us than chuck todd. just the last couple hours president trum vetoed the resolution. 12 republican senators defied him. what do you make of this? >> i know you think 12 senators rebuked him. when you look closerou realize boy the president has a lot of sway and wer. it should have been 40 republican senators if you look back at the rhetoric of many of these republican senators going back a few years in the on bama era the concern ofti exe overreach. if this were a secret ballot i think you would have had 90
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senators total. in some ways i think the there were only 12 and the fact that 11 of the 12 weren't up -- one 2020er had the guts to vote against theenpres every other republican senator up for reelection in 2020 voted with him. even ones in tough general elections. they're so worried about the primary. one h you consider 12 senators rebuked him. the other han i think the power he has over his party shows you it's only 12 senators. >> the u.s. typically considered as we know an authority in ultimate authority, really. but there is international criticism after these two plane crashes in five months. talk about the fallout with boeing and these planes. >> it's on boeing first and foremost. they have a lot more questions to answer for, considering this seems to be -- there was concerns after the i sandonesia
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crash. i think the trump administration has to be concerned that you have a former boeg exec who's the acting defense secretary. was the slow response of the deral government at all -- right, is there any because of the connections that the federal government has with ng. i think that you got to be careful. boeing is suchha an -- the ties to both parties. this isn't something you just put on the trump administration, in fairness to them. boeing is abipartisan, if you company.e of that's i think the trump administration -- i tell you, the oddest thing of it all was the fact that trump himself announce it. it should have been the faa. this goes to a larger issue if trump continues to sort of try to bring the entire white house into him that he makes himself the lone ash or the of everything, the wall, the announcement of a ground, that is all and that goe to -- i think that creates bigger problems for him, i think in
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running his administration, that is something that doesn't go over well withths in the administration. >> seems like every friday for weeks now we've been hearing that this special counsel investigation is -- we're almost, it's almost finished. we have the paul manafort ngntenced, we're hea a couple top people from that investigation are leaving for her jobs. what's going on? where do we stand with this? >> in fairness i didn't think it was going to happen today because i didn't think would submit the report on the ides of march. repo you don't hand reporters and television makers that easy copy like that. that washe one reason i didn't it would happen today. >> next friday then? >> you have the fact that the one thing we did hea from him today an extension for one of the witness he had flipped,
6:19 pm
rick gates, the paul manafort attache who's still cooperating in multiple investigations. obously it's close, but, you know, he could be in the middle of writing the report and we may not see it for three or four weeks. at the end of the day we'll see it when we see it. we're clearly within the window. it's gng to be sometime before memorial day we see this thing. i think people ought to be careful guessing beyond that. >> let's talk docrats in 2020. beto o'rourke jumped in this week. joe still waiting in the wings. what is he waiting for? >> i don't know. it is interesting. he's basically the lt shoe. to drop. and i think he's putting extra pressure on himself, to be honest. because now his roll out is going to be cpared to all the other3 rollouts, whether it's fund-raising day one, bernie sanders 6 million, beto o'rourke
6:20 pm
set a higher mark there. th crowds, kamala harris got big crowds. we'll see if betoets big crowds. that's the danger for biden here. any time you're not first in anything, if you're not the first in money, what's wrong withyou. amb amy g shar doesn't have that issue neither does cory booker. but when you're tops all you can do is go down. that's the danger biden has. i think there'so pressure make his -- he has to show that not only has he got the vigor to do is but also the apparatus. he's never had a great presidential campaign apparatus on his own in two previous races. with the help of ex-obama folks can he help that? >> he's taking his time. >> i think that's why he's taking time. i do. >> chuck todd, t >> i'm headed to iowa tomorrow.
6:21 pm
then back here on sunday. come on, allur guests are in iowa, i have to find them asere. >> i going to say you have an interview with democratic senator and presidential candidate amy klobuchar in iowa. cory booker and beto'rourke are going to be within a stone throw of her. >> hopefully it won't be the snowstorm lik that photograph. >> she loved that photograph. >> makes her look very stoic. you have to wait until sunday 10:30 to find out who else he's got. coming up, weeks away from being released from a halfway house, erw the woman he kidnapped is fighting to keeput of her hometown. doug is tracking cnonges afterer day we hit the 70 degree mark.
