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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 21, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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but wouldn't you know it? so have the storms. we're in weather alert mode this morning, as rain, the most we've seen in weeks, will spend the day pummeling the d.c. region. good morning, i'm e yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. grab the umbrella as you use ayution behind the wheel t there's concerns about flooding. that could impact you commute. >> wtop's jack taylor is keeping an eye on the road for us in your first 4 traffic. but we begin with meteorologist chuck bell. i feel like it rains eweek. >> it really does,ou just remember, you had the all-time year.t calendar year last and that pattern of heavy rain lasted deep into january andfe uary. so far, for the month of march, until today -- through today so far, we're about a quarter of an inch of r below average for the month. we'll fix that today.
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we'll be in plus territory by this time tomorrow. a storm team 4 weather alert is in place through midnight tonight. rainfall amounts, easily an inch. the heaviest of the rain will come in the middle part of the day. tomorrow, not a rain chance b aot windier for your friday. there's the moderate to heavy rain, down to our south. you can get a sense of it. it's lifting in our direction. this is a 100% on rain chances for today. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. only i the upper 40s to around 50 for afternoon highs. the real issue, e jack, will b heavy rain for the evening commute. >> it can get us through, potentially, this morning. but be careful as you head out there. we'll have ponding in areas. right now, we're dealing withnt acci activity. prince george's county on 704. if you're headed inhat direction, potentially under police direction. there's a water main break
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activity on cennuale after pepper mill drive. the right lane getting by. in virginia, on 50, between mane street and germantown road, the left lane is blocked off. this is continued utility work. this morning, a d.c. neighborhood is demanding answers, following a recent outbreak of violence on the streets where children play. >> it happened in broad daylight. several men firiot guns at each r while cameras were rolling. [ gunfire ] >> that was two weeks ago on newton street in brookland, a small neighborhood in northeast d.c. the sound of gunfire and the footage terrified e people who live near where it happened. last night, they met with polic eir council member to show a clear front. violence will t be allowed in their neighborhood.
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>> parents have to calm their children after hearing gunshots. no one should have to do that. >> police are increasing patrols in that area and offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anybody seen in that video. this morning, we know more about how d.c. mayor murial bowser wants to spend the money in the budget. it includes $15 millio affordable housing. justin finch joins us liv with details on what she wants to the here. >> reporter: good morning. the mayor says she reached out to citizens and council members. this budget does make public safety a top priori. oking at an overview here. $15.5 billion budgetor calls $3 million to expand the d.c. police force by 70 officers. and it calls for $3.5on mil to add 45 more firefighter,
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ramedics or emts, as well as fourmbulance units, too. the mayor speaking on her budget says, my budget addresses policing and healing, to get our police force u to 4,000 officers, including an innovative new partnership, between mpd and udc. whe also making big investments in programs that prevent violence, reduce recidivism and trauma. this budget comes as d.c. police are working to get a grip on crime here. the district crime rising overall between 2% between 2017 and 2018. i'm justin finch. back inside to you. >> the mayor's plan also focuses on housing, education and . transportati it includes $55 mlion to create and preserve affordablei
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ho there's no change in the real estate tax rate. just under $2 billion would go ratowardtional and charter schools and give a laptop computer to every student ingr es three, six and nine. it also eliminates the t sales on diapers. $122 million is earmarked for a "k" street transitway. it includes circulator service nd expands service east of the river. in new zealand, changes are on the way following last week's mosque attacks. late last night, new zealand announced it is banning all semiautomatic weapons. it includes assault riversgh an apacity magazines. the prime minister has promised for days she would be taking tion immediately after the attack on two mosques. 50 people were killed and dozens moree w injured in those shootings.
