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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 20, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the rain comes in, chuck? >> yes, not a bad d to be outside today. there will be enough sunshine to keep your spirits up for most of the day, but clouds will be rolling in later on in the afternoon. so enjoy the sunshine today. temperatures very close to if maybe not are couple d cooler than average. but it will turn cloudy by this evening and lots of rain coming our way for tomorrow. most areas wet more than an inch of rain tomorrow. so enjoy those dry dog walks today. this is gabby. cute girl under a year old and already over 60 pounds. she'll be a great girnd good walking companion. temperatures this morning below freezing in most of the suburbs. it will be a cold one to get going, butt least it will be dry today. temperatures in the upper 40s and mid afternoon and low 50s for those after work walks this afternoon. we'll time out that thursday rain chance coming up in a few, but for nowlet's go to melissa. >> thank you, chuck. outer loop at leesburg pike has
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cleared. live picture here in just a second. leesburg s eastbound pike before barron cameron avenue left lane blocked by a brand new accident. newington southboundairfax county parkway crash in the left lane. good frederick one thing hanging around, southbound 270 after 70 mile of the roadblocked by an accident. the one somebody near 85 has cleared out of the way, just seeing a little bitay of a d here and there. beltway rest of the beltway innerd louter loop looking pretty good. travel times coming up. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. breaking news fm frederick county, maryland this morning, the fire department there tweeted out these ptos a couple hours ago. that's a mobile home you see there caught fe a little after 3:00 a.m. this morning. this is in smithsburg. we're told this mobile home h b al collapsed at this point. we're trying to find out whether anyone was insidet the time. we'll bring you more information
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as it becomes available. developing in maryland this morning, students in saint ry's county will remember a student with a bright future. thet's been one year since deadly school shooting at great mills high school. the 4 drew wilder is at school with more. drew? >> reporter: aaron and eun,d g morning. today right now great mills high school working to debunk a new threat that made the rounds on social media this week, but the message from police to every family here in saint mary's county is simple, that threat i not credible and police have already tracked down its source. the school put out a message thanking students for coming forward to report this new threat andot to repeat it. today the school have added police and counselors inside, helping students through the memory of the horror inside these hallways one year ago. early tha morning, police say 17-year-old austin roll lands shot andd kilis ex-girlfriend, 16-year-old
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jaelynnwilley. barnes was injured but survived and managed his way into a classroom where he called 911 and told the dispatcher he was just shot inside of his school. all of that chaos, a hero, rushing towards the shooter, school resource officer deputy first class blane gaskill shot back and hit broll&sore he took his own life. today they will open on a two-hour delay and the school and all of its grounds will be closed to the public.g reportive in saint mary's county this rning, drew wilder, news 4. >> drew, thank you. 6:03 right now. the funerals for those killed in the shootings at mosques in christchurch, new zealand have begun. yesterday hundreds of mou ers gathered at the cemeteries. special graves have to be constructed so they're appropriate for muslim burials. 50 people were killed in the attack, 30 remain in the hospital. deputies hope to find the
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person shooting out car windows in the middle othe ght. this white four-door sedan has been seen driving through neighborhoods where cars are being vdal lysed. someone has shot out windows on more than two dozen cars. wepoke with someone whose window was shot out and hopes cat catching the vandals will show others the't get away with something like this. >> serves as a deterrent to other people ifomou dohing like this, you will get caught. >> 1,000 dollar reward is being offered to anyone w help catch the people responsible for these crimes. it's now 6:04. now on news 4 today, a georgetown alumni group wants action following that college admissionsg cheat scandal at several elite universities. an alumnus start an online petition calling on georgetown univerty to rescind degrees and admissions of any alumni and students involved h that h profile admissions scand. georgetown yiefuniversity is th nly local school named in the
