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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 20, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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fredericksburg. dog-walking forecast for today, cute little gabby, more than 60 pounds, she will be a great walking companion. go to humane rescue to find out howtl to adopt l gabbie here. dog-walking weather today. dry weather start to thfinish, 's the good news. it will be cold for those morning walks this morning. pleasant enough for mid afternoon and after work walks later on in the day. but it's going to be raining here tomorrow. we'll talk more about that and start thinking about the weekend coming up. melissa? >> all right, thank you, chuck. right now brand new problem on the beltway this morning. so we're talking about the outer loop at leesburg pike. the cama is not working. we'll look at that in the next couple minutes. outer lp at leesburg pike we're seeing the crash on the right side of the roadway and some delays, so we'll start to see that probably here on the map in the next couple minutes. oxen hill northbound indian hill
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highway crash on the right side. we're not seeing that on the map. 395 into town, out of town looking quite good. aaron? melissa, thank you. we're following breaking news now fromderick county, maryland. look at these photos just into our news room. that's a mobile home that caught fire earlier this morning. we're told that many of the sides have already collapsed here. we're trying to find out whether anyone may haveeen inside at the time. we'll bring you more information as we learn it. we're followi this veloping story as well this morning. threat levels against -- threa levelled against a local school district have been found to be not credible. >> ahose threats were directed at schools in saint mary's county. a statent from a district principal has been released. it says the person who made the threats has been identified, but to behe safe, will be an increased police presence at the school while, a grim milestone will be marked at great mills ontoda.
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year ago a young man shot and killed a classmate in the hallways just after the day began. jalen wily was killed an the shooter took his own life. a school resource officer firedt his weapon the shooter but did not kill him. support and counselling services to students ab and staff. the funerals for those killed in the shootings at two mosques in christchurch, new zealand have begun. specialto graves hav be constructed so they would be appropriate for muslim burials. local officials spent days makingure they wereready. 50 people were killed in the attack. 30 people remain in the hospital. deputies in charles county hope you can h tpm find people shooting out car windows in the middle of the night. investigators say this white four door sedan has been seen driving through neighborhoods whercars have been vandalized. someone with a pellet gun has shot out windows in more than two dozen cars.
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this person hopesin catthe vandals will show others they can't get away with something like this. >> well, it serves as a deterrent to other people if you do something like this, y will get caught. being, a $1,000 reward is offered to anyone who can help catch the people responsible for these crimes. if y travel along i-270 and the maryland beltway, you know how congested it gets. >> now state leaders are looking at widening the roads to make way for tolls, but doing so may come at a 4ice. ne justin finch is on 270 now with more on this sty. justin? >> reporter: aaron, eun, that's right. ifou've driven 270 and the beltway in the morning or in the evening, you know hownd choked slow it can really start to get out here. that's why that conversation about expanding lanes is really starting to pick up at the local and state levels, but notne everere is on board. matter of fact, news 4 there inu montgomeryy in their chambers for a meeting on the topic yesterday where som
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attendees showed upholding signs. some worried that more lanes will just equal more traffic and more of the same on the 270/495 corridor. some are also concerned, too, thatxpsion here could also cost people their homes. also at that meeting, state transportion secretary pete ron who said it's too early to say just what's o the table now. >> i personally believe we're going to be able to get through this without taking homes. but i can't flat out say it until we see what the proposers come back with. >> reporteso, as you heard it there, the wheels are in motion, so tospeak. but an actual plan we're still quite not yet there. there were some neighbors in that meeting, too, asking why mass transit wasn't more of an option,rains or perhaps more buses added. we'll see if that becomes part of the master plan in the future, but right now prepare for expansion of s be kind it
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mass transit or perhaps more lanes or both. back inside to you. >> justin finch for us on the road on 270. thank you, justin. time is 5:05. now on news 4 today, georgetown alumnus wants action following that college admissions cheating scandal at seral elite universities. the student has started an online petition calling on georgetown university tode rescd ees and admissions of any alumni and students involved in this high profile admissions scandal. georgetown university is the only local school named in the indictment. former georgetown tennis coach gordon ernst is 5 among people charged in the scheme. prosecutors say ernst accepted bribes for admitting someen st. according to charging documents, one family paid him $400,000. news 4 ske with current georgetown students about the scandal. >> doesn't look good for georgetown to have this on their rmanent reco >> yeah, i mean, it's definitely still shows the inequality that
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go into the system. >> on one hand it is cheating in how he got in and everything, but on the other hand, he did complete all the requirements for the degrees. >> georgetown university released this statement in response to the petition reading in pa, quote, were reviewing the details of the indictment, examining our records and will be taking appropriate action. now.5:06 a surprise development in the prostitution solicitation case against patrts' owner robert kraft. prosecutors have offered to drop the charge that he paid for sex at a south florida spa. now, according to a plea deal, kraft and 24 other men who wer arrested would have to admit that there is enough evidence to convict them. if they agree, they can avoid a trial and t bei risk ofng convicted on the charge. they would still have to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a fine. kraft has pleaded not guilty. so far his attorney has not said whether he'll accept the deal. we now know the washington capitals will visit the white house on monday to celebrate the team's 2018 stanley cup victory.
