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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 16, 2019 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- anne hathaway, senator from ohio, sherrod brown, star of "black earth rising, actress michaela coel, featuring the 8g band with vanzella joy. ♪ a [ chee applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: gsed evening! i' meyers. this is "late night," everybody. how are you doing tonight? [ cheers andpplause ] that's great to hear. in hat case, let's get to t news. president trump pushed for his border wall on twitter this morning by repeatedly posting the phrase, "build a wall and crime will fall." [ laughter ]
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that's great and everything, but eru will probably be impeached before they could inish a wall, so maybe leave the fence for president pence? [ laughter ] [ applause ] president trump -- president trump this morning introduced as new slogan fororder wall, saying "build a wall and crime will fall," adding, quote, "use ly and pray." which coincidentas the slogan for his short-lived trump brand condoms. [ laughter and applause ]ff "50%tive. [ laughter ] it's a coin flip." [ laughter ]ke spnancy pelosi sent a letter to the white house today saying she will not allow president trump to deliver the state of the union address next week if the government is still shut dow damn! if trump really wants a strong wall on the mexican border, he should build it out of nancy pelosi. laughter ] according --
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[ cheersnd applause ] according to reports, presidt trump and some of his allies have raised the possibility that rudy guiliani should do fewer telesion interviews following his recent appearances. replied guiliani, "those were televised?" [ laughter ] oh, rudy. rudy, rudy, rudy, rudy. [ laughter ] ultimatelyay democratic mayor pete buttigieg announced this morning he has launched a exploraty committee for a possible presidential run, much to the dismay of mike pence, who believes being exploratory is a ann. an italian restachain in new york has started offering gender reveal lasagnas. [ laughter ] so i don't know out the baby, t it will definitely reveal the gender of whose idea that was. [ laughter ] "or we go out for hter ]
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hear me out! [ laughter ] cut into a nice lasagna." according to a new report, -called naked wedding dresses mand of lace sheer fabrics will be a popular tris year. also a popular wedding trend this year, grandma heart attacks. laughter ]g burger ks announced it will begin selling funnel cake fries starting tomorrow. i'd say, "run, don't walk." but something tells me that's not an [ laer ]is and s so exciting. thanks to newly developed technology here at "late night," we now have the ability to record the ty voice that is inside donald trump's head.u and ght be surprised to know that, like everyone's inner voice, donald trump's is filledn with paralfear and self doubt. so here it is once again, "the tiny voice in the back of donald trump's head."
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♪se [ applau ] >> hey, donald. it's the tiny voice in the back of your head, and it's time to sign some documents with your ry large signature. [ light laughter ] okay, first peek at the other guy's papers like you middle school. [ laughter ] okay, good peeking. and now remember to do it real g and real slow to make everybody else wai [ laughter ] that's what you call a power move. okay. now trade 'em, take one, te another one. now you have two, justin has zero -- oh, i like when i had two. okay, now look at it again. this looks like something you've seen before. oh, it's a copy of what you just did. [ laughter ] okay. real big. and real slow. [ laughter ] like a winner. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we have a great show for you tonight. she's the starf the new film, erenity," anne hathaway is back on the show! cheers and applause ]
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he isenator from the great th state of ohio. sherrod brown joins us tonight! [ cheers and applause ] and you can see her in the new limited series, "black earth rising" on netflix. michaela coel is joining us. so we have a great show for you. [ cheers and applaus before we get to all of our wonderful guests, president trump's former and current lawyers are causing le pr for him in the russia investigation.n for more ois, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: trump has spent the last few weeks openly yethreatening his former l michael cohen, by demanding that law enforcement officials investigate cohen's father-in-law. trump has been claiming in interviews that cohen's la father-idid something illegal, although he doesn't seem to know many details. >> in order to get a sentence reduced, he says, "i have an idea. i'll tell -- i'll give you some information on the president." well, there is no information. ont he should give informa maybe, on his father-in-law. because that's the one that people want to look at. because where does that money -- that's the money in the family.