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i think everybody who could get outside today did. >> yes. >> it was wonderful. >> it was. i actually -- my first hit was at 6: 05. i stepped outside for seven minutes. >> and you came back in. >> i did. i had to tal to you guys. >> your hair got messed up from the wind. >>id it? just a beautiful day guys. you know that. the wmest day we've seen so far this year, 77 degrees is what i've seen for the hilo. at that shot. that's really nice. just over the jferson memorial right now. how about that. thank you, mother nature,hat's
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good. out there right now we're still on the mild side, 74 degrees. winds out3 of the south miles per hour. we're seeing the wind gusting over 30 miles per ur, though out of the south. the southerly direction is going to continue to bringar inr air. if you have time, step outside you'll see the cloudsaloft. they're moving 40 to a 50 miles an hour so they're really kicking it. cool to look at. 73 leesburg. 77 fredericksburg. 77 annapolis. annapolis didit 80 earlier this afternoon. we are tracking showers not much around our region. showers north of baltimore. i doubt it's hitting the ground but maybe calvert county. you can see where the front is. it's right here.s new york at 64. 68 raleigh. we're the warmest on the map. to the west, 36 buffalo. 43 kentucky. it was in the 70s here yesterday so that tells you we have the colder air moving in here.
6:26 pm
here's the front, some storminesslong thefront. thought we'd see it in our area too. we did tell you it would be dry, that's what we've seen. colder air moving in for the weekend. colder tomorrow and sunday. 54 but with winds gusting 30 tomorrow, it'll feel colder. 54 on st. patrick's day, a cold start sunday, monday andes y. tuesday most of you will be in the 40s all day. 70soday we could have a couple snow showers on monday morning. >> no! are you kidding us? >> no, i'm not. april fool's is three weeks away. >> are you still planning to go skiing this weekend? >> i was, but my son said, no. >> okay. your son is a smart kid. you remember this video, a local man attempting to capre pelican. well, tonight he is under arrest. >> reporter: here on
6:27 pm
alexandria's colvin street, there's dog training businesses, auto body shop now w someoneas to put a chicken slaughterhouse right here. whyth some in neighborhood say this is the wrong place. extra security in place at local mosques here and around the country this weekend. a the hat violence in new zealand not keeping worsh
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6:00. now at 6:30 people of a faiths are joining together to preach a message of peace over hate. >> after the deadly mosque attacks in new zealand that
6:30 pm
killed 49 people police are trying to reassure local muslims about their safety. chopper 4 captured these images this afternoon of officers stationed at local mosqu for friday prayers. the police chiefs in d.c. and prince george's county said they're always on alert forin dents of hate and tonight in virginia a gathering is expected to start in the next half hour at the adam's center in erling. that's where we find david culver with the story. >> reporter: folks are starting to gather at this hour for that 7: vigil. we spent much of our friday here, even at one point going in for midday prayers, the friday prayers. and we observed muslims coming together clearly with heavy hearts. in light of the attacks, we took note they seemed more encourage than ever to come here and profess their faith. far removed from the chaos that
6:31 pm
unfolded in new zealand, a train quillty and peace permeate through the adam center mosque. worshippers gathering for the midday prayers. parents bringing the little ones, their hearts heavy for the violent loss of life. >> whoever take one life, human life, as ifakave the life of all humanity. >> reporter: virginiaaw top enforcement officer, attorney general mark herring here to assure virginia's largest mosque community. >> we will do everything we can to keep you and your families safe. >>orter: outside the mosque a comforting sn for some loudon county sheriff's deputies standing watch. >> is there anyr fear trepidation to step into a mosque on a day like today? . >> i don't think so. i think mdlims feel sca in general but nothing that would stop us from coming and do what our religious requires us to. >> reporter: he says the mass
6:32 pm
shooting is another reminr to counter the misinformation that some use to justify the attacks on muslims. we'reot like these extremist groups using muslims as a label. >> at the end of the day we're all human beings we have the same red blood flowing through our bodies. >> reporter: loudon county's supervisor encouraging people to slow down and recognize the humanity in others. >> when you see your ighbors, stop, say hello and talk with one another message of peace. >> reporter: ahead o this 7:00 vigil, they do have some uniformed private security that i've noticed going around. you can see one of them standing there in front of the adams center front door. they've always had loudon coty deputies patrolling the parking lot, uniformed and i noticed
6:33 pm
some under cover officers coming through here. all of this to reassure fol night and through the weekend that there is a security and there is a presee to keep them safe. reassurance that i'm sure it imt to them right now. thank you, david culver. for nearlyat 20 minutes deadly attack in new zealand was broadcast live to anyone with a facebook account. nbc news is only broadcasting a single fre frame of that video. it shows the suspect's point of view as he drove to onese of t two mosques. facebook said it quickly removed the video but this raised questions about how all social media sites control theiren co >> the companies have been on notice for years this is a problem and they haven't done laough. right now they they are surprised by this. there is no surprise. they've known thileis a pr they've had the ability to stop it and haven't deployed the technology to do it. why?