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indictment. gordon ernst is among 50 people charged in this osecutors say ernst accepted bribes for admitting some students. accordg to charging documents, one family paid him $400,000. news 4 spoke with current georgetown students about the scandal. >> doesn't look good for georgetown to have this on their permanent record. >> yeah. it's definitely still shows the inequality that goes into the system. >> on one hand it is cheating in how he got in and everything, but on the other hand, he did complete all the requirements for the degree. >> geor utownversity released this statement in response to the petition reading in part, quote, we arere ewing the details of the indictment, examining our records and will be taking appropriate action. a surprise development in solicitationion case against patriots' owner robert kraft. prosecutors have offered to drop e charge that he paid for sex at a south florida spa. now according to a plea deal,
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kraft 2 and other men who were arrested would have to admit there is enough evidence to convict them. if they agree, they could avo a trial and the risk of being convicted onhe charge. they would still have to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a fine. kraft has pleaded not guilty h so faris attorney has not said whethehe he'll accep deal. and we now knowwahe shington capitals will visit the white house on monday to celebrate the 20team's stanley cup victory. but forward brett conley says he will not go. he confirmed that report last night. previously said he would decline an invitation from president trump. the list of people who are trying to get into the white to grow. inu >> "the wall street journal" reports the former vice president joe biden will run for ident. a source told the paper that biden, who is also a former delaware senator, hasd already asalf a dozen supporters for their help. the report says he hopes to line up contributions from major donors. stthe journal article is he latest in a series of reports
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suggesting biden is gearing up fo run. according to the hill, biden may be prepared to pick a runni mate earlier in the race to stand out from the growing field candidates. meanwhile, the current occupant of the white house is turning u the heat on twitter with a feud with the husband of one of his longest-serving advisers. on twitter, president trump called kellyanne conway's husband george, a quote, totalr lo george conway is a well-known conservative lawyer and has been a frequentritic of the president. in recent daysae poste series of tweets questioning the president's mental health. w with the v washington post, george conway responded to the president's attacks, calling itde mng to watch what he called incompetence. coay says his own posts are in part to move on with the day so he doesn't,nd quote, up screaming at her about it, referring to his wife. when asked aboutk the b and forth, kellyanne conway says she snot concerned. 6:07 now. vice president mike pence i returning from a trip to the midwest. he was there to see the defation
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causedy days of massive flooding. ffect warnings remain in for several, at least seven states including five major cities. the images are just incredible. animals remain trapped on small patches of hh ground. entire fields are under feet of water. billions of dollars in damage s been done to farmland. and now farmers fear the ground won't dry out fast enough to plant spring crops. >> people put blood, sweat and tears day after day after day for livestock and their crops to put food or whatever on the bles of people around the country. >> in some places where flood waters are receding, giantks chun of ice remain. people have to wait until they melt because they're too to move. good news just in from texas. we just learned this massive chemic burning at a plant just outside of houston since sunday is now extinguished. firefighters are still on the scene and will no doubt be there for some time. foam and water is being sprayed on hotspots.
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the smoke has drifted so far that local meteorologists say it's reached austin, which is more than three hours away. it's 6:09. closer to home, the fire that all but destroyed a prince george's county home remains under in istigation. th all that remains of the ft. washington home. the trouble started yesterday afternoon with flames sparking outside of the house and then creeping side. chopper 4 flew over the home and we're told everyone inside the houseade it out safely. a firefighter was hurt but is going to be okay. now on news 4, embarrassing and painful is how d.c. councilman jack evans describes the ethics violations he's facing before being formally disciplined yesterday, he vow to win back the public's trust. it came after objection after an emotional statement from evans himself. c this is very difficult time for thisncil and very difficult time for myself.
