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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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werewolf instanty defense. friends of the victim in tears. >> if this guy really is sick, it would be a shame to see a man die because a man was sick. first to breaking news. reli for a maryland family and a community living in fear. >> minutes ago sources told our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkint a suspected killer has been captured. jim handly standing by at the live desk with detats. >> we j learned about this arrest minutes ago osman kalokoh is in the custody now of baltimore police. they tells he showed up at a baltimore hospital this morning on a golf cart. lice say he got into an argument, you recall, with h uncle at a home on sunday, they tell us he killed his 69-year-d uncle and shot his
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uncle's wife. she's expected to survive. the story still developing. we'll bring you more on the story tonight from the live. de to the latest on a cold hearted killing of a beloved business owner. >> jeffrey evans was gunned down on sunday during some type of business toansaction. y we learned the 72-year-old was shot in the head and the chest. our northern virginia bureau reporter david culver explains what wenow about this mysterious murder that took place along route 7 in clark county. >> reporter: virginia state s police say thirted around 11:15 on sunday morning. jeffrey evans, 72 years old from virginia, came here to this clark county gravel lot, he was someently trying to do sort of business transaction with somebody who he had set up meet. they say shortly after witnesses
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saw a man standing at jeff's pickup truck. and wit mnutes he had been shot, even while shot, though. they say that jeff drove his pickup truck around here, up street, and drove right across the very busy route 7 going right into an embankment just across the street. i what's mor that witnesses tell virginia state police the man who was seen near jeff's pickup truck ran across all four lanes to then check inside that pickup truck. it's not clear what exactly he was looking for. but i can tell you talking to folks in this community, not only here in c rkcounty, but then into al dee where jeff ran an auto service business, people are devastated >> he was that guy that was always there, and now he's not. it's weird. it's very weird. >> reporter: and then wondering who would want to kill him. police are wondering tha too.
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they're trying to get answers and they're continuing to investigate this. reporting in clark county, virginia, i'm david culver newsa virgitate police are trying to figure out what caused a tour bus to careen off i-95 thisorning south of richmond. the bus went off the road in prince george's county just after 5:30 a.m. police say the driver lost control on an exit ramp and overturned. two people died, several others were injured. one of the survivors said everything happened soer quickl was no time to react. >> i kind ofit dozed off ae bit somewhere, i guess we had just entered virginia. i wake up and it's like i'm in the spin cycle in somebody's dryer. thet bus is j flipping. it flipped about four times. >> state police 57 people were on board. the bus was operated by tauos travel and was headed from
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florid to new york. an inferno at a texas chemical storage site ranges on. several tanks filled with tangs used to make gasoline, paint thinner, glues caught fire here. the ssategy now just to letth fire burn itself out, and that could take up to two days. highways and schoolsid reopen today, but authorities are monitoring the air quality. vice president mike pence is in nebraska this afternoon. he will survey t damage from the deadly flooding across the midwest. >>ghat floods now blamed for at least three deaths. dan shenman reports. >> reporter: parts of the hartland still hunk erred down after days of historicds fl >> there are places still fully emerged, no access.