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and i guess heidn't want to lk about his father -- he's trying to get his sentence reduced. >> what is his father--law's name >> i don't know. but you'll find out. [ laughter ]ou >> seth:on't know? you just said he committed a crime, but you don't know his name? [ laughter ] is he zorro? t have a name, but he did carve a "z" into the white house. [ laughter ] so -- [ applause ] a we're -- keepieye out for zachs." [ laughter ] now cohen was supposedino testifublic to congress next month about his involvement and plans to build a trump tower in mcow during the 2016 campaign. but today he postponed that testimony due to trump's threats. trump was asked about cohen's decision at the white house this afternoon. >> he said he's been threatened by you and mr. giuliani. en>> no, i would say he's threatened by the truth. he's only been threatened by the truth. >> seth: yeah, he's ened by the truth. you know, truth, like his father-in-law's name!
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[ laughter ] i don't know if he's threatened by the truth, but at least he knows the truth. if you were put under oath in a courtroom and a prosecutor asked you, "what does the president do," you'd say -- >> i don't know. but you'll find out. [ laughter ] >> seth: now -- [ applause ] you might remember that just a few days ago, confusing saga unfolded when buzzfeed published what seemed like a blockbuster story about that deal to build the trump tower in moscow. and then special counsel robert mueller's office took the incredibly rare step of issuing a public statement claiming the story wasn't accurate. buzzfeed stood by its initial report. trump slammed buzzfeed in the media broadly but claimed he was actual sad about the fact that buzzfeed supposedly got the story wrong. >> i think that the buzzfeed piece s a disgrace to our country. it was a disgrace to journalism. and i think it's going to take a long time for the mainstream ov media to r its credibility. it's lost tremendous ed ility. and believe me, that hurts me. it hurts me to say it.
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>> seth: no. you are -- [ laughter ] not in the l the media's creditability. you wake up every day and tweet "fake news" and your favore hobby is yelling at reporters. >> you know what, you've really had enough.en hey, you've hagh. sit down. sit down. quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet. [ talking over each other ] >> wait, that's enough. put down the mic. [ laughter ] >> seth: he's like a wrestler on stoids. [ light laughter ] he's going to show up to his next press conference in a d and put jim acosta in choke hold. [ laughter t here's tng about the buzzfeed story. we're in this weird place right now where we keep waiting for another smoking gun. when what we already know is incredibly damning. the president was secretly pursuing a business deal in russia while his aides were secretly meeting with russians offering to help him win. his campaign chairman was sharing internal polata with a business associate tied to russian intelligence. and the entire time they were all lying about it. what are we waiting for? we have enough it's like we're all cops in a surveillance van watching a drug deal go down saying, "okay, they gave him the money. [ light laughter ]
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and now they're giving them the drugs. [ light laughter ] and now they're all getting in their cars and leaving. [ laughter ] and now we wait." [ laughter ] the reason why -- [ applause ] the reason why it feels like we're not getting traction on the stuff we already know is that our political system is incapable of processing it in the way a healthy political system should.if normallyhe president lies repeatedly about his entanglements with a foreign adversary, or crimes committed ul his subordinates at his direction, that prompt hearings, investigations, universal condemsition by both s. and instead what we have is one party that says, "hey, that's bad," and a another party that says, "so what, every president in history has paid hu money to a porn star." [ laughter ]ed and the buzztory was actually a perfect dry run for what will inevitably happen if anwhen mueller reveals wha really happened between trump e and ssians.
