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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i'm molette green. aaron will be joininus later this morning. >> let's begin this tuesday with a check of our forecast and the roads. we start with chuck bell. how is it looking, chuck?t >> w you will need is a wm jacket. most of the suburbs are below the freezing mark it's 25 in front royal. 28 inontgomery county. 28 in prince georges county. 22 in nassas. your school forecast for today. sun's up at 7:14. it will be below freezing for most at the bus thstop. will need a warm coat. outdoor recess forsure. your jacket and scarf and your sunglasses will be bright and sunny. your daily grade for today,et we'll this one very good.
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more about our next chance for rain, wch is before we even get to the weekend. that's coming up in aw. live look right w. beltway, no problems. had some earlier road work and issues that are gone. fairfax inbound. left side is blocked by a disabled vehicle. we're not feeling any slowdowns because of that. northbound and southbound, 95 on virginia. eastbound capitol street, pushed off on to texas avenue because of police activity. massachusetts avenue, at 34 street, have that crash hanging around. it's something no parent would wan to hear, a warning that the drinking walter inside your childool may not be safe.
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>> after a test, over 200 water fountains to have water level higher than acceptable. today, the county council will e discuss a plan to lower acceptable lead levels even more. justin finch is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're right. in 2019, the idea there could be lead in your child's drinking water at otschool, does seem like it would be a real concern. a montgomery countyci coan says it's a real risk. it's a risk he wants to eliminate. the montgery county council today will take up bill 219. it's focused on accomplishingy heal drinking water in schools. last june, theoo county s tested water at 10,000 outlets across the county,inding about 2% were above the state mandate of 20 parts per million. the bill would lower that to fivets p per million. >> we send ourto kid school to
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develop their brains, not to damage them. >> reporter: the councilman saying that led poses a risk in students. this could lead to the sicter guidelines. here in rockville, jtin finch, news a judge will decide if a fourth teen in a hazing assault will get to have his case moved to juvenile court. they're accused of raping varsity football players with a broomstick in a locker room last year. a psychologist said one of the victims was of a preous attack last year.
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the d.c. will vote to reprimand one ofts own.wh her to reprimand jack evans. he has apologized but has not specifically said what he is apologizing for. drew wilder is outside with this story. drew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. so far, there isn't indication of how severe a punishment the d.c. council might phil mendelson introduce council. evans' staff sent outside business proposals from evans' e-mail address. code of conduct, says they may not use the prestige of office. me say that evans must be stripped of his seathe on finance committee.
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they want to see him removed from that. howeve there isn't any indication that a possible punishment would be that severe. council msts t morning coming up at 10:00. >> trdrew, thank you. d.c. police is trying to figure out if the same person is behind six different robberies in four months. >> police havenc surveil video to connect the dots here. this is surveillance video from the new dynasty chinese restaurant. the thief takes the country and a drink. and the owner of the restaurant is upse w >>k hard for it and he takes some of the stuff snay. it d feel good. >> other surveillanceideos show a man doing the same thing in the past few months.
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>> arlington county woman continues to recover this morning after a nasty fall. the brakes on this scooter fell when she was going down a hill. she puts the break button, but the bird scooter did not sto she wants the company to help with her bills as she continues to heal. i had to get five stitches in my head and two in my knee.of you take care e as your customer. >> the company says it is as gatherinuch information as can possible before moving forward.
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and it does regular maintenance on their scooters. mike pence will travel to nebraska to observe the flooding. >> large sections of the plains and the midwest are under water. roads have been washed out. some buildings have been moved off of their foundatio. hundreds of people and their pets had to be rescued. c >> y see the furniture is upside down. the saddest things are the family heirlooms and stuff like that. >> the impact of the flooding will be in the millions of dollar trouble of a different sort in texas. look at this fire at a chemical planjust outside of houston. it's been burning since sunday. 35,000 people who live nearb have been ordered to stay in their homes and schools have to close. despite how bad it looks, it is
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settling down. today, we may learn more about what prompted the fbi to raid the home and ofof fixer michael cohen. the warrant will be made official today.of cials he went to his office and hotel room to find information about payments made to two women during the election. cohen will begin his three-years pr sentence in may. he was convicted of tax emotion, campaign finance violations and lying to congress. the fallout of the situation with robert kraft has reached capitol hill. house and senate democrats are asatng the fbi to look into spa's owner and president trumpa it's bee that the women
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meet clientele. after the worse history, people are voluntarily giving up their guns. 50 people were killed in a mosque shooting in new zealand. the prime nister will announce sweeping gun control measures. the rifle club where the shooter was a member, voluntarily closed its range. there's a new twist in the a killing ofesco cali. it may not have been a mob hit after all. the suspect, anthony kamelo, scribbled on his left nd.