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people still stuck in their homes. >> reporter: creeks and rivers running at record breaking water leve levels. inundating milesitf and farmland. >> it's unbelievable the destruction that we witnessed. >> reporter: communities like river side lakes near omaha, nebraska cut off completely. >> everyone here wanted to live on an island but that's not what we were talking about. >> reporter: b volunteersnging supplies in and offering a way out. >> i just want the kids to be close to doctors and resources and with family. i don't wan g to stuck here. >> reporter: in some places the water have reseeded leaving debris and boulders of >> the whole business district is wiped out. >> reporter: the cleanup beginning for hundreds of thousands as evacuees slowly return to what is t left ofir homes. >> once you see where everything is at and everything is going
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back to where it should be and you cantart to cle up. >> and take a painful account of what they have and all that they've lost. dan shenman nbc news. more rain is happening out there today. let's go to our storm team 4 chf oug kammerer. teen are these people goingt to geolt aogro break that and whats going on in our weather? it's going to be a while, this is an area prone to flooding primarily due to snow melt in the region but add in the bomb cyclone last week and this is what you get with this. devastation at the highest rate. this will be billions and billions of dollars. the governor of nebraska saying this is possibly the worst flooding ever because of how endespread it is. youoned the fact they're getting more rain today. look at the radar picture right now and you can see we have a storm system in kansas city, around the omaha area, a half an
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inch to an inch of rain expected that will add to the problems. one thing they do w nott to see is more rain. that storm system making its way through here. they have a lot more to go, still a lot of snow that has to be melted. let's look at our weatheot r cool day. high temperature 53, the average high is 57. only 48 in hagerstown. 40s to the north. even in the southern zones, richmond right 5 now at degrees. there's no real heat anywhere.uc that includes of the hestern part of the nation. as we look towardsext couple days, another chilly night tonight. tracking our nex storm. this is a change from yesterday. this is going to be nasty weather ahead. thursday, friday, and maybe into some of saturday. i'll be watching your weekend as well. a little bit of ahange from what we were thinking thursday and friday now, yeah, this is a bigger sto system. i'll update you on what to expect and what we're looking at here coming up in 10temi
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new at 4, embarrassing and painful is how jack evans describes the violations he's facing. he vowed today to win back the public's trust. as darcy spencer explains, the counci membersook their vote one step further than expected. >> all those in favor, aye, opposed? the ayes have it. >> reporter: the vote to reprimand jack evans came unanimously. >> this is a very difficult timc foril and myself. in retrospect i would have done things differently. >> reporter: he was reprimanded for violating the council's code of conduct, he's accused of using his government e-mail to seek business portunities with w firms that lobby the
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district. >> i've brought embarrassment to this council, to myself and my >> reporter: he was able to hang onto his powerful position chair of the finance and revenue committee, but it strips agency frit the coe, including the sports and entertainment and arts and humanities. phil mendelson said that added teeth to the reprimand. >> we do it to make clear to the publichatr. evans' actions do not reflect the values of the council. we have breaking news this afternoon. the stanley cup champion caps ll visit the white house on monday. the team will meet withid prent trump to celebrate thei 2018 stanley cup the first in franchise history. this meeting comes right before the 2019 playoffs which begin in early april. to national the president is doubling down
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on his criticism of the late senator john mccain. the comments came during a meeting with the president of brazil today. jim handly is at the live desk. >> president trump not backing off of his tweet storm from this weekend. edhe was a today about why he went after john mccain. all of this going on before a se garden news conference with the president of brazil at the white house.en prest trump said he had a problem with senator mccain because he let the republican party down with his vote on health care. >> i'm un hppy that didn't repeal and replace obamacare as you know. he campaigned on repealing and replacing it for years then he got to a vote and it was thumbs down. i never was a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> also ding that news conference the two leaders
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touched on the situation in venezuela. president trump is threatening tougher sanctions on that country. the president recognized brazil as the strongest non-to ally of the u.s. and pushed for the idea of brazil joining nato. d.c. police are asking you to look at this video. it shows four people and a vehicle of interest connected to last month's murder of david brandon of burtonsville, maryland. brandon and another man were shot near the safari restaurant and lounge. >> something occurred inside of an establishment.e individuals w moved to the outside of the establishment. andinutes later gun shots range out. we know there were plenty of individuals that attended the event and were outside at the
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time of the homicide. ing. >> there is a reward being offered in this you should police if you have any information about the people or thee vehicle in video. you can see the entire thing in the nbc washington app. revelations inew what appears to be a random murder of a virginia store manager. >> as we learn more about the spect's bizarre werewolf de insanitynse. >> it's a shame. we have to hope that everything comes out rig in the end. julie cey has a tearful response from the victim's friends. also help foral a l woman hurt on one of those scooters. it comes after a reportou saw here on nbc 4 yesterday. our cherry blossoms arefo i a bit of a doug isk with more on that big storm heading in later this week. we'll see you in 90 seconds.