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in retrospect i would have done things very differeny. >> evans was reprimanded for violating the council's code of conduct. he was accused of usie ining government e-mail to seek lobbying firms. >> you're showing to the public and to ourselves that that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. >> i want to thank you, chairman,or taking some action as a result of ensuring public trust. >> evans was able to hang on to hisos powerfulion as chairman of the finance and revenue committee, b an amendment to the resolution does strip some importantnc as from under that committee including the sports and entertainment authority aan arts humanities. evans also chairs theetro board and is under a separate federal investigation. depending on that investigation, more action may come. maryland governor larry hogan is proposing to take management of the bw parkway
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awayor weeks. the park service lowered the speed limit to 40 miles an hour in some stretches of that the national park service is good with parks but terrible at managing roads. he says perhaps the state of maryland should takef control the bw parkway. >> if we controlled it, we could do something, but we're not allowed to fix the federal parkway. we want to gett fixed all the way from washington to baltiere becaust's one of the most heavily traveledroads. >> hogan will discuss the f ture parkway with maryland's congressional delegation next week. still ahead, a surprise for a local high school senioror preparingcollege. >> news 4 was there to catch the big moment. chuck? >> and it' already time to start thinking about the weekend, even though we have a lot of rain coming our way for tomorrow. and those rain chances hang into friday. i'm optimistic the weekend will be dry. saturday promise to be on the blustery side but sunday still looks .a-ok we'll time out the return of the
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rain drops coming up. from notes for prom season, how these safety messages found theiray inside of
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." 6:14 now. year thet time of weather slowly turning warmer and high school seniors across the country are finding o where they will be going to college in the fall. >> it's an exciting time. ten lucky d.c seniors and their parents were given the surprise of a life time this week. news 4 was there as one of the them learned she earned a fully-paid scholarship to george
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washington university. >> a full scholaship to somia beach. >> she is about to graduate and she says gw has been her goal and she wouldn't haveed accomplisht without hermom. >> knowing my mom was there for me and her being a single parent and single mom striving that i am becoming more like her, independent woman. >> she plans to pursue a double major in interior designbund ness management. a huge congrats to her and her mom. it's e6:15. we working for you in the community with details on a unique program in mclane, virginia. >> the prom notes program puts safety messages inside corsages all in an effort to prevent drunk driving during prom season. >> news 4 molette green is live at thelowers and plants hop in mclean. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i'm so happy we have some mclean
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high school students in the flower shop with me this morning, right? and brandon over here is a high school se gor. so he'soing to prom soon, okay? oh, yeah. so let's show you some of the video up close of the beautiful corsages and boutoieres with ese messages, some of them reading make this occasion fun, not fatal. please don't drink. emember, friends don't let friends drink and drive. that is what this is all about. now, i want to bringn flowers and shop owners of chip and sonya frederick. this program has been going strong as you hold up those beautiful flowers for 25-plus years, chip. you're dedicated to keeping itg g. >> we are. we believe that a community is only as good as you help make it. >> and i love these messages, >> yes. we think they're great. >> all right. t' we love the community. >> reporter: tha what it's all about. chip's mom is the one who started this over 25 years ago because of sad things th were
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happening, losing children during this prom season, during the prom season, right? >> that's true. we just feltd we neede do something to help. >> reporter: that's the whole reason we're here because fairx county police welcome this kind of community involvement. right, officer colorado? >> absolutely. we love and are very supportive of our busesses that bring awareness to teen safety. >> reporter: that's what it's all about. oh my goodness, show those beautiful flowers, corsages, boutonnieres with these messages of safety that we're kicking on during a important time of the year for so many people in our community. that is the very latt from mclean. with the mclean high school students. back in to you. >> molette, thank you. we have one of the corsages right here. >> wow. >> look, it says this make this occasion fun not fatal. please don't drink. this is gorgeous.o i'm going wear it for the next of the newscast. look at that. can i wear this for the rest of the newscast. >> of course you t'can. >> not distracting at all. >> yes, it does. >> it's lovely.
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>> it's gorgeous. >> you should wear it the rest of the day,ct. >> i feel it's very nostalgic to put a wrist corsage on. i don't have a domanicure. t to that, christian. >> her bear claws up there. >> see, need to take care of my hands. >> how about some sun today, chuck? you don't palm olive and madge? i kw many f our viewers know who exactly who madge was. she put the ladieal in palm olive dish soap. easy on your hands, tough on dirt. what i have to do around here to educate these people. 39 degrees here in town. it's a whole lot colden the suburbs this morning, though. 20 to around 30 degrees. those puffy coats are still a requirement for that much of a chil your planner today, reasonable
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amount of sunshine for the first half of the day but clouds will beincreasing this evening. no need to worry about this umbrella today. tomorrow will be a differe story. some showers likely before the morning commute even gets going. and a lotin of rain d the middle and early parts of tomorrow afternoon. all part of thi weather system which is bringing rain today from chicago to st. louis to tulsa to amarillo. at front is going to be coming in here morrow and it's going to combine with the moisture down across parts of the outer hanks in virginia and bring us substantially hhance for rain. so today we'll go from sunshine to gradual increase in clouds. i think any rain chances hold off untiltt p close midnight tonight but tomorrow morning, showers for the morning commute and then tomorrow during the middle of the afternoon, this is 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, yellow and orange is there, that could be rain coming down by the bucket loads tomorrow afternoon. rainfall amounts easily close to an inch or more for tomorrow. and another chance for some mid afternoon showers on your daiday. but f won't be a total rain-out, but it will be a very windy day on friday.