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the funerals for those victims are under way. a father and son were laid to rest hours ago. 48 more funerals will happen in the coming days. two minutes of silence were held for the victims of those attacks. the fbi has joined the investigatiointo those boeing 737 max jets. federal investigators want to know how the planes were certified for flight. there's been two deadly crhes involving this kind of plane. the first in october, a lion air crashed, killing everyone onboard. the second, this month, in ethiopia. the planes have been grounded in the united states and m y places around the world. lawsuits have been filed, as well. now, boeing is expected to release a software fix for the fleet as early anext week. despite growing outrage on his recent attacks on r john mccain, president trump is refusing to back down. yesterday, he upped the ante. >> during a speech at a military
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crowd in ohio, president trump blasnator john mccain, saying it was partly because of him there is an investigation into concerns of russian collusion. he added that despite having a state funeral for mccain, no one ever thanked him. >> and i gave him the kind of ne l that he wanted, which as president, i had to approve. ydon't care about this -- i didn't get a tha. that's okay. we sent him on the way. but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> the late senator mccain, see here with hiughter, meghan, was a veteran of the vietnam war and served as a senator more than 30 years. in 2008, he was his party's mi e for president. today, arizona republican senator martha mcsally is going to give an update on what she's done to take steps a military assault. last year, she testified that she was a rape survivor and was attacked in the
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this week, she suggest that thet pentagon c a sexual assault task force. advocates are hoping that congress passes a bill that uld change how sexual misconduct is handled in the armed forces. aor heads-up f district residents. when you turn on the tap water you might get a smell or taste of chlorine. there is nothing wrong. it's part of the spring cleaning to the water system. d.c. water recommends letting the cold tap run for two minutes before use. and if you haven't used it in a fewhours, let it run five to ten minutes. refrigerate cold tap water in an itcher and the chlorine taste and odor will disappear. some filters may reduce the taste and smell, as well. control and prevention is updating its tranil ws related to the zica virus. it is downgrading theed ed advsy
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for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. the mosquito-borne zica virus bi can caush defects. because of that, the cdc urged women whoere pregnant to stay away from countries w zica was prevalent. catastroic flooding has put nebraska and missouri under states of emergency. the damage from this flooding is estimated to be in the billions of dollaim. the massivct of water came from the bomb cyclone and the huge snowfall that ce with it. this was too much for rivers throughout parts of the midwest. for several days, now, we've se like the ones you're seeing here. the flooding is being blamed for at least three deaths. extensive cleanups and recovery operations in texas after aassive multiday fire at a tank farm. the cleanup process is coming with a dangerous possibility of flare-ups likelahis one. this-up was quickly put out. officials say such flare-ups are
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expected to happen.l the petrochemiorage facility exploded into a huge fire on sunday and burned for three days. no injuries have been reported. a woman is alive todayus be two charles county deputies were at the right place at the right time to save her life take a look at the scene the depun es saw along route 301 i upper marlboro last week. before t flames consumed the car, a woman was found unconscious in the driver's twties were transporting a criminal. they saw the crash and were able to pull the woman from the warning car. sh't breathing, though. >> i was on the radio, trying to talk to him. >> after about five to ten minutes of cpr, she began to breathe on her at that the fire was still burning, the vehicle was still on fire. we had to move her. i remember hearing the tires exploding and different things the trees were on fire. ere shrapnel was flying ovur head. >> once the woman was breathing,
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an ambulance showed up and emts took over. the deputies said the prisoner they were transporting said they were heroes. job well done. >> and without any reservation. just run out there, figure out what t t problem is, to help. >> saving lives every day, really. for anyone who has experienced driving, this won't come as a surprise. the roads are filled with rude and dangerous drivers. it takes all of me sometimes just to open one window. >> do it. >> the last thing i need is someone recording me saying sothing inappropriate. not that i would do that. ivers of falls church will wear courteous drivers like a badge. the city will roll out this initiative. drivers with the sticker promise to drive the speed limit, stop for pedestrians and be responsible. anyone who may roll their eyes at the idea should know the simplicity of the sticker isn't
