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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 19, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we have theew n released search warrant the fbi, the 269 pages are part of the michael cohen investigation. also new at mid-day, a deadly charter bus csh on i-95 in virginia. why investigators think the weather may have been a? fact and we've got nice conditions around here right tlw. a l system out in the midwest could bring us rain for our first full dayng of sp but on this last full day of winter, a little chilly. we'llalk about the temperatures today and through the weekend coming up. announcer: "midday" starts now. good morning and welcome to
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"news4 midday." right now attorneys general general of marylands and virginia are giving oral arguments in an emoluments lawsuit against president trump. >> t esident's ownership of the trump international hotel sitting five blocks from the white house, the lawsuit argues that the psident improperly benefits financially whenever foreign or state government patronizes the hotel. the constitution bars the prident from receiving any gifts and the purpose of that is to make sure is that a u.s. tsesident's profits and the nation's inter don't clash, both attorneys general general are expecte to speak after today's hedates. earch warrant executed on michael cohen's office, residences and safety deposit box has been made public in a court filing. >> tracie potts beginsur coverage with the background on this case. >> reporter: today the fbi's expected to reveal search rrants executed on michael cohen's office and hotel room
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last april. >> any concerns about what the fbi might find, mr. president? >> no. >> reporter: in a statement, cohen's attorney says revealing the warrants only furthers his inrest in continue to go cooperate. cohen was vice president of the trump organization and presidens trump'ong time attorney. he called himself the fixer. the president called him a rat. cohen arranged hush money payment to women mr. trump denies having affairs with. >> mr. cohen has acted like he is above the law. eporter: cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion, campaign finance violations and lying to ress. he got three years in prison and testified publiy before congress last month. . i know what mr. trump he is a racist, he is a con man and he is a cheat. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc ws, washington. >> here is what we have learned so far from the heaviac rd search warrant. the fbi used a trigger fish.
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that's a type of cell phone otcation device to make sure they had the right room for michael cohen when they presented their affidavit to the judge. the warrant also provides a detail timeline othe investigation. starting in july of 2017 when the fbi at the direction of special counsel robert mueller's office was able to get a search warrant for one of cohen's gmail accounts. president trump is scheduled to hold a press conference later this afternoon at 1:45 with the president of brazil. reporters could ask him questions abo the newly released information. look for updates about that at 4:00. the d.c. council will ve on whether to officially reprimand one of its owns. evans is accused of trying to seek business law firms that lobby the d.c. government. he has publicly apologized but has not specifically said what he's apologizing for. the district'srd of ethics and government accountability
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ond federal grand jury are a investigating his acti s. evans is the longest serving nected official i d.c.'s history. great news for d.c circulator riders. rides will be free indefinitely. mayor bowser made the announcement during her state of the district speech last night. des have been free since 's february fair shot initiative. the d.c. circulator operates six routes across the district and into roselyn. it services each stop every ten minutes and provides nearly 5 million trips every year. developing ts morning, virginia state police say two people were killed in a commercial bus crash in prince george county just south of chmond. the crash happened on northbound i-95 around 5:30 this morning after the driver lost control on exit ramp and overturned. this is video from the scene showing the emergency lights in the dense fog. the bus was carryin 57 people. 56 passengers and the driver. many people were injured.
