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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, dozens of vehicles targeted. >> thelass was completely shattered. >> in a neighborhood on edge. >> new fallout and possie consequences for local students in that massive college admissions scandal. >> i don't kno i think it's kind of a tricky
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situation. >> it's tough because i definitely feel for the kids. >> and the new warning about a terrifying scam. tricking parents into thinking their kidsre in trouble. >> it's traumatizing. >> what you need to know if this youens to >> not a bad day tomorrow, but a big storm moving in for thursday, friday and part of your weekend. i'll breakown what you can expect. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. we begin tonight with a warning. ch out for vandals targeting vehicles in the middle of the night. people are driving around shooting out c windows in charles county. >> these are pictures of just two of the dozen of cars with shattered windows as news 4's shomari stone shows us, it has a community frustrated and on edge. >> reporter: good evening. charles county sheriff's deputies a dermined to catch these vandals. they drive in neighborhoods similar to this one right here the dark of night while
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people are sleeping shooting at cars. the people wake up and see the damage. ernight the o are upset. >> well, angry >>basically. eporter: he is not in a good mood. >> basically powerless because, you know, my car is out there and aone can come and damage it. one pellet and a couple of smaller hol over her and the whole window was shattered. >> reporter: take a look at this photo that shows h shattered driver's side window. deputies say someone drove i his waldorf neighborhood fired three shots with a pellet gun sunday night. >> what was your reaction when you saw the damage? >> repor: >> i was a little upset. >> reporter: especially because he had to pay 250 bucks to fix it because the cost was less than his deductible. he's not the onlyar victim. s county sheriff's deputies believe the same people shot out more than two dozen vehicles in the county over the last two weeks. deputies say this home security mera captured this white
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four-door car at the same time of several of the shootings. police are on the lookout. meanwhile, imran hopes they make an rest. >> it serves a deterrent. >> reporter: charles county crime solvers is offering a 000 cash for $ information that leads to an arrest and an indictment. shomari stone, news 4. >> pretty frightening. we're following a developing story for you tonight. threats against local schools as one county prepares to mark a milestone. >> detectives in saint mary's county say threats o mass violence are being spread through social dia and text messages. all at saintmary's county schools and coincide with the great mills high school shooting. detectives are working to see and ifbehind the threats they're credible. tomorrow marks one year since a classmate shot and killed jalen
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oollie. a s officer fired at the shooter but an investigation reveals the young gunman took his own life. tomorrow counselling services will be available to great mills students and staff. late afternoon in new zealand where the funerals have begun for those killed in last ek's mosque massacre. hundreds of mourners are gathering right nowt a cemetery. authorities speay four ds constructing a special grave there designated for muslim burials. police say an australian white supremacist coordinated the attacks k in two mosques.pers the democratic presidential ield appears to be growing tonight. "the wall street journal" is reporting that former vice president and delaware senator joe biden will run for president. a source tells the paper t biden asked half a dozen supporters for their help in lining up contributions from major donors. this picture just in from the prince george's county fire department shows where flames t
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crept up outside of a house today in fort washington. investigators haven't yet figured out what caused the fire but we know the flames started on the outde. and moved up the exteriorpeall. ch 4 flew over the home this evening. we're told everyone inside the house made it out aefighter was injured but is going to be okay. right now, a major disaster continues to unfold in the flood warnings remain in effect in at least seven states, including five maj cities. vice president mike pence visited flood victims in nebraska today. chopper video shows animals trapped on small patches of high ground. billions of dollars in damage done to farmland. entire fields under several feet of wer. farmers fear the ground won't dry out fast enough for them to plant spring crops. >> people put blood, sweatnd tears day after day after day for their livestock and crops t
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put food or whatever on the tables of people around the country. >> inome places where floodwaters are receding, giant chunks of ice remain. many of the ice chunks are just too heavy to move and people will have to wait until they melt. back here in our area tonight, storm team 4 telling us to keep those umbrellashandy, folks. we have another big storm heading our way. chief meteorologist dougni kammerer j us now to explain what is no store. just how wet are we going to be getting, doug? >> jim, we got one more dry day tomoow. the umbrellas definitely coming out. we're talking a pretty big so ter here onrsday. that's really all it's going to be just thursday. still going to have a high impact on thursday and friday. high temperature, 54 degrees. below average again. 54 in s hagerstown withe sunshine. it wasn't all that bad. nice afternoon outside. a littleit onhe cool side in areas of shade, but all in all, not toong bad. tracwo systems.