6:34 pm
because it affects their bottom line. tonight on nbc "nightly news," gabe gutierre looks at how these sites can remove these vide faster. tonight some alexandria business owners and residents ar concerned about a proposal to open and poultry market slaughterhouse. the city council is set to tomorrow on a special use permit needed to give the business agr n light. but as julie carey reports, opponents are hoping to block the plan. >>ja, come. >> reporter: when sandy opened this dog training facility in an indurialarea, she joined two other pet businesses, auto shops, a recycling center, a brand new restaurant ready to open. but she never imagine a chicken butchery, a slaughterhouse opening just down the street. >> this use is inconsistent with the changes that are going on along colvin street, roth street and this gener area of the
6:35 pm
west end which is an area that the city is trying to concentrate on to upgrade. >> reporter: this is the building where the chicken butchery would be located, several hundred birds housed insi each week. >> we are proud to be family owned and orerated. >> rr: they specialize in the method of slaughter that follows islamic law. customers can select the chicken and watch the press. he and his family has 14 other locations across the coetry. >> i h 14 locations nationwide and all the locations i'm neighbors with them, i have no problem because the way my business is to look from the outside you cannot tell t lre's e chicken inside. >> reporter: this said he has no worries. >> i'm just a business owner thinking of people doing business. >> reporter: but this resident whonu lives just s away says she's going to urge the city council to reject the proposal. >> some p are shocked that
6:36 pm
the city would consider a special use permit f something like this. it seems out of characterne wit ouhborhood. >> reporter: the planning commission has already approved the special permit now it's up for the council to weigh in. in alexandria i'm julie carey news4. > a kidnapping victim is asking a judge to stop the predator who abducte her from being released to an area close to her family's as news4 first reported thex fairfacounty man is about to be released from prison next month. he could live minutes away from where the girl was taken. scott macfarlane joins us now with more. scott? >> reporter: after our first report, two.s. senators intervened and so did a u.s. house committee chairman but with no movement. so the victim herself is asking the feds to make a change. in 2002 scott tyree learned a 13-year-old online, he drove to pittsburgh to kidnap her and took her to his home where he
6:37 pm
tortured her for days. he was sent to prison in north carolina now he's set to be released to a halfway hse not in north carolina or virginia, but pittsburgh, four minutes from alicia's family. she hired a lawyer who filed a motion requiring the feds to move and release tyree somewhere else. >> he's gained the ability take over her hometown. you know, your most personal kind of ace. the place that you want to be able to return to to visit your s without fear of running into someone who has done something like this to you. >> reporter: the u.s. bureau of isons would not comment on why tyree is in the pittsburgh halfwayutouse said it followed procedures and followed policies. members of congress have also asked the agency to consider aa and the decision expected by early april at the to you. >> doesn't make a lot o sense. thank you, scott.
6:38 pm
next and only on news4 honoring o nat king co what would have been his 100th birthday. >> hear from his daughters about his legacy and how you can pay tribute to thelate, great, unforgettable musical icon. we have beautiful temperatures in our area, in the 70s right now. but look what's coming, the 40s. we're talking the weekend right now much cooler. thouds, a sign of change moving in as the cold front moves our wa
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te> an up to a story you saw first on news4, a man is facing charges of animal cruelty ecause of video he put on facebook. maryland state police arrested william hunter hardesty. he's accused of feeding and then tackling a pelican in key west last week. he posted the videoag and ou spread all the way to his former employer who started getting
6:41 pm
complaints even though they had nothing to do with this. he was arrested in oceis city morning. he's going to be extradited back florida. the terrible road conditions on the baltimore-washington parkway have gotten the attention of myland senator chris vanan holl he sent a letter today calling for immediate action to fix the potholes he says are making it unsafe to drive. earlier this month the park service lowered the speed limit on the parkway because conditions are so bad. a complete repaving isn't expected to be finished until the fall. next at 6:00 night, a local student scientist with a passion for math and science takes top prize, and it's a big one folks, in an out of this world competition. after another beautiful day, ngmperatures are g to be taking a nose dive.