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state police say the bus which was operatedy tous travel incorporated started in florida and was headed for new york. fog not a issue in our area. now we are seeing a lot of su >> let's check in again with lauren ricketts. what can we expect for the rest of this day, lauren? last day of winter. >> absolutely right. the vernal equinox at 5:58 p.m. tomorrow. the fog down in richmond area dense. at doesn't surprise me that they had some accidents. no fog up here this mornin just cle skies. did you see the moon out there? absolutely beautiful. super moon coming at us. 46 is our temperature right now. we've got calm winds and plent of sunshine out there and over the next several hours those temperatures will go on up. average temperature for this time of year mid to upper 50s. listen, thes su not going down until just about 15 minutes
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after 7:00 p.m. tonight so eoy the sunshine in the blue skies we'll get today. quite a different chae as we head through the first full day of spring, spring showers are upon us. we'll talk about that and talk about warming temperatures onor that 10-dayast coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you, lauren. meantime, d.c police are investigating a sex assault involving someone posing as a rideshare driver. the disturbing incident unfoldingarly on st. patrick's day. she got into the on 9th and u, the driver took her a couple of blocks and touched her inappropriately. she got out on irving street and called police. the manas driving a white four door sedan. >> today the jury is resuming deliberations in the murder trial of a manused of killing an artist. she was killed in.c her basement apartment on march 20th, 2017. now the case is in the hands of the jury to dec if the suspect did it. neil was in d.c. to work on an
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exhibit athegallery. yesterday prosecutors told the jury that his dnaas found on her body. the defense says the suspe is innocent and police it not thoroughly investigate the case. a judge is deciding whether a fourth teen charged in a hazing assault at damascus high school will get his case moved to juvenile court. the other suspects have had their cases moved to juvenile cocct. they areed of raping fellow junior varsity football players with broomstick in a locker room last year. a psychologist report says o of the suspect's was the victim of a similar attack the previous year. >> it's somethi no parent ever wants to hear, a warning that the drinking water inside your child's school may not be safe. >> this afternoon aun montgomer council is considering a plan thatig woulden the
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limit of lead allowed in water in public schools. justin finch reports from rockville. >> reporter: the montgomery county council sis to review ill a bit later today and councilman tom hucker who is pushing the bill, he says the time is now for stricter water standards in our schools. it's hard to image a school hallway without a water fountain in them, something students and staff use every day. they largely are presumed to be safe. we could go up further to make those fountains safer. now last year montgomery county tested se 13,500 outlets like water fountains. theyou 249 shows raised lead levels, now of those 159 were student accessible. the county says they were removed from service and that's the right thing to do for children's health experts say. >> theanger of lead is it can affect the cognitive and bone development in chilen. it can affect -- it can lead to anemia and lead to behavioral problems. >> reporter: and to put this in
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perspective, the councilman atel calls for lowering the to five parts per million. that's significantly lower than the state mandate o 20 parts per million. in rockville, i'm justin finch, news4. >> thank you, justin. > ten lucky d.c. high school students got the surprise of a lifetime this morning. >> they are getting a fully paid scholarship to george washington university. drew wilder is live at the high owhool this morning with a look at this big surprised happened. pretty exciting, it was a beautiful morning hereo he senior class was brought together for what they thought was going to be an announcement and a breakfast together but it wa all a set-up and one luckyen stt here at baloo was surprised with a full ride to tyorge washington universi. in front of h classmates, a senior high school student is surprised with a full ride scholarship to grge washington
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university. >> it's my great pleasure to award ash full schol to george washington university to sighch mya lee >> reporter: she's overcome with tears andgways has always been her goal i when asked her what it meant to see how happy it made her family, she gave all the praise to her mother who raised her alone. >> my mom was there for me and her being a single parent and a single mom -- i am becoming more like her, an independent woman. >> wt means theorld toll me to hear her say that, to her those words come out of her mouth.s >> reporter:or mom, she's still beaming. >> it makes me feel good and make me feel like i did something right. it makes me feel like i can trust and believe that she'll go out and do the right thing. >> reporter: she'll pursue a double major in interior design and business magement and she'll also minor in architecture, a huge goal for a
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more than capable young woman. as you mentioned, there will be of these surprises today, a few of them will be big announcements, big surprises like the one we had here this morning. a few ofm will be private and just include the family. reporting live in southeast, drew wilder, news4. >> great way to get their college education started. >> absolutely. how cool. coming up next on "news4 midday," this chemical fire in tes could bur for several more days. >> the precautions being taken now in the houston area neighborhoods. and scooter safety check. why one woman's scary story wil have you testing the brakes before your next ride.