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but forward brett conley will not go. he confirmed that report last night. he had priestly said heould decline an invite from president trump. the list of people trying to get tohihe house continues to grow. >> "the wall street journal" reports former vice president joe biden will run for president. a source told the paper that biden, who islso a former delaware senator, has already asked half a dozen for their help. the report says he hopes to line up contributions from major donors. ust thernal article is latest in a series of reports suggesting biden is gearing up for a n. according to the hill, biden may be prepared to pick a running mate earlier in the race to stand out from the growing field of democratic candidates. meanwhile, the current occupant of the white house is turning up the heat on a twitter feud with the husband of one of his longest-serving advisers. on twitter, presint trump called kellyanne conway's husband george conwayqu a, e, total loser.
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he is a well-known conservative lawyer and is a frequent critic of the president. in recent days he posted a series of tweets questioning the president's mental health. in an interview with the washington post, george conway responded to the president's attacks calling it maddening to watch wt he called incompetence. conway says his own posts are in part to move on with the day so he doesn' quote, end up screaming at her about it, referring to his wife kellyann. when asked about the back an forth, kelly ann con bai says she's not concerned. >> mike pence is back from a trip to the midwest. he was there to see the c devastatiosed by days of flooding. flood warnings are remain in ffect for at least seven states, including five major cities. these images are just incredible. animals remain trapped on small patches of high ground, entire fids are under feet of water. billions of dollars in damage has been done to farmland and now farmers fear the g dund won' out fast enough to plant spring crop >> people put blood sweat and
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tears day after day after day for livestock and their crops to put food or whatever on the tables of people aroun the country. >> now in some places where flood waters are receding, giant chunks of ice remain. many are too heavy to move and people have to wait forhem to melt. parts of northern texas are included in those flood warnings, but farther south, this trouble continues to impact areas outside of houston. that massive f chemicale continues to burn. eight of the 15 storage tanks filled with chemicals used to make gasoline, nail polish remover, glue and paint thiveer been burning since sunday. it's unclear how long the tanks will continue to burn. the smoke has drifted so far that local meteorologists say it's reached austin more than three hours away. authorities insist the air quality is safe. now on news 4, embarrassin and painful is how d.c. councilman jack evans describes the ethics violations he's facing before being formally
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disciplined yesterday, he vowed to win back the blic's trust. the vote to reprimand evansou ce wi objection after an emotional statement fromns e himself. >> this is very difficult time for this council and very difficult time for myself. in retrospect i would have done things very differently. >> evans was reprimanded for violating the council's code of conduct. he's accused of using his government e-mail to seek business opportunities with law firms that lobby the district. >> you're showing to the public and to ourselves that that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. >> i want to thank you, ai an, for taking some action the result of ensuring public trust. >> evans was able to hang on to his powerful position as chairman of the finance and revenue committee but an amendment to the resolution strips some important agencies
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from under that committee, including t sports and entertainment authority and arts andumanities the. evans is under a separate federal investigation as well and depending on that investigation more action may come. it's now 5:. maryland governor larry hogan is proposing to take control of the w parkway away from the par service. foree weeks we've bn documentinu the problem're looking at right here, mor potholes. many popped up lyrece that the park service lowered the speed limit to 40 miles per hour in stretches. yesterday the governor told reporters that the park service is good with parks but terrible at managing roads. he says perhaps the state of maryland should takeeontrol of bw parkway. >> if we controlled it, we could do something. but we're noted all to fix the federal parkway. we want to get it fixed all the way from washington to baltimore because it's one of the most havily traveled roads. >>ogan says he'll discuss the future of the parkway with maryland's congressional
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delegation next sweek. io>till ahead a surprise for a local high schoolr preparing for plus,ght on camera. a group of skiers hits the slopes and finds ielf in an avalanche. chuck? all right, it's hump day around here, that means it's time to start making those weekend plans. the good news about the weekend, it will not be raining. dry both days. saturday still promises to be blustery and on the chilly side sundayafternoon, back up near 60 degrees. more about that thursday rn more about that thursday rn chance caiom [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as and everyone is welcome to apply. [music]
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[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at working within a matter ofome days. the centers for disease control one in nine women in the u.s. suffers from post partum
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depression, that's 400,000 new mothers each year. nly half have diagnosed and treate right now the only options for moms are therapy and ti epressants. >> it may be 5:15 in the morning, and that didn't work. that's not going work this hour. let's tell you about this drink thing that's coming out. take a look, the drink works machine was created by keurig and anheuser-busch. the machine's liquid-filled pods have a shot of alcohol plus flavors for cocktails like margaritas. the machines are expanding to florida, california, parts of missouri as well. not to our area just yet, buton e can hope. >> i mean, is it a goot' thing ths going to be so easy to just make yourself a cocktail at any time of the day? >> yes.ha is a question? >> check out this video. group of skiers on the austrian alps survived a harrowing ordeal. they were enjoying the mountunn
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when thed gave way beneath them. i want them to know that's what happens when yin're seeg on the side of the mountain. this is a possibility. no one was buried or seriously hurt, thank goodness. the weight of the group put so much pressure on the snow it caused that slide. -h lucky people. >> . well, it is that time of year. the weather slowly turning warmer and high school seniors across the country are finding out where they'll be going to college in the fall. >> 10 lucky d.c. seniors and their parents were given the surprise of a life time this ek. news 4 was there when one learned she earned a fully paid scholarshi to george washington university. >> a full scholar harship to george washington uoversity somia beach. >> somia beach says gw has her goal and she wouldn't have accomplished it without her mom. >>my knowing that mom, she was there for me b hereing a single parent and a
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single mom striving that i am becoming more like her, independent woman. >> she plans to pursue a double major in interior design andna business mament. and you know, congratulations. she can have all the support in the world, but she has to put in the work. she has to do it t so way go. >> she made it this far. she has it in her. good to see. >> mom just saved 240 or something thousands dollars. >> it's one of the most expensive universities in the country. >> absolutelyright. job well done. keep those grades up. chuck, we're under 40 degrees around here at thisth point in e morning. >> yeah. an average low would be 38. >>hat's your point? >> well, being under 40 degrees in march -- >> it's cold. >> not necessarily noteworthy. >> cold is cold. >> cold is colden fairgh. 39 here in washington now. it's even colder in the suburbs snere aaron d live. 28 now in fairfax coun. 29 in montgomery county. 27 in the panhandle of west virginia. 32 now in prince georges county.