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rather blustery into the first half of the weekend. sunday will be the next time we get a really pretty day around here. now sle go to melissa mollet see if the traffic is pretty this morning. >> we have a couple problems here and there. frederick southbound 270 after 70 middle of the roadblocked by a crash. that has cleared out of the way. we have a couple problems in virginia. outer loop at leesburg pike also that's good. little delay there. great falls eastbound leesburg pike left lane blocked by a crash. new i here eastbound 66 at suddenly have a crash ported. newington southbound fairfax county parkway near loisle road crash in the left lane. travel time, 66 and 95 both looking prey good here this morning. 270 southbound is on time. top of the beltway just ainy bit slow. remember to listen to wtop 103.y fm when hop in your car this morning. eun, back to you. >> thank you, melissa. still ahead, plenty of companies offering to help you with your credit hscore, but many are legit.
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later today on "ellen". >> so it came out rently that you're dating rosario dawson, right? >> es. >> wouldn amazing wedding to have in the white house. i mean, if you go in single and then you hav a wedding in the white house, i mean, we would watch. that would be like our royal wedding. that would be great. >> new jersey senatorennd presal hopeful cory booker stops by not only talking about his relationship with actress rosario dawson but his campaign too. we'll beight back. r
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 to ty." quink you to calvert county public schools for inviting me to speak at the ln submit. the district hosted its second youth leadership conference there in instance frederick yesterday. i spoke with about 150 mostly african-american high schooler about building leadership skills and finding success and defining it for themselves. they asked a lot of great questions too. we had time for q&a. a great group of students here. i think t well onir way to successful lives, too. >> very nice. invitationate the >> i'm sure they appreciate your time, too. this week we are working for you helping yat nav and protect your credit report. >> a low credit score can have m negativect on your life. there are plenty of companies that offer to help you get back on ack, but how do you know they're legit. >> consumer reporter susan hogan has what you nd to know.
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>> reporter: credit card debt can be so overwhelming, and when it comes to paying down the balance, many people aren't really sure where to even begin. turning to a credit repair company may seem like a great idea, but you should proceed with caution. legitimate repair companyse wil do tour things, as required by law. provide a writtenontract detailing the services they'll perform. and your rights as aconsumer. inform you that you have three-days from the time you sign up to cancel at no charge. explain timing their service to make impa on your edit. explain in details any guarantees they make to consumers. watch for these red flags, companies that tell you not to check your own credit report. companies urge you to filesp es about negative information on your credit report even when that information is accurate. and companies that ask you to prov einaccurate information
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on credit card or loan chapplications. ces are you don't need a credit repair company at all. you are really the only one who can repair your credit and it takes time. we're gng to walk you through those steps tomorrow. back to it's now 6:26. coming up, auditing the faa. the administration we rely on to keep us safe in the skies under investigation. we'll fill you in on what it means for your next flight. us plus a driver behind bars after a deadly crash on 95. next at 6:30, we're hearing from the passengers who woke up to a nightmare ride. good morning,d clear and c and dry this morning. it will stay dry all day today. car washing y forecast, taker chances, just knowing this, it may be dry tomorrow. lit not berrry to. as long as you have that car back in the garage w itill be all right. talk about the weekend and the e day forecast in the next half hour. a plan to make your commute faster by expanding our highways. why not everyone is on board and