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welcome back. this is what it looks like for the past couple of days just outside houston where a fire a chemical plant is expected to burn for another few days and
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while it looks out of control with thick smoke seen from miles away, the plts' owners says starting to tuall settle down a bit. let's get the latest from nbc' gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: this morning's smoke and fire still billowing into the sky, burning for close to 48 hours after multiplean starts fires. it causing the blaze t engulf two more tanks bringing the total to ght. emergency crews scrambling to suppress the fire using water nd foam to stop it fro spreading. it started sunday morning. >> this is the worst i've seen in last 12 years. >> reporter: it moved quickly throughout the plant. the tanks filled with chemicals used in gasoline, paint thi ers andglues. the fumes can cause nausea, reathing problems and skin irritation. >> i've seen nothing like this for this long ever. >> reporter: public health officials say the plume is high enough so it's not affecting us here on the ground right now but
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they're monitoring the wind conditions very closely and are n stand by in case this smoke descends. >> we continue monitoring the air quality in and around the areas in several locations. as of this time, they'retill within normal range. >> reporter: highways and schools have erreopened a officials lifted a shelter in place order that some residents here are still concerned about quality. and the air >> i hope it gets out soon. it's very concerning. >> repter: thislume can be seen not just in nearby houston but even austin which is several hours away. firefightersre now taking a defensive posture and letting it burn itself thout. might not happen till at least tomorrow. gabe gutierrez, deer park, texas. >> there's new twist in the killing of reputed frankie cali. the shooting may not have been a mob hit after all. the suspect appeared in court yesterday and scribbled on his left hand was f magever and
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united we stand. police nowelieve come he willo may have been angry with cali. cali told him to stop seeing his niece but there's still a lot of unanswered questions. was he acting alone? was he acting for other people? are thein others lved? what is the motive? i simply standing here do not have all tho answers for you. >> cali was gunned down in front of his staten island home last week. new overnight, moreou fa from the college admissions cheating scandal. the university of southern california linked students relate to the scandal cannot enroll in classes while the school reviews their case the school place aid hold on accounts as students who may be associated with the alleged admission schee. niversity says it will take proper actions which could include revoking admission or expulsion. georgetown's university former tennis coach is among those
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indicted in the heme. it has confidence in its long-standing admissions policies. now to some new video of an man police are looking f he allegedly preyed on a teenage girl. police say he showed the teen a sexually explicit video while she was shopping at an alexandria goodwill store sunday night. she toldpe them he wasing spanish as he asked her for help, deleting something from his phone, these surveillance video showed police he had been followe girl around that school before he approached her. you should call police if you know t as part of women's history month, we are celebrating the ha contributions women have had and have made here in our area. >> this morning we're ting a ok at a unique mural that highlights the impact women have had to growth and prosperity in the district. take a look, that mural was installed on the side of a building at 19th and i streets in northwest. it's called the women who will. artists created that mural and
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shows a diverse group of women high above the city. don't forget to set an alarm for noon if you plan to register fo this year's marine corps. marathon race of the you'll have a 20 minute windowo get o of the highly coveted spots. if you don't get a spot today, you're not out of luck. starting tomorrow you can sign up for the lottery. you'll find out next week if you snagged a spot and can comete your registration. it'll be held o october 27th in arlington. 30,000 runners are expected to attend. arlington county says she hasn't been able to work for weeks. she took a nasty fall after she says the brakes on her electc scooter failed. she tells us she made the jump-second decision to off or drive right into oncoming traffic. she talked to transportation