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cold start this morning. as you're planning the day ead. typically chilly start to the day. more than enough sunshine early on in the day to get temperatures into the low and mid 50s. this stoca between c and st. louis now, that is coming in our direction and it's going to help pull in some of that moisture off the outer banks of north carolina. ose two systems will combine their efforts and bring us what's likely going to be well oer an inch rain tomorrow. here is future weather through the rest of the daylight hours nothing to worry about. 9:00 p.m. this evening,we s moves into the richmond area and lower parts of the bay. this time showers likely elmorrow. thisw shading here at5:00 tomorrow afternoon, that could be very heavy rain indeed. kind of a showery start for your
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thursday morning commute. enough rain we could really have somee snags in th travel conditions around here for tomorrow afternoon. that ends thursday evening. friday morning will start y, but friday afternoon likely to have a round of mid afternoon d showering the peak heating of the day on friday. a pocket of very cold air aloft. that will be snow showers across the high spots there of pennlvania, western maryland and west virginia. so very cold and windy aroun here on friday. 54, but it won't feel anywhere warm.hat saturday also rather windy to blustery with highs in the low 50s. sunday will be the better half of the weekend. i'll give you the ten-day forecast 30 minutes from now. for now, it's time to go tome ssa. >> good morning, chuck. looking at the outer loop at leesburg pike, we sti have the left side of the roadblocked this morning because of this crash and response. you haveo squeeze by on the right and we are seeing some delays here on the camera not as many here on the map, but you can sort of see just a little bit of a slow down outer
5:20 am
loop at leesburg pike. oxen hill northbound indian head highway before wilson bridge drive, crash on the right side tiniest blip of the slow down but nothing major this morning. taking a look at 66 fairfax county beltway to the parkway gets you there in 9 minutes at 65 miles an hour. stillahead, plenty companies offering to help you with your credit score but how many are legit. and later today on "eamen". >> it out recently that you're dating rosario dawson, right? >> yes. >> it would be an amazing wedding to have in thee. white ho we would watch. that would be like our royal wedding. that would be great. >> new jersey senator and presidential hopef cory booker stops by. he's not only talking about his relationship wit actress rosario dawson but his campaign as well. "ellen" airs at 3:00 p.m. and stic around fork
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>> announcer: you're watching4 "newday." 5:23 now. quick thank you to calvert county public schools for inving me to speak at the lean submit. the district hosted its second youth leadership conference in prince frederick yesterday. i spoke to 150 mostly african-american high schoolers about building leadership skills and findingsuccess.
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they asked a lot of great questions about those topics, college, tv news, all sortsf things. so again, just a thank you to sandy walker for inv ing me out. the supervisor of equity for the school district to speak to the young people who were all i think on a good path. a lot had great questions and we talked about some of their directions they wantke in life, too. >> sure you had great answers. this week we're helping you navigate and protect your credit report. a low credit score can have a negative impact on your life and plenty of h companies wilp you get back on track. >> consumer reporter susan hogan has a look at how tol t what companies are git. credit card debt can be so overwhe overwhelming. people aren't sure where t begin when it comes to paying down the balance. you should proceed wit caution using a credit repair company. >> they will do four a things required by law, provide a written contract detailing the services they'll perform and
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your rights as a consumer. inform you tha you have three days from the time you sign up to cancel at no charge. explain how long it will take for their service to actually make an impact y onr credit. and explain in detail any guarantees they mak consumers. watch out for these red flags. coanies that tell you not to check your own credit report. companies that urge you to file disputes about negative information on your credit po , even when that information is accurate. and companies that ask y to provide inaccurate information on credit card or loan applications. >> chances a you don't need a credit repair company at all. ou are really the only one who can repair your credit and it takes time. through ng to walk you those steps tomorrow. back to you. it is 5:25 now. coming up, auditing the faa. the administration we rely on to keep us safe in th sky i under