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lost on local leaders. >> is it sad that it has to come to a sticker? that you agree to ive the right way? >> unfornately, all you have to do is walk a few blocks anywhere around the area and you'll see aotal breakdown in driving behavior. >> couilman snyder says virginia doesn't have speed me s. anything that can be done to lower speed must be considered a win. >> on your honor. you have a sticker, do the right thing. >> it will make people think. you see the sticker, you read it, it creates a series of thoughts. all dogs may go to heaven.e but eed is the most popular dog. >> who is a good boy? we'll tell you. and new concerns about the kale you eat. e details you want to know before your morning smoothie. chuck? it is all about the rain. heavy at times, coming your way today and wind tomorrow. i'm opti weekend.'ll like the a little blustery on saturday, sunday is looking like a winner.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> working 4 your health ts morning. a new study that finds certain medicines used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in teens and young hults, may cause paranoia, hallucinations aring voices. patients that were prescribed amphetamines like adderall, is twice as likely to develop psychosis as that contain those methylphenidates. 2,000 patients were involved in the study. that kale you plan to put is
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yoothie this morning or eat for lunch may not be so good r you after all. a new list ranks kale as one of the most contaminated items in the produce section. so, it's not about the nutrition. the environmental workoup is out with its latest dirty dozen, the list of the 12 produce items containing the es mostcides. kale is number three. 92% of kale samples have residue from at least two pesticides. only strawberries and spinach test positive for more pesticides than kale. and they have -- i don't know if in the produce section,y t have the veggie washes and you dunk it in there and swish it around. >> any reason not to eat kale is good for me. now, to a shocking story about invasion of privacy. a massive network of hidden cameras discoved in dozens of hotels in south korea, sparking outrage today. >> it's also a growing problem across the u.s. pluth korean police arrested four p for allegedly
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installing illegal cameras in the u.s. and profiting onli. in the u.s., hidden cameras have been found in bathrooms and changing rooms. one woman spoke to nbc news how she was recorded by an employee that tried to blackmail her. a >>olute horror. i started screaming and crying and all i could think was, my life is ablutely over. if this gets out, my life is ruined. >> experts say you ctect yourself by checking your hotel room carefully. you can buy devices online that can pick up a sign o if a camera and transmitting wirelessly. there's nothing quite like having a dog at home. leo is the only one that loves meaaron. and one breed is named most popular dog in the country. it is the labrador retriever. look at this puppy. topping the list among dog lovers f in a row.traight year german shepherds in second place. followed by the golden re.ievers and french bulldo lookt all of the cute dogs.
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the rankings are based on new puppy registrations over the last year. come on. you need to get a dog, aaron. >> no. file this under things you don't see every y. a texas rancher took his steer into a petco. leading it on a leash. >> you see the horns on that steer? it doesn r look safe. ht. he wanted to test the store's claim that all leashed pets are welcome. it's over 1,000 pounds and goes by the name oliver. he passed the test, too. he was welcomed in the store, no problem. had some kibble and bits or something. >> he is a well-behaved guy. from the large to the small, check out this koala. refused to leave a car he imbed into in australia. it was conditioning. the driver left his door oped and tried everything. eventually, he was able to coaxk
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thela out. >> what an odd animal. >> didn't you say you like koalas? >> yeah. but as i've gotten older, they've gotten stranger. all right, chuck bell. >> same goes for you. >> that's what the koala sai about aaron. >> we have a storm team 4 weather alert for you flood watches have been issued for all the d.c. metro area and poinnorth. that goes until midnight tonight. rain is going to be coming down hardest between late morning and early evening today. one to two inc is of rai likely. then, we trade in the rain for strong winds tomorrow. and that will last on into saturday. so, four things to note. rain heavy at times today. gusts over 40 miles per hour tomorrow. an a breezy dayn saturday. sunday is the pick of the litter out of the nexfive days. 44 in washington, with a northeast wind at 10 miles per hour. lythe northeaster breeze has temperatures in the 40s just about everywhere.
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it will keep us the 40s to around 50 degrees for highs today. not a pleasant day today. tomorrow, not much better. a passing midday shower likely. but the real issue tomorrow will be the strong winds. you can get the complete forecast in our nbc washington app. lou can f me on social media. there's the rain, coming intos pa southern and southeastern virginia. that's arriving here in bucket loads by later this morning. here's future weather. no more than showers for the next couple of hours. here comeshe steadier rain by 8:00 in the morning, towards ks frederrg and culpepper. that moves into the d.c. metro area and noon to 7:00 this evening, periods of very heavy rain likely. the evening commute will take it on the chin for sure. the steady rain lifts out and will be gone by midnight tonight. and tomorrow, we'll start dry. clouds will quick build in tomorrow afternoon and a racing during the r likel day on your friday. not a big impact for rain
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tomorrow. but the winds, again, over 40 to 50 miles per hour at times. a blusty first half ofhe weekend. but delightful sunshine on your sunday. now, let's go to jack taylor at wtop for a check on affic. >> thank you. we have one trouble spot on the beltway. outer loop of prince george's county. we have aroken down r tractor-trai on 270. and clopper road, a broken dcln ve in the center lane. crash in virginia, northbound 66. we have the water main repairs in prince gege's county. there only the right lane is getting by. so far,e vols light, not causing a huge delay yet.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> when is the last time you checked ur credit score? thesdays, most banks and credit card companies will give you your score for free. >> a low credit score can stand in the way of buying a house, a car, or getting a new job. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you, with tips to repair your score if it's too low. ♪ >> reporter: dialect is a rap artist and educator. about eight years ago, he ci d to settle down and buy a house with his partner, pamela. but a credit score he hadn't