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reporter adam tuss about her ordeal >> i would like some closure to this, like, you know. you don't care abo your customers. if this is happening in another industry, like i my industry, i have to take care of my customers. out. l like i've been left >> reporter: this was annette just a few weeks ago after a nasty spill on a scooter. some pictures, a bit too graphic to show. this happened just two blocks from her apartme on a pretty big hill on north barton street. she says her scooter didn't have a traditional brake, just a brake button. >> i tried to use the braking mechanism and it didn't work, so when i was on the hill, tracy davidson make an executive decision to whether hit oncoming traffi which is coming at me or jump off, so i had to jump off. >> reporter: injuries to her head, knee, gs,feet, the scars still visible ashe heals. she's been out of work for weeks is now trying to see if bird will help with her bills. >> i've been down that hill four
11:20 am
other times on this scooter with one that had brakes so this is ot a first time incident for me. i'd been riding this scooter for a while. >> reporter: but she sayshe n't be back on the scooters. bird has told annette, though we cannot promise anything on ourened, we need to gather as much as information as possible before we move forward. bird does tell us they do regularly maintain their scooters. meanwhile, before you get on a similar scooter, here's a quick safety checklist. now here's the thing, there are a couple of different variairons of b scooters and if you want to check the brakes on some like the ones that havead the ional break, you can justac pull b and make sure the wheel locks on the backside. the one that annette was riding had a stop brake like this. you can't check that before you start riding to check that push and on it with your foot make sure the wheel locks. then tou'll knowhat the brakes dowork. as these scooters continue to gain popularity, a remder to all of us to ride safely, adam
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tuss, news4. and you can find more scooter safety tips in the nbc washington app. just search "scooter n. in tht half ho -- >> did you see the moon this morning? well, if you didn't, even if you did, you'll want to look up again tomorrow bause the show may be even better.
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this afternoon vice president mike pence will travel to nebraska to survey the damage from the deadly flooding in the midwest. >> the historic flooding is blamed for at least three deaths, large sections of the midwest and the plains are under water. meltingnow mixed with recent heavy rains caused the trouble. roads have been washed out. some buildingsave even been moved off of their foundation. hundreds of people andheir pets have had to be rescued. >> you can see the furniture's upside down. the sad thing is, the family a
11:24 am
heirlooms stuff like that are priceless and can't be icplaced. >> ols say the financial impact of the flooding will be in the millions of dollars. >> just unbelievable. how about this for a view?r chop 4 captured this stunning close-up view of the moon this morning and if you didn't catch it, d't worry. tomorrow we'll see the full moon and it'll be the spring equinox the last time they happened on the same day was march o 1981 making matters even more unusual, nasa says this full moon is considered a super moon. a super moon is when there's a full moon nr the time when the moon makes it's closest approach to earth. >> wow. >> the third super moon this year and the last one. >> chopper 4 took that picture? >> this morning. >> he got it and called me and i was look look, look. oh, my gosh. you can see the crater's on th. mo >> what kind of cameras do they have up there?
11:25 am
super duper. >> remember to look up this morning. >> i'm glad we mentioned the per moon tomorrow. spring equinox begins tomorrow at 5:58 p.m. our first full day of spring is on thursnd it's our last full day of winter and for our first day of spring. it looks like we'll have spring showers for that. let's go to our maps and show you what's going on out there. o it's beautif there right now. plenty of sunshine. ok at those blue skies out there right now. absolutely gorgeous conditions. now, temperatures a little cold. it started this morning a little onhe chilly side. those temperatures are in the 20s and 30s and right now we're continue and we will to see those temperatures warm into the upper 40s to right around 50 degrees depending on where you are. one side or the other of that 50 degree mark. 52 at reagan national airport. gorgeous day. blue skies. nothing to worbout on this last day of winter. any activities that you need to get done, if you're goi to the burk with the day later, spend
11:26 am