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investigation. we'll fill you in on what it means for your nextht fl plus a bus driver behind bars after a deadly crash on 95. next at 30, we're hearing from the passengers who woke up to a nightmare ride. it's been a nice stretch of relatively dry weather around here. that dry weatheron willnue through today. car washing forecast, well, may want to take your chances, just know it's going to rain tomorrow. so if you're washing it today, leave it in the garage motomorr. bout the rainf aal
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>> announcer: newoday starts now. it is5:29 as y wake up on this wednesday. today we are saying good-bye to winter officially. hello to spring. new season beginning today later this afteoon. the col temperatures, though, are sticking around for a while. logical spring began on march 1st, remember that? >> yes. the vernal equinox is this afternoon. >> big words. >> i know. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> you were thinking about -- >> i was. >> good morning to you i'm eun yang thanks foroining us early. we're working for you as we get your day arted. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell forecasting some showers. so what is this vernal equinox
5:30 am
mean, chuck? >> this is t day at 5:55 this evening, the sun officially crosses the equator and becomes into the northern hemisphere. that is the definition of the beginning of the spring around here. it will be astronomical spring from t minute the s crosses the equator this afternoon all the way up until it starts souto ward track the summer solstice three months from now. your last winter morning, if you want to call it that, it's cold. temperaturesn the 20s and 30s to begin your wednesday morning. lyour commute today w not be impacted by rain at all. sun is up a 7:12 this morning and the moon is setting at 7:15 this morning. be those's going to great moon near the horizon picturesre t at around 7:15 this morning. get a picture, send it to me. sunset is at 7:20 this evening. the moon comes up at 7:04. figure there would be a lot of clouds around. moon rise and moon set. addition to that, melissa
5:31 am
mollet, the full moon on the spring equinox has not happened since 1981. >> look at you with all these facts and numbers. you would think you were a scientist or something. that's weird. outer loob atees burg pike right side of the road only thing getting by right now. the entire left side isth block crash and the response. it's slow through that areoobut outer at leesburg pike stay right to get by it. finally seeing on the map, you can see that slow down in the red. reste beltway is fine right now. 270 brand new problem somebody coming out of frederick right shoulder is blocked by a crash there. and oxen hill northbound indian head highway at wilson bridge drive crash on the right side, e that slow down onhe map as well. eun? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:31. right to a develop ng story today marks one year since a ndadly school shooting in saint mary's county schools there are on alert again this morning. >> you may remember it was on this day one year ago tt
5:32 am
jaelyn wily was shot in the hall at great mills high school. the classmate who killed her then turned the gun on himself. threats of violence were made against the school online again but this morning the principal ays the source of the threats has been identified and the threats are not credible. however, there will still be an increased police presencetht school today. also this morning, the bus driver who was behind the wheel during ara deadly on i-95 in virginia is now behindbars. chow is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of two of his passengers. authorities say chow was the only person who was not injured when the charter bus flipped on an overpass. he was driving just south of richmond yesterday morning whene passengers w up to a terrifying feeling of falling. >> i wake up and it's like i'm in the spin cycle in somebody's dryer. the bus is just flipping. it flipped aut four times. >> the man and woman who died
5:33 am
have not been the other 57 passengers were all treated for various inia state police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. the overpass that it happened on has been considered a problem area in the past. a beltsville man accused in a deadly hit and run that killed two people wil spend 11 months in prison. dna evidence helped police track downustin smith. he was convicted of killing jorge rios and terrence barrett 2017. they had stopped to help ara ed driver when they were hit. barrett's family spoke with news 4 telling us they are angry about the sentence smith will serve. >> so it was a setback. it was a hurt. it was a slap in my face. i don't think they really understand the hurt and the deep pain that these two families have. >> last year dna collected from the driver side air bag helped police identify smith.