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checked in years came back to haunt him. >> i never had any reason to think it was bad. >> we actually checked his score and saw it was, basicay, in the 500s. >> reporter: his bank refused to give him a mortgage because of his credit, which ha s damaged bydent loan that was in collections. >> depending on the reasons for a low credit score, it can take months or years to raise a low score to a good score, say, 700. also takes discipline. >> reporter: one of the most important thingsalo do is to pay of your bills on time. that accounts for 35% of your fico score, the most common credit scoring system. if you have credit cards, try to keep your balances to no more than 10% of your available credit. >> another tip is to consider taking out a personal loan to pay your credit card d having a greater variety of cred types might help your credit sre. plus, you may get a lower rate
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of int est with the loan. >> reporter: if, like dialect, you can't get a traditional credit card because of your credit history, go for a secured credit card. it requires a deposit to protec suer. make timely payments and your credit score could imp don't forget to request a free cr it report once a year fr each of the companies, to monitor your progress and spot any errors. back to you.he coming up,uture of finding help when you need it most. 911 calls revolutionized. we'll show y smartphone will speed up emgency response. chuck? d it is a storm team 4 radarracking rai drops. this is all coming northbound. that ride up i-95 this morning will be a wet one. school day forecast coming up next. plus, countdown to game time. tiryland among the first t off as the march madness begins. at to know about local teams before you finalize that bracket.
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you know reliable support when you have it, and that dependability is what we want to give our customers. at comcast, it's job to constantly monitor our network. prevent problems, and to help provide e most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work inio ethe network oper scenter for comcast. we are working to make thingsa simple, ea awesome.
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> now, as you wake up on this
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thursday, we are tracking a weather alert for you. this is a live look outside. it's a start of what will be a very wet day across our area. the storms moved in overnight. they will stick around all day long. don't forget your umbrella. you may need galoshes. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're working for you as you work to get out of the door on this thursday. jack taylor is in for melissa mollet this morning. he will have a look at commute in first 4 traffic. let's start with chuck bell and a look at the radar that's lit up this morning. >> good morning, everybody. thursday off to a cloudy and a wet art, as showers moved in not long after midnight last night. and the heavy rairo southern virginia and north central north carolina, that is coming in our direction. it will rai hard from late this morning, until probably the tail end of the evening commute. so, both commutes, in and out of
5:31 am
work today, will be impacted by rain,o more tha really just a couple of showers around for now, as theteiest and the regular rains in spotsylvania at this point. school forecast today, rain start-to-finish, indoor recess and after-school activities will ed to be indoors, as temperatures in the low 50s today. don'tet fo the jacket, the hat, the galoshes. umbrellathe biggest you have and that's the one you should need. the daily grade for today is a big "f." talking strongds tomorrow. more on that coming up. er>> n a great commute when we have an "f" rating. the beltway, outer loop at prince george's county. we had problems reported after pennsylvania avenue with a broken down tractor-trailer in the center lane. they did not see that tractor. trailer. hopefully that has moved on. lopper thbound, after
5:32 am
road, as you head into gaithersburg. there appeared to be oneke b down. our accident activity in virginia, 28 northbound after 66. a car hit the wall and the right lane is blocked. we haveues on the silver line. trains are operating between ballston with the signal running. it's 5:32. we have new video just into the newsroom. it shows two suspects in a high-profile murder arriving back in maryland after trying to escape the u.s. keith smith and his daughter are accused of killing his wife last year in baltimore. they told police she had been stabbed after giving a panhandler money. earlier this month, we learned the father and daughter had been arrested, trying to cross the border into mexico. police say they made up the story and then tried to take off once authorities' investigation focused on them. they were booked into al
5:33 am
baltimore jovernight. residents in northeast d.c. are taking to the streets to show ty will not stand for the gun violence that has hit their neighborhood. >> several men unloading their guns in broad daylight two weeks ago. that's newton street in the brookland neighborhood. the bullets took out the power to a few houses. no arrests have been made for this. police have increased patrols in that there's a $10,000 reward for information that leads to conviction of any the shooters in the video. public safety is of muriel bowser's mind. >> she includes money to expand police offers and first responders. justin finch joins us live from d.c. police headquarters with details on this proposal. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaro gd morning. this money could be put to quick and li-saving use.
