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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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attacks and strokes. and nicolette sheri onpens up about felicity huffman's college scandal. an urgent search for a man accused of killing his uncle as news4 talks to a friend of the victim. >> he loves everyone. thanks for joining us, pat and leonre off today. we'll start with the developing story, an urge search for a man suspected of killing his uncle. >> the suspect in this case considered armed and dangerous. >> he's been on the run 2 f hours accused of killing his uncle andnd wg his aunt. tracee wilkins is live with new action from friends of the victim. >>. >> reporter: i also spoke with the aunt who was injured. she did not want to talk onra ca her hand was still wrapped from the gun wound shec ed. prince george's county police
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are looking for osman kalokoh as you have said. they want tour make the public understands this is a man considered armed and dangerous. >> he smiles, he hugs you every time. >> reporter: of the people who knew him describe him the same way. >> i never heard him having any quarrel with nobody. he's a very decent human being. >> reporter: it makes it harder to nderstand whykalokoh's nephew, osman kalokoh would allegedly shoot and kill his uncle and injure husband aunt sunday morning. olice are now searching for 20-year-old osmlokoh, he's considered armed and dangerous. >> he messed me up. >> reporter: this family friend talked about what happened when their nephew allegedly entered their bedroom 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. >> the boy walk in and shoot him in his chest.
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>> reporter: police have not revealed details but this man said the alleged gunman did not stop atne shot. >> he went back and shot him in his back, made sure the guy was dead. then he was going to kill the wife, too. the bullets went through the hands, went through the door went through that lady's house. if you go in there, you can see the bullet hole. >> reporter: prince george's coty police are asking anyone with information that can help lead to an arrest in this case to contact hahey thouemld. not approach this man. again, they believe that he is armed ands.danger reporting live in palmer park, i'm tracee wilkins. wendy, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. >>an hours long man hunt ends with the arrest of a man expected of killing three people on the trams in the netherlands.
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>> three killed five injured thismorning. authorities say terrorismld c have been the motive. this picture of the suspect, he was born in turkey. the search for him caused many parts of the city tout wn. the gun fire opened up in a busy intersection in the nancy pel i neighb thood. becaus attack came three days after the new zealand shootings it set off alarms throughout europe. right now there's no account of link between the two shootings. at the live desk i'm scott macfarlane. back to you. the highest court in the land will consider if d.c. sniper lee malvo should get a new sentencing hearing. him and john allen muhammad terrorized the d.c. community in
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2002. a federal appeals court ruled that malvo should be resentenced because he was a teenager at the time of the crime, he was 17, he's challenging his life sentences in virginia and mareland. the s court will hear the case during its next term, which begins in october. the heart of the nation is dealing with historic and deadly flooding. millions of people could be affected by the high water, b fuelle last month's record snow fall. the missouri river can't handle it all. >> jay gray is live in leplat, nebraska. which has been hit hard by these rising teters. >> rep we want to give you a first-hand look at how hard. you can see the water here. it's pressing up t againstse homes still, inside the windows and doors, andet ses for as far as you can see here. it's no longer at historic levels here, but it's not falling fast enough.
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the water may be starting to drop off just a bit, but make no mistake, conditions are still dire national guard choppers and airboats manned by volunteers have pulled dozens to higher ground. pets scooped away in front loaders as water continues to rush across the midwest and planes. >> just the amount, you know, and the speed of it. >> reporter: melting snow and heavy rains have fuelled the floods. the water pushing cnks of ice that have helped to tear apart levees and tear away bridges. >> insane the amount of water. >> reporter: dozens of communities remain islands right now, no way in or out. >> this was the edge of the water. >> reporter: while in areas where families can get back to their homes, the damage is overwhelng. >> the sad thing is the personal and family haeirlooms are
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priceless and can't be replaced. >> reporter: stolen by the floods like so much here. a warning for communities downstream, scrambling to prepare for the wathat could threaten more than 10 million families ovethe next several days. and just how high is the water here? you can see it is still up to the windows of this school bus. so think about that standing next to a school bus, that's how much water is still here. and the forecast here, not great either. they expect to see more rain tomorrow. wendy, susan, just a tough go. >> it's awful. just awful. >> just can't catch a break. amelia, how much longer are they going to have to endure this? when mighthey get a break? >> in some of those locations you have flood warnis in effect until further notice. for the heartland we're going to continue to see issues for at least this week.'s he snow melt, seeing ice
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jam flooding and the blom cyclone we were talking about last week that's what started this downward spiral. you can see the good news right now is the heartland is getting a break. we're not seeing any rain in our area, though. an upper level disturbance moving through. storm team 4 showing what would be a steady rain ith sn maryland and the northern neck but checking the latest observations there a lot of this no even hitting the ground. but we did see plenty of clouds an a chilly day out there, 48 degrees right now. as we head into the evening hours, you want the warmer jacket taking the dog out,no cing the chill, 7:00 p.m. 46 degrees. by 11:00 p.m. skies have cleared out and we're at 41. it's a cold start to fotomorrow morning, i'll haveore on that and when we could be dealing with rain here around 4:15.