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sunday marks a very special birthday for music lovers, nat king cole would have turned 100 years ol >> the legendary singer known for classics like "unforgettable" is being honored at the national museum for african-american history and culture. >> today mark segraves toured the exhibit withcole's twin daughters. >> reporter: nat king cole had a voe like no other. while he died at the young age 45, he left behind a tremendous body of work, including dozens of hit records, as well ass. movies and tv sh cole was the first african-american singer to have his own network show.
6:45 pm
>> h broke so mu racial barriers. >> reporter: when he died in 1965, dis twinghters were only three years old. they got to know their father through hisco s, as well as the memories of family, friends, and fans. they admit their father's legacy can be at times overwhelming. >> was this person real? was this person our father? it's almost like the mystery of santa claus. >> reporter: at the national muse of african-american history and culture they were greeted by the museum's director.ers his career. >> this man was one of the greatest jazz musicians if you listen to the early way he masterly uses that piano. >> rorter: the cole sister continue his legacyngith the nat ole hope foundation. >> empowering children withhere.
6:46 pm
>> as forhehatll be thinking on sunday. here. like he's still >> he still sounds amazing, he never left. >> reporter: aetro speckive of his music is being released to coin side wh his birthday. and saturday they'll host a panel selection on cole's career. for more on the event at the museum go to and search nat king cole. mark segraves news4. ce tat justld 18 years and scien >> anna humphrey a tc williams high school senior is obsessed with exoplanets, the planets that orbit stars beyond our own solar hystem. all of research led her to claim a top honor in this country. first place in the rejen ron science talent search and
6:47 pm
$250,000. the alexandria teen says she got hooked on science back in the sixth grade and ever since then it's been her goal to do, quote, good science. a i just love exoplanets. i love thinkinut them. i think they can answer someen the fundl questions we have about our universe and what makes us possible. >> now anna will set h sights on college and working towards a ph.d. and becoming an astrophysicist. what an impressive young woman. >> i'm intimidated beyd words. that's amazing. >> doug, everything all right over there? >> yeah. >> wking the phone? >> getting the late-breaking weather stats. >> my son is home, he walked in the house, he said someone is in the house. i don't thin. that's the ca i'm telling him go to the neighbors. he's okay. >> he' be fine.
6:48 pm
>> hold on, buddy, i'll be right back. >> it's hot outside so he can wait tside. out there right now 78 degrees in d.c. it's on the cold side -- no, it's not. that's wdt i s last week because last week at this time we were talking snow during the day on friday. today nothing but warm air, 80 annapolis. amazing the warm air around the area. what we're going to continue toe see, a n evening. notice the clouds trying to form a couple showers. not expecting much in the way of shower activity but we have a couple rounds. 74 right now at the airport, dropping intohe 6s by 10:00, 11:00. the cold air comes i and the breeze continues, it shifts to out of thet and northwest. looking good in manassa at 72. 72 in camp springs. theucradar, not going on. look at southern maryland, this is where wees told yourday you would have the best chance
6:49 pm
to see the rain, and we have it round calvert county, down towards the northern neck. this system moving through and will continue to do so over the next hour or so. you can see one line to the north. has pretty strong ttonderstorms outheast pennsylvania. this is right before the front. so watching to see if any of these linger down into our area, but that hasn't been the case so far. we saw a couple in montgomery county in the 4:00 hour, but that was . most of these on the light side into the south. look at the temperatures, into th i 70s our area. 74 d.c. back to the west, only 43. it was in the 70s in kentucky yesterday now it's 43. that shows you we have colder air making its way in here. 56 tomorrow after a high of 78 today. we'll drop 22 degrees and it'll feel cooler than that bechese we have t breeze out there and tomorrow's breeze will feel quite coolpl ty of sunshine, that's the saving grace tomorrow. same thing on st. trick's day.