some time outsidbundle up, because it's chilly with those temperatures only around 50. we have n rain or wind. no weather worries and that commute home could have some sunshine delays buts about it. hopefully everybody has their fsunglasses. as any rain delays, not until thursday. thursday we'll be dealing with spotty showers throughout the day. some of those could linger into friday but for the most part a lot of this is going to happen on thursday. but nothing happening out there right now. we widen out this view a little our next w maker coming across the middle part of the united states where they don't need any more rain. u've probably seen it on the your social media what they're dealing with in nebraska. this is going to spawn a little coastal low. to disturbance is going spawn a coastal low and that will bring us rain for your thursday. we'll start this wednesday night. rain unately, those showers continue throughout the day. nothing too heavy. mainly light stuff headed b our way it'll wrap up by thursday night. we'll talk about friday and going into the weekend for your
11:27 am
spring weekend. that's going to jome up int a few minutes, guys. >> thanks, lauren. it's not thest fime we heard about this kind of thing. local high schoers ranked by eir classmates based on physical appearance. what's been done to stop it? a star chef is opening up about his struggle with addiction. when he knew wn he needed help and how
11:28 am
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you're watching "news4 midday." >> welcome back. several male students at montgomery county have been disciplined for circulating a list that ranked a number of their female classmates. >> it happened at bethesda achieve chase high. school officials say the list rated the girls based on how they look and shared online. the school called it bullying and harassment. and most of the students we spoke to agreed. >> honestly, the consensus was that it wasn't an okay thing at all and the girls banded
11:30 am
together and took it on as team because it was hurtful to a lot of people. >> this incident haseen very upsetting for students, staff and families. c high school has no tolerance for bullying. our school strives to create a sense of belonging for all students. this incident does not reflect those values. local chef is telling his story of addiction andre very. he owns several restaurants in the d.c.-baltimore area but just a few years ago he almost lost everything because of cocaine and alcohol. craig melvin has a closer look at his recipe for recovery. >> is it fai t to sayt this is one of those spots that you'll always amember. >> m my dentist. i got really high in my apartment and i thought i was running and i fell and i hit my face really hard and i spit out a bunch of my eth. >> reporter: a bunch of your teeth? >> about five. >> reporter: if you met the chef today, what you would see is the
11:31 am
intensity, passion and focus required of a rising culinary star. owner ofot one, but three celebrated restaurants. a man beloved by his family and friends. t just five years ago, he almost threw it all away, including his own life. >> the straw thatroke the camel's back when i broke in here and stole $4,000 int cash of the safe. went home and got high. >> reporter: he was an addict, first alcohol then cocaine, then heroin. his rock bottom, ste fingm his own restaurant. you wanted to commit suicide? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: why? >> because whyck around. i was failing everyone around me. i had lost the respect of anybody close to me, the one person whoid i really care about, my mother, you know, at
11:32 am
one point couldn't stand the sight of me. >> reporter: his mother and father, an alcoholic himself, emigrated from india shortly before he was born. >> i never felt like i fit anywhere. we were the only indian people that i r:ew. >> reporere you bullied? >> yeah. >> reporter: just because you were indian? >> a lot of reasons. i was i came off as insecure because i felt insecure at home. >> reporter: at 13, he discovered alcohol as a w to fit in. when did the drinking become drugs? >> the drinking became drugs probably around 15 or 16. i'den fa in with a group of guys, the more violent i could act, the more accepted i would be into that group. cocaine came quick. cocaine came around 17. y reporter: how did mak feel? >> i felt on top of the world. it gave me a sense of confidence that i didn't find perfect then. >> reporter: it your parents suspect anything? >> no. >> reporter: barely graduating high school, he convinced his
11:33 am
parents to send him to new york city to the french culinary institute. >> i got settled into my apartment and then that night i wentut and got hammered. my mother had bought me a cross and i sold it for cocaine. >> reporter: despite his addictions, he excelled in culinary school. he moved back to bethesda, maryland, and opened his first restaurant. >> 25-year-old chef, two years out of culinary school has no business opening a restaurant but it was, you know, kind of my addict's ego that was telling me you got this. ld my beer. >> reporter: two years later, the same day he stole from his restaurant's safe his 67-year-old mother showed up as door. > i said you will go to rehab or you will not see me again. i'm not your mother, you're n