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>> thank u, amelia. it was an emotional day in a d.c. courtroom as closing arguments were delivered for the man accused of killing artist who was raped and murdered in her apartment in the trghtt corridor. megan fitzgerald was in the courtroom. zbrr. >> reporter: the courtroom was packed, not an empty seat inside asti the prose began the day with its closing arguments. telling a derse group of e jurors that was elijah tora who raped and kled this thriving artist, who was in d.c. working on an exhibit. prosecutors went back through the evidenceelling jurors that torres' dna was found on carina's body and on a backpack he had. he took her blue toyota prius after he left her apartment.
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he was seen on surveillance video using her debit cards at atms across the dmv. but the defense tried to tear down that argumentaying that its client is innocent and police didn' thoroughly investigate and follow-up on other leads. they reminded jurors twoeeks before carina was raped and murder, a similar situation happened to anothervictim. defense said he didn't commit that crime and an arrest was neve made. they're hoping it sow's reasonable doubt in the mind of jurors. men have a list that ranked their female classmates that appeared to be based onhe girl's physical rcactiveness.
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spencer is live at bcc high school where she just talked to some of thest ents. >> reporter: that's right. we are here at bcc, classes let out at 2:30 this afternoon so we had the chance to talk to students as they were headed home. each and every one of them told me this behavior was wrong. d they feel like the students involved should be punished and that's what has happened here. according to school officials boys had generated a list of 18 senior girls here at the high school in bethesda. they used the girls' first name and put ag r by it and ranked them, and this was shared on the social media platform. udents we spoke to werend horrified a concerned this type of bullying could lead girls to self-harm. the boys face action and there are ongoing discussions about bullying. let's hear about what the students had to say. >> just don't. i didn't know that was a thing
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we needed to be teaching kids again. but that's technically sexual assault -- sexual harassment. >> we don't nee students taking down other students. we want to be safe to learn and be loved and appreciated. it's disgusting, i think the one word for it. >> reporter: the school officials did release a statement earlier todayth sayin bullying simply will not be tolerated here at bcc. susan, back to you. >> thank so much. a town home in gaithersburg went up in smoke this afternoon now resident haves to find somewhere else to live. this is chopper 4 over the scene. this was on west side drive off muddy branch road. the re start on the first floor and quickly spread. everyone managed to get out safely with no injuries. it took about 50 firefighters to t the fire under control. we're about an hour away from d.c. mayor muriel bowser
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delivering her state of the district address. it's scheduled for 5:30 at the university of oe district columbia. so stay with news4 to find out her plans for her second terms mayor. actress nicolette sheridan holding back. we're live with access as she speaks her mind on that college bribery scandal and her former co-star felicity huffman. a new effort to crack down on led in the water at local schoolscho sol schools. the national park service says our cherry blossom trees have reach phase 2 ofheir bloom, amelia draper explains how changes in the forecast will onfect them. we're back in 90 s.