5:34 am
d.c. police reporting a 38% rise in homicides between last year and 2017. so, this proposed budget couldh make the streets safer. the mayor calling for $3 million to expand the d.c. police force by 70. office and $3.5 million tomo add 4re firefighter paramedics and emts and four ambulance units. the said, my upcoming budget addresses policing and healing by continuing efforts to fund our police force up to 4,000 officers, while also making big investments in rograms that prevent violence, reduce recidivism and addresses auma. back olive, the mayor sought outside input tout her budget together. speaking not only with d.c. senior members of govnment but members of the public, as well. we're live outside of police adquarters. i'm justin finch, news 4. for the first time in two
5:35 am
amyears, they of a murdered artist says they have closure. corinna mehiel was found killed. and they found toure was guilty for her murder.ea her family is d with the verdict. >> i hope he dies in prison. i hope that's the rest of his life. the sooner the better. >> mr. toure canelt hurt anyone again. he will be in prison. >> mehiel was from north carolina. she was livingnd working as an artist at the corcoran school of the arts and design. the trial of a man who killed a store manager will continue today. his defense team is trying to prove their client was suffering from a mental breakdown when he stabbed and beat a stranger to death.
5:36 am
his brother took the stand. he described the health changes in the months before the killing. he had been discharged from a psychiatric hospital the day before he drove to alexandria and killed brad jackson. his attorneys will call more witnesses today. here's a look at our other top stories. a 3-month-d girl has died after being found unconscious in a southeast washington home over the weekend. she suffered blunt force trauma to the head. the medical examiner is calling her death a homicide. no arrests have been made. new zealand is taking a strong stance on gun control after the terror attacks on mosques. the prime minister announced a a on all military-style semiautomatic weapons. that includes assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. 50 people died in the shootingsa 12 lawsuit been filed against boeing, involving two deadly crashesith its 737 max jets. and the fbi is joining the investigation into the aircraftmaker.
5:37 am
agents are trying to figure out ssw the planes were certified to fly despite softwaues. a fix for the software is expected to be released as early as next week. catastrophic flooding has put nebraska and msouri under states of emergency. three people have died so far and the mage is already estimated in the billions. the water is from last week's bomb cyclone and a huge snowfall that came with it. it appears minimum wage will be going up for maryland workers. the state's general assembly approved a plan to raies to $15 an hour by 2025. businesses with fewer than 15 employees will have an extra year to make that ch governor larry hogan is against the plan but it passed with t enough votoverride a veto. right now, the minimum wage is $10.10 an hour. that's already higher than other states in our area. virginia's is e lowest at $7.25 an hour. west virginia is $8.75 an hour. d.c. is $13.25ur but will
5:38 am
raise to $15 an hour next year. new overnight, sorry to sayh you did not wipowerball jackpot last night. the good news, neither did anybody else. the pot keeps growing. it's up to $625 million after one matched all of the numbers. in case you won a smaller prize, the numbers on your screen, 10, 14, 50, 53, 63. and the porball was 21. the next drawing is saturday night. today, march madness tips off. if you finished yourracket, t ready for it to be busted. it always happens. you have a few more hours toet it done before the games begin. maryland will be ang the first on the court. the terps practiced in jacksonvil for the first face-off against 11th seed belmont. we are hoping to see the first postseason win since 2016. tipoff at 3:10. today, old dominion tips off against purd. four other schools have their first match-ups tomorrow.
5:39 am
there you go. don't be surprised when you see upsets today. always upsets. >> some say it makes in. more interesting. >> when the whole bracket is busted in the first round. >> thecaa says the odds of picking all 63 games correctly is 1 in 9.2 quintillion. you have a better chance of g winnthe powerball. comie ing up, new crash tes ratings released this morning. improving emergency response. new technology uses your smartphone when you need help e most. up next, how your camera and other apps can help dispatchers in times of need. ♪
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you're watching news 4 today. >> we're getting an inside look at the future of 911 emergency response. >> the technology allows dispatchers to not only pinpoint your location but also give first responders eyes on the scene before they even arrive. the technology is called 911 eye. someone calls 911. the dispatcher sends a text message with a link t person's phone. the caller clicks the link and their exact location is sent to first responders. that's not all.e spatcher can also access the phone's camera, seeing the scene in real-time. e w enforcement officials calling this system a total game-changer. >> this is the most precise way to share information with law enforcement in real-time. >> now, the service has a price tag of less than $10,000 per year for police departs. according to the company's rsbsite so far, it's only used
5:43 am
in areas of new . we're in storm team 4 weatherlert mode. heavy rain at times, in the afternoon and early parts of the evening. and tomorrow, a chance of scattered showers across t area. car washing weather, rain today and probably some swers tomorrow. don't bother. wait until saturday. ten-day forecast in ten minutes. a crash in centreville on 28 northbound after 66. not causing a big delay. it is blocking the right lane. be careful if you're headed in that direction.