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back with a live look outside, doug says don't get used to theny s skies a big storm is moving in later this week and the chances f rain keep going up. he's back in a few minutes with
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the forecast and tell you what to >>expect. prince harry and meghan marklehe paid tir respects to theictims of the mosques shooting laying flowers and signing the book of condolences. before leaving they met with the staff. 50 people were killed in the mosque attack. the man accused of stabbing and t beati death a popular alexandria store manager was talkin about killing wolves in the hours after the attack. attorneys forhe accused are using an insanity defense and theyaintain their client his victim was a werewo as northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports, the victim's fends are finding some of the testimony very difficult to hear. >> reporter: for andrea talking about this murder case about her friend's death brings tears. known ckson was a well figure in old town, a friendly
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face at local bars. the defense's suggestion that his killer was insane and should be found not guilty, tough to take. >> i -- i don't -- i don't know. it's hard to say. if ts guy really is sick, it would be a shame to see a man die because of something that a ma was sick. >> reporter:ef dse attorneys say pankaj bhasin was in the midst of a braeak down when he drove to alexandria last july and attacked manager brad a jacksootal stranger. he used a box cuttero flict more than 50 wounds, beating jackson, breaking his neck. >> brad was a great guy, he would have never instigated anything with anyone. i would never see that coming from him. the lifehis guy bea out of him and stab him is disgusting. o reporter: the defense a asked the detective if he told what a blood coverka pbhasin
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was saying when he was taken to the hospital after the incident. he made reference tond wolves dinosaurs. i was told that said the detective. and tre was some reference he said something about killing the wo. that's what i was informed said the detective.ct some of the 's friends skeptical of the claim. but perhaps the toughest moments came when the medic examiner testified about the autopsy photos. power outages, winter storm warnings, a tornado, are you prepared f an emergency? fairfax county created an online preparedness guiic, much of whh can benefit anyone regardless of where you live. it can plan for 14 potential risks in fairfax county. >> i want you topa p a kit, i want you to use the guide to help you develop a plan for you
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and your family. and then i want you to think about your community. and define the community however you want. use this guio help you develop a man for how that community will respond if you're impacted by disaster. >> har copies of guide available at county library and supervisor xoffices. fairne of only two places with this program. >> i love this. i love that they did this. just because it's fairfax county, if you live in montgome george's county, i would get on line, too. go to our webse,owoad is,ou mentioned 14 possible disasters out there. any one of those could hit at any time of the year you want to make sure you're ready for it and prepare for it. we have a box at home so we're prepared for it. >> emergency kit. >> emergency kit ready to go, yeah. so we should be getting ready for something coming our
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way? >> yeah. >> on this last day of winter we were hopayg to good-bye to it. >> and spring comes in nice and easy, flowers come out, temperatures hit 75. it is t ne but that' what we're looking at. a nice day uttoday, again cool. ther.s the cherry blossoms they are now in stage 2. you can see what's happening across our region. plenty ofin sun today but temperatures below average, average high up to7, 58 degrees. right now we're only at 53 degrees. the cherry blossoms like it when temperates are above 68 to around 70 degrees. i don't see that any time soon. 53 the current temperatures winds out of the northeast 7 miles per hour. 48 in frederick, 49 in fredericksburg. 48own towards huntington. so everybody is well below average today. t i thit trend is going to
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contin warmer tomorrow but not much. with more cloud cover, what would you rather have, 53 and sunny or 55 and cloudy? i'll take 53 and nny. not much here happening. tt we have two storm systems. one back herard the west. i showed you this one toward the omaha area. another one down towards florida, parts of west palm beach, that area, over 4 inches of rain from this storm. these two storms are going to come together and move right up the coast towards our region on thursday. .et's time it out for you he here's today. watch the two storms trying to come together. wednesday they're still far enough apart. we're notea dng with any rain on wetoesday. rrow will be dry. this storm actually moves down and drags this storm up across our region. look at this now on thursday. yesterday i was t about a 30, 40% chance of rain. i upped that last night at 11:
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and said something we got to watch. now just two days away, looks like this could be another inch to 2 inches of rain on thursday and friday ittiould be n because we're talking about significant wind behind the stor 55 tomorrow. sunshine early. again it's going to be a cold start but nice for aroun noon. more afternoon clouds. spring begins at 5:58 tomorrow night. spring officially begins tomorrow. 53 for a high on thursday. 54 and windy on friday, we could have 40 miles an hour winds on friday. breezy on saturday. cool on saturday. day, i'm to see a nice still going for a nice day on sunday. yesterday we had 68 and now we're going cooler a 63. i'll take 63. there's ather big change here but i'll talk about that at 4:45 because thist'- >> t enough. >> it's enough. >> let us digest. >> it's enough for now.