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back with a look at storm team 4 radar as you can see we had some showers moving through today on and off. amelia says most of this rain is now working its way out of here. she's back soon with a swing in temperatures and our next chance for even more of this. toxic lead in drinkingater
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could put montgomery county school children at risk. and now a top county leadernt to do something to keep the students safe. chris gordon breaks down the plan. >> reporter: lead in drinking water, danger we all face. >> the danger of lead is it can affect cognitive and bone development in children. it can affect -- it can lead to anemia, behavioral problems, increased hyper activity. >> reporter: last year maryland set a standard for public cools requiring remediation of all water outlets with a lead level output of 20 parts perbillion. montgomery county tested 13500 snm outlets, 249 had elevated levels, of those 159 were accessible to service. they were immediately ten out of service, remedted and
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retesting. now montgomery county is considering a bill to restrict lead levels inn schools e more, to 5 parts per billion. >> we send our children to school to expand their brands, not damage them. >>eporter: they're considering tighter restrictions on lead in the water in public libraries, parks and recreation centers. chris gordon news4. a new pothole problem. today we learned the national park servi thinks it has less than half of the money it needs to fix our area potholes. we've shown you the giant craters on the bw parkway. there are similar issues along the gw parkway and rock creek parkway. the park service officials say a full reconstruction on these roads won't start until late summer. >> and they're going to just get
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woe.e and wo it is so bad out there. >> some of those side streets in people's neighborhoods, and you know they're never going to get to those. >> driving home i hit a pothole and is my tire going to explode. >> it's such a horrible noise. but the park serviceas good new today, not just bad news. they're announcing that our cherry blossoms a now in officially stage 2 out of 6. so we went down to the tidal sin to check them out. there you can see still -- it doesn't look like much gng on. again we have quite a few stages to get through. on averag it's 17 days from now once they hit stage 2 as when we can expect peak bloom. with that we have our storm team 4 peak bloom projection this year, april 4th through the 8th, so that is looking on track. od news there. and the cherry blossoms like us love the warmer weather. this weekend not so warm out there.
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it's seasonal at best. average high now 57 degrees. tomorrow, wednesday running low normal. right around normal thursday and friday. and ahiy day on saturday. your sunday, though, is looking really nice.en cuy temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s. .8 in washington. 48 in gaithersbu winchester coming in at a cold 43 degreestoday. heading out the door tomorrow it is a cold start. you want the jacket for t kids at the bus stop. the sunglasses as well. weave beautiful sunshine in the forecast tomorrow from start to finish. 6:00 a.m. we're at 33 degrees. 8:00 a.m. we're notuc seeing movement with our temperatures but plenty of sunshine still around 33 degrees. and a high temperature tomorrow of 52. it a few degrees warmer than today. sunny, cool, not a bad day out there. today that chilling feel in the air. myself, doug, josep martinez
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we're all down at nats park getting ready for nats weather day on may . it was fun down there but we felt the chill. tuesday, wednesday we're completely dry. the chance for spotty showers on thursday. we do retur to d conditions friday and saturday. sunday is also looking dry. we were really warm on friday, that helped to bring out thelo cherryoms into stage 2 and also helped to bring up the tree pollen to the high level. it's gone back down with the cooler temperatures this weekend and today. trees coming in moderate today. mold spores and grasses coming in low. weeds are coming in absent at this time. here's the storm team 4 four d forecast, i'll have the ten day forecast at 4:50. 52 tomorrow, a few degrees warmer. continue to warm wednesday into thursday. clouds increase on thursday with a high of 55 on wednesday. and a chance of showers on
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thursday. we have new recommendations if you're one of the people taking low dose aspirin every day to prevent heart attack or stroke. doctors now sayingot that may be the best move for everyone. first we check in live with kit hoover at"access" you know kit hoover at"access" you know the college bribery [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. and everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are ex joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car bu service, they're finding the right car
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at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at a special guest will stop by "the voice" night. >> christy tee again will stop sh, e's poking fun at her voice coach husband, john legend. >> the best part is h sings to us.e you don't lov it? >> it's a lot. he sings a lot. ♪ fruity water ♪ how is it w fruityer if it's so clear ♪ ♪ i'm sitting here by myself on this couch ♪ ♪ did they change the meeting time ♪ ♪ i want some toast and waffles ♪ ♪ but why are there bagels in here ♪ >> it's like butter. >> there is such a thing as too much butter, though >> is there? n