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they say cali told kamel low to stop seeing his nie but there are other unanswered questions in this case. >> was he acting alone? what is the motive? ro>> cali was gunned down of his staten island home last week. annette bongorino. as pt of women's history month, we're celebrating the contributions of women in our area. >> we're looking at a unique mural that women has had. the mural is installed on the side of theil ng. it's called "the women who will." artist maggie'nl painted this. it's beautiful. a group of local high school
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boys facing trouble at school. >> what they wrote that ended up online and caused trouble. and does an aspirin a day keep a heart attack at bay? not for everyone. time to start thinking aboe weekend, saturday and sunday. i'm optimistic that the weekend will not be impacted b rain drops. be on the chilly side for saturd ay
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you're watching news 4 today. >> several male students have been dciplined for circulating a list that ranked a number of their feel classmates. schoolia off say the list
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rated the girls based on how they looked. bullying called it and harassment and the students we spoke with >> hon the consensus was it wasn't an okay thing at all. the girls banded together and took it on as a team. >> the school issued a statement, saying, this has been upsetting for students, staff and families. this incidt does not reflect those values. this morning, a new move to keepou safe on metro. >> it's a safety watchdog. yesterday, the city gave a metro rail safety authory an eye on metro. this is important because it is an outside agency that can force
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metro to follow safety guidelines and can withhold funding from metro, if needed. metro says it welcomes the new safety oversight. con construction at reagan national airport will force ri share drivers to wait. uber and lyft cards are using a lot. residents complain it's tying up traffic in the area. county leaders briefhe public getting ride share vehicles back on airport property. the county has added a direct route to the airport for these vehicles. a warning r those of you who take an aspirin a day. it may not be the best way for o moste to prevent a heart attack or stroke. new guidelines say adults over 70 should not take daily aspin. the drug did not prevent heart attacks in older adults.
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others who shouldn't take a daily asprin, people who don't have heart diseao and anyone ve risk for bleeding. >> people taking aspirin should just stop and determine their risk. >> people have already had a heart attack or stroke should continue taking an aspirin a day. nuts may be a good way to add extra nutrients to your diet andp helou drop a few mind pounds. eating a handful day can lower the risk of a stroke. dietitians say keep it to one handful. and don't cover them with chocolate or eat them in a . sugary trail m walnuts are good source of mega3. >>hey taste so good covered in
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chocolate. >> at 5:16, got nuts on my mind. for those of us who live in d.c., even if we don't hold elected office. we know how stressful thatob can be. >> that goes for politics. maybe why this little guy is so popular in the tennessee statehouse. >> this is nash, he's a yellow lab. he belongs to state senator john lenburg. lenburg doesn't stay in washington. he didn't want to leave the pup alone each day. he brought him to work. everyone seems to love him and doesn't hurt his popularity with voters, either. >> you want a friend in politics, get a dog. andash is a cutie.
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cute. we're on to a chilly start this week. did you wear your buffy at? >> i did wear my buffy coat, chuck. >> we're closing in on april and the spring equinox is tomorrow. equalay and equal night is what that means. we had our equinoxhere. we're above 12 hours of daylight. but officially, the spring equinox has occurred jus yet. even though it's not windy outside, thetl l breeze is taking a bite out of that feels-liker. ac it is a cold start. 22 in bristow, virginia. 28 degrees in poolsville. 30 in frederick, maryland. you'll need your coat this morning. car washing weather, you gbet b.