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one hitting areas alreadyhiard in nebraska and parts of missouri. to the east here, another onear down t florida. these storms are going to come other and give us the soaking that we'reooking at for thursday. so another chilly start tomorrow morning. another cold start really for your wednesday. heavy rain looking more andore likely now and tracking a windy friday. this storm is going to have big frimplications on thursdayay and saturday. much more on this. see you backere in about seven minutes. >> okay, doug. thank you. the washington capitals will visit the white house monday to celebrate their 2018 stanley cup victory but one player says he's not going. capitals foryrd brett con hanfirmed to reporters after tonight's game he will not be making the visit with his team. he previousl said he would decline an invite from the president. >> innocent victims are part of the scheme? universities are tryg to figure out if applicants, current students even graduates involved in thatationwide
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cheating scandal should be punished. news 4's nicolens jacobs j us with the new push from georgetown alumnus. >> reporter: jim, disgraceful is the word we've usedost often when describing this case. i spoke with one student this evening, and she actually knows someone who was involved in this scandal. she tells me that student has willingly left the university, possibly temporarily, but there is one alumnus who wants to make that move permanent to all involved. a brisk chill is in the air about the campus of georgetown university. >> definitely, you know, doesn't look good for the university at al >> reporter: with one lingering topic on the minds of many that has yet to fade, operation varsity blues. >> definitely doesn't look good for georgetown to have this on their permanent record. >> reporter: georgetown university, the only dmv school named in the indictment, after the men's and women's tnis
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coach allegedly accepted bribes for the admit ast oents. >> still shows the inequality that goes into the system. >> reporter: butt's an alumnus stepping up calling for the university to rescind degrees and admissions of those involved inme the sc >> if you believe that the kids didn't know that they were involved then that really sucks for them. >> reporter: he's circulating a tition and so far is just under 500 supporters from meeting his goal. >> definitely feel for the kids because i think it's, you know, not a lot on them. i mean it is, you know, but, you know, i think it's thepa rents. >> reporter: georgetown university released a statement in response to the petition reading in part, "we arein review the details of the indictment, examining our records and will be taking appropriate action." though it isar unc what those actions will be. most students who have earned their way say this -- >> there definitely needs to be some sort of reaction and punishment to it. >> reporter: with hopes of ending the cycle and rebuilding a respecreputation.
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in addition toci ring and -- and i should say -- rescinding the degrees and admissions, the alumnus also wants a public written apology to all university alumni, including those deferred as a result of this scheme. back to you. >> all right. nicole jacobseporting from georgetown. thank you. new tonight been 11 months in prison for a beltsolle man killed two good samaritans two summers ago. dna evidence helped police track down justin s he killed jorge rnds a terence barrett ontr edmonds st in 2017. they stopped to help a stranded driver. barrett's family tells us they're angry at the judge's sentencing. >> so it was a setback. it was a hurt. it was a slap in my i don'k they really understand the hur and the deep
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pain that these two families have.r >> last y dna collected from the driver's side air bag helped police identify smith. d.c. police are searching for four people who may be connected to the murder of a maryland man. last month david brandon and another man were shot along georgia avenue in northwest. they were near the safari d.c. restaurant and lounge. if you have any information about the people or the vehicle in this video, you're urged to give police a call. you can see the entire video on our nbc washington app. just search "sur. illance vide the 20-year-old who is said uncle haslled his been arrested. baltimore police have him in custody now. they say he showed up at a a golfl this morning cart. two days ago he allegedly killed his 69-year-old uncle a h injured uncle's wife after an argument. she is expected to survive. tomorrow could be the day ao
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family begins find closure. >> yeah, they're wait for a jury to reach a verdict in the case of the man accused of killing her daughter. found dead in her basement apartment in northeast d.c. in march of 2017. >> she was raped and stabbed repeatedly. prosecutors say elijah tory's dna was found on her he was also caught on surveillance cameras driving her car and using her atm card. a new warning about a growing scam. >> people tricked into thinking their loved ones have been kidnapped. >> she said, mom, they took me. they took me. i'm in a van.t i doknow where i am. eemhow the scammers make it so real and hard work pays off for some local high school studentsr our cameras w rolling as one student got the su
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this massive ball of fire and smoke burns forhi the straight night outside of houston, texas. these are live pictures tonight. you can see that fires still very active. and there is concern that fog overnight will closer to the ground. eight of the 1 tanks at this scene are on fire. the chemical used t make gasoline, nail polish remover, glue and paint thinner, those are the chemicals burning. auth aities insist the quality is safe. it's unclear how long the tanks will continue to burn.