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>> there's such a thing as too much butter or john legend. it like he's recording his own t's live blind auditions start at 8:00. watch "the voice" here on nbc 4i toe t a new candid response to the college admissions scandal and it comes from ame f co-worker of actressy felichuffman. >> kit hoover joins us, what's nicolette sheridan actually saying? >> first, hi, wendy and susan. leon wentsi hom, do you think too much st. patrick's day? >> who knows. heid throw h back out. let's ponder that for a>> secon oo much dancing. how cute is john legend? >> i know. >> i'm obsessed with their hamster. they got a hamster for their kids and it keeps escaping.ho there's a thing going on, it's the best. >> i have a feeling it's fun
4:25 pm
household. >> y'all are talking about, w had nicolette sheridan on the show today, this exclusive, first time opening about her former co-star felicity huffman and that alleged involvement in the varsitylues scandal. >> when you heard about the scandal and felicity huffman, what were your >>oughts? i mean, we don't know the facts. but we can be extremely disturbed by the entitlement, the power and money that can take away from less privileged. and that, to , is disgraceful. it's troublesome because it can change the life path of a child th deserving. so i think everybody should be talking about a huge problem. >> wendy and susan, certainly a topic in my house. i just got back literally ten minutes ago from a college
4:26 pm
counselor adviser meeting with my kids studying and doing their exams and extracurriculars, we are following it closely. f how do yl about it? >> you can imagine it's all anyone is talking about here. again, ihink the editorials are the idea that how muciv ege do you need? and how much doesp college h people who are in middle class or even the lower class help them with their salaries later in life. the kids of the wealthy have trust funds, they don't need this boost, if you will. >> and to maybe n even want to go to school, which it looked like, this is interesting too.t sc evans get in here. we were talking on the "today" show. now if you. >> go to an amusement park you can buy the vip treatment. >> not my mama. >> we wait in the line, no vip. >> exactly. >> i have twins in college,
4:27 pm
20-year-old sophomores and we had a lot of discussion about this. it makes them infuriated. >> i will say, i think wen and susan said, how much more privilege do youneed? if they have extra i'll take it. >> absolutely. i'll let you cut in line. >> no cutting in line. >> thanks so much, guys. >> good to see you. >> we could talk all day. what else you want to know? >> come hang out withus. >> we have vip tickets to universal, no we don't. >> we'll just show up. >> thanks so much. we'll talk to you late ahead for us tonight, a father's mission to help aaby girl fight a rare liver disease. >> anything for my daughter, my kids. i'm their backbone. >> that's right. and howhe community is stepping up in a big way and how you can be part of the support. president trump is once agai lashing out on twitter.
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you heard about the more than 50 tweetse firedff this tweetse firedff this weekend. oh, i'm jeff. tweetse firedff this weekend. in myonville commercial, we open up in the forest. i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast. and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me, "are those bigger patties?" i said, "yep." wolf comes in and says, t "wot's a lot of sausage." and we had a good laugh about that. (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties.
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fits on a biscuit.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4:00. and now at 4:30 storm team 4 is tracking changes in our forecast. it's been a gra and cold day for most of us and today's showers and sprinkles are moving out of the radar. amelia is back with a look at the rest of the weekn a few minutes for us.
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president trump has not held any public events so far today ut he has spent plenty of time attacking political rivals on social media. >> this is part of a twitter tirade that started ove the weekend and appears to have seeped into the start of a new week. while it's not newom for to be upset about his social median es, there is bipartisan backlash now over his remarks abou the late senator john mccain. blayne alexander joins us live with the details on this. >> reporter: in fact, senator mccain's daughter is responding strongly to what president trump had to say. president trump has made it clear he likes to communicate on twitter but ts time around it's the sheer number of tweets, at least 50 and the matter that's raising some eyebrows. >> the challenge --ep >>ter: with the 2020 race for the white house heating nn, democrats g to replace president trump are pushing back on his tone. >> let's n h play game. let's keep our eyes on the pr e
4:32 pm
prize. >> reporter: it comes as the president unleashes a twitter tirade on everyone from google to t "saturday night liv joe biden who's not officially in the race but who appeared to slip up in the weekend. >> i have the most ssive recordny fordy running. >> reporter: the president calling biden another low iq political. but it's the president's tweets about senator john mccain that's getting strong reaction. after senator mccain's death, president trump renewing the feud. >> i will also respect and applaud senator mccain's service to the >> reporter: but his daughter megan speaking on "the view". >> he spends his weekend
4:33 pm
obsessing over great men because he knows it, i know it, you all know it, he will never be a great man. >> reporter: lashing out ashe special counsel robert mueller's investigation seems tbe winding down. the margin of error on the poll saying 50% say it's a witch hunt. some experts say the wording of the poll is not well written and can be confusing. the question is written that th presidlled the investigation a witch hunt and says he has been subjected to more investigatins t any previous president and asked the responder do you agree. so eerts say do you agree or disagree with two separate questions. the u.s. supreme courtears arguments on a racial gerrymandering case which could help determine which partynt cols the virginia general assembly. people lined up outsi the high court this morning to get in.