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after the buzzfeed story was published but before the special counsel denied it, trump supporters went on tv and radid and offe a series of absurd reasons why it was not a big deal. d >> president trus not e-mail or text. he tweets. okay? and he uses his phone. so there's going to be no physical evidence for any of this. >> the first question has to be, since when has democrats started caring about obstructi? because the biggest slam dunk case of obstruction of justice, if we havequal justice and equal application of our laws, is hillary e-mails. subpoenaed >> this is an absurdity. can you imagine -- any presidenu of tted states being dumb enough to say to somebody, "i'd like you to go over now and li to congress." >> seth: not only is trump dumb enough to lie he's dumb enough to misspell the word "country." [ laughter ] and look, everybody -- everybody makes typo but the president should at least be able to spell the thing he's in charge of. [ laughter ] can you imagine if steve jobs
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had made theame mistake when he launched apple? [ laughter ] so the short answer to all of this is,e don't know whether trump directed michael cohen to lie to congress about the trump tower deal.o but weow that trump himself has lied repeatedly to everybody. anthen this week, trump's current lawyer, rudy guiliani, claimed it would have been totally fine for the president to talk to his former lawyer ab t what he was going to s in his testimony to congress. >> as far as i know, president trumdid not have discussions with him. certainly had no discussions with him in which he told him or counseled him to lie. if he had any discussions with t hiy'd be about the version of the events that michael cohen gave then, which they all lieve was true. >> but you just acknowledged that it's possible that en prestrump talked to michael cohen about his testimony. >> which would be perfectly normal! >> seth: no, it wouldn't! [ laughter ] nothing this president does is normal.y the uldn't figure out how to close an umbrella and his first instinct was to leave it outside. [ laughter ] [ applausei' and rudy got to say -- [ laughter ]
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if you keep messing up like this, rudy, he might do the same to [ laug rudy's comments over the weekend raore questions than they answered. so in an attempt to clean up the mess he made, he did an interview with "the new yorker" and somehow it got much worse rd and much w. here's how "new yorker" staff writer isaac chotner described the start on his conversation with rudy. "on monday afternoon i called giuliani to try to understand what he was saying about the moscow negotiations. after telling me that he only had minute before getting into the shower, he agreed to a conversation." why does he mpulsively share details no one wants to know? el's like he can't help hi every interview rudy does is like a call with your grandfather in florida. "how are you, grandpa?" "well, i'm getting a shot tomorrow in my it was sa, and the doctor says i'm going to be sore for a couple days, so i've got to use percreme. [ light laughter ]
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but i got preparation h by accident so i got to go back to. the pharma [ laughter ] even though the laan there was o me." [ laughter ] "all right, you know what, that's great, grandpa. i got to go."ia gi then insisted he knew the buzzfeed story was false immediately, he once again revealed something he shouldn't have. here's the exchange.el "i canyou from the moment i read the story, i knew the story was false. because? because i have been through all the tapes." wait. what tapesthave you gone ugh? [ laughter ] "i shouldn't have said tapes." [ laughter ] so there were no tapes you listened to, though? "no tapes. well, i have listened to tapes. [ laughter ] but none of them concern this." [ applause ] jesus -- rudy is like that guy you play poker with who keeps turning hid around and going, "is this something?" [ laughter ]he ust keeps rambling. it doesn't matter what you ask him. we've been waiting all this time for mueller to tell us what wenn hen all we needed to do
12:51 am
was point a camera at rudy and ask him what he had for dinner. "i w a spanish restaurant and had tapas, but i thought the waiter said, 'tapes.' and then they said, 'no, it's tapas.' ."d i said, 'it sounds like you're saying "tap amd they said, 'tapes?' and i said, 'yeah, like the secret tapes of trump colluding with the russians.' [ laughter ] but they said, 'no, it's tapas,' and i said, 'hey, you look familiar.'" [ laughter and applause ] the reason -- the very simple thason their story keeps changing is becaus are lying. rudy might be the worst at it, but he's not alone. it's all out there for everyone to see, including the president. he must be watching all these rudy interviews and saying -- >> quiet, quiet, quiet. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] b we'll be rigk with anne hathaway, everybody. ♪heers and applause ] >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer look's" be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ >> back, give it up for the 8g band right over there! [ cheers and applause ] joining us again tonight, she's the fantastic drummer for the one and only beyonce, and her ng new single, "omoon," which she wrote and produced is available now on all digital outlets. venzella joy is here! [ cheers and applause ]be thank you fog venzella. >> thank you seth.
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>> seth: our first guest tonight is an academy ard winning actress you know from such films as "les miserables," "oceans 8," and "the devil wears prada." she's currently starring in "serenity," which is in theaters this friday. let's take a look. >> my husband is joining me here the day after tomorrow. i told him that i would charter a boat for fishing tuna. i want you to take him out on your boat, let him get drunk. and drop him in the ocean for the sharks. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, anne hathaway, everyone! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> hey! >> seth: how are you? >> i so good. thank you. >> seth: it's wonderful to see you. i have to say, sometimes you a show a clip frovie, and
12:57 am
people can't glean the plot from it. but that really laidt. [ laughter ] but this has been a movie that's been shrouded in secrecy to some degree. >> yeah. yeah. >> seth: so, has it been hard for you to talk about it even during the filming of it? h >> it wasnd during the filming of it. itt a twisted movie with a of twists. >> seth: uh-huh. >> so, that part just been really -- at[ laughter ] what happened? [ laughter ] oh, man, it went over my head. so, yeah, son that sense, i don't know, it's been kind of fun gleaning into the mystery t and ving too much away. >> seth: it is -- a lot of this movie takes place on a boat. >> yes. >> seth: and because of that, i imagine that you, on long days of shooting, where you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean, you want to bring essentials on to the boat. >> yeah. >> seth: were there things you had to have over the course of the day? >> oh, yeah. i love being out on boats, so thankfully, i didn't neeto bring any dramamine or anything like that. >> seth: yeah. >>doo, i was like, okay, wha i want? i'll probably want a book for in between takes. and what else? sunscreen is a good idea. i'm going to bring an espresso machine. >> seth: wow.