11:34 am
my son. >> reporter: the next day, he checked in to a 28-day inpatient rehab program. sober for the first time in a decade, he returd to his bethesda neighborhood to rebuild his restaurants and reputation. >> i was not going to be sober and then spend the rest of my life walking ogshells, so for me it meant i had to go wherever i wanted to go ander d whatev wanted to do. i just wouldn't drink or use and that's my life today. butter, butter, butter. >> reporte he's been clean and sober five years now, even recently cooking at new york's famed james. beardhou >> very simple crab on top. p> reporter: he's hoping his story can h other addicts get to the other side. what did you discover about yourself? discovered that it's okay to not always feelok . i have bad days. my worst dayob is still better than my best day messed
11:35 am
up. get in there camerth guy. e you go. >> good for him and that stuff looks delicious. alfred's story is a month long story called addiction. in news4 your health now, a warning if you take an aspirin a day. it may not be the best way for most people to prevent a hrt attack o stroke. new guidelines from the american heart association n say adults over 70 should not take aspirin every this after three studies found the drug did not prevent heart attacks or strokes in older adults, but it did raise the risk of stomach and brain bleeding. others who should not take a daily aspirin, people who don't have heart disease and anyone at risk for bleeding. >> peopl are takin aspirin should not justeystop. should have a conversation with their physician and really determine their individual risk versus benefit. >> if you have already suffered
11:36 am
a heart attack or stroke, you ould continue taking an aspirin a day. peop who are at high risk forar het attack should talk to their doctors to consider the pros and cons of taking the dailygi nt. experts say it's a temporary face lift with a fraction of the cost with little to know down time. >> if needles make you squeakish you might want to look away. doreen gentzler takes a closer lookt this procedure. >> reporter: this board certified dmatology in mcclain, virginia. >> hi, how are you? nice to see you again. >> reporter: one of thatest procedures to reverse the signs of aging isn't actually new at old. >> it's been in europe for over 20 years. only in the last five wears it fda approved in the united states. >> reporter: patients getting the look of a nip and tuc without going under the knife. >> we insert each thread in and
11:37 am
it's done. >> reporter: these tinyd bar needles are injected right into the part of your body that need a lift >> when it goes under the skin gen to growes col when you put that in the face and the barbs pl on theskin, it can have a lifting affect on the skin. >> reporter: think of it as a fish hook lightly lifting the skin while the threads are place, the body's natural healing response kicks in,pr ucing collagen to heal the suitured areas. the price for a thread lift nges from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on how many threads you use andhere you putthem. for some people it's a good alternative to a traditilial face. that can cost $10,000 to $15,00w and the time can be costly too. doreen gentzler, news4. >> fascinating. >> i can't watch that. >> you can't be shy of needles. >> i know.
11:38 am
get your brackets filled out. march madness starts today. and molette green turns up the intensity in her quest to get fit for spring. she shares four things to know about high intensity workout including the benefits.
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11:40 am
the universityan of mar women's basketball team is going dancing, but this year's march madness selection for female players wasn' as exciting as most years. >> the usual surprise of which ranking a team held was ruined. ase bracket accidently leaked on the espn hours before its official release, still when it was announced last night, the terps couldn't help but cheer. there are three seed in the east region and the best t part isy get to start their journey run am home.
11:41 am
their firste will be against radford at 11:00 a.m. o saturday. today we'll find out who's maryland's men tournament. thps'll take on the t on thursday. old dominion goes up against perdue. first games of the tournament are on friday. follow us for the updates you can't watch while at work you're not supposed to watch while at nwork. >> i'ver seen anybody follow that rule ever especially now that smartphonesan car tvs. >> what's the weather gling to be ? >> thursday's going to be a great day to go inside and watch basketll because we'll have showers throughout the day and friday looking a lot better. the weekendfabulous. fabulous. >> looking ahead. >> looking ahead for this first full weekend of spring but we do have a few hick-ups in between there. it's so pre outside.