4:34 pm
justices areng exami whether republicans drew boundaries on the basisf race. a federal court ruled the boundaries were unconstitutional because black voters were concentrated in certain area c thrt approved new district lines that will make iteough for op to retain its majority. >> i think it's time to get the politicians out o it and do some kind of neutral, younow, more mathematically based, gis based kind o planning. >> republicans hold a slim majority in the house and want the gerrymanderin ruling thrown out. a local father is fighting to protect his babrl she needs part of his liver and he's willing to give it to her, but the surgery means he's going to be out of work. >> and that is where the community isin com in. we'll go throughry this sto of community support. >> reporr: another day on the
4:35 pm
job at franklin hall for nathan epps. the job as a bar back is just one of them >> wakingup, coming here to work, getting out of work late, going bac to the hospital. >> reporter: his mth old daughter has been diagnosed with a liver infliction that often affects infants. >> she wouldn't eat as much and i just getting a lot worse. >> reporter: throu all folks say nathan was aum cote employee. >> coming to work on time. >> reporter: this deste the burden known by every parent of a critically ill child. so on this sunday se of th proceeds from beer sales and a raffle will go to help. he wants toonate part of his liver, which means months of not if a donor gives just a section of their liver in about four months their liver returns to normal and thatame time the
4:36 pm
recipient gets a functioning liver as well. for nathan, the prospect is brighter. >> a possible do nor has been found. they don't know if the don nor is compatible or not. >>he'll go to surgery tomorrow. >> reporter: if not he'll give a partelf hi >> anything for my daughter and kids. >> reporter: and the patrons and pro pry or thes wl have his back. >> everything happened through volunteer work. it's bee a such community effort. >> they always be family, no more coworkers. so much suppor >> derrick ward, news4. if you would like to help the epps family with their mounting medicalha bills w posted a link to you to their go fund me. it's on the nbc washington app right now search transplant. scooters are everywher t but arehey safe? we have a woman who shares her
4:37 pm
frightening story and why she's suing the company. a stream of trites to the victims in new zealand's attack. as we head into the evening an overnight hours, skies are going to clear out and that means a cold start tomorro morning. this is 7:00 a.m. for the kids at the bus stop. most of us staing our day below freezing. i'll let you kno
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recommendationw about taking aspirin to prevent heart attacksr strokes. dr. john torres has more on what doctors are saying now. >> forad d millions of americans have been prescribed a daily aspirin to try to prevent a heart att k orstroke. now the american college of cardiology and heart association have come out with a joint statement saying the majority americans should not be taking that daily aspirin. they're saying americans who not have a high risk factor for heart attack or stroke should avoidaking a daily aspirin because of the side effect of major bleeding that could occur with th tonight on "nightly news" we'll discuss the dos and don'ts of if you should taking a daily aspirin or avoiding it. parents don't need to wait to give their babies peanuts and other allergy foods because doctors say introducing these
4:41 pm
foods as early as 6 months can prevent the allergies, but tho at high risk need to be introduced under a doctor's supervision. people who eat nuts may be helpful in controlling weight but some are better than others. they're high in calories but eating a handful a day can help with weight control. but dietitiansee say it at a handful. that throws me. >> that's hard. >> don't cover them in or eat them in a sugary trail mix. heom's some rnded nuts and their benefits. i feel like there should be musi almonds highest in fiber. cash shoes can help with your eyes. walnuts a good source of e mega 3. pistachios contain more
4:42 pm
pssiu potassium than half a banana. apple unveiled two new ipads this morning a week ahead of the companhs march 2 event. the tablet includes an ipad air in a 10.59 design and a ch ipad mini. both offer keyboard suppo and work with the apple pencil. both are available to start ordering today and hit store shelves nt week. apple is expected to announce a video streaming service at its event one week from today. it was sort of alarmingly chilly, it was that damp cold that cut thrgh you. even with the sun it didn't warm you up. >> amelia said it's supposedt t old tonight. she's back after the break with whats the kidould be wearing at the bus stop. th reporter: i'm adam tuss, a
4:43 pm
woman ming down is hill onco a
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if you're just joining us, four things toknow. >> police in prince george's county are searching for 20-year-old osman kalokoh, he's accused of shooting and killing his uncle. the shootin happenedarly yesterday morning. police say if you see the suspect, do not approach him, he's considered armed and dangerous. a man hunt shut down parts of a dutch city after a man kills three on atram. lice arresting a turkish born w man they say was known to authorities. an emotional daynside of a d.c. courtroom during closing arguments in the murder trial of a north carolina artist who was killed in d.c. in 2017. elijah torres is charged with
4:46 pm