12:58 am
>> we're going to be out there all day long, and i bet they're not going to have great coffee on the crew boat. and so, i'm like, i'm going to have an espresso machine and everybody is going to be tired, but it's going to be okay, because i'm going to show up with this neresso for them. i'm not -- by the way, i'm not shilling for nespresso right now. [ laughter ] i'm not taking over for george. so, anyways, i show up thinking i'm going totho this great g. and i'm like, "hey, guys, where can i plug in my espresso machine." they're like, "this is a movie boat. you can't plug it in anywhere." this isn't real. and i was like, "okay, what do we do?" they said "holthon." an bring this massive generator -- this, like, gas-powered generator onto the boat. they're like, "hang on, hathaway wants coffee!" [ laughter ] and then just this nicthing that i wanted to do for everyone be turned into the biggest diva request of all time. i'm embarrassing. >> seth: just based on the gas alone, each cup of espresso is like $45. >> so, trible. [ laughter ] mama earth. >> seth: you shot in mauritius, yes? >> yeah. >> seth: i'm saying that right, i hope? >> mauritius, yes you are. ha seth: and you have -- w children very similar ages.
12:59 am
did you bring your son with you? >> yes, of course. it was so far away and we were there for a long time. so -- >> seth: did he enjoy it? was i mean, i think we're like days apart. when was your -- 2 march 24th. >> seth: and marh. so, really, they're the same. they're the same child. [ ughter ] how -- my son loves the beach and things like that. swimming. >> yeah. >> seth: is yours there, as we? does he like those things? >> oh, yes, he loves it. he was really into moana at th time. your son is ash, right? >> seth: yeah. >> was he into moana? >> seth: he does not know who moana is. >> well, my son had a crush on moana.s >> seth: my soaying hard to get. [ laughter ] >> so, my n thought -- we took him to mauritius, which is paradise. it's so beautifu and so, i think he thought that we were in motunui. and then, i don't know if you've ev matthew mcconaughey's wife, but she is the most drop-dead gorgeous brazilian woman, and she kind of looks like moana. [ laughter ]
1:00 am
so, my son was like, "what is happening? what is this crystal ocean and her?" and so camila would come around and my son would just, like, get this look on his face. anlyi realized he was comple in love with her. >> seth: that's fantastic! >> yeah. >> seth: how is his ser?e of hu because that has been my favorite thing to watch develop. >> he's delightful. he's delightful and he loves laughing.s he's a generugher. >> seth: that's nice. >> i was at the park with him just before you know that you do that thing where you kind of be a monster and come up really slowly, and they just fill up with joy and joy and then they can't keep it in and then they laugh. so, that was really sweet. what does ash do? >> seth: ash is -- we feel as th gh, the other day, we got our first joke. which is, my wife made him breakfast and he ate the whole thing and then he was went, "who made this breaast?" [ laughter ] and that made us laugh. and before we uld answer, he goes, maybe a monkey? [ laughter ] and that was just -- y like, every part of that. i'm like, that's tantastic. t's fantastic. >> seth: that's going to crush harder for us right now than anything i do tonight.