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thanks, doug. we are working for your health a little later, thed mammograms that could transform breast cancer screenings. an acclaimed chef is opening about his struggles with addictions, and talks about the moment h
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acclaimed chef with ties to ourrea is opening up about his addiction and recover in hopes of helping others. >> we have more on how he turned his life around. >> he's an accomplished chef from our area, you n mayot know his name but chances are you've dined at one of his three faye musst rerants, duck duck goose, but he almost lost it all because of a cocaine and alcohol addiction and hit rock bottom after stealingrom his own restaurant to pay for drugs. now five years sober he's opening up about his personal demons to shower o that there's life and hope beyond
4:26 pm
addiction. >> the straw that broke the camel's back was when i broke in here and took $4,000 in cash out of the safe, went home and got high. my worst day sober is still better than my best day messed teup. >> repor alfred said it was his mom who intervened and took him to a rehabilitation program in pennsylvania andot that him on the path to recovery. his story was featured o the "today" show as th profile ople who came out on the other side. it's part of a month-long series. news4 is committed to anging minds about mental health and addiction. if you or someone you know needs help head to the nbc washington app. we have a list of local resources. just search changingminds. we mentioned earlier i this newscast that president trump was rsing eyebrows with his first on camera comments in
4:27 pm
days. blayne alexander is live with his new attack today. and the governor weighing in on theth state of local highways and how he proposing we fix that pothole problem. nearly a dozen students win fullid r to local schools and they had no idea the help was
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>> announcer: you'rech wg news4 at 4:00. right now at 4:30 at the white hosie today the pnt welcomed his counter part from brazil who has been dubbed by some as the trump of the tropics. >> and he echoed a anack from one of his key allies on the hill, devon new neez. he also doubled down with harsh words about one of our country's asst well known public servants. blayne alexander h the latest. >> reporter: trump with the president of brazil slamming social media platforms, including facebook and twitter saying the companies are working to silence republicans. >> it seems to be if they're conservafve, they're republicans, if they're in a certain group, there's discrimination and certain discrimination. we use the word collusion all the time and i will tell you
4:31 pm
there is collusion with respect to that. >> reporter: president trump suggesting those companies should be held liable for content posted on their platforms. >> something is happening with those groups of folks running facebook and google and twitter and i think we o ve to get the bottom of it. >> reporter: also touchingre on in venezuela, saying the u.s. can toughen sanctions and military optio not off the table. >> i think of all possibilities, all options are open. >> reporter: earlier president trump answering questions about his own tirade on twitter,ec ically tweets targeting john mccain seven m ths after hiath. >> i think that's disgraceful, plus there are other things, i was never haa fan of john mccai. >> reporter: the president's tweets s gettingong criticism from democrats on the 2020 trail. >> i found it repulsive.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: making tone civility central issues in their campaign ainst president ump. and se democrats in the 2020 race have not ruled out the possibility of adding seats to the supreme court. president trump was asked about that today. he said it will n happen. pat? >> blaynalexander, thank you. new at 4:00 we are learning more about the suspects police say are involve in the gan murder of a falls church high school student. the five people under arrest in his murder are members of ms-13 and all entered the country illegally, three of them as unaccompanied minors. 16-year-old jacson chicas was found dead in a wooded area earlier this month. he had been stabbed dozens of times and hisody set on fire. authorities say jose omeda was the ring leader in that attack. he's entered t country