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a coo start. but it will be a pleasant day ta spendty time outside. tomorrow, me of the same. not as cold tomorrow morning. we'l see anincrease in clouds ter. a lot more cloflooding to go ine northwest. but a lot of rain in the sunshine state for today. i'll walk you through future weather. high clouds moving i tomorrow. here's your rain chance. 7:00 a.m. on thursday morning
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the biggest weather impact will be the wind. temperatures in the 50s. and then, dry a cool weather returns for the weekend. let's checkay out your tue commute. new crash here. inner loop after rockville pike. the rest of the beltway, inner loop and outerloop, looking just fine. fairfax county parkway, a left side clocked b a disabled vehicle. mass avenue, near 23th street. watchout, motorcycle crash. more coming up on that one. identity theft has become a coon crime. it's not but when it happens to you.
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coming up, we show you what you need to do. and later on "ellen." >> no. it's a pure artform. if you play golf and you hit that sweet spot, that sound and you hit that ball just right, that's what standup is for the entire te you're on stage. and if not, it's where did that ball go? michael keaton is talking about his standup career and his new movie, "dumbo."
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news 4 today starts now. >> we take a live look outside. pretty cold outsi of our studios. we have some sunshine to look forward to later today. we'll take it, right? i'm eun yong. >> i'm molette green. aaron will be coming up in the next half hour. g >> od. >> thanks for getting up early th us. meliss mollet keeping an eye on
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the commute. bell 's start with chuck and the forecast. what are you seeing, chuck? >> i'm glad that aaron got chance to sleep in on a tuesday. >> he needs his beauty rest. >> he should come in later than 6:00 a.m. >> you know he's watching right now? >> i know he is. it is a cold start to the day. dog walking forecast. look at the smile on pluto's face here. you candopt her going to the humanecu r it's a cold one. keep the pace up. plenty of sunshine. good dog walking weather thi afternoon. and after school later today. a look at the weekend with the ten-day. for now, let's hear from melissa. looking at the inner loop after rockville pike. we'r seeing some salehs on t left side of the road.
5:31 am
hard to see those on camera. >> overall, moving over the district. we're othe phone, trying to figure on what's going on with that. eastbound 66. the is blocked by a disabled vehicle. eun? >> melissa, thank you. a warning now. some of the school system had drinking fountains with led levels higher than what the ate says are acceptable. the montgomery county council proposal thata would lower the standard of led lels even more. right now, we have justin story.on this he is live this morning in
5:32 am
rockville. >> reporter: this is an important issue. pointing out tha lead can post significant developmental risk for young people. every day, children use a wat mo fountain. they are usually safe. this wants to make the standards even stronger. 259 of the fountains had lead results. they were quickly taken out of service. those lead level can impact a young person's alth. >> t danger of lead is, it can affect the cognitive and bone development in children.
5:33 am
it can lead to anemia. >> the state standard for lead levels is 20 parts per million. a i hearing set for that bill later today. later here with justin finch, news 4. new details in the death of a man fou shot inside his pickup truck in clark county. the victim and suspect may have beennvolved in ausiness transaction prior to the shooting. detectives found jeffrey evans in the truck after his crashed near the shenandoah river earlier that morning. he met a man earlier on castro castleman. today, the jury will resume deliberations in the murder trial of a man accused of thlling an artist.
5:34 am
now, the case is ihands of the jury to decide if the o spect did it. neil was in d.c.rk on an exhibit. prosecutors went through evidence telling jurors, that the dna was found on her body. the defense says he is accident and police didn't investig e thoroughly. here are the other top w storiesking for you this morning. >> a judge will decide if a fourth teen will have his case moved to juvenile court. the other spects have had their cases moved to juvenile court. they are accused of raping a fellow varsity player.
5:35 am
mike pence wil nebraska to survey the damage from massive flooded. areas of the midwest have been inundated with water. melting snow and rains caused this problem. the supreme c will consider whether d.c. sniper lee malveaux suld get a new sentencing hearing. a federal appeals court moved m thatvo should be resentenced because he was 17 at the time of the crimes. coming up, another supreme court case that could impact your voting district.>> the d.c. council is going to decide whether to recommend an reprimd jock evans. evans is the lgest serving elected official in d.c. history.