1:01 am
>> so, i'm prepping a character right now, and she's really wimated in her facial expressions, and wearing -- we had to do a test and we didn't have the right wig. so, my hair looked a little weird. and so, i'm -- facetiming with jonathan and i'm like "maybe i can practice the facial expressions on him." d so, i'm like, doing it for him and give him this big smile, and he goes, "mama, what are you doing?" [ laughter ] okay.ll maybe one it down a little bit. >> seth: yeah, if you lose your 2 1/2-year-old, you've lost the whuntry. >> i think that's good. >> seth: and i wanted to ask as well about mcconaughey, because you guys work together as well on "interstellar." and i think like all of us -- i'm assuming you were a huge fan of his before you crossed paths with him.'s and o iconic and so much fun to be around. what was your first meeting with him like? >> oh, the first time i met him, it was for the test for "interstellar." and, you kw, i just -- i look up to matthew so much and have for a long time. but then to, like, meet him and realize all of that was use, you know -- [ laughter ]
1:02 am
but it's not -- seth: yeah. >> that whole just keep living thing. he's so alive!y it's reaspiring. and so, like, i go out there and i'm in the costume for "interstelr's" space suit and they want to see me run and so i'm doing it. i'm doing this. and they say, "okay, matthew, do you mind doing it?" matthew gets down on tor and like spins around. and i'm like -- he's on mars right now!, li's testing out the atmosphere! he's so good. oh, my gosh! so i just kind of, like -- i just decided then and there that he was my big brother and i was going to lea from him and i was going to pick his brain about everything. and we got on great. which is good. except that i just found out because we just -- like inthhe press fo we had to do something where we had to talk about meeting each other. and every aner they asked me -- sorry, every question they asked me, i gave these incredibly detailed answers. sometimes i teared up a lile bit. i went into what the air felt like and how moved i was. and then they turn to matthew. and he would be like, "i don't remember." [ laughter ]
1:03 am
i knew was the case. i didn't expect differently. >> seth: to be fair, when he met u, he was on mars, so. [ laughter ] >> he's got a direct line. >> seth: i'm glad you guys are working again. congrats on the movie. thank you here. for being back >> i'm so happy to be back here. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: it's always great to have you e anne hathawarybody. "serenity" is in theaters everywhere this friday. we'll be right back with senator sherrod brown. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪and all at once i knew ♪i knew at once ♪i knew he needed me ♪it could be fantasy o-oh ♪or maybe it's because he ♪he needs me he needs me he needs me he needs me he needs me♪ ♪music playing the future. what we deliver by delivering.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] es seth: our next guest is the senior united stenator from ohio. please welcome to the show, senator sherrod brown,one. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ hank you. good to be here! >> seth: i'm so happy to have you here. >> thank you. my wife's favorite mov hugh jackman and anne hathaway in "les mis." >> seth: well, that's a really good one. >> i got to say hi on the way out. did you get to say hi to her? >> i did. i did. >> seth: that's great. so, that will be very exciting for your wife to hear. does yr wife have any opinion
1:08 am
on me? >> she thinks -- except for hu jackman, you're her favorite human being. >> seth: thank you. that's very -- i tend to be number two for peopleho have him as number one. i want to ask you -- you won ev re-election by points in a state of ohio that is trending red. certainly in the other elections within your state.-- anut you were being sort of, not just a progressive of a politician, but one that is often being described as not haoking like a politician. do you celebrateabout yourself? et i know we're talking about hugh jackman and ihat. what's this not looking like? >> seth: well, i just want to haread some adjectives tha been used to describe you. >> all right. all right. >> seth: unvarnished. >> that's a good one. >> seth: unpolished. >> unpolished is okay.y. >> seth: gri >> gritty. i'll go with that. >> seth: always disheveled. [ laughter ] radiates rumpledness. >> no, you made that one up. >> seth: no, it's real. >> nobody ever wrote -- i don't radiate, first of all. >> seth: well, someone else
1:09 am
called you mr. uncharisma. in an article at was positive. >> well, i -- you know, you're not -- donald trump, charisma, you're looking for something different. >> seth:eah, that's true. that is the counter balance. >> i operate under this.rt if i so look -- if my hair starts to look worse than bernie sanders, it's time for a haircut. [ laughter ] and so, i just kind of figured that. [ applause ] >> seth: well, you did -- [ applause ] i want to -- your hair is actually such a local story. >> you said this was going to be a substantive discussion, right? >> seth: we're going to be substantive we're gonnubstantive. [ laughter ] but i do want to point out that you recently did get a haircut. >> i -- >> seth: and then it was reported on by t a.p., the lumbus dispatch in it was a big deal. arrod brown gets presidential haircut. meet the man who tries to tame r?sherrod brown's unruly h >> it was a slow news day. but i want to tell you about -- now, any of you that stop ug thcleveland, there's a barber in garfield heights named carlo. and carlo, at the age of -- carlo is in his 70s. he's one of these gu that you
1:10 am