5:34 am
update this morning to the search for a murder suspect. the man accused of killing his uncle at a prince georges county home isow in y.custod ozman was arreste yesterday in baltimore. police say he showed up to a hospit on a golfcart. he had been on the run since sunday. he is charged withir degree murder. today could be the day a family begins to findexlosure tly two years after their daughter was found stabbed to death in her temporary d.c. apartment. the family of carina is waiting for a jury to reach the verdict in the case of a man accused in her 2017 murder. prosecutors say ijah's dna was found on her body and he was also caught on surveillae camerariving her car and using her atm card. mill fromorth carolina was in d.c. to work on an exhibit at the cork ran gallery. 34, look at other top stories this morning. a plea deal could allow
5:35 am
patriots' owner robert kraft to avoid being convicted on prostitution charges. prosecutors are offering a deal to kraft and 24 other men charged with paying for sex in the south florida sting. kraft has pleaded not guilty. it's not clear if he'll accept the deal to avoid possible prison time. much of the midwest remains under water amid historic flooding. the water is expected to ntinue t rise this week. roads are shut down and many farms are facing losing all of thr crops. vice president mike pence promised federal resources for the millions impacted when he visited nebraska yesterday. a georgetown university alumnus has started an online petition calling for the university to rescind degrees and admissions of any alumni and ts involved in the high profile admissions scandal. georgetown releas reading in part, quote, we are reviewing the details of the indictment, examining our records and will be taking appropriate acti. the washington capitols will visit the white house on monday to celebrate their stanley cup
5:36 am
win. the had beenome questions whether that visit would happen after their win last june. at least onelayer brett conley will not join his teammates. he confirmed after last night's game he would decline the president's invitation. today the lottery opens for the 44th annual marine corps marathon. you'll find out next wednesday if you've bee selected. 30,000 people are expected to run this year.ra on organizers say thousands more are interested in running. this lottery they says the most fair way to allow as many people as possible to join this race. >> everyone wants ton on the action. it's a very prestigious race and it's a beautiful course in the nationcapitol, virginia. >> it's fun to watch, too. >> watch. >> from thene sidelis. >> 100% i'm with you. >> while you're thinking of lotteries, y may want to make time to grab a per ball ticket today. the jackpot is upo $550 million. that's the eighth largest powert
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ball jac ever. i'm putting that on the to-do 2ist. tonight a ticket could make you a millionaire. by the way, the lump sum option would be worth $335 million before taxes. >> 5:37 now. still ahead this morning, a plan to make your commute faster by expanding our highways. why not everybody is on board with that and what it could cost you. >> plus, more on the audit of the faa, the agency under investigation and now the pilot behind the miracle on the is weighing in. we're back in o minutes. tw
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>> announcer: you're watchingew 4 today." do you remember this video from last summer? well, now the woman who illegally climbed the statue of liberty will avoid some jail yesterday a judge sentenced teresa patricia o cue ma to 200 hours of community service. she says she climbed ono the
5:40 am
statue of liberty to protest family separations at the mexico border. before the hearing she c arrive wilear tape across her face there. she did it to protest what she says are restrictions to her freedom of expression in relation to that demonstratio how do you attract investors to build in communities that don't havedevelopment? >> maryland's governor hopes the answer is tax breaks and he's ping to bring some big changes to prince georges county. new federal pro could be what's needed to get the job done. bureau chief tracy wilkins has the story. >> reporter: i'm on the top floor of the kaiser isbuilding. s a construction project in new carolton made possible through a federal program called opportunity zones. now, these are areas that are normally not developed. places that need business need ojob growth andortunities for residents who live in them. in princ georges county, they have 25 opportunity zones new carolton being one of them. e governor spoke to the county executive and other folks about
5:41 am