murdering carina mill, she was found murdered inside her basement apartment. three people died in the historic flooding in our nation's heartland. last month's record snow is now meltingnd is too much for the missouri river. this is a look at nebraskasu ering severe consequences because of that millions of people downriver bracing for what is next to come. imagine this, you are rolling down a steep hill on one of those electric scooterssund enly the breaks down work. >> they're everywhere awntown. local woman said she took a nasty spill when the brakes failed >> adam tuss is asking questions bout scooter safety and has a safety checklist for riders. >> i'd like some closureo this. i guess you don't care about your customers. ifs t has happened in other industries, in my industry, i have to take mare of
4:47 pm
customers. for me i feel like i've been left out zplr this annette just a few weeks ago after a nasty spillir on a bd scooter. some pictures a bit too graphic to show. this happened just two blocks from her apartment in courthouse on a prett big hill on north barton street. she said hercoer didn't have a traditional brake, just a button. >> i tried to use the braking t mechanism and didn't work. so when i was on the hill i had to make an ecutive decision whether to hit oncoming traffic coming at me or jump off. so hado jump off. >> reporter: injuries to her head, knee, legs, fee, the scars still visible. she's been out of work for weeks and is trying to figure out if bird will help. ill four een on that other times with a scooter that had brakes. this is not a first-time incident for me. >> reporter: she said she won't be back on the scooter.
4:48 pm
bird said though we cannot promise anything on our end, we have need to gather as much information as posble before we move forward. they tell us they regularly maintain their scooters. meanwhile, before you get on a scooter, here's a quick safety checklist. there's a couple different variations o scooters, if you want toheck the brake on some, like the traditional, just pull back. the one that annette was riding, you can't stophat before you start riding but it has a bonke the backside, push down on it with your foot until the whe locks and you know the brakes work. as the scooters gain popularity, a reminder to all of us to ride safely. adam tuss, news4. >> i don't know if i'd want to go downhill. >> i didn't know it had two different brakes either. you have great new about the cherry blossoms, the phases,
4:49 pm
right? >> yes. >> moving up a little bit. >> we've got from stage 1 now we're in stage 2 out of the six stages. e warm weather we had thursday and friday really helped them along. hink peak bloom this year is going to be april 4th through a little bit ha of time before it's beautiful down there at the tidal basin but a sign that spring is right around the corner. spring starts on wednesday. so something to note, something to look forward to. and we have a full moon happening on thursday. clouds, though, may be impacting the viewing of that. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. we have a mix of clouds and sunshine out there, mbe a few light sprinkles falling into southern maryland. this is looking like we have rain in the area, not so much a lot of it is evaporating before it hits the ground. we have clear skies tonight and a cold start tomorrow morning, a cool day over all, but a nice
4:50 pm
pleasant day tomorrow and wednesday as well. our next chance for rain is on thursday. we are looking at another dry weekend. saturday is looking okay. sunday is looking fantastic.rr tly our temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s. 51 in rockville. 48 in college park and the district. tomorrow morning make sure the kids have the warm jacket . the bus st starting off right around freezing. sunrise aut:15 tomorrow. recess outdoors, it's cool, sunny, crisp, we're at 47 degrees tomorrow. and a high temperature of about 52. at pick up it's a pleasant day for the kids to get outside and get fresh air. as we looksd to wed we continue to warm up with the high temperature of 55 degrees. i see clouds increasing throughout the day on wednesday, so we start with sunshine and
4:51 pm
finish the day with clouds but another dry day. why not talk about the weekend on a monday afteoon, some of us are already probably thinking about it. saturday is a cool day overall, start off around 40 and warm to 54 but with breezy winds it feels like 're in 40s throughout the day. beautiful sunshine saturday and sunday. sunday, 43 to start off, cool and crisp. a high temrature on sunday near 70 degrees with a high of 68.'s he your storm team 4 four day forecast. notice our temperatures slowly warming as we towards the end of the work week. you're dealing with spotty showers on thursday otherwise plenty of clouds. plenty of clouds and breezy on friday. there's the weekend, blustery saturday with a high of 54. mild on sunday with a high of 68. wnext mondayll keep it dry. and then we're watching an pressive storm system that brings the chance for rain on tuesday and weesday. this storm system looking more like a soaker compared to spotty showers in the forecast on our
4:52 pm
thursday of this week.nk >> tou so much amelia. all month long we're celebrating the contributions of women. a prominent artist has created a unique mural highlighting the impact women have hadn growth and prosperity here in the district. it's a giant must recall installed on the side of a building at 19th and i streets. it's called the women who will. the artist created the mural, the art work shows a diverse group of women purged on a building gurder high above the it's a nod to the lunch atop a sky scraper photo of the 1930s. open up our app for a list of h women'story events happening in the dmv. the accused new zealand shooter makes two notable gestures in court today this has that country shifts to mourning and gun control talks.