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wake up on a wednesday, half wah e. today we're saying good-bye to winter and hello to spring, but while a new astronomical season begins today, remember meteorological spring began march 1st, the win temperatures sticking around, not going away any time soon. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm just not buying march is a pring month. >> it has tobe. it has to be even though it doesn't feel like, i know. >> it hasn't m convinced is all i'm saying. we appreciate you waking up with us this morning. we'r working for you as you get your day started. melissa mollet will have a look at the roads in a second. first, chuck bell. >> yes. >> will judge me. at you.rolling his eyes >> obviously it's a spring month. there are four seasons and 12 months. so, winter -- >> mathematically, fine. >> winter is decemb and february. winter months. spring would be march, april, may. you know, this isn't really rocket science. all right. so 39 degrees here in town. a lot colder the suburbs many of them are below freezing on a wednesday morning. 28 now in winchester and also in
6:31 am
lorten, virginia. 27 in columbia, maryland. planner for today, sunshine around with typically chilly start to the day. afternoon temperatures with increasing numbe ofclouds. low to mid 50s for highs today, right around 55 in washington. not much of a breeze torry about for today either. rain is coming our way for tomorrow. 100% cnnce for rain your thursday. and a howling gail shows up on friday afternoon. more about all that and the y impacts or weekend coming up. for now let's go to melissa. >> good morning. taking a look at gaithersburg southbound 70 near 370, a crash reported there. we are slowing delays southbound on 270. great falls eastbound leesburg bpikeore barren cameron avenue left lane blocked by a crash. nassas, two problems, this is a new one, right lane is blocked. eastbound 66 at sudley crash reported as well. delays inbound.
6:32 am
inner, outer loop of the beltway not bad. i highlighted tbos d 210, quite slow two earlier problems there. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:32 right now. mary's ing in saint county this morning, students are marking one year since a deadly shooting at great mills high school. there were reports of threats against the school to coincide with today's somber remembrance but the school released a statement saying the source of those threats has been identified and the threats are not credible. there will still be increased police presence today. news 4 has a crew lere. wering you more later in our broadcast. also this morning, the white house is nominating a new chief of the federal aviation administration. >> steve dixon is a former ot fighter p and delta airlines executive in charge of safety and pilot training. the announcement came on the same day that transportation secretary elaine chao requested anhe audit into process that the faa t useo certify boeing 737 max 8 jets. >> ten days ago, one of those
6:33 am
pilots which was being -- one of those jets which was being operated by ethiopia airlines crashed andilled 157 people on board. less than six months earlier, 189 peoe diedaboard a lion air max 8 jet. investigators believe there are similarities in the two crashes, possibly related to a flight control system o the new planes. for decades, the faa has relied on aircraft manufacturers to help certify the plane's flight. now, one of the best known pilots is speaking out, captain sully sullenbergerth criticized faa for outsourcing its inspections saying in part, it is createderent conflicts of interest. you'll remember sully successfully landed a planeull of passengers on the hudson river after losing both engines back in 2009. also this morning, the bus driver who was behind the wheel during a deadly crash on i-95 in virginia is now behind bars. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of two of his passengers.
6:34 am
authorities say chow was the only person who was not injured when the charter bus flipped on an overpass. he was driving just south of richmond yesterday morning when passengers woke up to a terrifying feeling of falling. >> i wake up and it's like i'm in the spin cycle in somebody's dryer. you know, the bus is just flipping. it flipped about four times. >> the man and woman whoha died not been identhfied. the oer 57 passengers were all treated for various injuries. virginia state police are still trying to figure out exactly what happenss. the it happened on has been considered a problem area in the past. back here at home, it's ast ssful commute for many of you that you're familiar with traveling along i-270 in the maryland beltway. >> now state leaders are looking at widening the roads to make way for toll lanes, but there are new concerns that the project could end up taking away people's homes. >> news 4 justin fin explains.