why these s programs are important for the state of maryland. >> let's maximize the value of these opportunity zones so we can really take advantage of transforming some of our forgotten communities and our communities that really needob creation and job training and avestment. >> reporter: the two opportunity zone projects already under way in prince georges county, thi one in new carolton being one of them. the developer tells me once this is comete they're expecting some $20 million in equity. in new carolton, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. and good morning, everybodya we ready for another nice day around here. you can get your car washed today if you illike. itbe a pretty nice day to spend some time outside, but it is going to rain around here tomorrow, friday and saturday. mayot be very wet, but oh it's going to be windy. i have a complete check
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♪ >> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." the white house is nominating a new chief of the federal aviation administration. steve dixons a former fighter pilot and former delta executive. the announcemen came on the same day the transportation secretary elaine anao requested audit into the process the faa used to certifyin b 737 max 8 jets. ten days ago, one of those jets which was being operate by ethiopia airlines crashed and killed all 157 people onboard. less than six months earlier 189
5:45 am
people died on a lio air max 8 jet. investigators believe there are similarities in these two p crashes,sibly related to a flight control system on the new planes. for decades the faa has reliedc on at manufacturers to help certify the plane's are ready for flight. now one of the best known pilots is speaking out. captain sully sullenberger criticized the faa for outsourcing its inspections,sa ng in part that it has created inherent conflicts of you'll rem sully successfully landed a plane loaded with passengers in the hudson river after losing both engines b in 2009. it's now 5:45. though he will be in the friendly territory with supportest today in ohio, president trump has been ontahe this week. so far he has feuded with the husband of a senior adviser kellyanne conway and he has of latehis critici senator john mccain. all of this as scrutiny of his finances onunfolds. of the president's main triggers. news 4 tracie potts is live on
5:46 am
capitol hill with more on this story. acie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with george conway and the twitter feud with the presidtt. the man t the president now calls a total loser. his campaign chair, the prident's campaign chair calls him mr. kellyanne conway questioned the president's mental fitness for the job. nd then the president is doubling down on his weekend twitter tirade against the late nator john mccain, now saying that he was never a fan and never will befter mccain cast that sole vote that ended up protecting or saving obamacare. and finally, the president's business, his finances,ne coupl things on that front. first of all, "the new york times" is reporting that the trump organization borrowed $2 billion from deutsche bank a german-based bank that had some questionable ties withs accusatif funneling money for russia, also that the cc president,ding to the
5:47 am
times, offered mar-a-lago vacations to some of the bankers. now the federal appeals court looking whether it's unconstitutional for foreign dignitaries to stay at trump ostels with the president profiting from visits. iat is now being fought by the justice department court. eun? >> tracie potts live on capitol hill happening today in alexandria, lawyers will have aeir first chance to sho murder suspect was insane when he allegedly beat and stabbed a store t owner death. brad jackson was attacked and killed in his home last july. investigators say basan was in th midst of th a psychotic breakdown when he drove from new jersey down to alexandria and allegedly broke into jackson's home, cut him more than0 times with a box cutter and broke his neck. the two were total strangers. defense attorneys say at theme f the attack basan thought jackson was a ware they wil calling witnesses in court today. they're expected to bring up severalnd psychiatrists
5:48 am
psychologists. a security scare at a loudedn county high school to an 18-year-old being in jail. police were called over reports of a man crying a holster gun. officers confronted grant who said he was a recent graduate of the school and was tre to talk to students about joining the military. grant was arrested and is being held without bond. 5:48 right now. it's a long commute, many o you are very familiar with. driving along i-270 in the maryland beltway. >> now state leaders are looking at widening the roads to make way for tl nes, but doing so may come at a price. news 4 justin finch is liveg al270 now with more on this story. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good mornt.g. that's ri the thought here is that adding those toll lanes would help traffic move aet bitr here along the 270, 49 corrido in montgomery county in northern virginia area here. but the question bei asked is that the best plan, could