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the smoke has drifted so far that local meteorologists say it's reached ausren. more than hours away. we've got a new warning tonight about scam targeting families using your social media posts. it's called virtual kidnapping. tricking you into thinking your loved one haseen abducted. nbc's gadi schwartz explains how to protect yourself. >> reporter: it's a scamis deved to stop any parent in their tracks. >> i was frantically driving to the school. i was on hold with the school. i was hanging up. ias calling back. i was screaming. >> reporter: kathy gross terror-str ken as she heard what she thought was her daughter's voice. >> she said, mom, they took me. i'mn a van. i don't know where i am. >> reporter: former olympian rowdy gains and his family among those targeted. >> he started shouting expletives and that he was going to shoot our daughter. >> it's called virtual
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kidnapping and it works like this. a hoelkser calls your phone using information from our own social med convince you one of your loved ones has been taken. they try to keep you on the phone and make you wire them money before you ever realize that your child has been saf the entire time. >> that's all that really was red to us was that she safe. >> reporter: police saying if a call like this does come in, hang up immediately, call police and never say you're loved one's name or give out information that could beck used to tri you into thinking the hoax is real. the terrifying racket becoming more common. inmates fluent ingnglish call from mexico, leaving little recourse for investigators. >> it's traumatizing at a pretty high level. >> reporter: the best line ofon protec stay calm and be aware odds are your family is safe. gadi schwartz, nbc news. working forheour th, the fda is close to approving the first drug for postpartum depression. the drug would be given to new mothers by iv and would start
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working within days. th centers for disease control says 1 in 9 women in the u.s. suffer from postpartumsi depr. that's about 400,000 new mothers fvery year. only h of them are deciding a diagno ten lucky d.c. high school students and their parents got he surprise of a lifetime today. news 4 was there as one of them learned she earned a free ride full paid scholarship to george washington university. >> it is my great pleasure to award a full scholarshipo george washington university to saya beach. >> samaya beach is about to school. from blue high she says gw has always been her goal and she wouldn't have gotten there without her mom. me y mom, she was there for and her being a single and single momri stving, i am
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becoming more le her, an independent woman. >>he plans to pursue a double major in interior design and business manefement. gr daughter and very proud mom tonight. >> a very bright future for her, to congratulations to samaiya. you'veot real weather to talk about tonight. >> yeah, the more we look at this, the wettert looks o thursday, the windier on friday. really a nasty mess out there after today which was a pretty nice day. plenty of sunshine across the area. high temperatures into the 50s across our region. below average. with the sun it didn't feel all that bad out there, as long as you were standing in that sunshine. out there currentl we're on the chilly side. down to 45 degrees at the airport. winds out of theoutheast at 3 miles an hour. notice the rest of the area already in the 30s. 38 in gaithersburg, 32, frederick. martinsburg, 39, culpeper, 31. many areas already below freezing. it will be another very coldhe
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start to day tomorrow. heads up for that. we saw a cold start this morning. we'll see another cold start tomorrow morning. as far as the radar is concerned, no rain or snow any time soon, nothing for tomorrow either. all you have to do is go baco the west. we see the clear skies over our area. nearly a full moon tonight. a really beautiful moon. iis system here the middle part of the country and this system down towards florida. this system is going to move towards the coast, pick this one up and bring it right into our region. i'll show you what i'm talking about. here is the next big storm back to the west. watch how the rain starts to move up to north carolina tomorrow. tomorrow is dry. we see the clouds on the increase, but that's about it. as the storm moves oser, here comes the rain that is right up. very moist air making its way right out of the bahamas, out of florida. moving right on into our area and bringing us rain all day on thursday. this is going to be a big soaker for us.