6:35 am
>> reporter: the drive nowokot g so bad, but if you know this corridor, 270 going towards thebeltway, between northern virginia and maryland, you know how badld this really c get. that's why that talk of adding thos toll lanes is now heating up to help traffic move more swiftly, but there are those who live in this area who areer cod it will just add more traffic. now, not everyone, as you're about to see here, are on board with this plan here. at a meeting in montgomery county chambers in tuesday, some held signs expressing theirns conc worried that more lanes will simply mean more traffic. w they're askin perhaps mass transit is not being included in the expansion plans out here and our worry to that widening lanes could cost residents their homes. so wesked state transportation secretary pete ron ifxpding lanes could come at the expense of losing homes. here is what he had to say. >> i personally believe we're going to be able to get through
6:36 am
this whout taking homes. but i can't flat out say it until we see what the proposers come back with. >> reporter: well, the concern is that if nothing is done the traffic here w jlt get worse. mass transit widening lanes are just a few of the options now on the table. we're told thats maryland i exploring as many options as possible to increase traffic flow here on 270 and beltway corridor. i'm justin finch, back inside to you. >> justin, thank you. ok6:36. t other top stories this morning beltsville man convicted in a deadly hit and run that killed two people will spend 11 months prison. justin smith hit jorge rios and terrence barrett in 2017 barrett stopped to help a stranded driver when they were hit. dna collected from the driver's side air bag helped police identify smit today could be the day a family begins to find some closure. two years after their daughter karina mill was found abused and
6:37 am
stabbed in her temporary d.c. apartment, prosecutors say elij elijah's dna was found on her body andas caught on surveillance camera driving her car and using her atm card. defense attorneys will begin trying to convince a jury that basan was insane when he allegedly killed brad jackso in alexandria last summer. he drove from new jerse to alexandria beat jackson andsa asulted him with a box cutter. the two were total stranger the man accused of killing his uncle at a prince georges county home isow in custody. osman was arrestedesterday in baltimore. police say he showed up at a hospital on a golf cart.n he had b on the run since he was charged with first degree murder. today the lottery opensor the 44th annual marine corpse
6:38 am
marathon. you'll find out on you've been selected. about 30,000 people are expected run this year. the marathon organizers say that thousands more are interested, so the lottery is the most fair way to let people -- as many people as possible try to get in. >> those spots go up really fast, go by. while you'r thinking of lotteries you may want to make time to grab a power ball ticket th jackpot is up to $550 today. million. that is the eighth largest power ballwing ever. remember the odds, by the way, the lump sum oeion would b worth about $335 million before taxes. still not as much as mike trout's contract with the angels. 6:38 now. coming up,ffort to make prom night safer and starts at a flower shop. olette green is there live this morning to fill us in. hey, molette. >> reporter: hey, guys. listen, frfax county police offer up four things you need to know to stay safe this prom
6:39 am
seon along with these messages inside the corsages and boutonnieres.
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cte the first day of ebport. spring with some tasty treats. today is dairy queen's fifth annual free cone day. it gives away free small vanilla soft serve cones, one per person and mallow indications are not participating. it serves as a fundraiser. rita's italian ice is also holding a promotion. they will give out 1 million free cups of frozen dessert. rita's has 600 locations in 30 states. i'm con tessa brewer with your cnbc money business report. good morning. time to get the dog walk this morning. always dog gabby heree through ebsite go to humaneresc to do that. it's cold. put the jacketsn the cold sensitive dogs. later on today, temperatures in the low 50s. no rain today. that will not be the case dtomorrow. te forecast when i see you next. brand new problem on the
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beltway inxen hill and delays on 270, also a couple issues in
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>> agouncer: you're watch "news 4 today." it's 6:45. he'll be in friendly territory with suprters today in ohio, president trump has been on the attack this week. >> so far he has feuded with the husband of his senior ae iser kellyanway and renewed his criticism over late senator john mccain, all of this as scrutiny of his finances unfolds one of the president's main etiggers. alexander is live at the white house with more.
6:46 am
peter, good morning. >> reporter: let's start with the mccainfeud. cindy mccain is speaking out after the president doubled down on this feu with her late husband john mccain, nearly death.months after his mccain's widow posting a private message he received on the same y president trump renewed his attacks on her husband from someone saying they were glad that john mccain wasead. mitt romney questioning why the president would once again disparage a man as explayer as his friend john main coming amid the other feud between the president and george conway, onf he most bizarre feuds in washington. he of course, is the husband of mthe president'st trusted advisers, kellyanne conway. conway in a new interview calls the predent incompetent, george conway doesfter the president called mr. conway a total loser. we'll have more on it and hear from george conway this morning on "today".