5:36 am
today, a statewide tornado drill in virginia. radio, tv and cable stations will show a test message through the emergency alert system. it is scheduled to begin around 9:45. good news for your commute if you take the d.c. circulator bus. rides will be free indefinitely. hedes have been free since fare shot initiative. they operate six routes along the district. it serves each stop every ten minutes and offers 5 million trips her year. a local chef is telling his story of addiction and recovery. >> he owns several restaurants in the d.c./baltimore area. a few yeago, he almost lost everything because of cocaine and alcohol. he says he finally hit rock-bottom after stealing from
5:37 am
ids own restaurant. >> what you discover about yourself? >> i found it was okay to n feel okay. my worst day sober is better than mbest day messed up. >> alfred is five yesober. you can see his full interview later on "today." it kic off a month-long seriesed catoday" takes on addiction. from a mouth-watering mural, to a neon paint job. a local business forced to change its outside look. a college at the center of ndan admissions cheating s, taking action. the decision it made overnight and how it could impact students. ♪
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today. >> this weekend, one of the most notable businesses in the 14th street district may be closing its doors for good. home rule has been the goo specialty stop. they announced the store closing. home rule was around before everything else at 14th came along. with most of the inventory gone, th store may have to close much sooner., reale end of an era. these guys took a chance with this neighborhood and watched it flourish all around them. > we move on to a story that may catch your eye along a busy road in arlington. >> this is what goody's pizza once looked like. isn't that nice? >> really nice. >> the owner spiced up the building b painting salads and pizzas and burgers on the outsides. wa it's everything the mom and pop shop sells.
5:41 am
the owner said he was td to paint over the mural because he cannot advertise what he sells. can paint a bicycle on there but not food. that's defeats the whole purpose. >> that's too bad. the owner decided to paint the building a bright lime green. he says he is willing to give it a shot. i think it brightens up the block to see all those. >> there's no suchhing as good job in code enforcement. mostf the rain chances are focused on thursday. we'll talk aboutat
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you'reing news 4 today. >> happening today. the d.c. council will vote on whether to reprimand one of its own. jack evans accused of trying to seek business opportunities with law firms that lobby the c. government. >> we have drew wilder out live at the wilson building with more on this story. drew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, molettand eun. there's no iication how severe of a punishment the council may impose onack evans. the d.c. county chairman phil mendelson, voted to have the reprimand. hi t staff sent e-mails from
5:45 am
the work account and touted ans' political career. it allows for outside business but states that any council member may not knowingly use the prestige of office for public gain. and some members of council say evans should bef stripped his chairmanship. >> he should no longer be in charge of that comttee. >> reporter: right now, we don't have any indication that d.c.'s longest serving council member will be punished that severely. that is coming up at 10:00. drew wilder, news 4. we're going to learn to polics. we are learning what projects would be canceled to pay for a boer wall. >> president trump declared a national emergency after
5:46 am
congress refused to fully fund a plan for a wall. tracie potts joins us with more. tracie, good morning. >>eporter: hey, everyone. the president wants millions of dollars for the construction funds. they have given up almost four-times that. there's $12.9 billion of projects, a lot more than the president was planning to use. it looks like there's no guidance as to what to cut. these are not housing projects. the contracts have not been awarded and they include a couple in our area. on. meade and one at arlin and one that totaled almost $90,000. overall, some of them are small projects. road paving in arlington. nationwide, we're looking at control facilities, cyber option
5:47 am
facilities. they are trying to nip and tuck and come up with the money that the president wants. bo o'rourke is pulling in mojor dollars for his campaign. the o'rourke say than $6.1 million was raised in the first day. bernie sanders' first day donation was around $5 million.a >> to our area. the supreme court is ding into a case that could have a dramatic impact on the way virginia governs. hundreds of people lined up to o get ourt and hear the arguments. last year, the federal court ruled that 11 districts concentrate black voters it would make it difficult for republicans toetain power in the general assembly.
5:48 am
they are trying to convince justices that the gerry mapd gerrymandering should be thrown out. >> maryland lawmakers are taking a step to create tougher penalties for crimes against women. wallin was a teacher at wild lake high scho a. she was no killed by her boyfriend in 2017 when she was 14eg weeks nt. according to our news partners at wtop, the law passed the senate, with a 46-1 vote. it's headed to the house. it the bill would allow for ten extra years for those that commit violest crimes aga women. now, for a man who police say they are looking afer he
5:49 am
apr preyed on a teenage girl. police say he showed the teen an explicit video while she was shopping on sunday night. she told him he was speaking spanish as she asked something to be deleted from his phone. call police is you know him or ha seen him. fallout from theon admis cheating scandals. usc posted a statement saying the school has placed a hold on ntthe acc of students that may beed conne to the scheme. the university said it will take proper action, which could be revoking admission or expulsiont the uni says it has confidence in its glong-stand admission policies.