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periods of rain during the day wednesday, yeah, some of that heavy at times. 1 to 2 inches possible in areas. the chesapeake bay, i-81 coordinator, maybe less for sy, bull seeing rain there. chilly in here for friday. now we get to the 50 same thing as tomorrow. 55 degrees. rlt much wind tomorrow. sunshine more afternoon clouds. the clouds come in tomorrow afternoon and spring begins at 5:58. temperatures should then skyrocket right to the 70s, >> yes. >> yes, we made it. well, unfortunately, that's not the case. a rainy 53 on thursday. that's a nasty day 54 with 40-mile-an-hour winds possible on friday. that's kind of a nasty day.nd breezyool on saturday, high of 52. wind chis in the upper0s to low 40s. sunday looking like a really nice day. high pressure builds in. we see plenty of sunshine. high temperature on sunday up to 63 degrees before another front comes through and cools things
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again back to, like, winterlike temperatures as we make our win towards tuesday and wednesday. so most of the ten-day below average, but we do have one or two nice days mixed in there. they'll all be nice eventually, everybody. we've just going hang in there. >> so you say. thank you, doug. coming up, a night o milestones in new jersey, but the caps' focus is already on their visitors tomorrow nigh >> sports next. first, though, here is jimmy llon. guys, a.d. bryant is my guest tonight. kobe bryant,
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this is the xfinity sports desk. all right, erree, caps looking tough. it wasn't exactly an even match on the ice, though. >> not knecessarily, but yw what? if the capitals can get you any kind of, you know, underneath them, practice, it is important. there are three weeks left in the regular season and the capitals taking advantage of one of the w tst teams in league to gain some ground in the standings. devils are ey already eliminated from the postseason, but washington's
11:25 pm
gearing up with hopes for another deep playoff run. and rounding up asnt many poi as they can down the stretch. alex ovechkin is smiling. all of d.c. is smiling. ovi having fun before the game d his team having fun during. scoreless in t first. andre burakovski firing in. scores. 12th goal of the season for burky. between the defender's legs, top shelf. caps up 1-0. remember we y toldou brett connolly one goal away from 20? nailed it. djoos sets up his 2th of the dason. fifth time he'se it in his career. fifth capital to do it this year. cousin n kuznetsov now on the brink of s,20 goal he has 19. caps up 3-1. celebration not oven. nicklas backstrom to alex ovec win to tomilson finding the back of the. net
11:26 pm
backstrom gets an assist on t goal. his 50th of the season. sixth straight season he's had 50 assists, b 2oming theth player in nhl history to hit that mark. capitals beat the devils 4-1. an important two points for washington. they're looking forward to their next point, the tampa bay lightning, the team they just lost to three days ago. >> last game was a good battle and we're expecting that again so, you know, we're going to have to take care of ourselves here and get readyo play the best team in the league tomorrow night. so important points and another measuring stick game. we're looking forward to it. and another chance to get a crack at them. it's always nice when you have that feeling and you play them so's soon. ice to get back after it. >> and that's going to be a chippy game tomorrow. ll right. march madness has begun. tonight, two playing games with two mor tomorrow. then thursday maryland plays their first game in this year's aa tournament. the terps jacksonville earlier this afternoon.
11:27 pm
maryland looking for their first stseason win since 2016. mark turningj turgeon trying to on his 3-3 record in the ncaa laurnament. ma knows this time of year is about focus and fun. >> eve personithin our organization has to have a positive attitude and fun outlook and really enjoy the moment. if we do that, we're going to play well. i really encourage the guys to be that way. we've been that way since our name popped up onunday. so now you're down here, i think the guys' juice starts flowing and hopefully itp will h us play well. >> maryland finally knows who they will play. belmont beating temple in the first one, they'll play maryland at 3:00 p.m. on wednesday. ane first draft of my bracket, i have mar beating belmont, advancing. >> very good. >> i need toinalize this for thursday. >> you had belmont winning, so that's one. >> there you go. i'll take the small victories. thanks, jim.
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