6:47 am
t peter alexander at white house. thank you. see you in a few minutes. new overnit, we have just learned that this chemical fire burning at a plant just outside houston is now extinguished. firefighters are still on the scene and will no doubt be there for some time. foam and i water being sprayed on hot spots. that fire started on sunday. the smokear drifted so that local meteorologists said it reached austin morthan three hours away. developing in maryland this morning, studes in saint mary's county will remember a student who had a bright future. >> it's been one year since a deadly school shooting at great mills high school. news 4 drew wilder is at the school with more. drew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and right great mills high school is working to debunk a new threa that made the rounds on social media this week. thesa m from police through families throughout saint mary's county is simple.t that thrs not credible and police have already tracked down its source. school put out a message thanking students for coming forward to report this threat
6:48 am
and not to repeat it. today, the school will havead d police and counselors inside, helping students through the memory of the these hallways one year ago. early that morning, police say 17-year-old austin rlands shot and killed his ex-girlfriend 16-year-old jaelynn lley. that same bull it hit desmond barnes. barnes managed his way into a classroom where he called 911 and told the dispatcher he was just shot inside of his school. in all of this chaos, a hero, rushing towards t shooter. school resource officer deputy first class blane sgaskillt back and hit rollands before rollands took his own life. day great mills high school will open on a two-hour delay and the groundsdill be clo to the public. reporting live in saint mary's county this morning, drew wilder news 4. >> drew, thank you. 6:48 georgetown uity alumnus has started an online petition calling for thers uniy to rescind degrees and admissions
6:49 am
of any alum noni and students involved in the high profile admission scandal. gordon ernst is among 50 charged in the scheme. he accepted bribes for admitting some students. georgetown university released a statement reading in rt quote, we are reviewing the details of the indictment, examining our records and will be taking appropriate action. the washington capitols are heading to the white house. they will have their official visit on monday to celebra the team's stanley cup win last summer. at least one player, brett conley, won't be joining his teammates. he confirmed after last night's game he would decline the invitation. tonight you will want to step outside, maybe get a glimpse of the supermoon. it's a fuloon that reached the closest point to the earth in its monthly orbit around the planet. >> tonight will be last of 2019. we have seen three consecutive supermoons since january. we saw a close up thanks toes chopper 4rday morning. look at that it looks full to
6:50 am
us. officially it will be full at 9:43 tonight. take a look if you're up. we'll be sleeping all of us. 6:50 right now. head over to chuck bell and see what'sn tap with the weather today. >> we sure will. in fact, the moon is just getting ready to go down this morning. look in the western sky, moon set is at 7:14 this morning. beautiful color in our sky here as we wait for the sun to come up this morning. pretty much the sun is coming up just asoi the moon is down at this time of the year. current temperature 30 in germantown. 27 in chantilly this morning, 32 in quantico 30 degrees in prince georges county. cold start to your march morning. increasing clouds today but no rain today. 55 degrees for a high temperature. tomorrow, you will need that umbrella. we haven't needed it much in the last seven to ten days. you'll need it first thing tomorrow morning and reallyeed it tomorrow afternoon as this area of storminess in the midwest dws up moisture. the two systems will combine their efforts to bring us quite
6:51 am
the dele of rain tomorrow. will be dry today. rain moves in after midnight tonight. it will be showery and rainy on the morning commute tomorrow. heaviestom rainrow between about noon or six or seven:00. could get an inch of rain or more. the rain tapers off thursday evening into friday morning.he friday during middle of the afternoon could have a quick little passing rain shower or two, not a big impact. the biggest impact t weather will have on your friday will be the very strong northwest windsf completeecast available there on nbc washington app. here is your ten-day forecas then. 55 with increasing clouds today. only around 50 and a lot r ofn tomorrow. low 50s and a lot of rain with a passing shower friday. dry for the weekend but saturday promises to be rather on the blustery side as well. and morelly rain the early parts of next week. now, it is time for first 4 trmofic. >> gooing, chuck. brand new problem southbound 270 at the lane divide showing this montrose road. we have a disabled vehicle in theiddle of the roadway there.