really see him as kind of a dignity of work. he's cut hair for 50 years. he came to this country at the age of 10. he had never been out of his village in italy.s he -- mily took, i guess, a bus or something. many years ago when he was 10 to genoa to get on a ship to come ak the united states. and he remembersg that ship through the straits of gibraltar. he remembers loong at that. think about that. and then he ends up -- his -- i yink his uncle was in cleveland working in a brid and he will say, i won the lottery because i've gotten to live in the united states for 50 years. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> and he's still working and he cut's my hair. >> seth: and he a ves a hell of ircut. [ applause ] >> so, you've got to love carlo. >> seth: you mentioned dignity of work. you are right now on a dignity of work tour.i uld like to know, that a lot of the places you're going are, sort of, early poumary states? we take anything from that? >> well, my wife and i are thinking about a campaign for es ent. and, you know, too many democrats look at, i think, the electorate as either campaign to
1:11 am
the progressive base or you nd campaignalk to working-class voters. you've got to do both. you've got to do both to winhe heartland. and, you know, it really is -- if nothing, if we deci to do this, and it's going to be a joint decision with my wife, connie sultz and me after we do this dignity of work listening tour, i am hopeful he that whoeveremocratic candidate is will put work at the center of their campaign. that too many single parents struggle with the cost of -- or married parents struggle with the cost of child care.or people areng harder than ever before. they don't feel -- you work hard, you ought to be able to get ahead. pd if you love your country, you'll fight for tple who make it work. and that's whether you punch a clock or swipe aadge or whether you're working for tips or whether you're on salary or whether you're raising kids or caring for an aging parent.d don't think policymakers -- i know the white house now, to most people, lookr likereat for wall street executives. and people -- the white house e and ngress -- i mean, look at this awful government shutdown -- are not
1:12 am
thinking about these workers and these communities that are hit so hard. >> seth: you -- because you --nd [ cheerspplause ] absolutely. obviously, this is a mesage that resonated, again, in a state that's getting redder in ul election r. you win, sort of, solidly. you've been progressive for a long time, it should be noted. this is not something that you're adopting as a recent trend.he but isn't thatyou talk to workers that ultimately most progressives, all progressives -- all progressives are also workers, as well? do you have to choose e? >> no, you -- the country -- i think the best message to workers -- you know, i have a lifetime 'f' from the nra. that means some peoplee ill maestion me more. nt it also means if i'm talking to people that mig agree with me on my support for 20 years for marriage equality or my 'f' from the nra or my support for women's right to choose. if i talk to them about their kids, they'll go on to school. if i talk to them about the cost of community college, talk to
1:13 am
them about the overtime rule, where if the president hadn't undone this, 130,000 ohioans yere making 40 or $50,000 on salary and if their boss calls them management, they don't get paid for overtime. they can work them 50 or 60 hours. we aren't paying enough to people. for the government shutdown right now, we all care about the 800,000 workers that are furloughed or working without pay. there are also tens of thousands of workers in this country who are providing the food and doing the security and doing the --g and providd cleaning the offices at the federal facilities. they are all contract workers. they won't get their back pay. 2 these are people making d $15 an hour. i don't think the president ever thinks of this group of tens of nds of workers, mostly women, often people of color, who work every bit as hard as you do on this show and your backstage crew and most of the i people in the ce, and have so little to show for it.
1:14 am
and the government has got to ou start lookinfor middle class people and people who aspire to the middle class more than it does. >> seth: you had a situation -- [ cheers and applause ] you had a situation in ohio where gm is closg some plants. you've had an opportunity to talk to the president about this as far as what could he do. when you talked to him about issues like this, maybe how his tax plan affected the gm factories in your state, do you feel as though he understands you on a policy level? >> i think i would start with -- i think he's betrayed those workers. he came to youngstown in the campaign and since theign saying, we're going to bring jobs back to this region. this plant -- gm, after taxpayers rescued them ten years ago, after t trump tax plan gave them huge tax cuts, the company is shutting do this plant. building more capacity in mexico. doing stock buybacks for the executives. so, i called the president, bersonally talked to him m 20 minutes, and i said, you
1:15 am
ifow, there is a provision in the law that sayou're producing -- if you're manufacturing in ohio, you pay a 21% tax rate. if you move to mexico, you pay a 10.5% tax rate. it'sort of a 50% off coupon encouraging these companies to move. and i said to the president, you know, that's a real pr and that's causing these companies -- the president said, where did that ia come from? i said, mr. president, it was actually in yourax bill. and it was in his new tax law. and it's one of those thin i've asked him to change, because it means more jobs move offsre. and more people in -- all over the country, not just the industrial midwest, lose jobs. >> seth: so you're she's not a policy wonk. [ laughter ] >> thas well said. >> seth: that's accurate, yeah. >> he's not rumpled, either. >> seth: he's not rumpled. [ laughter ] >> something in between might work a little better. >> seth: something in between. i also want to ask aut, you know, obviously we're talking about these workers and not just the ones that are furloughed, but as you mentioned, there is the domino effect that knocks down a lot of other workers, as well.