4:53 pm
first a look at what's new on news4 at 5:00.en doentzler is in the news room for us. >> spring is on the way, a lot of us are thinking about sprucing upurooks a little bit. coming up on news4 it's a nip and tuck without the knif looking into a popular cosmetic procedure that promises to slow down the signs of aging. the lifts have been around for 20 years in europe, but here they're news. it's the facelift at a fraction of the cost, using tiny bar
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we are back with a live look outside, kin of a gray, cold day outside, although the sun has been trying to come out. doug joins amelia next at 5:00 with a look at a big temperature swing for the end of our week. their team forecas in just a couple of minutes. new zealand leaders agree in principle on new controls on gun ownership. the country's prime minister bs promising f up gun laws in the wake of the deadliest mass shootingze in new and's history. as nbc's sara harmon showsus, some people are voluntarily giving up their weapons.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: christchurch is a city in mourning for the 50 people now confirmed dead as the conversation in new zealand now turns to gun control. the prime minister is vowing the gun laws will change and swiftly. saying she'll unveil concrete measures in the next ten days. >> in fa, strongly believe that the vast majority of gun owners in new zealand will grage with t sentiment that change needs to occur. ili, in fact, believe theybe with us. >> reporter: some new zealanders are turning their firearms in voluntarily. the rifle club where the suspect was a member closed the shooting range saying the gun club members are in mourning. the suspect appeared in court and says he'll represent himself, flashing what's being called a whi power symbol. 30 people remain in the hospital. some of them fighting for their
4:58 pm
lives. as people here in chrtchurch gather to remember those who died and pray for those fighting to live. sarah harmon, nbc news, christchurch. > right now at 5:00, armed and dangerous. a suspectedn killere loose, accused of killing his own uncle. >> he's very nice. plus keeping your credit on track, consumer reporter susan o n, working for you with the four simple mistakes that could can cost and a nip and tuck without the knife. >> make them look like themselves just better. >> the facelift you can get at just fraction of the cost. >> announcer: news4 at 5:00 starts now. and we srt the hour with a man hunt that has a family in mourning and a community in fear. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm doreen gentzler in for jim handly. toght police are trying to
4:59 pm
locate this guy, 20-year-old osman kalokoh. he's accused of killing -- that's the uncle, this is the victim. ushe's ag of killing this man and wounding his aunt in an shooting lanham. >> we're getting at look at the victim, tracee wilkins is live with new reaction from friends who knew this victim. tracee? >> reporter: i spoke with his wife, the woman who was in that room shot in the hand by the gunman. she was not ready to go on camera, but was obviously distraught and torn apart by tf loss her husband, very confused about what allegedly happened with her nephew in this case who police are still looking for, but all of the friends we talked to, all the folks who knew the uncle in this case, the victim, tend us he was a nd gentle ul. >> i neveard him having any quarrel with nobody. he's very decent human being. >> reporter: of theeople who
5:00 pm
knew him describe him the same way. >>ediately he sees you, he smiles, hugs you. >> reporter: it makes it harder to understand why his nephew, osman lokoh, would allegedly shoot and kill his uncle and injure his aunt sunday morning. police are now searching forol 20-yea osman kalokoh he's considered armed and dangerous. >> he has msed usll up. >> reporter: this close family friend talked with kalokoh's wife about what happened when he entered the bedroom 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. >> the boy walked in, shot him right in the chest. >> reporter: police have not confirmed details of the deadly c confrontation but this man said the alleged gunman did n stop at one shot. >> he went back and shot him in his back, madeure the guy was dead. he was going to kill the wife, too. the bullets went through the nd, went through the door, went through that lady's us


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