5:49 am
perhaps add more mass transit options to help ease traffic, especially in the morning and evening rush hours. that question now beiy asked montgomery county area residents as well as elected they gather tuesday in a meeting in montgomery county chambers, some were holding signs expressing their concern. among their worries here tha adding those extra lanes and toll roads wouldctually add more traffic here as well. montgomery county councilmb s echoed resident's concerns about expanding those lanes and also perhaps losing homes, too, for those lanes. they also talked about the desire, too, to have a community more include in the planning. >> people don't feelengaged. i've been to some. it's a lal ofng at. there's not really opportunity for engagement. >> weo need get people to a place where they can feel comfortae in their own homes and in tir own neighborhoods. >> reporter: as you look life right now at 270 going south
5:50 am
here, not looking too bad right now, but it could get a lot worse. so the big sticking question here for many is could expanding lanes here also cost homeowners homes? we asked that question to the state d.o.t. secretary. we'll haveis answer for you coming up later o news 4 today. i'm justin finch, back inside to you. >> justin, thank you. 5:50 tw. toniou might want to step outside to try to get a glimpse of the supermoon. it's a full moon that reached the closest point to the earth in its monthly orbit around the earth. >> it's really cool. tonight will be the last of 2019. we've seen threecu conve supermoons since january. and we saw closechp thanks to per 4 yesterday morning. it was pretty full, 98% or something like that it will be complete at 9:43 tonight. if you're up at that hour, take a look. well, unfortunately the sktls will be a l cloudy for tonight. you'll probably still get a peek of it, but it won be that crystal clear sky like we had yesterday. e moon is also getting ready to go down this morning.
5:51 am
moon pictures look besthen it's right next to the horizon. moon set is at 7:15 this morning. and moon rise is at 7:04 this evening. so if you're tryin get a picture of it by the horizon, those are the times to be looking. look to the west for the moon set this morning andook to the east for the moon rise this evening. right now, it is ay par to mostly clear sky and it is cold, 39 here in washington, but it's at least 10 degrees colder than that in most of the 28suburbs. now in new market, maryland. 29 in germantown, maryland. 28 now in chantilly, virginia. 30 degrees in fredericksburg. rour school day forecast, kids, layer up on y way out. temperatures below freezing for the wait fhi the bus stops morning. it will be outdoor recess and outdoor play time after school today. get that play time in today because you won't be spending any time outside tomorrow. you will need your jacket and scarf and at least morning the sunglasses. the daily grade, not a bad time to spee. time outs 55 degrees, only a couple
5:52 am
degrees cooler than average. tomorrow, no sunshin at all and rain could be very heavy at times, especially from noontime to dinner time tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s. there's the moisture. little storm and cold front across parts of the midwest and moisture poolip along the outer banks of north carolina as well. so, future weather brings mostly cloudy skies in here by this afternoon. i think any rain chances hold off until after 9 or 10:00 p.m. it will rain on theorning commute tomorrow and rain potentially hard on the afternoon commute tomorrow. dry weather early on friday morning, buter likely ano little round of mid-afternoon showers friday afternoon. not a bigimpact rain wise on friday. friday will be exceptionally ndy. northwest winds up around 30 to 35 miles per hour and another blustery day by dry for saturday. dry and sunshine for sunday high of s.60 degr let's go over to first 4 traffic and melissa molletg. >> good morn bit of an update here. outer loop at leesburg pike. this is betterhan it looked
5:53 am
just a little while ago. we now have twoen lanes this is on the left side of the roadway. we're slow but it is an southbound fairfax county parkway crash in the left lane. two problems now on 270, going out ow your commute fredericks so middlef e roadblocked by a crash and southbound after 85 buckys town pike right shoulder is blocked. oxen hill northbound indian head highway crash on the right side. travel times 270 look good from german town on down. top of the beltway inner loop and oer loop no major problems. 66 inbound and 95 northbound p fairfax counkway to the beltway, or quantico to the beltway you're on time. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. eun? >> mollet, thank you. we found o who maryland's first competition belmont beatte mple.