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you're watching news 4 today.>> elcome back. you may not have realized that congress has been in recess this week because the pre pdent has beducing more than enough headlines to fill the void. >> and things likely won't slow down today. trac potts joins us from capitol hill today. the president has been feuding with a staffer's husband and a senator who is now he's set t an order on the first amendment today. what is that about? >> reporter: right. he is saying that colleges have to guarantee free speech. he said they should not get federal dollars if they don't. it's part of a large education plan that the president plans to wngn today. his speech has d a lot o attention and controversy, especially his attacks four days in a row at john mccain, at a jobs event in ohio. president trump reiterated he wasn't a fanoh ofmccain. he talked about the obamacare vote. he talkedcc aboutn turning
5:47 am
over the russian dossier to the fbi. and five minutes he railed oncc mn, including saying he was never thanked for giving mccain al. fune and george conway, the husband of kellyanne conway, in a twitter feud. he sits down to guarantee free speech for college students later today.ra >>e potts, thank you. the florida man accused of sending pipe bombs through the mail, caesar saok. he is expected to plead not guilty in a federal court today. he has a trail date for july 14th. he could face life in prison. today, a former virginia
5:48 am
preschoolteacher will be sentenced for sexually abusing his students. st year, he pled guilty abusing a dozen preschoolers. he also took several inappropriate pictures and admitted to making child pornography.rn the nortureau chief will be at the courtroom later this morning. and you can follow her on twitter for the latest. also happening today, a judge is expected to announce whether a fourth teen charged iu a hazing a at damascus high school will get his case moved to juvenile court. he is one of four teens accused of raping a felly junior varsotball player with a broomstick in a locker room last year. the judge was going to me a decision on tuesday but needed more time to review the situation. the three other suspectsvo allegedly inlved in the incident have had their cases moved to juvenile court. is this morning a community mourning after a man and woman were found dead inside a home.
5:49 am
the police sayhey started to gue and that's when the man shot and killed the woman and turned the gun on himself. other people were inside the home but were not hurt police have not released the 's coupame. new developments in the murder of a man in northern virginia. another man is in custody this morning for killing a beloved business owner from adlie. police say dale wright of west virginia, shot jeffrey evans in the head and chest. a fight started during a business transaction betweenhe two men. this happened off route 7 in clark county on sunday. police say evans tried to drive away but crashed. by the time officers arrived on the scene, he was dead. the two men knew each other because wright worked at a business near evans' autshop. wright will appear in court once he extradited from west virginia. you could own this historic town hall building in remmingtonvirginia.
5:50 am
e town council is trying to sell its town hall for $129,000. the council moved to a different building two years ago. the building was built in 1905 and was originally used as a bank.ti it has the bank's safe and vault. the building once served as the alwn's two-cell jail, which is also part of the but a time capsule that's embedded in the wall, will be removed. >> i would love to see what's in there, though. maybe some money. >> and the vault, the place comes with a panic roo for you. lock yourself in there. prince george's county music school has fallen on hard times and is forced to sell some of its instruments to make ends me. >> theusic school has been opened for 46 years. a drop in enrollment,stising and the latest federal government shutdown put the school'sirector in a tough
5:51 am
spot. >> parents came, telling me, i'm on dcontract. 't have the money. you could give them the lessons, but you didn't get t money. >> to make ends meet, the school will be selli some of its violins, guitars, wind struments and pianos. students as young as 3 years old can sign up forth lessons ere. >> our nbc washington app has more information. just search musle school >> that's too bad. i hope they survive. >> come through the other side right? we're one day into spring now. and we're officially on cherry blossom watch. news 4 spotted some buds in stage 2. >> we're about two weeks away from the day the national parks service says the blossoms will be at their ak. all right. it'sy stunnin beautiful to be down there. i'm from here, not you guys. i never get tired of seeing them. >> we're in the same boat.