1:16 am
it seems as though the democratic leadership position right now is you can't give in to the psident on what he's asking for, because he will continue t it if you cave and give him money for this. >> we've got to figure something out. i mean, fundamentally, mitch mcconnell, the leader of the senate, has got to do his job. weassed something about 30 days ago -- 32 days ago. we passed a bill unanimously in the senate to keep the government open. after the sort of rush limbaugh types came out against it, the president changehis mind after promising to sign it. and the government closed fundamentally.d e fear that we have -- a lot of us have is that the president -- if congress votes f the $5 billi the wall -- this is a 25 to $30 billion oj t to build the wall. if we vote $5 billion now, the president, six months from now, will shut the government down again to get the next $5 billion. and you can't run a country where the commander-in-chief almost takes a perverse delight, as he, kind of, bragged, in he shuttingovernment down.
1:17 am
i mean, the term shutting the government down makes no sense to anybody in this audience and anybody in the country. i mean, we nd to do our jobs. we need to show up to work like most people do in this country. and open the government and move forward. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i -- i can only imagine how -- i can't imagine that washington, d.c., ght now is a very exciting, or i should say p place to be. do you see -- is there optimism when you go out on your tour right now? i mean, are you feeling a hope from people? >> i feel an optimism in the country. i think that there's sort of tog much coming out of the white house. there's -- there are too many people running for office that, sort of, express that anger.le and i think peook for a more optimistic -- i mean, this sort of happy warrior, let's figure out how to do this together. we've -- congress passed ase farm -- thte passed a farm bill that's a bill to help clean up lake erie and to providfood stamps and to develop rural
1:18 am
areas with broadband and to help family farmers. we've got 87 votes in the 0-person senate. we can do things bipartisanly when mitch mcconnell or the president doesn't get in the way. s d too many times tha happened. >> seth: well, i wish you the best of luck. and i celebrate your optimism. eers and applause ] and thank you so much for being here. i really appreciate it. >> thanks. >> seth: senator sherrod brown, everybody. we'll be right back with michaela coel. [ cheers and appuse ] ♪ today, molly got dressed for a big night out with her closest friends. john got dressed for his first first date in what feels like a really long time. john! hi! >>hi. sasha got dressed to crush her job interview. it looks good! and millions of other americans got dressed for millions of other personal moments. that's why at stitch fix we don't just see your size or your style. sasha greene? we see you. sasha greene? i'm a dancer, casting directors will send me
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with a distinct balance of minerals, and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park®. deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is ann bafta award g writer, producer and actor you know from her series "chewing gum."sh stars in the new limited series "black earth rising," which begins streaming this fridayn netflix. let's take a look. >> this is what they did to me. i don't remember my family. or my country. nothing. the only thing i know is that it happened to nearly a million people, and i will never forget it. and neither shld anyone else. >> and no one will. >> seth: please welcome to the show, michaela coel, everyone. [ chrs and applause ] ♪
1:24 am
♪ >> seth: welcome to the show! >> thank you very, very much. >> seth: this must be exciting. ithis was a show that air england on the bbc ain now it's to be on netflix for the whole world to see. >> yes. >> seth: is that e titing to knre's this whole second wave of people who get to experience it. >> it's, like, exciting and also ouvery surreal if i think it too much. it's, like, overwhelming and i may die. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> it' kind of, like, when it's on bbc, it's like you're in a really cool little west end theater. but not western-western. like, you know, hammersmith. >> seth: yeah. ay>> and this is like broa >> seth: i see. so, this is now everyone gets to ll you what they think. >> yes. it's a big audience out there. >> seth: for me, i knew you from "chewing gum," which is very funny. and this is, obviously, a heavier topic. you play a character who is dealing with very real trauma of
1:25 am