4:33 pm
illegally twice and been deported once. the victim's famil says they fled el salvador because her son was forced to joinng the when it comes to the infamous pot hole problems on te bw parkway, governor larry hogan is holding no punches. he while the agency does great with parks, it's not so great with roads. earlier this month the national parks service lowered the speed limit on parts of the road to haven't afer but the been able to make repairs fundin of a lack of hogan said that's unacceptable. >> we're not allowed the fix federal parkway. so we got to get to the bottom. it's affecting people in prince george's county, across the state. we want to get it fixed from washington to baltimore. hogan says he will be holding
4:34 pm
a meeting next week with the entire maryland congressionalle tion to discuss options. a montgomery county council member is pushing to make children's water safer. chris gordon told you about the effort yesterday. today council member tom houcker introduced his bill to ruce lead in school drinking water. lowerld be significantly than the state mandate. a popular pizza joi forced to paint over a mural. that paint job ists making own statement ts evening. nicole jacobs explains what's happening in clarn don. >> dan and his wife run goody's pizza. >> it's typical new york style pizza. >> reporter: from the inside it's likeost pie shops. but look from the outside of this mom and pop shop.
4:35 pm
this is actually hedo-over. >> we didn't put anything offensive on the walls. >> reporter: he said the original building was a boring beige thatnd ble in with everything. so he spiced it up a bit and saw a 20 to 30% increase in business. >> we did it in good taste we thought, and the folks around here thought so too. but the county didn't. >> reporter: the county says you can't advertise what you sell on walls. >> i can put a bicycle out there or paint something else out there, just not food, which defeats the whole purpose. >> reporter: the going rent in this clarendon neighborhood, $3,500 a month. and not even that can get you an advertisement of your choosing on your business. >> never thought putting some paint on the would need a permit and somebody's approval.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: with com tition all around they complied with the county's order to paint over the murals. and now the name of the game in to s out. >> we decided to go with lime green for now. >> reporter: possibly a different kind of eyesore, and he's willing to suckor it up now. >> i will take another shot at it, yeah. pefully with the county's permission. >> reporter: a small issue that is actually huge to this small business. in arn, nicole jacobs, news4. >> you certainly know is there. >> it stands out, doesn't it? >> yes. that's wt you want. tomorrow is the start of spring officially. th means it's crunch time for molette green's get fit for spring campaign. next how you can make it at home, make it high intensity and payoff. building a safe space for kids. the local program making a difference in yourig orhood. we've had dry days but the rain coming back for i'll explain why this could be a
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nasty system for trsday and
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[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car buying service, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at four things to know. a beloved local business owner shot and killed during someof te business transaction.