5:52 am
we agree with you on that.t >> i d want to -- >> it's the biggest tourism event of the year in washington. hotel rates are sky-high. >> that's how you know. >> you can't get a seat at your favorite place. it's is a storm team 4 weather alert day today. flood watch issued ntil midnight tonight, for all of the .c. metro area and points north, i-95, towards baltimore and philadelphia. what to expect, on average, a solid 1 to 2 inches of rain likely today. another continuing rain chance tomorrow. but tomoow's rain is not the issue. tomorrow and into saturday, it will be very, very windy around here. right now, on a thursday morning, it's cloudy and wet. we're in the low to mid-40s for most of the area now. you're planningut yourday, rain getting heavy at times. later this morning and heavy herain continuing through afternoon and evening commutes today. n tomorrow,thwest winds averaging 20 to 35 miles per hour.
5:53 am
but gusts tomorrow, 40 5 to miles per hour likely, with some midafternoon showers. here comes that boat load of rain across southern virginia now. it's all lifting northbound in our direction. so, this is a sure fire feel deal of rain today. 100% chance, scattered showers around here this morning. it carries the showers in and out ofhe morning commute. by the time we get to late morning and noontime, pockets of moderate to heavy rain around here, between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. that might be the heaviest of the rain. that comes during the evening commute. the rain begins to taper off as we get towards midnight tonight. we'll dry out overnight. and tomorrow, we'll start out with breaks of ninsunshine. and tomorrow, on the gusty northwest winds, midday showers racing through here. not a big impact from rain tomorrow. you want to have the umbrella ready to go. here's your ten-dayforecast. wind and showers tomorrow.
5:54 am
staying blusteryou t saturday. monday and tuesday morning, could be cd enough to have some wet snowflakes. jack taylor, that's not an accumulating snow forecast. >> as long as it conversational, not sticking to the roadway, that's fine. we had some activity in rville. we h aunrash on northbod 66. the right lane is blocked. not causing a big delay yet. prince george's county on whitfield what happenle road. you might find it under police direction. on the silver line, we had activity, and the trains are operating between wiehle and . ballston and there's a signal problem on the orange and blue lines. it's 5:54. crash test ratings show how well passengers are protected in certain accidents.
5:55 am
>> the insurance institute for y highway safe crashed a number of small and large pickup trucks. researchers wanted to see how the trucks performed in passenger side crashes. in the small pickup category, the toyota tacoma receive an acceptable rating. the chevrolet colorado, gmc canyon and frontier received mainal ratings. the three large pickups received good ratings. the ford f-150, the nissan titah anram 1500. the toyota tundra received a poor rating. most of them got good ratings in driver's side cashes and the latest tests will lead to more safety for passengers. good morning. i'm contessa brewer at cnbc headquarters. post mate has optns that lets you have a meal delivered. it will be sent out in a batch
5:56 am
with a delivery person making multiple stops. means your food could take longer to arrive, but postmates will drop its delivery fee. this is available in major.s. cities and may not include all restaurants. with you cc morning business report, i'm contessa brewer. ahead on news today, a heads up for some of you. your tap water may have a i different sme the coming days. >> we're going to tell you why. plus, fix your credit. we're working 4 you, showing inat needs to be done to get you back on trackcially. news 4 today continues next.
5:57 am
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dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of ll kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. ve! hope! and rather a lot of tea.
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the best of britain, from the momentyou step. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> spring has arrived. but wouldn't you know it? so have the storms. we're in weather alert mode this morning, as rain, the most we've seen in weeks, will spend the day pummeling the d.c. region. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. grab the umbrella as you use caution behind the wheel today. there's concerns about flooding. that could impact your commute. >> wtop's jack taylor is keeping
6:00 am
an eye on the commute for us in your first 4 but we b with meteorologist chuck bell and all of the rain we're getting. to spendpretty day outside today. the clouds are moved in overnight. a flood watch has been issued for all of the d.c. metro area for the remainder of the day, up until midnight tonight. we can easily get to 2 inches of rain. heaviest of the rain coming in the mdle parts of the afternoon and evening. and tomorr, more chance for showers but a lot of a gusty northwest wind tomorrow.he there'slood watch area. it includes all of the d.c. metro ea. loudon county, montgomery county an rundle county. all until midnight tonight. you can stay ahead of the latesh and get pus advisories, should flood warnings be required. you can find and follow me on social media. that area in north carolina promises us at bucoad of


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