6:52 am
oxen hill inner loop the local lanes after st. barnabas, left side blocked by a und 210 is pretty slow approaching livingsto road. lanes are blocked still this morning. vienna old courthouse road near creek crossing road crash overturn vehicle. manassas at sudley have a crash as well. travel times 66 fairfax county parkway to the beltway not bad, 95 quantico to the beltway51 miles per hour is your speed. 270 southbound to the spur 25 minutes. top of the beltway outer loop 95 to270 26 miles per hour takes you 34 minutes. listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. >> did youy sta up to watch the first four gam of march mad
6:53 am
snns belmont beat temple. that means they will be the th seed bruins up against the 6th seed terps tomorrow afternoon. a win will be their first post-season victory since 2016. tipoff is at 3:10 tomorrow. hopefully will make it farther this year, little further. five virginia teams are also in the big dance this year including aaron's vcu rams. >> taking on ucf. i jus learned university of central florida. >> the largest school in the country. >> that's not scary. we are working for you in the community this morning with details on a unique program in mclean, virginia. >> an the effort to prevent drupg driving ding prom season. >> molette green is live in mclean. molette, good morning? >> reporter: i want to give a quick shout out to the mclean high school students for getti up early, holding flowers in theirds han this morning. yeah.
6:54 am
end brandon over there is our lone sior in the group. he'll be gng to prom and wearing a boutonniere andg giv a corsage. that's where those messages can be found in the corsages and boutonnieres. we got someeo v inside the shop here at flowers and plants in mclean showing the beautiful flowers and the importantss es that simply read don't drink. don't drive. let's put up the fouhings that fairfax county police want you to know about this prom season in conjunction with what this flower shop has been doing fo 25 plus years. underage drinking it's against the law. stiffsequences including loss of license. a huge fine, 500 bucks,y communervice and other things that come along. the threshold for your blood alcohol level for the underage for minors is much lower, .02. and you don't need it to enjoy the night. t .hat is whole message of all of this chip and sonya frederick run the
6:55 am
flower shop. ms. bev and her husband arnold started and opened this flower shop 42 plus years ago. you're dedicated to keeping this going. >> wear very much so. it's very important. >> it is very important, indeed. officer ucolorado, yo speak to all those four things that we just talked about. >> absolutely. you know we want our teens to be safe and we appreciate the businesses and the communiti bringing awareness to these issues that our teens face today. so it's important that -- very important message being dant here to >> reporter: i love it when the whole community comes together. right, mclean high school? at is the latest live from flowers and plants. i want to thank chip and sonya for letti us inside the store early this morning. back in to you guys. >>or very int effort there. molette, thank you. >> not only a great message but gorgeous flowers, too. just about 6:56 now here ar four thi know this morning. prosecutors are offering patriots' owner robert kraft a plea deal to avoid being
6:56 am
convicted on prostitution charges. he along with 24 otheren charged for paying for sex in a sting last month in south florida. it's not clear whether he'll accept the dealnd avoid prison time. ollowing two deadly 737 max jet crashes the secretary of transportation is now calling for the inspector general to investigate the relationship between the faa and boeing. nbc's tom costello will have the latest next on "today". mike penro issing federal resources for the millions impacted by historic flooding across the midwest. he visitedayebraska y where state of emergency is in effect. much more on this next on ay "tod". do you like your chances? the power ball is up. it's eighth largest jackpot ever. we'll let you know if there's a nner tomorrow morning right here on "news 4 today." nice and dry today. lot o rain tomorrow andhe wind comes right behind the
6:57 am
rain. heard on twitter charles dicken's quote, spring is when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade. >> oh. 270 southbound at the lane divide heavy disabled vehicle in the middle of e road. this is going to get slow. >> melissa, thank you. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up wit us. "today show" is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for news,treather and fic. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody. ♪ why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet
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. good erning, insid the > good morning. inside the cockpit. breaking this morning, recordings from the doomed lion 737 max jet. the crews frantic attempts to save the plane in the final desperate moments. a new report that the very same plane nearly crashed the das before and saved by an off duty pilot in the right place at the right time. this morning, lingering health concerns at the burning plant in texas. >> i don't think anybody can look at it and say everything is fine. war of words. president trumpin escalatg his fluids with the husband of a top


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