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>> 72-year-old jeffrey evans wa shot ie head and chest over the weekend in clark county. witnesses say they saw a man run up to his car, look innd then take off. the gunm s istill at large. evans was a long-time owner of ance auto ser shop. two people are dead after a tour bus o careens i-95 this morning in richmond. police say it went off the road, flipped over as it was taking an exit ramp. state police say charges are pending. at least three deaths have been blamed on historic flooding across the nation's heartland, parts of theer midwest still u water today and the financial cost is real as well. inebraska the state's farm bureau says farm and ranch losses could total more than a billiondollars. and the stanley cup champion caps visiting the white house on monday. the team will meet with president trump to celebrate the first stanley cup in franchise history. the last professionalroeam fm
4:46 pm
washington to be honorede at white house was d.c. united, 1997. mothers have relied on a nonprot in anacostia for help for more than four decades. >> next yr the house of ruth oull break ground on a new day care facilitying the amount of children they can serve. it>> megan ferald shows us how they are already changing lives. >> reporter: the love between a parent and their child is indescribable. >> give me kiss. >> reporter: which is why she says she wants to give herug daer the best of everything, starting with a good education. >> got the book? okay. another book it is. >> reporter: but a few monags that seemed impossible. >> i can't afford a day care. being as though i get assistance, that's a great thing ,cause my daught don't have to bring her any diapers, i don't have to bring her any food. >> reporter: she's looking for a
4:47 pm
job and money is tight but she found kid space, which is day care facility offered by the house of ruth. >> it was started to support women who were homeless. since then it has grown to serve almost 1,000 >> reporter:a jackson is the executive director of theon organiza she says they help women and their youhiren who fled domestic violence. >> we support thng, hel them eo gain their independence and heel from from rauma and abuse. >> reporter: they offer day care and housing. >> many of our children who have come to us have delays and challenng ch challenges. >> reporter: through things like talk and play therapy, love and care, these children are able to thrive. >> now, 19 months shs so advanced. >> reporter: mariah is the example. >> eight, nine, ten. >> reporter: thisization is offering hope not only for
4:48 pm
parents but for the next generati too. megan fitzgerald, news4. >> so cute. l >>e that. doug, is tonight going to b od night for staring at a super moon? >> yeah. super moon comin inmorrow. the amazing thing, the -- tonight's moon should be fine. tomorrow is the official start of spring and the super, mo very seldom do those things connect, last time it happened was 2011. but yes, it' going to be a good night tonight, tomorrow night not so much because we haor a coming in starting tomorrow night with cloud cover and the rain moves i during the day on thursday. i'm glad you brought that up, because tonight's moon should be pretty dar nice as well it should be 97% full. out there right now lodks clear skies and sunshine, but temperatures below average, 53 degrees. dropping through the 40s, about 42 by 11:00. another chilly night tonight
4:49 pm
like last night. not going to be quitesold tonight but still fairly chilly. 49 gaithersburg. 50 towards dulles. 49 camp spri and look at annapolis, a cool spot because of the water, temperature there 46 degrees. no rainn the radar. storm team 4 radar is clear. but look to thehe west and south, we're watching another storm system moving in. that's going to come in tomorrow night as you talk abt the super moon, we have plenty of cloudsomorrow nigh and look at thursday morning at 7:00 a.m., the rain really cong down alo the i-95 corridor, southern ,maryla parts of virginia. and throughout the day, heavy rain along the i-95 corridor here, and this is going to be something i thinke seeost of the day now. this is different than it was looking yesterday as this storm looked to stay farther off towards the east. coming farther inland that meane we see a cha for a lot of
4:50 pm
rin out of this. 5:00 still seeinn before it gets out of here. here's what to expect fm the storm. periods of heavy rain thursday. this is an all-day thursday event. 1 to 2 inches possible. another 1 inch event, we have seen so many of thohe over past year, year and a half. and then turning windynd chilly friday. i think we'll see strong winds on friday, winds could gust upwards of 40 to 45 miles an hour depending on how strong the storm is. so enjoy tomorrow, sunshine early tomorrow and then the clouds move in with a high of 55. 53 on thursday with the rain all day. going 54 on friday, that might be too high. windy conditions making it feel chillier. saturdayf a high 52. that means many of you are in the upper 40s with the breeze wind chills could be in the 30s and 40s on saturday so chilly saturday too. we break out of it on sunday. so we get intohe 60s, i think
4:51 pm
high of 63. and monday, this storm ushers cn muder air, 61 but falling temperatures all day on m and tuesday 48 and breezy conditions. not the best ten day forecast r you. remember, tomorrow does start spring. i'd love to sw you some 70s. i just don't see them. >> just make it stop! >> i'm trying really hard. really hard. >> try harder, doug. >> yeah. yuck. >> we'll have to wait. thank you. an update to a story we brought you yesterday about a scooter incident inarlington. a woman says brakes on her electric scooter stopped working as she was going down a hill. the scooter company bird reached out to her they told her they ve her claim to an insurance company to help with medical
4:52 pm
bills. the company hadn't responded for weeks prior to the story sterday. she suffered injuries to her head, knee, leg, she's been out of work for weeks. if you choose to ride a scooter we have safety tips in the nbc washington app. searchscooter. up next scholarship surprise. local students in tears after winning full rides to george washington university. a story you don't want to miss. let's look at what's coming up new on news4 at 5:00. >> it's tough to top that story. not much debate about it, we all spend too much time stuck in traffic. a ahead 5:00, the meeting over a new plan to reduce the amount of tim you spend in gridlock. the headlines are constant, millions of accounts hacked, personal information stolen and shared. your safety at risk. but there are ways to protect yourself and our susan hog working for your money this week.