11:42 am
blue skies out there. gorgeous on this last day of winter. now we've got cool conditions, but plenty of sunshine and, n, agot too shabby for your wednesday. we head into your thursday, that's whene see those spring showers get going and the wind picks up as we head into your friday. we'll have pretty windy conditions around on friday and saturday. temperatures out there responding to that m sun. we're in the 40s right now. headed into the low 50s for day time highs today. you can expect full sunshine out jer with clear skies, sun going downust about 20 minutes after 7:00 p.m.tonight. nothing happening on the radar right now but our next system rolling across nebraska andf portionse midwest right now and you can see getting ready to enter imissouri. th actually going to spawn a little coastal low as we get into your trsday and with the combination of those two systems, we are going to have some rain spreading into our area on thursday, but not until then. even tomorrow we are dry. tomorrow's a little warmer, low to mi50s, spring actually begins tomorrow evening just
11:43 am
before 6:00 p.m. tomorro evening. so that will be the vernal equinox tomorrow. so after spring's already sprunt tomorrownoon then we're looking at rain to move into the area on thursday. wet morning mmute, could be a wet evening commute. everything we see is on the light side. all wraps up on thursday night and friday we're fine. we stay windy as we get into your saturday as well with gusts up to 25 miles an hour. for your next five days, thoset eratures gradually rise to the 50s, we'll talk about the rest of the weekend and into next week and see if we can get warmer temperatures coming up. >> thanks, lauren. he just started playing a a ye and he's already a champ. meet a 8-year-old who say chess is all about deep thinking. >> government? >> government? and the must-see new play for 50 years, cracker barrel
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an ungodly suffering, untold millions must enjoy every single day. i'm far from indifferent to the plight of the slaves. i'm doing what i can. >> i'm asking you to do more. >> that's a scene from jqa the fictionalized account of john quincy adams. erin is here this morning along with actress phyllis kay on this world premier p y taking pla on arena stage. o be, this is not meant historically accurate, correct. >> it's historically feasible, all the thi hs thatpen in the play could have happened but they probably didn't most of them. >> tell us about the john quincy adams that we see on stage. >> you seeour different john quincy adams, each one at a different age and stage by his life played by both men and women, white folks, people of
11:47 am
color. it's trying to be a story of america, of the sort of full picture of america now. soven though it's a historical play in the sense of these are historical characters, it's ally much more about what's going on in the world right now. >> okay. interesting. phyllis, you are one of four actors who have the opportunity of playing portraying john quincy adams, explain the part of his life that you cover and what it's like as a woman to play this character. >> well, what's great about it is, all four actorsre on stage at the same time so i have really the benefit since i'm playing john quincy adams later in life, i get to watch t life unfold before me as the early parts of his life are played by the other actors. i kind of have started to think about it as if i'm watching -- it's watching these actors is like watching the memory of your life happen while it's happening.e so by the t i hit the stage and playld the john quincy
11:48 am
adams, i have those memories behind me. i'm the luckiest one of the four because i have all -- i had that lid base underneath me of all the experiences that he's had before. >> you also have another er interesting ence in this production. you portray abigail adams. is it tough doing both? >> it's not. actors have an expression, fferent hat different guy, so in the early scene wherey i p john quincy adams' mother, t i ha added benefit of having an interaction with someone that i'm going to bring to theatrical life later in the play so that is all helps i think tell the story really well. it's -- it's a fascinating and a unique experience to be able to play members of the same family in theame play. i don't know that that will repeated any time soon. >> okay yesterday in the post" there was a headline,ro john quincy adams is the anti-trump in the
11:49 am
new play jqa. do you hope that this play will cause people to think about politics or mak any political statement? >> it's not making a statement question. sking it's a provocation as much as it is a play. it's designed to get people thinking about where we are now, how we got here, where we're going. the focus is not historical, it'sem corary. i'm just borrowing history. i'm just borrowing john quincy adams and his family members and sociates to say there's lot going on in the world right now and maybe we should think about it from a histocal perspective. >> you just said a mouthful. all right. aaron and phyllis, thank you both. it's jqa playing now through april 14th at arena stage. good luck. >> tha you so much. >> melissa? we are working for you and helping to get you fitor spring. this is a look at high intensity workout class ear this morning. you may have seen it on "news4 today" with molette green. the fitness trainer of this class has an exercise tip to keep in mind when those excuses