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don't forget to set an alarm for noon. rush registration opens today. you have 20 minuteso get one of those spots. registration will close at yo 12,220can sign up for the lottery. you'll find out next week if you snagged a slot. he 22th annual marine corps mare thathon who will be in arlington. >> are you going to get that boot off ofour foot in time? >> probably. my full-size distance running may be over. >> how many have you done? >> 20 something.
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as the odometer on my age has clicke wards. march, it's hard to stay average. this one here, we're i now, and a couple years ago, has been average. very cold marches in 2015 and '16. another cold one last year. march was actually colder than february. very, very unusual. we're jt a smidg schooler than average. with the ten-day forecast, this will end up about minus one degree. it's a chilly one for sure. 38 degrees. but the suburbsth are i20s this morning. plan on a bit of a chill. the commute will be by rain drops.
5:52 am
more sunshine ander dry wea for tomorrow. our next chance of rain is this disturbance up here around kansas and nebraska. they do not need more rain because of the extreme flooding that is taking place. for us, it's been a dry stretch around here for the next couple weeks. the dry weather will come to an end as we get to a wake-up time on thursday morning. rain chances will hang around on the course of the day on thursday. and our rain chances on friday. i think the computer is overpainting it here. i may have to add a 30% chance of rain o friday. we're keeping it out of there for now. windy weather for sure. 50s on saturday and 60s on sunday. any other impediments to the almmute? >> ys. >> taking a look at chopper 4
5:53 am
headed to the beltway. inner loop at rockville pike. we're going to look at the volume. that looks pretty here. inner loop and outer loop, looking good. >> washington, 295 at pennsylvania avenue. that should be getting better here quickly. eastbound 66, seeing significant delays here. truck. a disabled tanker as far as your travel times, aftefairfax out parkway 69 miles per hour. looking good, as well. listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. the university of maryland women's basketball team is going dancing. but this year's selection for female players wasn't as
5:54 am
surprising as in most years. >> surprise of the ranking the team held was uruined. the bracket was released. when it was announced last night, the terps couldn't help but eer. they're a three seed in the east region. the best part is they start theiournament run at home. if they win, they will play the wh winner of the ucla/tennessee match-up. >> the lady terps are strong. we will find out w will be leading off the first game tnight. maryland andple tonight. on friday, rsranked
5:55 am
virginia, liberty university, follow first 4 sports for the updates if you can't watch at work. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. goldman sachs aims to he more women and minorities. the bk is trying to improve diversity, saying half applicants must be women. the majority of new hires will be analysts and associates. about 60% of the u.s. firms a white. as for senior managers, 80% are white and only are women. the rule comes into before a gender pay pool in england. i had a killer leg workout yesterday.
5:56 am
>> you're crushing it molette. >> so far, the workouts have included the targeting the key areas that ladies liko target. >> there's so many, though. >> we have taken a look at a variety o workouts. coming up, i'll give you a look at my progress. it's a quick, good option for a lot of people out there. we have more still ahead. democrats demand a new investigation into president trump. > >> how this is linked to the charges levels against bob kraft. and in texas, a chemical and in texas, a chemical plant continues t burn.
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[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit unio with the penfed car buying service, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at today starts now. >> good morning, everyone. just about 6:00 a.m. here. the day is beginning. how about that for a tight shot? >> beautifu >> you see the people up there? >> is that the american flag?
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look at that. that's a tig shot. >> thanks for coming in. >> glad i could be here. a full morninghead of us. it will be a long time up here. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the road for us. >> i like that picture from the that's ntuff from chopper eon. 4. right here for terrestrial concerns. sunrise,till an hou away. here's what you need to know about today. 's about cool sunshine for te thursday is the next best chance for rain. rain chances for friday may have to be increased a little bit once we get closer


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