5:54 am
it's the nashville's schoolr first e win in the ncaa tournament. that means i will be the 11th seed brus up against the sixth seed teraf tomorrow ternoon. still going to be a tough gama. ryland players arrived in jacksonville, florida, to epare. a win will be their first post season victory since 2016. fiveea virginia t are also in the big dance this year, including aaron's vcu rams. i think the terps are ready. rams, too? >> absolutely. >> all right. if you thought bryce haer's deal was a big one, wait until you hear about the obscene amount of money another major league player is about to get. mike trout finalizing a deal th reportedly wor $430 million overhe next 12 years. >> crazy. >> that is the largest contract in professrtnal spos history. the angel's outfielder's new contract will be 30% larger than harper's deal. >> you know twitter l up basically dragging bryce harper. goomorning, celebrate the first day of spring with some tasty treats.
5:55 am
today is dairy queen's fifth annual free cone day. gives away free smallla van soft serve cones, one per person, mallow indications are not participating. the event serves as a fundraiser for the children's miracle network. rita's italian ice is running a promotion to mark the vernal they will give up 1 million free cups of the frozen dessert. rita's has 630 locations. and the vernal equinox starts in 30 minutes. >> con tessa, thank you. just what we need an excuse to eat ice cream, right? we have details on a unique program in mclane,ia virg >> the prom notes program puts safety messages inside of t toages all in an eff prevent drunk driving during prom season. >> news 4 molette green at the flowers and plants shop in mclane. mollete, gd morning? >> we have mclane high school
5:56 am
students out with us this morning. okay. they are very excited.u ow what, that's right. the messages are in the boutonnieres and in the corsages that we all like to wear when we go on one of the messages reads, make this occasion fun, not fatal. please don't drink. and so the flower shos working with the community, working with fairfce county pond has been doing this for years to push that message during prom season. so we're going to stay safe, right? >> yes. >> we're going to talk about this in the 6:00 a.m. hour of news 4 today. stay with us. still ahead on "news 4 today," the pothole plaguing bw rkway isn't being fixed. now maryland governor larry hogan has an ide how to get the job done. plus, could the chargers againstpatriots' owner robert kraft be dropped. if he accepts a new plea, they y be.
5:57 am
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homegoods. go finding. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. gryd morning, ee i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. just about 6:00 a.m. now. let's begin this mning with check on your commute and the forecast. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the but let's turn things over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell.
6:00 am
and a little nice weather before the rain comes in, chuck? >> yes, not a bad d to be outside today. there will be enough sunshine to keep your spirits up for most of the day, but clouds will be rolling in later on in the afternoon. so enjoy the sunshine today. temperatures very close to if maybe not are couple d cooler than average. but it will turn cloudy by this evening and lots of rain coming our way for tomorrow. most areas wet more than an inch of rain tomorrow. so enjoy those dry dog walks today. this is gabby. cute girl under a year old and already over 60 pounds. she'll be a great girnd good walking companion. temperatures this morning below freezing in most of the suburbs. it will be a cold one to get going, butt least it will be dry today. temperatures in the upper 40s and mid afternoon and low 50s for those after work walks this afternoon. we'll time out that thursday rain chance coming up in a few, but for nowlet's go to melissa. >> thank you, chuck.


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