6:50 pm
36 on st. patrick's day. these are wind chill -- i'm almost putting these maps away for the season but not yet -- saturday morning, 30 in the morning. during the day only in the 40 look at sunday morning, waking up sunday morning, waking up with the iri at 7:00, 8:00 a.m. 27 gaithersburg. 29 in manassas. and wind chill only in the 40s. it will be chilly if you're out and abou something to think about. 53 on monday. 50 degrees on tu wday. nextk looking good as we head back to around 60 degrees by tt end of n week. and warmer by next friday and saturday. >> two words, irish coffee. >> almost said irish coffee. >> better take that call. think he's still on the phone, doug. >> i think she's still on thge. comin up, it's officially the final weekend before the big dance. and george mason has a lot to
6:51 pm
play for. how did they fair in their coerence tournaments? first he's lester holt th a look ahead on nbc "nightly news." >> the controversy attack live streamed by the we look at whose responsibility it is to police such images online. online. and how authorities became themale voiceo penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. eryone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car buying service, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> cary, it's nonstop hoops from here on ou >> march madness. that's right. when it comes to college hoops, it's been less march madness and more march sadness. m going to show myself out a little later for the lame tro, and students never write something that lame. both myland and georgetown were bounced from their conference tournaments yesterday but george mason was not. the patriots are looking to keep
6:55 pm
their big dance hopes alive today. mason taking on st. bon aventure, final minute of the first half pats down 7 good d, dominic welch makes the contested three and they're up by 10 at the break. secondlf more welch from the corner. he finished with 20. mason battling back. hartwell nails thele tr. but a little too little, too late. mason's tournament run ends with ss58-57 george mason ended george washgton's season yesterday and today the school announced they're parting ways with head coach maurice joseph. he led the colonials for three seasons, thewo3-year-old was years into a five-year deal he signed in march of 2017.
6:56 pm
redskinsws . the team adding more depth to the secondaryigning domin rogers, contract terms not disclosed yesterdt but thigeis solidt, a two-time pro bowler who annoued his retirement from football last season but comes back. c 30eer interceptions. the wizards looking to keep their playoff hopes alive tonight with a pivotal home gamg ainst the hornets. evnty game very impor as they're 3.5 games outside of the final playoffpot and 1.5 games behind the hornets. e win tonight could cut the deficit to hal a game with 13 games remaining. but the guys know everythings matternow. >> all the years i was with milwaukee, playoff contenders, it feels good to play meaningful basketball, we're still in hunt. so just trying to getat to th. >> we're going to continue to
6:57 pm
battle and fight. we're having fun with this. this is a great opportunity for all of us to get a better learn from the season we're we're right there to keep fighting. we're going to keep doing it. we have spring training action the nats and mets this afternoon. it was a home run party for the guys in red. adam eaton, well. home run to lead the game.e nats would tally 7 home runs. ryan zimmerman hit a home run, matt adamson. and thewi nats run away th this one 11- 3. it's time we spy on our ex. bryce harper, facing toronto rookie trent thornton and gets nailed by a 96 mile per hour pitch. he was down for a wi, suffered a bruised right foot.
6:58 pm
but the manager said he isn't overly concerned. this was his fourth game and he's currently 0 f 5 in ten platepeaparances. so the 13 years, $330 million hasn't really -- >> an expensive injury there. >> that's true. it hasn't translated too much but obviously as we spy on our exs we never want to see them get hurt. >> really? not talking about bryce here, i'm talking about exs. >> i stand corrected. i stand corrected. typically, i should say, we do not wish that upon o exes, i guess it depends on the situation. >> we'r glad bryce is okay. >> it is weird seeing him in that uniform. >> technicly he is cheating on us. >> he is. doreen has a point.>> that does it for us. >> thank you, cary. >> thanks for having us in this week. "nightly news" is coming up in 60 seconds. >> we hope to see y bac here
6:59 pm
for news4 at 11:00, have a good evening.
7:00 pm
> breaking news tonight. terr in new zealand. 49 people killed in a shooting massacre at two mosques.iv the gunmantreaming the horror on facebook. police capturing him in a dramatic takedown. the community in disbelief. >> we're so kind a loving. so i just don't understand why someone would hurt us like this in such a wa >> the suspect's apparent manifesto filled with racist rants. president trump mentioned by name in those writings says he doesn't see white nationalism as a rising threat. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people. >> onight security stepped up at mosques here at home. president trump uses his first-ever veto after a dozen li senate repubns joined democrats to revolt against hism ergency over the border.


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