4:53 pm
coming up at 5:00, the diffence between freezing your credit and locking it andhen u take those actions. the potential game changing dr for women who suffer from post paratum depression. we'll see you on this busy day in about 6
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ry blossoms near the tidal basin. the trees are now in phase 2 of 6 phases. that means a couple weeks before they peak. you canou test yr cherry blossom knowledge with a quiz we put together for you, find i in th nbc washington app, search cherry blossoms. h en lucky hhool students in the district got a surprise of their lifetime today, fully paid scholarships to college. one of them at george washington university. drew wildeal got to to one of those students after she was surprised at blue high school this morning. >> reporter: in front of her cl smates, a senior high school student is surprised with a full ride scholarship to george washington university. >> it's my pleasure to award a full scholarship to george washington university to sima h.
4:57 pm
beac >> reporter: she's overcome with tears and says g.w. has always been her goal. when i asked what it meant to see how happy it made her family, she gave all the praise to her mother who raised her alone. >> i know that my mom she was there for me, and her being a single parent and a sgle mom that i am becoming more like her, an independentwoman. >> it means the wor to me to hear her say that, to hear those words come out of her mouth. >> reporter: as for mom she's still beamin >> makes me feel good. makes me feel like i did something right. like i can trust and believe she'll go out and do the right thing. >> reporter: she said she'll pursue a doublen major i interior design and business management and minor in architecture. a huge goal for a capable young woman. this is just one ofen holarship surprises that george washington university e will do in district today.
4:58 pm
for a full list look on nbcwashington.c gw's president said this is his favorite day every year. because it sends the message that college is a possibility for all. >> that's a great message. adt all the students had these big events, someore private ones with their families. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. a community devastated after a business transaction ends with bullets flying. the search for the suspect who shot and killed a beloved . business own a formal reprimand for the d.c. council's longest serving member. tonight after a vote that went further than expecth. a seaor answers after a deadly crash involving a tour bus on busy i-95. >> announcer: news4 at 5:0 starts now. it was a tough day in court at the trial in the murder of a
4:59 pm
popular old own storemanager. >> some of the evidence too much for friends of that victim andt had to leave the courtroom. during testimony witnesses revealed that the accused killer was talking abouter waolves and dinosaurs in the hours after he killed a store manager. >> his attorneys said that's because their client thought the victim was a werewolf. julie rey with the details. >> reporter: the victim brad jackson he worked and socialized in old town, he had a large circle of friendsnd they are trying to spend as much time as possible at this trial. but today's testimony brought some of them to tears and others driven out of th courtroom when the autopsy photos were reveales thatwed the wounds of this vicious attack that defense
5:00 pm
attorneys say was carried out by an insane man. startingttorneys are to build their case that accused killer pankaj bhasin should be found not glty by reason of insanity. that suggestion hard for the victim's friends to ta. >> unfortunately he was an innocent victim. it's a shame, b we just have to hope that everything comes out right at the end. >> reporter: brad jackson's friends are struggling with the claim that the killer attackedho because heht the victim was a werewolf. the two had never met untilpa princil brown walked into brad jackson's ofdece. nse attorneys pressed the lead detective asking if if been told what pankaj bhasin was saying at the hospital. he made reference to wolfes and dinosaurs? i was told that said the detective. there was somefence he said about killing the wolf? nfthat's what i was s


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