11:50 am
start creeping up. >> you can do squats push-ups, dips, quick feet, running in place, side to side steps, arm raises, pumping your arms right here. you don't need a gym. your body is a gym. >> that's a good tip to get you inspir to get fit for spring. now look here, there are four things to know about a highrk intensity t that get you to that fat burning zone quicker than endurance, provide a full body workout in shorter time and there are a high variety of high intensity training techniquest you can t out so you're never bored. identity theft is a massive problem these days. many experts say it's a matter of if you'll become a victim, not if i should say but. when one of the best ways to y protecrself is by freezing or locking your credit but what exactly is the difference between those two. consumer reporterusan hogan is working for you with the answer. >> well they aren't t same
11:51 am
thing, credit locks and freezes are very simithr. both prevent others from accessing your credit reports, eliminatin the possibility that a fraudster could open a new amaccount in your but there are some differences you need to know about. let's start with costs. credit freezes will always be free. federal law mandates it. locks are a service offeredo you by each credit reporting agency and may come with a fee. liability, because credit freezes are covered by law, they offe more stringent legal protections. if someone is able to open up a frauduleou account in name any way, you will be protected anom any fal liability. a credit lock is simply an agreement between you and the credit reportinggency and is not always clear who isfo libel losses. convenience. if you need to apply for creditf you can a lock through an app on your phone and it's instantaneous. with a freeze, though, it can take up to an hour, so t you'll
11:52 am
ne plan a little more in advance. don't forget to freeze your child's credit as well. children are prime targets for pdentity thieves because they can rack charges for years unnoticed. back to you. we say it's one of our favorite stories of the day for the end o our newscast, an 8-year-old chess champ. >> his accomplishments orrer are impressive even more so when you learn he's
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
here's a heart-warming story. the story of an 8-year-old boy who's overcoming so many obstacles to become a chess master. >> harry smith shares his family's inspiring story. >> reporter: this 8-year-old is tenacious and smart and like other good chess players he simply sees players on the board his opponents do not. >> what iike most about chess is deep thinking. >> reporter: he won the ne york sthess tournament in his age group this year. not bad for an 8-year-old who only learned to play the game a year ago. his family came to america from nigeria two yrs ago, christians fleeing persecution, his dad works two jobs and his mother just psed a hom health care course. >> where do you live? >> we live in shelter. >> repter: yes, they are homeless. so one of his coaches started a
11:56 am
gofundme page toelp out and has his spread, the money started pouring in. >> people are good. >> reporter: they are overwhelmed. proud of their son who is heading to nationals in may and stunned by the generosity of a city and country where they pray to findrefugee. >> i'm so proud of him. >> reporter: like in chess, making the right move can make all the difference. harry ith, nbc news, new york. >> the love is deep real. they will move into ahome. he's no longer homeless. he has a home. thank you. >> you heard it there this morning on the "today" show, a generous donor heard the family's story and offered them an the f was surprised by the generosity. what an amazing momen we have tears in our eyes. >> what an inspiration. >> the weather's pretty inspiring o. >> yes, it is. >> with these blue skies out
11:57 am
there, absolutely gorgeous fndition. this is the lastl day of winter, 52 degrees is where we'll end up dry tomorrow as well. temperatures in the mid-50s. vertical equinox 5:58 tomorrow evening. for the first full day of spri, here comes the spring showers all through the daily on thursday. there out trsday nigh dry on friday for the most part, maybe a few sprinkles. we're also breezy on saturday but the weekend looking negood. chance of rain after thursday next tuesday. >> thank you, lauren. and thank you for joining us. that's "news4 midday." we are back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather updates any time you'd like with the nbc washington app. have a wonderful day and we'll see you tomorrow. [ ding ] show me the crown.
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