being a genocideurvivor. what drew you to playing a role like this, considering the last thing you were doing? >> yes, well, first, before i read t script, i was told hugo blick wrote it. and i'm a huge fan of his. he had another show called "the honorable woman," that was a show on netflix. >> amazing. was great. and "the shadow line." that was 2011. and i actually looked back into my tweets and found that i had been tweeting about this show. >> seth: wow.ea >> yh for the two months that it was on. >> seth: do you think he saw it then and was like, i'm going to wait eight years. i >> becauas terrified. i was more like, "i want to meet that guy and shake his hand!" that's literally what i wrote. i was the scarfan girl. but then i read the script and it was about genocides that i didn't know happed. didn't know a lot of history in 1994, at least 800,000 people were killed in 100 days. and how did i not know that? so, it begins there and it's about the coequences of the genocide and the west's relationship with africa. and i was ignorant. so, i wanted to, kind of, redeem myself, i guess, and find out more and be a part of something
1:26 am
that brings awareness. >> seth: well, i'm glad you did. obviously, it's very powerful. you did have to undertake some skill learninghat you did not have in your back pocket as an actor. you d to learn some french. >> i had to learn some french. i had to learn generally to pronounce consonants and vows, which i don't really do. i'm from east london where it'sw li would i pronounce all of the words? [ laughter ] so, i had to learn that. i had to learn how to skol in the boat -- >> seth: so, like rowing. like crew rowi. >> what's crew rowing. >> seth: like, that. yeah. >> yeah, but there's loads o like that. so, but mine like that was the really, really hard one. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> so, the one wherelike, if you don't row, you just fall into the >> seth: wo you go to learn how to do that? >> i went to a school called latymer. it's like a really private, fancy sports school, where all the olympic wiers of the future go. >> seth: okay. >> and it's all ages from, like, 5 to 17. and i would have to learn in of
1:27 am
fronhem. and they would kind of just line up and look through the glass windows of the swimming pool, like what is she doing? [ laughter ] w thn i had to film -- that's in the thames. so it's like, no swimming poe . you're in ames now. and the first shot i accidentally rode into a bush. [ laughter ] and they were all there. the director is like, "yeah, can you just back up out of the bush?""i and i was likeon't know how!" [ laughter ] >> seth: they didn't treat me -- ey did not teach me backwards. >> my ego -- my ego was in so much pain. but i grew. i grew. >> seth: i'm glad you did that. i am glad you did that. i did think it was wn that scene where you just went into the bush. i didn't feel like that -- [ laughter ] >> yeah, i was surprised they re left that in t >> seth: yeah. it did not match the tone. very slap sticky for this heavy. >> yep. yep. >> seth: you created a show called "chewing gum," which is also on -- in england and then on netflix. this is a show -- did you create this for a school project? >> yes, i did. in my final year of drama school, i decided to, like, not be in one of the main shows and
1:28 am
to write my own. i wrote a ten-minute comedy, dark comedy called "chewing gum dreams," and then left school early. i dropped out final year of drama school and risd not getting all the big agents and that stuff to do the play in industrial wasteland. this guy was trying to build a theater in like a very random space in hackney, and i stalked him for a while. even i began -- >> seth: this has been something u had been doing a few times. stalking has come up more than once. >> yeah, that was, like, my first time. >> seth: okay, gotcha. so, you weren't great at it. >> wasn't great so i went through, like, his sister. began stalking his sister first. >> seth: okay, gotched >> but it wo in the end, he read my script and said, "okay, yeah, yeah, you n do it. but you have to build your own set. do all of ur marketing, design your flyers, print your flyers, do all your promo." so, i did all of and i love and it was five days and a 200-seater theater. >> seth: and that led to it being a television show. >> yes, it did. >> seth: fantastic. and it led to all of this.
1:29 am
onderful to t so meet you. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, thank you! >> seth: congrats on eve ything! >> tha! >> seth: congrats on the show. michaela coel, everybody. "black earth rising" is streaming on netflix this friday. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ humira patients, you inspire us. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to anne hathaway, senator sherrod brow michaela coel, everybody. vanzell joy and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for carwen daly. l see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hello there. this is the flatiron room. i'm carson daly. and its time for "last call." tonight, "the hole in the ground" star seana kerake is


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